Lefthander Brandon Williamson pitched masterfully to help the Cincinnati Reds break a six-game losing streak and defeat the Miami Marlins, 5-2, before 17,389 at Great American Ball Park.

Final R H E
Miami Marlins (58-56) 2 5 2
Cincinnati Reds (60-55)
5 6 1
W: Williamson (4-2) L: Eu. Perez (5-4) Sv: Diaz (33)
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Seventy-one percent of Williamson’s pitches were strikes, meaning he was ahead in the count against the vast majority of Marlins batters he faced. Through six innings he was in complete control, and the back end of the bullpen finished things up for the home team’s 60th win of the season.

Cincinnati opened the day in a virtual tie with the Chicago Cubs for second place in the National League Central division, 1 1/2 games behind Milwaukee. As this game wrapup article went live at 9:40 p.m. Eastern time, Chicago was in a seventh-inning rain delay, losing at the moment to the New York Mets, 7-2. Milwaukee, on the other hand, leads Colorado 5-1 in the fifth inning at American Family Field. If those results hold up, the Reds would move back into second place by themselves, still 1 1/2 behind the Brewers.

The win evened Cincinnati’s home record at 29-29, a record which you have to think this team will need to improve upon if they are to make the playoffs.

The Offense

For the game, the Reds batted 6-for-29 with two homers, while drawing four walks. The high-strikeout trend continued, with 13 Reds hitters going down swinging or looking. T.J. Friedl was the offensive star of the game, batting 2-for-4 with two RBI and a run scored.

Trailing 1-0 in the bottom of the first, Marlins starter Eury Perez walked Will Benson with one out. Benson stole second, then after a Stuart Fairchild strikeout, Elly De La Cruz walked. Friedl then laced the Reds’ first hit on the night into the right-field corner for a triple. It scored both runners easily to give Cincinnati a 2-1 lead.

Christian Encarnacion-Strand and Joey Votto then hit back-to-back sol0 homers off Perez to start the bottom of the fourth inning to increase the home team’s lead to 4-1.

The lead increased to 5-1 in the bottom of the seventh, when Friedl singled, stole second and advanced to third on a throwing error by the catcher. Spencer Steer then brought Friedl home with a sacrifice fly.

The Pitching

The combined pitching line for four Reds hurlers tonight: 9 innings, 5 hits, 2 runs (both earned), 2 walks and 12 strikeouts. In the six-game losing streak that was broken, the fewest runs Reds pitching surrendered were five. The pitching was the difference, holding Miami’s offense to only seven base runners total in the game.

Williamson did his best impression of a better-than-average major league starting pitcher tonight. In 6 2/3 innings, he allowed only four baserunners: a homer by Jesus Soler, a runner who reached by error, and two seventh-inning hits before Manager David Bell replaced him with Lucas Sims, who struck out Yuli Gurriel to end the seventh.

The key numbers for Williamson: a career-high nine strikeouts and no walks. The 6 2/3 innings tied Williamson’s career major-league high. Of his 89 pitches, 63 were strikes. Since July 1, Williamson has pitched 36 2/3 innings, allowing 26 hits, 13 runs (all earned), 5 homers, 12 walks, with 35 strikeouts. That’s a 3.19 ERA, and a WHIP of just over 1.0.

In this year when young players will separate themselves from each other in terms of positions on the team’s depth chart, Williamson has made a great case for himself as a key building block moving forward.

After Sims, Ian Gibaut pitched the eighth and allowed two hits, one a solo homer by Jazz Chisholm to bring Miami within 5-2.

In the this-team-never-makes-things-easy category, Alexis Diaz came in to close the door, but instead walked the first two batters he faced in the ninth inning. With lefty Sam Moll warming in the bullpen behind him, Diaz then struck out Chisholm for a big first out. .375-batting Luis Arraez then was summoned as a pinch-hitter, and grounded into a game-ending 4-6-3 double play.

I don’t know the answer to this, but I have to wonder if a team has ever made the playoffs without a pitcher recording at least double-digit victories. Gibaut leads the team with eight wins, but in his relief role, there is absolutely no assurance he’ll reach 10. Andrew Abbott and Graham Ashcraft have six wins each, and it just feels like one or more of the young pitchers is going to have to go on a real dominant tear over the final seven or so weeks to get this team over the hump. There isn’t enough offense to outscore the opposition in high-scoring games, so it will — as always — come down to pitching.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Miami Marlins at Cincinnati Reds

Tuesday, August 8, 6:40 p.m. ET

Braxton Garrett (5-3, 4.14 ERA) vs. Luke Weaver (2-4, 6.98 ERA)

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  1. RedlegScott

    TY, Williamson. (Two walks to lead off the 9th, Diaz? You got lucky… again.) 5 runs good, but only 6 hits and 13 K’s, not so good. Stephenson and Fairchild weak links. Need Fraley. Win streak at 1.

    • Scott

      Having had a few concussions myself, including one severe one, I’m hoping Stephenson has a better more productive year next year. Not trying to make excuses for him, but these things take awhile until you feel “normal” again. Fingers crossed.

    • jmb

      Yes, they miss Fraley. Benson is proving he’s a part-time player. Looks like Freidl is finding his swing, though. Another great start from Williamson, the Reds’ new ace! Great to see CES hit one out. Apparently Senzel and his agent had a meeting with management asking about his playing time. Nice–make it all about you, Senzel. If you hit, you’ll play (I guess that logic is beyond him.)

      • Ted Alfred

        Now that Senzel has made his complaints very public the Reds need to get rid of him ASAP. He is now a negative presence on the team, in the clubhouse etc and it’s obviously been negatively affecting the team since Bell decided to start Senzel 5 of 6, which of course coincided with the losing streak. Then yesterday he doesn’t start and they played a little better. Time for him to go… maybe they could get a decent minor league P from a MLB team who needs a 3rd baseman/OF.

      • wkuchad

        jmb, Benson is in no way proving he’s a part-time player. Yes he’s struggled a bit the last two weeks with a .735 OPS (which is close to league average), but all players have highs and lows throughout the season. That’s why you consider a the season as a whole. Even with a horrendous start, Benson has been the 2nd best hitter on the team this year, hitting with decent power and leading the team in on base %. And this is over 175 at bats, so not a small sample size.

      • JB

        How do you know it’s negativily effecting the team? You have inside info?

  2. J

    Home runs are great, but it was soooooo nice to see a couple guys walk and then score on a line drive, and then Friedl and Steer creating a run with “small ball.” Seems like it’s been at least three weeks since the last sacrifice fly.

    Good pitching is also nice.

    Weaver isn’t actually starting another game for this team, is he?

    • Colorado Red

      Said to say, but probably yes.

    • RedlegScott

      The Weavs is the team squatter. Can’t get rid of him and he won’t just go away. Go Weavs!

    • TR

      Not withstanding Williamson’s great outing of zero walks and nine strikeouts, the highpoint of the game for me was Friedl’s triple in the rightfield corner. Nothing like speed on the bases to get a team moving in the right direction.

