The Cincinnati Reds (60-55) snapped its six game losing streak with a win over the Miami Marlins (58-56) Monday night. The Reds will now look to start a new win streak and extend their lead over the Marlins for an NL Wild Card spot Tuesday night.

First pitch is set for 6:40 pm EDT.


Miami Marlins

Cincinnati Reds

DH Jorge Soler SS Elly De La Cruz
2B Luis Arraez 3B Nick Senzel
1B Josh Bell 2B Matt McLain
CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. LF Spencer Steer
LF Bryan De La Cruz DH Kevin Newman
RF Jesús Sánchez 1B Christian Encarnacion-Strand
3B Jake Burger CF TJ Friedl
SS Joey Wendle RF Stuart Fairchild
C Nick Fortes C Luke Maile


Starting Pitchers

Braxton Garrett 111.0 4.14 1.20 19 122
Luke Weaver 89.0 6.98 1.64 32 72
Links: Braxton Garrett’s Stats | Luke Weaver’s Stats

Braxton Garrett

What a roller coaster of a season Braxton Garrett has had. He started strong in April, regressed in May, came back strong in June, and then faltered again in July. In 24.1 innings last month, Garrett allowed 16 runs, including five home runs, for a 5.92 ERA. It would seem likely then that August is a month he turns it around. He’s certainly on the right track, as he’s only allowed four runs total, one unearned, in his last 11 innings.

The 26-year-old left hander throws mostly a sinker and a slider. Garrett gets most batters to swing and miss at his slider, as he has a 23% whiff rate on that particular pitch, and he also induces a lot of ground balls, with nearly a 50% GB rate. Garrett is not going to walk a lot of batters. Throughout all of July, he walked only two batters, and has walked only 19 in 111.0 innings this season.


RHH 352 91 25 1 12 3% 26% .273 .310 .463
LHH 112 23 4 1 3 6% 29% .223 .286 .369

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 90.6 90.3 87.5 77.8 82.7 84.3
Usage 8% 31% 16% 10% 26% 9%

Luke Weaver

Here we are again, at another Luke Weaver start, and it’s still the same old story. With an ERA of 6.98 and a FIP of 6.04, he’s still one of the worst pitchers in baseball this season. Weaver did pitch well against the Dodgers on July 29, allowing only one earned run on two hits in six innings. We have to give him credit for that, even though the Reds lost the game. However, his most recent start against the Cubs on August 3 didn’t go the same way. Weaver pitched only three innings, giving up four runs on four hits and walking four batters. Ironically, this was the closest game of the three in that series.

Weaver is not getting very many swing and misses on his four seam fastball, as his whiff percentage went from 12 percent to seven percent in one year on that particular pitch. Going all the way back to his second year in the league, he’s consistently had a whiff percentage on his fastball close to 10 or above 10 percent. This may be a contributing factor as to why Weaver’s given up so many fly balls and home runs this season.

His FB% is up about six percent from a year ago and his GB% is down about five percent. A lot of the fly balls he’s given up have been home runs this season. He’s allowed 22 home runs in 89.1 innings, the most home runs allowed in his career. He was a reliever for a few years, but even going back to 2021 when he started 13 games for the Diamondbacks, he gave up only 11 home runs in 65.2 innings. Before this season, the most home runs he had ever given up was 19 in 136.1 innings in 2018 for the Cardinals.


RHH 213 64 16 1 13 6% 20% .323 .366 .611
LHH 198 50 11 2 9 10% 15% .284 .359 .523

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 94.0 93.6 87.4 81.7 83.6 86.0
Usage 44% 0.3% 19% 14% 1% 21%



  • Time: 6:40 pm EDT
  • Place: Great American Ball Park
  • Weather: 80 degrees, mostly sunny, 1 percent chance of precipitation
  • TV: Bally Sports Ohio
  • Radio: 700 WLW


News and Notes

Minor League Game Update

One of the Reds minor league teams threw a no-hitter last night.


Stat of the Day

The Reds won their 60th game last night, on August 7. For comparison, the Reds did not reach 60 wins until September 25 last season.


244 Responses

  1. Ksdavis

    So I guess TJ Hopkins can’t get into a game?

    • Mark Moore

      Nope. But he’s making MLB pay and meal money.

    • Ted Alfred

      Nope, but Bell’s new favorite player Senzel can, along with Fairchild….again. Marlins starting a lefty, so that’s not it.

      • Jason Franklin

        I don’t get playing Fairchild over Hopkins today either. The kid hasn’t gotten into just one game I think since he’s been called up. Not a great way to reward him for finally putting it all together (his best season) by Bell. I wonder how he feels about it?

