Last night saw Arizona come from behind and snatch a victory in the opener thanks to a go-ahead 2-run homer in the 8th inning. That win helped the Diamondbacks jump ahead of Cincinnati in the wild card race. The Reds will look to rebound tonight in game two of the series. First pitch is scheduled for 9:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

Arizona D’backs

TJ Friedl – CF Corbin Carroll – RF
Matt McLain – 2B Ketel Marte – 2B
Elly De La Cruz – SS Tommy Pham – LF
Spencer Steer – LF Christian Walker – 1B
Nick Martini – DH Lourdes Gurriel Jr. – DH
Christian Encarnacion-Strand – 1B Alek Thomas – CF
Noelvi Marte – 3B Gabriel Moreno – C
Will Benson – RF Jace Peterson – 3B
Luke Maile – C Geraldo Perdomo – SS
Hunter Greene – RHP Brandon Pfaadt – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 76.1 4.72 1.47 34 104
Brandon Pfaadt 61.2 6.13 1.41 19 55
Links: Hunter Greene’s Stats | Brandon Pfaadt’s Stats

Hunter Greene

After missing a little over two months with a hip injury, Greene’s return was a tough one as he allowed eight runs in 3.0 innings on 10 hits, five home runs, and three walks. He and the Reds will look for a better showing this time around.

When it comes to the splits, they are quite different for Greene. He gets crushed by right-handed hitters. They are hitting for average, the draw walks at a solid rate, and they hit for a lot of power against him. Greene does well against lefties, though. They draw walks at a good rate against him, but they don’t hit for much average or power against him. Not shown is that he also has big home and road splits this season. On the road his ERA is nearly four runs lower (3.31 ERA vs 7.24 ERA) and his OPS against is .698 (1.054 at home).


RHH 185 49 16 2 9 16 49 .293 .362 .575
LHH 157 29 8 1 5 18 55 .213 .312 .397

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Change Slider Split
Velo 98.9 91.3 88.1 88.3
Usage 56% 7% 37% 1%

Brandon Pfaadt

Cincinnati faced Pfaadt a month ago, scoring three runs in 6.0 innings and hitting three homers against him. The last time he took the mound, the righty had his best career start as he allowed one hit in seven shutout innings.

Both lefties and righties hit well against Pfaadt. Lefties hit for a higher average than righties, and that 30 point difference in average carries forward with both on-base percentage and slugging percentage. Like Greene, he’s got big home and road splits. His ERA at home is 7.96 (4.20 on the road) and his OPS against is .975 (.729 on the road).


RHH 134 32 8 1 7 9 26 .267 .316 .525
LHH 134 36 7 1 7 10 29 .295 .351 .541

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 93.7 93.2 78.6 83.5 86.5
Usage 47% 6% 6% 27% 13%

When and Where

  • Game time: 9:40pm ET
  • Where: Chase Field
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: They play in a dome, which is good, because it’s 107­°.

News and Notes

Justin Dunn suffered a setback on rehab

Dunn had been rehabbing his way back from his shoulder strain and had pitched in three games – two with the Arizona Complex League Reds and one with Triple-A Louisville – but he suffered a setback and is no longer on rehab assignment.

Welcome to the org, Trey Mancini

The Reds signed Trey Mancini on Wednesday to a minor league deal (we covered it here). Last night he played his first game in Louisville…. and he went off. He hit two home runs and also added a double.

Wild Card Race

With the loss last night the Diamondbacks passed the Reds for the final wild card spot. Cincinnati is now a half-game behind Arizona (and tied with San Francisco).


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Brewers 70 57 0.0 91.0%
Cubs 67 60 3.0 59.1%
Reds 67 62 4.0 24.8%
Pirates 57 71 13.5 0.0%
Cardinals 56 72 14.5 0.0%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

252 Responses

  1. LT

    Just take care of business on our end and hope that the Pirates find magic to beat the Cubs. Over/under HRs Greene will give up tonight is 3. We need to score over 4 runs to have a chance.

  2. Beaufort Red

    What I’m gonna say isn’t gonna be popular. I, like most RLN, was clamoring for CES and Marte to be brought up. Unfortunately I think they are seriously overmatched. Not saying they may be incredible in the future, but right now they’re at bats are horrible. I think I would rather have Senzel at 3rd and Mancini at 1st. I know most right now are cringing, especially about Senzel, but we can’t keep up the anemic hitting. It’s not the pitching the last couple months, it’s our horrible hitting. Just like i said about Barrero, we’re in a playoff race, not an audition for next year. An all rookie infield is cool but at what cost. I’ll go put on my Kevlar.

