Cincinnati will look to even things up against San Francisco tonight in game two of their 3-game series. The Giants took the first game of the series last night by a score of 4-1 as the Reds were stymied by Kyle Harrison into the 7th inning. Tonight’s 1st pitch is set for 9:45pm.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

San Francisco Giants

TJ Friedl – CF Austin Slater – CF
Spencer Steer – 2B Thairo Estrada – 2B
Elly De La Cruz – SS Wilmer Flores – DH
Nick Martini – DH Mitch Haniger – LF
Tyler Stephenson – C Patrick Bailey – C
Christian Encarnacion-Strand – 1B J.D. Davis – 1B
Will Benson – LF Paul DeJong – SS
Noelvi Marte – 3B Luis Matos – RF
Nick Senzel – RF Casey Schmitt – 3B
Brandon Williamson – LHP Alex Cobb – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Brandon Williamson 92.2 4.18 1.25 33 82
Alex Cobb 132.1 3.74 1.38 34 117
Links: Brandon Williamson’s Stats | Alex Cobb’s Stats

Brandon Williamson

Cincinnati will hope that Williamson continues what he’s been doing of late. Since the start of July he’s posted a 3.00 ERA in 10 starts. The last time out he tossed six shutout innings in Arizona and walked just one batter while striking out six batters.

Teams don’t give many left-handed hitters an opportunity to face Williamson. The ones that do get that chance hit for a better average than righties do, and get on base a little more, but they also hit for no power at all. Righties don’t hit for much average, and they don’t get on base much, but they do hit for a good amount of power off of Williamson.


RHH 313 67 16 1 14 26 67 .234 .300 .444
LHH 72 16 2 0 0 7 15 .254 .324 .286

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 93.0 89.1 73.1 81.8 84.3
Usage 36% 29% 7% 12% 15%

Alex Cobb

It’s been a rough stretch in August for Cobb. In his five starts he’s allowed 20 runs in 26.1 innings (6.84 ERA) and he’s given up eight home runs. In his last start, though, he was solid as he allowed just two solo home runs in 5.0 innings without a walk.

The OPS difference for lefties and righties isn’t that different against Cobb, but how each group gets there is. Lefties walk nearly four times as often as righties do, and they hit for a higher average, but they don’t hit for nearly as much power. Right-handed hitters still hit for a solid average against Cobb, but they rarely walk, swing and miss a lot more often, and they hit for a lot more power.


RHH 275 71 12 2 11 7 76 .271 .299 .458
LHH 293 77 15 2 5 27 41 .292 .358 .421

Pitch Usage

2-seam Curve Slider Split
Velo 94.4 83.5 86.1 89.5
Usage 41% 17% 6% 36%

When and Where

  • Game time: 9:45pm ET
  • Where: Oracle Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 73°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Plenty of roster moves

Prior to tonight’s game the Reds called up Alejo Lopez, optioned Michael Siani back to Triple-A, and designated reliever Tony Santillan for assignment. You can read more about each player involved here from our write up earlier today.

Jake Fraley begins a rehab assignment

The outfielder has joined the Louisville Bats in Omaha to start a rehab assignment as he recovers from a stress fracture in a toe. As I type this he is 0-3 while hitting leadoff and is the Bats designated hitter.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Brewers 74 57 0.0 98.3%
Cubs 69 62 5.0 60.7%
Reds 68 65 7.0 15.4%
Pirates 59 73 15.5 0.0%
Cardinals 56 76 18.5 0.0%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

145 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Martini hitting fourth makes sense tonight. He’s one of the few hot hitters we have right now. Besides, we actually have a DH hitting in the top of the order. 🙂

    • SteveAReno

      Henry Ramos back in Louisville and he is 2 for 3 right now with a home run and a double so he’s batting .320 now. But we don’t need a player who makes contact.

  2. Mark Moore

    RF/LF players still a little puzzling to me. But I don’t know a fraction of what the #90 MLB Field Manager knows. I figure I’m good for about 30 minutes max again tonight.

    • Melvin

      Will David Bell’s ranking change before bedtime? 🙂

      • Mark Moore

        Not tonight. Melvin. I already adjusted downward once today.

  3. J

    It has taken injuries to India, Votto, Fraley, and McLain, but at last the guy with the team’s best OPS will get to hit 7th. If another three or four starters get hurt, 6th might not be out of the question.

    • AllTheHype

      If Benson works hard and keeps improving, one day he will be as good as Fairchild.

