The Cincinnati Reds were unable to complete a sweep of the Seattle Mariners on Wednesday night. The visiting club used a 5-run 4th inning against rookie starter Lyon Richardson to jump out to a 6-run lead and they never looked back as they salvaged one game at Great American Ball Park with an 8-4 victory.

Final R H E
Seattle Mariners (78-61)
8 11 0
Cincinnati Reds (73-69)
4 10 1
W: Gilbert (13-5) L: Richardson (0-2)
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Lyon Richardson had to work around a walk and a single in the top of the 1st but he was able to get out of the jam. The Reds grabbed the lead in the bottom of the 1st when TJ Friedl tripled and scored on a single by Spencer Steer.

Cincinnati’s lead didn’t last long. The second walk in as many innings from Richardson was followed by a 2-run homer from Mike Ford that put Seattle in front. Two innings later the Mariners would add on to their lead when Ty France doubled into left to bring in Eugenio Suarez. A walk later in the inning put runners on the corners and then J.P. Crawford made it 6-1 with a 3-run homer. Cal Raleigh would cap off the top of the 4th with his 26th homer of the year and extend the lead to 7-1.

In the bottom of the 5th the Reds offense got a little something going when Will Benson doubled, moved to third on a single by Jake Fraley, then scored on a sacrifice fly off of the bat of TJ Friedl. They would pick up another run in the 6th when Elly De La Cruz walked, stole 2nd base, then scored on Christian Encarnacion-Strand’s single. Tyler Stephenson and Noelvi Marte followed up with singles of their own to load the base but Cincinnati couldn’t capitalize and failed to push any more runs across.

Seattle added to their lead in the top of the 7th after a leadoff single and a walk put two runners on. Two batters failed to bring in a run for the Mariners, but Ty France came through with a 2-out hit to drive in the run and make it 8-3.

Cincinnati still trailed by that score entering the bottom of the 9th. The Rally Reds would need one heck of a rally to pull out this one and they had 8-9-1 due up. Will Benson brought the Reds closer with a 1-out solo homer into the left field stands – his third extra-base hit of the night. That was it for the offense as the Reds dropped the game 8-4 and Seattle avoided being swept.

Key Moment of the Game

J.P. Crawford’s 3-run homer in the 4th that made it 6-1.

Notes worth noting

After slumping in August, Will Benson is heating back up in September – hitting .353/.450/.706 in seven games during the month. Benson was the only Red to have multiple hits in the game.

Elly De La Cruz has walked in three straight games. He also has not struck out in three straight games.The only other time he’s gone three in a row without a strikeout was from June 21st-24th – the middle of those three games was the night he hit for the cycle against Atlanta.

Sam Moll has pitched in 16 games for the Reds. In 15 of them he hasn’t allowed a run. His ERA with Cincinnati is down to 1.13 in 16.0 innings pitched.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday September 8th, 6:40pm ET

Drew Rom (0-2, 7.24 ERA) vs. Andrew Abbott (8-4, 3.22 ERA)

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  1. Melvin

    Thirteen strikeouts tonight. Most teams will have a hard time winning like that especially a team like the Reds who rely so heavily on their speed. Strong basic lessons to be learned/relearned in this series about what it takes to win.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Not striking out doesn’t guarantee success though, although I will agree there’s a correlation. Some of the worst (and best) teams this year strike out the least, but generally the more competitive teams are in the bottom half.

      The Reds have the 5th most (Cubs and Brewers are 12th and 14th respectively). On the bright side, they are 10th in walks and 16th in OPS—all with a team full of rookies. I’m very optimistic the offense is headed in the right direction.

  2. Jeff Morris

    Wonder if the high strikeout issues will be an issue next year, and so on with these Reds. Hopefully H Greene and B Williamson come back soon. For next year I would look to add another starter in free agency, and I defintely would keep develping pitchers at AAA. Because you know the Reds pitchers will have injuries, and not sure how H Greene and N Lodolo will do long term next year.