    • David

      Dude…(that’s just a thing), no really, you have a point.

      Especially about Marte. I think CES will hit, and last night was just a lousy night for him. The Golden Sombrero….4 strikeouts. Maybe tonight he is the star of the game…or maybe not.

      I also have a bit of a problem with Benson batting EIGHTH. I think I would have him batting fifth or sixth, at least.

      And another thing….

      No really,

    • Old-school

      I dont think your wrong but Scott Boras intercepted things and India may be back full time a week from now which totally interrupts the Elly steer McLain rotation who all play every day

      Votto being out allows more options for sure

      We all disagree but we need to see these young guys perform and overpaid old guys are finally out of the way

      Im open-minded

      Let things sort themselves out

  3. Lem

    As we actually declined to pick up pitchers when he could have, I think we should call up Karcher again. He’s our lucky charm and he’s not failed us so far.

  4. Indy Red Man

    I agree on Mancini. Experience matters and he’s had some nice #s in the past

    • LT

      I like his #s hitting against slider. Maybe he can teach the rooks.

  5. Mark Moore

    Well, we asked for consistency in the line-up and we pretty much got that again tonight. Hoping we’ll get a solid performance from Greene and can kill some Snakes tonight.

    Being a Friday, I’m probably good for about an hour or even a little more.

  6. Mark Moore

    Anyone else having difficulty posting?

    • Mark Moore

      For whatever reason, my post about the link RedsMonk shared above doesn’t go through. No indication that it went to moderation. Just doesn’t post.

      Oh well …

      • Mark Moore

        I was expressing some skepticism at the optimistic tone of the article. What I read is that India is still a ways off from baseball activities, including putting significant weight on that foot. Hope he gets through it and comes out better.

  7. Rick

    It seems like our rehab guys suffer more setbacks than one would think is normal.

  8. LDS

    The clock is certainly ticking. Chicago has lost. Milwaukee likely wins. Reds win and the playoff picture tightens a bit. Lose? Well….. The Reds approach to games is like the old cliche – “we lose a little bit on each sale but make up for it on volume”. Thanks Bell – just 2-3 more years until the next extension.

  9. Eddiek957

    Mancini didn’t hit after being traded to Houston last season

    • Indy Red Man

      He didn’t hit for the Cubs either, but what do we have now?

      • Melvin

        He’s had one good night in AAA. Let’s wait awhile.

  10. DataDumpster

    There certainly seems that there could be room for a Barrero callup. I have no idea whether he could hit now in the bigs but he certainly didn’t get any reasonable chance for extended time from Bell. 2 hits, benched 3 games, pinch run, late inning defense with 1 AB seemed the pattern of sorts.
    Hard to believe they wouldn’t give this athlete with superior physical skill a sold chance to see if he can perform….Wrong, no it isn’t! He’s not liked for some reason and they think a good showing in AAA that he has now will have some trade value. Why take a chance on failure and lose some money in a transaction against a 40% chance that he becomes at least a legit MLB player with decent upside potential?

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      Barrero still chasing pitches out of the strike zone at an alarming rate, 36.5% SO. When he hits the ball he’s making a lot more hard contact, though.

      • Chris Holbert

        What is the EDLC strike out rate, 40%?

    • DataDumpster

      Thanks, the buzz seemed to be more positive. If he’s still swinging at those sucker breaking balls for Ks, then he hasn’t really moved the needle. Seems like before DelaCruz arrived, he was the guy that was talked about in similar terms. Maybe both of them were somewhat oversold but offer a load of potential that the coaching may not be able to squeeze out. How long to wait? When another team is in the the best interest of both sides (although it probably doesn’t work that way).

  11. Rick

    I sure hope that Hunter pitches his A game tonight and efficiently.

  12. BZ

    Why exactly is a 33 year old career minor leaguer with 2 career home runs hitting 5th? Simply because he is left handed?

    • Doc

      Are you talking about the one whose HR gave the Reds an early lead?

  13. Indy Red Man

    I’m at a casino watching every game. I think they said Sonny got outs on 5 different pitches by the 4th inning. He’s a professional

  14. Mark Moore

    Man that is one cavern of an outfield!!

  15. LT

    Fish stunk and Cubs cubbed. We won before starting this game. Anyone notice anything about Greene’s FB tonight? Location, movement, any better than last time?

    • Indy Red Man

      Hard to say. Worse lineup & much much bigger park

  16. Rick

    At this point, I’d just tell Justin Dunn to just rub dirt on that shoulder.
    Shoulders are tough. Blew mine out age 22. Have had countless injections as I aged.

  17. Mark Moore

    I’ll take a Martini … to go!!

