The Cincinnati Reds made a plethora of roster moves today. The club has optioned Nick Senzel to Triple-A Louisville and called up outfielder Henry Ramos from Louisville to replace him on the roster. They needed to make room on the 40-man roster for Ramos, so they designated reliever Eduardo Salazar for assignment. Cincinnati also sent both Curt Casali and Nick Lodolo on rehab assignments.

It’s been a tough season for Nick Senzel. He’s played in parts of 80 games for the Reds this season and has hit .219/.290/.368 with nine doubles and nine home runs in 269 plate appearances. He’s played a little bit of everywhere in 2023, seeing time in left field, right field, center field, third base, and second base.

Taking his spot is Henry Ramos. He’s an outfielder only, but the Reds have plenty of options for the infield for now. Ramos was up with the club earlier this season and in 18 games he hit .242/.356/.306. While in Triple-A Louisville he’s hit .315/.399/.522. Last night he hit a 495-foot home run according to the Hawkeye system in St. Paul.

Reliever Eduardo Salazar was designated for assignment. He pitched in eight games for the Reds earlier this year. He struggled, posting an 8.03 ERA while giving up 16 hits, five walks, hitting four batters, and striking out five batters in 12.1 innings. His time in Triple-A was a struggle, too, as he posted an ERA of 8.24 in 19.2 innings with as many walks as strikeouts – 13.

Curt Casali is set to begin his rehab assignment tonight in St. Paul with the Louisville Bats. He last played on July 18th against San Francisco before he went on the injured list with a left foot contusion.

Nick Lodolo is also starting a rehab assignment tonight, though his is likely to be much longer. Unlike position players who only get 20 days, pitchers can have up to 30 days to complete their rehab assignments. The lefty last took the mound in a game on May 6th against the White Sox in a 5-3 Reds win. Having missed three months, he’s going to need plenty of time to build back up.

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  1. Klugo

    Whoa. This comes as a surprise to me. Senzel camp can’t be too happy about it.

    • Bubba Woo

      I know I’m in the minority here, but im fine with Senzel as the platoon guy against leftys and am fine with him in that role next year. He’s a 300 hitter against LHP. What i have had a problem with is Bell playing him almost every day since India’s injury. He cannot hit righties.

  2. AWA85

    May never see Senzel in a Reds uniform again?

    • Doug

      We can hope. He’s been nothing but a disappointment, and his little tantrum ruined the chemistry on this team in my opinion

    • Ted Alfred

      We can only hope. He and his agent complain to Bell about playing time and then lose all seven games he start in the next 10 days…. don’t let the door hit you on the way out. It just shows you the fallacy in David Bell starting him… go from starting a bunch to Triple A after being in the big leagues for 5 years. That’s because it never made sense to start playing him that much out of the blue to begin with. I guess they finally realized his attitude was a huge negative in the dugout/Clubhouse… too bad it took them going 0 for 7 in his recent starts to figure it out.

      • Redsvol

        Ditto all this. Nick has not performed. You don’t get to pick which position you play in the mlb when you don’t perform. If you perform, then a manager will consider your preference.

        Then complaining about it in public when you can’t even hit righties was in very bad taste. I think Krall sent a message to Nick and his agent. Ok, yiu want to complain in public – I’ll show you why you haven’t been getting many starts. And boy did the last 2 weeks show just how poor a player Nick has become.

        I wish him well on another team. We have too much talent to concern ourselves with giving him valuable mlb at bats. Front office wasn’t going to give him a contact next year so past due time to move on.

      • jmb

        Revsol, you’re right about Senzel’s poor judgement. But bad taste seems to be in fashion nowadays. It’s all about ego, esp. in this case.

    • David

      I think that is a logical conclusion. I don’t know if he is under contract beyond this year, and the Reds will just not tender him an offer, and he will be a free agent.

      Too bad for Nick’s overall bad luck with injury and the rest, and his agent, Scott Boras Agency, did him no favors by lobbying for more playing time. But he simply never became the player that the Reds thought they had when they drafted him. Period.

