The free falling Reds hope to break their current 5 game losing streak today in series finale against the Washington Nationals at GABP. The Reds woke up this morning closer to third place than to first place. A loss today cloud drop them into tie with the Cubbies for second place.

Starting Lineups


SP: Jake Irvin


SP: Lyon Richardson

1. CJ Abrams (SS)
2. Lane Thomas (RF)
3. Joey Meneses (DH)
4. Keibert Ruiz (C)
5. Dominic Smith (1B)
6. Jake Alu (2B)
7. Ildemaro Vargas (3B)
8. Blake Rutherford (LF)
9. Alex Call (CF)
1. Elly De La Cruz (SS)
2. T.J. Friedl (CF)
3. Matt McLain (2B)
4. Christian Encarnacion-Strand (DH)
5. Joey Votto (1B)
6. Tyler Stephenson (C)
7. Nick Senzel (3B)
8. Will Benson (RF)
9. Stuart Fairchild (LF)

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Jake Irvin (R) 79.2 4.86 1.43 9.7% 17.7%
Lyon Richardson (R)

2023 AA/AAA

49.0 2.02 1.18 11.2 32
Links: Lyon Richardson’s Stats | Jake Irvin’s Stats

Lyon Richardson

Lyon Richardson will make his MLB debut today for the Reds. David Bell has hedged his bets whether Richardson will actually be on the mound at the game’s beginning or follow an opener. However all indications are Richardson is scheduled to pitch a significant stint for the Reds today. Accordingly we are featuring the 23 year old righthander as the Reds starter of the day.

Who is Lyon Richardson and what do we know about him? Richardson was the Reds second round pick (#47 overall pick) in the 2018 June draft out of Jensen Beach High School in Florida. By 2021 he had advanced to Class A+ at an  age 2.3 years younger than the average player age in his league. However, late in that season he fell victim to elbow trouble and underwent Tommy John surgery. Due to the surgery, Richardson missed the entire 2022 season.

Richardson returned to the mound this spring and began what has been a meteoric rise with three starts in Class A. He then moved on Class AA where made 15 starts prior to being promoted to Class AAA Louisville where he made just 1 start before waking up this morning with the Reds.

Our quick look data above tells Richardson’s story at Classes AA/AAA this year. He has struck out more than 30% of the batters he faced but also walked over 11% of hitters. His ERA, WHIP are also both remarkable. Today he will get his first shot at the top level.

Splits 2023 Minor League (A/AA/AAA)

RHH 124 27 6 0 2 11 47 .246 .323 .355
LHH 106 14 3 1 0 12 34 .151 .255 .204

Richardson has dramatic reverse handedness split differences.

Pitch Usage 2023 Minor League (A/AA/AAA)

4-Seam Sinker Change Slider Curve
Velo 97.4 96.1 87.6 85.7 79.2
Usage 50.6% 2.9% 25.3 7.7% 13.5%

Richardson primarily works his change off his fastball with breaking pitches mixed in to keep hitters from sitting on the change when they see the lower speed out of his hand.

Jake Irvin

Jake Irvin is a 26 year rookie starter for the Nationals.  He was picked by the Nats in the 4th round of the 2018 draft (#131 overall) out of  the University of Oklahoma. After splitting 2022 between Class A+/AA, he opened 2o23 at Class AAA. However following just 2 starts at AAA, he was elevated to the Nats MLB rotation. Today marks his 17th MLB appearance. All 16 of his previous appearances were also as a starter.

The Nats have won 4 of Irvin’s 5 most recent starts. However during this span his ERA is 5.19 and he has allowed an OPS of .856. Note that Irvin’s K rate is low; and, his BB rate is borderline high. We will see how these numbers play out versus the Reds.


RHH 159 32 3 0 4 15 30 .237 .327 .348
LHH 192 48 7 1 9 19 32 .279 .354 .488

Left handed batters do much better slugging versus Irvin than right handed hitters. It is notable he allows more HR than doubles from both sides, especially given his home park is very large.

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Sinker Change Curve
Velo 94.4 93.5 88.5 80.5
Usage 38.7% 24.7% 7.6% 29.0%

Irvin throws either of his two fastball varieties on nearly 2/3 of his pitches at virtually the same speed. The change offers a speed variation off the fastballs; but his more often used curve is his real change of pace.



Lyon Richardson is still building his body back from TJ surgery. To date, he has typically worked just a tad more than 3 innings per outing this year. Fortunately, except for Derek Law’s 27 pitch stint Saturday, the Reds pen is in good stead for today.


