The Cincinnati Reds (67-61) started the 10-game road trip strong with a series sweep over the Los Angeles Angels. It gets harder from here, as they now head to Phoenix to take on the Arizona Diamondbacks (66-61) for a four game weekend series.

Only a half game separates these two teams for the final NL wild card spot. The Reds can put some distance between themselves and the Diamondbacks, but Arizona is hot right now. They are 9-3 in their last 12 games, and are currently riding a four game win streak. However, they did lose nine straight to start the month.

Meanwhile, the road warrior Reds have won three straight and are 29-12 on the road since May 26th. First pitch is at 9:40 EDT.


Cincinnati Reds

Arizona Diamondbacks

CF T.J. Friedl 2B Ketel Marte
2B Matt McClain DH Buddy Kennedy
SS Elly De La Cruz RF Tommy Pham
LF Spencer Steer 1B Christian Walker
DH Nick Martini LF Lourdes Gurriel Jr.
1B Christian Encarnacion-Strand 3B Evan Longoria
3B Noelvi Marte CF Corbin Carroll
RF Will Benson SS Nick Ahmed
C Tyler Stephenson C Gabriel Moreno


Starting Pitchers

Brandon Williamson 86.2 4.47 1.26 32 76
Merrill Kelly 129.1 3.13 1.18 49 134
Links: Brandon Williamson’s Stats | Merrill Kelly’s Stats

Brandon Williamson

Left-hander Brandon Williamson had a bit of a rough outing against Toronto last weekend, giving up four earned runs on nine hits in 5.2 innings. It wasn’t terrible, but it was rough compared to how he had been pitching. In his previous two starts, he had given up only two earned runs in 12.1 innings combined.

Williamson has really upped the usage of his cutter in August, and it’s contributing to his great month. He has slowly increased the usage since May, and in August, is using the cutter about 33% of the time. He’s also using it effectively because it’s his second best pitch in terms of whiff percentage. In 2023, his change up and slider have been his best pitches to get batters to swing and miss, but his cutter is sitting about nine percent. In August, he has an 11 percent whiff percentage with his cutter, which is good for his second best pitch. It’s not bad for someone who just started throwing a cutter this year.


RHH 291 62 16 1 14 9% 21% .234 .302 .460
LHH 69 15 2 0 0 10% 22% .250 .324 .283

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 92.5 89.0 73.5 81.7 84.3
Usage 42% 20% 9% 15% 14%

Merrill Kelly

Right-hander Merrill Kelly returned to the Diamondbacks rotation in late July after he was out for a month with a blood clot in his right leg. He has pitched well since his return. So far in August, he has a 2.70 ERA in 21.1 innings with 25 strikeouts and only eight walks allowed, including shutting out the Dodgers through 6.0 innings before he left early with leg cramps.

Kelly is an average velocity pitcher, but with a strikeout rate of 25%, he does generate a good number of swings and misses. With a career ground ball rate of 43.2%, he can definitely be considered more of a ground ball pitcher. That number has gone up to 45% in 2023. Kelly also doesn’t give up a lot of home runs, having only allowed 17 in 129.1 innings in 2023.


RHH 257 55 13 0 9 9% 25% .237 .305 .410
LHH 270 49 6 3 8 10% 26% .205 .293 .356

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 92.5 92.4 91.3 82.4 86.1 88.8
Usage 27% 14% 17% 14% 5% 23%


  • Time: 9:40 pm EDT
  • Place: Chase Field
  • Weather: 101 degrees, mostly sunny
  • Roof Status: Closed, per usual for Phoenix in August
  • TV: Bally Sports Ohio; FS1 (national broadcast)
  • Radio: 700 WLW

News and Notes

Votto to the IL

The Reds put Joey Votto on the 10-day IL with left shoulder discomfort and made a few corresponding roster moves.

Trey Mancini to Triple-A Louisville

ICYMI, the Reds signed Trey Mancini to a minor league deal yesterday.  

