Today is the day in which we will find out when the waiver claims have gone through or not. We do not know with certainty all of the players who were put on waivers, though we do seem to have a good idea. The order of claims is the reverse order of winning percentage this morning. That puts the Cincinnati Reds 15th. Teams will find out at 1pm ET today if their claim has gone through or not, but be aware that we may not find out about the moves until a little later in the afternoon.

Waivers aren’t like they used to be. As things are today, if a player is put on waivers then the team that claims them with the highest priority gets that player. There is no ability to pull the player back off of waivers, nor is there a trade involved. The claiming team simply gets the player and must pay their due salary.

Cincinnati would seem to be a fit for several players on waivers. Their rotation seems to be barely hanging on right now, and with Nick Lodolo looking like he may not return this season at all, grabbing a starting pitcher could be big. Lucas Giolito, Mike Clevinger, and Carlos Carrasco are all reportedly on waivers.

The Reds could also put in claims for some relievers. Matt Moore, Reynaldo Lopez, Dominic Leone, and Jose Cisnero are all reportedly on waivers. Moore has been the best of the bunch this season and has a 2.66 ERA on the year with 12 walks and 49 strikeouts in 44.0 innings. Teammate Reynaldo Lopez, who was just acquired at the trade deadline by the Angels, has a 3.93 ERA between the White Sox and Los Angeles in his 55.0 innings with 30 walks and 71 strikeouts.

If you’ve been paying attention lately, though, you’ve probably noticed that the offense hasn’t been as good as it had been earlier in the year. They’ve struggled for much of August. And there’s some position players out there. Harrison Bader is struggling to hit this year on the surface, but that’s because he’s getting crushed by right-handed pitchers. Against lefties he’s hitting .348 and slugging .697 this year. The sample size is small, but he’s also an elite defensive outfielder and it’s possible he could fill a short term need as a lefty crusher who could come off the bench later in games as a defensive replacement.

Hunter Renfroe hasn’t been good against lefties or righties this season, but he hasn’t been bad, either. His OPS against righties is .742 and against lefties it has been .722. Randal Grichuk was hitting well with the Rockies before the trade deadline but since arriving in Los Angeles with the Angels he’s hit just .168. Still, there could be some value there as he’s crushed left-handed pitching this season, hitting .323 and slugging .583 against them in 106 plate appearances and has walked just one less time against them as he’s struck out (10 to 11).

With the cost simply being money rather than players going the other direction, there is no excuse at all for Cincinnati to not make several claims today. Whether they can actually win the claims is another matter – the rules are the rules and if someone ahead of them takes them there’s nothing that the Reds can do. Stay tuned.

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  1. Jedi Joey

    Today will show me if the Reds are truly serious about making a run in September. At least make an effort to claim so help, Mr. Krall. If not, I will move on to football season entirely.

    • Frankie Tomatoes


      What will be interesting is that if players go to teams ahead of the Reds if we find out if the Reds put in claims. We’ll obviously know that they didn’t if players go to teams behind them.

    • Mike Adams

      JJ, I understand completely your disappointment if the Reds do not make any claims today.
      But if they don’t, why move on to football?
      This team has been: young all year, hitters at times, a good BP at times, almost adequate starters at times and made some amazing defensive plays at times.
      They have fought and struggled and had ups and downs but as others have said they are in contention for a playoff spot on September 1.
      Get mad at Krall but don’t give up on the players until the fat lady sings. Just a thought.

      • Justin Anderson

        Mike, the excuse for limited moves at the trade deadline was not wanting to overspend with controlled prospects and potentially mortgage the future and longer term sustainability in order to keep the early flash in the pan sizzling. Most of us can at least understand if not buy off on that argument. But if this organization is positioned 1 game out of a playoff spot with a month to go and the only thing it takes is cash, and not an overly exorbitant amount of it, to bolster and support the personnel battling out there desperate for some reinforcement due to injury and fatigue… that is squarly on ownership. Full stop. There would be no believable excuse for anyone to make today that would not be squarly centered around ownership being cheap, greedy, and disingenuous. So if ownership proves to be non-committal today with reinvesting some of their profit from boosted attendance this year, then why should we faithful fans be expected to remain committed to Bob’s product in return? Fair enough question?