  18. Indy Red Man

    Bell knows. He knows why he’s batting

    Martini and Mancini. Next they’ll sign Macaroni

  19. Melvin

    See. That’s why he’s batting 5th. hahaha I have to get my crow and A-1 sauce out of the fridge again tonight I guess. 🙂

    • Mark Moore

      Raised his average to a whopping .143 … almost to Joey level. 😛

  20. Rick

    Anyone else remember the old Martini & Rossi commercials?? Say yeah.

  21. J

    Benson shouldn’t be hitting ahead of Maile. They just pitched around him. This is so dumb.

  22. Mark Moore

    Hunter … let CES field that and go to the base.

  23. Rick

    They should’ve put a big green olive on Martini’s head instead of the viking helmet.

  24. Melvin

    That wasn’t good. Mental error on Greene.

  25. Mark Moore

    Stuff seems to be moving a bit more tonight. Maybe it’s because he’s pitching indoors?

  26. Melvin

    Greene not looking bad so far. 🙂

  27. Rick

    Hunter looks like he’s put some weight on probably due to that hip injury.

    • Mark Moore

      Too many trips to the taco truck while in the Zona facility

  28. Mark Moore

    Anyone else less than impressed with the City Connect uniform choice for the Snakes?

    Either my TV color is off, or they look kind of “pee yellow” 😛

  29. Mark Moore

    Getting squeezed just a little. Needs to bear down and get the next guy.

  30. Rick

    Mark, I think DJ has been hitting those taco trucks too.
    Yes Marte!!

  31. Melvin

    Here’s our permanent #3 hitter (until traded) from last year up now.

  32. Mark Moore

    Barehanded job from Marte saves the inning!!

  33. Melvin

    Anyone still think Marte can’t play 3B? 🙂

    • Mark Moore

      And he’s not even our best option there.

      These kids are fun to watch, that much is certain.

  34. LT

    I see what’s going on with Greene tonight. When h missed, it was out of strike zone, so no damage done. Except that he’s at around 50 pitches after 3 innings. Bullpen wil be taxed again.

  35. Doc

    Three straight batters with full counts. Usually does not portend well even though two more walks did not score.

  36. J

    Hmmm. This sort of makes me think Marte might be able to handle third….

    • Mark Moore

      Edwin wouldn’t have made that play 99 times out of 100.

  37. J

    Reds are going to need a few more solo homers.

  38. Rick

    Hopefully that was Hunter’s only, you better get me now inning. Pitch count is climbing up there as mentioned by LT.

  39. Mark Moore

    Thrall asking Cowboy about the color of the unis. He’s saying “dirty cream”. I’m sticking with “pee yellow”.

    • Melvin

      “Dirty cream” might be accurate since they look to not have been washed in at least six months. 🙂

      • Melvin

        If only they had one of those cool Kroger patches. What would be perfect. 😉

  40. GPod

    I am convinced that CES just guesses if he’s getting a strike….last night on the final pitch, takes strike 3 right down the middle of the plate….his last at bat here, swings at a pitch a foot outside

  41. JB

    Arraez coming back to the pack. Freddie Freeman is only 14 points back in the chase for the NL batting title.

  42. J

    I’d like to see Greene experiment with throwing three straight strikes to someone.

    • Mark Moore

      Where’s the fun in that?

      Cowboy saying he was throwing more change-ups earlier in the game.

  43. Mark Moore

    Bad throw by Friedl when he didn’t need to rush anything.

    • Mark Moore

      And score it a double (ridiculous). And it costs us a run no matter what they call it.

  44. Melvin

    Wow Friedl. That was a terrible throw. Cost a base. Not an error but should have been. At least a mental error. Just GAVE him 2B.

    • Melvin

      ….and he scores. smh This team is just NOT big on basic baseball fundamentals. Not a great throw by Benson either. Once he hesitated he had no chance at the runner at the plate anyway. Should have gone to 2B or at least hit the cutoff man. Now another runner on 2B in scoring position.

  45. J

    The Reds aren’t a fundamentally sound team at all, but at least they love playing for their manager.

    • Mark Moore

      And will continue to love it for the next 3 years

  46. RedAlert

    David Bell fundamental baseball on full display – PATHETIC !

  47. Mark Moore

    Need some Bike Helmets here in the worst way.

  48. RedAlert

    Greene just unraveling again – this dude is disappointing -all the way around

    • JB WV

      He’s immature. One thing doesn’t go his way and he falls apart. Time to grow up.?

  49. Beaufort Red

    Hard to watch at times. Even if Bell is at fault on many things, these are major leaguers who have played baseball all their lives. No excuse.