And in his first at-bat with the Bats tonight, he homered to right field.


206 Responses

  1. Klugo

    The next 11 games are kind of a big deal. Let’s Go Reds!

  2. LT

    We have our hands full tonight. Kelly is tough. We have the right guy on the mound though, in Williamson we trust. Hope to see some fireworks from offense. Let’s go.

  3. Mark Moore

    I’m probably good for about 45 minutes tonight. Hope that gets me through 3 innings.

    Snake killing time!! 😀

  4. Old-school

    Nick Martini hitting 5th.. This is kinda like Bell batting Matt Davidson 5th in 2020 when the Reds needed to beat the Tigers and start the season strong. they lost 2 of 3

    • RedlegScott

      First thought I had, too. We shall see…

    • David

      It’s that lefty-right knifey – forky – spoony thing that Bell does.

      If anything, I would have Will Benson batting fifth, and Martini hitting seventh, with CES in between. I don’t know if it makes any difference….at this point.

  5. Roger Garrett

    Looks as if he just gave him Joey’s spot.Neither made much sense to me but well some say lineups make little difference

  6. Roger Garrett

    Mancini has hit 2 homers tonight at Louisville.

    • RedsMonk65

      Quite the debut. 3-4 with two homers, 3 RBIs. Bats win 6-5.

  7. AllTheHype

    Bell trying to get Votto-like production out of the 5th spot.

    • Tim

      If he wants to get that kind of production in the five hole he can sign me at the league minimum

  8. J

    Well, that might have been a nine pitch first inning, just like so many other first innings, but eventually he’ll have to face Benson.

  9. Indy Red Man

    Bad feeling tonight. Their guy features a changeup and we’ve got to be tired. Hope I’m wrong

  10. Mark Moore

    CB Buckner as our HP Chumpire tonight. Bizzarro Zone in play. Good night for me to not watch the whole game.

  11. Old-school

    I am out folks. Old man.
    Go Reds.

    Hope some of these young hitters do it and Williamson saves this pen.

  12. Melvin

    Does that look like a BIG outfield out there or is it just me?

    • JB

      I was just thinking that on the flyball to Steer. Elly could run forever on the ball in the gap

  13. Melvin

    So much for getting the runner over to third with no outs. Situational hitting.

    • J

      I really wonder if any of these guys have even heard the term “situational hitting.” If any of them are ever trying to accomplish anything in particular, it’s extremely subtle.

  14. J

    This team could really put on a clinic on how NOT to deal with a leadoff double.

  15. J

    Other than Friedl, do we have any evidence to suggest that anyone on the Reds active roster knows how to bunt?

    • J

      Oh, Senzel is on the active roster now. I guess he knows how to bunt. And I think maybe Siani does. Anyone else?

  16. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds hitters have been struggling against the changeup of Kelly thus far…As usual recently, the offense’s looked awful in the first 3 innings…

  17. Ted Alfred

    Not sure what the long-term plan with Elly is as shortstop, but McClain is the better shortstop. Elly has way too many issues on really easy balls getting the ball out of his glove, short tosses, easy double plays gettimg messed up Etc. I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s really good at third and McClain is really good at Short and that’s where those two need to be long-term

  18. JB

    Is it me or does EDLC have problems getting the ball out of his glove.

    • Melvin

      Potential ELITE centerfielder. 😉

  19. J

    That inning was a perfect microcosm. McLain took a big rip with two strikes, nearly came out of his shoes, and missed. Elly swung at a borderline pitch and then stared at strike three because he guessed wrong. Steer swung early at a ball on the outside part of the plate and rolled to shortstop instead of staying back and trying to shoot it into right field.

    I know hitting is hard. I know they’re rookies. But this can’t all be a coincidence.

  20. J

    At least Williamson showed up ready to play.

  21. Mark A Verticchio

    They have a long way to go to become solid professional hitters.That is why making the playoffs is such a long shot. They could use Mancini asap.