  3. LeRoy

    A much needed win tonight! Encarncion and EDLC need a lot of coaching on how to lay off pitches way out of the stike zone. Any team can watch a couple of ABs from these 2 and know exactly how to pitch them. They not only swing at bad pitches but also over swing on almost everything. EDLC is not even close to being a lead off hitter and the coaches don’t seem to be making any progress trying to help him. When something isn’t working you got to try something. Giving EDLC a golf club to swing at the low pitches would be more effective than anything the coaches have done thus far.

    • Indy Red Man

      He’s actually scored 9 runs in the last 10 games. You only get experience from doing and leadoff gives him the most chances. I see a little progress in that he’s drawing a few walks and getting to 3 ball counts

    • AC

      The main thing EDLC has to do is work on his 2 strike approach. He’s usually patient early in AB’s, but will swing at anything remotely close with 2 strikes. His walk yesterday came on a full count, which is good. Also, it seems like we’re about 2 weeks removed from this being the best lineup in baseball. Can we just relax and enjoy the games?

      • greenmtred

        Sounds like a plan. Let’s see if the baseball gods (or demons, depending) concur.

  4. Melvin

    Willimason is pitching really well. The Reds have five really good starting pitchers if they can get them all healthy and going. Three lefties is unusual.


    • Moon

      LIvely was pitching pretty well until that last start before going on the IL. I think he could provide depth and serve as a long reliever as necessary

    • Daytonnati

      I have to think they’ll shut Abbott down if he continues as he has recently.

      Or, maybe, they consider going to a six man rotation? 47 games left. That would 7 to 8 starts each. Optimistic 6 innings per start? 42 to 48 more innings, minus any playoffs.

      • Colorado Red

        I think he at the same innings pitched as last year.
        30 or 40 more innings may be it.

    • TR

      If they’re injury-free, the Reds have quite a starting pitching five for the future. On the offensive side if someone, like the hitting coach and staff, can work with Elly De La Cruz and the other young players to improve their pitch recognition and cut down on strikeouts, then lookout opposition, the Reds are going to be a hurdle for everyone.

  5. Redsvol

    Great job by Williamson and Friedl! That was a big league outing by BW.

    Like the homers by JV & CES but I much rather seeing the liners and stolen bases and hitting with men in scoring position. Gotta get back to small ball to have a chance at making noise in October. Need everyone contributing.

    13 strikeouts / way too many to compete with the best teams. I hope the youngsters get t out of their system this year and focus on changes to improve their contact rate in off season. If they do, sky is the limit.

    • Harry Stoner

      Half the Reds’ outs this evening they didn’t put the ball in play.

      It’s not sustainable and it should be embarrassing.

      To the team, and of course it should be to Bell.

      “Dude, your team strikes out almost 50% of the time.”

      Bell: “It’s not going to change who we are.”

      That’s you, Bell. ‘Manager’ of a team that strikes out way, way too much.

      • RedlegScott

        It’s not going to change who we are? Then we’re in big trouble, Mr. Bell. Fix it.

      • Mario

        Agreed Harry. Too many strikeouts as a team. Some guys are going to be more prone to the K but contact needs to be stressed by the coaching staff. Especially in situations like man on 3rd and less than 2 out.

      • JB

        These guys need to learn, that with two strikes they gave to protect the plate. They let to many borderline pitches go by. They gave to foul them off no matter what. Joey use to take some weird swings to foul pitches off. Then he would get his pitch and mash. These guys need to understand that major league pitchers can dot the corners. AAA is over.

      • JB

        Gave-have. My fingers are fat this morning

  6. Mario

    Very nice win. Needed that one. Let’s go get another one tomorrow.

    Any more Newman fans left? He did manage a single in 3 AB’s. What a great pickup. I think this one is on Krall, doesn’t want to demote or DFA him since he traded a pitcher for him.

    • Mario

      Speaking of Krall, it was a big debate on the other page about whether he signed off on the three-year extension for Bell. I guess no one’s played office politics before. It is a well-known that the ownership is friends with the Bell family. If Nick Krall went against David Bell, he would likely lose his job. Whether he was strongly for the extension, just meekly for the extension, or downright opposed to it and kept his mouth shut, we’ll probably never know. The owners have to be in a good mood and rolling in the dough after this successful season and attendance being way up.

      • Scott

        Yeah, ownership should be elated with this season. Sadly, they still won’t spend money though.

      • Colorado Red

        I think Bob C, was behind it.
        Not sure Krall had much of a choice.

      • jmb

        All this is pretty gossipy. What I would be concerned with is that Krall thanked the fans for attending, putting the team in the position to trade for a player and take on salary…but nothing happened. What are they saying about that on that other site? Seems like they threw the fans a bone, knowing there was no meat on it–“Here, gnaw on this for a while.”

      • Jim Walker

        @JMB>>> I agree there is a lot of “gossipy” stuff here; but; it’s been a heck of a 10 days to 2 weeks for the Reds.

        Krall atypically went public and announced the Reds have the resources and intention to be players at the deadline. The Senzel/ Boras/ Krall Bell meeting happened, and the Senzel camp left it seemingly convinced he would be traded. Out of the blue when one would think the Reds would be focused only on the trade deadline along with taking care of business on the field day to day, the Bell extension is announced.

        Then the other shoes drop. The Reds make only a minor deal and do not address their most pressing need, the starting rotation. Senzel is not traded and goes public about his meeting and desire to be anywhere else that would give him more playing time. He subsequently gets more playing time as the team drops six straight (and he played a major negative role in at least 1 loss).

        Is this just another normal 2 weeks down at the plant or is something going on back stage???

      • wkuchad

        Jim, if we’re at full strength, Senzel will only be a platooner playing against lefty starters. Bell has shown that. His extra playing time recently is due to players on the injured list, not the Boras meeting.

      • Optimist

        Jim’s got it right as far as the most likely speculation – I commented elsewhere about who has a better chance at the next MLB job – Krall or Bell? I have to believe Krall’s prospects look very good – either as a lateral or a promotion with another organization. IIRC there’s some sort of agreement amongst the owners about poaching one another’s staff, but there have been several notable moves lately.

        Unless there’s a family/Reds/Cincinnati connection I’m unaware of, I wouldn’t be surprised if Krall moves on.

        Though Bell has plenty of front office experience as well, where else would he be a field manager candidate?

      • JR

        Wkuchad- exactly. Senzel is playing because of injuries. You would think people are in the clubhouse the way they comment with their assumptions.

      • Chris

        So you believe ownership signed Bell to three years because of friendship with the Bells, really? Do the Castellini’s have other friends that could signed as maybe President, GM, etc.? What a blatantly silly argument. Because of friendships, they gave Bell a 3 year deal to their professional baseball team to manage. LOL

    • J

      Newman had two of the hardest balls in this game. One happened to be directly at the third baseman. Also stole a base. He consistently has more professional at-bats than most of the other guys on this team. He sets a good example. He would certainly not be at the top of my DFA list.

      • J

        Oops! Two of the hardest HIT balls, I meant to say. Hope that typo doesn’t get me banned from the site.