      • Jedi Joey

        I appreciate your reply, Mike. It’s nothing against the younger players. I won’t give up on them but football will gather my attention more in September. If the organization is too cheap to at least attempt to claim help on wavers it tells me they don’t truly care about this opportunity to try to win. It won’t cost them any prospects so there is literally no excuse but cheapness. I hope they prove me wrong!

      • Jedi Joey

        It sounds like they have made some moves today. I stand corrected! Happy to see they are truly trying to win.

  2. old-school

    So the Reds are 15th in line and they can claim multiple players when their turn came around as if they are ordering food at a Restaurant? Ill take Giolito with a side of Moore and Ill have Bader too as the appetizer . They walk away with (3) new players if they are available and they commit to the payroll?

    I get some concerns about bader ‘s bat but he is GG caliber at a premium position in CF and crushes lefties. Isnt that a huge upgrade roster wise from Senzel or Hopkins or even Fairchild?

    • AllTheHype

      I like Giolito, Moore, and if the Reds have an appetite to spend, Clevinger. But not Bader. He’s not a lefty crusher. Last year’s line against LHP was .212/.293/.269 against a small sample (58 PAs). This year’s inflated numbers were also a small sample (74 PAs). His career numbers against LHP tell a more accurate story, somewhere in the middle .267/.334/.507.

      He’d be a defensive upgrade, but not likely an offensive upgrade. Pass.

  3. J

    Krall will explain his inaction by saying the other teams were asking too much in return, or they couldn’t see a good “fit” for any of the available players, or they’ll have several guys returning from the injured list soon and there’s only so many spots available, or he doesn’t want to mortgage the future. There’s always a “reason” for maintaining the status quo.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      Did you read the article before commenting? Other teams can’t “ask for too much in return”.

      • J

        Have you read any of my previous comments over the past few years? I have a sarcastic sense of humor.

      • JB

        Did you read the article? Teams can’t ask for anything. You claim him, he is yours. Just pay his salary.

      • J

        Folks, I not only read the article, I already understood this point beforehand. I was making a JOKE. It was a sarcastic jab at the Reds based on the fact that “other teams were asking too much” has become a standard excuse over the past few years to explain the absence of meaningful trades. I apologize if my attempt at humor has offended anyone.

      • Jedi Joey

        @J, I totally get your sarcastic humor. It wasn’t totally wasted. lol

    • Earmbrister

      J – Josh Bader and Hunter Renfroe would like to pass Krall’s howdy on to you

  4. J

    I still don’t understand the claim process. The teams are provided a list of players who’ve been put on waivers, and they place claims on those players in reverse order of the standing. Okay, fine. But that doesn’t really explain how it works. Do teams have to submit names of all players they want to claim up front, without knowing which of those players will actually be available when it’s their turn, and are they then required to honor all of their claims? Or do they have the right to say “never mind” once it’s their turn if there are too many players still available? Or are players taken “off the board” as they’re claimed by other teams, and each team is only placing claims based on the players that are still available?

    The nature of the process would have a dramatic impact on what each team does. If the Reds are required to make all the claims up front and honor every claim they make, they aren’t going to place claims on five relief pitchers because they don’t want to add five relief pitchers. But if they’re able to know exactly which relievers are available when it’s their turn, or if they’re able to say “never mind” if they don’t want to honor a claim they’ve made, then that’s an entirely different process.

    • Jim Walker

      My understanding from past reading, listening, and observing….

      The teams have up to the end of the waiver period to file their claims. They could file them all at once or separately. (I believe this waiver period ends at 1PM EDT Thursday). At the end of the period, MLB evaluates the claims and makes awards based on the order.

      The process is officially secret and closed. No team is supposed to know what claims any other team has made (or not made).

      To paraphrase “Wheel of Fortune”, once a team has been granted an award the player is theirs to keep.

      No, a team cannot cancel a claim because an award was made to them on another claim.

      A team must have or create a 40 man roster spot for each awarded player.

