Cincinnati would blow a 1-run lead in the 7th and then watch as Arizona put the game away in the 8th inning when four walks by two relievers led to three runs. With their 5-2 win the Diamondbacks secured a series victory, taking three of the four games from the Reds.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (68-64)
2 4 0
Arizona Diamondbacks (69-62)
5 8 0
W: McGough (2-7) L: Gibaut (8-3) SV: Thompson (1)
Statcast | Box Score | Game Thread

Neither team was able to get much going in the first two inning, but Arizona got through against Graham Ashcraft in the bottom of the 3rd inning when Corbin Carroll single with one out and came around to score when Ketel Marte doubled into the right field corner.

Arizona threatened again in the bottom of the 5th inning and Corbin Carroll was at the center of things once again. This time the Diamondbacks rookie hit a ball off of the wall in center that TJ Friedl leapt for but couldn’t come up with, and Carroll was off to the races. Friedl recovered and fired the ball towards the infield where Elly De La Cruz cut the ball off and fired a 99.7 MPH throw to the plate where Tyler Stephenson was able to tag out Carroll at the plate to end the inning and keep the score 1-0.

The Reds hadn’t done much against Slade Cecconi through five innings – they had just one hit at that point. But when the 6th inning rolled around Will Benson and Tyler Stephenson put together back-to-back singles to lead off the inning and put runners on the corners. TJ Friedl then hit a fly ball plenty deep enough to center to bring in Will Benson and tie the game up.

Spencer Steer led off the 7th with a walk and moved up to second base on a fly out. Noelvi Marte would come through with a clutch hit with two outs, driving in Steer with a single into left field to give Cincinnati a 2-1 lead.

Graham Ashcraft returned to the mound to begin the bottom of the 7th and immediately gave up a game-tying home run to Lourdes Gurriel Jr. He would retire the next two hitters before issuing a 2-out walk. That would end Ashcraft’s night as the Reds called on Ian Gibaut to come on to face Geraldo Perdomo. It was the right move as Gibaut struck him out to end the inning.

Ian Gibaut came back out for the start of the 8th inning and walked both of the first two batters he saw. That was enough for manager David Bell to see as he called on Lucas Sims out of the bullpen. He then walked Tommy Pham on four pitches to load the bases with no outs. Christian Walker would see three strikes, but the third one turned into a sacrifice fly that put Arizona up 3-2 and advanced Ketel Marte to third base on the play, too. Pham would then steal second base on the first pitch to take the traditional double play off of the table. Another walk would load the bases again, bringing Evan Longoria to the plate and he came through with a sacrifice fly to extend the lead to 4-2. Alek Thomas then singled into center to make it 5-2 as the Diamondbacks continued to play add on. Sims would strike out Gabriel Moreno to end the inning.

Arizona called on Ryan Thompson to try and lock down a win. And he did just that, getting the Reds out in order in the 9th to give the Diamondbacks a series victory.

Key Moment of the Game

The 8th inning when Ian Gibaut and Lucas Sims combined to walk four batters and give up three runs.

Notes worth noting

Graham Ashcraft was good once again. Over his last 11 starts he’s posted a 2.39 ERA in 71.2 innings.

Elly De La Cruz nearly matched his own record for highest velocity on a throw by an infielder on an assist since 2015 when those things began to be tracked, falling 0.1 MPH short of the record he set earlier this year.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs San Francisco Giants

Monday August 28th, 9:45pm ET

Andrew Abbott (8-3, 3.16 ERA) vs Kyle Harrison (0-0, 5.40 ERA)

120 Responses

  1. Myles

    This is starting to feel like coffin nails.

  2. LDS

    The season is slipping away rapidly. They need at least 2 of 3 on the next two series, otherwise there’s next year.

    • Jon

      “there’s next year”…That’s assuming Krall will actually do something this winter and add proven Major League talent to a roster. He has yet to prove he can/will do that effectively as a GM. The free agent class this year is pretty bare of significant upgrades, so chances are he will have to trade many of his young prospects to upgrade the roster.

      • LDS

        I agree @Jon but we have to pretend otherwise what’s the point. On the other hand, they chose to prioritize the Bell extension over acquiring mlb pitching talent. So we know what we can really expect

  3. Jon

    People praise Derek Johnson all the time…yet the Reds have a pitching staff that struggles mightily with walking batters. Meanwhile, the Brewers haven’t missed a beat since losing him.