    • Mark Moore


      You know I’m NEVER a HDTBell apologist, but the failure to execute multiple times is just inexcusable.

    • Melvin

      Yeah but if the players don’t fix these things then it’s on Bell. He’s responsible ultimately and shouldn’t put up with it.

  50. Mark Moore

    Yeah … I’m not staying up late to watch a Little League game. If we stop the bleeding and then score in the 5th, I may hang on … but it’s already getting late, even though tomorrow is a Saturday.

  51. J

    One of these teams is looking for walks and line drives. The other loves playing for its manager.

  52. Protime

    Need to bring up Mancini, and insert him into the lineup with Siani, and Martini. Will leave it up to Bell genius lineup approach to see if they can stir things up. Mama Mia! What ever happen to hitting the cutoff man to prevent the runners from advancing into a scoring position? Friedl and Benson. Good grief! Playing fundamental baseball is not in this team’s DNA….

    • Melvin

      If it’s not a reflection on the manager then who is it a reflection on? The players need discipline. He’s not giving it.

  53. J

    Greene may soon be heading back to the injured list with some discomfort in something.

    • Muddy Cleats

      Bruised ego maybe? Kids lack of poise on the mound has become nauseating. He showed some maturity by making an adjustment on his slurve throwing one harder and a new version which is slower & w/ more downward movement ? He even showed an improved change up w/ good movement even though he couldn’t seem to throw it for a strike. He Was on cruise control thru 3 & then David Banner showed up & the Hulk took over! He completely went away fm what was working & went to slinging out of control fastball after fastball no where near the zone & becoming more incensed w/ each negative result. Kid needs taken to the wood shed! It’s not just about u Hunter; remember it’s a team effort. Greene literally threw the game away. Time 4 him to realize he’s being paid to b a ML pitcher – not a thrower who can’t control his emotions or concentrate & focus for 6-7 innings!! Maybe it’s time to realize he’s a bull pen piece only??

    • Ted Alfred

      We can only hope. We’re seeing basically the same P that Hunter Greene has been ever since he’s been up in the majors. Always pitches from behind, high pitch count by the 4th/5th inning… hasn’t put in the time to learn other pitches or is incapable of it. His fastball is hardly ever on the corners, usually down the middle or way off the plate just walking guys keft and right. The dudes either really going to really learn how to pitch or he’s not going to be around in three years because he thinks throwing 99-100 means your good. He crushes the bullpen almost everytime out. The Reds would be better off to let Kennedy take his place in the rotation for the rest of the year.

  54. GreatRedLegsFan

    Whatever he had, he doesn’t have it anymore.

  55. RedAlert

    Get Greene out the game !!!! Glad Krall
    Waited for Lodolo and Greene to return … what a joke ! Bell has nobody ready again

    • RedAlert

      Terrible pitch – what in the world is wrong with this guy !!!!

  56. Melvin

    If another manager. even a decent one, were to watch the Reds this year it would be very easy to point out the things that need to be worked on team wide offensively and defensively. Just not good fundamentals all the way around (basically all season).

  57. Melvin

    Sakak seems really happy for the Diamondbacks right now.

    • Rick

      He’s just a weird dude. Intelligent, but it’s like he panics and wants Chris to as well.

  58. GPod

    Greene really earning that big contract

  59. Mark Moore

    And that’s all for me tonight, folks. I’ve got a good book waiting beside my bed.

    Clete loaded and executed!

  60. JB

    Why is Bell waiting so long on taking Greene out? Let’s wait until the game is out of hand before we get him out of there.

    • H.B.

      He just waited until the game was over to take him out. Greene needs more seasoning in AAA. He just doesn’t know how to pitch. He actually looks like he’s put on weight. I hope he can get it together as we have no one to replace him with.


    • Rick

      Never shows an urgency in any facet of the game.

    • Ted Alfred

      Did the exact same thing last week against the Blue Jays…think he pulled him out after giving up 5 HR when it was 10-2 in the 4h inning. For some reason he doesn’t seem very concerned about winning when Hunter’s pitching…. it’s more like practice for Hunter vs trying to win in the playoff race…

  61. J

    Greene sure does hate throwing his 99mph fastballs.

    Fortunately, Bell is coming to the rescue just in the nick of time, with the Reds only needing four solo homers to tie and five solo homers to take the lead.

  62. Doc

    Greene obviously didn’t use the time off to learn how to pitch. I hope that $53MM doesn’t hamstring the Reds over the next several years.

  63. J

    The Diamondbacks noticed Greene was throwing a lot of sliders and offspeed stuff and missing the strike zone a lot, and they did what teams are supposed to do: they adjusted, started taking those pitches, walked or waited for a good pitch to hit. We all know how the Reds would have handled it. 16 strikeouts in about 75 pitches, with guys flailing at balls in the dirt.