    • J

      Do they get any sort of hitting instruction, or are they just left to figure it all out on their own? I mean, just watching games on TV it’s easy to see that almost nobody shortens their swing with two strikes, nobody adjusts in any way to the pitches the opposing pitcher is throwing, nobody seems to be making any attempt to go the other way even when the pitcher is repeatedly throwing it outside and getting strikes called, nobody other than Friedl even *pretends* to drop down a bunt, etc. I just don’t see why this sort of stuff is SO hard to fix that it has to go on for months.

  22. Mark A Verticchio

    Not seeing a run tonight, this team can not hit a solid pitcher with a change up.

    • BuzzKutter

      The Strikeout Reds look to be back in full force tonight.

  23. J

    This is the sort of game where I think the Reds would benefit from a manager who actually shows some sort of emotion when his team is failing to look like professional hitters. Like, at least a hint of disappointment.

  24. Rick

    Well crap, don’t let them score. Nice job Marte.

    Watch Ty Steve’s left foot next ab.
    Didn’t he use to toe tap?
    Closed stance & he’s moving his left foot slightly towards 3rd, then back closed during the pitch release.

  25. Melvin

    Good job by Marte to get the runner at home.

  26. J

    That was a great throw by Marte, but it seemed like a pretty sure double-play if they executed it correctly. Glad it (just barely) worked out…

  27. LT

    Titanic struggle in the desert for the offense as expected. Williamson bends but does not break, yet. Forget stringing hits together. Someone hits a HR to win the game.

  28. Harry Stoner

    Williamson keeps making progress, poco a poco.

    Zero walks so far…, working around hits, low pitch count.

    Bell send him out for the 6th?

    • BuzzKutter

      CES, Benson, Stepho after 2 plate appearances 2 strikeouts each.

  29. Melvin

    That’s going to be sore for a week or more. Maybe IL. Too bad for Benson. Going to swell up tonight.

  30. RedsGettingBetter

    Williamson relying on his cutter a lot but the DBacks are making good contact in the last ABs, seems like he is fading a little bit in the game. Interesting what Bell will do with the bullpen tonight…

  31. Rick

    It goes against the book, but on a 2 strike count I’m looking changeup. What have we got to lose with only 1 hit.

  32. Melvin

    Down on the farm tonight Barrero with a double batting 3rd.

      • Rick

        They’re saving him for a winter trade I guess. Don’t want him whiffing on those MLB sliders again.
        I’d give him another shot and see if he could contribute where it counts more.

      • Melvin

        He’s got more potential/tools to help than any of the other non regulars who are up here now including of course Senzel. He might come up on Steptember 1st but if he can help now…….

    • RedAlert

      I’d rather see him back up here than Senzel … Senzel has had his chances aplenty …
      offers nothing

  33. RedAlert

    Reds hitting approach is awful !!!! Needs new hitting coach period …. Every game at least a third of their 27 outs are strikeouts … it’s
    beyond ridiculous …. Pathetic

    • Melvin

      Does our hitting coach have options left so we can send him down and bring up the one in Louisville? 😀

      • J

        There’s a hitting coach? What does he do?

      • Melvin

        Actually the situational part or lack thereof falls at the feet of David Bell.

  34. Votto4life

    Reds batters with 9 strike outs through 5 innings.

    • Harry Stoner

      “It won’t change who we are!”

  35. J

    This guy is going to throw a 14 inning shutout, and not a single Red will attempt to hit a ball the opposite way no matter how many times he throws pitches on the outside edge.

  36. RedsGettingBetter

    The ump has denied many strikes calling them as balls… Bad luck for Williamson

  37. LT

    Can’t understand why Williamson went with the change up on a 3-2 count on Longoria, a pitch that he has not thrown for strike all night. Love Williamson but his pitch selection needs to improve for him to go deeper I. Game to help out the bullpen.

