Final R H E
Miami Marlins (59-56)
3 7 1
Cincinnati Reds (60-56)
2 6 0
W: B. Garrett (5-3) L: L. Sims (3-3) S: D. Robertson (15)
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Finally home, the Reds need to make hay against a Marlins team riding the Struggle Bus themselves. Only playing .500 baseball (29-29) at home, the boys need to start winning more games at GABP.

Game 116

The game’s first run was scored by the Marlins. After Luke Weaver retired the first two batters, back-to-back doubles by Jake Burger and Joey Wendle made the score 1-0 Miami.

In the bottom of the second, a TJ Friedl double brought home Kevin Newman, who had reached on a fielder’s choice. Reds 1, Miami 1.

In the top of the fifth, Weaver, who was at 89 pitches, gave way to Sam Moll.

But in the bottom half of the inning, Stuart Fairchild dropped one into right field that right fielder Sanchez over-ran the ball which went to the wall. Fairchild then hit third base and ran right through third base coach House’s stop sign, coming all the way around to give the Reds the lead, 2-1.

In the top of the 7th, Buck Farmer got two outs before hitting Nick Fortes. David Bell brought in Lucas Sims, who surrendered a homer and the lead. Miami 3, Reds 2.

The Reds bats would remain silent the rest of the way. In the 9th, Joey Votto would pinch hit for Kevin Newman and walk with two outs, but Christian Encarnacion-Strand would take a called strike 3 to end the game.

The Arms

Weaver pitched far better than anyone could have hoped, giving up only 1 run in 4 and 1/3 innings. Sam Moll has been a welcome addition to the bullpen, giving another solid outing. Fernando Cruz gave an inning of solid relief. Sims, making his 3rd appearance in 3 days was ineffective. Derek Law pitched a scoreless 9th.

What Did We Learn Today?

As much as we focus on the pitching, the Reds are simply not hitting the way they did in the first half. The team batting average is a good 20 points lower, and that’s leading to fewer men on base, and thus, fewer opportunities to run and put pressure on the opposition. Sims made 1 poor pitch and that was the difference.

Final Thoughts

The Reds fall one game under .500 at home. That’s not going to do it if they expect to make the postseason.

On Deck for the Redlegs

Miami Marlins vs. Cincinnati Reds

Wednesday, August 9 at 12:35 pm ET

(J. Cueto (0 – 3 | 5.32 ERA) vs. Graham Ashcraft (6-7 | 5.18 ERA)

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  1. Ted Alfred

    The bottom line is Bell is just pushing all the wrong buttons when it comes to lineups, batting order, pitching changes,… Etc. His decisions simply are not working out and to absolve him of it is ridiculous…he’s the one making the decisions!!! So last week in Chicago, coming off a good series in LA he decided kind of out of the blue that starting Senzel A LOT was now suddenly imperative. Bell started him again tonight for the 6th time in the last 8 games…. and the is now 0-6 in those 6 starts. I’m sure Senzel and his agent complaining about his playing time is just coincidence. I mean, why would his teamates care if his selfish behaviour is rewarded by the manager at the team’s expense?? As we can all see, the results have been a disaster of epic proportions.
    It is just beyond stupid that Bell seems oblivious to this…just keepspounding his head into that brick wall.

    • Indy Red Man

      There is this guy named Fraley that is on IL. Why do you guys act like he’s suddenly playing Senzel otherwise. We’re finally seeing lefties after a long stretch of righties too. Don’t get me wrong I wish they’d release him. Not a fan

    • VegasRed

      Everyone can see Bell’s flaws but the people whose. votes actually counts.

      I’ve been saying the same thing about Bell for several years now but have mostly contained my self this year.

      Obviously my complaining g doesn’t help or matter so I’ll just stop.

      Carry on folks, and sell the team Bob!

    • doofus

      EDLC batting second? He would see more fastballs with Freidl hitting leadoff. Put someone who does not strikeout often batting 3rd. There, problem fixed. I will leave my number with the front office.