      The 40 man spot must be created by moving a player who was on the 40 man roster prior to the award.

      A team cannot immediately place an awarded player back on waivers to avoid the need to create a 40 man spot for him.

      They cannot play a shell game with simultaneously awarded players by waiving one of them to create a roster spot for another.

      • Jim Walker

        So, if a team claimed 5 players and was awarded all 5 and had no prior openings on their 40 man roster, they’d be looking at a 12.5% turnover on the 40 man roster. To create spots, guys could be DFA, or perhaps guys on the 10 day IL (15 for pitchers) could be moved to the 60 day IL

      • J

        Ok, thanks for that. Then it does seem like the Reds will have a plausible excuse to do nothing if other teams with higher priority have claimed two or three players, because we could assume the Reds had also probably made claims on at least one or two of those players. We can’t really expect them to place claims on five players and potentially have to then kick five guys off the roster to make room for five rentals.

      • Jim Walker

        @J> The Reds actually have several nearly obvious 60 day IL moves they could make.

        Is Votto likely to be back for anything other than a cameo bow in case he retires or goes elsewhere in 2024? He could do that in a pregame ceremony without being active.

        Newman and McLain are both on the IL for oblique issues. What are the chances they are ready to play before the season ends, especially McLain who just went on the IL last week?

        I am uncertain if Casali was officially called back from rehab (which runs out today); but, he hasn’t played any rehab games for a week or more and hasn’t been activated. He could be moved to the 60 day and be eligible to come off on Sept 20 or thereabouts.

        And I’ve probably missed someone on the pitching side.

      • J

        Jim, I’m sure you’re right about all that, but I also think it’s unlikely this team will be willing to jump through all those hoops just to get their hands on a few rentals. Aside from their shenanigans when they bring up a bad relief pitcher to pitch an inning and then DFA the poor guy the next day, they really seem to allow inertia to play a huge role in their decision-making.

        The fact that Hopkins is still on the active roster is Exhibit A. I assume he’s about to get sent down, but the fact that they played the entire west coast trip with Hopkins on the roster, and some games with both Siani AND Hopkins on the roster, when they had various players in the minors who could potentially have actually been of some real use in those games, is impossible for me to understand other than something like “inertia.”

        Are they willing to make a roster move to claim someone? Probably. Two moves? Maybe. Three moves? I think that’s more than they can handle.

    • AllTheHype

      Teams decide who they want to claim from the players who were waived Tuesday. Then each waived player claim is settled independently by reverse order of standings. I do not think a team can “revoke” their claim after the fact.

  5. AMDG

    Clevinger has a better ERA+ and WHIP than any Reds’ starting pitcher not named Abbott. He’s also surrendering hard hit balls at a much lower rate than any Reds’ pitcher, to go with his lowest exit velocity.

    Seems like he would be a big upgrade over bullpen days, or hoping Lodolo ever returns this year.

    • AllTheHype

      He’s also owed by far the most, approx $5.4M, for one month of work.

      • AMDG

        As I understand, if you want quality, you often have to pay for quality.

        Otherwise you end up with guys like Luke Weaver and Mike Minor.

        Plus, it gets you a leg up on keeping him for next year, if they are so inclined to add a team a veteran pitcher with guys like Greene, Lolodo, Abbott, and Ashcraft.

  6. Schneidlywhiplash

    supposedly the Reds tried to trade for Giolito…. why in God’s green earth would they not put in a claim for him????

    • Doc

      Maybe because he has been terrible since the trade deadline. Weaver would have been an upgrade over Gio’s post trade deadline performance.

      • Greenfield Red

        I called this. Unwanted divorce is hell.

      • Buffalo Red

        The White Sox traded Giolito at the same time his wife left him. I suspect his pitching suffered because of that. That he would underperform indefinitely is doubtful.

      • Greenfield Red

        Agree Buffalo Red. If this is a play for 2024, then I am for it. I wouldn’t expect anything from him the rest of this year.

        In fact, I would offer him to shut down rest of the year to try to work through his family deal and build up for next year.

