After winning the first game by a score of 6-3 on Monday evening, the Cincinnati Reds (72-68) look to make it back-to-back wins over the Seattle Mariners (77-60) in the second game of this three game series at Great American Ball Park. Connor Phillips will make his major league debut for the Reds, ironically against the team that traded him in March 2022 for Jesse Winker and Eugenio Suárez. For the second straight day, the Mariners will also start a rookie in Bryce Miller.

First pitch is at 6:40 p.m. EDT.


Seattle Mariners

Cincinnati Reds

SS J.P Crawford DH Jake Fraley
CF Julio Rodríguez LF T.J. Friedl
C Cal Raleigh 2B Spencer Steer
RF Teoscar Hernández SS Elly De La Cruz
LF Dominic Canzone 1B Christian Encarncion-Strand
1B Ty France RF Will Benson
DH Mike Ford CF Harrison Bader
3B Jose Caballero 3B Noelvi Marte
2B Josh Rojas C Luke Maile

Update: Hunter Renfroe was scratched with left hamstring tightness. Harrison Bader will now start in center and T.J. Friedl slides over to left.

Starting Pitchers

Bryce Miller 107.2 3.93 1.05 21 100
Connor Phillips* 105.0 3.86 1.41 57 154
Links: Bryce Miller’s Stats | Connor Phillips’ Stats

*Connor Phillips’ stats are combined from Double-A and Triple-A.

Bryce Miller

Twenty-five year old Bryce Miller made his MLB debut on May 2 and has had the typical roller coaster of a year for a rookie (four starts allowing six runs or more), but has been able to bounce back from those starts well. Miller, drafted out of Texas A&M in the fourth round of the 2021 draft, currently has a 3.93 ERA/3.76 FIP in 107.2 innings. The last month has been particularly good for him, with a 3.86 ERA and 29 strikeouts in 32.2 innings. This includes a start against the Angels on August 6 where he struck out 10 batters in five innings. Miller throws six pitches, but is predominantly a fastball pitcher, throwing his four-seam fastball 60 percent of the time. He’s not a huge strikeout pitcher, but he has a couple of high strikeout performances that has brought him to the 100 strikeout mark this season. What he has done very well is keeping his command, with only 1.8 walks per nine innings.


RHH 227 41 10 0 5 4% 26% .189 .225 .304
LHH 205 51 16 0 9 6% 20% .271 .319 .500

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 95.1 95.0 86.6 78.3 81.5 85.2
Usage 61% 6% 20% 1% 7% 4%

Connor Phillips

Right-handed pitcher Connor Phillips makes his much anticipated debut tonight. The 22-year-old has had a bit of a roller coaster season in the minors. Save for one start early in April, he dominated when he first arrived at Double-A Chattanooga. Five of the eight runs he gave up in his first month at Double-A (18.0 innings) were in his second start. He struck out 30 batters in those 18.0 innings and 111 batters overall in just 64.2 innings. Once he arrived at Triple-A Louisville, it became a little tougher for him. Compared to the 3.34 ERA in Chattanooga, Phillips’ ERA was 4.69 in 11 games in Louisville. Even with the struggles at Triple-A (21 runs allowed in 40.1 innings), he still struck out 43 batters.

Phillips’ issues have been with his command, particularly once he got promoted to Triple-A. He walked 27 batters at Double-A, but has walked 30 batters in those 40.1 innings in Louisville. He really struggles against lefty hitters, as his walk rate is 16 percent compared to just nine percent against right-handed batters.

Splits (AA and AAA)

RHH 243 50 10 0 6 9% 35% .235 .325 .366
LHH 219 41 11 1 4 16% 32% .223 .347 .359

Pitch Usage (AAA)

4-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 96.0 82.3 84.6 89.4
Usage 62% 15% 19% 4%


  • Time: 6:40 pm EDT
  • Place: Great American Ball Park
  • Weather: 87 degrees, mostly sunny
  • TV: Bally Sports Ohio
  • Radio: 700 WLW

News and Notes

Roster Moves

Today we’ve got four of them: a call up from Triple-A, a DFA, a taxi squad addition, and a rehab assignment.


