After nearly being no-hit last night in a 6-1 loss, the Cincinnati Reds will look to try and salvage one game in their 3-game series in San Francisco this afternoon to end their west coast road trip. First pitch this afternoon is set for 3:45pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

San Francisco Giants

TJ Friedl – CF LaMonte Wade Jr. – 1B
Spencer Steer – 2B Thairo Estrada – 2B
Elly De La Cruz – SS Wilmer Flores -DH
Nick Martini – DH Joc Pederson – LF
Christian Encarnacion-Strand – 1B Patrick Bailey – C
Nick Senzel – LF Mike Yastrzemski – RF
Will Benson – RF Paul DeJong – SS
Noelvi Marte – 3B Wade Meckler – CF
Luke Maile – C Casey Schmitt – 3B
Hunter Greene – RHP Logan Webb – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 80.0 5.06 1.53 39 108
Logan Webb 174.1 3.51 1.10 27 163
Links: Hunter Greene’s’s Stats | Logan Webb’s Stats

Hunter Greene

Since returning from the injured list Hunter Greene has made two starts and they’ve both been games in which he has struggled. The Reds need him to step up and get back to the guy he was prior to his hip injury costing him two months on the injured list.

Right-handed hitters have plenty of success against Greene. They hit for average, they walk at a solid clip, and they hit for a ton of power. It’s lefties that have some struggles against Greene. They don’t hit for much average, but they do walk at a good rate against him. Righties are also hitting for a solid amount of power against him.


RHH 194 52 17 2 9 17 51 .297 .366 .571
LHH 169 31 8 2 5 22 57 .215 .325 .403

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change
Velo 98.9 88.2 91.8
Usage 56% 39% 6%

Logan Webb

Like Greene, Webb has struggled the last two times out – both games against Atlanta, but he had been quite good in the few starts prior to that. Cincinnati faced him six weeks ago and he threw seven innings of 2-run ball (both runs were on solo homers).

Also like his counterpart today, Webb has reverse splits. Left-handed hitters don’t hit for average, barely ever walk, and they don’t hit for any power. Right-handed hitters have a solid average against him. They aren’t walking all that much, and while they do hit for more power than lefties, they aren’t hitting for much of it.


RHH 331 83 13 2 11 15 75 .267 .305 .428
LHH 360 81 15 2 8 12 88 .234 .264 .358

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Slider Change
Velo 92.8 92.3 84.2 87.6
Usage 3% 36% 21% 40%

When and Where

  • Game time: 3:45pm ET
  • Where: Oracle Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 76°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

The Angels put half of their team on waivers

Ok, it wasn’t quite half of their team but the Angels put a bunch of players on waivers with the hopes of simply getting some salary relief. They’ve put Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, Randal Grichuk, Hunter Renfroe, Matt Moore, and Dominic Leone out there for the claiming. There’s no trading involved here – the first team to claim any or all of the players gets them simply for taking on their contract. The order for claims is based on the record of teams around the league when the players were put on waivers. We will find out what happens on Thursday when claims are processed. Other players around the league were also put on waivers, but the Angels made the news because of the sheer number of guys they put out there.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Brewers 74 58 0.0 97.7%
Cubs 70 62 4.0 69.5%
Reds 68 66 7.0 10.7%
Pirates 60 73 14.5 0.0%
Cardinals 57 76 17.5 0.0%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

231 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Hoping we catch a break and Hunter can mix it up a bit more today while keeping it in the yard.

    Let’s wrap this WC trip and get back to the “friendlier confines” of GABP. And let’s hope the planes run on time.

  2. Mark A Verticchio

    OK here is a great example of how bad Bell is, If Lopez is available why wouldn’t you give him a shot today over Marte, who looks lost at the plate.I know he is not alone but at least the others have a track record of success at this level, small as it may be. Marte has done almost nothing with the bat, at least Lopez would have a shot at making much needed contact. Last thing as far as the waiver wire goes unless you are picking up someone that will be here in 24 it would be a case of to little to late.

    • wkuchad

      This is a great example of how bad the criticisms of Bell have become. Marte is the Reds #1 prospect. He needs to play or be sent back down to AAA.

      He does not need to sit on the bench for Lopez.

      • West Larry

        Bell deserves most of the criticism he receives. Many poor decisions on bull pen use, on line up construction, for his “we’re not changing anything” after a horrible second half of August, and he must take some of the blame for the batters swinging at everything.