      • Melvin

        Hahaha……..that’s not funny. 😉 Typos happen.

      • Redsvol

        Absolutely, Newman rarely gives an at bat away. He battles. And typically makes contact.

        He was brought in to provide insurance in case the youngsters weren’t ready to play mlb shortstop at acceptable level. In January, who knew matt McLain. Spencer steer and EDLC would develop so rapidly. It’s good to have insurance at the critical positions.

      • Mario

        Found some Newman homers. I have said all along he is not a bad player, but he does not belong on this team at this time.

      • JB

        Mario- he does belong on this team as a veteran that has leadership. He doesn’t cry to the media if he doesn’t play and can come in an start once a week. He can hit against lefties and play the field( although that play at second was rough). People on here cry and moan when he bats first and basically anywhere else but that’s on Bell. Not Newman. The guy plays when called upon. Good bench piece and that is what he is.

    • wkuchad

      Yes, Newman fan here. He has a .292 average and .860 OPS versus lefties this year. That’s been terrific production anytime we’re facing a lefty starter. And he’s a solid bench bat while we have a couple injured players or need to give a guy a day off. I hope he’s back next year.

  7. Will the Red

    Glad to see the end of the losing streak, especially against this pesky Fish. Don’t think we’ll see Newman or Senzel except as pinch hitters or to give someone a day off once India is healthy. Let’s make it 2-in-a-row tomorrow!

    • Scott

      C’mon…you really think DB won’t get Senzel in any chance he gets?? That would hurt little Nick’s feelings.

      • greenmtred

        Senzel is hitting .325 with a .940+OPS against lefties. Do you really believe that he only plays due to FO sentiment?

      • Chris

        Green, you have to understand, some of these people are nuts, and literally don’t even think before they type this nonsense. Senzel is only playing because of injury and Bell thinks he’s worthy of playing. Then again, we have people in here that actually believe Bell was given the keys to a MLB team just because his family is friends with ownership. This is the kind of stuff people actually post.

    • wkuchad

      I hope Newman and Senzel both continue to play against lefty starters, based on their production. Fraley absolutely shouldn’t start against lefties, and it’s a perfect time to give Votto or another starter a day off.

  8. CFD3000

    Can’t we like the combination of speed and aggressiveness and small ball AND a couple of home runs to boot? I do! I agree with the general consensus that the Reds need to cut down on the strikeouts (though to be fair Perez early and Brazoban we’re both nasty tonight, and that’s 11 of the 13 K’s). It’s interesting to me that Jim Day recently reported that Votto is measuring his gains toward hitting the way he really wants by monitoring his strikeout rate. Sounds sensible to me. And don’t forget that the first two runs scored following walks to Benson and EDLC. So I’m holding onto a small slice of hope that the K’s will fall.

    Great game for Brandon Williamson. The Reds will need him the rest of this year and he’s slowly nailing down a spot in the 2024 rotation. And a great night for Friedl with clutch hitting and base running. A win, finally feels good. How about a series win tomorrow? Go Reds!

    • RedlegScott

      I hear you, CFD, but the strikeout dilemma is officially a trend.

      • CFD3000

        Oh you’re not wrong, I’m just trying to squint and see some reason for optimism. K rates got really ugly against the Brewers and Cubs recently. How about a game with only 5 K’s, but an equal number of walks and stolen bases? There’s a game I’d like to watch!

    • Redsvol

      Game is much more enjoyable when the players battle to make contact in their at bats Instead of swinging for the fences and have 4 pitch at bats. It’s also a more sustainable offense. Corbin burnes lives those big swings.

  9. LT

    The Cubs game resumed at what 11pm? Well there’s nothing worse than losing a game at night night.

  10. LT

    TJ is carrying this team offensively right now. If expectation for Votto is to hit a HR here and there and to walk here and there, then he’s meeting it. The rest of the line up is not meeting expectations. Hope the day off does MM good and he’ll have a good game tomorrow. MM and TJ providing offense power should be enough to get us another W against Miami at least, if and it’s a big if, Weaver somehow becomes gutsy overnight and will not walk half of the batters he faces.

    • TJ

      Thanks, I really try hard, but it’s really a team sport.

    • Chris

      Yep, and only a few weeks ago, we actually had people in here ready to get rid of TJ and at the very least move him to the back of the lineup.

  11. VegasRed

    Our guys are so green still. MLB is really hard and progress isn’t linear.

    For whatever reason, Bell was resigned and Krall mostly whiffed on some extra pitching. I don’t expect much better going forward but to see the guys compete as best they can. The Reds are sure more fun to watch this year, the future is encouraging (notwithstanding Bell, who I just feel is not an above average manager, and lacking in leadership), and the Reds have chance at maybe sneaking in the playoffs.

    But the Castellini owners’ group still stinks.

    You can’t have it all!

  12. Jim t

    @VegasRed, I’m kind of up in the air on Bell. This team has beat the snot out of the expectations many including myself had for this team. They did it with a pitching staff that was injured and just looking for warm bodies on many occasions. The youngsters are getting playing time and have shown flashes. In my mind this season has been a success.

    The question I have is will ownership commit to winning and add on to a good beginning?

  13. AMDG

    I’ll reiterate what I said at the trade deadline. This team needs a closer.

    Breaking up Diaz’s season into chunks of 16 or 17 games each, he has allowed:
    First 1/3 = 0.110 batting average & 16.9 K/9
    Next 1/3 = 0.151 batting average & 11.7 K/9
    Most Recent 1/3 = 0.268 batting average & 9.0 K/9

    He is unfortunately trending in the wrong direction, and has put at least 2 guys on base in 1/3 of his last 30 outings or so.

    If he can’t come close to being the pitcher he was at the beginning of the season, they need to find somebody who can.

    • Colorado Red

      But usually, still gets the job done.
      Another save (ugly), is still a save.

    • MBS

      He’s getting worn down, like a lot of our heavily used members of the pen. I have zero idea of what Krall will do this offseason, but he’s going to have a minuscule payroll. He could address a few positions of need with top quality FA’s.

      • greenmtred

        Diaz may well be worn down, but he has had a fair amount of rest lately. Late-game relief pitchers–particularly on winning teams–make a lot of appearances.

    • DHud

      I don’t think it’s because Diaz isn’t a “closer,” I chalk it up to not having strong enough guys in front of him. Both the eye test and your stats say he’s tired. There have been many games he’s been forced into that if the reds had 1 or 2 lock down, heck even competent, arms in front of him, he could have been spared

    • greenmtred

      Maybe he could pitch only when the Reds lead is 3 runs or more? Probably not.

  14. Reddawgs2012

    Joey Votto currently has a BABIP of .182…..that has to improve, right? That level of unlucky can’t possibly be sustainable. I’ve got to think we are going to see at least a mini-hot streak from Votto soon, where his batting average shoots up a bit, because he’s also been hitting the ball hard.

    • wkuchad

      He’s currently is on a hot streak. Over last week, Votto and Friedl both have OPS over .999. Over last two weeks, Votto leads the Reds with a .868 OPS.