      This came from Krall (or higher up), and not from David Bell, would be my own guess.

      • Jim Walker

        They didn’t lobby for playing time in my opinion. Instead, they asked that he be traded. Indications from Boras quotes are he thought Senzel would be traded. Then the stuff hit the fan when he wasn’t dealt.

      • jmb

        Jim W., apparently they did try to trade him. Senzel said so, didn’t he?

      • Mario

        David Bell called Senzel one of the best players on the team early in the season.

    • Daytonnati

      I agree. Reds really botched his career.

  3. LDS

    Good riddance. I’m not sold Ramos but the Senzel ship has sailed. And the public whining was the last straw.

    • SteveAReno

      I’m past sold on Henry Ramos. Such a strong hitter and fielder.

  4. Doug

    We can hope. He’s been nothing but a disappointment, and his little tantrum ruined the chemistry on this team in my opinion

  5. Roger Garrett

    Newman has survived Barrero,McLain,EDLC,CES and now Senzel.Truly amazing and when India is activated he will still be here.WOW.

    • LDS

      I’ll bet the Reds give him an offer before the end of the season.

      • Roger Garrett

        Not anti Newman just amazed at how some guys can just stick around and younger cheaper versions with maybe more upside just never get a legit chance.Maybe other teams do the same things and maybe there is more to it then I can see.Krall had no problem eating Myers and Moose money.

      • David

        Senzel makes about twice what Newman is making, I believe. Newman also is a “team guy”, and does whatever he is asked to do…for the team. He is not “uber” talented, but he is what he is, a good utility infielder. I would have traded him for SOMETHING at the trade deadline to open up a roster spot….but maybe Bell wanted to keep him. There may be things going on in the clubhouse that we are absolutely in the dark about. And I don’t believe in “veteran presence”, but Newman may just be a guy that is always on an even keel, and keeps players from getting too down about the bad days.

        I think Senzel was asked to be an outfielder, and he did ok for a while, but he is NOT an outfielder.

      • Jim Walker

        Per BBRef, Newman is making $2.66m and Senzel $1.95m

      • RedsMonk65

        Maybe the Reds TRIED to trade him before the deadline, and there were no takers–or at least no one offering a reasonable return. My bet would be on that.

        I agree that the recent episode–and its timing–about insufficient playing time was not a good move. But I also think the Reds kind of jerked him around when he first came up. Injuries, of course (and always unpredictable), complicated things. Probably time to part ways for the good of both parties.

      • BhamRedsFan

        Roger thinks younger cheaper guys don’t get a shot on this team. Maybe double check five of the first six batters last night, and our starting pitcher.

    • Melvin

      haha David Bell loves Newman. We all know that. At least he seems to have a good attitude. 🙂

      • Roger Garrett

        Yeah but he is 3 out of his last 18 and OPS is down to 680 and has hit 3 homers all at GABP.He isn’t going to play much at all against righties so where is his value.Yeah he does hit lefties but can you have a roster spot just to do that.Come on now thats not how we need to go.Yeah vet leadership and professional at bats?Could be but not if you don’t play.Interesting but I will leave it alone.

      • Tampa Red

        Lol at younger guys never getting a chance with the Reds. I must be watching some other Cincinnati team, who knows?

      • SteveAReno

        I hope he does love Newman batting .283 and having the third best OBP on the entire team against Lefties! All good fans should love that performance too.

    • Redsvol

      I would encourage you to go watch a replay of a recent game where both played. Watch the at bats for senzel. Then watch the at bats for Newman. Not saying he is worthy of a starting position but clearly he gives a professional at bat.
      Senzel’s at bats are pretty much over when he goes down 0-1. And his defense and base running? Let’s not even consider those.

      • jmb

        I’ve always been a bit surprised at how loyal Reds fans have been with Senzel. Certainly he’s been a part of the Reds success this season. But his contributions mostly came during the first 2 months; and even his numbers during those two months were due to one very hot week in April and a solid week + in May. He’s been almost an automatic out the rest of the time, as you say, Redsvol. His defense in the outfield and at second was always suspect, and those are his best positions nowadays, as he’s made 5 errors at third in limited playing time. After a rough stretch, the team decided to make some necessary changes, changes that would have been done earlier had the team not been playing so well.

