The Cincinnati Reds picked up two players this afternoon, successfully claiming outfielders Harrison Bader and Hunter Renfroe on waivers according to Jeff Passan of ESPN. Renfroe was with the Los Angeles Angels and Bader had been with the New York Yankees. To make room for the two on the 40-man roster the Reds have designated outfielder Michael Siani and infielder Alejo Lopez for assignment.

Starting with Harrison Bader, the Reds are picking up an elite level defensive outfielder. When you look at his offensive number, though, you may be scratching your head. And that makes sense because in 84 games this year he’s hitting .240/.278/.365. That’s a tough sell as a good addition to a struggling offense.

But if you dive a little deeper you can see a fit beyond just a defensive replacement and pinch runner (he’s 17-for-19 in stolen bases this year and has plenty of speed). Bader has big splits at the plate this year. Most of playing time has been against right-handed pitching and he’s hitting .208/.243/.267 against righties this year. Against lefties this season he’s seen limited action – just 74 plate appearances – but he’s made them count. Bader is hitting .343/.392/.687 this season against lefties. Coming off of the bench to hit lefties or even to get starts against lefties seems like a good role for him.

Hunter Renfroe has been about a league average hitter this season. In 126 games he’s hit .242/.304/.434. That’s good for a 97 OPS+. He’s shown some good power this year in a pitcher friendly park in a division with several pitcher friendly parks. That power may play up in Cincinnati. Renfroe doesn’t really have big splits in terms of OPS – just a 20 point difference. But he has hit for a higher average (.264 to .235) against lefties. Most of his power, though, has come against right-handed pitching where his IsoP (SLG-AVG) is 207 points compared to just 142 against lefties.

Renfroe went into a big slump in August, posting a .590 OPS during the month. That dropped his season OPS from .772 down to .737. Unlike Bader, Renfroe isn’t exactly a good defender. He’s also not much of a baserunner, having stolen no bases this year and only has 14 of them in his 7-year career.

Cincinnati will pay the remaining salaries owed to both players this season. Both players will also be postseason eligible for the Reds should the team make it.

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  1. Woodrow

    Is Clevinger a free agent now? To be signed by the highest bidder before midnight tonight to be playoff eligible?

    • Krozley

      No, he just remains with the White Sox unless they want to release him. They might as well keep him given they are on the hook for all his salary and next year’s option.

      • RedBB

        Don’t they get some salary relief if someone picks him up at league minimum though?

      • AllTheHype

        Yes, RedBB. if Sox release him. But any team adding him will be doing so after the Aug 31 deadline, making him ineligible for post season.

      • Datdudejs

        They wouldn’t have to pay the 4 million buyout I don’t think if the release him and someone picks him up. If they release him and no one signs him then they are still on the hook for it I believe

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I think Cleveland blocked them. Cleveland claimed the three guys most people believed the Reds would target. Because Cleveland was ahead of Cincinnati in the claiming order, their claim took precedence. (I don’t know for sure that the Reds tried to claim the pitchers, but I am going to presume they did.)

      • jmb

        Cleveland did not claim Clevenger, no one did. Very strange that the Reds did not! He could easily be traded in the off-season if they didn’t want to pay him or buy himout.

      • JB

        JmB – nobody is touching him with domestic violence accusations against him.

  2. LDS

    I was hoping Doug would have the corresponding moves by now. Between these two guys and tomorrow’s roster expansion, the 40 could change quite a bit.

  3. Rut

    Not the dudes I wanted (pitching more of a desperate need), but appears the Guardians took almost all the most helpful options.

    So at least the Reds appear to be trying, more than what I had feared.

    • RedBB

      I agree. They definitely would have claimed Gioloto as his and Bader/Renfroe salaries are all about the same. Portends somewhat well for next year and what they will be willing to spend. Renfroe was making more actually than Giolito by $1.5M a year which is $250K prorated.

  4. Rob

    I would suggest the No pitching additions means the same thing it meant a month ago. Krall doesn’t see a need for starting pitchers. How many times does he need to say he is not worried about Abbott’s innings total? Yes, I am a little surprised. But just as surprised that another team didn’t put in a claim for Clevinger. Wow! He was there for the taking.

    • AllTheHype

      You’re obviously not familiar with the waiver process.