    • Harry Stoner

      Easy does it….The kid is showing growth and confidence in almost each of his start.
      He just threw six scoreless and had a great final matchup w Mr. ROY (though McLain deserves it.)

  38. Rick

    No adjustments in our hitting approach. That changeup is nasty unless you look for it on the right count. We’re always 0 & 2, you know it’sclming on 2 strike counts.

    • Melvin

      Might as well try sitting on it. What have we got to lose?

      • Rick

        My thoughts exactly.
        You’re right on Barrero too.

  39. J

    Bell must have been having another one of his epic internal struggles. He SO desperately wanted to make a pitching change to show how strategic he is, but he had handedness on his side! What to do?!

  40. Ted Alfred

    Williamson is really growing up. He’s turning into a very good starter right before our eyes. I was glad to see David Bell leave him in there and give him a chance to clean up his own mess because the last time out he pulled him and the bullpen let his runners score and it pissed him off

    • Harry Stoner

      One of the brighter lights of the season.

      I was thinking the same…glad Bell left him in.

      He was wilting but steeled up and threw well to,Carroll.

      Great outing for Williamson.

    • RedAlert

      These strikeouts are sickening …. These guys can’t even make contact and stand there watching strikes go then swing at ones 2 feet out of zone

  41. Melvin

    Someone just needs crank one of those changeups. One run may win this game. Just sit on it the entire AB.

    • Harry Stoner

      Grip n’ rip Reds against another soft tosser.

      If Friedl can ‘go to the press’ about practicing robbing homers, maybe the press can write about all the hitting drills he’s putting the team through to deal with off speed stuff.

  42. Jeremiah

    Is that Curt Schilling, Randy Johnson out on the mound for the Dbacks? Reds hitters getting dominated! I think they are a little tired though from the double header, travelling, and Kelly is pretty good.

  43. J

    I know it’s a lot to ask of guys who are professional baseball players, but maybe someone on this team other than Friedl could learn how to bunt at some point. When you’re unable to hit anything the pitcher is throwing, that might be a strategy worth pursuing.

  44. RedsGettingBetter

    What a atrocious inning by the offense… a lot of chase…

  45. Mark A Verticchio

    You would think somebody would do just that, what do they have to lose. Whatever approach they are trying isn’t working.

    • Harry Stoner

      “It won’t change who we are!”

  46. Jeremiah

    Williamson has been solid this year. He’d be quite the #4 or #5 starter in a rotation if he keeps improving. Maybe even better if he can go a little longer. It’s kind of crazy how none of these guys these days hardly ever go into the 7th inning, I kind of miss those days of baseball with starters going deep into games.

  47. J

    On more than one occasion this season I’ve found myself wondering “don’t these guys have any pride?” I’m afraid this another one of those days.

  48. JB

    This might end up like the first game against Toronto. 1-0. Let’s hope the Reds win it again. Need to hold on until they can get Kelly out of there. Arizonas bullpen is in bottom 8.

    • J

      Oh, I think they’ll probably score more than 1 in this inning alone.

  49. LT

    Need to get Farmer out asap. He has no control on location. If he’s hurt, more reason to take him out.

  50. Harry Stoner

    Farmer about to cough this one up.

    He’s been walkin’ Strickland down the hall.

  51. RedAlert

    Buck Farmer to the rescue with the leadoff walk

  52. RedAlert

    Ballgame about to get away right here – nice job Farmer

  53. Melvin

    This another one of David Bell’s “leave the struggling pitcher in there” moments.

    • J

      Yup. He failed to notice what we all noticed. Go figure.

  54. J

    Every opponent can pretty much count on two things when they face the Reds. The hitters will chase a ton of pitches with absolutely no regard for the situation, and the relievers will walk the first batter.

  55. Ted Alfred

    I seriously can’t believe David Bell didn’t have somebody warmed up. Farmer walks the first guy and then the next two guys hit absolute bullets off of him, but Young is not ready to go. That was 100% on David Bell… how in the hell do you do that?? Game 9ver…pathetic. I should have known he was due for a major screw up with the pitching after handling the Angels series better than he has all year

  56. J

    And we’re going to continue with the Farmer Show. Because why try to win?