    • Melvin

      Isn’t Hopkins ranked like #20 on Doug’s list of Reds prospects? According to the write up, “he’s big league ready right now and has some useful skills”. I assume that only means if he actually gets into a game. 🙂

    • SteveAReno

      Coaches realized too late Henry Ramos was the man they should bring up…

      • Matt McWax

        Whether intentional or not, that is a brilliant play on words.

      • Mark Moore

        Not … but now that I read it, it makes me 😀

    • west larry

      No India until Friday, since Thursday is a off day, they are giving him a few more days. Someone on another blog pape said that they saw a video of him running, and that he had a limp. Bell is treating him like Barrero when he first came up,,, mostly a bench warmer. He needs to play. If not here, than in triple A.

      • LDS

        Bell always seems to have that one guy that just doesn’t get to play regularly

      • Mark Moore

        If India is still limping, it may be longer than Friday.

  2. LT

    Man, Senzel is due for a good game in the worst way. Against a mediocre lefty, if he’s not getting on base a couple of times, that’s a failure. Hope MM can knock in a few runs tonight. We need to send Weaver to a boot camp to boost his toughness. If he has any guts at all, he can be an effective pitcher.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    We’ll see which Garret’s version comes tonight so the Reds can take advantage and give run support to Weaver being that so needed.
    Weaver looked solid the first 3 innings against the Cubs in his last outing until the wild pitch K given to Hoerner because after that the wheels got off of the cart…We should pray much tonight

  4. Little Earl

    I can’t stomach watching Weaver pitch again.

    • Jason Franklin

      It’s like Mike Minor part 2 with Weaver.

  5. Jason Franklin

    The saddest part of all this Weaver nonsense is that Phillips is the probable pitcher tonight in Louisville. Seems like they want to limit him a bit, which may be logical, but why not bring him up? Can someone explain in case I don’t know of something? I am a dummy so it’s possible.

    • Rob

      Phillips is not on the 40 man roster. So that means someone has to be waived. With 5 pitchers returning to the 40 in the next 30 days (remember Kralls trade deadline dialogue?) that means another 5 existing roster guys to the waiver wire. Who will be the lucky five guys? 26 at the MLB leaves 14 candidates. 5 out of 14 will be a deep cut and may get some surprises. I would guess it would be mostly the older guys like Bushnitz, Lively, Kennedy, Casali, etc. but could include some of our “valued” prospects we didn’t want to trade like Siani, Salazar, and Dunn. Remember we already waived Ramos, Lopez, Bracho, and Herget and they are no longer on the 40. I can’t imagine Phillips making it to Cincy this year. Just too many injured returnees to the 40 in front of him.

  6. Matt McWax

    Matt McClain’s OPS is higher than Luis Arraez’s, not to detract from Luis but to tout McClain’s season. It’s amazing that McClain hit .232 in AA just last year. He has a .407 BABIP but also has a better batted ball profile than last year, notably an increase in line drive rate and decline in infield pop ups. He’s hitting more grounders than flyballs compared to last year, for a smaller/faster guy, that is not a problem, especially with good hard hit%.

  7. Mark Moore

    Not a bad inning. And that’s one dinger Soler didn’t hit tonight.

  8. JB

    Weaver got thru the first without allowing a run. That is a huge step for him.

  9. Matt McWax

    Chisholm’s not had a great year with injuries, but he’d be a guy I would try to get if I was a GM. High energy player when healthy, still young, adds value on defense and on the basepaths.

    • Rob

      Agree but I wouldn’t think he is gettable. Seems like he was ROY or an all star last year. Perfect fit. But injury history similar to Lodolo.

  10. Mark Moore

    Just a little too hard on that bunt attempt. But I likes it. He still made it relatively close.

    • Daytonnati

      Yes, if he can master that, it creates a lot more options for the pitcher and D to consider.

    • west larry

      I like it too. I hope he tries it once or twice a game.

    • Matt McWax

      I like him swinging the bat, but if he becomes a really good bunter, it would be really hard to defend. Probably makes some sense to try from the right, to bunt a breaking ball to the left side. Might be tough to bunt a sweeper from the left side down the third base line. Fastballs, wouldn’t matter as much.

    • VaRedsFan

      Would rather he pushed it to 3rd, instead of dragging it.

  11. LarkinPhillips

    Once again, Nick Senzel swings at first pitch after batter before does. 2 pitches, 2 outs. Senzel should not be in the 2 hole!! I called the first inning being 5 pitches once the lineup was posted. Terrible fundamental baseball.

    • JB

      So you have no problem being down 0-1 in the count? So you had a problem with Elly swinging at first pitch? If they are fast balls down the middle then I have no problem. Why wait being down in the count and getting nothing but off speed stuff that none of them can hit.