      • LarkinPhillips

        I normally fall on the opposite line of wkuchad. But he is right here, Marte is a top prospect who if he is up, should play. If not, send him back down to keep getting game reps. I would argue that if you want Lopez in the lineup, Senzel should sit, Steer in Left and Lopez at 2nd would be more logical than benching Marte.

        Also, Bell deserves 95% of the criticism he gets. He is a terrible in game manager and terrible at managing for the bigger picture of a season.


        He shouldn’t have been called up to begin with, he isn’t ready yet! Bell is awful in tons of ways. Look at his track record if you are brave enough. Marte should be playing in AAA, being in the lineup everyday. I’m the RLN poster that being saying these talented players should work on their weaknesses to become MLB caliber players because they aren’t going to be taught anything by David Bell. IMO.. Guess yours is that David Bell is a great manager. So be it!!! We all love the Reds and want the best for them. Go Reds!

      • J

        Let’s put Marte aside for a moment. Are you telling me there’s nobody in this lineup who ought to be taking a day off in favor of a guy who actually makes pretty good contact? Senzel, for example? CES? Elly? Bell is so fond of giving people days off when they’re in the middle of hitting streaks, but with so many guys struggling to just make contact, wouldn’t this be the right time to let one of those guys start on the bench and give Lopez a shot?

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        You guys are nuts!

        Let’s start with the Bell and the bullpen usage stuff. The Reds pitch half of their games in GABP and the bullpen ERA is 3.97. If that’s poor bullpen management, especially when we consider some of the bullpen guys he has had to use, then I want to see what good bullpen usage is. Bell isn’t perfect but come on people.

        Then there is the he must take criticism for the hitters swinging at everything. First thing is that he’s not the hitting coach. That’s not really his job. But even if it was his job, he should be praised for it. The Cincinnati Red chase pitches out of the zone less than all but three teams in Major League Baseball according to Statcast data (available at Fangraphs).

        As for Bell’s track record: He has more winning seasons than losing seasons as the Reds manager if we count this season as a winning one. 2022 was very bad but he also saw his front office move anything and everything humanly possible off of his team. This year he was supposed to be managing a team that was going to lose 90+ games again and the team has already won more games as of August 29th than Vegas had set for the over/under on the year.

        Again – David Bell isn’t perfect, but some of you commenters here act like he’s the dumbest and worst manager that’s ever existed and the team were sitting at 45 wins today instead of having a winning record with a team that’s used multiple pitchers who were in the Atlantic League in MAY this season.

      • Justin T

        The criticism of that man’s baseball managing abilities is never too much. Its like watching a deer stuck in headlights for almost 5 years. The same mistakes over and over, its absolutely amazing how he does not mange to even accidentally get better.

    • Melvin

      At the rate of Ks we’ve been having you would think David Bell would find a spot SOMEWHERE in the lineup today for a contact hitter like Lopez.

  3. Rick

    Sadak called Hunter the Reds ace. That currently belongs to Ashcraft.

    • Doc

      Agreed. Hunter is the Reds current Weaver.

      • Rick

        Yes he is. He needs to show what his tools are capable of. Him & Elly were touted as having high bb it’s. The both of them need to prove it.

    • Chris

      He is the Reds ace, but he’s just not performing as the ace. His contract clearly says he is.

      • Melvin

        The Reds “ace” is fluid. No too long ago it was Abbott.

  4. Rick

    Hunter needs to bring it today. He really needs to incorporate a good changeup. He’s had enough professional time to have one by now.

    • SR

      Or the Fernando Cruz splitter. If you don’t have at least one pitch that changes the plane up and down with less velocity, you aren’t going to make it in the big leagues.

  5. IndyDoug

    I believe the waiver order is set after today’s games.

    • Jim Walker

      Think you are correct since awards have to be made tomorrow afternoon

  6. LarkinPhillips

    If at this point in the season you were told Hunter Greene had 2 wins and Lodolo had 2 wins, all of us would have been more likely to buy ocean front property in Arizona than believe the Reds had 68 wins and were in the wild card race. This stretch lately has been rough to watch, but it is much better than where we were last year at this point.

  7. Kevin H

    Bell doesn’t deserve the bashing he gets on here. I mean a pitcher could throw a no hitter and someone would say Bell shouldn’t of left him in that long.

