The Cincinnati Reds are calling up outfielder Michael Siani from Triple-A Louisville where he’s spent the entire season with the Bats. Mark Sheldon of was the first to report this.

Michael Siani is getting called up because outfielder Stuart Fairchild is heading to the 7-day concussion injured list after hitting the wall hard over the weekend against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The 2023 season has been one of extremes for Michael Siani. Over the first two months of the season he hit .193/.286/.318 with 26 walks and 63 strikeouts in 50 games. Then from June 1st through August 4th he played in 46 games and hit .306/.449/.435 with 39 walks and just 33 strikeouts. He cut down his strikeout rate in a big way during that stretch.

But for as good as that run was, he’s struggled big time over the last two weeks. Since August 5th he’s played in 13 games and gone 4-41 (.098) with four walks and 14 strikeouts. Through the ups-and-downs, Siani has played in 109 games and had 456 plate appearances while hitting .226/.342/.353 with 15 doubles, 3 triples, 9 home runs, and he’s stolen 22 bases in 26 attempts. You can see all of his career stats here.

Siani has not ever been known for his bat, though. He’s always been known for his speed and his defense. As a center fielder he shows big range and a good arm. On the bases he’s stolen as many as many as 52 bases in a season (2022 when he was with both Chattanooga and Louisville).

What makes this move a bit interesting is that the Reds passed over Nick Senzel here. He has the ability to play the outfield, too, but unlike Siani he also can play some infield if the situation were to arise. The Reds front office, though, decided to go with Siani who is in the middle of a huge slump, over Senzel who was optioned back to the minors a little more than a week ago.

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  1. RedBB

    Interesting call up. I’ve always been a Siani proponent but this one is a bit puzzling. I guess they went with D. As I said in another thread I woulda called up Barrero or Reynolds but oh well.

    • REDPOE

      It’s like they completely forgot about Matt Reynolds he’s been having a decent minor league season and was pretty important last season for our ML club

  2. Randy Peterson

    I’d say Senzel will be dealt in the off-season. Look for India to be gone as well.

    • TR

      There’s still six weeks of baseball left in the regular season. The playoffs are still a possibility if the Reds can lessen the 4 game loss gap with Milwaukee. Whatever happens, this offseason should see a lot of action to fine tune this exciting sorting season.

    • Doc

      Of course, Senzel is also in the middle of a huge slump since going public with his playing time complaint, and was he not hit in the helmet with a pitch a couple of days ago. He could also be on concussion protocol.

      • Jim Walker

        Senzel has played since he got beaned. He started at 3B on Sunday and Siani started in CF but when the orders came down during the game to pull Siani because of the Fairchild injury, Senzel was moved to CF.

      • RedBB

        Senzel should never see the field as a Red again IMO. His comments strike me as extremely entitled. He’s had a far longer leash than any Red who has stunk in my lifetime of over half a century. Why he thinks he deserves more playing time hitting under .220 with an OPS+ of 75 and with a negative bWAR is beyond my understanding..

    • DHud

      If they didn’t/couldn’t flip Senzel three weeks ago a non-tender may be more appropriate

      • MFG

        Agree Dhud,
        Senzel has very little value at this point.

      • RedBB

        Agree with MFG. He has ZERO value. He’s going to make over $2M next year for production far below that of a league minimum Rookie

    • Max BRAGG

      Randy your comment is Right on,but this team is still in hunt! Shows Ownership and GM still doesn’t know baseball. Signing can’t hit Slow Pitch softball so are they going to use him like Herb Washington?

  3. Gaffer

    Senzel is done, cooked, fried, toast, roasted, bacon, etc…. They might as well let him play AAA full time and maybe trade him this winter vs. call him up and not play. It’s not like Bell doesn’t know what Senzel brings. Siani is probably not going to be on this team very long either but at least they can see him in person before they dump him.

  4. Colorado Red

    I think (do not know)
    He has become a cancer in the clubhouse.

    Injuries and attitude took there toll.

    • Ted Alfred

      Which is why it was so ridiculous that David Bell out of the blue started him in seven out of nine games beginning game 2 in Chicago coming off the Dodgers trip when they were playing well. They then proceeded to lose all seven games he started….totally ridiculous. That’s what started this downward swoon they haven’t recovered from. Another great decision by our fearless leader

      • Charlie Evan

        Bell really should be in Williamsport right know managing. Great to see that during a huge 10 game road trip the bench, will consist of a career minor leaguer who has has struck of 5 of his last 7 at bats, hit into one DP, and a FC that should have been a DP, two other minor league players who should both be batting 10th, and a backup catcher, this is going to work out real well.

    • Ted Alfred

      Which is exactly why this is David Bell’s fault. For him to start Senzel in seven games out of nine in Chicago when the team was playing well was criminal. It destroyed the momentum the team had. There isn’t another manager in Major League Baseball who would have listened to a player complain and then started him seven out of nine games when the guy was not starting at all leading up to that point and the team was playing well in the middle of the playoff chase.. totally ridiculous. Example #847 of why David Bell will never win anything of significance

  5. Old-school

    Krall is not wavering on churning this roster over from what he inherited. Kudos to him for moving on from dead money and patiently letting the young guns play to see what he has.

