After Cincinnati won the first game of the series on Friday, the two clubs were rained out on Saturday and have a doubleheader scheduled today. The first game will take place in the afternoon at 1:35pm ET. The second game will be at 6:05pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates

TJ Friedl – CF Ke’Bryan Hayes – 3B
Matt McLain – 2B Bryan Reynolds – CF
Elly De La Cruz – SS Andrew McCutchen – DH
Spencer Steer – 3B Connor Joe – LF
Joey Votto – 1B Henry Davis – RF
Christian Encarnacion-Strand – DH Liover Peguero – 2B
Tyler Stephenson – C Alfonso Rivas – 1B
Will Benson – RF Alika Williams – SS
Stuart Fairchild – LF Jason Delay – C
Brandon Williamson – LHP Mitch Keller – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Brandon Williamson 75.1 4.54 1.26 29 64
Mitch Keller 143.2 4.39 1.27 43 154
Links: Brandon Williamson’s Stats | Mitch Keller’s Stats

Brandon Williamson

In his last start, Williamson likely had his best start in his career. The lefty allowed a run in 6.2 innings on three hits, no walks, and he had nine strikeouts against the Marlins. The start before that was the only poor start he’d had in over a month, so it was a nice rebound.

Teams are not allowing many left-handed hitters face Williamson this season. The ones that do get in there haven’t done much. Lefties do walk at a good clip, but they don’t hit for average or hit for any power at all. Righties haven’t hit for much average, either, and they aren’t walking much. What they are doing is hitting for a good amount of power.


RHH 251 54 16 1 13 22 53 .237 .307 .487
LHH 61 12 2 0 0 7 11 .231 .317 .269

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Cutter Change Slider Curve
Velo 92.9 89.0 84.3 81.7 73.1
Usage 36% 28% 14% 15% 7%

Mitch Keller

The Reds have faced Keller twice this season, but both times were back in April. Between the two starts he allowed six runs in 10.2 innings while the Reds had nine hits, five walks, and 13 strikeouts. In his last five starts he’s struggled, giving up 27 earned runs in 26.2 innings while allowing eight homers. He did hold Atlanta to three runs in five innings in his last start.

When it comes to his splits – right-handed hitters have struggled against him. They are hitting just .224 without walking much and are hitting for no power. Left-handed hitters, though, are hitting for a solid average, walking around the league average rate, and they are hitting for plenty of power. Not shown below is that Keller’s pitched better at home (.677 OPS compared to .761 OPS, and a 3.71 ERA compared to a 5.00 ERA) than he has on the road.

RHH 286 59 7 0 6 14 66 .224 .280 .319
LHH 329 81 21 2 13 29 88 .274 .340 .490

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 95.5 94.1 89.9 78.0 82.8 91.0
Usage 25% 22% 22% 10% 17% 3%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:35pm ET
  • Where: PNC Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 80°, partly cloudy, 5% chance of rain

News and Notes

Daniel Duarte joins the team for today’s doubleheader

Cincinnati has called up reliever Daniel Duarte as today’s 27th player for the doubleheader.

Ben Lively to make a rehab start today

The Reds announced that Ben Lively would be making a rehab start today with Triple-A Louisville.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Brewers 64 54 0.0 80.8%
Cubs 61 56 2.5 60.2%
Reds 61 57 3.0 24.1%
Pirates 52 64 11.0 0.2%
Cardinals 52 66 12.0 0.4%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

297 Responses

  1. Dennis Westrick

    In one of my posts yesterday I stressed the importance of the Reds needing to play winning baseball over the next week! It is now DOUBLY important that the Reds win game one of today’s forced DH and ideally both games!

    Last night was a BAD night for the Reds in that the Brewers, the Stupid Cubs & the Fish ALL won, thereby increasing the separation between them & the Reds.

    Finally, a message for Bell – you cannot sweep a DH unless you win Game 1.

    Let’s hope our starting pitchers with last names ending in “W”can bring home 2 wins!

    • Jim Walker

      I will be happy if events prove me wrong; but, my feeling is the Reds face an almost impossible road ahead to get into the postseason after the last 10 days. However, rather than pack things in, I hope they pull out all the stops and play like they were still in the middle of the chase right down to the final bell.

      Who can say? Maybe some other team will fall flat, nobody else will go on a historic winning streak and the Reds will get in. Regardless, making the full-tilt effort will be an invaluable experience for their young players in the future.

      And to those who belittle “only” getting in as the final team or projecting as an easy out in a 3 game series, I say balderdash. Every journey starts with a1st step; and, being in the postseason is a better 1st step than not being in the postseason.

    • LarkinPhillips

      It’s absurd that weaver is making yet another start. How can the team believe they are seriously pushing for a playoff spot and rolling weaver out every 5 days.

      With that said, let’s hope I eat crow tonight and the Reds win 2 today!

      • Dennis Westrick

        Same here! I can share some excellent recipes for baked or fried crow!

      • Old Big Ed

        This may well be Weaver’s last start. His next time through the rotation, given two coming off days, is the 20th, which is the date that they expect Greene back.

        I would expect that they will observe Weaver today and Lively in his rehab start, and decide from there. Lively would seem to be the obvious choice if healthy. Weaver, believe it or not, has actually been pretty good in 2 of his last 3 starts.

        The 3 days off in 8 days is a great gift to the Reds, and came up exactly when they desperately needed it.

  2. Redbb

    I thought they called last nights game awfully quick. I think there was some gamesmanship by Pittsburgh to allow Keller to pitch game 1….

    That being said I noticed Keller has pitched on just 4 days rest in 5 of his last 6 starts including today and gone at least 90 pitches in each (and been bombed in 3 of them). He may be ripe for an early breakdown today…

    • Jim Walker

      It is the Reds last time in Pittsburgh this year; so, the league (umpires) had to sign off on the postponement, especially since the Pirates do not have Monday open for a quick makeup then. Both teams do have Monday open on Sept 25 after a 3 game series between them at GABP but MLB changes home field for make ups only as a last resort.

    • VaRedsFan

      All 5-man rotations pitch on 4 days rest.