      • Rob

        Only 1 (Giolitto) of the 3 available starting pitchers went claimed. I understood that no team put in a claim for starting pitchers Carracci or Clevenger. So doesn’t that mean that the Reds had no interest in starting pitching outside of Giolitto? So either a half baked plan or no interest in starting pitchers. Giving Krall some credit here, I conclude no interest. What have I got wrong?

      • old-school

        Carrasco was awful and Clevinger had a lot of off-field issues and serious accusations that many teams may have wanted to stay clear from and out of the locker room.

      • AllTheHype

        @Rob, Reds clearly made AT LEAST 4 claims (it will all come out tomorrow), Renfroe, Bader, Giolito, & Moore. They quite possibly also claimed Lopez. That would be 5 if they were awarded all those claims. Carrasco was never going to be claimed by anyone. And apparently there must be off field or clubhouse issues with Clevinger in addition to his salary because no one else took the bait on that either, which is very telling that big boys – Dodgers, Braves, & Astros, in addition to Mariners, Cubs, Brewers, and Giants all passed.

        So don’t put this on the Reds FO that they “didn’t get the pitching”.

    • Chris

      It means all the worthwhile options were taken by other teams ahead of them in the waiver order. I’m sure the FO had claims in for some combination of Giolito, Lopez and Moore but Cleveland took all of em. It has nothing to do with whether or not they see a need.

      Clevinger is expensive for what would amount to be maybe 5 starts and an option for next year. I believe it would be something like a million bucks a start the remainder of the season…. absolutely not worth it.

  5. Roger Garrett

    Bader 29 and Renfroe is 31 which isn’t old.Doug gave us the stats on each and well why not bring them on for the last 25 games.Adding speed and defense in Bader and legit power in Renfroe.Both have been in the playoff hunt and should help.Krall may have got some pitchers as well if not for the Indians oops Guardians which I imagine took a lot of people by surprise.Whats not to like?

    • David

      Renfro could DH some days. We seem to be short on that issue with all the injuries.

      A little disappointed that they DFA’d Alejo Lopez, as he could certainly help the Reds right now, as they are short on middle infielders, and they won’t bring up Jose Barrero.

      Spencer Steer can certainly play 2nd base, but he’s not exactly a gazelle out there at 2nd.

      • Redgoggles

        I’m hoping this means they are optimistic on McClain returning. Senzel can play 2nd… can Newman, if he ever returns.

        I could be wrong but I think Lopez has already been DFA’d once before, so who knows, maybe he stays in the organization.

  6. Lid

    If Renfroe puts on the helmet with the face guard, he can pass for Trout. I do think Krall put in the claim for Moore and Giolito, but Guardians went for it. Reds should’ve done the Eury Perez-Marlins process for Abbott, so not sure how they treat him for the rest of the year. I guess it’s a lot of Lively and Kennedy now.

    • RedBB

      Yes basically. I suspect Antone gets added tomorrow as well. He’s scoreless inches last 7 putting even with a lower velocity.

  7. redfanorbust

    How did Cleveland get all those players?? I thought once a team selected a player they went to the bottom of the list to select anyone that might be remaining? Does that mean Reds passed on pitching? Makes no sense.

    • Doug Gray

      You do not move to the back of the line when you make a claim. In theory, the worst team could have claimed every single player and no other team would have been given a shot.

      • RedBB

        On the other hand it will be interesting to see who Cleveland removes from their 40 man. Could they DFA a pitcher that we could use?

      • J

        On an unrelated note… there is now a second person posting comments under the name “J.” That’s been my name for years. Are you powerless to stop this? If so, there’s going to be absolute chaos when I start posting under names like “Chris” and start saying things like “J is absolutely right! Bell is the worst manager!”

      • Chris

        J, I’ve been dealing with that too. I’ve posted as Chris for ages, but there is another Chris that posts now as well.

      • Redsvol

        Someone on RLN posted a couple days ago that a team went to the back of the line after making a claim. Clearly that wasn’t true otherwise the guardians would never have gotten all 3 pitchers.

        Would have been nice if guardians passed in one of them to see if Reds would have gotten a pitcher. Seems like guardians are way out of it – makes no sense for them to claim 3 pitchers, but hey it’s their right.

      • J

        This could get REALLY complicated if I also start posting as “Chris” and complimenting “J.” It could be like a wacky sitcom plot, or maybe like a Laurel and Hardy routine.