Minor League Notebook

The Reds promoted a few players to Daytona and Dayton today.


Playoff Race Update

The Reds are in a virtual tie with the Diamondbacks for the third wild card spot and three games behind the Cubs for the second wild card spot. In case you’re still tracking the NL Central race, the Reds trail the Brewers by 5.5 games.

240 Responses

  1. LDS

    As usual Bell the Unfathomable benches Stephenson now that he’s starting to hit. Hopefully, the Reds win today as they did yesterday, limited walks to the other guys and limited SOs by the reds. That’s a rarity.

    • Melvin

      When it comes to the DH we’ve only got one spot. It’s either Fraley or Stephenson today. I would like to think Stephenson would be able to catch today and keep his hot bat in the lineup. Evidently Mr. Bell for whatever reason doesn’t agree. This IS stretch pennant drive time though. Might have to push guys a little harder. Just a thought.

    • VaRedsFan

      Is there a day game tomorrow?
      That would probably explain it.

    • Ted Alfred

      He sure doesn’t believe in playing hot players. It’s amazing how he won’t ride the hot hand and then these guys get out of the Zone. He just kills some hot-hitting streaks. Stephenson is hitting the ball in the last 2 weeks better than he’s hit it all year by far….so how in the world you can have him sitting it’s just beyond me.

      • Melvin

        Stephenson may be out for legitimate reasons but Bell DOES like to pour cold water on a hot hitter intentionally or not. He’s done it MANY times.

  2. LT

    If we win today, will you start the thread again tomorrow, Ashley? Let Dough do the post game thread 🙂

    Fraley leading off line up is going for 4-0 record. We have got to see TS bat today, at the earliest PH opportunity. Go Reds.

    • Ashley Davis

      You’re in luck. I’m doing the preview tomorrow too, win or lose tonight.

      • LT

        Oh we will win. Bell has this patched up line up, spot starter thing figured out :).

  3. Melvin

    Who’s Dough? Maybe Doug’s cousin that helps him with the write ups? 😉

    • Jim Walker

      Dough may be a nickname for Doug. For those who do not follow him on Twitter/X, he is a serious pizza chef. Makes his own dough. Different sauces and toppings. Has a wood fired oven. The whole deal.

      • Melvin

        Might want to ask him before we start calling him Dough…though. 😉

    • LT

      Doug, Melvin asked if we can call you Dough. 🙂

      • Melvin

        Sure. Whatever make you happy. 😀

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    Wow , Renfroe with hamstring issues…no good… What TF is happening ? Never seen so many injuries at the same time…

    • Jim Walker

      People wear down during/ over the season. I have heard/ read it more than once that no one in MLB is truly 100% healthy from a few days/ weeks after the start of the season until after the season when they can do nothing but relax and recuperate.

  5. Melvin

    Exciting Indiana Fever women’s basketball on instead of the Reds again tonight on Bally. Wow.

  6. Mark Moore

    And that’s where that little pitch around of Raleigh hurts.

    Even Bader couldn’t get that one … 😮

  7. LT

    Welcome to the big league Phillips. That’s not a bad pitch. C’mon, let’s settle down.

  8. Mark Moore

    Who’s tonight’s HP Chumpire that we get to trash for making terrible calls like that … while sitting right on that sight line??

    • VaRedsFan

      You’d think he’d miss the outside pitch, not the inside pitch to a lefty.

      • Mark Moore

        One of the things that bugs me the most. Regardless of the batter, the width of the plate NEVER FREAKING CHANGES!!! Yet we see about the same amount of flex side to side as we do top to bottom.

  9. Kevin H

    Well a four pitch walk, good news he isn’t missing by much. 😛

    • Mark Moore

      “isn’t missing by much” is a huge variable with tonight’s HP Chumpire.

      • Kevin H

        I tuned in late, already missing calls? Yesterdays ump was missing calls left and right

  10. Indy Red Man

    Whew. Just got to BWW and no sound, but it looked like 4-0 right there

  11. Mark Moore

    Need a pair of Bike Helmets here.

    • Mark Moore

      Or that way. That works as well.

  12. Indy Red Man

    Kid has great stuff, but it’s just hard to try to sneak this many rookies by established big leaguers.