      To often it seems that David Bell keeps trying to fit a square peg in a round hole to long.

      • Larry Wade Ricketts

        I agree Cruz is striking out far too much to be leading off. Sure he is dynamitic on the base baths but you can’t steal 1st. Freidl is a great option, if he gets on Cruz would definitely see more fastballs.

    • wkuchad

      “The bottom line is Bell is just pushing all the wrong buttons when it comes to lineups, batting order, pitching changes,… Etc. His decisions simply are not working out and to absolve him of it is ridiculous…” – The Reds have a winning record and are zero games back from last wild card spot. We were supposed to lose 100 games. We’ve done this with young rookies striking out a lot and questionable starting pitching.

      “So last week in Chicago, coming off a good series in LA he decided kind of out of the blue that starting Senzel A LOT was now suddenly imperative. Bell started him again tonight for the 6th time in the last 8 games…. and the is now 0-6 in those 6 starts. I’m sure Senzel and his agent complaining about his playing time is just coincidence.” – Senzel has started against lefty starters all year. This hasn’t changed. He’s started more lately because we have two starters (India and Fraley) on the injured list.

      “I mean, why would his teamates care if his selfish behaviour is rewarded by the manager at the team’s expense?? As we can all see, the results have been a disaster of epic proportions. It is just beyond stupid that Bell seems oblivious to this…just keepspounding his head into that brick wall.” – Brick walls are hard. You may want to check for a concussion.

      • Larry Wade Ricketts

        Bell has pushed he wrong buttons since day one, this is nothing new. Clueless about pitching, constantly wearing out the bullpen, pulling pitchers too early. Last night he takes Farmer out, sure he just hit a batter big deal. Brings in Sims after he had pitched two days in a row. No advantage to Sims over Farmer not like it was a better matchup.

        As far as Senzel goes I have never been a fan if was not a 1st round pick do you think he would still be here. He wants more playing time there is probable plenty to go around in Louisville. He is hitting .223. This team had a great chemistry Senzel’s selfishness may have disrupted it. I just do not see what he adds to this team. I know he has some decent stats against lefties but that is even going the other direction.

        Another question is why Fairchild? Aside from his little league home run with error last night he is not supplying what we need, offence. Hitting .232 minimum power, does have speed and can play D but those guys are a dime a dozen. He is already 27 do they think he will develop in to something more than he already is? Why not Ramos hitting .318 in AAA, has some pop, switch hitter.

  2. Mark A Verticchio

    Big question to ponder, What is more likely to happen with the Reds? They finish under .500 or make the playoffs. I think this is an easy question to answer, the rookies are killing them, they have no plate discipline and make all sort of mental mistakes. They need a lot of coaching and leadership and are not getting it. Please somebody have the guts to ask Bell why he continues to bat EDLC first. He is hurting the team and the player.

  3. Melvin

    The way things are going kind of makes you sick. We’ve seen this before. There is still time to learn from history and not repeat it…but it’s running out…. slowly but surely.

    • Jeff Morris

      ECS has too swing at last pitch…cannot take strike 3 to end game. Reds strikeouts are too high.

      • Melvin

        I agree but he’s far from the only one.

      • jon

        Encarnacion Christian Strand is my favorite player.

  4. west larry

    This could be a really aweful night. Cubs up by one in the ninth, brewers up by one in the eighth.

    • LDS

      Hopkins stays and Newman doesn’t? I wouldn’t bet much on that outcome. You can bet that Votto is brought back for next season. You’d have a better chance of being right.

      • JB

        But everybody wants Votto back. They love that all or nothing approach. They hate the rookies that do it but Votto deserves it because he is Votto. SMH

      • LDS

        He should have retired several years ago. He should have held to his statement about retiring when he could no longer perform satisfactorily at this level. He reached that point some time ago. Right now he’s no better than Aquino but with far, far less defensive capability. What he’s doing right now is the very definition of selfishness and it isn’t helping the team.