    Sure I question his bullpen usages, however I don’t have all the information. Two people I have talked too say the manager rarely has any influence on the outcome of the game. I trust their judgment.

    • Randoxu1

      He deserves all the bashing he gets. Yeah the manager has a lot of say in what happens in a game. He just happens to insert himself in the game when he doesn’t need to. No sense of urgency and no one is held accountable, that is on the manager.

    • Mark Moore

      I’d disagree on the principle that with an extremely young team such as we have, the manager and his appointed coaches have tremendous impact on how said young players approach the game. The plate discipline (or lack of it), choice to try and overpower rather than induce softer contact, etc. all start with the philosophy of the Field Manager.

      It’s more than just the batting order or bullpen usage (which I know many have questioned). We just don’t see the results or passion that a young team needs. But we do have 3 more years of him thanks to the nepotism and legacy principles.

      • Chris

        So Mark, if this team shows no passion now, and it’s Bell’s fault, why weren’t you touting Bell in June when this team showed all the passion in the world? And despite what you just said, this team has excellent plate discipline, unfortunately they still swing and miss on a lot of pitches in the zone, and they get wrung up on called “ball” strikes more than one can imagine.

      • Mark Moore

        Chris – I said HDTBell doesn’t show any passion. And I did give him props during the winning streak. You could look that up.

        And to claim this team has shown plate discipline consistently is pretty laughable. It may come in spurts and some of the guys do (like Steer and Benson), but the book on how to get the young guys out per Corbin Burnes still stands. That lack of change lies squarely on the coaching staff.

    • J

      It’s just weird to me when people seem to be under the bizarre impression that managers aren’t able to tell their players when to take a pitch, as if these decisions are always left to the hitter and/or the hitting coach. For as long as I’ve been alive, managers have been telling hitters to take certain pitches with what is called a “take” sign. (They even have a name for it!) The fact that Reds hitters will swing at almost anything, in almost any situation, is not just random bad luck that Bell happens to have stumbled into. Senzel can’t hit right-handed pitching, and yet he’s hacking at a 2-0 pitch as if he’s likely to hit it out of the park. Why? Why not see if you can draw a walk? At least make him throw ONE strike before you ground to third base.

      • Kevin H

        I agree with you J. I have seen other teams swing randomly as well. My question would be do we know if the take sign is even a thing in today’s baseball?

      • Chris

        That’s just not true. This isn’t little league. It’s extremely rare that a manager on a MLB team is giving take signs in counts that aren’t 3 and 0. But please, if you have proof feel free to show me where I’m wrong.

    • Chris

      Not sure that’s the case. I’m not sure Bell has ever been accused of leaving a starter in too long. Last night, all I could think of is that one of our pitchers would never have been given the chance that Cobb got.

    • Justin T

      We all watch David Bell manage our favorite baseball team. We know how bad he is so stop w the passive aggressive defense of the man. He is the worst manager this franchise has ever employed and that includes Vern Rapp. He IS that bad. Does it mean we will lose every game? No, of course not.

      Do a little homework, look up David Bell’s managing record in the month of August and September and then get back to me. Its ugly. He is not good at one single thing. He just makes a lineup and watches the game before deciding to inject a little David Bell into the situation which fails 8 times out of 10. Stop telling fans to stop criticizing him, he deserves every ounce of it. I see it w my own eyes.

  8. Moon

    And once again, three up and three down in the first. Just like clockwork…

  9. RedsGettingBetter

    Well, Reds retired in order as usual in the first inning. Pitches in the middle of the zone for groundouts to 2b, 3b, SS… Not good to start…

  10. Moon

    Reds have one hit in the last 11 innings.

  11. Mark Moore

    Nice play by Friedl. That’s at least one of the monkeys off HG’s back. And minimal pitches as well.

  12. West Larry

    Eight pitches and three outs? I’ll take that Hunter, Keep it in the park.

  13. old-school

    Robo umps please.
    benson K was 2 inches low.

    • Mark Moore

      At minimum the challenge system. I’m thinking that would have to force the Chumpires a little closer to consistency as they would be held accountable within the confines of a game.

    • Chris

      …And now Marte is wrung up on an outside pitch. Gotta have challenge in MLB next year. I’m so sick of this crap.