        Chris: Great point, J! You’re totally right!
        J: But I thought you disagreed with me?
        Chris: I do disagree with you!
        J: Then why’d you say great point?
        Chris: I didn’t!
        J: Yes you did.
        Chris: No I didn’t! I disagreed with you!
        J: That’s now what you said above. You agreed.
        J: Who are you talking to? I didn’t say anything to you.
        Chris: Great point, J!

      • Jim Walker

        Let’s hope somebody at MLB(.)com rewrites the glossary entry on waivers that gave rise to this back of the bus talk. It could have been more straightforward; but, a number of folks could also have been more competent readers. End of the double rant before I really get started 😉

      • greenmtred

        Whichever J you are today has an excellent sense of humor.

  8. RedBB

    Don’t forget what Bader did in the playoffs last year. Hit 5 HR’s with an OPS of almost 1.300. Career .904 OPS post season.

    • Ted Alfred

      That’s a nice little nugget. Maybe this guy could actually play well under the playoff chase pressure since that seems to be in short supply.

  9. Ken

    Let’s face it. The Reds are swooning as the dog days of August come to an end. They needed a facelift if the had any intention of competing for a playoff spot. I like Bader. The Yanks soured on him after a grievous error the other night. Renfroe is also a player who knows how to win. The Reds were too young and inexperienced to hang in the race, but now they have a puncher’s chance

    • Optimist

      These are marginal improvements, but given the Reds position marginal improvements could be huge. Nice to finally be in such a position in September.

  10. Eddiek957

    I’m predicting Fairchild and Siani get DFA’d

      • Jim Walker

        Santillan was DFA for Lopez who now has been DFA himself.

        Quiz tomorrow 😉

    • David

      With Siani gone, Fairchild is really the only legitimate backup centerfielder for Freidl.

      That may seem trivial to some, but if Freidl gets hurt some afternoon, the Reds would be in an awkward position, defensively. We also have a double header coming up tomorrow against the Cubs. Playing CF in a double header may really wear down Friedl for the day. Catchers usually don’t play both games of a DH, either.

      I am going to guess with Siani DFA’d, that Blake Dunn MIGHT get promoted to AAA Riverbats. Siani may accept a place on the Riverbats if he passes through waivers without anyone claiming him.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        They haven’t been the “riverbats” for twenty years.

      • Jim Walker

        Bader is a past Gold Glover at CF who might push Freidl for the Reds job if Freidl doesn’t break out of his offensive funk and Bader rediscovers his National League mojo from 2020-2021 in Cincy

      • Pete

        We need the TJ of second half 2022 and first half 2023:

        291/371/485 wRC+ = 130 in 435 PA’s

        Brantley commented on the telecast yesterday that he thought Friedl was trying to do too much. Trying to pull everything and obviously with an extreme upper cut. I really hate to see for his sake, and the team, play himself out of a regular job. We need the good TJ Friedl to come back to us. In many ways, he is the driver of this team from the leadoff spot when he is going well.

  11. DataDumpster

    Seems fine by me. We maybe have 10 OFs now but 3-4 of them could disappear with no measurable impact. I like that one of the guys is very good defensively in CF. Let both play as much as possible to see if gives the team a lift and evaluate for possible contract next year. Good deal for a roughly 3 mil spend. Looks like a DFA or two is in order.

  12. Michael Wilson

    Siani and Lopez designated for assignment

  13. docproc

    Cincinnati Reds
    The Reds today claimed OF Harrison Bader off waivers from the Yankees and OF Hunter Renfroe off waivers from the Angels. IF/OF Alejo Lopez and OF Michael Siani were designated for assignment.

  14. Protime

    Krall finally shows some cojones! Hopefully, Hopkins goes fast. Athis point he’s not a major league caliber player, he should have been sent down long ago. Freaking Cleveland!!!

    • AllTheHype

      I guess looking back it makes sense for Cleveland, 5 games back of a weak Twins team. It’s a shot in the arm for them.

      I was more worried about the Marlins who got nothing, although they might have claimed the same guys Cleveland did.

  15. Melvin

    Don’t understand about the Lopez thing. Seems like others to DFA would have been better.

    • Earmbrister

      We’ll miss Lopez’s lack of power and inability to get on base.

      The Reds need McClain back.

      • Jimbo44CN

        He’s batting 282 with 114 hits and a 390 OBP for louisville this year. Not quite an inability to get on base.