  4. Mark A Verticchio

    9 and 15 in August, massive failure by all. That includes management = F, Coaches = F, Starting pitchers = C-, Bull pen = D, Hitters = D—, Defense C. This team is the Titanic and sinking fast and the Carpathia is going to be late again. Bell is doing a great imitation of Captain Smith.

    • Dennis Westrick

      At least Captain Smith recognized the consequences of hitting the iceberg!

  5. Doc

    Admittedly, walks do haunt when you walk half the opposing team in the same inning. Of course, the walk also haunted the D’backs when the Reds scored to take the lead, and the HR in the D’backs 7th haunted, as an HR does 100% of the time. Still, the Reds sit 4-3 on the road trip with a series yet to be played.

  6. CI3J

    The Reds’ late-season swoon continues.

    I could sit here and claim I know what the cause is and point fingers and try to assign blame, but maybe it’s just the fact that this is a young team who ran out of steam.

    The Reds are “only” 1.5 games out of the last Wild Card spot with 30 games left to play, so of course they still have a chance. But momentum is definitely not on their side now.

    The Reds’ next 10 games are against the Giants, Cubs, and Mariners. The Reds are also just 4 games over .500. There’s a very good chance they will be fewer than 4 games over .500 when these next 10 games are finished.

    If the Reds are going to make a push for the postseason, it has to be now. This is their last chance to control their destiny and directly impact the teams they are fighting for a wildcard spot. They didn’t help themselves against the DBacks. Let’s see if they can do better against the Giants, who are only half a game behind the Reds.

    Still, it’s nice having meaningful baseball as we head into September.

    • Dennis Westrick

      The Reds need to take note of what Milwaukee is doing! The Brewers have now won 8 in a row to pull away from both Chicago & Cincinnati!

      • doofus

        I would think that the Reds just need to focus on what they can control. They do not need to be concerned with what the Brewers, Cubs or anyone else is doing.

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    The series in SF will be a hard challenge to the cold Reds offense in a pitcher friendly park. They’ll face a lefty (Harrison) and two tough righties (Cobb & Webb)…It’s the moment of truth…Taking 1 of three Reds would finish the toughest roadtrip of the season 5-5 but they should win in Cincinnati the most of the games, there’s no other way..

  8. Dennis Westrick

    What is Dennis’ biggest pet peeve with the Reds pitching staff? WALKS! You simply cannot issue walks as a relief pitcher and expect to be effective! Four (4) walks by Gibaut & Sims resulted in 3 runs! I would rather a RP give up a solo HR than issue a walk!

    Oh well, now 1.5 games out of the 3rd NL Wild Card spot heading to another team battling for that same spot only 1/2 game behind the Reds! Obviously, will need to win 2 of 3 against SF or the chances of making the NL playoffs are pretty much over!

    • Melvin

      “What is Dennis’ biggest pet peeve with the Reds pitching staff? WALKS!”

      Never would have guessed that. 😀

  9. Andrew Brewer

    It was the D’backs that rose to the occasion today, and not the Reds. Yeah, we needed this one badly… The season goes on though, and only a miracle will get us into the playoffs now.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      It is looking bleak but if you look at all the schedules there is hope they just have to start to play loose again, Hard to do though with Bell tight as a drum.

      • Ted Alfred

        Bell has been setting the tone for 5 years and that tone is clear…
        as soon as the games start to matter his teams take their cue from him and play tight and crappy…it is what it is. I think there’s a decent chance the Reds will play better in San Fran since the Giants have fallen off a cliff and they’re really not their main wild card competition anymore. However, when they get home to play a huge series vs the Cubs it is once again likely the Reds will play very poorly….like clockwork. I’ll go out on a limb and say the Reds have a decent shot at 2-1 vs SF… then 1-3 vs the Cubbies. Hope I’m wrong…

      • Melvin

        “as soon as the games start to matter his teams take their cue from him and play tight and crappy…”


  10. Jeff Morris

    Always the Achilles heel of this team, WALKS! Same thing year after year.

    Also, too many strikeouts for this team again. Maybe its because they are a young team, with mostly all rookies. Remains to be seen on how they do in the following years. Are they a “flash in a pan”, all these young guys? Will they be an inconsistent team that strikes out a lot, and other times hits pretty well. Because the Reds owner will not want to spend money, they will ride these same players in the next 5 years or so. Be interesting to see….how they turn out??

  11. Dennis Westrick

    The only bright spot I can see is that after the 3 road games in SF, the Reds will have 27 games remaining! Only 12 of those remaining games are road games!