      Right now, he’s doing it all with slugging percentage, but if you’re right about BABIP, hopefully the average will creep up a bit too.

      But honestly, if Votto can maintain his current .833 OPS (3rd on the team) for the remainder of the year, I’m fine if it’s through all homeruns and a low average. This is more than I was expecting out of him.

  15. Indy Red Man

    I expect Lowder to come up early next year like Abbott and I have Williamson ahead of Lodolo in the pecking order. Depth and competition is good. No reason for more Minor Weavers garbage

    • Old Big Ed

      Abbott was drafted in 2021 and debuted in MLB in 2023. Two years is pretty much the best we can hope for out of Lowder. It is not impossible that he pitches for Cincinnati next year, but I would expect 2024.

      I think that Paul Skenes is likely to pitch for Pittsburgh next year.

  16. Mark A Verticchio

    Remember early in the year where the Reds were trying to find ways to get Stephenson as many at bats as possible. Right now I am not sure he should be in the line up at all.

    • Bigbill

      Missed an opportunity to make him the cornerstone of a trade for a starting pitcher to strengthen the rotation for this year and next. With Maile and the guys down in AAA it was a position of strength that may actually be stronger when the guys in the farm are ready.
      Stephenson is an average to below average defensive catcher and game manager. When his bat is not dependable he becomes a below average to replacement player.

      • SultanofSwaff

        Agree….and the further we get into his career his body will force him off that position which would make him even less valuable because he isn’t hitting enough to start at 1b or DH.

      • greenmtred

        The risk would be that we were selling low. He might not have enough value now to be the cornerstone of that trade.

      • Jim Walker

        @GreenmtRed>> Agree you are on point with TS. I think they offer him arbitration or get him to sign low for 1 year ahead of the tender date. At least this is his first year which with the season he has had in 2023 should mitigate to keep the cost low. Once his cost is fixed, they will be in a position to shop him or include him in a trade.

        However, the bigger question is what the Reds are going to do about catching for 2023 with or without Stephenson. Maile has hit a wall of late. Presuming they can extend him, do they really want to do it? And regardless of who is #1, is Chuckie Robinson serviceable as an MLB backup?

      • Old Big Ed

        Maile is a local guy who seems happy to be on the Reds and will almost certainly want to come back. He is almost the perfect back-up catcher for the Reds — good defensively, knows his role, and great baseball IQ.

        He is like Casali, in that both are possible managerial material, which are good guys to have in the organization.

  17. Jim t

    Reds have 47 games remaining. Would love to see them finish 27-20 and be 12 games over 500. Have to believe that gets them in playoffs.

  18. Roger Garrett

    Great start by Williamson at the best possible time.Fanned the side in the 6th and still at 93/94 in the 7th.Everybody knows I just want to see young guys play and regardless of how this year ends up the Reds have found out some things about there young guys.Injuries can give others chances for sure.I can see a very good starting rotation emerging if the guys out return.This offense has some holes to fill as does the pen so we will see what happens.Would love to see the team cut down on the punch outs and put the ball in play more and draw some walks.With the rule changes walks can be doubles for some of these guys and they need to take advantage of that.Reds get into that GABP pop fly homer when they are at home but on the road they seem to get more guys on base and use that team speed more.Don’t know what the numbers say but it appears that way and are 5 over on the road

  19. GreatRedLegsFan

    With Williamson and Abbott taking steps forward this season, and assuming Greene and Lodolo will further progress, it’s safe to say that along with Philips there’ll be a solid starting rotation from 2024 and beyond.

    • wkuchad

      These guys are young and have a lot of potential, but the Reds need an above average proven starting pitcher to go along with these young guys next year.

      Ashcraft, Williamson, and Lodolo have ERAs of 5.18, 4.54, and 6.29. Greene barely pitches more than 5 innings. We have needed 11 starting pitchers this year to make two or more starts.

      There’s a ton to love about these guys, but if we want to move to next level in 2024, my top free agent (or trade) target in the offseason is an above average proven starting pitcher.

    • BK

      The Red’s pitching could be about one year behind our hitters. We could enter 2024 with the following controllable pitchers with Major League starting experience:

      1. Greene
      2. Abbott
      3. Lodolo
      4. Aschraft
      5. Williamson
      6. Dunn
      7. Gutiérrez
      8. Richardson
      9. Stoudt
      10. Lively

      Of this group, only Lively is an older pitcher. In addition, the following should be at AA or higher next year and haven’t made their Major League debuts

      11. Phillips
      12. Petty
      13. Lowder

      There should be far more depth and better quality depth. The top 5 pitchers on this list have demonstrated they can get MLB hitters out; they simply need to improve their consistency. In fact, I doubt the Reds will have twelve starters on their 40-man roster entering Spring Training.

      • Old Big Ed

        I don’t disagree with the general point, but Dunn and Stoudt are pretty iffy right now, and Gutierrez and Richardson still have a lot to prove.

        I could see signing a #3 type veteran free agent this off-season.

        I wish they could find the Sidd Finch version of a knuckleballer. He would go 28-2.

      • BK

        @OBE, I agree that at least a few of these pitchers must stay healthy and pitch reasonably well to keep a 40-man roster spot over the winter. I’m open to the Reds signing a starting pitcher over the offseason, but I want to see how our injured pitchers perform before prioritizing a starter in the offseason.

  20. SultanofSwaff

    Brandon Williamson statistically is almost exactly a league average pitcher over his first 15 ML starts. While the elevated walk and HR rate stand out, they’re at least trending in the right direction. The key change lately has been to tamp down the fastball usage and increase the usage of his slider and changeup, which both rate as the better pitches.

    I think at worst we have a capable #5 starter for many years. There’s a ton of value in not having the front office dumpster diving each offseason to fill out the rotation.

    • wkuchad

      My guess is there will still be some dumpster diving, but that will be to fill out the last couple spots of the Louisville Bats starting rotation.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      What should happen next spring is that Greene, with his contract, will have the rotation made, barring injury setback. Everyone else — defined as Rhett Lowder, Abbott, Ashcraft, Williamson, Richardson, Stoudt, Phillips, Lodolo and Gutierrez — go out and earn a spot. You may also have Connor Overton and Justin Dunn around after their injury-filled 2023 seasons. There are too many of these young guys to play favorites and presume that one is better than the other. Make them prove it and earn it.

      I’m also in favor of De La Cruz at third base and McLain at shortstop long-term. From what I have seen, De La Cruz is shaky at short, but dynamite at third. McLain makes the tough plays at shortstop. Don’t mess with it.

      De La Cruz is going to have to improve tremendously at the plate to play every day next year, if I’m the manager. Clearly he has the tools, but he looks lost in his mental approach. Opposing pitchers throw something he’s not looking for, and the party’s over. He has to learn to at least foul pitches like that off. He’s absolutely a guess hitter at this point. Some players can make a career out of that, but De La Cruz would be closer to his floor than ceiling if that is all the better he can do.

      • Mark Moore

        +10,000 for the 3B/SS combo. I’ve said that all along. It makes the left side of our IF defense the best it can possibly be.