    • Eddiek957

      Guess my prediction was half right lol

    • Redsvol

      This is kind of like reporting the sun rose yesterday. I’m pretty sure we all knew Lodolo was done.

    • CI3J

      To the surprise of absolutely no one. He seems to have come back too soon and completely set himself back to square one.

      I hope he rests from now until at least January before he even looks at a baseball again. And even then, I might tell him to sit out Spring Training and maybe target a May return date.

      And over abundance of caution should be used. The last thing we want is yet another setback.

  16. LDS

    Lopez called up yesterday and DFA’d today, along with Siani

    • Jim Walker

      My guess is that being outrighted or released off the MLB active roster qualifies Lopez to receive the prorated full MLB salary for September versus the split minor league rate paid 40 man players on option. Makes a person wonder if his call up a day ahead of DFA wasn’t more about a separation bonus than a real call up.

  17. J

    It really seems to be the kiss of death to be called up to the majors with this team. It’s like the mafia taking one of their guys out to dinner and showing him a great time right before they off him. “We just wanted to do something nice for the poor guy on his last day on earth.”

    Do not understand the Lopez DFA at all. There are guys who could probably be transferred to the 60 day IL, and surely there are more expendable players on the roster. But whatever, I guess.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Lopez is not going to be a starter on this team moving forward, or even a bench piece. He has little to no power, and is an average defender. There are a lot of guys like him out there.

      • LDS

        Probably true, but why bother calling him up a day or so ago? The Reds FO is unfathomable sometimes

      • Doc

        A day or so ago the Reds didn’t know how the waiver situation was going to pan out.

      • J

        Agree with LDS. If he’s so useless, why was he on the active major league roster *yesterday*? And why did he play for the Reds the last couple years? If a guy is good enough to play for the Reds for three consecutive years, and was good enough to be on the team *yesterday*, it’s hard for me to accept the idea that he’s basically wasting space on the roster and it’s more important to keep, say, Casali.

      • Eddiek957

        The thing I liked about Lopez was he can hit left handed (albeit with little power)

      • Tampa Red

        Lopez is not a legit big leaguer. There was no guarantee that the Reds were going to either Bader or Renfroe and so calling him up when they did made perfect sense: they didn’t have anyone better at the time and now they do.

      • greenmtred

        Yes, it was, and nicely explains the Lopez situation. Which J posted it?

      • J

        It’s the real J. The J who’s been complaining about Bell for years. Maybe I’ll add “and Bell still stinks” to all of my posts so everyone will know it’s me.

      • West Larry

        Why don’t you just be j 1or J1? The other j isn’t as funny as you, but the j 1 would clarify the j uproar.

      • J

        There’s a principle at stake. I’ve been J for years, and suddenly I have to change my name to accommodate someone else? It’s inviting chaos. As George C. would say: “You know, we’re living in a society!”

  18. Tom Mitsoff

    Enquirer reporter just tweeted that Krall said they claimed other players too that they didn’t get, but wouldn’t name them. Count me as among the people convinced that they went for it. I was unaware that Clevinger has some personal baggage that may have turned off many teams. I didn’t see that he was claimed by anyone.

    • Redsvol

      @tom. I knew about the baggage but it wasn’t the worst I’ve heard. I still wish they would have gone after him. The problem is likely the 4$mm buyout we would have been on the hook for. But if he accepted his 12$m option for 2024 he would have been a good starter to have. Since his early season injury, he has been good since July 1st.

    • Tom Diesman

      Rosecrans reported in the Athletic as well that a source said, “The Reds put in additional claims on players who didn’t get to them… .”

    • RedBB

      I doubt that is why he wasn’t claimed. It’s the $6M he would have been owned. Over a full year that is $36M. MLB cleared him before the season started

    • Bob Purkey

      Evidently beyond his off-field and club house issues, he has a weird contract that would have cost a claiming team $5 million for one month’s work. . .If so, just not worth that kind of money in any market.

    • Eddiek957

      I think the four million dollars by out for 2024 has more to do with it

  19. RedBB

    Both Lopez and Siani can be claimed by another team now right?

    • Jim Walker

      I doubt they are on waivers just yet but; since neither is tradable until the end of the season, waivers do seem inevitable.