  3. LarkinPhillips

    Lively is scheduled to come back friday and hunter Green next Sunday (20th) With off days Monday and Thursday, this should be the last weaver start. He needs to pitch like his hair is on fire to earn the long man relief role that Kennedy is occupying now. 2 wins today will go a long way in taking pressure off the guardians 2 game series before our tough stretch to wrap up the month.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Ashcraft and Abbott are the two scheduled starters verse Cleveland too. We have to like our chances there. Then lively Williamson greene verse the blue Jays would be my guess.

    • Jim Walker

      This is why I thought they might scratch Lyon Richardson last night in AAA and use him as the doubleheader call-up today. But they didn’t. He allowed 1 run (earned) on 1 hit but walked 3 (5K’s) in 3.1 innings for the Bats last night.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Watching Lyon last night, he got his pitch count run up early on an error in the first that he had to pitch around. He fought himself most of the night as he didn’t have his best stuff. He got pulled after a two out walk that vlad gave up as a 3 run Homer to give lyon the earned run. I am not sure I would’ve called him up for today, maybe phillips who was scheduled to start in Louisville today (but would require a 40 man move) overall, I am excited to have Lyon have a healthy off-season to work on his stuff rather than trying to get healthy. He could be a big surprise next year and push for the rotation. His stuff is great.

  4. LarkinPhillips

    44 games left in the season.

  5. LT

    Is the first game 7 innings? Let’s get to Keller early and win this game.

    • Old Big Ed

      That’s been gone for a couple of years now, thank goodness.

      • Jim Walker

        True but if the Reds have a 1 run or greater lead after 5 innings in the nightcap, I might be hoping for a deluge before the start of the 6th. 😉

  6. Old-school

    Friedl tagged that off speed pitch

    Home run in gabp

    • Mark Moore

      Perhaps. Well struck, no matter what.

  7. Melvin

    Glad to see CES back in the lineup today after a possible season ending injury. Bullpen is rested with more days off coming soon. No excuses. Let’s win.

  8. Mark Moore

    Pretty flat first inning other than that well-struck ball by Friedl. I know Keller is their “ace” but he’s been sub-par of late and we need to press him to the limits quickly.

    • Jim Walker

      Strike 3 to EDLC was a pitch he probably never saw the likes of at AAA but also a pitch the robo ABS probably would not have rung him up on. Looked like it lost the vertical zone before it found the corner.

  9. LarkinPhillips

    The Pirates are coming off 11 days in a row including series against ATL and MIL. Even with yesterday off, the quicker we can get into their pen today the better our odds for the 2nd game.

  10. Melvin

    Am I the only one not getting email updates?

  11. JB

    Steer says I’ll steal third if Joey can’t do his job.

  12. Melvin

    CES almost hit again. I don’t like playing the Pirates.

  13. Jim Walker

    Did I see it badly or did that 1st pitch to CES look close to being right down Broadway but ended up being called a ball? Maybe the catcher blocked the view jumping to grab and throw costing them the call??

    • Mike Adams

      No, you saw what you saw. See my comment below. That call was bad bad.

    • AllTheHype

      Hitting him before Benson against RHP, I just don’t get it. Would have loved Benson in that spot.

    • Old Big Ed

      You left out “another” before “brutal.”

  14. Mike Adams

    Boy, I know there are jokes about blind umpires but this guy must have trouble seeing.
    That first pitch to CES was one third up from bottom of zone and one third in the zone.
    I know the Reds got the benefit then but what goes around comes around.

    • Jim Walker

      +1000. See my comment above. I’ll bet the Pirates lost the call because the C obstructed the ump’s view reaching for the ball and shifting to get into throwing position.

    • Mark Moore

      Day is already saying stuff about the zone. Could be a very long game.

  15. VaRedsFan

    Ty doesn’t even attempt to go to right field anymore?
    That was the perfect situation for it

    • LarkinPhillips

      Does anyone know what his groundball percentage is lately? It feels like it is over 60% groundballs and almost all of the to SS. (probably some recent bias by me. )

      • Ted Alfred

        Rinse and repeat…. basically an identicalcat bat…. first pitch swinging with another super easy ground ball to short that would have been another double play had there been less than two outs. Sure glad Benson is hitting 8 behind TySteve instead of 7 with runners on 3rd both times.

    • Mark Moore

      I think we’re seeing the wear of the season combined with a far more serious injury than we were lead to believe (and a longer rehab time which didn’t happen).

  16. LarkinPhillips

    Stephenson has become a GIDP machine. Not the machine we were hoping he would develop into. Great job by Steer and CES.

  17. Mark A Verticchio

    Line up construction, why is Stephenson batting ahead of Benson? Just think 3 more years of this garbage.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Lineups don’t matter according to the new school Mark. Only thing that matters is that your best hitters get the most ABs. That is why Benson bats 8th/9th.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Sarcasm in case that didn’t come across from me.

      • Mark Moore

        +500 for the solid sarcasm 😛

    • AllTheHype

      Consistently bad lineups are at least consistent, Bell says.

      We all know Benson is gonna rope one leading off the next inning.

    • VaRedsFan

      Situations like this come up over and over through the course of a game. They’ve had to overcome them, when it’s just better to make out a lineup with your worst hitters batting last.

    • Ted Alfred

      Additionally you have a right-handed P so you would even have more reason to bat Benson ahead of him…. it’s just my numbingly dumb.

  18. JB

    Maybe we can move CES up and put Votto with Stephenson. Those two seem to work good together. Sarcasm.

  19. SR

    If Stephenson is still recovering, he needs to do it in AAA. He is a gidp machine, when he bit grounding out he’s chasing breaking balls out of the zone and taking fastballs. His framing is horrible, and does not block low balls well either. We should be looking for another catcher this off season.

    • Mark Moore

      The problem with that as I see it, is the AAA pitching is so far below that of MLB, guys really can’t grow and make progress there. I do think something is very “off” with him. Kind of like India “hiding” his foot problem for too long and doing more damage.

      • SR

        he isn’t hitting at MLB level now. He isn’t catching at MLB level either. Maile is better all around right now. The Reds can’t afford a yearlong rebuild project in the lineup on the big club. He needs some time with the hitting coach who reworked Friedl, Benson and cut down SO’s for strand and EDLC. Might be time for a remedial visit for EDLC too.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep, I’ve been on that train all year long. I’ve just never been a fan of Stephenson’s defense behind the plate and now that his offense is below average he’s just a liability. Maile is just better overall and it’s not close.