      • DataDumpster

        Spot on as for those observations, Tom. I think a lot of us got caught up in how good the horses are before realizing many of them are still learning how to race.

      • Old Big Ed

        Not me. EDLC’s arm is much stronger than McLain’s (and every other MLB shortstop), and it is a huge factor on relay plays. He’s a bit rougher than McLain on routine plays, but he’s also 2 years younger and will improve quickly. Meanwhile, that moves McLain to 2B, where he is a big defensive upgrade over India.

        Marte will be the 3B soon enough next year.

        If they move EDLC, I would prefer it be CF, where both his speed and arm will play. Some say his arm would be wasted in CF, but a great CF arm is weapon.

      • BK

        I’m with OBE, the best defensive alignment for the Reds in 2024 and beyond likely has EDLC at SS and McLain at 2B. The good news, is both are good at their current positions. EDLC, even with obvious room for improvement, is still on track to deliver 3+ bWAR over an entire season. In short, he’s an above-average MLB player with his current limitations.

      • Roger Garrett

        Agree 100% on the young pitchers earning a spot as well as where EDLC and McLain should play and that EDLC should also earn his every day spot.However EDLC will play every day.He is the only player that has ever been able to not only start but stay in the big leagues that strikeouts at the level he does.Reds have thrown guys under the bus that have fanned at a much lower level and never gave it a second thought.Same comments about ELDC we recently heard about Barrero.Swings at everything,has no pitch recognition etc etc.#1 prospect and being 21 may have something to with it but wonder if McLain or Steer would have done that.Reds just treat some guys different.

      • Chris

        Tom, no one is going to tell Lodolo that he needs to earn a spot. He may possibly pitch terrible and lose the spot, but it would be terribly foolish to tell him he has to earn a spot. Remember, this is a business, not a bunch of robots. At some point you need to sit down and negotiate with these players, and no reason to have a Lodolo go in there ticked off at a later salary negotiation.

        As for EDLC at 3rd, I completely agree with you. I’ve thought this from day one after watching him. His mechanics don’t work well at SS; he’s so gifted that he plays with pure athletic ability, and that works at 3rd, but not SS. I actually think he’s a subpar SS. As for his hitting, he’ll improve. Stop marketing him as superman would help.

  21. old-school

    Reds needed that. Marlins and Dbacks falling back so Reds might as well make this a Brewers/Cubs/Phillies/Reds/Giants battle with 3/5 getting in. Phils look like a loaded roster. Not sure about the Giants but they keep staying 10-ish over .500.

    Does Joey Votto give the impression he is retiring? He seems to enjoy his interviews with Jim Day, the media, and the National media. He’s on record as saying its a fun team and he love’s playing with the young guys. Hes got 13 home runs in 153 PA.

    Looking through some stats and I think Votto is coming back in 2024. Ive been to 3 games, all near sellouts and he is overwhelming the fan favorite. His last iteration of himself is a lefty power hitter only. I think Votto wants to come back and try to win and play with this team and chase some power numbers while he’s at it.

    Votto is literally passing MLB career home run guys every week. He passed Ryan Braun and Torii hunter recently. Yogi Berra is 3 away and joe Dimaggio is 6 away. Hes currently 91st all-time and could get into the 70’s next year.

    Assume Votto hits ~8 more home runs this year and finishes 2023 with 363 home runs.

    1.) Johnny Bench 389 HR ( he would be 25 home runs away from being greatest Reds HR all time
    2.) Larry Walker 383 HR( all-time HR leader from canada) You think Votto wants that title?
    3.) Tony Perez RBI ( votto is only 55 rbi away from taking over #2 RBI in reds history.
    4.) SLugging percentage( Votto in a 3 way tie at .514 with some Guys named Jr. griffey and Foster and just ahead of Big Klu and Eric the Red.) He trails Adam Dunn by just .06 points for #2.
    5.) Hes comfortably #2 in OPS and Doubles and OBP.

    I think Votto is coming back and can slash/.210/.310/475/.785 and hit 25 home runs as a DH hitting against righties playing 100 games and 400 PA. Reds will give him a 1 year swan song deal at $12 million and he can have his last lap around the track and have a joey votto day September 2024 and be celebrated across baseball. I think Votto is playing next year for the Reds.

    • SultanofSwaff

      My brain says no but the heart wants what it wants lol.

    • Beaufort Red

      Can’t afford him. Especially with CES available. Money can be spent on more pressing needs. It’s a business.

      • redfanorbust

        Agreed BR. As much as a love me some JV we need that money for pitching etc next year. Sadly JV never got to the world series but he hitched his wagon to losing ownership/team and doggedly refused a trade. JV was loved by fans and got paid a lot of money and time for him to move on. Maybe Reds can add him to the radio/tv commentators, he seems like a natural?

    • Jim Walker

      The first step on the dance card is getting him into the fold at $12m. The buyout for 2024 is $7M against a $20M salary for 2024. Either they’ve got to reach an agreement ahead of the buyout deadline which rolls the buyout into a flat $12m for 2024 or they have to exercise the option with him subsequently agreeing to sign for $5m

      • Pete

        Jim: I can’t see the Reds asking JV to take a cut in pay. Guessing he gets paid the full freight.

        Most fans assume the Castellini family are cheapskates, but they have spent plenty of money in the past. I do believe outlays are going to have to equal revenue. This team shouldn’t have much trouble packing the stadium or selling souvenirs. Willaims, quite frankly, was not a very good steward of the team’s finances.

      • Optimist

        Jim and old-school – what is the fine print on the buyout? I’d be surprised if it’s a $12m deal for next season – I thought it would be take the wholly deserved $7m, and will retain you for at or below the market rate for your stats – which seems more like $1/2m and incentives for performance.

        $5m seems a bit high, and they’re surely looking at the budget for other acquisitions or extensions.

      • wkuchad

        The Reds hold a $20 million option for 2024, or they can buy him out for $7 million.

        So, it would essentially cost us $13 million ($7 million is already a sunk cost) to bring Votto back.

        Or we can always pay the $7 million buy out and bring him back for somewhere between league minimum and $13 million.

      • Optimist

        That’s my point wkuchad – I understand that, but Jim mentions the “rolls the buyout into a flat $12m for 2024 or they have to exercise the option with him subsequently agreeing to sign for $5m”. What is that? I thought they simply pay the $7m (today for example) and then negotiate whatever next year’s deal would be – he’s just another FA at that point, correct?

        For comparison I checked Carlos Santana’s deal, and was surprised what he’s getting for his production – I would have thought less, so I suppose Joey can expect some pretty good offers.

      • wkuchad

        “I thought they simply pay the $7m (today for example) and then negotiate whatever next year’s deal would be – he’s just another FA at that point, correct?”

        Yes, this is basically correct. My guess is there’s a window after the World Series in which the Reds have to pick option A ($20 million) or option B ($7 million). As soon as they select option B, they could negotiate a new deal for 2024.

      • Optimist

        OK – I went back and figured out the math here – it’s in Oldschool and Jims’ comments – essentially the buyout and a $5m offer for next season – that’s where the $12m comes from.