Jordan Weems and Kyle Finnegan have both worked on consecutive days. Weems has thrown 37 pitches in those appearances, Finnegan 26. Perhaps the Reds will be spared seeing either today.

News Worth Noting

It is official. Here is the transaction making Lyon Richardson a Cincinnati Reds player

And the Reds have a birthday boy in the house. Happy Birthday Matt. Light the candles with a long one (or two or three).

And let’s not forget this birthday guy who hopefully will be back on the GABP mound soon. Happy Birthday Hunter.

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:40 pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,, MLB Network (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 83°, partly cloudy, 15% chance of rain

NL Central Standings

TEAM W/L   WIN% GB Last 10
Brewers 60-52   .536    – 4-6
Reds 59-54   .522   1.5 3-7
Cubs 57-54   .514   2.5 7-3
Pirates 49-61   .445  10 5-5
Cardinals 49-63   .438  11.9 4-6

Time’s a wasting guys! Let’s get things back into high gear!

329 Responses

  1. Mark A Verticchio

    The playoff odds are slipping away, since the Bell decision and the trade dead line bust this team has become what everybody predicted at the beginning of the year. Good job Krall.

    • Jim Walker

      I don’t put a lot of stock into playoff odds per se, especially when we don’t know what formula calculated them.

      What caught my eye as I filled in the standings table is that the Reds are now -3 to the Brewers in the loss column with the Brewers having a game in hand to them. Also, the Reds and Cubs are even in losses with the Cubs having 2 games in hand to the Reds.

      Since the Reds have no more games with the Brewers, they literally do not control their own destiny versus them while they have to win 2 more than they lose head to head versus the Cubs to control their own destiny versus them.

  2. Ted Alfred

    So Steer is sitting so Fairchild or Senzel can play?? Really don’t get it considering Steer’s been hitting pretty well lately and we’ve lost 5 straight…just don’t get it.

    I just checked out the Reds record since the first series at Milwaukee right before the All-Star break when the Reds were coming off the four-game sweep of Washington and at that point I think the fans and players felt like the Reds were officially in the playoff race, that first series with Milwaukee definitely felt like it had added pressure. Since then we’re 10-15 and playing .400 baseball since the games have started to matter more and certainly in the thick of the pennant/ wild card chase. The results have been pretty poor…for the most part the team is playing tight, lots of errors and lack of situational hitting leading to a lot of losing. Hopefully Bell and his teams start performing better under the playoff chase pressure…I have my doubts. Be great to see Richardson pitch well today.

    • Klugo

      Senzel (and his agent) been getting his way.

    • Jim Walker

      We don’t like to get long winded in the previews so I’ll throw in a thought about Richardson (and also Hunter Greene) which did not make my cut for the official preview.

      Richardson appears to consistently throw his fastball in the 97-98MPH range and predominately work his change up off of it while using his slider (and curve) much less frequently. Meanwhile Greene of course also leads with heat but predominately uses his slider off the fastball, uses his change somewhat infrequently and does not throw a curve.

      It will be interesting to see comparatively how this works over time if the two end up pitching side by side in the Reds rotation.

    • Melvin

      “So Steer is sitting so Fairchild or Senzel can play??”

      Yeah. I was thinking that we already have to starters on the IL and Steer sitting too….when we’re in a deep slump? smh

  3. Rob

    A .198 hitter batting fifth.

    Explain that please.

    • Jim Walker

      Take joy he isn’t batting 4th?? 😉

      • Rob

        I guess he hit so well in the six hole that he deserved the move-up.

    • J

      Almost half his hits have been home runs. Since this team can’t seem to score runs in any other way, it makes perfect sense to have him hitting there.

    • Mike Adams

      Bell knows stuff we mere mortals could never know or understand.

      • Rob

        Must be true. Votto hit one out his first time up, catapulting his BA to a staggering .205.

  4. Ron

    Maybe Steer needs to have a meeting with Bell and Krall about playing time. It worked for Senzel.

    Today is a must win. IMO every game is a must win. No game during the season is less important than another.

    • Klugo

      I dont think I’d go so far as to call it a “must-win” just yet, but we sure could use one.

    • MK

      Maybe Steer just needs a day off. It is t easy to play everyday at the big league level especially when it is your first full year.

  5. LarkinPhillips

    Good news guys, I am not at the game today so my jinx shouldn’t affect them. No more games in my plan this year either so 0-5 on the year.

    This lineup is rough. It’s amazing how short our lineup got with a couple injuries and David bells expert game planning.