  20. J

    I wonder what the record is for most first-pitch double plays after the guy in front of you has walked. Reds already have two of them and it’s only the third inning.

    • Old-school

      Should at least be part of the reds parlay as well as relievers walking the first guy and Weaver giving up 2+ runs in the first inning

      That would be funny

    • AllTheHype

      I’m ok with first pitch swings for the top half of the lineup + Benson, because odds are better they can square it. But Stephenson and Fairchild, no. They should be looking to get into a hitter’s count first with guy on first and less than 2 outs. Fairchild really has no plan at the plate though, ever. That much is clear.

      • Roger Garrett

        I normally don’t have issues either but certain players in certain situations should not swing as you said.Its simple to do just flash the guy the take sign.

  21. Mark Moore

    Nice play by Steer on that pick and throw. Good thing it was their catcher 😀

  22. Melvin

    Williamson getting better all the time.

    • JB

      Yep. Him,Abbott and Ashcraft are the top three pitchers. Hopefully Hunter can give us something.

      • Mark Moore

        The dreams of 3 good LHSP in the rotation is almost mind-boggling.

    • Old Big Ed

      His change is unhittable today. Moves like a RH pitcher’s slider.

    • AllTheHype

      Very pleasant surprise this year.

  23. Old-school

    Steer is a ball player doing it all. Great defense on that ball to 3b after doubling oppo and stealing 3b.

    • AllTheHype

      Yup, just looked up his defense stats on fangraphs earlier, and he’s almost league average at 3B, 1B, and LF. Pretty good for a guy to be that versatile and not sacrifice defense anywhere for that versatility.

  24. Roger Garrett

    Where is the offense and why swing at the first pitch after a walk.These young guys need coaching please.Keller has got 4 of his 9 outs on 4 pitches.

  25. Mark Moore

    BTY, anyone hear anything on Fraley?

  26. JB

    And yet McLain is still standing on first.

    • Mark Moore

      Isn’t their catcher the 3nd or 3rd coming of Johnny Bench? (hard sarcasm font)

      • JB

        I guess he will get to 2nd one way or another. Smh

  27. Mark Moore

    Day noting EDLC’s on a 20-game streak. K’s in 20 straight 😮

    • Ted Alfred

      I’m not a fan at all of hitting Elly 3 he just strikes out way too much to be hitting there. I would just switch him and CES…drop him down to 6. Maybe bump Steer to 3 and CES at 4… either way Elly should not be hitting above 6.

  28. Jim Walker

    Pity the fool who throws Elly a fastball anywhere near the same zip code as the strike zone.

    • LT

      Agree. But fastball is easy to throw so pitchers still throw it to him. Same with CES. He would not get a hit if pitchers throw him sliders away.

  29. VaRedsFan

    Keller’s pitches have some big-time extreme movement today.

  30. AllTheHype

    Man that was a good pitch CES hit. Impressive.

    • Jim Walker

      +1000 Bat control. Could see the adjustment in speed and arc of the swing.

  31. JB

    That’s how you drive them home. Move CES above Votto.

    • Old-school

      Thats not allowed in Bells manual.

      Clearly stipulates in chapter 8 “ Veterans” that no rookie is allowed to hit above a veteran legend if they share the same position or role or are in potential competition in the future. Appendix A allows for rookies who play different positions and no threat to said veteran

  32. Mark Moore

    Well that works, CES!! Just take what Keller gave you and get the RBI

  33. VaRedsFan

    Nice RBI single on a low pitch by Mr. Strand

  34. JB

    And Stephenson with another great at bat.

  35. Mark Moore

    And then the inevitable 1st pitch ground out (not a GIDP because obviously it was the 3rd out). Engage ANGRY FACE!!!

    • Rick

      Two angry faces. Swing at a pitchers pitch again less than 2 strikes.

  36. Rick

    Stephenson has morphed into Alex Trevino.

      • Old-school

        Lets hope not Carson Kelly.

        The once great phenom was central part of the Paul goldschmidt trade. DFA by the Dbacks this weekend

    • SR

      I wonder if we could add catcher to Steers position resume. (Kidding, mostly)

      • Rick

        I bet if he had been converted to catching 2 years ago he’d likely have made a pretty good one.

  37. Mark Moore

    1-4-3 ground out there. Nice teamwork.

  38. Roger Garrett

    Thats why lineups are important.Tyler has seen 2 pitches,swung at both and has made 3 outs.Benson right there for sure gives the team a better at bat.Tyler is pressing and looks awful at the plate so let him hit 8th or 9th.Goodness and I am sure he will come up again with runners on and lets hope its different.

  39. AllTheHype

    Williamson’s changeup looking unhittable against RHB.

  40. Mark Moore

    Camera panned over to HDTBell standing there looking like he’s thinking about “managing” today.

    Nice work by Williamson.

  41. Gpod

    Stephenson would be a candidate to be sent down (see Senzel) if we had another catcher to do a better job ….maybe it would wake him up

    • SR

      The have two catchers who have hit .300 all year in AAA and Maile is a better catcher than Stephenson both offensively and defensively right now.

  42. JB

    Benson goes on first pitch. Did you see that McLain?

  43. Mark Moore

    And we see a true LL play while watching MLB. Funny that happens after I watched some LLWS yesterday.

    And now he’s standing on 2nd. I like that.

  44. Ted Alfred

    I really don’t understand Fairchild basically being penciled in as a starter every day either… completely dumbfounded by that decision.

  45. Mark Moore

    Pop-up on what may have been a hit-and-run. At least we tried to make something happen.

    • Jim Walker

      I think the steal of 2nd was a called straight steal. Not sure what that wasted PA by Stu was about on the check swing was.
      Benson had to be a straight steal his own at 3B I think. Just don’t see called hit and run plays with a man on 2nd and 1B open behind him very often, especially with 1 out.

    • Jim Walker

      One thing for sure on the Benson steal at 3B, all those endline and back then foul line and back gut buster wind sprints in his basketball days probably came in very handy on the Friedl pop out.

  46. Roger Garrett

    Still on second. Fairchild who I like and want to see be given every chance is not getting it done.