  13. VaRedsFan

    Miller throws a ton of fastballs.
    Reds can hit fastballs.

  14. Indy Red Man

    I put Renfroe in my same game parlay. Hamstring….should’ve known

    Jeez….thought Bader was faster then that

    • VaRedsFan

      He had a slower hit ball than that last night and was still thrown out.

  15. Old-school

    Phillips clearly has elite FB and good stuff. Seemed to get rattled by the long foul ball and pulling off his pitches. Looks like a young trevor bauer

    He has quite the pitching arsenal

    Needs to locate better obviously

  16. GPod

    2 innings…2 DP’s kills….enough of that crap!

  17. VaRedsFan

    2 double plays so far.
    On pace for 9

    • RedAlert

      He used to kill the Reds as a Cardinal …. Dude puts in a Reds uniform and is
      automatic out

  18. Jonathan Linn

    How bad of a miss was the caught stealing of ELDC?

    • Mark Moore

      Relatively close. Raleigh made a great throw.

    • VaRedsFan

      extremely close but obviously out.
      He had it stolen easily on the 1st pitch, but CES fouled it off.

      • Jonathan Linn

        Shouldn’t there be some kind of communication between ELDC and whoever bats behind him? Like never swing on the first pitch…or something like that?

      • Mark Moore

        Jonathan Linn – you would think that would be the case. I believe I recall “older teams” with star base-stealers doing that. Perhaps even Big and Red teams 😉

    • RedAlert

      Hitting this dude all over the park and giving away outs on basepaths !!!!

  19. Mark Moore

    Nice play from Benson. I have to think this is about the best defensive OF we could run out there.

  20. Mark Moore

    Needed that 3rd inning. I’m thinking 4 max unless he’s really efficient next time around.

    • Kevin H

      I am hoping 6 innings, however that may not be in the cards

  21. LT

    Offense needs to help Phillips out, get a couple runs here.

  22. Indy Red Man

    So I guess Fraley can’t play the OF so Steph can’t DH? If they IL Renfroe then we’re back to Fairchild vs righties? I’d rather have Martini at home if he plays OF? What a mess

    • Kevin H

      If you have Stephenson DH and Maile would get hurt then Reds would lose DH. If I am not mistaken

      • JB

        That’s why you need a third catcher. Lol

      • Ted Alfred

        If that’s the case then Stephenson should be playing everyday until he cools down….seems pretty simple

      • Melvin

        How often does that happen? Even if it does it’s not a catastrophe.

  23. Jonathan Linn

    Oh may. Stop running on this guy lol ????????

  24. Indy Red Man

    Ok this is getting stupid now. 14 singles later we might get 3 runs. Guess Bell never heard of hit n run

  25. Kevin H

    Reds being aggressive today, 0-2 on stolen base attempts. LOL

  26. DW

    Raleigh is a thorn in the Reds’ side so far today.

  27. Ted Alfred

    I’d say this catcher is proving that we’re just running ourselves out of innings by trying to steal 2nd against him, so could we just stop it for this game.

  28. RedAlert

    This pitcher ain’t fooling nobody ! Stop giving away outs on basepaths !!!!

  29. Mark Moore

    So we should be up 3-2 or maybe 4-2 … now if Friedl can do his ONE JOB we’ll at least be tied.

  30. Kevin H

    Good new’s Reds are getting base hits LOL

  31. DW

    Good to see a little revenge for Fraley against the team that traded him away. Sure is nice having him back in the lineup.

  32. Indy Red Man

    OV baby! Busting it for a triple and scores there if he was 100%

  33. West Larry

    Are our guys wearing cement shoes, or does this Reliegh guy have a cannon for a arm?

    • Mark Moore

      I believe Raleigh has a solid arm and his two throws have been right on the money as well.

    • DW

      Raleigh is a very good defensive catcher. On offense he is your prototypical, low average, three result type hitter…HR, BB, K

  34. Indy Red Man

    This guy is dead red and we go on the first pitch every time? That’s dumb baseball. Let your guys see some heaters or hit n run. Cost us atleast a run

  35. VaRedsFan

    Stolen bases have been our bread and butter all year.
    No reason to complain or stop running now just because they got caught twice.