  6. LDS

    Even better news. The lineup is out with Friedl leading off, EDLC to the #3 slot with Steer behind him. Still like to see Votto moved down but baby steps for Tinker Bell.

    • Tar Heel Red

      By far the best lineup Bell has put up in a long time. Hopefully moving Elly to third in the order allows him to be a more selective hitter.

  7. Roger Garrett

    Senzel should have been sent down but Newman has no place to play except at DH.How many lives does a vet utility guy have?

    • greenmtred

      With India injured there will certainly be days when Newman has a place to play.

  8. Redgoggles

    I’m still shocked they didn’t try to move Senzel at the deadline. Or, maybe this is an indication there was no interest.

    Should serve as a wake up call for him and his agent. Results oriented business, but in his defense I think the organization botched his development, imo.

    Apparently Newman jumped back over Senzel in the pecking order, which is unsurprising considering how the last few weeks have played out. I’m not sure he was the cancer many are attributing him to be, but the timing of his interview with the losing streak combined with the first pitch swing approach does seem to indicate some attitude/entitlement aromas.

    Or, it simply could be that they are looking for a bit more OF power until Fraley gets back.

    • Tar Heel Red

      According to the pundits at there was “zero interest in Senzel at the deadline.”

    • David

      Likely no interest from anybody for Senzel. He is a top draft choice that just bombed.

      Somebody may sign him next year for a lot less than the ~ $2 mill he is getting now.
      Or not.

      • jmb

        He’s not a free agent until after the ’25 season.

    • Old Big Ed

      If we all know that Senzel hasn’t produced and may never produce, then all the other teams know it even more clearly than we do.

      He will be non-tendered this winter and become a free agent. Maybe he can prove us all wrong.

    • Redsvol

      No interest whatsoever. What would you think about your GM if he traded for someone with his stats, defense and injury history? GMs typically like to keep their jobs.

    • Redsvol

      Now what would you think if your GM traded with someone with his stats, defense and injury history?

  9. Tim

    As mentioned in a previous post, the Senzel experiment has not panned out. It’s time to move on. Best wishes to him. Would love to see a 495 ft bomb at GABC

  10. RedsMonk65

    Lots of things going on today — Senzel down, Ramos up, etc. New lineup with EDLC out of the leadoff spot (but still no India). Also, John Fay, longtime Reds beat reporter has died at age 66. May he rest in peace.

  11. Roger Garrett

    Hopkins has been up for awhile but I don’t think he has even had an at bat.Senzel’s time is up but yeah he was originally a 3rd base man and then well you know the rest.Injuries hurt and now he joins the Bats and yes he is gone for good.

    • RedsMonk65

      Yes, the Hopkins case is most curious…..

    • jmb

      Yeah, there must be something they don’t like in what they see, as he’s basically used as a pinch runner. He did get one AB last night.

      • jmb

        He had 3 hits in his first 10 ABs, but has since gone 1/15.

  12. MBS

    Maybe that AAA batting coach can work his miracle with Senzel. Ramos seems like a nice upgrade. Really if we just get rid of Fairchild, our 13 MLB position players will be looking pretty good.

    Lodolo should be brought back as a bullpen piece (not permanently) to end the season. He should get back quicker, and I don’t know who he replaces, assuming Greene replaces Weaver. Plus our pen really needs the help, Gutierrez seems like he’s very near ready to also help in the pen.

    • MBS

      Forgot Lively was also on the IL. I guess it would all depend on how far Lively is from pitching again.

    • Melvin

      “Maybe that AAA batting coach can work his miracle with Senzel.”

      Maybe…maybe Senzel wants to prove he can hit righties by playing every day. We shall see.