  57. Jeremiah

    Will there be any “Rally” Reds tonight? I’m about to hit the hay so will find out probably tomorrow morning!

  58. Melvin

    Only one run on a MAJOR base running error. Wow. Ball of the wall.

    • RedAlert

      David Bell is completely clueless … Worst manager of a bullpen in MLB and it’s not even close …. Dude sub .500 record in 5 years and gets a 3 year extension ….. stupid move by front office

  59. Melvin

    Is Farmer all Bell has to use tonight? Sure seems like it.

    • JB

      Like I’ve said before, I swear Bell bets on the games.

    • Rick

      Captain Hook sure hates to pull relievers. He has no urgency him in him at all.

  60. Ted Alfred

    Geez the Reds are really catching some breaks the last few games. They probably should have lost the first two games in LA and then they catch another huge break tonight to keep this one at least possible.

  61. Melvin

    SOMEHOW, thanks to stupid base running be the Angels, we come out of that with only one run scored against us.

  62. J

    It would be nice to think a one run deficit keeps the Reds in the game, but someone is probably going to need to hit a ball the other way to score a run, and I don’t see it happening. The plane got in late and they’re rookies, so it’s impossible.

  63. JB

    Kelly hurt himself. Reds are luckiest team.

  64. LT

    Az coach removing Kelly, trying the dumb n dumber thing with Bell?

  65. Ted Alfred

    So the Reds catch another major break when Kelly who is completely dominating them and he certainly is it a loan of pitch count to pitch a complete game somehow injured himself so now the Reds get to see the bullpen which has to be a good thing the way he was pitching. Catching all these brakes kind of makes you think maybe something’s in the air for the Reds this playoff chase. And if that’s anything serious at all with Kelly that crushes Arizona’s chances of making the playoffs. All these huge breaks the Reds are getting makes you kind of think maybe this is their year cuz the amount of breaks they’re catching in the last four games is unbelievable.

  66. Jeremiah

    I know he had the HR yesterday, but Stephenson really not great overall this year hitting. If it was a one game playoff I’d be tempted to start Maile over him.

  67. Melvin

    Okay Senzel. I’ve got my crow ready. MAKE me eat it at least for this game.

  68. Jeremiah

    When does Mancini come up! 2 Hrs in Louisville I heard…would be great to see him launch a couple vs. the Cubs

  69. Daytonnati

    Doesn’t “seem” like he’s locker room poison?

    • JB

      Haha. It’s amazing how many people think that. Somehow sitting on their couch they can decifer that he is a cancer.

    • Chris

      I thought the same thing. He is actually loved in that locker room based on everything I’ve heard and seen, but people want to make stuff up to support their own made up narrative.

  70. Jeremiah

    lol wow I was totally against the Senzel move, but hey who knows what to think sometimes with this team and this year in general! Hope Kelly’s injury not bad for the Dbacks that stinks for them.

  71. Protime

    What do you know? Senzel delivers….

  72. JB

    Senzel!!! That will tick a few off on Redleg Nation.

  73. Protime

    Time to bring up Mancini! Siani, Martini, Mancini, mama mia!

  74. Ozzie

    The Reds have caught a LOT of breaks on this road trip. Angel errors, Ohtani, Kelly exiting earlier than planned. But they have also taken advantage of them. So far the West coast swing hasn’t finished off their season like it has done in the past. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  75. J

    This game makes absolutely no sense. What is happening?!

  76. JB

    Reds lead. Stephenson and Senzel with RBIs. Raise your hand who had that

  77. Jeremiah

    Stephenson comes through, I was just advocating for Maile over him, can’t figure these guys out. Rally Reds back!

  78. Redlegs1869

    She hats the Stephenson we know!