        Basically, a $5m FA Contract signing. Reasonable, considering it’s between the Santana and Cruz deals for this season – perhaps even a hometown discount from Joey looking as if he will outperform their numbers.

    • JB

      Awesome. The guy will play almost every game just like this year. Can’t wait to read all the complaints about how Votto hasn’t hit in a month but has hit a couple of homers. Guy can’t hit breaking balls. He will guess right and hit homers but get ready for batting 6th every game and hitting under the Mendoza line. One step forward and two steps backwards. It’s about right for the Reds and their fans.

    • Nick in NKY

      Barring injury, I would almost guarantee that Votto’s option gets picked up. He’s played half the year and in another week he’ll be leading the team in HR. We can argue over what the correct amount of emphasis is the right amount for that particular stat, but the fan favoritism, and now the media presence, makes him almost a lock for next year. MHO

  22. BuzzKutter

    I dont understand the dislike for Newman. Of course he isn’t a great player or he wouldn’t be happy riding the pine most days. He can play multiple positions, brings a veteran presence, and from what I see he has quality at bats. I would actually like 2 more similar versions of him on the bench.

    • Pete

      The issue is there are three guys on the horizon who are probably going to dislocate some of the existing veteran players on this team: Blake Dunn, Rece Hinds and Noelvi Marte. This trio is coming fast and our exceptional talents. It’s hard to appreciate how strong this team is going to be for years to come. It’s difficult to see much of a future for Newman and Nick Senzel with this club going forward.

      • wkuchad

        Newman will sometimes sit four, five, six days in a row, then need to be ready to come off the bench and contribute. Marte or any top prospect will not and should not take that role.

      • BuzzKutter

        Agree that there is great young talent on the way. Those young guys just aren’t bench guys. They won’t be happy watching and playing sparingly. The Newman’s of the world understand that role and are happy their career is still alive.

      • Pete

        Chad, I couldn’t disagree more. I do believe the Reds will be lucky to make the playoffs this year but on the other hand if all the chips fall right, they could compete for a World Series championship next year. All the team requires now is experience. Unfortunately, there’s no substitute for experience, no one can coach it, and no one else can give it to you. It’s hard earned and it must be earned by each individual player. I’d love to see a roster next year of 26 top talented players on this club. I’m not worried about back ups getting playing time and all the rest. Next year is the real deal.

        This season is but a preparation for an incredibly bright future. Please let us not weigh the roster down with role type players and gadget devices that David Bell more than likely would abuse their playing time. If he has nothing, but studs on the roster, you cannot help but field a wonderful lineup, each and every game. Let’s make it happen!

    • MBS

      I don’t think it’s a Newman thing, I think it’s a Newman, Senzel, and Fairchild thing. They are all fine bench pieces, but they have been getting a lot of playing time collectively. That’s happening while guys like McLain, Steer, Friedl, and Benson are getting days off. It was one thing when the addition of CES created days off for the other guys, but it’s another thing for the benchwarmers to be getting in so regularly.

      • Pete

        Exactly, starting next season, they need to be removed from the roster as to not tempt David Bell to want to use them. I think David Bell can manage a major league team that wins the World Series but the roster must be crafted to facilitate this. I believe we have the horses to accommodate it.

      • J

        It’s hard to imagine the Reds would give Bell an unnecessarily long extension and then go out of the way to make sure he isn’t able to do exactly what he’s been doing the whole time he’s been manager. They’re probably going to give Bell whatever roster seems right to them based on costs and making sure every position has at least two or three guys who can play it — with no regard for how Bell manages — and the roster will probably always include a few veterans who aren’t as talented as some of the younger guys. And Bell will continue using those veterans any way he sees fit, which means they’ll play a lot. If they wanted to make the team “Bell-proof,” they wouldn’t have extended him in the middle of the season for no apparent reason.

      • Pete

        J: watch Moneyball vis-a-vis Hatteberg & Peña. NK should reason he can’t hold these guys back and best yet they’ll be working for minimum – Bob & Phil will love that. Everyone is happy with the exception of David Bell.

      • BK

        McLain and Steer have had very few days off. Benson has demonstrated huge splits warranting days off against RHP. Friedl is now exiting a month-long slump–they days off seem to be helping. This accounts for the vast majority of the days off we’ve seen since the position player roster became stocked with quality players. Newman’s and Senzel’s playing time has been cut significantly. Fairchild is gaining playing time since Fraley is on the IL–he’s not taking time from any other player.

      • MBS

        @BK, I completely disagree with Benson splits being an issue. Are they big right now, yes. I think it’s lack of exposure to be honest. His 2022 AAA splits vs LHP was .250 BA, .386 OBP, vs RHP .287 BA, .437 OBP. He’s the most selective hitter we have. I’m not going to take his 19 AB’s this year vs LHP as proof enough to form any conclusion.

        I do agree with you on the off day cases, but spread them out, let’s stop playing multiple bench bats multiple days in a row.

      • BK

        @MBS, Benson is in small sample-size territory at the MLB level this year. However, the splits mirror those he had with Cleveland last year and at Louisville this year. Last year at AAA, he also had big splits at AAA. While his overall production against LHP at AAA in 2022 would be acceptable if it translated to the MLB level, it is still well below alternatives on the Red’s roster.

        The other factor is that Newman and Senzel hit LHP very well. They’re both showing an OPS against LHP that’s 100 points better than Benson had at AAA last year–they are a lot better than Benson’s best slice of data over the last two years. Benson will only get more opportunities by hitting better in the limited opportunities he gets. Benson will continue to get “days off” as long as the splits continue and Bell’s decision to do so is well supported by Newman’s, Senzel’s, and Benson’s splits. The proof goes well beyond 19 ABs.

      • MBS

        I get the temptation to platoon Benson, but it really limits the team imo. All the points you’re making make sense, but long term I think the Reds are better off giving Benson as many AB’s as possible. I don’t think Newman, and Senzel will be on the 24 roster, maybe 1 but not both.

        If we didn’t trade away a main player we’d have EDLC, McLain, CES, Marte, India, and Steer in the infield. That would fill 4 positions, a DH, and a reserve. The OF Benson, Fraley, Friedl are locks, so that’s 9 of 11 non catchers. My money is on Dunn taking a spot, and if he ever gets a MLB at bat Hopkins is taking another. That leaves 1 super utility type guy. If they do what @Old says above, and pick up JV option there goes that last spot. I don’t want that last one to happen, but it is a plausible scenario.

      • BK

        @MBS, playing to the strengths of the players on the roster makes a ton of sense.

        During a Spring Training interview, Bell mentioned Benson as one of the Red’s outfielders with good potential to play against LHP this year. Long-term, I can see that happening. Right now, Bell is maximizing the production of the players on his roster with a couple of platoons. That’s exactly what should happen during a pennant race.

        As for next year, I expect the Reds will move at least a few of their bench/AAA depth players. I was a little surprised they didn’t move Senzel, given that we all now know he (and Boras) made a “soft trade request.” A significant reason Newman and Senzel are on the team is to play against LHP starters–neither is a great substitute for an injured player.