  7. JB WV

    If the Reds are only responsible for about 1/6 of their salary it’s not really a monetary decision. And picking 15th is a pretty good spot considering that most of the teams ahead them are out of the race and probably won’t do anything. Like old school I’d like to see Giolito come aboard. especially with the schedule easing up.

  8. Tom Mitsoff

    Echoing much of what has been said above:

    This team is one game behind a playoff spot on the first of September (when they resume play tomorrow). There are some established players out there who most certainly can enhance this team’s chances. The only two issues the front office and ownership have to consider are:

    1) money expenditure
    2) 40-man roster spots

    Nick Krall said prior to the trade deadline that they had money to spend if they had the right opportunity. This is it, man.

    The other issue, 40-man roster, there are Alan Busenitz, Brett Kennedy, Mike Siani, T.J. Hopkins, Stuart Fairchild and Alejo Lopez, none of whom would be missed by a true contending team. Some or all of them are candidates.

    White Sox righty Mike Clevinger is the pick of the litter. He has a 2.9 WAR, 6-6 record and 3.32 ERA. He’s still owed about $2 million on his $12-million 2023 contract. Plus, he has a mutual option for 2024 at $12 million, with a $4 million buyout if either party decides to opt out. So for a month of Clevinger, and hopefully some post-season, it would cost the Reds a minimum of $6 million. If they make that move, it will send the message that, yes, we had some budget available, and we’re not going to lose any top prospects, and we’re going for it.

    Righty starter Lucas Giolito should be a Red by end of day unless some team before them in the waiver order makes a claim. He’s been beaten up pretty regularly since traded to the Angels, but he’s a veteran who can be used in key situations, and maybe give Abbott and others who seem to be wearing down some time off. He will be a free agent after the season, so there is no 2024 money commitment. He’s still owed about a million for this year, and to me, it’s a no-brainer.

    Any of the relievers — Lopez, Moore, etc., would be welcome.

    I’m not real excited about the available bats. The Reds need some punch, but these guys look a lot like many of the bats they currently are using.

    Bottom line — if they didn’t make a claim for Giolito, we all have the right to be very angry. If they made a claim for Clevinger, that showed that not only did Krall step up, but so did the ownership. We’ll know what happens in a few hours.

    • AllTheHype

      Additionally, there is a potential boost to the clubhouse if the team puts money behind this season and infuses some quality pitching talent. I could see the offense imediately doing what they can to re-energize.

    • AllTheHype

      There’s also the angle that whomever the Reds do not select, our wildcard competitors likely will. So if the Reds don’t select Clevinger, he may be pitching for the Giants. or Cubs, or Diamondbacks, this weekend.

      So Reds have the ability to prevent our competitors from upgrading, while upgrading ourselves.

      Ownership will be exposed today, and we’ll find out how committed they are to winning.

      • Rob

        You are right. This can’t be fun for Krall. It is like being naked in front of a crowd. Everybody is free except the lousy one month of salary. This team has lost 7 games in the standings since his last strategic move on August 1 when he didn’t want to give up mid level prospects. This time everybody is free and he can grab a couple needed pitchers and a couple bats and no other team can stop him. Just brilliant losing all these games to the Dbacks and Giants so we get to pick ahead of them. Genius.

      • Jim Walker

        @Rob>>> Good description of Krall’s situation. I am picturing him with a ledger book in one hand and a bank money bag in the other trying to hold each in a spot to protect his modesty. Meanwhile, son PhilC is standing nearby pointing at NK and trying to suppress a belly laugh 😉

    • Jim Walker


      Also, I just listed above four possible moves from the short term IL to the 60 day IL that would also open 40 man slots.

      They were Votto, Newman, Casali, and McLain. The first three probably have no role to play even if they might be “ready” to be activated before the end of the season. McLain went onto the IL just last week and is probably unlikely to be ready before the season ends.

  9. BuzzKutter

    The Marlins should be the only excuse given if Giolito isn’t a Red by the end of the day. Clevinger would be nice but expensive. I think management is too cheap to take him on.

  10. docproc

    I want Clevenger. Yes, his mutual option buyout will cost us 4 million–but it also leaves open the chance we could have him next year as well.