    The final call will be moving on from Votto and clearing payroll for adding meaningful bats and arms in 2024. they need to see what they need first ….so young guys are playing . They also were rightly patient on Stephenson and India. I am a huge fan of both and wrongly thought to extend both. Patience is ok.

    • VaRedsFan

      I too thought India and Ty were prime candidates for extensions last year. Which is why they should also be patient when it comes to extensions with this current crop of rookies. No reason to start dolling out extension until they’ve at least played 2 seasons.
      Though I think Krall would like to move on from Votto, this is one player Bob might stick his nose in on and demand he be kept.

      • old-school

        I’m willing to wait and see on that as Votto still has a good 6 weeks to see how he does. It looks like he is down to (1) MLB tool- power hitter against righties. He cant hit for avg or get on base or hit lefties or run or play defense. If hes a .200/.300/.380/.680 guy and a year older next year and declining, I cant see how you allocate the extra $13 mil to him. If he hits a hot streak and finishes .230/.330/.440/.770 and hits 20+ bombs, then the decision gets stickier.

      • MK

        Bet CES would hit more. Time to encourage Votto to retire or become a free agent.

    • redfanorbust

      Hey O-S agree with your post. Rookies are just that. Patience is required with them so this year was bound to be schizophrenic. The league will adjust and it will take time for them to adjust themselves. The plethora of bad luck injuries of course has derailed the process somewhat. Knowing what you have BEFORE making trades is essential. Reds have done everything they can this year to make winning as good as it can without overpaying in trades. Reds fans are an impatient bunch and we have every right to be and then some. Reds MUST spend in 2024 and not just a little as you mention once Votto’s contract is off the books.

  6. LDS

    On a team that doesn’t hit consistently, I guess this should have been expected. I’m guessing they are sorting through who to keep and who to trade. Barrero is doing pretty well. Hope they move him for pitching. Hopkins is toast as well. Bell isn’t playing him. Reynolds, Ramos, etc are career minor leaguers and that’s that. Senzel? Well, he went to the press and crashed the Bell narrative. Bye, bye.

    • Rick in Boise

      Senzel went to the press? Guess I missed that…

      • Harry Stoner

        If you read what Senzel actually said it hardly seems like he’s a ‘whiner’ or, mercy, a “cancer” in the clubhouse based on that.

        He spoke honestly and candidly about his desire to play more or be traded.

        If this candor is anathema to RLN, that seems pretty weird. Just because some favorite Reds player from 50 years ago was a stoic, that shouldn’t warp an understanding of Senzel’s pretty bland comments.

        Did he “go to the press” or did the press go to him?

        Hardly worth the fuss.

        Bell then gave Senzel an opportunity to show his stuff and he didn’t.

        He’s also redundant with the crop of young IFs and the current pre injuries OF.

        I’ll join the bye bye, Nick, chorus, but I hardly think he’s being a jerk.

        He’s just not being a good ball player.

      • Jim Walker

        @Harry>>> I essentially agree with you on the Senzel situation. My belief based on Senzel’s comments in the article I linked here and Boras’ comments in a Cincinnati(.)com article that the player and agent left the meeting with Bell and Krall thinking Senzel was going to be moved by the deadline.

        Boras has been known to broker deals or at least show teams how to connect the dots when one of his clients needed to be on the move. There is no reason to believe he wasn’t trying to do the same with Senzel. We can only speculate where things went off the rails here. Maybe the situation with Jonathan India caused the Reds to pull back. Maybe teams wanted the Reds to eat more of Senzel’s salary or include a prospect to offset it; and, the Reds didn’t want to do either of these.

        As for what’s going on now, I’d surmise that quite likely Senzel was sent through waivers (and obviously cleared). The Reds who are on the hook for his salary are letting Senzel play out the string at AAA; and, meanwhile Boras is shaking the trees in search of a landing spot for Senzel. If and when he finds one, Senzel will be released and on his way.

      • Old Big Ed

        I’m with Harry on this. Senzel wasn’t whining. Who wants a young player who doesn’t want regular playing time? Well, he asked for it; he got it. Toyota. Alas, he didn’t produce.

        MLB is not a charity operation, and it is not the old Saturday Night Live skit of “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!” Senzel just didn’t hit, and didn’t really field real well, either. So, they try the next guy.

        Even Babe Ruth got replaced when he couldn’t produce anymore.

      • Chris

        Harry is spot on with his assessment regarding Senzel. I don’t understand how people just form false impressions, and then repeat them as if they are truth. Also, @Jim Walker, are you really suggesting that Senzel went through waivers, and no one decided to report it? If anything the Reds organization is acting a bit childish right now. Whatever you think about Senzel, he’s WAY more valuable than Siani. Siani will be off the 40 man by the end of the year. He’s way worse than Stubbs ever was. Not as fast, and K’s even more. Siani is utterly useless outside of pinch running and playing late inning defense.

      • RedlegScott

        @Chris “I don’t understand how people just form false impressions, and then repeat them as if they are truth.” Have you checked out the political scene of late?