    • Jim Walker

      Not today on the offensive side. But he just turned a potential gap splitter into a very routine looking out at the edge of the track.

      • Jim Walker

        The EV on that ball was 108.0 and the xBA was .670

  47. MK

    I like Fairchild but it does seem like a day where Hopkins could get a start and maybe he will in Game 2. Bell always says he wants to keep everyone ready well Hopkins needs some PT.

    • Melvin

      He did take some swings in the on deck circle…..before being called back. lol I would very much like not thinking about David Bell the next three years and just focus on the players but unfortunately he makes it nearly impossible to do that. There is just no understanding him. I really believe he likes that and likes being in the limelight one way or another.

      • JB

        Hopkins did get in the game Friday and went 0-1

      • Melvin

        You’re right. For some reason I missed/forgot that. It happened so quick. 🙂

  48. LT

    Good to see MM with an extra base hit. He has not had one in a while.

  49. AllTheHype

    Matt McLain = Dustin Pedroia at the plate with a bit more power and stronger arm in the field. What’s not to love about that?

    • JB

      As long as he stays healthy. Unlike Pedroia.

      • AllTheHype

        Pedroia played his first 10 years and only missed extended time one season. After that, freak knee injury and unsuccessful surgery ended his career but he had already had 10 solid, healthy years.

    • Melvin

      EVERY team would love to have Matt McLain. He may be one of the most “untouchable” players in the game right now.

      • AllTheHype

        Agree, 6 more years controlled and plays potentially a GG SS and for sure a GG 2B. There is not much to dislike about his game.

        He’d be first on my list to lock up this winter. I’d sign him right now thru his age 32 season.

      • Melvin

        Just think if you were able to draft players to make a team. He’s becoming that good.

  50. Beaufort Red

    Our #3 hitter should be hitting 9th or at Louisville.

  51. Gpod

    I used to anticipate Elly’s at bats…now when he comes up I just try to guess how he will strike out this time

  52. dimondfvr

    De La Cruz has that strikeout swing mastered where ever you place him in the lineup! And what’s with Stephenson? Won’t even look at a pitch before swinging!

  53. LDS

    I still think sending EDLC to Louisville for a couple of weeks would be good for everyone. Get him out of the spotlight for a while. Barrero can cover with McLain at 2nd. Newman can fetch the water.

    • Randoxu1

      Couldn’t agree more. I mentioned that a few days ago but the Reds will never do it, but he needs it for his own good.

  54. J

    Even though I’ve been told that lineups can’t possibly matter, I would sure like to see what it would look like to have the Reds’ five best hitters occupying the first five spots in the order. Just as an experiment.

    • Melvin

      Now you’re talking crazy. You must be a radical. 😉

    • Rick

      They do matter as we all know. I use to consolidate my lineups and they were efficiently productive.
      I would like to see it as well.
      Those people like Bell are hedging for their own discretion.

  55. Rick

    I’ve been really impressed with Williamson as a #4 pitcher going forward.

  56. Ted Alfred

    And that’s a run that never should have scored. Stephenson’s passed ball took away the double play on the hard hit grounder right at Votto….at worse the force out at 2nd and then the Fly ball to end the inning. Stephenson is absolutely crushing this team today all the way around….brutal game.

  57. Melvin

    Senzel not in the lineup again today for the Bats. Hasn’t played once since being sent down.

    • Rick

      Must have been a long long meeting! Lol

      • Melvin

        haha. Maybe the don’t want to move Marte off of 3B. I personally would like to see Marte play some outfield.

  58. LT

    C’mon, got to add some runs. We’ve seen this movie a lot lately. Need to score more

  59. Mark Moore

    Marginal call on TySteve, but when you aren’t doing well, what do you expect?

    Plus, he’s seen that called a strike plenty today.

  60. JB

    Stephenson didn’t swing at first pitch but sat and watched strike three. Lord help us

  61. Mark

    We really need more offense from Tyler Stevenson really disappointing season from him here in 2023

    • Ted Alfred

      Not to mention his defense behind the plate is really poor overall

  62. west larry

    Three terrible at bats each for Elle and Stevenson.

  63. Beaufort Red

    Stephenson is horrible. Maile should be getting the majority of starts. Remember when Stephenson was said to be a DH when not catching. Now that’s funny!!!!!

  64. JB

    Stephenson 10 for his last 69. That’s not cutting it.

    • Melvin

      Just think of what the season would have been like if not for the rookies playing so well and Stephenson having the year he’s having. I’m still far away from extending he or India long term like it was talked about not long ago.

    • Jim

      If I were the owner ( and I am not) ha
      I would trade for next year. Senzel, Fairchild, Stephenson, and Weaver. That with the money freeing up from Votto. We Could pick up a few nice additions!!

  65. J

    Right now, this team is clearly divided into five guys who can be counted on to consistently have good at-bats, and four who can’t. Bell has the five most reliable guys hitting 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th. He’s done almost everything he can possibly do to make things easier for the opposing pitcher.

  66. Mark Moore

    I’ve always been a TySteve fan. Right from the start. But he’s regressed so far this season, it’s just brutal to watch him all around. Perhaps he needs an IL stint “manufactured”.

    I’m really questioning HDTBell yanking Williamson here. But I don’t get a say in his quest to “manage things”. 😮

    • Melvin

      It was easy to tell Williamson was not happy about it.

    • Mark Moore

      Sims with a man on, no less. And Williamson had baffled Connor Joe to this point.

      • Rick

        I would not have pulled Williamson. He got yanked to soon in Chicago too.
        Bell should show more confidence in him when he’s on his game and a good pitch count.

  67. Jim Walker

    Williamson looks like a less than happy camper as he exits. In what proportion angry at himself or Bell or both would be interesting to know

      • Rick

        Yes. He had that same look in Chicago too.

      • Jim Walker

        Yeah, Bell but also I think himself because he knew if he let a guy reach, he was a goner. That has to be a burden, especially with these younger guys.

        With Greene having his contract in hand I expect him to emerge as a leader among the pitching staff; and, I suspect things could get very interesting in the next couple of seasons.

  68. Ted Alfred

    I would have left Williamson in. He’s at 88 pitches and is throwing it well.
    I don’t like this switch to Sims right here….hope it works out.