    • Melvin

      “not sure how H Greene and N Lodolo will do long term next year”

      …or Ashcraft now.

    • VaRedsFan

      Which starter would you add?
      For how much and how long?

      • MBS

        The 2 best options for me would be Yamamoto, or Snell. Snell gives you that veteran presence, spotrac has him at 5Y, 103M. Yamamoto is 25, so you’re signing him in his prime, I’ve read 10Y, 200M. Who know what either will go for but either would be great additions. As important as signing a starter is to sign a closer. Hader, Chapman, and Kimbrel are all FA’s, and that’s the order I’d try and sign them in.

        *Yamamoto, Abbott, Greene
        Ashcraft, Williamson

        HL: *Hader, Diaz
        ML: Lodolo, Antone
        LL: Young, Gibaut
        LS: Moll
        LG: Lively

        AAA Richardson, Phillips, Stoudt, Gutierrez, Dunn, Duarte, Cruz, Roa, Santillan

        That would add $35M to $40M to the payroll, bringing the likely payroll to around $75M – $80M. You’d think there would still be more money to further enhance the roster.

      • VaRedsFan

        I wouldn’t mind Snell at that price.

      • MBS

        I’m guessing it’s probably a good estimation for Snell by Spotrac. If you looking at Castillo’s contract, he signed a 5Y, 108M deal.

  3. RedlegScott

    Benson coming around of late is good news.

  4. CI3J

    Can’t win ’em all.

    I think if you asked anyone before this series if they’d be happy with taking 2 of 3, most would have taken that in a heartbeat. I know the Reds surprised me.

    The Reds finish the last rough stretch of their schedule only half a game behind the suddenly surging Marlins for the final Wild Card spot. From here on out, the Reds have (on paper) the easiest remaining schedule of all the Wild Card hopefuls, with a 3 game series against the Twins representing the only games they’ll play against a team with a winning record. In fact, the Reds won’t even leave their own time zone until the final 3 games against St. Louis.

    Meanwhile, the Marlins have to play the still-dangerous Padres as well as the Phillies, Braves, and Brewers.

    The D-Backs, meanwhile, have 7 with the Cubs, 2 against a Giants team fighting for their playoff lives, and 3 with Houston.

    The Giants have a an easy stretch right now where they could possibly make up some of the 2.5 games they’ve fallen behind, but then they close out the season with 7 against the Dodgers, 2 against the Snakes, and 3 against the dangerous Padres.

    What I’m trying to say is, at least on paper, the Reds probably have the best shot of taking the final Wild Card spot, if they can somehow find enough glue and tape to hold the team together until the end of September.

    Speaking of, one final, overlooked tidbit: These are the number of days off the 4 teams have between now and the end of the season:

    Reds: 5
    D-Backs: 3
    Giants: 3
    Marlins: 2

    Fatigue is a real thing, especially at the end of a long season. The Reds having more days off than the teams they are competing against can be a real x-factor in helping their playoff push.

    September just might be an interesting month for the ol’ Redlegs.

    • frank

      I agree 100%. although the reds have not always fared too well against <500 teams, they have a real shot at the playoffs. and I think not too many people would have expected that in march. Meaningful baseball in september is so much fun.

      Beating up on the cards to put a crown on this regular season would make it even more sweet.

      • greenmtred

        Why a I apprehensive about the Cardinals?

      • West Larry

        I, too, am apprehensive about the cardinals. They have played well lately, and there is a history of dislike-actually hate- between these rivals.

      • redfanorbust

        Given our ridiculous injury situation and the up and down nature of our hitting I am apprehensive about every game. Taking it day by day and keeping everything in perspective, trying not to get too high or low.

      • Rob

        Theoretically, this is the easiest series remaining on our schedule. Home against a last place team. With 9 straight games after this series, I think it is almost imperative that we sweep the Cards. We definitely need to sweep 1 or 2 of the 3 upcoming series. We will probably need to go 12-8 or 13-7 to secure the 3rd wildcard spot. Don’t misunderstand me; none of these games are slam dunks. This is pressure baseball with all the pressure on one team. But the Cards are a bad team with little to no pitching. I would think if you hold them to 3-4 runs per game, then you probably should sweep them.