      • LDS

        Sorry folks but when you have a meeting with your manager, the general manager, and your agent, then talk to press, it’s inappropriate. It was an attempt to overage the team.

  7. RedAlert

    Guess he will fit right in … can’t hit a lick … to have better options than this…. I mean what in the world is Hopkins still up here for ????
    Anybody on this thread can stand up there in the batters box and watch strikes go by like he did yesterday …. Weak !

  8. GreatRedLegsFan

    Several moves shall be expected soon after the season is over, i.e., Votto’s contract buyout, Siani’s 40-man roster spot ends, Senzel will be non-tendered and India’s trade.

    • Optimist

      And still a Barrero decision of some sort.

    • LDS

      Why is everyone convinced that they won’t pick up the option on Votto? He plays nearly every day and Bell likes him. Probably money to be made from his “farewell tour”. Think Castellini greed not baseball. Hopefully, I’m wrong. But, if they can sign Bell to a 3 year extension, any number of inexplicable moves are possible.

      • RedBB

        ZERO chance they pick up his option. That’s a $13M option! He will get bought out for $7M. I think there is a chance they give him like a $1-2M dollar contract though.

      • wkuchad

        Agree, zero chance the Reds pick up Votto’s option. I think there’s a pretty small chance Votto is back next year. But if he is, it’ll be for a lot less than $13 million (in addition to the $7 million he gets for declining the option).

      • Old Big Ed

        If you do the arithmetic, there is little chance that Votto’s “farewell tour” generates much money for the Reds. Sure, people will make sure to see him one more time, but most of them would be going to at least one game, anyway. And if they have a Joey Votto Farewell day, it will draw a full house, which would be about 10,000 more fans than they would have had, anyway. So that figures to perhaps $400,000 additional money.

        If Castellini wants to bring Votto back, especially at anywhere near $13 million, it will cost the Reds much more to keep Votto than to let him go. The lone variance on this is if Votto can produce offensively at a level that leads to more wins, in which case Votto will pay for himself. In general, though, the decision to keep Votto would be a PR one, in which ownership gives up some money to keep an icon one more year.

        Personally, I believe that they will cut a deal with Votto whereby he gets the $7 million option, an to-be-agreed-upon amount to play in Cincinnati next year, and additional amounts paid in subsequent years after he has retired. That offers the Reds some financial flexibility, and would save Votto some state income tax money if he resides in a place like Florida.

        And Joey Votto is a different kind of guy. If in self-reflection he concludes that he can’t contribute any longer as a player, then he will just walk away after this season. We will see how he plays down the stretch. There may not be a farewell tour.

      • LDS

        @OBE, I’m starting to question whether he’s that kind of guy. He’s said similar things for several years now and yet he’s still there hacking away, shooting to overtake Walker/Bench. I really think he’s chasing records now more than anything.

      • wkuchad

        LDS, he’s fifth on the team in OPS, ahead of many of our “stars”. With multiple starters on the IL, I’m certainly glad he’s on the team playing right now. If everyone is healthy, I’d rather him sit a little more.

      • MK

        Because just because he plays everyday says more about what he is paid than his ability to play well. He hits an occasional home run but on those rare occasions he gets on base he clogs the bases with a lack of competitive speed and his defense is very poor.

      • LDS

        @Wkuchad, you guys need to stop fixating on OPS. It’s just one measure and an aggregate at that.

      • wkuchad

        LDS, you’ve used it many times yourself. Agree it’s not perfect, but it summarizes two very important parts of hitting – ability to get on base and ability to hit for power. It’s a much, much better indicator of how a hitter is doing versus using batting average alone.

      • Tom Diesman

        OPS does a wonderful job of representing a player’s offensive contribution while remaining simple to calculate. This is because OPS does an admirable job of correlating with run production which is what a player and team is striving for. You might want to check it out. It’s been commonplace for about 20 years now.

      • Redsvol

        count me in the camp that says he isn’t back next year – unless a very team friendly deal (3$M or less). Nick Krall isn’t the sentimental type. He has had no problem moving on from over-priced veterans – lots of examples the last 24 months. I don’t think Bob Casetellini is involved in player decisions anymore. Phil might be, but he doesn’t strike me as the type to pay for a low producing veteran either.

        If you want to see Joey in a Reds uniform, better get to GABP by September 24th. He has been a great Red, but 2024 is time for new blood.

      • Melvin

        ” I don’t think Bob Casetellini is involved in player decisions anymore.”

        I wish that were true but I seriously doubt it. What about manager decisions? Krall has proven himself to not be that stupid so in my mind there’s virtually no doubt Bell was not his man and Big Bob pushed it through. Krall could and would have come up with better candidates. As for Votto my gut tells me he comes back at a team friendly contract. If he has a good/decent year I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back in 2025 too no matter which “camp” you’re in like it or not.

  9. Optimist

    This is actually a sound baseball move without any hint of desperation or concern. Siani is the perfect AAAA defensive backup to a #5 OFer such as Fairchild. Aside from BHam, Siani is best suited for this role. If he suddenly figures out the offense, great. Otherwise, take advantage of the talent he has in such a specialized role. This is howAAA should be used – injury reserves and short term backups, and brief seasoning for future 26-man roster players.