    • Mark Moore

      And he’s handcuffed Joe all day.

  69. JB

    Why is he yanking Williamson? 88 pitches?

    • Mark Moore

      It’s called “managing” … it’s what HDTBell has to do at this point. He’s been thinking about this move for a couple innings.

      • Rick

        Lineup cards & then a mound visit to pull an effective pitcher. That’s his guiding light.

    • J

      Bell has information we don’t. He’s able to see things we aren’t. He has many years of experience. Or something like that.

      • Mark Moore

        +1,000 😀

        And another 3 years guaranteed paycheck.

      • Melvin

        Don’t forget the players love playing for him so instead of Williamson being mad at Bell he probably just had a tummy ache or something. 😀

  70. west larry

    I disagree on Bell tinkering with the pitching staff this time. Williamson has only given up two hits, and there is another game to play today.

    • LDS

      Yeah, but Bell is smarter than all of us combined. He played MLB don’t you know.

    • Jim Walker

      The Reds are never going to be a top level club until the manager, whoever he may be, can take a deep breath and leave a guy who has pitched as well as Williamson had with the pitch count he was at in to face the next hitter with 2 outs and a man on 1st in the 6th inning.

      • LDS

        Agreed but we know unequivocally that will never be Bell

    • Mark Moore

      Dennis would be in need of resuscitation.

  71. Mark Moore

    What’s that I smell? Is that smoke beginning to billow up?

  72. Mark Moore

    Feels like we escaped that potential hail of bullets.

  73. LT

    If we want to enjoy following Reds games, we must pretend that Reds play without a manager. There’s no other way.

    • Mark Moore

      You mean like some robot runs a random routine and makes the calls before and during the game? Sounds like a plan to me … 😀

    • Melvin

      hahaha!!! That’s just about right. 🙂 He makes it VERY VERY hard though.

    • Rick

      Artificial intelligence will replace him. Lol

  74. Mark Moore

    How did Fairchild make an out on that one? No anticipation? Failed to take a good lead? So surprised to be on base?


  75. Melvin

    I wish Fairchild would have taken off there in trying to steal. Would have avoided the force out.

  76. LT

    Look like MM was not looking for a fastball. Took a fastball right down the middle for strike 3. The ending of this movie is starting to look like what we’ve been seeing.

  77. Roger Garrett

    Reds pen has to get 9 outs and no reason why they can’t.

    • Ted Alfred

      Unfortunately there is very little reason to think they can or will. It was just last week with a 2-1 lead in the 7th with two outs that they gave up a two-run homer to lose 3-2, then the next night with a 4-1 lead vs the Marl8ns again with two outs in the 8th gave up a three-run homer to tied in the 8th and another dinger in the night to lose 5-4 The bullpen is running on fumes…+they’re not the same as they were due to Bell’s incessant over managing

  78. Hunt4RedsOct

    Seems to me that Sims struggles when sitting down between innings. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

  79. JB

    1-2 count and he walks him. Sims is terrible

  80. Mark Moore

    Somebody forgot to tell Sims it was a clean inning and he didn’t need to issue the BB. No matter, he’s done for this game.

  81. Melvin

    Leadoff walk. Seems like we’ve seen that before once or twice…or a thousand times. 🙂

  82. Old-school

    Sims 2 walks 1 k

    Bell went to his 1:3 ratio of burning a bullpen arm every 3 hitters when a SP was cruising in game 1 of a DH. Sims got all of 1 out.

    Hopefully young gets 3 outs

    • Ted Alfred

      And we wonder why the bullpen is burnt out? There was no reason to pull Williamson when he did

      • J

        Yes, Williamson could be pitching this inning.

      • Melvin

        David Bell is in control…and loves to show it. 🙂

      • Redlegs1869

        Agreed. He knows there’s a DH today and he burns through bullpen. And there it is the HR for the lead. Games probably over thanks to to much tinkering.

  83. KevinIn

    His ERA will go up. His stuff is not anywhere good enough to counter the number of batters he walks.

  84. LDS

    Hey, sacrifices aren’t legal. Where’s Bell to protest?

  85. KevinIn

    5.6 walks per nine innings for Sims in ‘23

  86. AllTheHype

    I wish I could find a stat on the percentage of BBs issued from a reliever after an 0-2 or 1-2 count. I bet Sims leads the league. And I bet Reds relievers in general lead all other teams.

  87. west larry

    Just another walk. These relievers are driving me crazy!

  88. Mark Moore

    Need Bike Helmets in the worst way here.

  89. J

    I’m pretty sure none of us would have allowed Sims to start this inning, but Bell has a lot of information we don’t. For example, he knows Sims is right-handed and the first hitter of the inning was right-handed, and we all probably overlooked that very important fact.

  90. LDS

    So much for making the playoffs this year. Sure glad Bell pulled Williamson.

  91. Mark Moore


    I swear I’d Clete here, but with the second game coming,, it doesn’t make any difference.

  92. Melvin

    Taking Williamson out sure worked today. Good job Mr. Bell. This one’s on you.

  93. Gpod

    Again…the bullpen that keeps on giving…over & over

  94. J

    I’ll continue rooting for this team, but the Reds are getting exactly the outcome they deserve with a clown as manager. Williamson should be pitching this inning. Sims didn’t need to have any role in this game whatsoever.

  95. JB

    Bell snatching defeat from the Jaws of victory.

  96. Ted Alfred

    For all you Bell defenders…this team will never go anywhere in the postseason unless the Reds buyout his contract and get a good manager in here. He doesn’t know how to handle the bullpen pitching. He’s just terrible, it’s not an accident that the bullpen doesn’t have anything left. Ir’s because of the way they’ve been used all year long…. he always wants to pull starters before he should…. over and over and over.

    • LDS

      Dead on – the Reds will never be competitive with David Bell as the manager. That’s been my position for the last several years. One expects a manager to grow over time. If Bell has, that evidence is invisible. Learn from past mistakes – that’s just crazy talk.

    • Reddawg2012

      I just think it’s really crazy that they gave him a 3 year extension before waiting to see how this season played out.

      • J

        This organization makes a LOT of decisions that seem quite irrational. That was one of the bigger ones, but it’s just one in a long series. I don’t think the people in charge are really all that bright, honestly.