    • TR

      The ol’ Redlegs are old in terms of franchise history but surprisingly young with a lot of potential in the current version.

    • VaRedsFan

      Having an easy schedule has not worked out well in the past.

      Teams that are out of it, play more loose and have often called up hot prospects trying to make an impression.

      Cards just took 2 of 3 from the Braves.
      Pirates 2 of 3 from the Brewers.
      Reds 2 of 3 from Mariners.

      That’s without looking real hard.

      Schedule watching prognostications are fun to fantasize about, but are mainly pointless when it comes to results.

    • Tom Reeves


      This team will benefit from days off. It’s about who decelerates the slowest and the days off help the Reds keep driving.

  5. DaveCT

    “Big inning dooms the Reds in an 8-4 loss to Seattle”

    My grandfather (1885-1979) used to tell a joke when we’d talk baseball, which was often.

    He’d say, “Did you know God was a baseball fan?”

    Me: “No!”

    “Yes, the first three words of the Bible were “In the big inning.”

      • West Larry

        I had not heard that before. I like it .I think that I would have liked your grandfather, had we met.

    • Mark Moore

      An oldy but a goodie …

      Also from that genre:
      – The first mention of tennis was when Joseph served in Pharoah’s courts
      – The first mention of smoking was when Rebecca lit off a camel

      You’re welcome 😀

  6. TR

    There’s not much to say about yesterday’s get-away game, except some more good relief pitching, but the series win is big against a team like Seattle.

  7. Klugo

    A while back our Reds scored a bunch of runs in route to a W, but I noticed they had struck out 10x that game. It was becoming what I was seeing as a bit of a trend and I mentioned that, although that didnt seem to matter hurt that game, it was not a good sign and if we didnt fix it, it would haunt us down the road. We have to strike out less. Seems like we have been heading in that direction, but not last night. We could really use Votto and McLain back in the lineup asap.

    • JB

      Votto? So we can see more Strikeouts? Votto is done. People need to get over it. They don’t need to be sitting someone so Votto can play and bat 5th ever game.

      • wkuchad

        I don’t think Votto is done. But the problem is Fraley needs to play DH against all righty starters. CES shouldn’t sit, so there’s no room for Votto except pinch hitting bench spot.

      • Brian Rutherford

        People don’t need to get over anything. I would like to see JDV get some meaningful AB’s on the road to the playoffs. He is one of my favorite Reds of all time and I would like to see him play.

        As I have been told time and time again. This space is for people to talk about the Reds. If some of us want to see one of the greatest Reds in franchise history get some swings we can say so.

        If I have to swallow the constant “HDTBell stinks” posts, I will proudly speak about my hope for JDV to get another chance to help this great franchise.

    • VaRedsFan

      No on Votto.

      The Reds have strikeout problems with any pitcher that can throw offspeed/sinkers/splits.

    • Jim Walker

      Until Martini shows some clear sign the league has figured him out, the 2023 version of Martini is better than the 2023 version of Votto. I would not like to be the person to make that call and even less to tell Votto. However, if this season is about the 2023 Reds team and not legacy good feeling, that is the correct call.

      • Rob

        That is my take too. I want our best possible team on the field the next 20 games, or until we are eliminated. In my mind that includes India and McClain. Senzel and Fairchild are probably not included but Bader and Martini are not safe especially if Newman or Votto return. I am glad I am not making the personnel decisions here. I would love to have Votto as a bench bat but I am not sure I want to part with Bader defense or Martini current bat. Might be a clue in the first 2 games against the Cards LHPs in who our starting OFs are. I could foresee 1-2 RH OFs sitting and Benson starting.

      • Jim Walker

        Probably not the most popular thing to say here; but, I think Bader is safe because they rate his total defensive profile better than Friedl’s; and, he profiles to hit LH pitching in the same zip code as Senzel.