      • wkuchad

        JB, Votto is currently outperforming all rookies offensively not named McLain.

      • LDS

        No @WKUChad, he isn’t. His OPS is exaggerated by his quest for HRs. His BA is less than Barrero’s and Fairchild’s, two players that folks here screamed to be free of. Votto is not helping the team. He’s demonstrating that he’s a rather selfish player.

  5. Tim

    Bell’s either using a magic 8 ball or Misses Esmarelda’s tarot cards. Nothing else makes sense. “Should we steal third with two outs?” AS I SEE IT, YES. “Should I put EDLC at lead off?” MOST DEFINITELY. “Should I allow Sums to blow another lead?” YES DEFINITELY

  6. Dennis Westrick

    Not blaming Bell, but his management “style” when dealing with the bullpen fails way too often! When you run 4 or 5 relief pitchers out to the mound every game the odds that one or more of them is going to have a bad outing or throw an ill-advised pitch at the wrong time is high!

    And, the 2 batters in the Fish’s lineup that can hurt you are Soler & Chisholm, Jr. I am not a major league manager and I understand a scouting report!

    Finally, the offense was awful again tonight with more strikeouts (8) than hits (6).

    Weaver actually didn’t pitch that bad, giving up one (1) run, walking one and 6 SOs!

  7. Andy

    Was surprised they didn’t have Benson bat in 9th instead of CES with the righty. Was actually guessing he’d bat for Steer earlier in the inning. Missed opportunity I think.

  8. KevinIn

    This team is loaded with rookies and inexperienced major leaguers. This was going to happen at some point. Full disclosur-I am 49 years old and suffered along with many of you for years. Our tight-fisted ownership has driven me nuts. Bell makes some head-scratchers sometimes; but don’t they all? To blame
    Bell for absolutely everything is getting a little ridiculous. It is not significantly his fault that this young team, with some pretty significant injuries, is struggling. It was bound to happen. Yes, it is possible they won’t make the playoffs, but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Kywhi

      Thank you for stating some common sense. Those of us who came of age during the early days of the Big Red machine, suffered mightily between 1979 and 1990, and went through even worse since, are pleased with what we are seeing in the very early days of this rebuild, which appears headed toward major success. The negativity by many on this site during this season of unexpected returns is hard to fathom. I have to believe many of these commentators would be hating on Sparky Anderson if they were ariund back then.

      • Justin T

        Alot of us go back that far w this organization that we all love. The problem is the message the extension sent to fans, that no matter what happens we will still choose the cheaper option. The fans showed up this year so I dont understand the “not appreciating this unexpected season” argument. The team stayed put at the deadline and you can spin it anyway you want but it was a clear message that there is no deviating from a plan even w its called for. Extending the manager was absolutely not necessary and he has proven the critics right time and time again. At this point supporting David Bell as the managernof this team is ridiculous and nothing more than just being contrarion for the sake of being contrarion. He makes the wrong decisions consistently and clearly lacks the leadership ability to install the very basics in the young players. The EDC 12 gane winning streak was great, but take that away and what do you have? A below average team. Basically ownership has shown that the bottom line will always come first. You can call it negativity all you want, but supporting the team sometimes just keeps the same ol same ol alive and well. We want to win the same as anyone else but just arent willing to drink the kool aid because they havent earned it with the track record.

  9. Dennis Westrick

    Stupid Cubs won! Back to 3rd place in the NL Central Division!

    As Red said in The Shawshank Redemption “Hope is a dangerous thing, my friend”!

    Hope is fading with this Reds fan of 62 years!

  10. kypodman

    You cannot, cannot hit the 9th batter in the lineup with 2 outs in the 7th inning, you cannot. The guy was hitting .219. I turned to my friend at the bar and said they were going to lose, because that what we do when stuff like that happens. Come on!!!!!!!!

  11. Jessecuster44

    Bell should be the first manager fired after being extended.