  4. SR

    After watching Fairchild yesterday, I am wondering if he still has list concussion issues.

    • Old-school

      Stuart fairchild is the most overhyped below avg AAAA outfielder on RLN since Phil Ervin. Aquino the last 3 pathetic years is a close third.

      All 3 are RLN hall of famers. Their claim to fame is simply being laggard failing alternatives to the general frustration , where posters join in on elevating anyone since the team is losing.

      Fraley is an important cog in this lineup. Maybe some will finally admit. Probably not

      • Jim Walker

        Fraley is so important that when they finally got around to calling Martini up, he stepped right in and did the job just as well. 😉

        In a league with 70% RH pitching, nobody should be wanting for a LH power bat. Now if a person said a team needed 2 guys like that, I’d agree but still think with 1B and DH to fill, that should never be a problem.

      • Old-school

        I will give you that Jim… you are stubborn to the core. Still wont admit Jake Fraley is a core lefty hitter on this team, despite the fact he s been great this year and a core part of ….WINNING…..they arent winning now and he is missed. Jake Fraley was a key lefty hitter on this team when they were winning series with regularity. If you’re now tripling down and saying Nick Martini’s 3 game sample size is the same as Jake Fraley s 14 month Silver Slugger level offense since the AS break of 2022…..ok.

  5. Rick

    I would’ve given Petty one start at Chattanooga instead of his last Daytona start to finish his season. I’m sure wiser people than me made the better decision for him.

  6. Mark Moore

    So we’re playing to own the tie-breaker against the Giants? Didn’t that single win against the Snakes mean we own that one as well?

    At least it’s Williamson, though we’ll still need to back him with some offense. And Cobb has certainly read the book on how to handle our hitters of late.

    • Old-school

      Yes-own the tie breaker against dbacks. Need the same with giants and Cubs coming up. All (3) controlled by Reds

    • Mark Moore

      OK, Day cleared it up. We have to win out to get that advantage.

  7. Rick

    Lineup looks better tonight. I hope Martini & Tyler are still hitting well tonight.
    Get some early runs guys!

  8. Protime

    Giolito & Renfro are available. Get rid of Hopkins & Fairchild. I’m surprised that neither Reynolds or Mancini were called up. The Reds are in dire need of pitching help.

  9. Randy in Chatt

    With Greene, Lodolo and Abbott out or struggling, it would behoove the Reds to get a starting pitcher in. It will be a crying shame if they do not sign at least one starting pitcher now available: Clevinger then Giolito then Moore (although not a starter, has been in the past though). They need solid arms and they are now available. The Reds will drop the ball if they do not sign at least one arm. They need a pitcher or two if those guys are shut down for the year.

    Reds, it is your move next.

    • Protime

      Randy, Krall will probably flinch again. We have all we need mantra will rear its ugly head again.

  10. LDS

    Steer batting in front of EDLC seems suboptimal. And how long before RLN fans start criticizing Lopez for “soft contact” as they did last year? At this point, we should be happy with any contact. Maybe he can get EDLC to cut down his 35% SO rate. The coaches certainly aren’t getting it done.

  11. DW

    Maile 3 for 4 with HR & 3RBI vs Cobb

    Not in Bell’s starting lineup

  12. J

    No strikeouts! That’s about as good as a first inning can get.

    • Mark Moore

      Isn’t it sad when that’s a highlight for us here at RLN?

  13. Mark Moore

    Well, that was less than satisfying. At least Steer worked the count a little bit and Elly didn’t whiff.

  14. Moon

    And another first inning where the Reds go down in order.

  15. Mark Moore

    Nice work by Williamson.

    I don’t exactly hate the Giants City Connect uniforms (surprised to see them on a weeknight), but they certainly aren’t one I’d rush out and buy. Actually kind of bland and goofy IMO.

  16. Mark A Verticchio

    Does this team ever score early?

  17. dimondfvr

    When was the last time the Reds actually scored a run in the first inning? How many times have they gone 1-2-3 to open a ball game this year? Six in a row to start this game! Just building up for another come from behind win I suppose!

    • Rick

      Was it McLain’s homerun game 1 vs Angels?

  18. RedsGettingBetter

    Better contact tonight but the same results as usual in recent games. Retired in order the first 6 batters…

  19. Optimist

    M’s trailing A’s 3-0 after 2. Weaver with the emergency start, 0 BB, but 2 HR. Alas . . .

  20. Mark Moore

    And he balks home a run. Not going to overturn this one HDTBell, so keep your cool.