  64. Beaufort Red

    Greene’s mental makeup is off the charts bad. Things get tight, he caves. That’s less than 7 innings his last 2 starts and 13 runs. I always fear long term term contracts for pitchers. Who knows it may all work out. Right now he looks worse than Weaver.

    • MuddyCleats

      Exactly! Immature brat who always finds a way to implode – total lack of poise

  65. GPod

    I’m sure in the postgame, Greene will say he “learned” a lot in this game…..whatever…..what I learned is that the Reds management was counting on 2 pitchers on the DL to bring them home down the stretch and thus made no attempt to get a starting pitcher ……well, it looks like that decision has backfired

  66. LT

    Mercy. I take Kennedy or Richardson over Greene any day of the week. They are more fun to watch for sure with the variety of pitches. It’s painful watching Greene throwing the same pitch and getting hammered.

  67. Tim

    Why is it I can hear Kermit the Frog singing “It Ain’t Easy Being Greene”?

    Can we get Weaver back? Ok…I’m not real serious.

  68. Jeff Morris

    Hunter Greene not right… least yet. Knowing the Reds and there attraction for injuries, wouldn’t be surprised if Hunter Greene goes back on the DL or IL…

    • Rick

      He’s not in game shape. His last pitch was labored upon his release. Plus, he’s thicker in his stomach & thighs. Shame on Krall regarding the Hunter & Lodolo help is already pennant race narrative, instead of obtaining help. Not talking about ace type pitching help.

  69. Rick

    Now Bell gets our version of a long man in Kennedy after burning Law. .

  70. LT

    Beautiful inning by bottom 3 of line up.

    • GPod

      Marte fits right in with the rest of the reds….down by 4 runs, gets ahead 2-0, then swings at ball 3 & ball 4, then strikes out…..whatever happened to making a pitcher throw a strike when your down on the scoreboard

      • J

        Still convinced Bell has never given a “take” sign as manager of the Reds.

  71. VottoMattic99

    Greene should have been the trade bait last year instead of Castillo.

  72. Beaufort Red

    Well fellas gonna call it a night and watch Tombstone on the other channel for the hundredth time. Hopefully I’ll read about a miracle in the morning. “Well bye”.

    • Rick

      Loved both versions. We watched them about a month ago.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Great quote to end that. Tombstone is my favorite movie.

  73. Protime

    All the the weaknesses in full display. Absolutely no fundamentals. HG two disastrous outings. You can’t be a starting pitcher with two pitches. Again, failure to add additional players pre and trade deadlines. As they say: You can’t have enough pitching. Krall! Ultimately, the weakest link is Bell’s lack of field leadership and managerial acumen. He will probably never grow any cojones to hold major league players accountable for their unacceptable performance.

    • Rob

      It is laughable. Miami and Arizona, big market juggernauts and barely treading water, pick up multiple pitchers at the trade deadline. I think we have lost 3 games to these teams since August 1 and all 3 were saved by a trade piece. Robertson (2) for Miami and Sewald (1) for the DBacks. And we didn’t need pitching help because we have Greene and Lodolo to light up the last 6 weeks. And Weaver and Richardson to back them up until they are healthy. You almost want to root for the other guy because they want to win.

  74. Mark A Verticchio

    This weekend might put this season to bed, they simply can’t hit.

  75. Melvin

    Oh my goodness!!! A bunt base hit by EDLC!!! His average would be .400 if could do that on a regular basis. Good job EDLC!!!

    • Rick

      As Welsh use to say about Illy Hamilton, 1 hit a week over the course of season would do wonders. Paraphrasing there.

  76. LT

    I only speak French when I am really upset and I’ve been talking in French in the last 45 minutes. How could you let Greene lose this game like that Bell? What’s in it to gain to try to let Greene finish 4 th inning when you have Kennedy as your long reliever? It’s so hard to win in this sport and we’re handicapped by our own manager.

  77. Daytonnati

    “It ain’t over till it’s over” … said somebody?

  78. Melvin

    Martini!!! Three run homer!!!! Okay I’m officially campaigning for Martini to stay in the lineup now. Crow tastes goooood! 😀

    • Melvin

      See. I told ALL you guys he should be batting 5th. hahahaha!!!! 😀 😉

  79. LT

    Please do not allow any add in run. See if our offense can muster a couple runs in 3 innings to win it. I said at the outset that we need to score more than 4 runs to win. Make it more than 5 runs. I underestimated Greene’s futility and Bell’s stupidity.