  14. Mark A Verticchio

    I will admit they are hitting like crap, but the umps are doing them no favors. The 3rd strike on Benson was way low.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. And one feeds the other. Bizzarro Zone will induce more bizzarro swings every time. Especially with the young team we have.

  15. RedsGettingBetter

    IDK what fu.. is happening but the umps are calling pitches constantly against the Reds… The same pitches in the low zone were strikes called for Webb and balls for Greene…Unbelievable

    • Jim Walker

      Right or wrong it is as old as the game itself that hitters who do not respect the strike zone do not get much respect from the umps. Same with pitchers.

      • West Larry

        Absolutely correct. If you are a pitcher, you must throw a lot of strikes if you want the call. The batter must show that he doesn;t swing wildly to get the calls, It seems like it’s always been that way.

      • Daytonnati

        Wasn’t there an old story that Joe Garagiola said he once protested a pitch to Ted Williams that should have been a strike and the umpire replied, “Young man, Mr. Williams will let you know when it is a strikes.”

        Funny, if true.

  16. old-school

    Hunter Greene looks much much better.

    He is the future ace if this franchise goes right. Hes certainly not now but there’s a month still left to right the ship. Hope he does.

  17. Mark Moore

    Took a little more effort, but that’s 2 innings under Greene’s belt with nobody scoring on him. If we get to 3 innings, that’s a trend, right?

  18. Mark Moore

    Only 2 K’s through the line-up for the first time. And Benson got completely hosed on his K.

  19. Jim Walker

    That PA by Yastrzemski was reaching the point when back in the day, Gibson or Drysdale would have put the guy on his backside for ball 4 just to put some fear into the other side. Maybe Greene might consider doing the same from time to time.

  20. Mark A Verticchio

    Freidl is really not doing his job as a lead off hitter.

    • old-school

      I like Freidl but hes had a tough 2 months. Hes probably not their leadoff hitter or 2 hole hitter. Probably a nice part of a 5 man OF rotation as a CF and scrappy lefty hitter at #8.

      • J

        He can only hit #8 when he leads the team in OPS. Until then, he’s a leadoff hitter.

      • Jim Walker

        Agree. Friedl is a bridge player. Benson is the only OF guy on the Reds with a possible chance of being more than a place holder.

  21. Moon

    Reds one base runner in first three innings. 2 hits in last 13 innings. Guys, these San Francisco pitchers are just not that good…this is just sad.

  22. J

    Friedl is just refusing to take advantage of the third baseman playing in. I can’t remember the last time he hit a ball hard to left field, or even looked vaguely interested in trying. He seems to have basically lost interest in getting on base unless it’s by pulling the ball.

  23. LT

    Nothings else loose. Let’s play loose and go down swinging. Stop looking at 3rd strikes.

  24. J

    Martini should be this team’s hitting coach.

  25. dimondfvr

    EDC is just terrible at the plate! Swinging at balls out of the zone, and watching balls over the plate with his bat on his shoulder!

    • West Larry

      What? Today he has a single and a double in two at bats. Sarcasm?

  26. J

    Reds have had two consecutive good at-bats! That’s big news.

    • J

      And then comes Senzel, who can’t hit right-handed pitching, but is mysteriously in the starting lineup anyway. Result was predictable.

  27. Harry Stoner

    Very good AB for CES. Promise of better things ahead.

    • Jim Walker

      Took the words right off my keyboard 😉

  28. Jim Walker

    That was a big PA for CES even if Martini did not come all the way around.

    CES 2/2 and looking much better today.

  29. Mark Moore

    Audio is almost a pitch ahead of video. The fix would be Sadak, but that’s a brutal price to pay.

    • VaRedsFan

      Just pause the audio for 5 seconds.
      Push play.
      You’re welcome. 🙂

      • Mark Moore

        Uh … it’s all coming through the same device 😀

        It’s an option on Oddly it was this way both on my laptop and on the Roku app version. Usually the laptop via Chrome isn’t that way at all.

    • Melvin

      The video is always way ahead of the audio when I do that.

  30. VaRedsFan

    Both Reds hits that inning were oppo shots.
    Exactly what Brantley (and me forever) said that the approach you need vs. a sinkerballer or off speed pitcher.