  8. SultanofSwaff

    Some interesting roster decisions coming up after this weekend.
    –wondering if the rotation will be Abbott/Greene/Williamson/Lively/Richardson?
    –if Spiers pitches well could you make a case for him and slide Richardson to the bullpen?
    –when India returns do you keep an extra pitcher and primarily go with Steer/Friedl/Benson in the OF and option redundant players like Senzel and Renfroe?

    • Jim Walker

      It is hard to keep track of the Reds pitchers currently because they are changing them every day. However, with the coming of September, the active roster limit for pitchers increased to 14.

      I don’t think the Reds will move Renfroe (or Bader) off the active roster. Renfroe is a RH power bat off the bench; and, the Reds clearly see Bader as their best defensive option in CF.

      This leaves Senzel and Fairchild as the bubble players. There is a case to be made either way. Fairchild is the better baserunner and defensive OF. Senzel is the better hitter vs. LH pitching; but, they don’t seem to like him in the OF anymore. I’d guess Fairchild stays because he can play all 3 OF spots; and, this assures they can free up Steer to come to the IF as wanted or needed. Then again, both could go if Newman is also ready to come back.

      One piece of good news is that AAA season doesn’t end until Sept 24 (the penultimate Sunday of the MLB season) so anybody who is optioned or needs rehab games will have a place to get or stay in game condition.

  9. greenmtred

    I’m not certain that Votto is done, but I certainly agree that they shouldn’t sit CES so that he can start unless it’s just a day of rest for CES. And they certainly miss McClain. A lot.

    • VaRedsFan

      With only 20 games left and FIVE off days, none of the main hitters need resting.

      • Melvin

        Yeah for sure. Now is the time to use any rest you’ve received previously in the year and just go for it. No holding back. Give EVERYTHING you’ve got.

  10. Mark Moore

    I’m with those that say 2 of 3 against the Mariners is a good thing. A loss like last night was bound to happen. We rest and move on to the WLB Dirty Birds.

    Still in a position to “own our destiny”. Just win, baby, win!! That will take care of a LOT of things.

  11. GreatRedLegsFan

    Any players returning from IL for this weekend series against the Cards?

    • VaRedsFan

      I believe Greene is slated to pitch Sunday

      • Mark Moore

        Spiers is on for Saturday. Greene is penciled in for Sunday.

  12. BuzzKutter

    Hopefully they can get it done over the weekend against the Cardinals. It won’t be easy as they still have some great major league hitters.

    I watched some of their game yesterday and they were hitting Strider pretty hard.

  13. Redlegs1869

    Bob Costas was once asked why we love sports. His answer was because people love “unscripted drama.” Well, here comes the “unscripted drama” we love. 20 games remaining and our Reds are still in the hunt. Who would’ve guessed we’d be here? None, I’d presume. So, I’m going to watch, cheer, groan, and curse right along with all Reds fans. Isn’t this what we sports fans live for? Unscripted drama at its best. It’s going to be fun and I’m thrilled to just live in this moment for next few weeks.

    • Brian Rutherford

      I feel like I am optimistic to a fault with all of my favorite teams, especially the Reds. I had zero thought they would be in this position now. What is happening now, I was cautiously optimistic would be happening sometime next season.

      Bob Costas was right. It’s much more fun to be in this position than to be a Yankee fan and be in constant state of disappointment because the payroll is a Jillion bucks but they don’t win anything. This is much more fun.

  14. doofus

    Richardson’s command was horrible.

    • Mark Moore

      Wide variation through the game. And the cookies he left worked in AAA but not in The Show.

  15. Michael B. Green

    Would love to make a serious push for that Wild Card spot by taking the series against STL. Impressive series win against SEA. Would love to see some of our pitchers walk less guys and some of our hitters draw more walks.

  16. TR

    The Reds are still in the wild card hunt, and I’m pulling for two teams rarely pulled for among Reds fans: LAD over Miami and Cubs over Arizona.