    Now, if Blake Dunn keeps hitting through the end of this season, the spring, and for 2 months into AAA, we can have another discussion. Otherwise, a fine move.

    • Mark

      The only thing I actually like about this move is it finally opens up CF for Dunn in AAA

      • Pete

        Bingo! One would certainly hope. Maybe this guy is only the greatest ball player in AA history but let’s see how he does if he advances a level or two.

      • MK

        Pete he sits well behind the #44 Dunn on greatest AA player in Reds history.

      • Pete

        @MK Hyperbole doesn’t play well on forums. I was trying to make a point. Maybe he is the greatest AA player in 2023 or only the greatest in 2023 Southern League? Those stats are unreal though any way you slice it…

    • David

      Siani was on the 40 man roster. That is the primary reason he was called up. He is just a backup outfielder for the Reds at the moment.
      This is not complicated.

    • RedBB

      Not a bad take. Reds gave up on another talented OF defender in Siri and now he is a pretty solid contributor for TB.

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah but sometimes, desperation is called for; and, this may be one of those times. Not the Fairchild injury per se but the way the team is rutted and trending downward.

  10. Protime

    Lame to see the Reds decision calling up Siani, good field no hit. The repercussions of standing still at the pre and trade deadline has bit them. The front office, and ownership has betrayed the fan base. A wasted opportunity to seize the present was squandered. So much for Greene, no help, and Lodolo ‘s return to keep them in contention coupled with Bell’s disastrous extension (5-16 record ?) decision. The Reds consistently play poor fundamental baseball evident of substandard managerial and coaching leadership, actions, and skills.
    A 10 game over .500 record and wildcard playoff contention has vanished. The future is meaningless, when the promising present is

      • Votto4life

        What is dramatic about it? I think it is pretty accurate. Not all of us believe in the tooth fairy. The Reds will not sign significant free agents. If they sign any one at all it will be another dumpster dive (Meyers, Pham etc.).

        The Reds payroll right ow is what. $80 million or so? With half of that going to Moose and Votto. So in theory the Reds will have $40 to spend this winter just to have the payroll they have right now. I don’t see the Reds spending $40 million this winter. People who do are totally naive.

        Even if the Reds would be willing to spend money this fall, the price for starting pitchers will be outrageous. The Met’s, Yankees and Dodgers are all looking to remake their starting rotation. Does anyone seriously believe the Reds are going to outbid any of these teams?-

      • wkuchad

        I guess I’m naive. I’d be willing to bet quite a bit that next year’s payroll at a minimum matches this year’s. And if so that means a lot of money to spend in free agency. I just hope Krall spends wisely.

  11. Protime

    Lame to see the Reds decision calling up Siani, good field no hit. The repercussions of standing still at the pre and trade deadline has bit them. The front office, and ownership has betrayed the fan base. A wasted opportunity to seize the present was squandered. So much for Greene, no help, and Lodolo ‘s return to keep them in contention coupled with Bell’s disastrous extension (5-16 record ?) decision. The Reds consistently play poor fundamental baseball evident of substandard managerial and coaching leadership, actions, and skills.
    A 10 game over .500 record and wildcard playoff contention has vanished. The future is meaningless, when the promising present was

  12. BhamRed

    Senzel will be cut loose when Antone, Lodolo and Shreveport need spots.

  13. J

    Meanwhile… Bruce Bochy just made me say “wow, even David Bell wouldn’t have been dopey enough to lose a game that way.” Quite an achievement.

  14. Jimbo44CN

    A couple of questions. Why is Ramos on this team? He is not contributing. And why is Alejo Lopez not called up. He is not a centerfielder but certainly can play a corner spot or somewhere in the infield if needed. I would like to see someone besides Ramos up there with at least a chance of getting a hit.

    • VaRedsFan

      You’re correct about Ramos….And Hopkins is in the same boat. Now they have added a 3rd outfielder that can not hit.

      FWIW i don’t think Lopez and Reynolds are any better. But I’d at least give them another shot over the above three.

      Why do they need 6 outfielders?

      • Jim Walker

        I think Ramos is where he is because they wanted a LH hitting bat when Fraley went down. It is an added bonus that he is a switch hitter.

        Hopkins appears to have been the next man up on the 40 man roster when need called.

        It is really hurting them now that apparently they have two “untouchables”, Senzel and Barrero filling spots on the 40 man.

      • Doc

        Ramos was DFA’d today. Nick Martini called up.

        Luke Weaver signed a major league deal with the Mariners.

  15. Mark A Verticchio

    5 and 16 since the Bell extension, this is what Red fans are facing the next 4 years. That decision not only ruined this year but the next 3 as well. This franchise is a joke and just think how for one month summer we all thought things were looking bright.

    • LDS

      Come on Mark, Bell knows things. This is all part of his master plan.

    • Luke J

      Look, we all think Bell is terrible and the extension was insane. But if you can’t look at this team and this organization and see that things look bright, something is wrong. You can’t be a prisoner of the moment and see 5 and 16 with a team FULL of rookies and think doom and gloom. Instead, look at a team full of rookies, who have performed literally dozens of games better than expectations, who are sorting out all the abundance of talent to figure out what this team will look like for the ride to the top. Don’t let it scare you off that a lot of the talent arrived early and gave you a little hope that this year might be the year. It was never the year.