      If they clear waivers, they will be either outrighted off the 40 man roster to the Reds minor league system or released. Lopez has been previously outrighted and would have the right to decline the outright assignment and become an immediate free agent; but, that would forfeit his remaining 2023 salary. If they are released, the Reds owe them the remaining salary on their 2023 MLB contract.

  20. Doug Gray

    And the site is back up and running.

    Of course it would go down for the one hour I was not at the house in the last two months….

    • RedsMonk65

      Ah, tried to escape, did we? That’ll learn ya. 😉

    • David

      Doug, just don’t leave the house ….ever again!!! 😉

      • Doug Gray

        A family member was in need of assistance. Lesson learned – NEVER help anyone.

  21. AMDG

    I suppose this is what they mean by “subtraction by addition”?

    Bader has a lower OPS+ than Senzel.

    Seems if they wanted a middle-age outfielder who couldn’t hit well, they could have just brought Senzel back?

    • AllTheHype

      Career against LHP: Bader .841 OPS, Senzel .749 OPS
      Career OF defense: Bader +53 DRS, Senzel -24 DRS

      Hope that explains it.

    • Pete

      Nick Senzel is not much of an outfielder. Last time I looked Bader is a plus plus centerfielder. Also, Nick is not really a very good base runner whereas I believe Bader is. Looks like Nick is going to stay on the roster for now anyway.

      These moves do not guarantee moving the needle much, but it certainly has a chance. The other factor is with so many Reds fans upset with the lack of moves at the trade deadline, I think this was at least good for publicity if nothing else.

      • Jim Walker

        Lopez was DFA off the active roster which covers one of the newcomers. The other could take the additional September position player spot or the Reds could option or DFA another player from the current active MLB roster.

        I’ve seen rumors today that Fraley may be activated Friday. If that happens, between Fraley and the 2 new guys, a move will be required to accommodate all 3 on the MLB active roster.

      • Rob

        Depending on Newmans return, isn’t Nick currently our backup 2B guy? That keeps him around.

    • AMDG

      i think that was supposed to say “they could have just brought MYERS back?”

  22. Soto

    I think the Reds might have to think about trying Lodolo in the pen next year. So far, his body hasn’t been able to take the grind of being in the starting rotation. A solid left hand arm in the pen is a pretty valuable commodity.

      • Soto

        Well, they definitely need to do something different to keep him on the field. The plan so far has not worked. The Reds starting pitching in general doesn’t seem to stay healthy.

    • Mario

      Some guys just can’t stay healthy. It seems Lodolo has missed significant time 3 years in a row. Not sure the medical staff is to blame for “rushing him back” like some fans are suggesting.

      • Harry Stoner

        Imagine the conversation at the doctor’s office.

        Lodolo: “Perhaps I rushed it a little bit, I was anxious to get back to the team, doc, maybe my leg wasn’t fully healed from the injury yet.”

        Doctor: “No, that’s not it, Mr. Lodolo. Some folks, like you, just can’t stay healthy.”

  23. AllTheHype

    According to article on The Athletic, the Reds put in claims for all 3 pitchers that the Guardians were awarded. So Reds were willing to claim 5 in all.

    • Redsvol

      That would have been so cool if they had gotten all 5! There would have been some sad fringe Red players looking for jobs though.

    • Rob

      Good enough for me. The question now is where is the starting pitching help coming from? We seriously are not going to roll with Kennedy or Richardson are we? And I assume this also means Abbott is going to continue to start every fifth day.

  24. Indy Red Man

    Why not? Renfroe has a .876 career ops vs lefties and career .921 in Gabp. Bader has a career .841 vs lhp and .929 at Gabp. Now if we can just find a bunch of opponents that throw meatballs like our guys

    • Eddiek957

      They won’t be hitting Reds pitching.

  25. Frankie Tomatoes

    Would have liked to see a pitcher make their way to the Reds but they can’t do much about it if someone else ahead of them made a claim. Hopefully they can find good uses for two more outfielders.

    • Jim Walker

      There will be some players DFA to cover spots claimed players filled. Maybe that will bring an arm the Reds way. Also, there may be former MLB guys playing on MiLB contracts who get released to chase MLB assignments.

      Players coming on board to the organization on Sept 1 and later would not be postseason eligible; but, they could play a key role in getting the Reds (or another team) into the postseason.

  26. Roger Garrett

    @ Doug nope family is always more important.You did the right thing.