    • DW

      0-5?! I feel bad for you. Buying tickets for five games you would think you could experience at least one win! Hopefully it will be made up for next year with 5-0.

    • J

      The Reds and I both thank you for not attending.

    • VaRedsFan

      LP…It’s possibly you were gassed.
      Perhaps you could have a closed door meeting with Krall and Bell to maybe start getting your way?

      • LarkinPhillips

        Haha. Someone needs to have a closed door meeting with them. This awful!

    • Mike Adams

      Naw, man, you gotta keep going. You are due for a win.
      Its like throwing 9 heads in a row, the next one has got to be tails.
      Its math and science.

    • Ted Alfred

      Again… I don’t sense the urgency that should be there to winning today’s game. If you don’t get this turned around right now the pitchers coming back aren’t going to matter cuz your playoff hopes are going to be buried.

  6. David

    I generally like this lineup, as Senzel is actually playing 3rd base, where he is a defensive asset and not a liability.
    Yes, it is a little strange that Spencer Steer is sitting, but it is going to be a hot day in Cincy, and maybe Bell thinks Steer is dragging a little and wants to give him a day off.

    Not everything Bell does is stupid or sinister. He may know things about individual players that are unknown to us fans.
    This guy pitching for the Nationals kind of looks like only slightly above average right hander, so Bell’s thinking is Joey Votto might have a good day against this guy.

    • Laredo Slider

      You must have missed Sensel’s 3 error game vs the Cubs last week that let in 5 unearned runs.

    • J

      Not a liability? He made three errors there the other day, and yesterday couldn’t stop a bad throw from getting by him, which allowed a run to score. He does make some great plays, but I’m not sure where his head is right now. Maybe Bell knows that Senzel has put the bad fielding plays behind him, has his head totally clear, and can be depended on to play solid defense all day today, but I sort of doubt he has THAT much information.

      • David

        He was playing right field, where he IS a defensive liability.

    • Ted Alfred

      I don’t have the numbers but Steer has been hitting pretty well since the LA series, 3 or 4 homers and hitting it hard pretty consistently, so I just don’t understand. Today is a very very important game to get the momentum going back in the right direction, so sitting one of your best three players doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Then replacing him with Fairchild in this situation?

      If the Reds don’t turn this around right now they’ll be too far behind for Lodolo and Greene and the Bullpen help thats coming to matter. There needs to be serious urgency to winning today’s game….and to me sitting Steer is the oppoaite of that….it shows a lack of urgency. Unfortunately I’m not surprised. And if you’re going to be insistent on sitting Steer then why not start Ramos instead of Fairchild? What is the reason… what has Fairchild done since he’s been back up here that would lead you to believe this makes sense to anyone???

      • J

        Bell has information that tells him Senzel and Fairchild are both about to start getting hot.

    • Ted Alfred

      Or he’s just been putting out the wrong lineup and making poor decisions for the last six games and this is just a continuation of that. They’ve been playing like dog s*** and he’s run Senzel out there five out of the last six games…whatever. Acting like he’s incapable of making bad decisions because he knows things we don’t know is ridiculous…sometimes managers just aren’t good and they make poor decisions. Of course Bell thinks what he’s doing is right… but just because he thinks it doesn’t mean it is. The proof is in the pudding and they’ve looked terrible five straight games with what he’s been running out there and Senzel’s been a big part of this weeklong train wreck.

      • Ted Alfred

        Almost forgot, Fairchild’s also been a big part of this week-long train wreck….but let’s just keep running them out there, I’m sure eventually they’ll win a game…fantastic.

  7. Rick

    Steer rested not long ago, and with Fraley and India out this makes no sense. 4 sub 240 hitters & one being sub .200 on top of a 5 game skid and a rookie pitch limited pitcher.
    Let’s go Lyon! I hope that he pitches really well today.
    Come on Elly we need you to give us a spark.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Tim Anderson got slept by Jose Ramirez last night….lol. I’m trying to think which opponent I’d like to see knocked out and which Red could do it?

      • Jim Walker

        First name/ thought which crossed my mind 😉

  9. MBS

    Why bring up Hopkins to just start Senzel, and Fairchild? Just bring up Ramos to sit on the bench.

    • J

      Ramos should definitely be up. With Fraley out, he was the absolutely obvious choice to bring up, and should probably remain on the team at least until Fraley returns, if not beyond. But he’s not on the 40-man roster. So, to save themselves from having to make a difficult decision, i.e., DFA’ing Weaver, Casali, or one of a handful of minor league guys they seem to have irrational faith will someday be good major leaguers, they did the more comfortable thing and brought up a guy to sit on the bench for a few days and then go quietly back to the minors when India returns. Winning isn’t the top priority with this team. They’ve demonstrated it in so many different ways over the past six weeks or so.