    They got a little unlucky that both pitches were fastballs up.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Raleigh put those right on the money as well.

    • Indy Red Man

      Nah. If Elly can’t outrun the guy then how would Marte? Also give the pitcher a chance to get deeper in the count and you might get a breaking ball no to mention we’re making contact so hit n run?

      We’re 6 for 11 with a walk and have 1 stinkin run

  36. Mark Moore

    Well NUTS!!

    At least we scored.

  37. Kevin H

    I like the way De La Cruz has been battling at the plate last two games. Seeing pitches and fouling off pitches. Drawing a few walks. Also Reds are starting to hit or so it seems, 7 runs Sunday and 6 runs yesterday.

    Sign of a streak? Time will tell

  38. RedAlert

    This kid has a live arm man ! Nice job Phillips !

  39. Mark Moore

    Another nice inning from Connor!!! He’s settled in nicely after giving up that bomb. Now it’s time to back him.

  40. Beaufort Red

    This board cracks me up. Everyone complains when we’re not aggressive in our running game and staying out of double plays Now we get thrown out twice and everyone is complaining about ruining rallies.

    • Indy Red Man

      Don’t have a problem w Elly, but you nail him and I sit up and notice. Hit n run should be part of an aggressive offense too. Take advantage of a heater

  41. Indy Red Man

    Wow. This kid has talent! He’s got more of a starter build then Richardson. LRich is a little stocky like Jeff Brantley was. These 2 with Lowder give me confidence even if some others don’t reach the hype

  42. RedAlert

    Sadak and Larkin are just brutal ; Cowboy 10 times the broadcaster that either of these 2 are

  43. Ted Alfred

    I’m really liking what I’m seeing from Connor. He obviously has really good stuff and as his mechanics getmore straightened to cut down on the walks he could really be something. I like the fact that he is throwing inside a lot with his 97mph fastball…doesn’t seem fearful of the big stage and he just turned 22.

  44. LT

    Took a bit of time but Phillips got his secondary pitches going and it’s a beauty. Sweeper, curveball, and change up. They say that the arm needs to be relaxed for off speed pitches to work. As he goes deeper in the game, his arm is warmed up, see if he uses those a pitches more.

  45. Indy Red Man

    Don’t see where Bader is any improvement over Stuey? Better defensively, but Stuey will work a pitcher. Neither are good enough offensively really

    • VaRedsFan

      Except Stu would have never stolen 3rd in that big comeback last Friday.
      Changed the game.

  46. Ted Alfred

    Too bad. Kid got really unlucky on two very soft dunker hits and then gave up the big one right before he’s getting ready to exit. Otherwise this would have been a really nice outing for him.

    • VaRedsFan

      Agree…2 bloop hits, but then got beat by the all star.

      He’s got potential for sure.

  47. LT

    Man, too many rookie mistakes today. Fastball right down the middle to the hottest hitter on the planet. And a couple caught stealings, hard to win.

  48. Indy Red Man

    Said to self….don’t let them see this kid a 3rd time. You don’t have to 2nd guess w Bell. I’m done with occasionally defending him. That’s just dumb. We have Thursday & Monday off so we could handle another 2-3 outs. Now the game is likely over

  49. LT

    Keep it at 5-1 and put TS in the game and we will have a chance.

  50. Kevin H

    Not a bad outing from Phillips, two mistake pitches cost him 5 runs. He will learn and grow from the experience. His future is for sure bright.

  51. GPod

    a 96 fastball right down the middle of the plate….that was just plain stupid

  52. Mark Moore

    Moving it to the small screen without audio while we watch something else. So close to a stellar intro for Phillips.

  53. DHud

    Phillips made one mistake tonight and paid bad for it. Other than that he looked really good

    • Ted Alfred

      I hope Phillips gets another start

  54. JB

    Marte looking better an better. Bell was right. Play him every day.

    • Erik the Red

      He replaced Newman as I recall. So I knew he was going to be in the lineup a lot. Actually it is the correct decision to play him a lot at 3rd. In theory he should be ready to play 140 games or more next year.