      • Jim Walker

        If this never was the year, that is because decisions were made that it wasn’t going to be the year unless it just fell into place while the Reds did what they had planned to do all along impervious to what was happening around them.

        And guess what? They were presented with a gold plated opportunity and were not up to grabbing the ring and running with it.

        Nobody knows what the opportunity might be next year or the year after when the Reds supposedly plan to be “ready”. However, in all probability, the chances will be no better if even as good as what they could have reached for this season without mortgaging their chances in 2024 and beyond.

      • LDS

        Rookies have to develop. The history of potential under Bell is that they flat line. I said early in the season that while I was in favor of the youth movement and wanted to see them play, I wanted to wait until Bell was gone. Now? Bell will never be gone apparently. The Reds organization is a clique of money grubbing yes men. They aren’t serious about winning because they know that Reds fans will endure anything. Throw them a shiny new bauble from time to time and they’ll show up at the ball park. Hence, Greene starts opening day. EDLC is called up and stays up despite needing some work in the minors. Now Marte. It’s a game to them and the prospects are just cannon fodder.

      • J

        The “it was never this year” argument just doesn’t work for me. Maybe it wasn’t expected to be this year when the year began, but at some point it should have dawned on the organization that this actually could be the year. As I recall, the Bengals almost won a championship in a year they were expected to be pretty bad. The Reds weren’t supposed to win a championship in 1990 — that was supposed to the A’s year. The Americans weren’t supposed to beat the Soviets. Upsets happen. Teams that aren’t “supposed” to win do sometimes win, but they usually have to at least try. For a team that’s had so little success in the past 30 years, you can’t be in first place in July and think “this isn’t supposed to the year, so let’s just sit tight and let everyone else get better while we plan for 2025 and 2026.” (I mean, I assume next year also isn’t the year, because they’ll be starting a bunch of guys with less than one full season of experience, plus Greene and Lodolo will be returning from injuries, plus Elly obviously isn’t ready, plus someone else is going to get hurt, someone else is going to have an unexpectedly bad year, etc. etc. There will be plenty of excuses to say next year also isn’t the year.)

      • RedAlert

        Sorry , this organization has been
        “Sorting “ for at least that last 10 years .
        Always some lame excuse as to why they won’t make deals at trade deadline …. Have always overvalued their talent in
        minor leagues at some point . On top of that , rush to give Bell a 3 year extension when he has proven to be one of the worst field managers in the game . But
        hey , they continue to fill stands and have great fireworks and bobbleheads …. Reds fans deserve better than this

      • Jeremiah

        I think the Reds should have done more, at least have gone after a decent starter at the deadline. In reality they really needed a hitter though. I think what bothers me is it’s kind of limited thinking, like the Orioles last year…they probably could have done a little more and kept all their top prospects…now the Orioles are great this year, but these teams that are hoarding all their prospects, do they ever win the World Series? Teams like Baltimore, the Rays…the Reds?

        On the flip side…the Angels really went for it, and I think the Padres made several moves if I remember correctly…hasn’t worked out too good for them, so just making a bunch of moves at the deadline is not always the best things as well.

  16. MBS

    Siani is a great option to roam the West Cost outfields. He’s not an everyday starter, but a nice defensive replacement in tight games. Smart baseball move.

    • Jim Walker

      At least part of the reason Fairchild had moved ahead of Senzel and Barrero is they had decided they wanted a legitimate 2nd CF on the active MLB roster. Siani is consistent with that choice.

  17. BuzzKutter

    It will be quite an accomplishment if this team makes the playoffs. Other than relievers who on the active hasn’t been in AAA this year. Steer, Friedl, Stephenson, Maile?

  18. Mark A Verticchio

    The bottom line is in sports you never know when an opportunity will present itself, especially in small markets, and the Reds had that opportunity this year and seem to be letting it slip away. Remember there is no way the Cardinals will be this bad next year.

    • MBS

      They didn’t let it slip away, the outright passed on the opportunity by not making any significant moves to reinforce the roster.

      • Pete

        Given the benefit of hindsight, can you tell me who you would’ve brought in and how they would’ve made a difference this year?

      • MBS

        The benefit of hindsight isn’t the way decisions are made. Not all decisions work out, some exceed expectation. I was hollering for Chapman, he would have helped out tremendously, I wanted Giolito, and he’s bombed in LA.

        The point isn’t judging on what we know now, it’s that the team wasn’t willing to make trades to try, and improve the clubs playoff chances. What hindsight can’t provide is the energy a club feels when they see help arriving, or the loss of spirit when they see none.

      • Jim Walker

        @Pete>>> I cannot list specific names because I don’t follow names along that closely. However, I see every day that the Brewers and Cubbies both seemed to find people who are making a positive impact while the Reds whiffed on the opportunities they chose to pursue.