      • LarkinPhillips

        A known rule as a hitter is if the batter before you has a 1 pitch AB you don’t swing at the first pitch. This avoids quick innings such as the one we just had. I don’t mind hitting the first pitch, you just can’t try to hit it time after time. Senzel swings at the first pitch probably 65-70% of time lately. That is a very selfish approach as it forces Mclain to take pitch one.

  12. LT

    Glass half full view, no strike out in first inning for Reds. I’d like for it to be a bit longer though, long enough for me to go make a cup of coffee and come back to watch something. Inning was over by the time I came back.

  13. Moon

    That is the 5th game in a row De La Cruz has stuck out to start a game. It is the fourth game in a row the Reds have gone down in order in the first inning.

    • Moon

      Pardon, saw Elly did not K but bunted out. So his streak ends. Baby steps,,,,

  14. Indy Red Man

    Weaver 2 out damage. I’m so surprised.
    Not on tv, but I see a 1-2 pitch to Burger right down the middle. Weaver is just bad

    • JB

      You would think he gets tired of mound visits.

      • Daytonnati

        I wonder if DJ wears a step-counter?

  15. JB

    Weaver gets two outs and starts the meltdown.

  16. Harry Stoner

    Weaver just becomes unglued so fast.

    Pitching very well gives up a double and melts down once again.

    He doesn’t need help from Johnson, but maybe a mantra to chant on the mound.

  17. Mark Moore

    Cowboy talking about how Weaver “wouldn’t” throw strikes in that Cubs debacle. Not “couldn’t” … “WOULDN’T”.

    I’ve been pretty long-suffering, but I’m thinking the Weaver experiment has to end and end tonight.

    • Mark Moore

      And he escapes. Perhaps he’ll settle down now. And maybe we’ll score … 😉

    • JB

      We say that every five days but here he is pitching.

    • Old-school

      Reds get 3 Days off in 8 starting after business day special.. Greene should be back…should be a SP shuffle.

      That’s not defending Weaver.

    • Old-school

      Reds get 3 Days off in 8 starting after business day special.. Greene should be back…should be a SP shuffle.

      That’s not defending Weaver.

  18. Mark A Verticchio

    On MLB radio today they were discussing how they couldn’t believe how the Red’s keep trotting Weaver out there, despite and 11 and 8 record in his starts.

    • LarkinPhillips

      The fact he is making his 20th start and a staff full of rookies is a direct correlation to our bullpen guys being league leaders in appearances and being overworked and tired now.

  19. west larry

    That”s twice in this comment section they have deleted my harmless comments? What is going on?

  20. VaRedsFan

    After 2 throw overs, Steer needed to be running on the 3-2 pitch.
    Forced out at 2nd instead SMH

  21. GPod

    how could Strand swing at that pitch?

  22. Mark Moore

    A little fun fact for today …

    One of the guys I work with (was at the same company years ago and he contracted me last summer) and I were talking. His recently acquired son-in-law (last year’s project) is in PA school in Tennessee. One of his classmates is Graham Ashcraft’s wife! The guy’s daughter and son-in-law were given tickets to a game which happened to be the EDLC cycle game.

    It came up because I was on a call with him (video) and showed him I was wearing my Cincy City Connect shirt. Kevin and I worked together in 2006 on a project for UC (went to several games that year when in town).

  23. LarkinPhillips

    Obvious to everyone except for Bell and company. Or Steer if the bell defenders want to say he chose not to run.

  24. Mark Moore

    OK, TJ. That works again tonight. Went with it and sliced it oppo.

  25. LarkinPhillips

    Thank goodness Bell is a genius and batted our hottest hitter in the 7 hole today.

    • Melvin

      hahaha Hasn’t Friedl been getting most of our RBIs lately?

  26. GPod

    bad play by Friedl….you don’t do that

    • DataDumpster

      2 outs and trying to steal 3rd?? I don’t get it (maybe I’m getting old)!

  27. Tim

    Friedl has been awesome this week. For 22 before tonight and 3 HRs and 7 rbi

  28. LarkinPhillips

    Bad idea to steal 3rd with 2 outs. I like aggressive, but that was unnecessary.

  29. Mark A Verticchio

    Never make the 3rd out at third, fundamental baseball.

    • Harry Stoner

      Friedl will never hear that from Bell.