  80. GPod

    8 walks by reds pitching…what a joke

    • RedAlert

      Little league stuff right there !!!! RIDICULOUS
      This bullpen is awful !!!!!!!

  81. Melvin

    Back to back walks after scoring three runs. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!!!!!!!

    • Melvin

      Not walking leadoff hitters is part of fundamentals too by the way.

  82. Redlegs1869

    Looks like we may have to muster a few runs with Kennedy now walking everyone.

  83. RedAlert

    Send Kennedy back to semi-pro ball or
    wherever he was ; and take Bell with you !!

  84. LarkinPhillips

    This is straight up little league crap!!

  85. Melvin

    Great fundamentals there again. Steer crashes in to EDLC, knocks him down, and the run scores on a pop up to short LF. That was Steer’s ball all the way by the way.

  86. RedAlert

    Unwatchable !!!! Just once I want to see Bell get in somebody’s face and chew their tail out – ZERO fundamentals on this team , ZERO accountability

  87. J

    If they aren’t too busy loving playing for their manager, at some point this team might want to run a few defensive drills.

  88. GPod

    Obviously Kennedy cannot come out for another inning can he?

    • Rick

      He’s Louisville bound after this game, or as we depart town after Monday.
      His spot will be replaced for tomorrow.

  89. GPod

    They score a big run without a single hit

    • Melvin

      Two walks, a hbp, and a pop up to short LF that no one should be able to score on. smh

  90. Melvin

    Do major leaguers think they’re immune to the basic concept that the outfielder has the ball if he calls it and to get out of his way?

  91. Mark A Verticchio

    This is just awful, this team is the worst fundamental team I have ever seen and that is on Bell. Glad they like playing for though.

  92. J

    Arizona hitters hit two pop ups and struck out, but scored a run because the Reds took care of all the rest.

  93. Melvin

    From Angels In The Outfield – Mananger ” I want everyone here early tomorrow. WE’RE GOING TO WORK ON FUNDAMENTALS!”



    I won’t quote the rest of it. Don’t want to get in trouble on here. 😀

  94. GPod

    All the momentum that the reds had after the 3 run HR was killed by kennedy handing out free bases like candy and bumper cars in the outfield….and Maile made sure of it with a weak groundball DP

  95. Rick

    Both of our catchers are DP machines.
    And before Maile, Benson could’ve busted Marte to 2nd, he’s busted successful this season. Someone tell Bell, I’m to far away in E. TN.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Where you at in East Tennessee Rick?

  96. J

    Hit and run? Steal a base? Too risky. Better to let the runner sit at first. What could possibly go wrong?

    • J

      Bell is once again not taking this game seriously. He’s had multiple opportunities to do something that would boost the team’s chances of winning, and done none of them.

  97. GPod

    So we have nobody in the pen that can pitch tonight….we are just going to hand this game over to AZ

    • Redlegs1869

      For sure. Greens didn’t have it. Stayed in. Kennedy doesn’t have it. Stays in. Offense struggles then has flashes. Then pitching fails. Other times pitching is excellent and offense never shows up entire game. Not ready for prime time yet.

  98. LT

    TS been swinging a hot bat. I like Maile but TS been hacking a couple HRs and 3-4 singles. Just saying.

  99. Rick

    Benson is completely under the ball with what appears to be atleast a 23 degree launch angle. He needs linedrives, and needs a homerun per week atleast.

  100. RedAlert

    Kennedy is gonna burn the stadium down with that gas can he’s using on the mound
    What a complete joke …. Still in the game

  101. Tim

    Two fine pitching exhibitions from the Reds tonight

  102. Rick

    When we send Kennedy down tomorrow, call up Phillips, or Antone.

  103. RedAlert

    And David Bell is a quitter …. Disgusting

  104. RedAlert

    Sit down Bell … you don’t care !!!!

  105. Melvin

    I thought Steer caught that and saved a three homer. He did. Fan interference for sure.

    • Melvin

      Good job by the young kid though. lol 🙂 Stole it right out of Steer’s glove.

      • Melvin

        Poor kid is getting in trouble now by the usher lady. 🙂

      • Lem

        Picked his pocket, literally! A little embarrassing for Steer; that kid’s like 10 years old.

      • Melvin

        Poor kid’s getting ejected. lol He was just trying to catch a baseball. lol

  106. Mark A Verticchio

    This has been the worst game of the year, by far. Bell should be fired tomorrow because he quit.

  107. Stoney

    That’s right Bell. Leave Kennedy in there to get lit up. Not like we’re in a pennant race or anything. Worst manager in baseball by far! No fight.