        My suspicion is that behind the bravado that the Reds did not mortgage their future by trading prospects for short term help, the truth is the Reds were *not* willing to take on short term salaries to augment the midlevel prospects and MLB fringe guys (Senzel and Barrero et l) they were willing to move.

      • Pete

        @ jim We discuss sorting at the MLB level but much more sorting in going on in the minors. The Reds since 2021 are drafting, acquiring and developing talent like I have never witnessed in my 62 years on this planet.

        Who is going to be the next great Red: Hector Rodriguez, Blake Dunn, Edwin Arroyo, Noelvi Marte, CES, Carlos Jorge, Connor Phillips, Lyon Richardson, Julian Aguiar, Rece Hinds, Jacob Hurtubise and it goes on. I don’t which if any of these guys become stars or even productive players but I’m betting several do – I just can’t tell you which ones – can you? If the Reds had a legit chance to win a WS, I’m with you but they don’t – not now or the day before the trade deadline. I’m ready to win now too but I have to be realistic about my expectations in 2023. This team is just too young and inexperienced if history is our guide and it should be. 2024 is a whole different matter and this off-season is going to seem to last forever given our anticipation of next season. Next year you go for the gold, this year we just try to enjoy watching these young fellows learn and progress.

      • Rob

        I agree. Shouldn’t we be asking Krall the question of where did he expect to be in late August awaiting the return of his great starting pitchers Greene and Lodolo. Fair question. 1-2 out of first? He knew he would have to start Weaver 3-4 more times unless he brought in a trade piece. He knew he was going to have to monitor Abbott and Williamson’s inning load. And via his plan, were the two saviors going to immediately put us back in first? I don’t know what his thinking was but it seems weak to me. Just a lot of potential holes including a worn out bullpen who also recently gave away 2-3 games for us with 8th inning bombs. We are 7 games below 500 since the trade deadline. I would hazard a guess that at least 4 of those 7 were due to bullpen failures and the starts of Weaver/Richardson. And I am not as sure as he must be in that Greene and Lodolo are going to make them in a heartbeat. But we still have India, Barerro, Marte, Collier, McLain, Arroyo, Jorge, Steer, and Elly who can play 2b or SS for us in the next couple of years. Wonderful.

    • Jeremiah

      Maybe I’m just hoping this happens! But I actually think the Cards are going to struggle for maybe another year or two. The rest of the NL Central is getting better, more talented all at the same time it seems, and the Cards I think are a little behind the 8 ball.

  19. Fred Johnson

    If the Reds don’t really produce next year Bell will be gone. The FO/ Ownership may seem or be cheap but there has been a slight change in mindset and they won’t let the next few years go to waste. My hope is that the Bengals win it all which would almost force the Reds to go all in.
    I also don’t understand why A. Lopez is not on the roster. Everything else changes in the way that baseball has thought over the last two decades. The DH has to be a power hitter. Why? If the Reds want to play small-ball he’s the perfect guy as long as he doesn’t fall back into the K’s again. Reynolds’s on fire down there too. I do understand trying to fix the defense though.

    • BK

      Lopez has a career 72 OPS+ and -0.7 bWAR across 179 PAs. At the MLB level, his lack of power has been taken advantage of by opposing teams. While defensively versatile, he’s below average everywhere he plays. All good reasons to keep him at AAA.

      • Pete

        If you basically have a set lineup of nine players, a guy like Lopez makes a lot of sense. For just the very reason you mention: he can play a lot of positions. So he offers flexibility to a team that wouldn’t really need his bat. He could be used as a pitch runner and certainly used nearly anywhere in the field when needed.

        I do fear, though that if he played under David Bell, he would play him much too much. This is the true downside to Mr. Lopez and unfortunately that is not his fault. I bet if you asked him if he would rather sit on the bench for 150 games at the show or playing every day in AAA, his answer would be to send him to Cincinnati!

      • BK

        But if was Siani or Lopez, Siani offers the ability to improve defense late in a game and is a much faster runner. Steer has all of the versatility that Lopez has. If Siani comes in defensively, Steer can easily move to the infield.

        Like you, I expect the Reds to run a consistent starting lineup for the next several games consisting of Steer, Friedl, and Benson in the outfield; Marte, EDLC, McLain, Votto and CES in the infield/DH; and a catcher.

  20. WanderingBaffledMammal

    I think that in the off-season the Reds will put together at least one massive trade offering of mid-level prospects for at least one top-flight pitcher. Wouldn’t surprise me if they make a run at bringing back a guy I like to call Sonny.

  21. RedsGettingBetter

    I’d like Barrero to be called up in place of Siani, the Reds offense is down right now and a good hitter is needed. I think Barrero should hit more than Siani at the big level despite has not shown his skills when has had his playing time with the Reds but Barrero is hitting good at AAA and it could be a nice chance to arise

    • west larry

      I agree. Siani hasn’t really hit well in triple A, Barrero has. He plays decent defense in both the infield and outfield and runs well. If you are going to continue how you been using him this year, trade him. Let him develop and a place like Kansa City or Oakland, where they will give him a real chance to develop into a good major league player.