    His most recent start was Sunday (7 IN, 1 R, 10 Ks). Land him today and pitch him in the nightcap tomorrow.

    • AllTheHype

      Clevinger would most likely make the biggest impact, at the biggest cost. How committed is this team?

      • BuzzKutter

        Depends on who you ask. A lot of talk is we are playing for next year. Which has been the talk around here for pretty much every current year.

      • JB

        Well if you are playing for next year then you pick up Clevinger and pick up his option. See how easy that is.

    • Pete

      Can’t agree more! Considering who is ahead of us I think he will likely be available as well. I really like that $12 million option as well because of today’s current starting pitching pricing that would be very reasonable for pitcher of his quality. Let’s do it.

      • Greenfield Red

        But if it is a mutual option as mentioned above, there is nearly a 100% chance MC declines, takes the 4 m buyout and signs elsewhere, so no thanks unless the last month can be used to sign him to a 3/70 contract assuming his health checks out. Otherwise, they should pass on him in my opinion.

  11. Rednat

    should be big crowds this weekend, then for the mariners and then you have st. louis for next weekend. Just hard to cry poor with the crowds they have been getting. why do I have a feeling they won’t make a move though

  12. JB

    Why wouldn’t you try to claim Clevinger? You pick up the option next year at 12 mil. Reds won’t have much on the books anyways. You never have enough pitching too. No brainer. Pick up Giolito and Moore as well and Why not Lopez. I can find 4 spots on the 40 for them.

    • BuzzKutter

      I really hope you aren’t disappointed when the excuses roll in of WHY we couldn’t land any of them.

      • Rob

        I don’t think that excuse will play. Basically the Reds have first dibs on any and all. Marlins being the possible exception. But if the Cubs, Dbacks, Giants, Brewers, etc. grab any of the players, that means the Reds didn’t have interest in that guy!! And they all are free! The only downside being that you have to remove one for one from your roster. But we have plenty of those to spare including Hopkins, Newman, Siani, Kennedy, Senzel, Casali, Lopez, etc. I think we could claim 3-4 without missing a beat.

      • JB

        Never disappointed over a game that I have no control over. What it will show us is what the front office is going to do this off season. They don’t do anything here and they will just be kicking the tires again this off season. I’m to old to waste my time watching a team not willing to spend money and we aren’t asking to spend alot. If they are going into every season on a 50-70 mil budget then to heck with them. They aren’t going to be on the hook next year with all these rookies making very little. Crying poverty isn’t going to work anymore.

    • AllTheHype

      Clevinger’s option is mutual. It won’t be exercised – It’s just a way of adding salary by way of the $4M buyout.

      • Doc

        Don’t really know that. Clevenger may look at this young team and like what he sees this year. If he bolts, nothing lost. If he stays, it’s a shot at the playoffs next year, yet only a one year commitment.

        How does a mutual option work? Does Clevenger get the money either way, even if he is the one who declines the option? If so, add that to the list of stupid moves that baseball management has made ever since the Curt Flood case.

      • AllTheHype

        Mutual options are just a way to add money to the back end of a contract in the form of a buyout. That’s it, nothing more. They are almost never exercised by both sides, because one side won’t like the number and thinks they can do better.

        Doesn’t matter which side declines, the team pays the buyout.

    • JB

      Plenty of room for at least five guys. Heck I’ll take Renfroe. His OPS is average and is about as good if not better than Votto or Fairchild.

  13. Lid

    The only contending team ahead of us in waiver priority are the Marlins, and they should claim Giolito and Moore. Perhaps Krall places 4 claims on Giolito, Moore, Clevinger, and Lopez assuming he won’t get two.

    • AllTheHype

      Not convinced the Marlins will claim them or anyone. They are 3 games out, two teams to pass and they are payroll averse. We’ll see.

      • Lid

        You mean Bob owns them also 🙂 I think they have a higher 2023 payroll than the Reds and Joey Wendle is their Wil Myers this year.