    • Rick

      They haven’t taken advantage of home field this year, puzzling. To cozy at their own homes?? Coincidence? I have no idea.

  12. Mark A Verticchio

    The next 10 games are huge, at 68 and 64 if they can split the next 10 to get to 73 and 69 they then have 20 games with the only above .500 team they play being a 3 game set in Minnesota. If and it’s a big if they could go 13 and 7 the last 20 that would give them 86 wins which might be enough for the 2nd or 3rd wild card. On the other hand this could all end in San Francisco if they don’t start to hit the ball. Pitching is also a problem with a tired Abbott and an awful Greene in 2 of the 3 games. Williamson, who knows, but he has looked better. The problem is the Giants will also be desperate and we all know how that went in 2012.

    • Dennis Westrick

      You had to remind us about 2012!

    • RedsGettingBetter

      The Mariners are tougher than the Twins right now, actually…The Reds have a 3-game series aggainst them at GABP

  13. Mark Moore

    I got my entire yard mowed ahead of the incoming rain (from the West overnight and then as the current Gulf hurricane tracks this way). That’s a win for me.

    As for our Reds … I pulled a Clete to go mow after the Snakes went ahead. Hope/chances of some Wild Card experience are fading quickly. Quite a bit of work to do headed into 2024 … and sadly that’s all still going to be on HDTBell and his illustrious team. Nothing changes, so nothing changes.

  14. LT

    It’s bad enough that we have not been able to hit off speed pitches, we are now not hitting 4-seamers either. Some of the pitches are right down the middle and we either fouled off or grounded out or flied out. There is no explanation why the entire team is slumping collectively, other than the loss of India and Fraley.

  15. Votto4life

    No matter how easy the schedule looks, you still have to win baseball games. This team hasn’t played well for almost two months. It’s starting to feel like June and July was a fluke.

    • Jim t

      No think it’s a matter of not playing well as much as a lot of Roomies getting there first taste of big leagues and out starting pitching needs a big upgrade. Injuries have also played a part.

    • Rednat

      they had an “easy” September in 2021 too and that didn’t turn out too well

  16. Indy Red Man

    Very disappointing. These losses where they led late really linger. It’s just not their year. No way are they going to handle the Cubs and Ms with this kind of effort. SF is fading badly but 2 of 3 won’t change anything even if they pull that off

  17. DaveCT

    Elly’s throw is exactly why you do not move him to CF, where his arm would be so far less impactful it’d be near a waste. This is exactly why he will get every last chance to stick at SS, or moved to 3B if he plays himself off the position. As Barry Larkin would say, “Goodness.” Or as the Cowboy would simply let out a chuckle. Perhaps even a chortle.

    • Melvin

      I’m a little confused as to how his arm would be wasted in CF. It would seem to me he would be throwing guys out from near the warning track like Aquino did. It would seem he has an even BETTER arm than Aquino. That’s nothing short of amazing. Nothing wasted in my book. Besides, he can’t use his amazing foot speed in the infield. An argument can be made that’s being wasted right now.

      • MBS

        @Melvin, I do agree EDLC’s arm isn’t wasted in the OF, especially in RF. If I’ve never watched EDLC at 3B then I’d be tempted to make the same argument that you are. His defense at 3B is elite. His defense at SS is good. Maybe he will develop into an elite SS, I don’t know, but most 6’6″ players don’t play SS. Tatis is now a RF if I recall correctly. We’ll see how it all plays out.

      • BK

        Shortstops make more throws than any other position on the field. More opportunities equals more potential value.

      • Melvin

        True BK. Quickness and a good arm are needed at SS which a lot of guys have. Elite speed is rare and can’t really be utilized there. Quickness, arm, AND SPEED are needed in CF.

      • BK

        EDLC should play where he will get the most chances to use his elite skills–shortstop. Speed is also beneficial at shortstop—lots of balls into shallow outfield or foul territory–his range on those plays is advantageous. His speed also allows him to better position for relay throws and cover more ground when backing up other plays. Clearly, his arm would not be wasted in the outfield, but don’t expect the Reds to sub-optimize the total defensive package that EDLC brings by putting where he’ll get fewer fielding chances. That move would limit his potential defensive value.

      • Melvin

        I’ll be happy no matter where he plays but personally I’d like to see him move to CF. Another reason could be for longevity. He’s 6’5″ and possibly still growing. It would seem over the long haul getting that big body down for continuous ground balls would take a toll on his body.

  18. Gpod

    Bell admitted in the postgame that the bullpen is worn down …you don’t say ! Good of you to notice!