  21. old-school

    Unless this offense erupts, this is another painful season defining Wc road trip. Score 7 runs!

  22. Mark Moore

    Well, that pretty much wraps it for me. Three oppo hits and a balk to pretty much wreck the 2nd.

  23. VaRedsFan

    Giants with 3 oppo hits vs a soft tossing lefty.
    I wonder if they have a plan on how to face one?

    • Melvin

      Swing as hard as you can…as always. 😀

  24. RedAlert

    This team is boarderline unwatchable …. Every little mistake they make costs them every single time …. NEVER TAKE AN INITIAL

  25. dimondfvr

    Already up to forty-plus pitches in the second inning. Better get them ready in the bullpen. LOL!

  26. Old-school

    CES drops a pop up

    Reds needs to trade some infield depth for proven pitching and hitting. CES would be a primary trade chip to rebuilding team. Steer is my first baseman.

  27. Mark Moore

    Done commenting for tonight. I’ll watch our half of the 3rd, but then it’s time to shut down the digital and do my nightly analog wind down. Third book by this particular author and I’m enjoying it as much as I did the other two.

    • RedAlert

      Just as well be 10-0 ; that’s what it feels like – we’re pitiful offensively

  28. dimondfvr

    Melvin You can add another P to OOPS. Pretty much sums it up!

  29. Mark A Verticchio

    This team has become really hard to watch. Everybody has injuries good teams survive. This was never going to be a good team for an extended period of time, to young, to poorly coached.

  30. J

    Senzel gets a hit because nobody expects a major league third baseman to be able to throw from deep third base to first base even if he has plenty of time.

    • Melvin

      They changed it. We”re officially being no hit at the moment.

  31. Rick

    This is like Duane Walker, Householder, Junior Kennedy days.

  32. J

    Reds have have made 9 outs but only 2 have been strikeouts. Cobb must be getting a lot of ribbing in the dugout.

  33. Jeff Rittenhouse

    Next 48 hours will show whether Krall is a liar / con artist. With Cleavinger and Giolitto both on waivers the Red can put in a claim and only have to pay the remaining salary for this year, giving up no prospects. If they make no moves, consider it a sign they were never serious about making improvements at the deadline and lied to all

    • RedAlert

      I bet he won’t do squat Jeff – I hope I’m wrong but I’ve seen this movie before …. Reds front office ain’t nothing but lip service ….always an excuse as to why they don’t make a move , always !

    • bug

      Krall (along with the Castellinis) is the one who gave us Bell for three more years.

  34. Rick

    Even with pitch com we get crossed up.

    • Jeff Rittenhouse

      that was not a cross-up that was Stephenson being lazy and not shifting his feet to block the pitch.

      • Rick

        Not that one. The mix up 2 pitches earlier. It precipitated the mound visit by Tyler.

  35. RedAlert

    Williamson pitching like crap this game – and Reds little league defense in full effect

  36. bug

    The Cincinnati Comedians. Embarrassing.

  37. J

    Is it possible everyone on this team is taking bribes? How can an entire team simultaneously forget how to hit, pitch, field, throw, run, and not balk? Plus, Hopkins was a DH and remains on the roster. This really seems fishy.

  38. Pete

    Just all around bad baseball. Just like 2021….

  39. RedAlert

    Ballgame … nice work Reds …. They suck

  40. J

    Good that someone is talking to Williamson before he gives up a sixth run, because then it would really be hard to win this game.

  41. Old-school

    Anyone want to sign Votto at 41 for $20 million next year to resurrect this offense? This could be a 79-83 team. Outta gas at every level of the roster. Sp is poor. BP is poor. Hitting is poor.

    • bug

      Managing is poor. General managing is poor. Organzation is poor.

  42. Mark A Verticchio

    I don’t care how young or tired these guys are this is flat out bad baseball and someone has to take responsibility. This bunch won’t win 75 games at this rate.

    • Pete

      If it was Nick Krall idea to extend, Bell he should be fired. If it was Bob Castellini’s, he needs to fire Bell and eat that contract. What a disaster- totally meltdown on a Chernobyl scale.

  43. Beaufort Red

    Marte, CES, and Hopkins are not major league ball players. Maybe in the future, but not now. Shows the incredible difference between AAA pitching and the majors. Actually, Marte is more AA talent right now.

    • Pete

      Let’s just be honest David Bell teams fold under pressure. Maybe it’s not his fault but it is not arguable. Total swan dive.