    • Jim Walker

      Somebody needs to hook those Fish!!! They have 1 less win but also 1 less loss than the Reds with 3 games in hand (2 after today). Plus they currently hold the 2 team tiebreaker vs. the Reds.

      Their next 8 games, counting today (Thurs), are Dodgers (1), at Phillies (3), and at Brewers (4). Over this span, they will play 2 of their games in hand to the Reds. If they come through this 8 game run at even 4/4, the Reds may be in serious trouble.

      • SultanofSwaff

        I see the Fish lost Alcantara and Soler to injury. That can’t help.

      • Jim Walker

        @Sultan Lost those two guys then buried LAD last night for their 6th win in a row. Somebody needs to beat them to let some air out of the balloon.

        The 2 team tiebreaker between the Marlins and Reds would be Intradivisonal records since they finished 3/3 head to head. The Fish currently have a 2.5 game edge on the Reds. They have 12 intradivisional games left, 6 with the Mets and 3 each with the Braves and Phillies. The Reds have only 9 remaining. 6 with the Cards and 3 with the Pirates; so, the Reds better be planning to finish cleanly ahead of the Marlins.

      • Rob

        Root hard for the Phillies this weekend as they are Divisional games (tiebreaker) for the Marlins. Bottom line: we need to gain ground on the Marlins this weekend if we want to remain competitive in the tiebreaker.

      • Jim Walker

        Rob>>> +10K Go Dodgers! Go Phils! Go, Brewers! Go Braves! Go everybody I normally root against in the days ahead when they play the Marlins.

    • Jim Walker

      Agree, forget about catching those Cubs (at least for now), and hope they do to the Snakes what they did to the Giants!

      • Melvin

        Still though. I’d love to “catch those Cubs” because the alternative if we do make the playoffs is playing best of three all in Milwaukee. They are “licking their chops” thinking about playing us.

      • Old-school

        I think the Cubs can catch the Brewers and win the NL central with Brewers phils and Reds 4/5/6 .

        I think cubbies are peaking.

        Id take Reds at Wrigley for best of 3 in october with a healthy greene McLain and India back 100%

        Ashcraft is the wild card if hes done

      • Melvin

        I agree. I’d rather play the Cubs rather than the Brewers.

  17. Jim Walker

    Here is the long/ short for today of the standings stuff for today

    If the Reds win as many games the rest of the way as the Snakes win, the Reds finish ahead of them. The Reds hold the tiebreaker on the Snakes and would also be in over them if they won 1 game less than them the remainder of the season. However, the Snakes have 2 games in hand.

    If the Reds win as many games the rest of the way as the Giants, the Reds finish ahead of them. The Reds could also get the nod over the Giants with 1 win less than them the rest of the season. However, the Giants have 2 games in hand and hold the tiebreaker on the Reds.

    If the Reds win as many games the rest of the way as the Marlins, the Reds finish ahead of them. If the Reds win even 1 less than the Marlins in the remainder of the season, they will end up no better than tied with the Marlins on track to have the tiebreaker advantage. However, the Marlins have 3 games in hand.

    • SultanofSwaff

      If the Reds are the #6 seed, they would almost certainly play the 3 game series in Milwaukee…..or possibly Chicago if they overtake the Brewers. No complaints here as both are an easy drive for me!

      • Jim Walker

        Given the time of year, driving to Milwaukee to sit under an enclosed roof might be more palatable?

    • Optimist

      So the short answer is the Reds just need to win as many games as each of the 3 teams most likely to compete for the wild-card spot? They have the schedule to do so.

      • Jim Walker

        Yeah, but those 3 games the Marlins have in hand could make that a steep task if somebody doesn’t start beating them soon, as they are on a 6 game run going into tonight.

        By comparison, the Giants have 2 in hand to the Reds but also have 3 fewer wins up to today which stacks the deck against them.

        Also thanks for the hint on formatting, I’ll start putting the bottom line first and the extended verbosity below it. Meant to try that today then my fingers took control over my mind. 😉

  18. wkuchad

    Moll is currently pre-arbitration. Does that mean the Reds have the option of keeping him up to three more years (the three arbitration years)?