  55. Brian Rutherford

    I think Phillips is out of the game an inning earlier if they didn’t burn up the BP yesterday out of necessity. It really has been a run of bad luck for the team towards the end of the season.

    It’s amazing how they are still in the thick of things. Great job fighting to the last player.

  56. LT

    C’mon. Let’s get a couple runs here.

  57. Mark Moore

    Fraley toe AGAIN????

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

  58. Mark Moore

    What the heck happened to the video feed????

  59. LT

    Miller absolutely has no idea where his slider/sweeper go. C’mon, let’s make them pay HBP

  60. GPod

    I cannot believe we let this guy off the hook all night long!

  61. RedAlert

    Dude in the mound got a horseshoe in back pocket !! Been lucky the entire game !!!

  62. Brian Rutherford

    Good ab right there. Story of the game. JRod delivered in his chance and Steer/EDLC didn’t.


  63. Ted Alfred

    This is just one of those nights. The Mariners get 2 of 3 runs last inning off a two fluky soft hits with two outs…. Elly comes up bases juiced and stings the ball low and curving away to the warning track in left and the OF makes a really nice play….0 runs. Not much you can do, Seattle just getting lucky tonight. To only have one run against this guy he isn’t fooling anybody with all the base runners is kind of incredible

  64. Ozzie

    Elly has made adjustments the past couple of games. His AB’s have been much better. Fewer K’s, deeper counts, hitting breaking balls, and going the other way at times. That’s a good sign.

    • Mark Moore

      Seems to me Marte is also making adjustments. CES still looks a bit behind the curve, at least to me.

      • VaRedsFan

        CES serves up a little crow…medium rare.

      • Mark Moore

        And so he does …

        It was chicken and peppers on the grill tonight here 😀

  65. RedAlert

    It’s ridiculous in this situation !!!

  66. Kevin H

    I have a feeling Reds are gonna win this game.

  67. Mark Moore

    Harrison Bader … still a Reds killer …

  68. JB

    Marte! The reason why you don’t play Senzel at third anymore.

  69. Indy Red Man

    2 bombs! Still fighting, but we left 5 runs on the drawing board. That’s hard to overcome

  70. RedAlert

    Why in the world would Bell even consider putting Derrick Law in the game pitching right now !!! One of the worst options in the bullpen !!! Insane

  71. LDS

    Friedl is batting .300+ against LHers, so of course it’s time to go to Senzel. He’s now swapped out hitting while trailing a decent number of innings remaining. And the Seattle mgr is laughing, saying get the RHer up

  72. RedAlert

    Brilliant move Bell . Brilliant

    Law is just PLAIN BAD !!!

  73. BuzzKutter

    Every Series 1 guy just torches Reds pitching

    • RedsGettingBetter

      Yeah, each team has a Reds killer at least…

  74. Brian Rutherford

    I mean who is left down there to pitch? This is just the worst. Sad to think what could have been if the team was even mildly healthy

  75. RedsGettingBetter

    I can’t understand why they inssist pitching a fastball in the middle of the plate to Rodríguez since he crushes it consistently… really bad pitch

    • Indy Red Man

      They pitch Rodriguez like he’s just an average hitter. It’s not working. Tomorrow is a huge game if we don’t come back tonight. Have to have momentum to hang around

  76. RedAlert

    Bell is the absolute worst manager of a bullpen I’ve ever seen … totally and
    completely clueless

  77. Indy Red Man

    2 solos for the Reds, so the other 2 doubles, 5 singles, 4 walks and 4 hbp have produced 1 run. How the #$@ is that possible?

    • Indy Red Man

      3 hbp rather. That’s 15 runners and 1 run

    • Mark Moore

      However you do the math, the result is painful. 🙁

  78. Mark Moore

    Cue Paul Simon’s “Slip Sliding Away” …

    Positive takeaway for me is that these kids seem to be playing looser. Whatever the next few weeks deal us, this core of young studs should be fun to watch grow.

  79. Indy Red Man

    Krall adds 2 guys. Hamstring Renfroe and Harrison Bader the Cards plant who will hit .114 as a Red

  80. Mark Moore

    Somebody pinch me, please.