  44. J

    I’m really starting to like my bribe theory. It would explain so many things. Guys running into each other on pop-ups, guys striking out in ridiculous ways, guys who can’t field a grounder or make a simple throw, a third base coach who seems to be trying to make his team lose, pitchers who’ve been good all year are suddenly unable to get anyone out (balking in a run and wild pitching in another), nobody steals bases when they ought to be stealing bases, Maile’s mysterious non-squeeze bunt, Hopkins as the DH, and on and on and on… There’s no way this can all just be coincidental. Teams can only suddenly become this bad if it’s on purpose.

    • J

      But Martini wasn’t with the team when the bribes were distributed, so he’s still in the dark.

  45. Mark A Verticchio

    It turns out calling CES and Marte up was a big mistake, they flat out aren’t ready and EDLC is on the bubble.

    • J

      They haven’t really helped this season, but probably neither would anyone else have helped. Could all be very good experience for next year. Steer wasn’t ready for the majors last year, but it’s paying off now. Friedl is (or at least was) much improved this year. Benson is much improved. Fraley also. Lots of guys struggle at first. Continuing to knock the cover off the ball in AAA probably isn’t going to help improve against major league pitching if it’s major league pitching that they’re struggling with.

    • Beaufort Red

      Can’t say that! Someone said to me don’t be so harsh! They’re just so young. I mean what were you doing at that age?

    • Chris Holbert

      Barrero got crucified for not being as bad as those guys are right now.

  46. RedsGettingBetter

    I won’t be shocked if they get no-hit tonight. The Reds are melt down…

  47. bug

    If Elly plays most every game (or thereabouts) next season,..he’ll lead the Majors in Ks by a huge margin,..maybe upwards of 250 or 300 times. And I thought Suarez struck out too much. Embarrassing. Someone needs to learn how to put a bat on the ball. It’s called making contact. With his speed, it would not take that much. But you don’t get to show off that speed if you whiff in most of your ABs.

  48. Mark A Verticchio

    Not many managers could survive with, year 1 September collapse, year 2 100 losses and year 3 August collapse. Yet the Reds give the man a 3 year extension. What a joke.

    • RedAlert

      Agree totally Mark ! Sheer insanity !

    • Erik the Red

      I think most of us see the same thing why was there a rush to do extension. It is not like he was on everyone’s hot list to land the Yankees job next year.

  49. Melvin

    Kind of embarrassing I’d least it should be.

  50. Protime

    Bell, Worst Mgr of the Year Award. No one even comes close

  51. Jeff Rittenhouse

    9-17 since the trade deadline counting tonight as a loss. Young team given a HUGE lack of confidence vote (Disregard all the “we believe in this group BS”) absolutely crushed the morale. It is evident in the way they are playing occasional bout of flash but not the hustle / grind it out way they were playing.

  52. J

    Good time to remember that Bell doesn’t like to mess around with the batting order because players don’t respond well to being moved around. They thrive on the consistency and predictability Bell provides. It keeps them focused and prepares them for the challenges they’ll face every day. Imagine how bad they’d look if they showed up today and found out they’d been moved to a spot they’d never hit in before.

  53. J

    “This stretch of about 30 games in which every single player has simultaneously forgotten how to hit, pitch, field, throw, and run isn’t going to change who we are. And since there are once again no follow-up questions or anything remotely resembling pushback, I’ll see you all after tomorrow’s loss so I can say the same thing.”

  54. Beaufort Red

    Who pays Sadak’s salary? The guy is insufferable.

    • Rick

      I think Bally does & the Reds endorse, sign-off on the TV announcers. It use to work that way any how.

  55. Rick

    Sadak, is wanting the distinction of having called a no hitter.

    • Beaufort Red

      Look at me ! I’m relevant!!!!

      • Rick

        That’s what he was hoping for. Darn ESPN wannabe.

  56. Jim Walker

    +10000 to Bell for challenging even though they lost it. At least he is showed the team he is in the game. There are times I think he doesn’t realize he seems not to be.

    • Pete

      Let’s add an additional year to that extension.

    • RedAlert

      Derrick Law Stinks – throws meatballs with a big flashing “hit me” signs on them

  57. Rick

    Our guy’s seldom watch the ball all the way to the bat. That’s 101 malpractice.

  58. Gpod

    All the radio/TV announcers talking about how great this pitcher is (and yes he’s been good)but this is every night, just like last night, just like the whole AZ series with their starters….news flash…,it’s not the pitcher as much as it is the pathetic Reds batters ….it’s shameful

    • Rick

      Yeah, every night. Just any and every pitcher we face looks like a staff ace.