      • David

        Bell won’t play Hopkins, and he likely won’t play Barrero if he was called up. I dunno, I agree he could likely add more than Siani, but Nick Krall did not call me up for my opinion on this, and likely did not call up any of us, or even call Doug Gray. (Doug, did Nick call you up and ask?)

        I honestly doubt Siani gets much playing time, unless somebody gets hurt or for some late inning double switch, or to pinch run, or something like that.

      • wkuchad

        I hope Siani does not get much playing time, except as a defensive replacement late in games we’re winning.

    • Melvin

      Siani is basically taking the role Fairchild was supposed to be playing. In my mind that was mostly pinch running and defensive replacement. Siani might be better at stealing a base if you need him to. He’s also a true centerfielder. He bats left so you know David Bell will love that. Our bench is very weak at the moment. Barrero taking the place of Hopkins would be better too. Senzel and his 40 man roster spot might be in jeopardy. Personally I’m finished with him and wish him the best….somewhere else.

  22. Pete

    I’m fine with giving Michael Siani the call based on: he’s on the 40-man roster, hes’ a ++ outfielder defensively, he’s fast and he bats left-handed. But for grins let’s take a closer look at Blake Dunn for a possible job with the Reds in 2024.

    Dunn’s numbers since being promoted to AA Chattanooga and in only 267 plate appearances:
    344/429/536/965, ISO=193 BB%=9.0%, K%=23.6%, wRC+=155
    10-2B, 3-3B, 9-HR, 26-SB, 55-R, 40-RBI — All in 57 games and only 224 AB’s!!!!

    The Southern League leaders:
    Batting Average: .304 (A Red Jacob Hurtubise, by the way)
    On-Base Percentage: .448 (Hurtubise again!)
    OPS: .963 (Hurtubise is #2 at .940)

    To qualify to meet minimums (350 PA), he needs only 83 additional plate appearances. He’s getting roughly 85% of his PAs as ABs. So let’s knock that 350 back to 297 at-bats at his current trajectory. (350 x.85 = 297). If Blake Dunn made an out in every one of those additional 73 at-bats, he would still be hitting .260 which would put him just outside the top 20 in Southern Leage batting average leaders. The Birmingham Barons play-by-play man said he was the second fastest player in the Reds organization, he hits to all field (39.5/28.7/31.7%), can bunt better than anyone I have seen in a very long time (Butler & Carew), plays an excellent centerfield, hustles like Pete Rose. Yes, I’m a fan of Blake Dunn.

    He is going to be 25-years old in 2 weeks and has nothing left to prove at AA. The Reds need to promote him to AAA right now to see if this production translates. If the numbers hold up, he needs to go to Spring Training with an opportunity to be the starting CF and lead-off man in 2024. To watch him play is to be a believer, he could end up being the pick of the litter. Let’s find out.

    • David

      In 2024, the 40 man roster will be adjusted. Blake Dunn is surely a very talented young player, and I am sure that Nick Krall is very aware of him and his numbers.

      Blake Dunn has been injured a lot in the last few years, and this is the FIRST year when he has been uninjured and able to play full time. With the promotion of Siani, maybe Dunn gets promoted to AAA.
      He was not on the 40 man. This may seem a stupid rationale by Krall, but he is also protecting the viability and assets (young players) for the organization. Siani will get “his chance” again in the next few weeks. Maybe he is off the 40 man after this, or not. The Reds obviously do not have infinite positions on the 40 man roster….just 40 slots.
      Criminy, Bell won’t even play Hopkins much, and he was doing well at AAA level.

    • Optimist

      Just a bit rushing things with Dunn – He needs a good spring and 2 months in AAA at this level of production. The age isn’t so much a factor given the quirks in his progress – injuries/Covid time.

      Still – if continues to produce, he replaces Stu and Siani. More than that gets him to an MLB starter.

      • Pete

        He is nearly 25 years old, how much more development do you hope to get? How do his numbers get any better and if they translate in AAA after a month – you think we should hold off giving him an opportunity in the big leagues? I guess, what I’m asking is: what exactly would we be waiting for? We can see almost all rookies need a period of adjustment at the MLB level and if he is ready to go, let’s not waste any more time.

        Don’t misunderstand just because I don’t understand your opinion doesn’t mean I don’t respect it. I’m willing to acknowledge I may be missing something and maybe that something can be revealed at AAA but I don’t see it at AA.

      • Old Big Ed

        Pete, what Dunn still has to show is that he can hit/read sliders. AAA is a slider league, because its core pitchers are guys who don’t have overwhelming fastballs (if they did, they’d be in MLB), but whose breaking pitches are good enough to advance.

        I agree that he ought to be moved up to Louisville now that Siani is in the majors. And let’s see how he does in AAA over the next month. With a good spring and a strong April, he may well be ready to move up.

        And then he will need to show that he can hit MLB breaking balls, which you can only learn how to do in MLB.

      • Pete

        OBE: Couldn’t have said it better. One step at a time but it’s probably time to take the next one. Fingers crossed.

      • Optimist

        Pete – OBE summarized it nicely, particularly what AAA demands. I’d only emphasize his age is not a factor – go find Doug’s pre-season summary which lists his history – it’s flukish. He may be a very good prospect, but it’s a very small sample size. If he has a great month in AAA, and a great spring, he may sneak onto the 26-man. Otherwise, he should be on the same timeline as this year’s rookies – debuts in June, July, August.