  31. RedsGettingBetter

    How many walks The Reds have in this series? It seems that every pitch throw by the SFG pitchers is a strike.. They can’t hit neither walk…

  32. VaRedsFan

    Brantley also iterating how good Greene’s offspeed is by not trying to overthrow it.
    Let the ball break.
    Start the slider in the zone and let it tumble out.

    He’s left a few in the zone….but they are coming after fastballs and are being pulled foul.
    Keeping them off balance is good.

  33. J

    Senzel’s stats against right-handed pitchers: .176/.254/.279. But he’s starting and hitting #6 with Lopez and Stephenson sitting on the bench.

    When I see people wondering how any of the Reds’ problems can possible be Bell’s fault, it just boggles my mind. Can he wave a magic wand and make Senzel a better hitter against righties? No. But he can decide who’s hitting sixth and who’s sitting on the bench, and these things can make a difference.

    • Justin T

      Nothing that manager does ever makes a lick of sense. Its baseball, we arent building rockets or splitting conjoined twins here. Yet someone will defend him and say he knows more than we do. Most of criticism comes from the fact we just want him to get out of his own way.

  34. Mark Moore

    Tucker Barnhart is a Dodger. Minor league signing. Guess the guy just loves the game.

    • Daytonnati

      I would play as long as someone would let me 🙂

  35. Chris

    So Maihle just got a hit on a throw that nailed him running down the line, but Senzel’s hit yesterday was an error. Laughable.

    • J

      Yesterday the ball was fielded deep, which was a tough play, but then he got into a proper throwing position and had plenty of time to make the throw. Maile’s was a play where it had to be scooped and thrown in one motion, as his body is traveling in the wrong direction. Much harder throw.

  36. J

    Friedl gets a pitch on the outer half of the plate, and of course pulls it to second. This is really getting old in a hurry.

    • VaRedsFan

      He had a good left stroke too.
      Completely abandoned it.

  37. Chris

    And Greene has a beautiful strike called a ball. I’m so sick of the umpiring this year. Worst I’ve ever seen. Gotta have challenge up here next year.

    • Mark Moore

      At least we got the Bike Helmet cure. Only the 3rd this season for Greene.

  38. Mark Moore

    So Yaz doesn’t get rung up but our guys do. Hope that doesn’t tweak Green’s melon.

    Bike Helmets from DeJong help!!

  39. Chris

    Bell is going to get thrown out of this game arguing balls and strikes. I can feel it.

    • Mark Moore

      As much as I advocate him showing more passion, that’s probably not the best move. The variation between batters and us vs. them is getting ridiculous, though. I can imagine he could go off at some point.

  40. Mark Moore

    Mixing it up way more today. 5 innings in the books and a very quick pace.

    Somebody quick run over to Golden Gate Park and find that drunken bum Jobu with some more bats.

  41. Mark Moore

    That field and throw from Yaz would have made his Grandfather proud … 😮

  42. Mark Moore

    Did anybody else catch the fan who just yelled “Overrated!” at EDLC?

    That hit me as funny and made me laugh.

    • Mark Moore

      And that should quiet the fan just a little.

      You now have one job, Mr. Martini.

      • Mark Moore

        And we fail to execute. Good choice to NOT challenge Little Yaz.

  43. Mark Moore

    That works as well. Kind of a dumb move by Bailey to risk it. Nice focus by Steer to just nip the back corner of the plate.

  44. Chris

    So do we hear crickets, or does Bell get credit for the double steal? Probably not, but I’m sure he would have been bashed if Steer was out at home.

    • J

      You think Bell called that play? Ha ha. Bell doesn’t tell players when to steal. (If he does, then he deserves a TON of blame for all the times they should have tried to steal but didn’t.)

    • West Larry

      A crooked number. Reds haven’t done that since the Diamondback series. Either CES likes hitting off Cobb, or he’s pulled out of his slump. Hope it’s the latter.

      • West Larry

        Off of web. I guess I was thinking of Cobweb!

    • Harry Stoner

      How do you know that Bell called it?

      Seems like he has given them the permanent green light and left the decision up to the players.

    • Mark Moore

      If he called it (which should be the case) then hats off to him. It would have taken a perfect throw which didn’t happen. I’m guessing Steer was on “delay” until he saw it wasn’t a faked throw.

      It’s the kind of stuff these kids can do when they get on base. And frankly, I’d rather see that than the dingers. But that’s just me.