    • Jim Walker

      Considering current performance, ceiling level, age, and team control, I don’t see more than 4 or 5 position guys who are likely to be more than bridge players on the Reds roster.

      So, what is a bridge player? He is a competent guy who fills a necessary role but not well enough that a team is likely to extend or keep him beyond arbitration. This is because someone who can do the job as well or better will become available at a lower salary.

      The current Reds position players I see with a strong chance of being more than bridge players are EDLC, McLain, CES, Benson, and Steer. The window is not closed on India or Stephenson (catchers like goalies in hockey or soccer are special cases); but, the odds are turning against them. Still, it is remarkable the Reds have such a deep “class” in hand with the likes of (at least) Noelvi Marte at AAA ready to join next year.

      • Pete

        More than likely, but hopefully not, some of these guys are not going to pan out. Some are going to reach their ceiling quickly. Others like Elly the stratosphere is the upper limit, but he still has to make it happen, can he? I could certainly see a guy like CES contending for a Triple Crown at some point in his career. But again, he’s gonna have to develop and learn to get to that speed. These certainly are very exciting times.

        Living the team day-to-day it is sometimes hard to see the larger picture. I know that you at least watch Louisville quite a bit and I watch all three of the teams that are available on TV nearly every day. Fortunately I’m retired and have a very understanding wife. I told her honey I’m 62 years old and I’ve never seen anything like it and I’m going to follow these guys from when they enter professional baseball until they leave, God willing.

      • greenmtred

        Excellent summation, Jim. I notice the absence of Friedl and wonder whether you think he might edge his way onto the list?

      • Jim Walker

        I’d rank Friedl as slightly less likely than India to be more than a bridge guy. TJ seems like a ‘tweener to me. He doesn’t have the arm for an elite CF (or RF); and, a top tier team is likely to want LF for a guy who can beat him in power but is blocked at 1B and DH. Ultimately on a top level team, he is the classic 4th OF; and, that role is too ubiquitous for a long term commitment.

      • greenmtred

        Pretty much the way I read it too, Jim, though I do see a possibility that he’ll play well enough and be important enough to force his way into the long-term plans.

      • Rob

        Jim, think you have it about right. The second part you didn’t discuss. We are far from loaded at C and OF in the minors. Have a good half dozen IFs but that is for another day. Translation: A sprinkling of bridge players is just fine and probably needed for salary control. An imbalance of prospects and bridge players may not be so good. Does this mean we should use our excess IF prospects as trade bait to lure a much stronger catcher? A better than average offensive and defensive catcher. Yeah, he could be another 3-4 year bridge player. How about Wil Smith?

  23. MBS

    I think 10 games over .500 is still the Reds highwater mark of the season. It would also have us in 1st if we could have just maintained that. Brewers are 8 over, Reds 5 over, and Cubs are 3 over. We should bounce back a bit from our 6 game losing streak, so expecting to pick up 2 more, and be at 7 over .500 in the next 2 weeks should be too much to expect from this team.

    Then we should have 3 pitchers who could help us in Greene, Antone, and Gutierrez coming off the IL. Hopefully Lodolo won’t be too far behind. It might not be the pitching staff I wanted at the trade deadline, but there will be some fresh arms to help the Reds go on a run to finish the year.

    • BuzzKutter

      An injection of young fresh arms down the stretch sounds like something all teams would be envious of. If we can stay in it until then and all of them stay healthy the Reds can make some noise come playoff time. But…..and it’s a big but something has to change with the bad at bats and strikeouts for it to matter.

      • greenmtred

        If last night’s resumption of aggressive baserunning is not just a flash in the pan, that will help. As for the bad at-bats, as somebody pointed out above, this might be the toll for having having a number of very young, very key players in their learning curves.

  24. SR

    We may see a 6 man rotation on the horizon. And extra day might help them throw deeper into games, if Bell will let them. The twice through the lineup and done mentality hurts pitcher development in terms of learning how to “pitch”. I think this has contributed to the choppy maturing of our young starters. Don’t be surprised if one of our starters goes to a second closer role either like meyers/dibble. Ashcraft maybe?

    • J

      I’ll be extremely surprised if this team does anything as creative as having a starter suddenly shift to a closer role. The most creative thing I can imagine is they start letting Sims, Moll, or Cruz try to close a few games.

    • wkuchad

      I hope we don’t consider a 6 man rotation. We’ve barely had three capable starters healthy at one time this year, much less six. And our starters don’t pitch deep enough into games to consider a 6 man rotation.

      If we do have 6 capable starters, start your five best options and throw the other in the bullpen the remainder of this year.

    • Rob

      I think 6 starters equates to less bullpen arms and more bullpen innings. You only have 7 relievers instead of 8 to split up the workload. If the extra starter means your starters average 6 innings instead of 5, then your plan works. But we are in August and September with a combination of poor starters, tired starters, and starters returning from injury. I just don’t foresee this as currently a good fit for the Reds. I can be proven wrong if Weaver, Abbott, and Lodolo start spinning 6-7 inning, 120 pitch gems. Last night was a good example: Williamson with superb control and stuff was lifted after 6 innings and 90 pitches. If he didn’t have that control, he would have been lifted after 5 innings and 88 pitches. That won’t work with a 6 man rotation. Flexibility would also decrease with 7 versus 8. You end up using Diaz in less important situations just to save an arm. Use of matchups also probably decline because you just can’t afford to pitch a guy 1/3rd of an inning. IMO, just not a good fit for our situation unless you are seeing a lot more extended starts from ALL than I am seeing.

    • MBS

      @WKU It’s a good idea to move one of these guys to the pen to end the year. If we have AA, HG, NL, GA, BW, I’d move Lively to the pen. Before we grabbed Moll a LHP for the pen I was leaning on Williamson, but now a LHP in the pen isn’t a dire need. It works out better this way too, as Williamson has a legit shot of remaining a starter long term for this club.

      AD, AY, LS, SM, should all be locks in the pen over the stretch run. Gutierrez, Antone, Santillan, and maybe even Dunn could figure into it. Which means the arms that got us here, but been abused Farmer, Gibaut, are at risk if they can’t bounce back. The good news is they’ll know there are guys just looking to take their job, so maybe a bit of fear can push them through the pain.

  25. LarkinPhillips

    I just read an interesting story about how the Brewers have removed their homerun Cheesehead celebration. They stopped using it during the Atlanta series where they struggled last week. Yelich is quoted in the article saying a lot of teams have different celebrations and are having fun, but a lot of those teams are not competing for first place in a division.

    For the record, I don’t have a point with this post one way or the other towards our “viking” celebration, just thought that was an interesting statement from them. Each team is different and should do their own thing, as long as it leads to a Reds win of course.

    • Harry Stoner

      Interesting that Yelich was the spokesperson for shelving the post home run frolic.

      Having a former MVP come out with it is sobering.

      You’d hope some wiser heads on the Reds might feel similarly.

      It’s one thing when you’re on a 12 game winning streak, another after getting drubbed by the Cubs to the tune of 36 runs.