      • Melvin

        Big Bob is a “hands on” owner that has no clue what he’s doing.

  97. west larry

    Now it’s really an uphill battle.

  98. Reddawg2012

    The inability to throw strikes is just unreal. That’s what happens.

  99. RedsgettingBetter

    Another multi-run homer in the 7th inning to give up a lead… Incredible…And the offense has not shown much today…

  100. Mark Moore

    Well, at least we’re behind now. I recall when that was the position we “liked” and engineered a bunch of runs. Sometimes from HUGE holes.

  101. Roger Garrett

    No more for me.Bell single handed found the wrong guys after a great job by Williamson.Four runs on 3 hits and lose to the Pirates and all you will hear Bell say is Williamson did a great job.Bell has the best job in the world.Can do anything and never is held accountable.Just a joke.Fan for 60 years but won’t watch this stuff cause it never changes never changes.

  102. Mark Moore

    Yep. Another predictable Golden Sombrero for our young hero. Sure hope he learns something in the offseason. So much talent.

  103. RedsgettingBetter

    Another golden sombrero from EDLC

    • west larry

      four strikeouts in four at bats. He either needs to bat ninth or sit out several games.

      • LDS

        No, he needs to go back to Louisville and get his head back in the game. He’s 21. The hype is tremendous. He’s got a great attitude but the pressure is likely enormous. And the coaching staff, thus far, doesn’t seem to be helpful in the least. He’s entering the Aquino trajectory. And that’s not good.

  104. VaRedsFan

    It’s not really a surprise folks.
    Bell has routinely done this during his tenure.

    He puts the reliever that is struggling the most, into the high leverage situation over and over again… no matter how many times he fails.
    Doolittle…Strickland, and many others

    • Stoney


      Don’t forget Hernandez. 5 years of this garbage. And more to come.

  105. Mark Moore

    OK, Old Man. Steer did his job. Show us something here.

  106. LT

    It’s astounding how EDLC is not able to make contact with the baseball.

    • Randoxu1

      He needs to be sent to Louisville for a major wake up call, but we know that won’t happen because no one is ever held accountable. But Bell won’t do anything never does.

  107. Reddawg2012

    I think Krall’s biggest failure at the deadline was not acquiring more help for the bullpen. I understand that the market for starting pitchers was crazy. The Reds would’ve had to overpay, and they still have reinforcements coming in that department. But we could all see that the bullpen was running on fumes by the end of July. It was to be expected after how overused they were earlier in the season.

    There is not a single reliable arm down there other than Diaz, and even he has struggled a bit lately. You just can’t win consistently when your relievers fail to throw strikes and light every game on fire.

    • Mark Moore

      I was defending Krall as being handcuffed by the BobPhil Wallet Monster. Now I’m not entirely sure that was the case, at least not 100%. BP help was available.

    • Ted Alfred

      So why in the world did he pull Williamson today at 88 pitches the way that kid’s been throwing the ball today and his last 8 or so starts …just stupid. That’s why the bullpen doesn’t have anything left, cuz he keeps over managing every situation. It’s just like his wonderful decision of having Elly bat lead off for A MONTH striking out 41% of his AB’s with almost 0 walks….the exact opposite of what you want at leadoff….and now having him bat 3rd…. you can’t have a guy hitting leadoff and 3rd who strikes out that much. So how long will it take him to move Elly down the lineup….three or four more weeks? It should be obvious right now that he should be batting 6 or 7 in the next game of the doubleheader today… but he won’t be. Bell gets these ideas in his head that he just stays fixated on no matter what is actually happening in the games. I still can’t believe they signed this guy to another 3 years.

      • Reddawg2012

        I don’t disagree with anything you said here. Krall and Bell both leave a lot to be desired.

  108. west larry

    Bengals season starts in earnest soon. I’ll have something to cheer for if this team tanks.

  109. Ted Alfred

    So this will be three of the last four games they’ve lost due to Bell’s Bullpen imploding with a lead in the 7th inning or later…last two vs the Marlins and today. They very well could have been looking at a five-game winning streak, instead they have dropped three of five.

    They need a manager who knows how to handle the pitching…period. Someone who will trust his starting staff more when they are throwing the ball well with a reasonable pitch count….vs always wanting to pull them ASAP in the 5th or 6th inning even when they are throwing the ball great but they might walk a guy or give up a hit. Someone who is a little more judicious with their bullpen usage overall. He just lacks the understanding or feel for the game flow that the better managers have. It doesn’t do any good to play okay through July, but then have nothing left in the bullpen for the the last 2 months and the post-season.

  110. J

    Once again, we’re seeing the consequences of having the best five hitters hitting 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8. It’s really hard to score a lot of runs that way. Steer doubles with nobody on base because #3 can’t do anything other than strike out, and then the guy after him is hitting .210. This is just madness. Order should have started with Benson, Friedl, McLain, Steer, CES, Ramos. Then you can mess around with the other guys.

    • Ted Alfred

      Hey, just stop it. The Bell defenders will tell you…. he knows things!!

  111. Rick

    You know if your bullpen has been struggling, tired arms, smart managers would extend their starters as deep as practical. Not our guy. Same routine, same results.

  112. Protime

    Bell, ineptness is his best trait. Complete and utter bullpen mismanagement has wrecked the pitching staff. No clue, of the game in front of him. Does not allow starters to get out of manageable situations. The Reds will never be a legitimate competitive contender with him as the manager. He has cost them at least 10 games or more. Biggest mistake this year was to sign him to a three year extension before the season was over. Second, Krall’s inability to acquire multi players prior to and at the trade deadline.

  113. Mark Moore

    Somehow Benson manages to put a smile on my face. Turned Joe around and Benson kept running.

  114. Protime

    Ditto, J’s commentary. Bell has no lineup worthy skills of a major league manager. Three more years of this disaster, no hope in mudvillle…

    • Mark Moore

      He’s at the #40 MLB manager slot and dropping like a stone. In fact, I’m not sure he’d do all that well back at AAA anymore, though the damage would be less intrusive to the fanbase.