  108. J

    My feelings about Bell are gradually evolving from bewilderment to annoyance to hatred. I’m so tired of having a manager who seems to care less about winning than we do.

  109. Mark A Verticchio

    This game has been a great example on how not to manage, what a joke.

  110. RedsGettingBetter

    Apparently the only pitcher available in the bullpen is Kennedy, IDK, but the game 5-4 is on the line so you could try to hold it waiting the offense score just a couple of runs… It is unacceptable giving up a huge game down by one run

  111. Lem

    Can’t believe they booted the kid! He was going on pure instinct, and apparently hadn’t read the major league rulebook before coming to the game. Quite a move by him frankly to pilfer that ball.

    • Melvin

      I think it’s a major league rule with fan interference but they should get him free tickets for he and his family for at least 10 games. I hope somehow his parents are able to get a recording of that. He’ll be able to show it for a 100 years to everyone. lol

      • Lem

        And he was getting high-fived on the way out. Of course if it was a crucial game or season-altering moment, he’d possibly have gotten the Bartman treatment by those fans lol. He’ll definitely be in the Arizona papers tomorrow. Still had to be exciting for him.

      • Melvin

        I think he’ll look back and realize it was worth it to get thrown out even though that wasn’t his intention. 🙂 For others who have gone to bed tonight they have to watch that tomorrow. lol

      • Lem

        They’ll be showing that one on ESPN, and maybe even Plays of the week lol. A true thief, that kid.

      • Melvin

        haha That was awesome actually. 😀

  112. GPod

    Bell yanks pitchers in and out of games like a madman, yet, in this game, against a team we are battling for a wildcard spot, and down by one run…..he throws in the towel… can’t tell me we don’t have a single guy in the pen that could pitch tonight

    • Melvin

      It’s the old gotta sacrifice this game to be more prepared for next game thing. The next game maybe the same thing. Gotta win one at a time especially in crunch time.

  113. Mark A Verticchio

    I am going back to my old prediction, they won’t play .500. Out in order 5 of 8 innings, what a horrible outing by everybody not named Martini. I see an Arizona sweep. Thank God college football starts tomorrow and big time next week. After rooting for this bunch I am praying my team, Penn State, has a great year. Sorry Ohio State fans.

    • GPod

      well, when your trying to enjoy some college football tomorrow, don’t let it ruin your enjoyment when your thoughts drift to the fact that we have 3 more years of Bell managing the Reds

    • Rick

      Your Nittany Lions are poised for it to be their year barring major injuries.
      I’m a UK fan but we play 3 cupcake non conference games pre-conference. We’re supposed to be good for us.

  114. Rick

    This won’t be popular but, I’d consider Benson as a tall lefthanded 1st baseman. Wingspan for high and wide stretch catches, good throwing angle to 2nd and 3rd base, and home. He struggles going back on flyballs in the OF, plus his arm is a liability. He’s athletic enough to cover that 1.5 hole. DH/1B/OF.
    Fraley-LF, Elly-CF, Steer-RF(decently strong RF arm).
    Marte-3B, MM-SS, India-2B, if India is traded, Steer to 2nd, Friedl to LF, Fraley-RF

  115. J

    If I’m not mistaken, the only strategic decisions Bell has made since this game started were to bring in Law to get one out and then bring in Kennedy for the rest of this miserable game. I don’t think he’s called for a pitchout, a steal, a bunt, or a hit-and-run. I don’t think he’s asked anyone to take a pitch. Hasn’t used a pinch hitter or a pinch runner. The guy goes back and forth between over-managing when there’s no need to do anything, and letting the game switch to autopilot when they actually need a manager to make some moves.

    • LarkinPhillips

      +1000. My thoughts exactly. He has no idea how to manage within an actual game. My opinion is he was banking on HG going 6 and when he didn’t he threw the towel in, despite it being a close game.

  116. Mark A Verticchio

    David Bell has broken the cardinal rule tonight, never give up. he did when the game was still in reach. We will see the team responds.

    • Rick

      He always does. You can see his contentment in his body language. Pathetic.

    • RedAlert

      Totally agree Mark …. he flat out quit and that’s just plain unacceptable

  117. LarkinPhillips

    The reason Bell is letting Kennedy get crushed is because our bullpen is worn out. Our bullpen is worn out because of a double header two days ago where bell consistently pulled guys after 8 pitches and 13 pitches when they were pitching well. His non stop changes are as much of a reason for the bullpen being overworked as are the starters not going very deep.

    Throwing in the towel in a 5-4 game in a playoff race is disgusting though.

    • Lem

      Don’t forget that Krall did next to nothing at the trade deadline to buttress our over-worked pen. Moll barely counts.