    • J

      Do you agree that Senzel shouldn’t be in the starting lineup and hitting sixth today? Are you aware of his stats against right-handed pitchers? I hear crickets coming from you.

  45. Melvin

    That was a “Billy” play from Little Big League. 🙂

  46. Mark Moore

    Anyone have the stats on how many innings it’s been since we were up by 2 runs?

    • J

      No, but I know how many innings it lasted.

  47. Harry Stoner

    I was all post-Senzel but I guess that was premature.

  48. Chris

    Talking about waiver claims. Sure would like to have Clevinger. Might cost too much money for this team, but he’d be a #1 for this team right now.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. He definitely caught my eye with the rash of DFA’s.

      • Chris

        He has an option though, which if not offered, he’d get about $5 mil for what amounts to 1 month plus post season if needed. That’s the catch.

      • Mark Moore

        Yep. Very expensive 1-month rental.

      • Chris

        I wouldn’t be opposed to paying him the $12 Mil next year though, so that would change things.

      • VaRedsFan

        @Chris, isn’t it a player option?

  49. SFRedsFan

    At the game today. Hunter is looking good. It is HOT here for SF!

    • VaRedsFan

      We need you to bring home a winner

      • SFRedsFan

        Looking good at the moment. The Reds fans are louder here today than the Giants fans. I’m 3 rows behind the dugout and TySteve turned to Bell and said “we’ve got some fans here today!”

  50. LT

    3 singles in an inning, music to my ears. But the double play ruined it a little bit. SF is notorious for staging come backs. Please please shut them down and end this WC trip on a decent note.

  51. J

    Did Greene just get removed from a game after a lazy fly ball and a pop-up single? Or am I imagining this?

    • Chris

      Yep, and that is my really only problem with Bell, at least this season. In all fairness though, he’s not much different than most other managers on this topic. It’s the game today.

      • J

        So you don’t have a problem with the guy who’s literally the worst hitter on the team against righties (other than Hopkins) starting today and hitting sixth? Can you explain why this was a good choice? I can’t.

      • Chris

        Simply put J, despite how bad Senzel has hit this far, he has a lot to prove, and he’s actually won a few games this season with both bat and glove. There is nothing worth arguing about on that bench to play ahead of him, nor anyone in the lineup that is any better than him, certainly to the point of an argument. Injuries have decimated this team.

      • J

        Chris, do you realize how easy it is to look up stats? Senzel is currently hitting about 100 points lower than Lopez hit against righties last year, and Lopez hit .282/.390/.403 in AAA this year, so I doubt he’s suddenly gotten worse than he was last year. Stephenson has been hot of late, but even including all his slumps, he’s still hitting .234/.316/.359 against righties, which is significantly better than Senzel. Either of these guys could be in the lineup today. For that matter, Fairchild hits rightiest better than Senzel. Literally anyone other than Hopkins would have been a better choice, offensively. And to compound this by hitting Senzel 6th (ahead of three guys who hit rightest better than he does) is just lunacy. If you can’t admit this, then I’m afraid you really are a HUGE Bell fan, because you’re just going out of your way to defend whatever dumb decision he makes.

  52. Mark Moore

    I’m good with HDTBell yanking Greene here. He did well enough and his pitch mix looked better to me. That double to no-man’s land and the bloop that Friedl couldn’t get to are enough to make the change.

  53. LT

    Houdini in. Is the magic still there? Better outing from Greene.

  54. Roger Garrett

    Great job of bouncing back by Greene.

  55. RedsMonk65

    Reds release Trey Mancini. Curious….

    • Mark Moore

      Luis Cessa just released as well.

      Gonna be a lot of that stuff in the next 24+ hours.

    • Jim Walker

      He was on a minor league deal so no 40 man stuff involved. Either the Reds were not impressed or he had an out if he got a better offer and took it.

  56. Mark Moore

    Oh that one appears to be on CES. Didn’t move his feet an inch on that slightly wide throw. And Gibault gets the error instead.

    • Rick

      That was a lazy zero effort play be CES

  57. RedAlert

    And here comes the little league defense … you can’t hide these guys … unbelievable

  58. RedsGettingBetter

    What baseball is this? Intentionally walking the go ahead run?

    • Kevin H

      Bailey batting 221 against right handed pitching. Pederson 260 against right handed pitching. It worked

      • Chris

        Not to mention you had Pederson at 2 and 0. Very smart move.