    • Doug Gray

      Oh for sure. I was merely making a little joke.

  27. DW

    Pondering these moves and seeing how they can help. Looking at the schedule:
    CHC 4 Games (3 LHP Starters)
    SEA 3 (0)
    STL 6 (3)
    DET 3 (2)
    NYM 3 (2)
    MIN 3 (1)
    PIT 3 (1)
    CLE 3 (1)
    That does not mean they will face all those lefties, of course, but there is the potential to face quite a few. The Reds have obviously struggled against LHP this season. Hopefully, Bader and Renfroe can help. The more I think about these two additions, the more I like them. Especially, Bader’s speed, defense, base running, and hitting vs LHP, and Renfroe’s power, experience, and hitting vs LHP. At the very least, these are upgrades over Senzel, Hopkins, and Siani, in my opinion.

    • Indy Red Man

      2 with Cleveland. I agree with you. My boy Stuey gets on base a little better vs lefties, but he doesn’t really hit consistently

    • Soto

      Me too. I think these two might help them.

    • AllTheHype

      Just commenting on that schedule in general, one team (Twins) with a winning record in the last 6 series. And that team is only .515.

      • Optimist

        Ummm – Seattle is blazing – best record in August (?), 2nd best since the ASG? Worse, they have a very deep and effective bullpen. They’re due to falter, but unlikely the Reds can win with a balk-off or similar nonsense.

      • Optimist

        Yes – not the last 6 series, but cannot drop 3 in a row at home before that.

    • RedAlert

      Just thinking back about Bader’s time with the Cardinals , he completely wore out Reds pitching I believe …couldn’t get the guy out

    • Protime

      DW, Agree with you 100%. I’ll take Bader and Renfroe any day over Senzel, Hopkins and Siani. I’m glad to see Krall take action.

  28. JB

    Brewers sign Donaldson to a minor league contract. Man that dude is a cancer and he did not make out in New York. We will see where that goes for the Brewers but don’t really think they need that attitude in the dugout. Jmo

  29. Tim

    2 real MLB players replaced 2MILB level players on the Reds. Roster today. That’s a good thing.

    • AllTheHype

      Yes, it is. And 1 of those 2 has more HRs than any Reds player in a division mostly full of pitcher’s parks. Can’t not like that.

  30. old-school

    Reds improved their roster today.
    What Red leads the team in Home runs? That would be Hunter Renfro. What player on the Reds is a gold glove CF? Harrison Bader.

    Renfro is a professional hitter and some of these lineups the last 2 weeks against lefties have been embarrassing. Bader gives you an elite defensive CF to platoon with Friedl…We all love Freidl but he has cratered the last 2 months against lefties.

    Wittenmyer is reporting Fraley more likely than not being activated tomorrow and I suppose with his toe injury, he will be the primary DH against righties and rest against lefties. That leaves an OF of Benson, Friedl, and Renfro against righties and Renfro/Bader/and Fairchild against lefties. Senzel moves to 3b/2b backup and utility and Steer mostly 2b and DH against lefties. Should see an everyday infield of marte 3b, Elly SS, Steer 2b, CES 1b with Fraley DH against righties with Martini as another lefty bat in the OF or DH.

    Kudos to the Guardians and Reds. They made big moves. Sorry the Guardians ruined the Reds pitching move, but Twins gotta be shaking in their boots recalculating things.

    • Mario

      Twins shaking in their boots. Lol. Giolito really struggled with the Angels. Unless he has a massive turnaround in September, his addition is more of a subtraction. I don’t think 2 decent relief pitchers helps them make up 5 games in the standings.

      • old-school

        Giolito was the #1 FA trade piece by everyone. He also has $100 million reasons to be good the rest of the season. We shall see.

      • Mario

        Well that is a good motivation but not sure he wasn’t motivated in Anaheim. I don’t think the Twins play them again so if they play .500 ball the rest of the season, Cleveland would have to play out of its mind to catch them.

  31. old-school

    Cubs starting a rookie lefty tomorrow game 1. Ive never picked a bell line up correct, but Im going to eventually. Game 1 of DH so everyone plays tomorrow planning 2 games.