  115. Jim Walker

    If I am Nick Krall, I’m checking with the lawyers to see if I can send Bell on indefinite paid leave. We’ve seen this August swoon before. Bell cannot lead a team in adverse situations. He is too by the book/ numbers and lacks the personal skills to motivate guys when times are tough.

  116. DK in Erie PA

    Let me write headline to wrap up
    Mismanagement (again) costs Reds their 118th win this year

  117. Rick

    Krall was afraid that another club would sign Bell if it went into the offseason! Lol

    • west larry

      I think that was the owner sticking his nose into baseball transaction again, not Krall.

  118. Mark Moore

    Game one another completely wasted effort and severely “managed” once again. EDLC needs to sit tonight and think about what he’s NOT doing anymore.

    Later, friends.

    • Ted Alfred

      There’s been a lot of losses lately that have been just a shame. The real shame is that we’re stuck with this moron for three more years

  119. west larry

    The cubs and Philly are losing, but it appears the brewers will win their game.

  120. LDS

    Well at least Miami and Chicago are both losing, so a win tonight could get the Reds a half game back

  121. LT

    Obviously the team is short handed, missing two top SP and two big bats, India and Fraley. But the biggest miss is the manager. Reds don’t have a manager.

    • west larry

      True, he is awful. Couldn’t the ownership figure that out in five years?

  122. AllTheHype

    This team is REALLY missing Fraley in games like today. We’re basically substituting a non-performing OF (Fairchild) for him and it’s just not something the lineup can absorb. And Bell refuses to play anyone but Fairchild.

    That, and putting Benson in a spot in the lineup where he can’t be as impactful as he can be.

    Bell got his extension when the offense was churning and everyone was healthy. It was difficult to write down a bad lineup then. But now, his bad decisions matter.

    • Melvin

      Benson needs to get more ABs. Instead he gets some of the least ABs on the team always batting down in the order. If it wasn’t ridiculous before it is now..and it’s hurting us.

      • Rick

        Bell knows that Benson is just happy to be in the big leagues and won’t complain about where he hits.

  123. RedsgettingBetter

    this team does not reacts

  124. Rick

    I bet Bob will bring Joey back so that he can surpass Bench as the Reds HR leader… on Bob’s watch.
    Bob’s priority is on the celebrity side of baseball & not on winning. Legacy Bob, legacy ( Bell) manager. Inclusion.

    • Jim Walker

      Votto is still 34 short of JB. Unless he has a good final 6 weeks of this season, he is not a lock to catch JB by the end of 2024, especially if the team is in a playoff race and not just sending him out to take 4-5 PAs six to seven days a week.

      • Rick

        We were in a pennant race this year, but yet JV starts nearly every game.
        Bell wears out the pen every year by the middle of June and eliminates our playoff chances. Next year will be no different

  125. Protime

    Another one on Bell’s complete game starter, and bullpen mismanagement fiasco. Allowing Stephenson to hit in the 9th inning when he is clearly mired in a hitting slump. Good grief! What a painful way to see a potentially winning , playoff season slip away….

    • Jim Walker

      Who would bell have sent for Stephenson? His only possible silver HR bullet n the bench was Ramos; and, he needed 2 runs. It would have probably would have had to be Hopkins.

      This said I would not be surprised if the only reason Stephenson has not been sent back to AAA for “reorientation” or put on the IL is that Chuckie Robinson is not on the 40 man roster and would require a double move to bring up.

    • Melvin

      Bell has done this before. Extending him (for THREE YEARS!) before finding out if he will do it again was STUPID to the highest degree. He’s had a few good stretches but hasn’t really won ANYTHING.

      • Rick

        He’s the worst Mgr in my 58 year fandom. That says alot. Price, Boone. Narron, Nixon, Knight etc.

  126. Doc4uk

    Two major factors. Strikeouts and BP fatigue. Bell pulled Williamson too early EDLC needs to be sent down. Marte brought up. Stephenson benched. Votto limited to DH against RHP.

    • Ted Alfred

      5 for 5 doc…you’re batting 1.000

  127. J

    Back when the Reds were winning, some of us were here every day pointing out various mistakes Bell kept making. We were happy about the wins, but unhappy about the strategic mistakes we were seeing again and again and again. We were told we were being ridiculous to criticize the manager when the team was winning and beating everyone’s expectations. We were told it “made sense” to extend Bell at that time. We endured quite a few insults for our cynicism.

    We’re now seeing exactly why some of us were concerned. Now that some of these guys have come back down to earth, Bell’s inept management is making it very hard to win close games, which has been a problem throughout his inept tenure.

    Interestingly enough, I haven’t heard a peep from anyone who called me various names when I was complaining about Bell a couple months ago. I guess they’ve forgotten how to comment on this site.

    • LDS

      They are still around @J. A couple of days ago they were saying none of us ever cite reasons, we just complain. I didn’t get a response on my list of tangible reasons.

      • J

        Oops, that must have been one of the days I was absent.

        What’s funny about that is that it seems to me we’re always listing a bunch of specific substantive things he does wrong (as in this thread, for example), and the argument from the other side is usually either a dismissive insult (“I can’t believe you’re not a baseball executive with all your expertise”) or something vague about how he’s doing much better than anyone expected, so that must mean he knows what he’s doing, etc. etc.


        They always come back later and complain about us after the fact. We have said for years he isn’t the guy to lead the Reds. I said, the Reds will find a way to mess up the bright future with all these prospects. I take no joy in saying this, a reds fan since 1970. Go Reds

  128. LT

    As I said a number of times I pretty much have not got in to Bell case all year because it looks like he’s a robot and has one way of managing that he sticks to: pull starters early, use many relievers but only for one or 2 batters, etc. I am OK with all that because it’s his coaching style. But lately he suddenly changed the way he used Sims in the most irrational way. Bringing Sims in the 6th inning with runner on base is criminal. Using Sims a lot of late when Sims is struggling. No more whining from me on this.

  129. LT

    Maybe Sims pulled a Senzel and went to Bell to ask for more pitching? Who knows? Now I am done.

  130. Harry Stoner

    Bell is a clear example of the old “Peter Principle” business theory: Rising to the level of your own incompetence.

    A couple takeaways: Steer continues to hit.

    Williamson becoming a dependable starter.

    180 degree turnaround from not long ago.