    No Fire after a loss. No grasp of the bullpen. No sense of how to construct a lineup. No brains for trusting Senzel and Newman to play big roles

  12. Mark A Verticchio

    Poor Sam Moll, he has done a great job and is new team is 1 and 7 and sinking like his old team.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep, I’m impressed with Moll. I can’t believe we have team control of him for another four years…. really good trade by Krall.

  13. Pete

    Baltimore Orioles 2022 versus 2023. We are the 22 version. Good night gentleman – all I can say is I hope the good Lord gives you another year.

    • VaRedsFan

      2022 Orioles had one of the best bullpens in MLB.

  14. TR

    Not able to get at least a run in the last three innings. Good pitching from the Marlins. And a good outing from Weaver. Seems like he could do quite well in the bullpen when not needed as a starter. Elly, at present, is a free swinging hitter and should not be batting in first position. Maybe Votto, with his great record of getting on base, could help Elly with pitch recognition. It’s obviously needed.

    • Beaufort Red

      Ever tried teaching a 21 that the media and fans have anointed the greatest in the last several decades.

      • Don

        The hype for De La Cruz was way over the top. I remember when he started off on fire with a high BA, SBs, etc. and John Sadak said he was just barely scratching the surface. As if the kid is going to hit .500. These type of analysis were being put forth about a rookie with a sample size of about three weeks. Come on.

        He’s 21 and now playing at a level where the opponents have sophisticated ways of identifying your weakness and attacking them. This type of regression was predictable. Going forward the question is how will he now adjust. He has incredible potential, but he has work to do.

    • Ted Alfred

      Batting Elly at this point with this large of a sample size is just managerial malpractice. It’s just Bell being very stubborn because he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room.

  15. Mark A Verticchio

    Last comment of the night for this 50 plus year Reds fan. I hate to think about it but if they lose tomorrow the way the Pirates are playing the could wake up Monday morning a .500 team having lost 11 out of 12. The Pirates are playing well.

    • LDS

      With the Nats, Miami, and Pittsburgh back to back to back, the Reds should have put serious pressure on Milwaukee and Chicago. I said months ago that Bell handling the young guys would not work out well. So far it hasn’t and we have three more years of this oblivious approach.

  16. Dennis Westrick

    One final point! Reds are now 4-8 since Bell the Brilliant was given a 3-year contract extension!

    • Melvin

      haha. That’s a .333 winning percentage and will get us about 54 wins in a full season. What’s the matter with that? 🙂 Besides, the players like playing for him. 🙂

  17. Jeff Morris

    CES cannot take strike 3 for final out, he has too at least swing. Reds are having way to many strikeouts.

    • DaveCT

      Or, he cannot swing at strike 3 when he thinks it’s out of the zone, as he has been coached.

      It’s neither one or the other. It’s both. He’s a rookie learning at the ML level.

  18. Reddawgs2012

    The difference between now and June/July is back then, when the Reds got a lead to the 7th inning, the bullpen almost always nailed it down. In the rare instances when they didn’t, the Reds offense would come back to score a few runs and pick the team up.

    That’s not happening anymore.

  19. Mark A Verticchio

    I am not sure, with this season basically over, they shouldn’t do EDLC a favor and send him to Louisville for awhile and bring up Marte. He has a lot to learn and right now it doesn’t appear that he is listening to anything except his press clippings. I think he could be a great player but right now he is Billy Hamilton with more potential. As I recall at least Billy didn’t strike out 40% of the time. Bell is exposing him way to much and the team needs to think about his future.

    • TR

      Elly, in his short time in the Bigs, has gained national attention and is a big part of the reason big crowds have returned to GABP. I doubt he’ll be sent down. He should be moved out of leadoff position, and worked with here on pitch selection.

  20. Jon

    Anyone else hoping Senzel is the one optioned to AAA tomorrow for India? He can’t hit, he can’t play defense, and it’s obvious he wants out of Cincinnati. Send him down for the remainder of the year, then DFA or trade him this winter for whatever spare parts you can get. Enough is enough.