    1. Bader CF
    2. Steer DH
    3. Cruz SS
    4. Renfro RF
    5. CES 1b
    6.Stephenson C
    7. Senzel 2b
    8. Marte 3b
    9. Fairchild LF

    Steer plays 2b the second game and Bell always has a wildcard no one can predict. Senzel 2b is my wildcard. Maile catches the nightcap so Stephenson is ready for Saturday 640 start.

    • BZ

      I think you probably have to factor Fraley at DH here. So it should likely bump Fairchild out of the lineup with Steer/Senzel manning 2B/LF in some way.

    • RedBB

      Fairchild over Marte. Senzel 3B, Renfro will DH, Steer 2B. OF of Fairchild, Friedl and Bader is elite…

      • BZ

        Fairchild should be, at most, the 5th OFer who plays sparingly. When everyone is healthy, he should be in AAA.

    • AllTheHype

      @old – seems reasonable for game 1, but going forward I’d bet Reds try to DH Renfro and only play him in OF as last resort. Today probably makes sense in game 1 to give Steer a break in field and DH Renfro game 2.

      I bet Reds’ bench coaches can’t guess Bell’s lineups either.

    • old-school

      So So So close. Overthunk Senzel.

  32. RedlegScott

    @Doug – The site went down while I was posting my most significant comment EVER. And now, I’ve forgotten what it was. Thanks for taking care of your family, Doug. Geez.

    • Jim Walker

      That will teach you to write your comments in an editor and post them in. 😉 Just kidding of course because every time there is a burp which drops one of my comments, I tell myself to do this and follow thru for all of a day or two then fall back to previous behavior.

  33. Jeremiah

    I like the Bader signing as I believe I heard he’s played on 4 playoff teams, maybe the last 4 years? So he will not be intimidated, played in New York, from Manhattan. Maybe provides a little fire they could use. He’s also playing for a contract somewhat as well for someone for next year. I wonder if he’s healthy though?

    Renfro kind of reminds me of Wil Meyers, I don’t think as excited for him. Will be interesting to see if these guys have a real effect on the offense.

    The Reds roster has changed so much throughout the year, I wonder what the chemistry is like in the clubhouse. I feel a bit for guys like Siani, Lopez, even Hopkins. The big leagues is pretty tough, all about winning obviously, although it seems a bit cold-hearted at times. Bring a guy up, get him all excited, designate him for assignment…I always felt like Lopez never got a fair shake overall. Not a fan of Senzel, but I think him being able to play 2B, 3B and outfield probably kept him on the team.

    Fraley coming back I think is a wild card. I heard he’s not going to play outfield until he can run better…doesn’t he have to run the bases lol? I’m worried he’ll get reinjured. If he could hit and stay healthy it’d be a huge boost. I like the energy he and potentially Bader can bring.

    Reds and Indians will be an interesting kind of experiment to see if signing all these waiver guys at the Sept 1 deadline works out. The reason they both were able to do it is because they’re both not too great let’s be honest. But I think it’s kind of fun. Cubs, Giants, Brewers, Dbacks would have taken a few of those guys too. I feel like this was the real trade deadline for the Reds getting these two outfielders.

    I’ll be surprised if the Reds split the series with the Cubs. I’m thinking Cubs win 3 of 4. But I think Bader, Renfro definitely gives a little boost, or as someone else said it looks like the Reds are trying, not giving up at least to the fans. That 6th spot is totally up for grabs. I think the Giants have some real good talent too like the Reds. So someone, who knows maybe even the Marlins, will play well for a week or two at some point and take the 6th spot.

    • Melvin

      “I like the Bader signing as I believe I heard he’s played on 4 playoff teams, maybe the last 4 years?”

      I wander if he will try to use his influence to get rid of the Viking Helmet thing? This team does need discipline one way or another.

      • Jeremiah

        Overall I think the homerun celebrations around the league are kind of fun. But it seems there should be some team rule, like if you’re down more than 3 runs you don’t do the home run picture/pose with props! I think I saw Tyler Stephenson pose with the viking helmet after a HR when they were down like 8-3 or something. I was embarrassed for him cus I don’t think he would have done that on his own.

      • greenmtred

        The best plan, Melvin, would be for you to stop wearing your Viking gear after Reds homers. Since it bothers you, you shouldn’t
        feel obligated to do it.