  30. LT

    Friedl is raking, lefty or righty. He has big shoulders and big heart, can carry the team

  31. VaRedsFan

    No need to swipe 3rd with 2 outs, but it’s not the worst attempt in the world

  32. Tim

    Wasting a man in scoring position without the possibility of a sacrifice fly is stupid in my opinion

    • GPod

      this team has trouble with fundamental parts of baseball….not unlike taking pitches when down to try to get on base, or moving runners over, or making contact to get runs in or over

  33. GreatRedLegsFan

    Bench players, WAR in 2023: Senzel 0.1, Newman -0.2, Fairchild 0.4, Maile 0.2. Overall WAR 0.5.

    • Hanawi

      Yet a vocal contigent on here are fine with Newman and don’t want to see Fairchild at all.

      • Harry Stoner

        They really don’t compete for playing time.

        Senzel and Fairchild are more redundant, at least in the OF.

      • Matt McWax

        I’ve been vocal for Fairchild earlier in the year. I like him on defense, but I’ve lost hope on his offense. What he lacks is hard to teach or develop, ability to know what pitches you can make good contact on (in realtime). Because he lacks this, he makes a lot of weak contact for someone with his athleticism and bat speed. The 3-1 groundball out really fits this pattern. He and Senzel are in the same boat on this.

      • SteveAReno

        Fine with Newman because two days ago his OBP was a little better the Elly and way better than CES. Newman scores runs.

  34. Harry Stoner

    “Don’t make the 1st or 3rd out at 3B” is pretty much a hallowed bit of baseball fundamentals.

    Of course, Bell is oblivious and so are his players, apparently.

    • JB

      Yeah he was already in scoring position. I wouldn’t have tried it. But at least they are stealing bases again.

      • Harry Stoner

        I wish they were using their heads about it, though.

        Where’s the coaching or guidance?

  35. Indy Red Man

    Jazz is an exciting player. Somebody mentioned the Reds should trade for him. Hurt too much and likes to hack, but he could also go 30/30 in GABP if he got it together

  36. Mark A Verticchio

    Fairchild swings at ball 4 in the dirt.

    • VaRedsFan

      I originally thought that too….but went back and looked.
      It was a strike.

  37. Hanawi

    Gamecast has it right where the other pitch was called a strike.

  38. Hanawi

    Slider in at the feet. At some point doesn’t the batting coach have some role in EDLC and CES constantly striking out on the same pitch over and over.

    • Beaufort Red

      Only if they’re willing to listen.

      • Harry Stoner

        It’s not just those two.

        India and Fairchild and even McLain keep going after that same pitch to no avail.

        Is nobody listening?

        Or is nobody providing guidance?

    • LarkinPhillips

      Both struggled with that at AAA then made an adjustment and laid off it before their respective call ups to the majors. Hopefully they will be able to make another adjustment now that they are at the bigs.

  39. Rick

    “Sometimes” I don’t blame Larkin for his silence towards Sadak’s monologs.

    • JB

      It’s not that he is silent he is just drinking everytime Sadak has a useless stat.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Hope he isn’t drinking alcohol because he would be hammered from all the stats that Sadak gives.

      • Melvin

        Could it be he’s just using earplugs? 🙂

      • Mark Moore

        Shades of the Late, Great Harry Carey. Bombed by the 7th inning on a regular basis.

      • Rick

        John has that affect on me & my diet Pepsi.

    • VaRedsFan

      This was the 1st inning:
      Sadak talking….moments of silence
      Sadak: Lark…Arraez GIDP last night.
      Lark: Yes he did….followed by 2 more minutes of Lark silence

      • Melvin

        Larkin just realizes there should be SOME silence during a baseball game. He has to take every chance he can get. 🙂

    • Daytonnati

      Waite Hoyt used to pour a few during games as well.

      Burger, as I recall.

  40. Beaufort Red

    Isn’t gonna be popular, but Maile should be catching at least 50% of the games.
    And down goes de La Cruz.

    • Hanawi

      I would agree with Maile catching more. Stephenson needs a lot of work on the finer points of his framing and defense. And he isn’t making up for it with his bat. I’m hoping this year is a blip due to injury recovery and he gets his power back next year.

      • Melvin

        Stephenson is still recovering from broken bones and concussions from last year I think. At least he hasn’t been on the injured list this year.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I agree with that take. He is better defensively and has been showing very good progress on the offensive side.

  41. LarkinPhillips

    Good AB by Senzel, and a great outcome. I have criticized him hard so I have to give him credit when he does something well. To bad Matt Mclain couldn’t come through. Hit it right at CF.

  42. old-school

    This righty lineup in 2023 is not remotely part of the Reds medium or long term plan. Senzel doubles but he is not a part of the future nor is Newman nor is Fairchild as an every day core guy. Reds need a good righty outfielder that plays every day to add to Fraley, Friedl, and Benson. Lane Thomas nats would make a good every day RF. there’s probably 5 others. Fix that this off-season. NEed to trade some near ready or now ready infielders to get that.