  59. Jon

    How do the Reds avoid another meltdown next year (besides firing Bell of course)? What’s the solution? Acquiring two proven starters, a RF bat, possibly a C, and a few bullpen arms?

  60. Melvin

    Leadoff walk…then a double. Walk scores. Hmmmm

    • Jim Walker

      coincidence, merely coincidence. 😉


      What!!!!! a RP issues a leadoff walk. Well I’ve never and I know Dennis hasn’t ever seen that before. You either Melvin

    • TR

      And Elly stays in the same position in the batting order as his average keeps dropping lower.

  61. J

    Law wants to make sure he can be part of the Reds Relief Pitcher Club, so he did the popular thing.

  62. J

    It’s fun to root for a major league baseball team. Someday I’d like to do that again.

  63. Rick

    We can’t hit fb’s, changeups, cutters, splitters, sliders, curves. This is insane.

  64. LDS

    Checking in before calling it a night. The Reds don’t have a hit, a walk, only an error keeping Cobb from his perfect game. And what did we learn tonight Mr. Bell? Can’t wait to read your empty rhetoric tomorrow.

    • Melvin

      David Bell – “We’re learning. We’re learning.” 😀

      After five years what have you learned Mr. Bell?

      David Bell – “I can’t remember but I know we are”. 😀

  65. Melvin

    Sadka – “We’ll keep it here.”

    Boy he’s looking forward to calling a no hitter. Wander who he’s rooting for. 😀

  66. LarkinPhillips

    Our bullpen is worn out because of things like tonight from bell. Moll threw 10 pitches and it’s 5-0. Let him finish the next inning so the rest of the pen gets rest. Bell used pitchers unnecessarily constantly and yanks starters early often. That adds up big time.

    • Rick

      Yeah, and we fade every late summer because of the Bell way… that starts up when the season begins.

  67. Gpod

    Being dominated by a pitcher that has an ERA over 6 in the month of Aug is sickening, but thinking of looking at Bell in that dugout for 3 more seasons make me want to throw up

  68. Lem

    So a “victory” tonight would be somehow not getting No-hit? Kind of sad what’s become of the team.

  69. Jim Walker

    Looked like Bell and Friedl were discussing the ethics of bunting if he comes up with the no hitter intact and the Reds down by 6 runs.


        Maybe should have tried that bunt in an earlier inning. But that’s not the Reds way

      • Melvin

        Maybe they discussed the ethics of bunting early in the game too. 😀

  70. J

    I’m not listening, but I assume Sadak must be devastated.

  71. RedAlert

    This team has quit and Bell quit a long time
    ago …..a true indication of his incompetence as a manager

    • Jim Walker

      I think they quit on the organization after Krall hung them out to dry at the deadline. He did the worst thing he could have done by saying in public he was positioned and ready to be a player then coming up empty.

      Next, he doubled down on his error by not taking responsibility or at least keeping his mouth shut about why he couldn’t get any deals done. Instead, he went public again and said he couldn’t risk the future of the team by trading any prospects.

      So, here is this rookie dominated group that has just pulled off one of the best months for the Reds in a decade positioned and they are told the guys down in A, A+, and AA are more important to the team than supporting their run for the playoffs.

      The team’s response is to drop 6 straight and on their way to a 1-9 start in August and drop from 1st to losing 3 games to the lead in the process.

  72. Jeremiah

    Oh yeah Spencer steer breaking up the no-hitter! I like it one positive out of this game and I’m glad to see Alejo Lopez back as well. He needs to play some not be a pinch hitter.

  73. Gpod

    Good for Steer….Sadek is mad because he got a hit

    • Rick

      He was jacked until the hit. Atta boy Steer.

  74. Rick

    The Reds are listless. Something has got to give.

    • Jeremiah

      I think the Reds are going to potentially give a lot of wins to other teams in the next month!

  75. Jeremiah

    If the Reds somehow win tomorrow it’s still a successful road trip out west to me. I’d be shocked if they win though the way that you’re playing right now. If I was a Cubs player or Cubs fan I’m expecting to come in to Cincinnati and just cream the Reds this weekend. Maybe a couple of the starters have great outings that’s about the only hope I think to meet the Cubs one or two games. Although I don’t think the Cubs started pitching is all that amazing but the Reds hitting is so bad not sure it matters much now.