    • J

      But, if I understand how this process works (based on what I was told above), I bet he won’t make four claims out of fear that he might actually get all four players, which means paying four players and having to make room for four players on the roster. I think it’s more likely he’ll claim maybe two, and if neither is available he’ll say “hey, believe me, we tried.”

      • JB

        They can’t hide on this one,j. We will know if they put a claim in. No more excuses.

      • AllTheHype

        Agree J. It is a chess game. But I think the Reds could have Clevinger if they want him. Marlins are not going there. Only the Padres might go there imo. So take him, Giolito, and Moore. If they get none, then they REALLY did try.

  14. SR

    Giolito’s numbers in last 6 starts are awful. He is 1-5 with a 6.89 era, 10 homers in 33 innings worked for the Angels. And that’s pitching in Anaheim where their outfield would seem big enough to hold all of GABP. We finally dumped Weaver and now we want to bring on someone with similar numbers. What am I missing?
    Clevinger or Moore or Lopez, I get. Giolito is not the answer.

  15. TJ

    I don’t want the Reds to make a move just to make a move. I’m hoping the Reds have what I would call a “white board” with a hierarchy of players they would like to obtain. They have their stats and metrics. They hopefully have an understanding of what our coaches can do to help these players perform better (see Lance Lynn) if and when we pick them up. I like Renfroe. I think he’s Adam Duvall light. Clevinger seems like a no brainier. Are these players clubhouse cancers or are they willing to listen to other coaching ( Apparently Syndergaard isn’t) .

    • J

      I would actually like to see them make a move just to make a move. It’s not as if picking up one of these players would cause any terrible hardship; they’re not going to cost very much and the Reds can certainly find someone to drop from the roster who won’t really be missed. Even if it didn’t make any significant improvement talent-wise, it would send a message that, yes, they actually do want to win, they’re willing to drop someone from the roster and pay a bit more to improve their chances, which I think all the fans, and probably a lot of the players, would appreciate right now.

    • David

      I think Syndegaard’s arm is shot, but he just can’t admit it.

  16. SR

    A question for all you savvy data searchers. What is the record for most players over 100 K’s in a season on an MLB team and for the Reds. The Reds have four players already over 110 k’s this year in Stephenson, McLain,Steer and EDLC. If India returns, he would likely be number 5 as he currently sits at 91. May be we can get Sadak and his stat guys on this one.

    • JB

      Not sure what the record is but Twins have 4 guys over 100 and a fifth at 91. I believe the Twins lead the league in K’s. Don’t quote me on that though. Either way , it’s to many K’s

    • David

      Does Adam Dunn count twice, as he had over 200 strikeouts one season? 😉

      Strikeouts can mean three things, to my limited understanding of ML baseball.
      1) You are an aggressive hitter and attacking the pitched ball. That’s not terrible. Most sluggers (home run hitters) strike out a lot. Ted Williams led the American League in strikeouts one year…at least. I think Dick Allen used to strike out a lot too.
      Tony Perez struck out a lot, as did Johnny Bench.

      2) You don’t have much bat speed and can’t catch up to a pitch. That’s pretty bad.

      3) You don’t know the strike zone. And that’s pretty bad, too.

      I don’t think McClain and Steer fall into (2) or (3). EDLC is still just 21, and he is overly aggressive and is still learning the ML strike zone. EDLC is tall (6’5″) and has a long swing. Tall guys usually strike out a lot, because of that long swing.

      • doofus

        Tony Perez strikeout 17.2%; Bench 14.2%. Bench only strikeout 100 times twice (102 and 108) in his 17 year career. These are extraordinary numbers compared to today’s players seemingly cork-screwing themselves into the ground 25 to 35% of PA’s.

  17. Redsgettingbetter

    I’m really afraid of the Reds (Krall) claiming no one

  18. LDS

    If they don’t make a claim, it will tell us a bunch about the front office and the plans for the future. If all of the obvious choices are taken before the Reds number comes up, that’s one thing. Otherwise, it could well be a boring offseason.