    • Indy Red Man

      Rhys Hoskins checks off every box. Power and gets on base

      • old-school

        Interesting thought Indy. I just remember him as a K rate headliner and bad defender who hits bombs . I cant go back to Geno .

    • JB

      Steer is your left fielder most of the time next year. Marte and CES will be at 3rd and 1st. If Thomas is another everyday fielder then one of Benson, Friedl or Fraley have to go. Friedl right now hits both lefties and righties. Who you trading?

      • Melvin

        For me it goes something like this if they keep India:

        CES – 1B
        India – 2B
        McLain – SS
        EDLC – 3B
        Steer – LF
        Friedl – CF
        Marte – RF
        Benson – DH

        Votto and Fraley, if they stay, sub/rotate in. The point is not enough spots already.

  43. Indy Red Man

    Elly gets the ball on the ground and we score. He scores or he gets Maile to 2nd who scores

    • LarkinPhillips

      +1000. I had the same thought. His unproductive out there killed any potential of a run scoring on anything but a HR.

      • Harry Stoner

        It’s getting to be a bit like with Barrero last year.

        I don’t really enjoy watching EDLC hit right now.

        It’s painful to watch.

  44. dimondfvr

    Sadak says Elly has a strikeout rate of 37% since June 25th, the highest in the majors. A few sentences later he says McClain was given a well placed day off because he was reaching for some pitches the day before. I Don’t know whether to scratch my head, grunt, or just laugh out loud at the managerial prowess of the manager. Make De La Cruz sit! And place him near the bottom of the order when he is back in the lineup!

  45. Roger Garrett

    Cubs still pitching to Alonso and he keeps hitting homers.Kind of like us with Yelich and Adames.Got to think pitchers and coaches go over hitters and well say can’t let such and such beat us and yet it happens.Hard for an old guy to grasp that.

  46. GPod

    it’s just maddening watching Elly constantly swinging at that same pitch over & over to strike out. It’s like every time he gets strike 2, you know it’s coming and he may let it go once, but he’ll swing at it on the next pitch

    • Chris Holbert

      Wasn’t Barrero crucified on here for that, and obviously not played by the manager for it as well.

  47. Indy Red Man

    Schwarber 2 hrs. You can pencil Philly in. So that’s 3 spots for everyone else

  48. LarkinPhillips

    Obviously I like Larkin (considering my name) but he is awful at announcing.

    • GPod

      I can’t listen to those two, it’s painful

    • VaRedsFan

      Loved both of the players in your name.
      Agree about Larkin announcing. No insight whatsoever.
      I will say, when there’s a 3 man both sometimes, (Welsh, or Sam, or Votto), then both Larkin and Sadak are better.

  49. Roger Garrett

    Reds have given EDLC a long leash like nobody that I can remember.Could be because when he does good its electric or could be they are willing for this 21year old to learn at the big league level.Hard to see any improvements right now.

    • Indy Red Man

      He’s actually scored 9 runs in the last 10 games. 3% improvement and he’s better then average I think

  50. old-school

    It’s time to look at Elly through 2 lenses.

    RH against lefties and LH against righties.

    As a lefty hitter: .268/.333/.503/.836 K rate 31%, wRC +113 ISO .236

    As a righty hitter : OPS .623. K rate 43% ISO .102 wRC+ 59

    Elly hasn’t walked against a lefty pitcher all year. His BB% is 0 %.

    When is it time to make Elly a lefty hitter all the time?

    • VaRedsFan

      What were his minor league numbers as a righty?

      If solid then stick with it for at least 2 years.
      If he goes strictly lefty, then he has to “learn” to hit lefties from scratch.

      • old-school

        Worth following. Hes not. Major leaguer hitting righty so far and 0% walk rate suggest hes not seeing pitches.

  51. Roger Garrett

    Where are the bats tonight?Wasting chance after chance.Got to do better then 1 run against this guy.

  52. Reddawgs2012

    The Reds are hitting line drives all over the place, right at defenders. The Marlins are getting on base with seeing eye singles. So frustrating. Baseball.

  53. JB

    Was hoping Weaver would make it through the inning but leaving in the 5th is good for him.

    • Daytonnati

      He is sort of an unofficial “opener”.

  54. old-school

    Sam Moll great pickup. Did I miss something on Alex Young? Is he on the IL or is he available?

    • RedsMonk65

      From Reds’ site on “injury updates”:

      Aug. 6: LHP Alex Young day to day with back spasms
      Young, who entered the game in the top of the seventh inning against the Nationals on Sunday, exited abruptly during Alex Call’s plate appearance in the eighth after issuing a leadoff walk to pinch-hitter Stone Garrett. After the game, the Reds said Young had back spasms and his status for returning is day to day.