      Or twin 6 game losing streaks while you tumble out of 1st and maybe further.

      One win and a couple dingers doesn’t change that.

      Keep the helmet and cape and switch it to something more meaningful while “competing for first place in a division.”

    • BuzzKutter

      Very interesting, exactly what I would have liked to see the Reds do. If they want to keep it, only use it if it ties things up, takes the lead or tacks on. Nobody wants to see it when they are losing.

      • wkuchad

        I agree with this. We have a very young team, and I want them to express themselves and celebrate. But no viking celebration if we’re still losing after the homerun.

      • greenmtred

        Well, we could avert our eyes…

      • wkuchad

        I was already averting my eyes enough during the losing streak.

    • greenmtred

      It’s certainly possible that centering your home run celebration around a cheesehead–a cheesehead?–would prove debilitating.

  26. Michael B. Green

    Get rid of the mustache mascot. That has not won anything since it was brought back a few years ago. Its resurfaced more – right around the time of the losing streak.

  27. LDS

    I see today’s lineup is out and we’re gifted with Little Nicky & Newman both. At least, Friedl gets to start against a LH’er. I’ve not seen anything on India thus far today. I thought he was due back?

    • Redgoggles

      I think they said Friday on the post game show.

    • BuzzKutter

      India slotted to be back Friday. With the off day they wanted him to get a couple extra days.

    • wkuchad

      Senzel 3rd on the team vs lefties. Newman 6th on the team vs lefties. They’ve both started against every lefty starter all year, which is a good thing.

      • LDS

        When a guy takes his gripes about lack of playing time to the media and then gets rewarded by an incompetent manager then I have no use for him. Not to mention being only 4 of his last 32 ABs. DFA him and move on

      • wkuchad

        He didn’t get rewarded. He only starts versus lefties normally, but we have two starters on the IL.

      • LDS

        What do you call it? They called up Hopkins who sits so Senzel can play

  28. Allthehype

    Can we get TJ a start sometime? I know Fairchild has been ripping the cover off the ball (0 xBH in last 9 starts) so maybe in for Friedl some day against LHP?

    Tall ask I guess.

    • Jim Walker

      Actually, Fairchild has hit the ball hard in his last 2 starts on Sunday and Monday. He put 4 balls in play, 3 with an EV>100 and the 4th with an EV>90. One was a hit. The lowest xBA on the others was .420, the other 2 had an xBA>.700

      • Harry Stoner

        I guess on a team that Ks ~50% of the time (well, last night) “putting balls in play” is a worthy stat.

        It’s K-child’s opportunity time with Fraley out and Benson sat against LH.

        Fraley took a bad rap here for his poor splits against LH, while providing 60+ rbis of production.

        I’m looking for those hard hit balls to start dropping.

        Tonight’s the night.

        With all the anti-Senzel whining going on here, a few rbis from SF would be welcome.

  29. Jim Walker

    We have a Tuesday Reds lineup. No India and nothing on social media yet to indicate he is being activated today,

    1. Elly De La Cruz (SS)
    2. Nick Senzel (3B)
    3. Matt McLain (2B)
    4. Spencer Steer (LF)
    5. Kevin Newman (DH)
    6. Christian Encarnacion-Strand (1B)
    7. T.J. Friedl (CF)
    8. Stuart Fairchild (RF)
    9. Luke Maile (C)

    • wkuchad

      I thought they announced pregame yesterday that they moved India’s activation to Friday. I could be mistaken about that though.

  30. Mark A Verticchio

    Mr. Bell is back at it tonight no Votto, no Benson which wouldn’t be bad but he is playing all three of Senzel, Fairchild and Newman.

    • Allthehype

      Teacher’s pets. Fairchild, sigh. We have no other options to try cough*Hopkins*cough.

      • wkuchad

        What? Fairchild has been the furthest thing from teacher’s pet this year.

      • Roger Garrett

        His role once called up was to set watch learn and go for coffee and doughnuts.Tonight Joey can show him the best spots.

      • Allthehype

        Fairchild = 50 starts this year. Poor CF defense, shouldn’t be playing there. getting corner OF starts (5 of last 7 games) over guys like Hopkins (0 starts last 7, 0 PAs) who has higher MiL OPS and a 2023 that Fairchild could only dream about. Yeah, teachers pet.

      • wkuchad

        I have a feeling you’re about to hear from Jim Walker. 🙂

      • Hanawi

        Hopkins was awful when he got the chance earlier in the year. Also, not sure why you think Fairchild is a poor defender. Because of one misplay against the Cubs?

      • Allthehype

        @Han, -3 DRS -17.7 uzr/150. Fairchild wasn’t just bad that one game. He’s been consistently bad in CF all year. Hopkins has just 25 PAs and if that’s the excuse for giving all the starts to a guy that hasn’t had an xBH in his last 9 starts, well we’ll surely disagree on that.

      • Indy Red Man

        Stuey just made 2 great catches the other night in CF? You don’t him sprinting to everything because he misread it like Benson. And Senzel is worse

    • wkuchad

      Senzel 3rd on the team vs lefties. Newman 6th on the team vs lefties. They’ve both started against every lefty starter all year, which is a good thing.

      Benson currently the worst hitter on the team vs lefties (even worse than Fraley this year). However, that could be a small sample size issue (only 19 at bats), so yes I’d be fine starting Benson over Fairchild.

      • Laredo Slider

        Senzel built his numbers vs LHP the first half of the season, he’s lost upwards to 150 points off his BA in the last month-6 weeks.

        Saw a short vid of India running Sunday, he looked to have a noticeable limp. Have pushed his return back to Aug 11….at least.

  31. Indy Red Man

    No Viking celebrations? Are some of you guys turning into “get off my lawn” guy?
    I think they should pull the benches out of the dugout. “Bench” is a HOFer and these young whippersnappers can’t ride the BRMs coattails. C’mon?

    Side note. Who’s going for all these incoming pitchers? Who’s going for Vlad? He sucked

    • Harry Stoner

      Nothing against the Vikings.

      The camera mugging while you’re getting whupped and on an X game losing streak, striking out 13 times a game, etc. seems a bit misplaced.

      Maybe change the celebration up each series?

      Go Viking for not walking the first batter you face?

      Go Viking for not chasing a slider down and away out of the zone for strike 3?

      Go Viking for advancing a runner?

    • PTBNL

      Maybe he sucked because he was injured????

      • Harry Stoner

        Suxxing because you are injured is inexcusable on RLN.

        Suxxing in comparison to a player from a Reds team from ~50 years ago is even more inexcusable.

  32. Redgoggles

    I’m not a fan against sitting Friedl/Benson against LH, but I’d imagine they both will have a chance to make an impact in this game if Weaver can give up 5 runs or less, which I’m less than optimistic about.

    Seriously, start someone else. Literally any one else. At least they have Kennedy to pitch a few innings, but honestly wish they would start him. Just to send a message if nothing else.

    • Redgoggles

      I’m not a fan OF sitting Friedl/Benson against LH…..jeesh, typing is hard.