    • Jim Walker

      Yep. Moll had only 1 year and 75 days of service time at the start of 2023; and appears to be on line to earn a full year for 2023. Thus he will be pre arbitration for 2024 and could be 1st time arb eligible for 2025 presuming he gets enough time in by the end of 2024 to get him to 3 full years (97 days required in 2024).

      The service time accumulation is somewhat slanted to the team’s favor because it takes 172 days to earn a year but once a player gets to 172 days in a given season, he cannot earn any more days in that season even though a full season is typically 180-185 days long.

      • wkuchad

        Thank you Jim and Hype. This is good news, and bringing Moll back next year for basically major league minimum salary is a no brainer.

    • Old-school

      Moll has done a fabulous job and Alex Young has been solid. Chapman has stated he wants to play for the Reds. That would be quite a 3 headed bullpen tandem in 2024 from the left side.

  19. RedBB

    Going 2-2 with 5 of your starters on the IL is a major win IMO. Backend of the BPshould be well rested too. I believe Abbott goes Friday and Saturday will be another rollercoaster ride before Hunter is back

  20. DaveCT

    One of the arguments for keeping both India and MCLain through India’s arb years has to do with the Reds’ concern about durability. India’s durability concerns are getting well documented, to no fault of his own (injuries). McLain’s were present during his time in the minors as he wore down over the full season — while we don’t know if his oblique injury is related to fatigue, it certainly is possible.

    A second factor is the youth of EDLC, Marte, and to a lesser degree CES. Their bodies are still actively developing, with or without training. So, while the 21 year old male is fairly prolific athletically, their bodies are not yet fully grown. Yet they are asked to fill an adult’s responsibilities, physically and emotionally in an adolescent’s body.

    Given these things, why not have a middle infield rotation of EDLC, India and MCLain, and a corner infield rotation of Steer, CES, and Marte? With the DH and LF added to the mix (Steer, possibly India*), there would be plenty of at bats to keep guys satisfied and rested.

    *A less physically demanding position for India may certainly help prevent some of the west and tear issues he goes through somewhat regularly.

    • wkuchad

      We did something similar earlier this year when everyone was healthy and we had more starters than positions. This gives you cushion when a player gets injured, and managing a situation such as this seems to be in Bell’s wheelhouse. I like the plan, especially right now when most of our players are pre-arbitration and cheap.

      • Amarillo

        Agreed. ~20% of your roster is going to be injured at any given time. I think the “where is everyone going to play when healthy?” is not a realistic question, because it will be uncommon when everyone is healthy.

    • Optimist

      Contract/salary status aside, this is finally an MLB level infield worth keeping. At a minimum it looks to be league average offensively, and a few gems defensively. Give a year+ or 1,000 ABs to see if any are all-star level or better. That gets to 2025/26 and frees the FO to keep working on pitching and OF.

    • MBS

      If you were to keep everyone off note, I’d line them up like this. Keep in mind if you do this you are going to spread more AB’s around than most people want to.

      C: Maile 6/9 Stephenson 3/9
      DH: Fraley 7/9 Stephenson 2/9
      1B: CES 7/9 Stephenson 2/9
      2B: India 7/9 Marte 2/9
      3B: EDLC 7/9 Marte 2/9
      SS: McLain 7/9 Marte 2/9
      RF: Steer 7/9 Dunn 2/9
      CF: Friedl 7/9 Dunn 2/9
      LF: Benson 7/9 Dunn 2/9

      That would leave you with 1 extra spot for a PH/PR/DR type of player in the 13 hole, or backup C since Stephenson would be playing some DH. Also Dunn is no lock for opening day, so fill in your favorite 4th OF until he arrives.

      • wkuchad

        One change I’d make – Stephenson is not DH’ing. He’s 100% at catcher except when he needs a game off. Even then he needs to be ready for a late inning pinch hit.