  55. Indy Red Man

    I don’t think Bell is bad at all with the pitching. He doesn’t push them because none of them are long men. You saw Diaz try to go 2 innings. Bells issues are fundamental errors that never seem to go away and the funky lineups

    • VaRedsFan

      The team has to train them to be 2 inning guys….with the exception of Diaz.
      Pretty simple.
      Just like stretching a starter out to do 5-6-7 innings.

      1 inning pitchers are a flawed philosophy, and it shows up in the 2nd half of every season under Bell

  56. JB

    That was stupid to try to score but he made it.

  57. Mark Moore

    Do we call that an accidental inside-the-parker?

  58. VaRedsFan

    Stuey got bailed out by the error…..
    We’ll take it though….
    Needed that break

  59. Indy Red Man

    Stuey!! Alot of doubters on RLN, but he’s pretty decent as a 4th OF. Be nice if the power came back from last year or AAA this year

  60. Tim

    Stu. He’s not a great talent but I love the way he plays hard. A gamer is fun to watch

  61. Old-school

    This is a big game. marlins vs reds doesnt sound big but it sure is. Get this series and bury the Marlins !

    • Rob

      Yes, was a big game. Would have put us in position to sweep the Marlins and knock them down. Makes todays game just another game.

  62. Roger Garrett

    Mets returning the favor by pitching to Bellinger.Alonso 2 and Bellinger 1 in the 4th.

  63. DW

    I have seen a lot of complaining on here regarding Sadak. I don’t get to watch the games, so I have had no opinion. But I must say, just the little amount I hear him in the short highlight videos is enough for me to know that the complaining is warranted. He is probably a great guy, but he really is quite annoying to listen to.

    • Amarillo

      I’m a massive fan of Sadak, he’s as excited to watch baseball as I am, and that’s what I want in a commentator. Refreshing after listening to Thom for so long.

    • VaRedsFan

      I’m in the minority, but I don’t mind him.
      He is over the top at times.
      He’s made worse by Larkin’s ineptness.

      Miles better than THOM ever was.

      • Daytonnati

        Thom had a great and varied career as play-by-play man for the Cubs, D-Backs, and with Fox Sports. I always thought after the initial thrill of coming home to call his boyhood team, following in his Dad’s footsteps, he got bored. And thus came his observations about all things other than the game at hand. That’s just me. He was a nice guy, I’d see him at the Cincinnati Sports Club and he was always polite and patient. But, it was probably time for him to go.

  64. AMDG

    Perhaps Elly at leadoff isn’t such a great idea at this point in his career?

    He’s got a 0.287 OPB with a 40% strikeout rate since he was moved atop the lineup.

    And with all that speed, only has 1 steal in that stretch (since, as Hamilton and Stubbs proved, you can’t steal first base).

  65. VaRedsFan

    Moll’s scoreless as a Red streak is now in the hands of Buck Farmer….the Red’s worst reliever

    • GPod

      OK, one batter for Farmer, that’s enough….that was a rocket off the bat

      • VaRedsFan

        Farmer is the exact guy that Bell will let go longer than he should.

  66. Roger Garrett

    Offense no show tonight.Nine outs to go and maybe we can hang on.

  67. Indy Red Man

    If only I got a $20 for every time Larkin says “He let that ball travel”.

    • GPod

      He basically says the same stuff over & over…like: “you gotta learn from it and move on”

    • VaRedsFan

      Don’t forget…”That pitch was out over plate”

  68. Jason Franklin

    Do you guys think that the modern batting approach (swing hard) will change anytime soon? I know homeruns are fun, but am I the only one who misses hitters that had bat control? Look at the Marlins 2B, he’s that type. Seems like the Reds only have guys trying to hammer all the time. *Benson, McLain may have more bat control though.

  69. Reddawgs2012

    The Reds have exactly one reliable bullpen arm. Two if you count the new guy, Moll.

  70. Jason Franklin

    The bullpen doesn’t surprise me anymore. It’s just bad.

  71. Melvin

    For some reason not having a good feeling about this game.

  72. Mark A Verticchio

    Bell can’t win for losing, he should have known Sims was a poor choice 3 days in a row.

    • Jason Franklin

      You know that Sims will be out next inning too.

  73. Roger Garrett

    Soler does one thing really well and he just did it.Game set and match.

  74. Indy Red Man

    Gibaut been better then Sims lately. We’ve drawn no walks again. Have to find a way at home in a game like this

  75. LT

    Sims is not a good candidate to bring in to strand runners at this point. He throws warm up pitches to the first couple hitters typically before he seriously throws.