    • DaveCT

      Clarification: Senzel is a very good defensive 3rd baseman.

      On a team with EDLC, Steer, Newman, and prospectively CES, all capable of playing 3B, he is redundant there. It’s thus a toss-up between Senzel and Fairchild.

      Or, as Javier Bardem’s character said in No Country For Old Men, ‘Call it.”

      • jon

        Didn’t he have 3 errors in one game at 3rd base recently?

      • doofus

        Ozzie Smith had two errors on the same play. Joe DiMaggio strikeout 3 times in one game. So Senzel plays bad defense at third because of one game? Hmm, me no think so.

    • Ted Alfred

      Senzel’s presence is now a huge negative in the clubhouse and in the dugout. Bell apparently is not aware of it because he’s oblivious to most everything, but the best thing that could happen to this team is for Senzel to just be gone.

      • TR

        Senzel will stay for the remainder of the season and be used part time with the hope his value will be upgraded for a trade in the offseason. I think there is a bit of regret in the Red’s organization as to how Senzel’s time here has turned out.

    • Jeremiah

      Yes, I’d like to see Senzel go down and maybe see Lopez come up. I hope Senzel can find success somewhere else, but to me his time with the Reds needs to pretty much be over. I think he’s a decent player, but the story of him wanting out of Cincy right at the trade deadline, his poor play of late, injury history, it’s time to move on.

      • Melvin

        Lopez extended his on base streak to 38 games tonight.

  21. Roger Garrett

    Reds lineup had 4 rookies a second year player 3 bench guys and the back up catcher.NO way you are going to score much if at all.No wiggle room at all and 15 of the last 16 hitters went down with no hits and a walk.It is what it is so we play on.I would have loved to see Hopkins while he was up but I guess we won’t.Maybe he would have made a difference tonight but we don’t know.For me I would just as see younger guys like Hopkins and others at Louisville then I would Senzel or Newman and yes I know their numbers against lefties.I will say this about the lineup and just hush if Newman as DH hitting 5th is our best option then we have a big problem and i mean a big problem along with Senzel hitting second that swings at the first pitch an awful lot then we are in trouble as well.Fifth is an rbi spot and 2nd is a get on base spot and thats not them.

  22. Protime

    Bell’s ineptitude, Krall’s inactivity, Ownership’s lack of full commitment to win now missed opportunity and the team’s poor fundamental baseball execution has led to the team’s lackluster performance. The goal is to place the team, (collectively) not individualism in the best position to succeed, for that you need distinctive leadership which is sorely lacking. You play and execute to win, not just because players like playing for you.

    • Kywhi

      Words escape when this type of thing is said about an extremely young team that was expected to lose 100 games. Social media has ruined reason, but at least you key in on all the bogeyman issues — the devils Bell and Krall, the owners not wanting to win, perceived lack of fundamentals, etc. What were your expectations in February?

  23. Roger Garrett

    Brewers pen with major melt down in the 10th.Rockies up 6-3 with base loaded and no outs.As bad as we have been nobody will run away with this thing.Its a big if but if the Reds can right the ship then maybe.We’ll see.

    • DaveCT

      “Brewers” and “melt down” is such a good thing to hear …

      • Michael K McCurry

        I mean Wisconsin has plenty of cheese to make a melt with! 😉

  24. Mark A Verticchio

    The only way the Reds can stay in this is if India comes back strong and the rookies go back to June, it won’t be easy. I should say I wouldn’t send EDLC down until they are out of it and if they don’t start winning it will be soon.

    • DaveCT

      EDLC sent down, will never happen. Less of a high profile in usage, perhaps, and recommended IMO, but not down.

    • Ted Alfred

      I would think it’s blatantly obvious that India has to be the leadoff hitter when he comes back Friday but with Bill I don’t think anything is a given no matter how obvious it is to the rest of us. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him leave Elly the top of the order and put India back at 3 because he’s just so ridiculously stubborn about his own ideas, regardless of what is actually happening in the games. I guess we’ll see.