  118. Jeff Rittenhouse

    HEY we cant make our owner’s son a liar…remember he said it was impossible for the Reds to make the playoffs…..

  119. RedAlert

    This is a total embarrassment on all levels …. Starting with you know who ….

  120. GPod

    remember the good feelings coming just a couple of days ago with the sweep of the Angels…..or actually, when Senzel hit that pinch hit HR last night…’s all gone down the toilet since

    • TR

      A split series is still possible, and then on to S.F.

  121. Melvin

    Well. We’re down 10-4 in the 9th.

  122. LT

    AZ has outplayed us in every way possible. Their hitters worked our pitchers to dead by not chasing anything out of strike zone. Our hitters have not learned anything, looked ôm for pitches out of strike zone to hit and missed fastballs down the middle. As good as Martini is (better with a piece of steak, just saying), he won’t hit 5 HRs to save everyone else sorry behind. That’s the last French I speak to tonight. Out.

  123. GPod

    Sadek finally said something worth repeating: gonna be 5 games out of the division after tonight … can pretty much forget about winning the division at this point

  124. DataDumpster

    I stayed up, a weird game like yesterday. See the highlights. Now, 10-4 in the ninth. I guess Kennedy is the last reliever. I guess there is a plan to win tomorrow. Sometimes, I search for “Bell” and get so many hits no matter the topic. Today, it is “fundamentals” which is really the issue. But Bell has the Martini blowing in all the Reds runs thus far so I guess his hunches still drive the bus. They are doing all they can and playing hard. Bases loaded in the 9th for the Reds, what do the cards say?

  125. LarkinPhillips

    Goodness. 10-4 game. 2 guys in a row walk. Marte swings at 3 balls to strike out. no accountability at all on this team.

    • J

      And I stand by my belief that Bell has yet to give a “take” sign as the manager of the Reds.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      My thoughts exactly, yet nobody will mention it.

  126. Melvin

    hahaha Grand Salami by Benson. Two runs down. lol

    • Melvin

      How are big are those fundamental errors looking now? Hope we can somehow overcome them and win this game still.

      • Melvin

        Nope. Two Ks after that. Game over.

  127. J

    Well, now it’s a real shame someone didn’t take this game a bit more seriously when it was a 5-4 game…

    • LarkinPhillips

      The players can only win in spite of managerial decisions so much.

  128. Mark A Verticchio

    Please get rid of that stupid helmet and cape.

    • Lem

      Did I miss it, or did Senzel not get or take the silly cape and hat after his PH homer last night?

  129. RedAlert

    And this is the exact reason you don’t give up in a game that 5-4 in the late innings – now a 10-8 ballgame ….. this speaks volumes about David Bell , volumes !!!

  130. LarkinPhillips

    Friedl strikes out on 3 straight balls. There is zero coaching on this team. You have a slider pitcher in. You need to get on base. At least take a strike and make him show he can throw it for a strike. That is basic middle school baseball strategy.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      This team has no strategy.

    • J

      He’s had a grand total of three walks in August. You don’t get to do any fun celebrations if you walk, so why take pitches?

  131. Mark A Verticchio

    Sorry, but it is still a horrible loss in the middle of a pennant race. However that fool Bell will harp on the final score. 3 more long long years.

  132. David

    The Grand Slam by Benson (and good for him and a big hit!) only made it look cosmetically close.
    But Bell decided to leave Kennedy in after the inning where he gave up the sixth run…should have been a CLUE that Kennedy didn’t have it tonight. He just couldn’t locate the strike zone.
    And the take away is that Martini and Benson drove in all the runs. Nobody else did much of anything except some singles and walks here and there.
    Marte looks lost at the plate, and CES doesn’t look much better.

    The Reds could lose all four this weekend to the D-backs.
    The starter for tomorrow (for the Reds) is now a big mystery.

    • GPod

      the real mystery is why the reds management felt it was a good thing to give Bell a 3 year extension

  133. Melvin

    Getting back to that kid stealing that ball out of Steer’s glove did anyone see all the big security guards escorting him out of the stadium. He was just a 10 year old kid trying to catch a baseball for crying out loud. hahaha

    • Doug Gray

      He was not asked to leave the stadium. They did make the family move to another section.

      • Melvin

        Oh really. I didn’t know that. I think it was Welsh that said it was a major league rule that he had to leave. They sure had several security guards escorting him.

      • Melvin

        Hurray for the kid anyway. Game of his life he will never forget. 🙂

  134. Protime

    Clearly, David Bell is a pathetic manager. Krall and ownership failed the team at the trade deadline. Both worthy of replacement. Bell for sure, he has indisputably demonstrated his managerial incompetence.