  59. Mark Moore

    Nice work by Steer. If he can consistently do that, I’d love to see him there, EDLC back at 3B, and MattyMc back at SS. Regardless, his ability to play multiple places just increases his value. Hopefully for our Reds and not as trade bait.

  60. J

    Well, I’m glad that all worked out, sort of, thanks to a heroic play at second. But I still don’t see why you remove Greene after he’d just induced two weak fly balls. He didn’t look to me to be losing it.

    • VaRedsFan

      Pitch count maybe? he was at 90, after being on IL.
      Just guessing

    • Chris

      That’s where we agree. Boggles my mind with an over worked bullpen that you pull Greene there. And yes, it did work out, but that’s not because it was a good move; it was a great play.

  61. VaRedsFan

    No matter where you put Steer he makes great plays.

    He had a few errors a while back and people here went into labor.

  62. old-school

    Greene Gibault and CES gets them to them to 2-1 after 6. Solid game. Need to play add-on and get 9 outs. I assume Cruz/Diaz tasked with 6 outs. Who gets the other 3? If its Sims, we all may need a drink.

  63. Michael E

    Do the Reds make a claim on Lucas Giolito or Reynaldo Lopez (waived today) or has Castellini already closed the purse-strings, abandoning 2023 contention? The Reds could use another MLB SP to ease the load on journeymen and bullpen.

    Maybe not the answer, but both would be cheap claims. I don’t know, but I’d assume Angels would pull them back and work a trade. Maybe a PTBNL from around prospect #22 -> 30?

    • VaRedsFan

      Giolito is worse than Weaver right now.
      He does have a better track record previously though.

    • Chris

      I don’t think they can pull them back anymore, or make a trade. That ended a couple of years ago.

    • Mark Moore

      You assume the wallet was ever open for anything aside from the one “show window” trade and the HDTBell extension. 😛

  64. RedAlert

    Benson needs to start sitting again …. he’s riding the K train again and can’t get off of it

  65. West Larry

    Benson has struck out three times already today. He was playing great for a couple of months, but in the last several games he hasn’t done anything. Time to rest him a couple of days and see what Lopez can do?

  66. LT

    Man, expecting a lot more from Benson. He’s been in a serious funk.

  67. Rick

    R. Lopez looked good when we played the Angels.

  68. Rick

    Friedl’s uppercut swing especially on elevated pitches are automatic outs.

  69. Rick

    Friedl & more recently Benson have serious uppercut swings. Hitting coach you are needed to correct that.

  70. LarkinPhillips

    Why does Johnson not visit Cruz after the error? He seems to always wait until something bad has happened rather than visiting to calm the pitcher down and focus him before something happens.

  71. RedAlert

    Can’t make this stuff IP – atrocious Cruz
    Zero fundamentals

  72. Melvin

    The all around baseball fundamentals on this team are very poor. Of course Big Bob doesn’t know what baseball fundamentals are. He just knows/thinks players like David Bell and that’s good enough for him.

    • Rick

      Bob,”they’ll play hard & smart since they adore him”.

  73. LarkinPhillips

    Did we just see some fire from Cruz? Finally some energy from the players! Good job executing and getting out of the self inflicted jam. Lets play some add on Reds!

    • Mark Moore

      Bared down and the result was in our favor.

  74. Old-school

    Cruz gets 3 big outs….killer change up

    Need a run and 6 outs

    Is Sims pitching the 8th? I need to prepare…..

      • Rick

        Mine is Diet Pepsi,Woodford Reserve if it is on hand! Lol
        Sims did well, yay!

    • Rick

      Gosh, I hope not. But, probably so though.

      • Justin T

        Rick, you cant ruin a good Woodford by mixing it w diet pepsi! Cheers my friend.

  75. LT

    Cruz escaped. Who will pitch 8th for us?

  76. Mark Moore

    Oh a submarine pitcher … 😮

  77. VaRedsFan

    Sims is generally solid when he gets proper rest.

    • old-school

      I’ll have what you are having. that makes me feel better.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I think him, law, and young are all that way. The multiple days in a row for them seem to always lead to bad performances.

    • old-school

      Ok Va….I’m rolling with ya here on Sims.

      • VaRedsFan

        Save the drink for when Bell pitches him tomorrow.

  78. LT

    Wow CES, 4-4, driving in this very key run.