  25. LT

    Without Fraley and India, Votto needs to be in the line up, does not matter if pitcher is lefty or righty.

    Btw, Cueto is still pitching? How old is he now, 50? It will be a true test for Reds hitters, see if they can hit against an aging but still beloved former Reds ace.

    • Votto4life

      The good news is the Reds might finally be able to afford Cueto this off season.

  26. TJ

    Reds 1 1/2 games out and not firing on all cylinders. I’ll take it for now. Just need to stay close when reinforcements come- India, all the pitchers, and hopefully Fraley also. I’m not worried. Milwaukee isn’t going to run away with anything. Reds have answered losing streaks with winning streaks. Cubs will cool off especially without Stroman

  27. Mark A Verticchio

    Who will bat lead off tomorrow?

  28. Michael B. Green

    I voiced my concern about Sims pitching in high leverage situations multiple times and before the season. He had a 55.7% FB% entering tonight. It cost the Reds the game. Krall should have traded for a legitimate set up guy.

    • Michael B. Green

      I don’t like his BB%, but Adam Ottavino would have kept the ball in the ballpark. Free agent at year end. Cost would have been minimal.

    • Jim Walker

      I don’t think the problem was Sims threw a fastball. The problem was he threw a get ahead fastball in a very bad location, thigh high over the outer half of the plate. That pitch needed to be elevated to the very top of the zone and further away from Soler or run in on him if it was down low.

      • Michael B. Green

        Sims’ issue is that he throws a four-seamer rather than a two-seamer. Two-seamer gets sink or at least allows one to keep the ball down. Throwing high FB’s produce three results – swing and miss; ball high; or fly ball. In Cinci’s ballpark, particularly in the summer, many fly balls are dingers. If Sims is ever healthy in the Spring, he could get away with that. Not now and not when it matters. Look at the RP’s acquired by other teams during the Deadline. Almost all induce ground balls, or at least avoid high FB rates.

  29. RedlegScott

    When I saw the lineup – no Votto, no Fraley, and no India, l thought we were in trouble, even if it was against a lefty.

  30. Jeremiah

    Lineup when India coming back I’d like to see…

    Encarnacion Strand
    De La Cruz

    Maybe India regains some of his hitting ability hitting first again…Bell has been pretty flexible with his lineups…It seems to make sense India was his best at leadoff, and De La Cruz has not been very good at all since batting lead off.

    • Beaufort Red

      Votto / ECS should DH/1B .Although, CES is better defensively. It seems like India, not Votto who is the team leader.

  31. JB

    29-30 at home is not a playoff team. Look at all the other teams making a case for the playoffs. All of them do well at home.

  32. RedlegScott

    Trending thoughts on this forum I see: 1) The Reds were predicted to lose 100 games, so be pleased with what we have and the future looks bright. 2) Things would be brighter now if Bell was managing better. 3) Krall should have done more at the break. 4) The sky is falling. What else?

  33. AMDG

    I’ll reiterate what I said the other day, but perhaps Elly at leadoff isn’t such a great idea at this point in his career?

    He’s hitting below 0.200, with a 0.275 OPB with a 41% strikeout rate since he was moved atop the lineup.

    And with all that speed, he only has 1 steal in that stretch (since, as Hamilton and Stubbs proved, you can’t steal first base).

    Despite what Bell thinks, you want your best hitters getting the most plate appearances, and at this point in his young career EDLC isn’t quite ready to be absorbing the most times at bat when other guys are out-hitting him.

  34. Steven Ross

    Time to move Elly out of leadoff. This seems obvious except to Bell. Leave Farmer in. He got two outs, hits a guy so you replace him? Not having Fraley and India is taking its toll. Can you hope to be a playoff team with a losing record at home?