    • Ted Alfred

      It’s nonsensical, but don’t worry…because David Bell knows things we don’t.

      In this game looks like it could be over by the bottom of the first inning the way this Reds team has been hitting lately. But hey, we are getting guys back in around 2 weeks…wonder how far out in the wild card we’ll be by then???

  10. Daytonnati

    Welcome to the show, Rook! 🙂

    • MBS

      Wow, can’t get worse on the first 2 pitches in a career. It can’t get worse, go at em.

  11. CI3J


    At least he got that out of the way early.

    Hope he can settle down and pitch his game now.

      • Ted Alfred

        His current MLB ERA I think is around 108…good times

  12. VaRedsFan

    1 pitch ….1 run
    2 pitches ….2 runs

  13. Indy Red Man

    Lol. Is that history right there?

  14. Bet on Red

    dude has an infinate ERA…. get him out of there

  15. Indy Red Man

    Lane Thomas? Tear up the scouting report

  16. Mark Moore

    Just tuning in and thinking I may just tune back out. This is RIDICULOUS on multiple levels.

    Somebody mentioned a couple days ago that this feels very similar to the 2021 collapse. I’d have to agree with that assessment.

    • Ted Alfred

      That was me.

      I just looked it up again…following the game August 22, 2021 the Reds were 12 over .500 at 69-57 , a game up in the wild card with a very favorable schedule in September. On August 27th they had a 72.9% to win a wild card spot. They then proceeded to lose 9 straight series, 8 of which were vs sub .500 teams, on their way to finishing out the rest of the season at 14-22 (.388) for a year end record of 83-79 and completely fell out of the playoff chase, eliminated with about a week to go in the regular season under the wonderful managing of captain Titanic himself David Bell. I sure hope Reds ownership is willing to buy him out if things don’t get turned around this year and next year goes poorly. Can’t waste 3 more years with this group of very talented rookies.

  17. Dennis Westrick

    Two HRs and now a walk! Good thing I have other things to do today!

  18. west larry

    not a great start. the first two batters homer, the next guy walks. I hope it’s josy nerves.

  19. Dennis Westrick

    Was thinking that Richardson might be better than Weaver! Guess Not!

    • Doc

      There is a reason not to rush rookie pitchers, and Richardson has been rushed. One game at AAA does not a solid foundation make.

  20. Indy Red Man

    Couple of those bad luck. Let’s see if they fight today.

    • MK

      Benn nice to see old Man MVP start a DP rather than just waddle to the bag.

  21. Dennis Westrick

    OK! 4 runs allowed in the first is enough for me! I’ll check the final damages around 5 o’clock!

  22. Mike Adams

    I don’t think Richardson was ready for the Show.
    Captain Obvious

  23. Jim Walker

    IMO, the Reds may rue not leaving the infield at regular depth and giving the 3rd run but saving the 4th.

  24. CI3J

    Nice K there to end the inning.

    Unfortunately, it came after giving up 2 HR and 4 ER.

    Let’s see what he can do going forward. Hopefully this doesn’t end up with another football score.

  25. Indy Red Man

    Live arm up to 98 with a couple of solid breaking pitches and a changeup. Alot to like, but this kid has barely pitched. Not sure why they called him up? The 40 man can and is often wrong, but I don’t get involved with that stuff

  26. deafmix3

    I am too discouraged to do the research, but it does not seem like the batting order with Elly leading off (.200 the last month), Votto (.198), and Benson buried at the bottom behind a bunch of slow guys, who if they were to reach, negate Benson’s speed, has not been real effective. Managers get blamed for everything, but Bell’s stubborness sticking with this blatantly ineffective lineup is HORRIBLE managing…

    • CI3J

      The Great Offensive Downturn (G.O.D.) directly coincided with Elly being moved to leadoff.

      I’d love to see a RPG comparison of the team’s output before Ell was moved to leadoff vs after.

      • Longtimefan

        Is anybody besides me sick of watching EDLC strike out. Especially as a leadoff hitter. He is SO 37% of the time and his strikeout to walk rate is 5 SO for every walk. That has to be the worst in MLB. This is a guy who can steal bases in bunches if he gets on but strike outs don’t give you the chance. Anybody else having visions of Billy Hamilton?