  79. JB

    That sounded great coming off his bat. Nice day for CES. No bashing today from the cheap seats.

  80. LarkinPhillips

    I’ve said it before, but I am a CES guy! Lots and lots to improve upon, but a big day today. I hope he plays some winter ball somewhere to work on 1B and laying off the slider.

  81. Harry Stoner

    Would be very timely for CES to show some of that ST stuff over the last month of the season.

  82. VaRedsFan

    Some skunk infested crow for the CES doubters on here.

    • Harry Stoner

      He seemed off his game for awhile but was still hitting the ball hard (when not K-ing).

      He’s got the makeup and approach to be a solid, productive hitter for a long time.

      If Krall doesn’t trade him.

  83. old-school

    Elly and CES play add on. that great news.

  84. Mark Moore

    Everyone feeling better about now?

    • JB

      Bandwagon is gassed back up and new tires have been put on. All Aboard.

  85. LT

    HR is off a slider. My gosh, is CES figuring out how to handle slider?

    • Harry Stoner

      150 PAs into his MLB career.

      What’s taking him so long?!

  86. JB

    So Richardson hasn’t pitched since the 23rd. Hoping he is the guy Friday night.

  87. RedAlert

    Get somebody ready Bell – don’t trust Sims for 1 second

  88. RedAlert

    Ok I’ll take that lol – eat my crow

  89. JB

    Good play marte and beautiful stretch CES.

  90. old-school

    Young guys have had them a day today.

    3 outs needed.

    Sims got it done.

  91. VaRedsFan

    I’m not sold on his defense at 3B…but
    That was a fine play by Marte.

  92. LT

    Bell is back to using Sims as set up man. JM can’t blame him, he tried but found no better option.

  93. West Larry

    Marte has a 494 ops. No one else in that line up has a ops under 600.

    • Harry Stoner

      Reds traded their best pitcher for him.

  94. old-school

    Id bring back Maile next year as a catcher on the 26 man.

    • LarkinPhillips

      +1000. I like Maile a lot as the back up catcher.

    • JB

      I would too. I like the way he handles the pitchers, has a good arm and hits a little.

  95. Rick

    Elly was locked in & saw the submarine guy well.

  96. Mark Moore

    OK, here we go. Just 3 measly outs.

  97. LT

    4 warm up pitches from Diaz immediately. My gosh, did he throw any warm up pitches in the bullpen?

  98. RedAlert

    Diaz NEVER can have a clean inning … NEVER … and a leadoff walk … RIDICULOUS

  99. old-school

    2 outs to go to salvage a long WC road trip.

  100. VaRedsFan

    OMG Elly!
    Not many others can make that play!!

  101. old-school

    Great game folks…Bring on the cubbies.

  102. VaRedsFan

    Book it Diaz!!!

    Defense came up huge today.

  103. Mark Moore

    Tomorrow is a good day for a break. I’m traveling on Friday, so I’ll probably just get the game via the WLW feed in the afternoon. Not sure about the second game at this point.

    Really hope we can bundle up all our angst and this win and stick it to the Stupid Cubs over the weekend.

  104. Harry Stoner

    Win #8 in Hunter Greene’s MLB career.

  105. TR

    Needed big win for the Reds. Big outings for Greene and Encarnacion-Strand among others.

  106. J

    Today we saw why it’s silly to say things like CES needs to be in the minors and Marte can’t possibly handle third base. You can’t judge baseball players in a few dozen games, and guys need to play in the majors in order to get better at playing in the majors. Sending CES down to murder AAA pitching isn’t what he needs. He needs to try to work things out at the major league level, just as Steer did last season (and struggled worse than CES has).

  107. Roger Garrett

    Big win at the most opportune time.Greene,ELDC and CES come through in a big way.

  108. old-school

    Elly play in the 9th was manny machado and Nolan Arenado like. I dont know anyone else who makes that play.

    For the Record..I want Elly more time at SS. His ceiling is best ever. he could be Nolan Arenado of the SS world. Maybe hes a better 3b but gotta find out at SS and his 99.7 mph play throwing out Carroll and that 9th inning out were ridiculous

  109. SFRedsFan

    Great game to be in attendance! First time getting to catch my favorite team in person in years. This team is so fun to watch. The Reds fans were way louder than the Giants fans (including my Giants -loving wife haha).