    • Pete

      Can you hope to be a playoff team with players this young and inexperienced:
      EDLC (21 yo, 0 years in MLB)
      Friedl (27, 1)
      McLain (23, 0)
      Steer (25, 0)
      CES (23, 0)
      Benson (25, 0)
      India (26, 2)
      Stephenson (26, 2)
      Fraley (28, 2)
      Fairchild (27, 1)
      Senzel (28, 4)
      Abbott (24, 0)
      Williamson (25, 0)
      Ashcraft (25, 1)
      Greene (24, 1)
      Lodolo (25, 1)
      Weaver (29, 6)
      Richardson (23, 0)
      Cruz (33, 1)
      Moll (31, 3)
      Diaz (26, 1)
      Sims (29, 5)
      Law (32, 4)
      Farmer (32, 8)
      Newman (30, 5)
      Maile (32, 6)
      Votto (39, 15)

      The Reds are the youngest team in the NL, and second youngest only to the Indians in MLB. Take out Votto and they are the youngest but no team relies on young players like the Reds with the possible exception of the A’s. It’s not really even age but inexperience that limits their potential. For this season. Patience, they are learning and gaining critical experience. Just like the Baltimore Orioles last year. Anyone notice who has the second best record in baseball this year? Yes, the Orioles.

      As someone pointed out above, they are going to quit complaining about David Bell because it does no good. I’m with him.

      Three players I expect to make a large contribution next year: Marte, Blake Dunn and Rece Hinds. These young fellows are beasts and will help plug the few holes left on the 26-man roster. We are so loaded with talent that they will overcome whatever shortcoming David Bell may or may not have.

      • MBS

        Yes, you can hope to be a playoff team. I still think this team has another big run in them.

        The only wild card contender I’d fear is Philly, the rest we’ve beat. The Cubs might be a problem, but who knows? Were they underperforming all season, or was that who the 23 Cubs are?

      • Redsvol

        taking that 1 step further Pete, Bleacher Report has the average age of MLB world series winner in the modern era (post 2000) is anywhere from 29 to 31. I think the Astros are the youngest team to win it all in this era.

        And typically, the age of the pitchers is what skews the average to a higher number. We all need to keep in mind that our preferred pitching staff (the big “4”) is way younger than the average MLB pitching staff. We need much more experience on those starters – or we need to go get a couple via trade/free agency.

      • Pete

        Redsvol, the youngest team to win a WS in the last 60-70 years was the Miracle Mets of 1969. The average age was just about where the Reds are at but they relied on the veterans to be the primary offensive contributors, unlike our guys. However, the starting pitchers were 22, 24, 26 & 33 years old. They were known as the “miracle” Mets for a very good reason. Let’s give our guys are bit of leeway.

  35. BuzzKutter

    If Elly is so much better against the fastball (I haven’t seen that) why wouldn’t you want him hitting behind a couple guys that could get on and run? Whatever happened to having a pesky work the count leadoff hitter?

  36. MBS


    1 India 2B
    2 EDLC 3B (Best 3B we got)
    3 McLain SS (Best SS we got)
    4 Benson LF
    5 CES 1B
    6 Votto DH
    7 Stephenson C
    8 Friedl CF
    9 Hopkins RF

    I’m not even a fan of India as the leadoff, but maybe it will give him a boost when he comes back. I do like sandwiching EDLC between two RHB’s, he’ll get turned around less that way. It’s also past time to start experimenting with Benson’s best place in the order. Lastly lets start playing Hopkins, we know who Senzel, Fairchild, and Newman are, and they’re fine reserves.

    • Mark Moore

      If only …

      Though “knowing” EDLC will keep on free-swinging, India isn’t going to get any great pitches. Nobody is scared of EDLC at this point. Hoping the offseason and some maturity can remedy that.

      • Melvin

        EDLC would do better hitting behind someone who steals bases in order to get more fastballs. At this point he’s not a good leadofff hitter. Could be in the future.