      • Roger Garrett

        Newman’s role just got bigger. Now we get to see him at third or second along with the DH spot.Reds know what they are doing>

      • Old Big Ed

        India was never gonna get over plantar fasciitis with a 10-day layoff. You just can’t tough your way out if that injury/condition.

      • old-school

        Plantar fasciitis is a 6 week injury minimum. Moose missed a ton. My daughter had to stop running for months and got injected and orthotics and therapy and take up cycling. It is ridiculous to think India was coming back in 10 days.

        Good news is we know why India has been average and we can see McLain and Elly play 2b/SS/3b and figure that out.

      • Harry Stoner

        I’ve suffered from PF off and on throughout my adult working life.

        When it really flares up, it is completely debilitating. The recovery time is in weeks.

        I got a mega steroid shot the first incidence which knocked it right out, but after that the docs said they didn’t want to go that way again.

        Good news is daily multiple stretching routines and improved footwear have kept it at bay for years. No more orthotics, even.

        When I saw the diagnosis for India, I thought this is going to be weeks, if not longer. Particularly if he had been playing on it for awhile.

        Drs. don’t jump for the steroids like they used to. I wonder if that has anything to do with the “second opinion”.

        You can’t rush healing from it. Believe me.

      • Melvin

        Well if somehow, some miracle we DO make the playoffs it sounds like everyone will be back from the IL by then.

  13. RedsGettingBetter

    Lodolo practically missed all season. An injury estimated to make Lodolo miss 6 or 8 weeks is reaching 3 months on IL…Thankfully he is on his way back to pitch again at most in mid-september…
    I hope Ramos could hit more than he did early in the season it could be a help to this cold offense as long as he gets playing time…
    I wonder if Casali’s rehab means that Front Office/Staff is gaining time about don’t DFA him at this moment yet…

    • Rick

      They’ll bring Casali up when Greene gets activated. Someone will get a 10 day IL gastritis stint until rosters expand by 2.

  14. Redgoggles

    Benson being back is good. India not is bad.

  15. Tim

    Very happy to see the new lineup. EDLC at three is ok to me. His speed should help reduce double plays. Friedl at 1 looks good too. He’s got a good BA and good speed. Here’s to getting back on track.

  16. Tar Heel Red

    Maybe Senzel can go to Louisville. play every day and re-establish some semblance of trade value. Otherwise he is probably looking at a minor league invite with another team at best in ’24.

    • Roger Garrett

      Yep thats all thats left for him.To many at bats in the majors and his age and if he indeed asked for a trade won’t help.Always somebody out there willing to take a chance so good luck to him.

  17. Hanawi

    Guessing Newman over Senzel is in part because Krall made the trade to bring him in (and also gave up a decent reliever in the process), so he is more invested than he was in Senzel.

  18. TR

    CBS has this about Inida being down 2 weeks. Guess we going to lose since he won’t be winning during that time.

    India (foot) will receive a second opinion on his left foot and has been shut down from winning for at least two weeks, Mark Sheldon of reports.

    • Melvin

      “shut down from winning for at least two weeks, Mark Sheldon of reports.”

      He can’t win at all. Poor guy. 😉

  19. Roger Garrett

    @ Tampa Red Yes we have seen some young guys this year but as a whole this team is still old by major league standards.Almost half of their 26 man roster is 29 years old or older with Ramos at 31 being added today.Newman is 30 years old and I would just as soon see a younger guy then him.I am an old guy but I know its a short career in sports and at 30 the data says most not all guys start to peak and go the other way.For that matter I would just as soon see Hopkins then Ramos but its just an opinion.Doubt if we see either.

    • Redsvol

      Reds are the 2nd youngest team in mlb this year – behind only the guardians. This has been noted throughout the year.

      • Roger Garrett

        MLB uses an average age of the roster.I just said the guys on the roster over 29.

  20. MBS

    A nice thing with Ramos is he’s DH’d more than played the field in AAA, and still produced at the plate. Maybe he could become the everyday DH for the team? I do think that’s a position of need that we (myself included) overlook.