    HDTBell’s moves worked out perfectly. The Martini Man delivers.

  81. RedAlert

    Wow… least these guys don’t quit

  82. RedsGettingBetter

    Martini, Whisky, Gin, Vodka, whatever….!

  83. Indy Red Man

    Their guy was struggling and faced his 3 hitters. Can’t leave him in vs Martini there. That’s as bad as Bell

  84. JB

    No way you can send down Martini when Newman is ready.

  85. Rick

    I was tying to complain about Fraley’s spot, then Martini brung it!

  86. Indy Red Man

    I thought Martini’s hook swing would work in Gabp after he hit 2 in Arizona to RF. Might be a keeper

  87. Doc

    If I recall, Marte and Martini were two players whom GM wannabes on this site were clamoring to be sent down ad nauseam over the past week or two. Right now, after the sample size on their ABs has grown but has still not reached significance, their presence is looking pretty good.

  88. Old-school

    Diaz is afraid to throw strikes

    What a shame

  89. Mark Moore

    OK, what’s up with Diaz? That was a terrible first batter.

    Need Bike Helmets in the worst way.

  90. Ted Alfred

    Diaz is a shell of himself. I think the Reds need to try somebody else as the closer going forward. Diaz’s stuff and control is so far away from where he was it’s not even like the same pitcher

  91. Rick

    Sadak never watched home team closers in the 9th until recently!! Funny!!Lol

    • VaRedsFan

      LOL heard that too
      Been that way since the 90s

  92. Mark Moore

    Bike Helmets!!!

    Finally got them when we needed them most.

    Now let’s walk this off and know we’ve won this series. I do believe I heard the Stupid Cubs are losing at the moment.

    • Mark Moore

      Or not …

      Hope Diaz can focus on the batter.

  93. Old-school

    That was amazing…no way the reds won yesterday or win today.

    Need a 9th inning run to win this series and send a message to MLB.

    • Old-school

      That didn’t age well after the replay…. Yikes

  94. Indy Red Man

    Diaz trying to get by on guts for 5-6 weeks now. He was never down to 93 mph last year

    • Redlegs1869

      Yes. He is really struggling. Big time. Guys you do t expect to come through are. Guys we’ve leaned on as reliable are gassed.

    • Ted Alfred

      I’m thinking it kind of looks like a situation where all the sudden he comes down with arm trouble and he’s having Tommy John surgery before you know it… been that big of a drop in control and velocity

  95. Mark Moore

    Absolutely drilled him with that one. A knee cap job.

  96. old-school

    Diaz hits the hitter….He is a shell of himself. Hes become Uh-oh Cordero.

  97. Ted Alfred

    I think they need to try either Gibault or Antone to close and see hot it goes

    • Rick

      Antone injuries eliminates him. To soon.

    • RedlegScott

      Agree. TJ time and give Diaz a rest.

    • Ozzie

      Or Cruz when he returns. He gets a lot of Ks

  98. Mark Moore

    C’mon Geno. You remember how to whiff in this park. Just do it.

    • Mark Moore

      Complete gift to his former team there.

  99. Ted Alfred

    Diaz is afraid to throw strikes because he knows his stuff is not very good anymore…too bad

  100. Beaufort Red

    Diaz is a closer in name only. Has been ineffective the last 2 months. Has no control of the strike zone.

  101. RedsGettingBetter

    Geno loves the Reds ….

  102. Old-school

    Diaz is poor. Suarez bails him out on 3-0 with a pop out.

    Bad baseball and suarez was worse. SMH

    • Ted Alfred

      Bell needs to be open to changing the roles in the bullpen based on what he is seeing in the games. That has been my problem with how he has handled the bullpen all year. He doesn’t shift quickly enough between guys who are throwing well and guys who are throwing poorly and he gets stuck in a rut about their roles without reacting to what’s actually happening in the games

      • Mark Moore

        It’s why he’s holding at #90 on my list of MLB Field Managers.

  103. RedAlert

    Diaz might be the most unreliable piece in bullpen now – dude NEVER has a clean inning …. Never

  104. VaRedsFan

    Only fitting that Diaz gets the Win this game

  105. LT

    Steer hit on 3-0 count and now Elly did the same. Very aggressive.