  76. GPod

    Reds have 9 outs to get 1 run….is that too much to ask?

    • Mark Moore

      Perhaps. And now it’s 6 outs. Plus they still need to Squish the Phish.

  77. LT

    Come back kids magic has disappeared for a while now. Good time to bring it back but I doubt it.

  78. Roger Garrett

    Nine up and nine down since Fairchild tripled.No chance tonight at this rate.May not even get a runner on.Awful performance by the offense.

  79. Mark A Verticchio

    Bell is constantly putting himself in situations that are so easy to criticize, with 2 out you stick with Buck and you leave yourself in a better position. His problem is he always wants to be noticed.

    • Hanawi

      He likes putting in relievers with two outs in an inning, bc then he can replace them again the next inning without them having to face 3 batters. Only way he can keep the conveyor belt running.

  80. Mark A Verticchio

    The only reason they are still in the race is because everybody else is playing so poorly. Cruz much better choice than Sims.

  81. Indy Red Man

    Yeah can’t defend Bell tonight. Cruz was 98 mph the other night and you go with Sims who’s looked worn down for a few weeks now

  82. Reddawgs2012

    At what point should Cruz get a shot in the higher leverage spots? I know his ERA is still high, be he feels like one of the few guys who is reliable right now.

    • SteveAReno

      Cruz has been really tough and nailing down the batters. Wished he get more than 15 pitches in a game.

  83. LT

    Votto homered twice against lefty recently. Does not matter righty or lefty, I would put Votto in to l?ch hit for someone.

    • Melvin

      Do you think Votto will hit for Newman in the 9th? Will Benson?

  84. GPod

    Again, did Luke M. really need to swing at that 3-1 pitch?

  85. Tim

    No offense but Sims always looks terrible when he comes into the game. Been saying this for weeks. He never looks ready. Stop using him in these situations. Long relief when we have a lead.

  86. Tim

    Scouting reports for EDLC. Inside and low when batting RH

    • GPod

      He got himself in an 0-2 hole right off the bat by swinging at 2 pitches that were no where near the strike zone

  87. old-school

    Elly has 0 walks against lefties this year. Thats Jose Peraza territory.
    It’s time to consider moving Elly to a lefty hitter exclusively. he cant hit lefties…..kinda like our righty bench players.

    • JB

      He is 21 years old. Maybe we should give him a couple more years.

      • old-school

        I agree on everything else. But, Elly is atrocious against lefty pitching….Against righties and everything else hes 21 and competing.

        Elly isnt remotely competing against lefties. Dont use the fact he is electric in other areas of his game to justify the fact he is failing horrifically in other areas. both can be true.

  88. Hanawi

    Off-speed pitches down is the book on the Reds since the Brewers’ series. Doesn’t even have to be a strike. They will chase regardless.

  89. Hanginwithem

    And Tinker continues to sabotage this team.

  90. Tim

    EDLC has a 50% k rate this week. Is that the guy to continue leading off. This is no longer trying to set up the team for the playoffs, it’s trying desperately to get there. Experiment over.

  91. Beaufort Red

    EDLC is a of combination Hamilton and Aquino. Either way it’s not good.

  92. Mark Moore

    The loss that appears to be looming is a very frustrating one again tonight. We luck ourselves into a 2nd run for the lead, then the managing takes over and the same story unfolds.

    Let’s see if the Law can hold the 9th.

  93. Mark A Verticchio

    12 straight I am getting to the point where it doesn’t matter this is no longer a playoff team. The question is will they ever be with Bell as manager. I say no no no.

  94. Indy Red Man

    Votto for Newman. Benson probably runs if someone gets on. One in a row baby. I was getting spoiled

  95. Beaufort Red

    Wait, my bad. Hamilton was a superb centerfielder. EDLC is an average shortstop at best.

    • Tim

      EDLC might need to come back to earth a little. He’s buying his own press and forgetting that baseball will humble even the most talented players if they aren’t smart too. Too many Ks and too many Es

  96. Tim

    Votto needs to bat third. He has a shooter’s chance

  97. Mark Moore

    OK, here we go. Anybody got odds on us changing up the end of this story tonight?

  98. Indy Red Man

    Lineup sucks vs lefties. Take out Benson, Votto, and Fraley when he’s active. Elly is horrible. Senzel & Newman don’t scare anyone. CES hasn’t shown power. Catchers suck.

    • old-school

      Do you gamble and play the odds based on facts?

  99. Hanawi

    Probably would have gone with Benson then Votto for CES.

  100. Indy Red Man

    Burger scored their first run and Robertson with the save. Guys they picked up while we did nothing

    • Tim

      Yeah, but we’ll win the World Series the next three seasons because we have 12 shortstops. Sorry for my sarcasm tonight.