  19. JB

    Cincinnati’s bullpen has walked 240 hitters this year. The A’s and Royals are the only other teams that have walked more.

  20. J

    I’m already starting to imagine the excuses for next season’s collapse:

    “Most of these guys have played less than two full seasons of major league baseball. Give them a break. When has a team this young ever won anything?”

    “Nobody could have predicted three starting pitchers would be injured.”

    “The team lost two key offensive players; that’s nearly impossible to overcome. Of course they’re struggling to score now.”

    “You can’t mortgage the whole farm system just to make the team better for one year. This was never supposed to be the year, anyway.”

    “Making trades isn’t as easy as you seem to think. How many years have you been a general manager, Mr. Smart Guy?”

    “Bell may not be perfect, but he can only work with the players he’s got. And the guys play hard for him. Maybe his replacement would be worse.”

    “Bell has a lot more information than we do. Ever think of that?”

    “This team has outperformed most people’s expectations. What more do you want?”

    Am I missing anything?

    • LDS

      Yes, the fans’ laughter. That and the fact that it’s likely Phil making these comments

    • TR

      I don’t think you or anybody else is missing anything. It’s a blog with opinions, and a really good one about our favorite team and the great game of baseball where us fans are never far from being surprised.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Finalist for top post of the year J. Well said!!! 🙂

    • Votto4life

      “This is still a sorting season”

  21. JB WV

    Currently 4-3 on the west coast trip. Arizona was primed to get revenge for the sweep the Reds put on them. Big series in SanFran. Great to be in the chase this late in the season when most predicted 65-70 wins. The future is extremely bright.
    I’m an old Reds fan. I can remember dreading every trip west. 10 game trip? A 5-5 record was great, you wouldn’t even grumble about 4-6 or 3-7. Put that into perspective.

    • Rick

      What part of WV are you in?
      My wife’s a mountaineer. Kind of an adopted state of mine. I worked there some, and got my continuing education degree from there. RBA in business/ Mgmt. Had 9 hr./ of 27 towards a MS in Marketing from Marshall University pVA. for by my then Employer Corporate HQ located in Richmond Va.
      I’m an old soon to be 68 year old retiree. I became a Reds fan in the mid 60’s as a 9 or 10 yr old kid listening to a little Wade Hoyt, Jim McIntyre, Nuxhall.

  22. Jj

    It’s always about pitching, only a few starters can be depended on, another bullpen loss, too bad they couldn’t have added at the trade deadline, young staff is trying, they need to put a few wins together, 6 games out hurts

  23. Jeff Morris

    Graham Ashcraft pitched well again….just wish he somehow could pitch in the 7th inning, without giving up a run. He has done that frequently this year….pitched in the 7th inning, and given up a run at least, if not more runs. But….overall he pitched well again. Offense has got to score more runs than 2 for him!

  24. LeRoy

    It’s good to see all the rookies getting to play. By the middle of the season next year the Reds should know who is developing into major league players. The ones that look most promising are Steer, McClain, and pitchers Abbott and Williamson. If the Reds do any better than have 4 solid major leaguers, It will have to be proven next Spring and summer. You have to try and prove which prospects are going to be good. Running like a deer and hitting the baseball 450 feet in the minors doesn’t always make one a good major leaguer. This is why you don’t trade your whole farm system for the possibility of making the playoffs for one year. The good prospects in the minors may or may not be better than the ones in the big leagues now, but at least they may develop into solid MLB players, but you never know about prospects until they go thru actual MLB action. Its doubtful the Reds will make the playoffs this year, but it has been fun watching the Youngsters as they get their chance to develop.
    Regardless of this season’s outcome, next year will still depend on Green and Lodolo becoming sold pitchers with Ashcraft, Williamson, and Abbott continuing to develop. Next season I would like to see the Reds have 5 primary starters, 2 long men relievers, and six men who can be used 1 to 2 innings at a time. The long men could be someone like Richardson and Kennedy who could be counted on to go 2-5 innings when necessary and step in to start some games if necessary. The current trend of using a different pitcher every inning after the starter is taken out isn’t working. The relievers have to work too many days each week. This won’t happen but I’d like to see the Reds or some other teams get back to this like it used to be. I hope the Reds have a good offseason and all come back healthy next year.

    • Park Gentry

      I totally agree with everything you have said. With no veterans helping they are hitting the freshman wall. Add to that the pressure of a pennant race and the tendency to do it all myself it is too much for this many rookies. They may not succeed this year but the experience is invaluable. A need to somehow have India and Votto for leadership makes the roster tough going but the need is there. Enjoy what we have, the future is bright!