  19. redfanorbust

    Mutual option for Clevenger. Does that mean that both parties have to agree to have the option year kick in? Also can teams talk to the players or their agents before selecting them from waivers and find out if they would be willing to agree to the extra year? Clevenger would be a good get if they could lock him up for 2024 but otherwise I would get Matt Moore. A decent LH pitcher for the bullpen would be great news for our beleaguered bullpen. He is 4-1 with a 2.66 ERA.

    • J

      I find his contract situation very confusing, but I think being waived means his option was not picked up, which means the buyout kicks in and the contract is over at the end of the season. I keep reading he’s owed $12 million this year even though his salary is $8 million, which leads me to assume any team that takes him is agreeing to pay the buyout, which leads me to believe he’ll be a free agent at the end of the year. Of course the Reds might want to sign him, but they aren’t going to avoid paying this $4 million buyout for 2023. (I think.)

  20. David

    Matt Moore as a reliever and Mike Clevinger (32 years old) as a starter would seem like really good choices if the Reds get at them.
    Lopez seems like he has a lot of innings on him as a reliever (55) at this point.
    The Reds’ starting rotation is in trouble…and there are a couple of guys in the BP that are worn down from usage.

    Sept 1, I think the teams can expand their rosters to 28, with one position player and one pitcher.

  21. Redgoggles

    I’ve defended Krall at the deadline, under the presumption that the cost of losing farm pieces/depth was too high.

    He doesn’t have that excuse today……

    If he makes no moves, the ownership should be called out loudly…..especially after Krall has been on record saying the increased attendence has given them more financial flexibility.

    Getting Clevenger and Moore would be huge, and possibly one of the OF bats, depending on McClain, Votto, India’s expected returns…

  22. Jim Walker

    If MLBTR had the time right, the witching hour has come and gone. We could start hearing about waiver player awards any time.

  23. BuzzKutter

    News should be coming out soon. I believe the deadline was 1pm eastern.

  24. Jason Franklin

    Guys don’t get your hopes, even if the Reds attempt to make a claim, there are a ton of other teams that may also make claims who would then swipe it from the Reds.

    • BuzzKutter

      Marlins and maybe the Padres would all.

    • BuzzKutter

      And….please tell me that isn’t all.


  25. Jeff S.

    Guardians took Moore also! What the heck are they doing?

    • Jason Franklin

      I think they are trying to improve their chances.

  26. BuzzKutter

    Come on let the next name be Clevinger.

  27. MBS

    Clevenger? Is everyone afraid of the $5M?

      • J

        Please stop posting comments under the name “J.” That name has been taken. Aside from the confusion this is causing, you’re going to have a lot of enemies on this site, because I rub a lot of people the wrong way. How about “New J” or “Better J” or “J2”? All are available.

  28. TJ

    Happy for Renfroe. I asked for him and Clevinger. News still popping. Hopkins and Fairchild to AAA I have to assume

  29. TJ

    Surprised to Marlins didn’t take either outfielder before the Reds. The had an earlier opportunity and the need.

  30. AllTheHype

    Bader and Renfroe => Bell will have new handedness toys to play with.

    • Jason Franklin

      Have Bader face as many lefties as possible and if not, he can possibly play some late inning defense.

  31. Protime

    Will see if Krall has more cojones this time. If available, Giolito, Bader, Renfroe, Moore. Will see said the blind man.

  32. Jason Franklin

    So, the real question may be, who the heck is being sent to the 60 day IL? Or multiple whos.

    • Dan

      Fairchild or Hopkins back to AAA… BUT, rosters also expand by the time the Reds play again, so they actually can add 2 more guys! (I assume 1 will be a pitcher though…)

      • Rob

        Has to be guys off both the 40 and 26. Could be Fairchild and Senzel off the 26 but then would have to DFA them off the 40. More likely imo, would be Mancini and a designated 60 day IL guy like India. Lodolo, Guit., and Dunn are already on the 60 day IL and thus don’t qualify.

  33. old-school

    Guardians are 5 back of the Twins with a month to go. They have 0 chance to make the playoffs as a wildcard and 5% as the AL central champion. I guess they are going all in to catch the Twins. Makes sense as the Twins arent world beaters.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Hard to quantify the effect on the Guardians clubhouse, but you have to assume they’re gonna be super energized. Precisely the reset the Reds need.