    The Reds top off season priority isn’t SP, but a huge investment in the BP, something I’ve never seen them do.

    And a new manager.

    • Ted Alfred

      Can you imagine if the Reds tank so badly the rest of this year that they actually buyout Bell’s contract so he didn’t manage one day in 2024 of the new extension?? It would be glorious.

  131. LeRoy

    Are the Reds even working to get EDLC back on track. No one should strike out over 38% of the time. Sure, he’s fast and has tremendous power, but one can’t steal bases and knock in runs when you don’t even make contact. 62% of the time all you see is Elly walking back to the dugout. CES is doing just average but he’s not attacking the ball like he did in the minors and is striking out too much. Anybody watching the games in person or on TV can see the weaknesses of EDLC and CES and it could be corrected by doing drills to get them to only swing at pitches in the zone that are hittable. I’ll gladly send the Reds some of my youth baseball drills that used to work for kids ages 10 thru 17. Practice doesn’t make one better! Good practice working on probems that can be corrected makes one better. I hope they are working every day with these 2 talented young individuals. They not only need it, they deserve it.

  132. Melvin

    Williamson, “It’s not my decision. I would have loved to stay in”.

    • LT

      Ah, good sign. Riot or boycott usually starts with these types of comment. The discontent from players will grow louder to the point where FO can’t say players play for Bell anymore.

  133. JB

    This loss makes me sick. Watching Williamson pitch a great game and then Bell pulling him at 88 pitches. Just because he walked a batter with two outs. I’m glad he is showing Williamson he has faith in him.( Sarcasm) Votto has 30 hits on the year. 13 homers 13 singles and 4 doubles. Between him and Stephenson they are easy outs. Fairchild has done nothing with his chance. Can we please stop touting him as a potential piece to the outfield. This team has flaws that need to be addressed in the off season.

  134. LT

    If anyone deserves to pull a Senzel, it’s Williamson. He should go to FO and say: let me pitch more than 6 innings when I start.

  135. Votto4life

    David Bell is living a charmed life. In 2021 after his team collapses down the stretch, he then gets extended for two years. The first year of the new contract his team loses 100 games. The second year of the contract, the Reds play well for a couple of months, he gets a three year extension and as soon as, he is signed to the extension, his team tanks again.

    I truly expected David Bell to be fired after the 3-19 start last season. I’m not sure what he has done to warrant a three year extension.

    I didn’t have high expectations for the team this season, but I thought “Well, at least this will be David Bell’s last season”. Like I said..charmed life.

    I don’t think David Bell is entirely the problem, but he is clearly not the solution either.

  136. Kywhi

    It’s not that anyone is “pro-David Bell,” it’s just that many get tired of reading the same anti-Bell comments over and over again by the same few who must believe they are qualified to manage an MLB. While the walks and homer given up by Young (who was inserted into game by Bell) resulted in the final score, I haven’t seen anyone mention that Reds hitters were only 2 for 15 at the plate with men in scoring position. Rare is the loss that isn’t team-wide.

    • J

      One of us did point out (more than once) that it’s hard to score a lot of runs when you’ve got your five most consistent hitters batting 1,2,4,6,8, and when you insist on playing Fairchild when you’ve got other options. When you’ve got a bad hitter at the plate every time you get a couple guys on base, it’s going to increase the odds of not getting hits with runners on base.

      Also, Bell is the guy who doesn’t give take signs or call for hit-and-runs when he’s got guys at the plate who’ve been struggling. Managers can make a difference in how their players hit. They don’t just have to sit back and hope it works out somehow.

    • Ted Alfred

      Stephenson had chances with running in scoring position first 3 times up… hit into a double play and then grounded it short and then struck out, all 3 AB’s ended the inning. Might have been nice to have Benson up hitting 7 instead of 8 in all three of those situations. But Bell knows things, so Benson hits 8 or 9 no matter what, even though I believe he has the highest hitting average and on base percentage on the team since he was called back up in mid May or whenever it was. Meanwhile he left Elly leading off for a month striking out 40% and hardly ever walking and then he moves him to three? Why would you put him at 3 when he has such a low contact rate when making contact is pretty important with guys like McClain and Friedl in front of you who generally get in base a lot??. Does that make any sense to you?? Can you think of one good reason you would have somebody striking out 40% of the time hitting 3rd??

  137. old-school

    Folks, this isnt a playoff roster or a playoff offense. Friedl/Elly/Votto/ and Stephenson went 0-16. Offense scored 2 runs. Starting pitching was great. Bullpen blew it again. Reds have had 4 brutal losses since a week ago Friday after 4 good SP performances because the offense couldn’t play add- on and the Bullpen imploded. Diaz is in a major slump. He’s not the 17 K/9 IP he was in May. Moll was a good add-on but gave up the game winner against a righty after BEll brought him in earlier this week. Rinse and repeat with Young today. Buck Farmer hasn’t been good in 2 months. Lucas Sims is a less humorous Ricky Karcher.

    Offense has Elly approaching a 40% K rate, Votto hits 2 home runs a week and thats it. Stephenson having a terrible season. India is hurt and average before that. RLN favorite Stu Fairchild has well over 200 PA and cant hit righties. Turns out he does have handedness issues with his .690 OPS against righties and wRC + of 80. Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio….er jake Fraley.

    Can we just play CES at first base every day and put him in the 5 hole? Steer and McLain are the 2 best players and its not close.

    • Kywhi

      Great comment. Pretty much sums up the Reds’ play since the All-Star break. Happy to be competitive again and feel great about this team’s future, but lack of offense since the break and the late-game blowing of leads is still as painful to watch as it ever was.

  138. Protime

    Astute lineup order hitting observation: 1,2,4,6,8 best hittters clearly part of a prominent problem. Overall, managerial pitching mismamanagent a season killing disaster. Incompetent managing excacerbates prominent listed weaknesses. Good managing requires tough decisions: EDLC time to sit, hit lower in the lineup, or be send back to AAA for hitting adjustments. It wouldn’t hurt him to learn to bunt, put that great speed to put work for him. Stephenson, needs to be the backup catcher behind Maile. Votto DH versus RHP, at best when in the lineup 7th place hitter. Undoubtedly, the majority of these actions/decisions rest predominantly on the manager….