  101. JB

    Votto was looking only for a fastball. The off speed stuff was not going to get him. Good at bat.

  102. GPod

    had 9 outs to get 1 run…..we couldn’t even get 1 hit …sad

  103. Hanawi

    Don’t really understand not using the guy who has been your best hitter for the last two months with a favorable handedness matchup.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Get out of here with that kind of logic. Sometimes I wonder if bell knows what is going on during the actual game, or just has a plan pregame and that is all he can do.

  104. Melvin

    Sheees. We’re in trouble…just like in 2021.

    • JB

      Yeah but CES didn’t swing at first pitch. That counts for something doesn’t it?

      • LarkinPhillips

        Laying off the slider outside has ri been improvement lol

      • Melvin

        Yeah. We had a total of six hits tonight and he had one of them so I can’t blame it all on him.

    • Mark Moore

      Oh yeah. This team playing this way struggles to make .500

    • Rob

      But in 2021, we loaded up at the deadline with Cessa and Givens. Oh, that didn’t work either. Gotta to give Krall credit for persistence.

  105. Mark Moore

    And we finish with a whimper and another Stink. Phish. Pot!!!

    Back at it tomorrow afternoon.

  106. LT

    Watched the same pitch that got Steer. Smh ECS.

  107. LDS

    Another one bites the dust. And still no hitting.

  108. Indy Red Man

    Steve was right. Send CES at AA.
    Maybe Strand isn’t a great last name for a hitter

    • Hanawi

      I think CES is fine. Tough at bat to end it, but I don’t think he’s been overmatched or anything.

      • LT

        You don’t think he’s overmatched by major league sliders?

      • Melvin

        He’s learning and still hitting a decent .257.

  109. Tim

    It’s way past time to STOP putting Sims in in high leverage situations. It’s past time to move EDLC out of the lead off position. It’s past time to keep allowing guys to bat with ducks on the pond who cannot hit a sacrifice fly. A very good outing for Weaver wasted.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Bell never makes moves until way past time.

    • Melvin

      There have been A LOT of good outings wasted since the all-star break. We should have a six game lead at least. We’re not the same kind of hitters we were before then and we’re not playing like the same team before then. It’s going to kill us if we don’t turn it back around. Okay Mr. Bell. You got the three year extension. Do something.

  110. Indy Red Man

    Reds bring up their new pitcher Bobby Upper Deck

  111. Mark A Verticchio

    Major problem that is becoming way to obvious, the 4 rookies in the line up tonight 2 for 16 no extra base hits and way to many strike outs. This season is over.

  112. Roger Garrett

    Get use to it cause the offense will become a bigger issue then the pitching has been.Just have to coach these young guys up some more and maybe we ought to just abandon this all righty lineup.Could Hopkins have helped?I don’t have the answer but I know it ain’t working right now.India back will help but is it possible we just go with the best players.

    • Tim

      There has to be some consequences for bad ABs or the rookies will not adapt. Stay off the inside low off speed junk or you’ll be sitting in Cincinnati or traveling back to Louisville

      • Rob

        Agree. Is the expectation that these guys can correct this nonsense or is this spring training in August? We are a first place team Nita 4th place team looking for the finish line. But we don’t have a lot of options left at Louisville who are on the 40 and have been productive. Reynolds may be our best remaking choice at this point. I don’t think Barerro has any options left so that is kind of permanent. Wasted trade bait.

      • Melvin

        Barrero can be brought up again I’m pretty sure.

    • Melvin

      Maybe the person we need to call up is the Louisville hitting coach. 🙂

      • Rob

        Like the hitting coach comment. On Barrero, he can be brought up again. But he has no return trips to the minors left. We have abused this to the limit.

  113. Protime

    As I’ve said many times: Bell is a subpar, marginal manager. Inept lineup approach, EDLC is not at this point, a major league lead off hitter; bullpen mismanagement, e.g., Sims three days in a row. Has absolutely no feel for the game real-time. He’s not managing, he’s mismanaging. No help from Krall’s pre and trade deadline inactivity it becomes more impactful and relevant on a daily basis….

    • LT

      I have not made any complaint about Bell until tonight. It was a cardinal sin to pitch Sims tonight, in that situation. I still think Sims is to be blamed but man I can’t understand why Bell made that move.

      • Tim

        Today is the first time I’ve complained about Bell too. Sims has shown time and again that he is not ready to come into a tight game.

  114. WCRon

    I hope they end up 500. Improvement over last year. Honestly I don’t see much changing next year even if Greene and Lodolo come back. All the other teams in the division with the exception of Pitt will improve