    • RedBB

      Renfroe comparison to Myers Might be fair prior to this year. But this year Renfroe automatically becomes the Red’s leader in HR. Myers on the other hand is nowhere to be found as teams realize he is done. Renfroe’s OPS+ this year of 97 might not be great but it’s more than double of Myers at 45. Renfroe is also just coming off a 3 for 4 night with a double and HR in his last game with the Angels.

  34. Tim

    How about a celebration for no Ks in a game? Sacrifice fly? Successful bunt?

  35. LarkinPhillips

    So far this second half every time a series has been big, the Reds have flopped. I don’t have much different expectations for this series than the outcomes of the brewers series after the break, the cubs series last time, the diamondbacks series, or the giants series. Hopefully they prove me wrong, but I doubt we win more than 1 of 3 and this week will be the end of our playoff hopes. 1-3 cubs

    • Redgoggles

      They are toying with our emotions, lol. The reality is they are simply a .500 team that had an incredible run. They just need another run for the priviledge of playing that extra game, which would be icing on the cake this year.

      It’s not looking likely, but the pickups yesterday seem to help the odds. Kudos to GM and yes, even the ownership.

  36. Michael B. Green

    Joining the party late here. The pick-ups mean that Bell will platoon like crazy now. With the loss of McLain and the light hitting of late, these pickups certainly do not hurt. Wish we would have snagged pitching at the Deadline and I understand we tried with the waiver claims, but our glaring hole is the bullpen and the overall approach to pitching that leads to way too many walks.

  37. RedsMonk65

    Transactions announced this morning — most not a surprise. At least one is:

    09/01/23 Cincinnati Reds activated CF Harrison Bader.
    09/01/23 Cincinnati Reds activated CF Jake Fraley from the 10-day injured list.
    09/01/23 Cincinnati Reds placed RHP Hunter Greene on the 10-day injured list retroactive to August 31, 2023.
    09/01/23 Cincinnati Reds recalled RHP Brett Kennedy from Louisville Bats.

    • J

      I just saw Greene went to the “Covid list.”

    • old-school

      I read Greene was ill after his start and was separated/quarantined from the team.

  38. Mark Moore

    Line-up is posted for the first game. Friedl and Benson getting a rest with the LHP on the bump for the Stupid Cubs. Bader leading off and playing CF.

    We shall see …

    • Pete

      Game #1 Lineup:

      Bader – cf
      Steer – 2b
      De La Cruz – ss
      Renfroe – rf
      CES – 1b
      Senzel – 3b
      Stephenson – c
      Marte – dh
      Fairchild – lf

      • Randy in Chatt

        OS, you almost nailed it!!!

    • TR

      A rekindling of the June excitement is on the way for the last month of the regular season.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      At first I was meh about picking up Bader and Renfroe, but upon further consideration, they need all the pop they can get against lefties, so they make sense. It will be interesting to see what kind of crowd they have for the first game, since it is a make-up game. It’s probably going to be a strict matchup platoon in the outfield the rest of the way. And that’s cool, because it needs to be. This kind of game and weekend is what we’ve missed for quite awhile. I think in the back of our minds, we’re all preparing ourselves to some extent for them to let things slip away … again. It would be huge in so many different ways if they could take three of four this weekend. The wife and I are traveling, but I will listen and watch when I can!

  39. West Larry

    The reds need to take two of four against the cubs. Three out of four would be awesome!

  40. Votto4life

    Reading between the lines (or just reading the lines) it doesn’t sound like Bader is thrilled to leave New York. He is from there so it’s understandable.

    It will be a short marriage.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I don’t expect either of them back, unless there is some magical run that one of them is a key component of.

      • Votto4life

        They have to be better than Asdrúbal Cabrera right?

      • Jim Walker

        Agree Tom. Especially when these additions are strictly cash and carry deals, I do not have any concern at all about where either of them are after 2023. These guys are rentals pure and simple and did not even cost a security deposit or first month’s rent up front.

    • Jeremiah

      Yes he did say he would like to play in New York again. But I thought he said it in a respectful way when I watched the video. He grew up I believe in Manhattan. It was his dream to play for the Yankees, so it didn’t sound like a slight against coming to Cincy. I think he realizes he wasn’t good enough, but I think he sounds like a guy that is going to give it everything he has no matter where he plays. I’m kind of excited to see how he plays for the Reds even in a short span. If healthy I think he can help them.

  41. BuzzKutter

    I am excited to see what these guys can do. They should be playing for their next contract so I would think they will be dialed in.