    • Mark Moore

      He guessed correctly after those 3 way out of the zone.

  106. Mark Moore

    That’s the way to start things, Elly.

  107. VaRedsFan

    Should’ve stopped trying to steal…SMH

  108. Old-school


    2 games in a row….

  109. RedAlert

    Wow man that is just impressive stuff !!!!! Young dudes again !!!!

  110. Ted Alfred

    That’s the kind of WIN that can propel you into a really nice month of September

  111. Mark Moore

    CES pushes one through that huge opening and makes it happen.

  112. Mark Moore

    So much for their “closer” keeping them in the game.

    #44 comeback courtesy of #44 and his friends.

  113. Doc

    Can’t wait to read in the morning how many times Bell screwed up in win number 73 and counting. 4-1 in September. Fatigue must have suddenly lifted after a few more games.

    • Harry Stoner

      Will save you some time.

      Here’s a headline:

      “Reds cut down on Ks. Bell cuts down on bonehead moves. Smug Reds’ fans gloat.”

  114. Soto

    Maybe my favorite win of the year. Great resilience. Beat a good team. Elly is starting to figure out how to make the biggest impact on games. The future is bright. These young guns can play.

  115. Kevin H

    Diaz 35-37 save chances. And a 2.26 Era and 8-4. Not sure what some want. The dude has been good

    • Mark Moore

      We’d like a little less drama a little more often. We get some flashbacks of Coco Cordero on nights like this. And his velocity and throwing strikes early are definitely down of late.

      All that being said, their closer has a worse W/L record and an ERA about the same as Diaz. Frankly, I’m not one who likes the “closer” moniker anyway, but those high totals of decisions would indicate something is gone wonky.

      • Harry Stoner

        Bell knows things.

        Bell uses Diaz as a ‘closer’.

        Bell is beyond criticism.

        Ergo, so is Diaz.

        Ipso facto.

  116. Mark Moore

    Sadly, the Stupid Cubs have tied it up against the Giants.

  117. RedAlert

    De La Cruz is for sure doing something
    different in his approach …. If he can
    continue this , will be big down stretch

    Can change the game when he’s on base …

  118. Soto

    I think CES will eventually develop into an RBI Machine. Now let’s get a sweep and keep it rolling!

  119. JC

    Obvious that CES was trying to go the other way on that swing. Love it.
    Great piece of hitting and awareness.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Shortened up and pushed it that way. And nobody was there.

  120. Beaufort Red

    I’ve criticized EDLC for the better part of a month. I don’t know what’s up , but he’s a totally different hitter. Maybe some coaching was in play , maybe he just started listening or maybe he just decided it was time to use ALL his talents. Either way it’s great timing.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m with you. It’s almost like he flipped a switch. Not offering up on any of those first 3 pitches Munoz threw took some good discipline.

    • JB WV

      With all his talent he’s still a rookie finding his way. How confident were you that somehow he would score when he got on in the ninth? I felt really good.

      • Rick

        Yes I could feel it & never doubted it would happen there. Locked & loaded!

    • Rick

      Keeping his weight back and locking in that front side. Helps him stay back balanced longer and letting that ball travel abit deeper. I’ve seen baby steps. Definite sign of coaches working with him.

  121. RedsMonk65

    For the last two games, at least, it is the Reds and not the Mariners who look like the playoff-bound team. Go Reds!

  122. Tampa Red

    Man the in-game comments on this thread….lol

    Great win for the Reds, all heart, all season!

    • Mark Moore

      Kind of swung to both ends of the spectrum, didn’t we?

      I switched to my laptop and watched with no sound while my wife and I watched something else on the TV. Then switched it back after that shot by Martini.

  123. Mark Moore

    And the Stupid Cubs put up a 6-spot on the Giants to go ahead 10-6.

  124. BhamRedsFan

    I’d love to take the time to read all the comments giving accolades to Bell for game management tonight(Ha!) but I’ll just leave my own instead. Fantastic game!

    • Tampa Red

      Lol man that will get you mobbed up on…but totally agree!!