      • DaveCT

        I just use an old reliable, 650 at bats per position, divided by the number of people sharing them equally. Then tweak for a pure bench guy or other filli-ins such as DH

        So, SS/2B, 2 positions X 650 AB’s = 435 at bats ab’s each before DH, fill-ins elsewhere, ie EDLC at 3B.

        That’s only 108 games or so, which is light for a healthy starter. So plan to add 30 games from the DH, injured players, lower tiered players such as fifth OF. There’s an easy 20 games/80-plus at bats via the DH, included some accounted for OF’s too.

        That’s very close to 500 AB’s before injuries etc.

      • MBS

        @wkuchad, I thought the same thing until I looked at his splits.

        2023 #’s Career numbers also support his production is up when he’s not behind the plate. Although not as dramatically. Also Maile is much better behind the plate, and working with the pitchers than Stephenson.

        C: 271 AB’s .216/.299/.357
        DH: 166 AB’s .286/.368/.381
        PH: 10 AB’s .667/.700/1.556
        1B: 15 AB’s .400/.400/.867

        @Dave, 1 super sub could be a great way to go, but I think you’re going to need to trade away a couple of guys to make that plan work.

      • MBS

        Using the 650 AB’s per spot, the guys in my setup above would equal out to.

        Stephenson, Fraley, CES, India, EDLC, McLain, Steer, Friedl, Benson getting 505 AB’s. Maile, Marte, Dunn getting 433 AB’s

        If you do the super sub plan 10 guys for 9 spots, the 10 would average 585 AB’s.

        Pro with the 1st plan is you have 12 guys well engaged with the team on a consistent basis.

        Pro with the 2nd plan is you have more AB’s in the 10 best bats.

  21. MBS

    C: Maile 6/9 Stephenson 3/9
    DH: Fraley 5/9 Stephenson 4/9
    1B: CES 8/9 Stephenson 1/9
    2B: India 8/9 McLain 1/9
    3B: EDLC 6/9 Steer 3/9
    SS: McLain 7/9 EDLC 2/9
    RF: Steer 8/9 Fraley 1/9
    CF: Friedl 8/9 Fraley 1/9
    LF: Benson 8/9 Fraley 1/9

    That give the main 9 8/9 starts (577 AB’s)
    Maile still getting 6/9 starts (433 AB’s)

    Obviously you can’t have Marte just sitting on the bench, so someone like himself, or India would need to be traded in this scenario. Dunn can keep cooking in AAA for a while.

    Then you’d have 3 guys on the bench that are defensive replacement, pinch runner, and pinch hitting types. Newman could fit, Siani would have been a perfect fit, and maybe a catcher like Robinson, or Pereda.

    • 2024WSChamps

      I think people need to accept that Stephenson isn’t as good a bat as we thought. He is a guy I would only expect in the lineup 5/9 times, almost exclusively at catcher. I see India and Fraley as the primary DHs, with India also getting 4/9 at 2B. Marte would play 3B almost every day, with EDLC as the primary SS.

      As for the OF, I see Fraley/Friedl/Benson is the primary OF vs RHP, with the Reds adding a 5th OF who is a RH bat. Could be Dunn, but I think it is more likely a FA acquisition. Steer will make most of his starts in LF, with occasional starts on the Infield if/when injuries occur.

      That is how I see things playing out at least.

      Versus LHP:

      1: India
      2: McLain
      3: EDLC
      4: Steer
      5: CES
      6: Marte
      7: TySteve (if starting) or Platoon OF
      8: Fraley/Benson
      9: Maile (if starting)

      Vs RHP:

      1: Friedl
      2: McLain
      3: EDLC
      4: Fraley
      5: Steer
      6: Benson
      7: CES / (Votto if he is brought back)
      8: Marte/India
      9: TySteve/Maile

      The Reds hardly have to add anyone in FA for this team to have an exciting lineup. Fun Times.

  22. Melvin

    Well if Arizona does end up winning that will put us four back in the lost column of the Cubs having played one more at this point. We need to avoid playing the Brewers one way or another if possible.