  25. TR

    Since the standard for a good pitching performance these days seems to be at least six innings, Ashcraft turned in another good one. He appears to be a pitcher the offense struggles to get runs for which is not bad for the era but wins are few and far between.

  26. RedlegScott

    OK, I’m curious. Why were Gibaut and Sims trotted out there again when they pitched last night? Where were Farmer and Law? (I heard Young is injured.) Does anyone know? Baffles me.

    • RedlegScott

      P.S. The two runs on four hits with double-digit strike outs scenario is getting older by the minute. Youth…

  27. Frank

    I know its all very painfull to see the postseason slipping away. But who would predict meaningfull baseball end of august for the reds? I think 99% expected to be out of it by the ASG.

    They are still only 1,5 games out of the wildcard. Living in europe I am losing a lot of sleep wanting to see the reds play live instead of hearing the score the next morning. and most games (like last night) you re on the edge of your seat till the late innings.

    Maybe enjoy the youth movement a bit more instead expecting them to win every game. Even without any off season changes this team will be better next year.

    • West Larry

      Hey Frank, nice to hear from you. Where are you in Europe? I hope not eastern Europe. Western Europe just seems more stable.

    • Rob

      I don’t know what the definition “of being better next year without roster changes” means. Or compared against what? Against the 62 wins of 2022 or the 80-85 wins of 2023. As of today, the second half 2023 results are notably worse than the first half 2023 results. That doesn’t paint a very optimistic outlook and the injury toll is not a major factor. We were without Greene, Lodolo, Abbott, ELDC, McLain, and Votto much of the first half. In fact, very few of our rookie players are on an upward trendat this point in the season. And second and third year players, like India, Stephenson, Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, and Friedl have not shown any measurable improvement beyond their first year. Starting pitching was overrated and grossly misjudged coming into 2023 and seems destined for a similar course in 2024. Offensive output has collapsed for an extended period now and looks more permanent than temporary. Is Friedl closer to a 320 hitter or 220 hitter? Steer 290 va 250? Fraley 275 vs 225? ELDC 300 vs 230? No, I don’t know the answers. But if the trends were reversed I might be as optimistic as you that things will be better next year. Just can’t get there today. Same with the starting pitching. Twice now, both this past winter and again late July, Krall had opportunities to reassess our starting pitching and to your point, thought it was more than adequate. I just don’t see where making the same conclusions over this winter is going to advance the ball beyond 80-85 wins. I might change my view if Greene, Abbott, and Ashcraft each win 3-4 games in September but my crystal ball doesn’t go there right now.

  28. Steelerfan

    I checked on the stats on walks because I felt like it might be a recency bias thing more than a real issue. After all everyone is going to eventually walk someone, it just sometimes happens at a bad times.

    Per MBL Reds are 27th overall with 491 walks. For relievers, they are 28th with 240 walks. For late/close situations (and I do not know the exact definition of that), they are again 28th with 91.

    I was wrong, definitely not in our heads…

  29. Steven Ross

    After an emotion and lengthy game Saturday night, it would have been nice to see some changes in the lineup for Sunday’s day game. Torey Louvell mixed it up.

    Like to see Trey Mancini called up. CES needs a break at 1B.

    Side note: Corbin Carroll had a great series for the Dbacks. Their starting pitching was noteworthy too.

  30. Doc4uk

    CES should go back down until he can cut down on the strikeouts (when Fraley returns) and Steer back to 1B. Will need to have Fraley in LF and Benson in RF . Bring up Dunn also and see if he can become our starting CF .

    Also next week time for Phillips and Mancini to see what they have. Move Hinds up to Louisville

    We are playing for the future at this point

    • Greenfield Red

      Phillips has not been good the last couple of weeks in Louisville.

    • VaRedsFan

      Do you mean the .234/.299/.336 Mancini?

      Funny stuff

  31. Stuart Masterson

    The bullpen is spent, both Vlad G and Dunn are finished for the year. I’m no expert but maybe they should just bring Antone up, he’s been mostly effective at Louisville?

  32. Mark A Verticchio

    The fact is the offense has sucked since the Brewers series before the All Star break, I hate to admit it but Burnes was right when he talked about how to pitch to this team. There have been no adjustments by the hitters and that falls mostly on the coaching, a total failure by Bell and his minions, oh well only 3 more years.

    • Mark Moore


      Then again, what do you expect from the #80 Field Manager in all of MLB?