  21. Pete

    Given these recent earthmoving developments with both Senzel and Jonathan India, what if the team continues to tank , I mean badly, could this provide an opportunity to bring up Noelvi Marte to get him started here? Obviously, this would have to mean that his development maintains its current trajectory.

  22. Mark Moore

    My take on Nick is that the organization mis-handled him in multiple ways at the beginning, and this season he’s been overtaken by the younger talent. While he’s adequate in the OF, he should be a 3B and be paired with a hitting coach who doesn’t screw with his swing like in the early days.

    I’m thinking he gets moved or non-tendered in the offseason and I hope a change of scenery can do him a world of good. Sometimes the 1st rounders work out, sometimes they don’t. I do hope he banked a large chunk of his signing bonus.

    • Wayne Nabors

      Thanks mark,I’ve said several times on this site,that reds mismanaged him from the get go,I still think he will catch on with some team and be productive if he’s moved back to 3rd

    • Melvin

      He’s still making almost $2 million this year I believe. If he can’t survive on all he’s made so far he needs some serious counselling.

  23. ChrisInVenice

    You know, with India out the past few weeks, it was really a chance for Senzel to step up and be a major contributor. Instead, he gets sent down. I’ve been rooting for him all along but its now looking like the end of the road with Cincy.

  24. Doc

    Senzel going to the press with his gripe was a poor move since he was not coming from a position of strength. Remember the Jackie Robinson movie where one of the Dodgers said he wouldn’t play with Robinson, and found himself traded to Pittsburgh, which was then the poster team for incompetence? Senzel could find himself in Kansas City, or Las Vegas, moving several years farther away from a championship possibility than he is with the Reds.

    • Harry Stoner

      Come on, Doc.

      When did that happen with Jackie Robinson? 70 years ago?

      To comp Senzel’s explanation of his desire to play more with a racist player who wouldn’t play with Robinson is beyond weird.

      If you listened to or read Senzel, he wasn’t bashing the Reds, quite the opposite.

      I’m not backing him up, just trying to leverage some sensibility into the conversation.

      If he’s non-tendered (my guess) or traded he could just as well wind up in Seattle, eating fish and drinking great IPAs or in Baltimore eating soft shelled crab or on any number of teams better than the Reds in locations far more lugubrious than SW Ohio.

      Or not.

      Schadenfreude seems like an instant reflex around here sometimes.

      Better not complain!

      Senzel has options, he wasn’t hitting well, and was clearly redundant viz other players on the team (eg. Newman and Fairchild.)

      Comping him with some racist ballplayer from 70 years ago is way out of line.

      • tw3fla

        Lugubrious doesn’t mean what you think it means.
        Seems like a guy named Stoner would be more chill.

      • Harry Stoner

        Sorry, wordsmith, I meant “less” lugubrious.

        Besides being a wiseguy, I guess you’re ignorant of the great series of detective novels set in Cincinnati by Jonathan Valin, featuring private eye, Harry Stoner.

        Not surprising. They are books.


        You want to roll with dopey associations between 2023 and 1947…you go right ahead.

    • jmb

      I’ve got to agree with Stoner on this one: play the race card when it needs to be played (and that’s often in this country!), not just out of habit or as a knee-jerk reaction. There are so many occasions when it is absolutely necessary and just to play the race card here, one need not try to force it.

      • greenmtred

        I don’t think that Doc was playing the race card: it seems to me that he was equating two situations in which players made ill-advised public complaints and got consequences they may not have anticipated.

  25. SteveAReno

    Very pleased to see Henry Ramos get back in the Majors. Was excited to have him on the team since he killed it in spring training. I expect good hitting out of Ramos.

  26. Scott

    I pulled so hard for Senzel, but it just never happened. Hes 28. Maybe his ship has sailed and he is what he is. And just maybe a lengthy stay in AAA will do him good. He really doesn’t figure in their future plans anyway.

  27. Daytonnati

    Elly not too good leading off in any scenario 🙂

  28. Colorado Red

    Can you say non-tender? I knew you could.