  34. SultanofSwaff

    Acquiring Bader tells me Senzel is likely getting bumped to Louisville. Not surprising if it happens—Bader is the far better defender and in a 92AB sample size outhits lefties.

    A little more agnostic about Renfroe as he’s marginally better than Fairchild, but this late in the season you have to be looking for any incremental gains.

    Really really wished we could’ve picked up some pitching, but the Guardians spoiled those plans. A masterstroke on their part if you ask me.

  35. Protime

    Krall, how about some pitching now?

  36. Optimist

    No pitchers? Curious. Good for the offense though.

    • AllTheHype

      Cleveland picked first and claimed the best 3 pitchers.

    • Optimist

      True – and good for the tribe, but Leone and Carrasco would have been more like flyers, and is there word on Clevinger? Haven’t seen anything other than the interesting comment about negotiating the option rights for next season.

  37. AllTheHype

    Reds claimed Bader, Renfroe and surely put in a claim on Giolito and Moore but didn’t get them. So that’s at least four so far. No one can say they’re not trying.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Absolutely. That’s my take on the situation.

  38. RedBB

    Bader and Renfoe are better than nothing and based on that I think it was very likely they would have claimed Giolito and a receiver as the salaries of those 3 were roughly the same. Those 2 hitters definitely fill a spot…they can both hit LHP. Just checked their splits and they are well over .800 OPS. I think we likely see one of them platoon with Benson and or Martini. Guessing Senzel and Hopkins get sent down.

    If Clevinger goes unclaimed which I think he will hopefully they DFA him and we sign him.

    • RedBB

      Now bring up Antone and see what he can do as well….

  39. J

    Should we really be mad at the Guardians? They may have kept those pitchers from going to the Marlins.

    • RedBB

      Yes they suck and have a stupid name. Screw Cleveland!!

    • AllTheHype

      No and I am also glad the Reds were aggressive and didn’t just bank on one or two orthose pitchers being there and call it a day.

    • Rob

      How can you be mad at a team 5 games back saying they still have a chance? Love the aggression….just like the Cubbies did. Too, we don’t know if the Reds tried to add any pitchers at all. The rest of the day will give us a clue. Or maybe we will dumpster dive for Syndegard.

  40. MBS

    I didn’t realize how good Bader was vs LHP. He should be a nice addition to the club.

    • AllTheHype

      He’s not really that good vs LHP. See my post further up.

    • RedBB

      Renfoe is .871 career and Bader is .840 career (over 1.000 this year!)…not bad. They both better be in the lineup tomorrow. Reds face Wicks Friday who is a LHP

      LF Friedl
      CF Bader
      2B Steer
      DH Renfoe
      SS Elly
      1B CES
      C Stephenson
      RF Fairchild
      3B Marte

      I like Benson but he is hitting .438 OPS vs LHP this year.

      • RedBB

        Senzel at 3B is an option too but I think him and Hopkins get sent down, although I might send Marte down instead.

  41. docproc

    Warming to the idea of Renfroe. He has 19 HRs this year for the Angels–more than any Reds player has this season. He hit 29 HRs for the Brewers last year. Put that bat in GABP and we might get several September dingers.

    Still want Clevenger.

  42. LDS

    I’m guessing the Guardians expect to sign Golito if not all 3. At 11.5 GB, they aren’t winning a playoff spot this year. As for Renfroe and Bader? Something of a playoff push I guess. Both are likely rentals, i.e., the Reds won’t try to sign them, though neither is particularly old. But, they needed pitching more. Anyone seen the offsetting moves?

    • AllTheHype

      They’re 5 back, and they don’t have to sign anybody.

  43. AllTheHype

    Clevinger was not selected. Kinda surprised he made it past all contending teams.

    • Pete

      Bob needs to open up that wallet and let Nick go get him.

    • RedBB

      He was owed $6M which over a season is $36M..that’s why

      • Optimist

        True – but is there an answer to the possibility of negotiating the option for next season? If he is DFA’ed and becomes a FA, I suppose that makes him available to be bargained with – good for him if so, having the leverage into September.