      • Bill J

        Isn’t it amazing that the Brewers will wait to talk extension with Counsell but the Reds hurried to extend Bell. Maybe if they waited the price would go up.

  33. RedBB

    Too many guys trying to hit HR’s and striking out instead. Elly, CES, Marte, Tyler etc. Elly’s OPS+ is below league average not at 96. Marte 83, CES 76, Tyler 88. That’s not gonna cut it. I would strongly consider sending down Marte and/or CES and brining up one or two of the following Mancini, Hurtubise, Dunn, Barrero. Senzel and Siani should also both be sent down for someone who can hit or get on base.

    • VaRedsFan

      Did you also want to bring up Hopkins and Ramos when they were in AAA?
      Mancini is not good. .234/.299/.336

  34. BuzzKutter

    It is what it is I guess. Still hanging around but not able to put a string of solid games together.

    It would be nice to have a couple bonafide hitters in the lineup. When we face other teams there is always a couple guys that you dont want to see come to the plate. I don’t have that confidence in anyone in the Reds lineup.

    • Jon

      I can see Steer, McLain, and De La Cruz turning into that type of hitter eventually. Maybe Benson. Really can’t see it from anyone else yet, due to either plate discipline or lack of power.

  35. jmb

    If the Reds go 2-1 in SF, they’ll have a .500 record for August. Not good, but not bad for the dog days. Their first 7 games on September are against the Cubs and Mariners, 2 teams, like the Snakes , that are on a roll. Ouch! The following 19 games, except for the 3 against the Twins, should help their cause, though.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      Sorry but their current August record is 8 and 14.

    • RedBB

      2-1 would be amazing. SF is supposed to get 2 big bats back this series though in Yaz and Haniger which is bad news for the Reds..

  36. Jon

    Is it possible that what we’ve seen from the hitters since the All-Star break is a better representation of them than what we saw from late May to the break?

    Perhaps they were playing above their heads during that stretch and this is who they actually are? If so, Krall will have major moves to make this winter to acquire hitters to get this team to the World Series…

    • David

      I would not be so quick to dismiss the “young talent” that the Reds have as position players. Most of them do not yet have 500 ML at -bats. There is a learning curve for these guys.
      EDLC had done about as much as he could do at AAA, and deserved to be promoted. He is only 21. And Johnny Bench won his first MVP at the age of 21.
      Ditto CES.
      TJ Friedl struggled a lot in his first year or so in the Majors with hitting.

      I think Noelvi Marte will do alright eventually, but he has been promoted two levels (AA, AAA and now the Majors) in one season.
      It’s disappointing to see the Reds collapse, but they are who they are.

      • Old Big Ed

        Johnny Bench won MVPs at age 22 and 24.

  37. Jim Walker

    Pure and simple, the Reds’ pitching is a hot mess of incoherence. If there was a competent strategic plan prior to the season, it has long since melted into chaos. What else is there to say about it?

    • BuzzKutter

      No worries, Greene is back, Lodolo, Anton and others will be ready soon.

      Even if something happens next year (don’t worry) they will be back the following year.

      • Jim Walker

        Exactly. Notice I said strategic plan 😉 I’d think an organization valued at over $1B (with a “B” as Carl Sagan liked to add) evaluation would have its analytics folks factoring injury likelihood into their strategic planning.

    • MBS

      The plan appears to be just let 23 happen, good, bad, or ugly. We really should be happy that the team is doing as well as they have, since there was no plan on winning in 23. It’s sad they didn’t add to this team. Even if it didn’t work out, these kids would know that the organization is focused on winning.

      • Jim Walker

        @MBS> Krall said they would be much younger by the end of the year; and, he has delivered on that already. Otherwise, you may be right on target.

        But looking at this pitching situation right now, it may turn out to be vastly penny wise and pound foolish in terms of talent, let alone winning, not to have brought in several arms at the deadline if the stress and wear they are putting on some of their arms materially degrade their performance in ’24 or ’25 when the team is (presumably) trying to win.

  38. Rednat

    i wouldn’t be so pessimistic if we didn’t have this history of player regression that has plagued this franchise since the turn of the century. Particularly the real athletic guys. they just never seem to learn to hit up here ( Hamilton, Aquino, Stubbs). still not sure if it a scouting issue from the beginning or a development issue but it has been frustrating and depressing at the same time. the players that do have a good hit tool tend to be injury prone.