  79. Melvin

    Woohoo!! Stephenson comes thru. We got the lead! 🙂

  80. Andrew Brewer

    Marte walks, steals second and Ty Steve brings him home… Just like that !

  81. Rick

    Bring it Matt Mc!
    You owe us a good swing.

  82. J

    I certainly hate to be critical of Bell, but why not pinch run for TS here? You’ve got a backup who’s probably a better catcher, and you’ve got a guy on the bench whose main job is pinch running.

  83. LT

    Don’t forget about Marte walking d and stole second. Good contribution from the rook

    • Ted Alfred

      This is been Marte’s best game. He’s looked very good and smooth defensively and he had a really nice at bat against Kelly to hit the double leading off the 3rd inning, then the walk stolen base and go ahead run.

  84. Jeremiah

    Ketel Marte seems like somewhat of a Reds menace, have to face him at least one more time.

  85. J

    Just to make me happy, can someone explain why you don’t run for Stephenson in that situation? I’m sure Bell had a good reason for it, but I don’t know what that reason could be. Who does he need to save, and for what reason?

    • Melvin

      He didn’t run for Votto the other night either when he had Siani on the bench late in the game so…….

  86. J

    I still don’t understand why they don’t just intentionally walk the first batter and save themselves a few pitches.

    • Redlegs1869

      No joke. It is embarrassing. Work so hard to take the lead and these clowns can’t find the plate.

  87. DW

    The customary free pass to the first batter courtesy of the Reds’ bullpen

    • J

      I mean, they really MUST be practicing it. Otherwise, I think they’d accidentally throw strikes once in a while.

  88. Melvin

    Leadoff walk. smh UUUUUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  89. JB

    Lead off walk. Nice to see the bullpen is back to that crap.

  90. Melvin

    as in Double play! Double play! Double play!

  91. JB

    Anybody up in the bullpen or are we going to wait until disaster strikes.

  92. Votto4life

    Oh Look, the Much maligned gets a bIg hit and the Reds grab the lead.

  93. Andrew Brewer

    It struck. We need Sims out there…

  94. JB

    Carrolls last homer was against the Reds.

  95. LT

    And our search for set up man continues. thr one thing he csnnot do is to give up a HR in that situatiin and he did juat that. smh

  96. Melvin

    Leafoff walk scores on a HR. smh Down 3-2.

  97. Hanawi

    Ugh. So close to stealing this game. Hope they have one more comeback in them.

  98. Ted Alfred

    Young…freaking terrible. Walk the leadoff, then 3-1 get a lucky popup, then behind again and serves up the gopher ball game winner….nice job. Huge game to give away, had a chance at real momentum. We’ll see what Hunter Greene has tomorrow, but I definitely don’t have my hopes up. I think he’s going to get hammered again.

  99. Jeremiah

    Corbin Carroll, Rookie of the Year most likely gotta give him credit, he’s good.

  100. Melvin

    De La Cruz never gets cheated on a cheap swing that’s for sure.

  101. RedlegScott

    One might suggest our pen is spent from winning 3 in LA?

  102. Jeremiah

    EDC whatever happens good at bat making their closer really work

  103. Rick

    We need an 8th inning rp that throws gas next year

  104. RedAlert

    Bad loss coming … atrocious bullpen work by Young all the way around , pathetic

  105. Melvin

    Okay Senzel. MAKE me eat double crow.

  106. JB

    Elly works his butt off on that plate appearance and Buckner steals the at bat from him.

  107. JB

    Strand needs to swing at anything close because Buckner will be calling it a strike.

  108. Andrew Brewer

    C’est la vie ! We’ll have to get ’em tomorrow.

  109. RedAlert

    Golden Sombrero – geeze Strand how do you not swing at that freaking pitch !!!!

    • Andrew Brewer

      4 K’s on the day… At least there was big drama in the loss.

  110. LT

    What a way to lose the game. Good night everyone.

  111. Melvin

    Holding my head. Took the third strike. Well we had em…and have it back.