    • MBS

      You know you have a good infield when you forget to add Steer to the lineup. Obviously he needs to play, but so does EDLC, McLain, CES, and India. JV should play less, and the infield guys need days off, so Steer would get his regular starts if I wrote the lineup card everyday with my infamous 8/9 starts.

      • wkuchad

        Votto leads the team in slugging and third in OPS. I don’t want him playing less right now, especially with two starters on the IL.

      • MBS

        He’s also now over the Mendoza line with a .203 BA. His all or nothing approach isn’t what we need, we need the style of baseball that the Reds were playing before they became HR happy. I wouldn’t keep Votto on the bench, but use him when matchups are in his favor, and I doubt that comes up more than 4 or 5 games out of 9.

      • wkuchad

        When matchups aren’t in Votto’s “favor”, who do you play instead on the current 26 man roster?

        Newman against a righty? Senzel against a righty?

      • MBS

        If you look at the lineup I put up I had India being back. With India back we have 6 infielders, EDLC, McLain, India, CES, Steer, and Votto. So those 5 not named Votto.

  37. Mark Moore

    When we play like we did before the ASG break and focus more on “small ball” we do better. When we rely on the two-outcome formula (I’m discounting the 3rd option of base on balls at this point), we fail in spectacular and frustrating fashion.

    I’ll have the game on in my office today as I normally would, but my hope for any October play is fading like the 2021 season. It seemed so close …

  38. BuzzKutter

    Elly still leading off and no Benson?

    • wkuchad

      Benson not starting worries me. It would really hurt to lose another outfielder.

      • MBS

        I think you’re forgetting we have Senzel, and Fairchild, no worries mate. I don’t know why I become Australian when I’m being sarcastic.

  39. Klugo

    I like Sims because he’s a Red, but he reminds too much of JJ Hoover.

  40. doofus

    Why do folks get on Senzel? I would want a player who wants to play on my team, not someone who is complacent.

    The Red’s organization has jerked him around the field. Jerked him in and out of the lineup.

    He is an infielder, not an outfielder, but he played CF for the team. He has played the corners.

    He got injured, he is not the only player in the history of the game to get bit by the injury bug.

    I am in the kid’s corner. I firmly believe that he will have a decent major league career, whether it is on the banks of the Ohio River or someplace else.

    • wkuchad

      Agree, when I read the article at MLB, nothing in it bothered me or seemed selfish.

  41. Redsvol

    The word is out in MLB scouting circles on how to pitch the Reds young hitters. The league catches on quick. It will be up to the players and coaches in the off season to make the adjustment – not something typical during the season.

    For this clamoring for Phillips to take Weaver’s spot, you might want to slow down. 3 of Phillips last 8 starts he didn’t get out of the 2nd inning. For all the stress about Richardson’s start it seems he is well ahead of Phillips in pitching to seasoned hitters. Last thing the bullpen needs is a 1 inning outing from a starter right now. And Kennedy is likely ahead of Richardson.

    Phillips will eventually be good. It would have been so good to have gotten a seasoned MLB pitcher like Verlander or Cease at the deadline. Our young pitchers need a good MLB veteran pitcher on the staff they can learn from and talk to throughout the game. We are missing that on this team. Hopefully Krall will sign or trade for the right one this off-season.

  42. Mark A Verticchio

    Why no Benson, if it’s not an injury Bell has totally lost control and is to worried about making people happy. What a joke this team has become.

  43. Rob

    I would have thought Hopkins would have played today in lieu of Fairchild or Senzel. Gosh, he is going back to Louisville tomorrow and won’t have a single ab in India absence.

  44. Mark A Verticchio

    There is one fact that even the biggest Bell supporters can not deny, since Bell was given his contract this team is 4 and 8. I believe if these players loved playing for him so much, they sure have an odd way of showing it. However, we are all still hoping that they can turn it around and if Bell can do that good for him. Things just don’t look good and constantly playing these odd line ups isn’t helping Bell’s cause.