    Winning without established hitters is akin to winning in the nfl without an elite qb. I guess it is possible but very unlikely. The pitching, defense and baserunning has to be perfect and we are far from that

    • Pete

      A perfect example of regression. Let’s take TJ Friedl. What happened to TJ?

      1st half: 304/380/458/838
      2nd half: 226/262/387/649

      Ground Balls 44
      Fly Balls 47
      Liners 395
      Bunts 295

      % by Hit Type
      1st half: GB 40.2, FB 37.5, L 22.3
      2nd half: GB 33.6, FB 51.3, L 15.1

      He is walking far less (9.4 to 3%) and striking out more by not by much (17.3 to 15.9%)

      Remember after Zach Cozart had his breakout year, the next season he developed a horrible case of upcutting? Was never the same and uppercutted his way out of a MLB job as I remember.

      Is TJ Friedl going to be a success as a power hitter? If not, has anyone spoke to him about this? This appears correctable to me. The second half TJ isn’t worth much, he probably should try to figure it out and soon. Blake Dunn is on his rearend…

      • J

        As we’ve said before, it feels like the cape and helmet thing is messing with guys’ heads, and Friedl may be the best example. In August, he has more home runs (4) than walks (3). T

        And there’s no evidence that anyone on this staff cares one bit. He continues hitting leadoff against right-handed starters, he continues taking an upper-cut swing, he almost never seems to be trying to hit the ball the other way, and he almost never seems interested in forcing the opposing pitcher to throw a lot of pitches. If anyone is asking him to change his approach so that he can start getting on base more often, he sure seems to be ignoring it. I don’t think anyone asks anything of him or of anyone else.

      • Rob

        I was with you until you said Blake Dunn. I am hoping our thinking and talent acquisions go a little deeper than Louisville. I am looking for a RH power OF bat that has above average speed. Friedl had a good first half but his second half is Louisville like.

      • VaRedsFan

        Which RH Power bat with speed are you looking for?

    • BuzzKutter

      Somebody on the coaching staff needs to set up a Jugz machine to throw hard sliders and make everyone stand in there and hit 100 of them the other way.

      • J

        I’d like to see a drill where 100 sliders are thrown low and away, and the players are told to stand there and take every pitch. Then they could progress to hitting the other way if they can successfully not swing at least 98 times.

      • BuzzKutter

        All of the “make contact and put the bat on the ball” went away when they started pushing exit velo down our throats. I don’t care how hard it’s hit if it falls on the grass.

  39. Protime

    Bell’s record since the extension 11-15 ? Why is TJ Hopkins still with the Reds? Should have been sent down to Louisville after Saturday ‘s game, significantly overmatched at the MLB level. Mancini, Barrero, Lopez, or Reynolds more deserving replacement. Brewers are in first for many reasons, First, Counsell significantly better manager, Bellnot even close; Better overall pitching staff; Acquired four players during the trade deadline Canha, Santana, Chafin, Blalock. Cubs Ross, better manager than Bell. Acquired two players during the trade deadline, Candelario, and Cuas. Brewers and Cubs got hot at the the right time, and play consistently better fundamental baseball than the Reds. Thus, reflecting accordingly in the NL central standings. Reds significantly deficient substandard manager, detrimental and non existing-leadership. Marginally active in the trade deadline. Lack field discipline, poor unsound fundamental baseball. Painful, but truthful….

    • Rednat

      i agree with most of this post. I think the main problem is the lack of consistent offense. we have particularly struggled scoring runs at gabp this second hallf. just seems hard for this team to string together hits

      • Jim Walker

        The race would look entirely different if the Reds pen had held the lead in even 3 of the 5 games they let slip away in the 7th inning or later on multi-run HRs.

    • Rob

      Let me pile on a little. I think the Cubs and their mix of youth and vets are positioned better than the Reds for 2024. And maybe the Pirates too! If this club continues to flounder the next 5 weeks, I really really hope Krall receives the message. He didn’t do anything at the trade deadline in the interest of 2024. I hope he seriously reevaluates this position over the winter or we are liable to be competing for third place again. There comes a time when the rubber meets the road when we utilize the prospects for trade bait to fill the holes we have. And yes, if we open our eyes we can see the holes.

  40. Redgoggles

    I would prefer getting “hot” in September over August. We have commited to going young, sink or swim. So many of us – myself included – prefered youth over the “established” vets over the past few years, that weren’t doing any better. A lot of positives have been gleaned this year, and we are not out of the WC race yet. A 5 game winning streak or 7 out of 10, would really help.