  23. Protime

    The facts: The Reds were at one time 10 games over .500 and in first place; They didn’t pursue additional players to bolster and reinforce the team pre and trade deadline; Bell’s abysmal record 5-16 since the extension is who he is, a substandard manager not fit to lead the Reds to next level. The team consistently plays poor fundamental baseball evidence of key weaknesses in numerous areas. There is absolutely no guarantee that next year will present them with what they had this year. A winning attitude starts with ownership’s commitment and resolve; obviously lacking, the rest is up to the front office, staff, mgr, coaches and player’s commitment an execution of sound baseball on a daily basis. Bottom line: Fact: All the team’s, inclusive of division rivals actively and aggressively pursued multi players to bolster their opportunities for a playoff run, so far it has payoff. The Reds didn’t thus, we see the consequence’s of inaction.

    • wkuchad

      The Reds were at one time 10 games over .500 and in first place – yes, fact

      They didn’t pursue additional players to bolster and reinforce the team pre and trade deadline – not a fact

      Bell’s abysmal record 5-16 since the extension is who he is, a substandard manager not fit to lead the Reds to next level – opinion, not fact

      There is absolutely no guarantee that next year will present them with what they had this year – yes, fact

      A winning attitude starts with ownership’s commitment and resolve – not a fact

      All the team’s, inclusive of division rivals actively and aggressively pursued multi players to bolster their opportunities for a playoff run, so far it has payoff – not a fact

      • Protime

        Rebuttal to WKUCHAD : Fact: They Reds only acquired one player (S. Moll) at the pre and trade deadline.

        Fact: Bell’s record since the extension is indeed 5-16. Not indicative of a good manager. The record speaks for itself.

        Fact: Rival division teams Brewers, and Cubs in playoff contention did indeed bolster an acquired multi players at the trade deadline. Brewers acquired Santana, Canha, Chafin, and Blalock. Cubs acquired Candelario and Cuas. Current NL Central standings: Brewers, Cubs, Reds in third place and trending downwardly.

    • AllTheHype

      @Pro, Reds 8-13 since Bell was extended on 7/28.

  24. Buffalo Red

    I enjoy reading this site and do so regularly. For some reason, however, my comments never get posted. I don’t think I’ve ever written anything offensive or combative or negative or even snarky. It’s possible I once used sophomoric humor that went over like a lead balloon; I have a habit of doing that–just ask my wife. So I’m not sure why the Redleg Nation gate seems locked to me. Let me know if I’m doing something wrong, and I’ll try to correct the problem. I’d like to be part of this Reds community. If necessary, I’ll even bring a dish. 🙂 Thanks.

    • Pete

      Looks like you might be in now, Buffalo, looking forward to your comments, and your side dishes as well!

      The main three rules as I understand them are: no politics, no offensive language, and no direct insults of the other members. I think if you can handle those, you should have no problem at all.

  25. Buffalo Red

    Oh, wait. That comment posted. Cool! Never mind. 🙂

      • Jim Walker

        I hit submit a little too quickly 😉

        It is important to always use the same email and be sure you have correctly copied it in or typed it. Otherwise, your comment will end up back in the moderation queue instead of being posted. I am not certain if the Name* field cross checks with the Email* field but to be certain, make sure you always use the same name too.

  26. Rednat

    i think it is a smart call up. we are averaging about 3 runs a game offensively. i don’t think that is going to change from here to the end of the season. the league has “figured out” are young players for now.

    so we will have to keep teams from scoring more than 2 runs to win consistently. that obviously is going to require great pitching which we may or may not have. also though the defense and base running is going to have to be perfect from here on out if we are going to have a chance at the playoffs. Siani brings those 2 components. i would rather have him then Senzel at there at this time. i Would prefer Barrero at short over edlc to be honest at this point as well

  27. MBS

    Weird question.

    If you were asked to come into GABP today, and look at the 13 position players in uniform with their gloves on, and position them based solely off of what you saw, where would you place them?

    This is assuming you had no idea who any of these players were.

    • Rednat

      the only players that look the part are Mclain at 2nd and Maile at catcher, Benson in right. EDLC looks like a right fielder to me. Stephenson looks like a first baseman. Marte looks like a left fielder. Steer looks like a 3rd basemen to me. Friedl looks like a second basemen. Votto -dh (lol). Fairchild- ss.

      • MBS

        Lol, my positioning on Votto was bench. The only old man of the group.

  28. west larry

    Ramos was DFA’D, Martini was selected. Seattle gave Luke Weaver a major league contract. All per mlb Rumors.

    • Melvin

      Seattle better hit well when he starts. 😀

  29. Melvin

    Martini having a pretty good year. He’s 33 and hitting .275/.393/.481 with 15 HR and 65 RBI. He hits left. That gives David Bell two LH hitting outfielders. I’m sure he loves that. 🙂 Not exactly a speedster with ZERO stolen bases.

  30. Protime

    I stand corrected Bell’s record since extension is 8-13, not 5-16.