  112. RedlegScott

    You can blame Young all you want, but 2 runs on 3 hits and 16 K’s ain’t gonna cut it in the Bigs.

    • Melvin

      Good starting pitching but it was a team loss after that.

      • Andrew Brewer

        Much to the surprise of everyone, the Reds scored two runs in the top of the 8th, a homerun by Senzel, who was pinch hitting, and a walk with a steal by Marte, that Stephenson brought home with a single… That was all they got, but not all they needed since the Dbacks scored two in the bottom of the same inning, with a walk and a homerun. It was certainly a hard day for the Reds at the plate. Farmer gave up one run, and Young gave up two in relief. Yep, the magic was there, and then it wasn’t.

    • RedAlert

      That is very true too ! 16 of 27 outs by whiffs …. That’s garbage hitting approach right there

    • SR

      Agreed. You can’t give up nearly two thirds of 27 outs without putting it in play. The two gift games in LA were caused by making the other team field and throw the ball. The Reds have two 18 strike out games and now this one Since the all star game. Not a playoff caliber offense at this point. Another wasted good start. If the other team is held to 3 runs, you have win to those games.

      • Melvin

        Of course I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes but it would seem that every player is on his own to do what he wants in most every AB. There doesn’t seem to be much strategy in our hitting except swing for the fences.

      • TR

        The Reds have occasionally had an effective hitting coach over the last few years. They need to get one now with the incredible potential of these young hitters. There’s obviously much more to hitting than just swing and hope to make contact or stand there and take a called third strike which happens too often.

    • Chris

      It would have without a walk and an HR. Sometimes that’s how you have to win games.

  113. DW

    Sewald really struggled and Reds couldn’t take advantage of it. Senzel and CES each let him get away with fastballs right down the can. EDLC got hosed on the called strike three. Should have been rewarded for that AB.

    • Melvin

      Yes EDLC fouled off SEVERAL pitches in the AB and the total was over 10. He worked the count as much as anyone could and the umpire….well….you know. That was BIG. He would have been on with no one out.

  114. Protime

    3-2 game on the line, Buckner behind the plate. You gotta swing. Tough way to end the game.

    • Chris

      That pitch was down and away, what would swinging have done for him? No way he does anything with that pitch.

  115. J

    Reds are apparently taught that on a 3-1 count when you’re trying to tie the game up you should be prepared to check your swing if it looks like a strike, and then take a pitch down the middle to end the game.

    This team seriously need to bring in someone to do a one hour seminar on situational hitting, because clearly nobody on this staff has ever said a word about it.

  116. J

    I think CES is going to be a great hitter, but it really seemed as if he’d completely forgotten where he was and what he was supposed to be doing. On a 3-1 pitch fastball, which I think was a strike, he checked his swing? That’s the situation when you’re supposed to be looking for a fastball you can hit out of the park, and that was a pitch to do it on. Then it gets to 3-2 and takes a pitch down the middle, with an umpire who thinks anything close to the plate is a strike? That’s a situation where you’re supposed to be swinging at anything close. This is Baseball 101. You shouldn’t need years of experience to know this stuff.

    • Rick

      That in the moment, at that point, typifies our; “in the moment”… gets lost on these Reds. 2-0 swing at pitchers pitches, 0-2 bat on shoulder. No sac fly’s. No hit & runs. Moving runners over. Etc.

  117. Melvin

    Five games back of Milwaukee in the lost column. Two back of the Cubs. One back of the last wild card spot. No excuse for 16 Ks tonight unless he was throwing 120 mph.

    • Andrew Brewer

      Yeah, but the Reds came back with 2 in the 8th, and the glimmer of a victory was there, only to be lost in the bottom of the 8th…

  118. RedAlert

    16 whiffs …. Boy this hitting coach (whoever it is ) ain’t it …. The plate approaches by these players most of the time are
    horrendous …. Got to be averaging almost double digit strikeouts every game