    Losing the experience of Fraley/India/Votto/Newman all at the same time hasn’t helped. Hunter coming back as Luke Weaver hasn’t helped either. The depth of the farm system has been fully utilized this year, and is still short after all of the promotions. This has only strengthened my opinion that they did the right thing at the deadline, by not moving farm pieces until they had a better idea of what they had. I’d much rather that approach than say, the Angels over the next 5 years.

  41. GPod

    Bell’s comment referring to losing 3 of 4 to AZ (and I quote): “We got a lot out of it…we learned a lot” Really…..we are in a tight race battling for a playoff spot and you got a lot out of getting beat 3 out of 4 games and apparently you need to “learn” that you cannot walk the bases loaded in the 8th inning of a tie game that you really need to win! I cannot even fathom this man being the manager of the Reds for 3 more seasons

    • Rick

      That’s atleast 3 more. That’s really a more depressing thought.
      I’ve worked for guy’s like him that nothing is never his fault, rather he wants us to believe that crap.

    • LDS

      He hasn’t learned a thing in all his years “managing”. No reason to expect progress now.

      • Rick

        The results show that he’s learned nothing over the course of his Reds tenure. The team still makes the same mistakes, he still makes the same mistakes. There’s no accountability. Why was Sims even brought in with 2 men already on base? Wasn’t he the owner of 35 walks in 47 innings coming into this game??

  42. Mark A Verticchio

    We are all so sick of Bell our heads are collectively spinning.

  43. GPod

    But just as disgusting as that comment from Bell is the fact that someone in the media does not ask a follow up question after such a comment, like: Coach, what exactly do you mean by “you got a lot out of it” and more specifically, what did you “learn” in this series that you lost 3 of 4?

    • Jim Walker

      He learned they are a lot less likely to be in the post season than if they had won 3 or 4 😉

    • Melvin

      Un’t uh. Bib Bob wouldn’t like those follow up questions. shamey shamey for even thinking that.

  44. J

    Although I generally hate the “let’s think of an imaginary trade that won’t actually happen in a million years” game, I can’t stop thinking about what the Reds ought to be willing to give up to get Pete Alonso for the 2024 season.

    • Tar Heel Red

      J, I have thought about Alonso, too. Maybe a package of Collier, Fraley, Karcher and Siani to the Mets for Alonso, Vasil and Gilbert would get it done?

      • J

        Although I don’t know what the Mets’ needs will be, I keep thinking India makes sense as part of that deal. He has no obvious place on this team moving forward unless he’s shifting to outfield.

      • VaRedsFan

        I’m not educated on trade values, but no way would I do that if I’m the Mets. Probably would have to start with Collier, Arroyo, and India.

      • J

        VRF, you understand this is for one year of Alonso, right? You’re willing to trade India and two top prospects for one year of Pete Alonso? I’m sure not doing that deal unless I’m getting more than just Alonso back.

      • VaRedsFan

        Didn’t realize that.
        You’re correct.
        Belay that last comment

  45. Bill J

    I have watched highlights of the Little League and Intermediate World Series and see baseball fundamentals are better there than with the Reds.

  46. Old-school

    Abbott ashcraft and Williamson have had nice seasons . Greene injured and disappointing and Lodolo a lost season. Michael lorenzen doesnt patch the gaping hole.

    Lucas Sims erratic, diaz not as sharp and bullpen gassed. Another good reliever would have helped but wouldnt help this terrible offense.

    Offense is in freefall. 2nd half of season reds offense by wRC+:

    McLain 123
    Benson 121
    Steer 98
    Fraley 84-injured
    India 84 – injured
    Marte 83
    CES 76
    Votto 68-injured
    Stephenson 68
    Friedl 67
    Elly 57

    Team wRC+ 84

    Reds need 5-6 off-season additions across all 3 areas- SP/BP/big bats

    Cant win with below avg SP and gassed bullpen and strikeout prone offense 16% below league avg

  47. LDS

    McLain to the IL – oblique strain. Fairchild takes his roster spot. Season is about over, at least for the Reds

    • GPod

      sadly, I think your right…..on to the Bengals!

  48. Protime

    I can’t believe TJ Hopkins is in tonight’s starting lineup. Absolutely pathetic! It’s not personal, his performance up to now is not worthy of that merit. A clear reason why Bell is the worst mgr in the majors.

    • LDS

      How do we know? He’s started one or two games and pinch run the rest. He may stink but we haven’t seen enough to know.

  49. Mark A Verticchio

    Let’s call it the way it is after a decent run this season is over, tonight,s line up isn’t a good triple a line up.