  27. Indy Red Man

    Freidl 2 pitches weak flyout. Doesn’t walk much and an occasional bomb only seems to lock that swing into his head. Bottom order guy

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep, India leading off when he’s back Tuesday followed by Benson and McClain would be a good start.

  28. J

    Again, this is why it was important to make at least one trade — preferably a month ago — for a legit major league starter (or two). Not an ace, but a reliable #3/4 kind of guy who can reliably get you to the 6th or 7th inning with the game still within reach. There’s something to be said for pitchers who’ve actually proved they can pitch decently in the majors.

  29. Erik the Red

    Not much more to add to this train wreck. We need 3 or 4 arms that can pitch 150 to 180 innings next year. Until that happens we will not have any chance to make a deep run in the playoffs. Of course not sure we have the right manager either. I am starting to think our winning will look like a mirage at the end of the season.

  30. Mark A Verticchio

    The obvious choice to pitch today was Philips, right now this bunch can do nothing right. This game is over and most likely the season.

    • Hanawi

      Yeah. Richardson isn’t even fully recovered from his surgery. At best, he could be a bullpen arm. They should have just brought Kennedy back up. He had a decent start.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Other than he would’ve been pitching on 3 days rest and needed to add to the 40 man. I would’ve went with brett Kennedy or Alec mills. They both have experience and if it goes bad you can let then eat innings. This is the worst of both worlds. It’s gone bad and will eat the bullpen too.

  31. bug

    Elly strikes out too much,..way too much,..way, way too much.

    • bug

      Sometimes a little Bronx cheer is in order when that happens. Someone somewhere should at least let him know it is NOT OKAY to constantly strike out,..time after time, after game. He acts like it’s no big deal. I would feel better if I saw him break a bat in two across his knee or whatever to show he is not fine with it either.

    • Pete Bench

      He’s proving that he’s still just a kid.

  32. Hanawi

    Insane that they still bat EDLC leadoff. Or that the lineup has been pretty much set during this whole skid. At some point, don’t you have to try new things. And I don’t mean batting Senzel against righties.

    • Indy Red Man

      Well Bell is dealing with rookies and trying to fit them in where their skills match.
      I don’t mind the attempt, but it’s not working. Same thing with India in the 3 hole. Give it a month at most, but then change what isn’t working

  33. Mark Moore

    WOW! How doe the Nats lose that challenge? I thought I saw clear evidence EDLC was off the bag, but I’m not in NYC at Chumpire Central.

  34. J

    Elly managed to get a 3-2 count, which is progress, but then watches a fastball down the middle. It was reasonable for him to expect the pitch to be a curve ball in the dirt, but he can’t always be guessing. Shorten your swing and be ready to protect the plate.

    Then your next two hitters aren’t interested in working the count; just want to get their at-bats over with. The wrong approach under any circumstances, but especially when you’re down by 4 and your starting pitcher could probably use a bit of a break.

    But I’m told the guys really love playing for Bell and always play hard for him, whatever that means, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep … LOVE playing for him. That trumps any coaching that may or may not take place.

  35. Daytonnati

    That camera shot of Bell talking to DJ was classic. Bell just shaking his head.

  36. Mark Moore

    No runs at least. That’s a good thing.

  37. Indy Red Man

    Changeups are all too low. Kid changes speeds well but has to put it together

    • LarkinPhillips

      He has good stuff. I’m excited to see what he can do next year with a full off season of being able to work on his craft rather than only trying to get healthy. He will be a contributor next year for sure.

  38. J

    What bugs me the most is that so many of the problems are self-inflicted. I understand it’s hard to hit, but it’s not hard to take some pitches and try to draw some walks. And it’s not hard to take a guy out of the leadoff spot who’s rarely on base unless he homers. And it’s not hard to have a guy who leads your team in OPS (and who sees a lot of pitches) hitting higher than 8th or 9th. It’s not hard to call for a hit-and-run or squeeze play once in a while, or to try to steal bases when it would help your team. These are 100% under the Reds’ control, and they’re voluntarily opting not to do any of them. Slumps happen, but there’s no reason for the team to do EVERYTHING wrong when those slumps are happening.

  39. VaRedsFan

    Larkin talking about Elly bad technique.
    Not true in that case.. The MMC glove toss came out high and slow, throwing the whole timing off, making him have to stretch off balanced.
    They weren’t getting CJ anyway.

    • Beaufort Red

      Ok knowing more than a HOF shortstop. That’s cool. Larkin isn’t great as a color guy, I think he’s fairly knowledgeable.

      • VaRedsFan

        I don’t claim to, he misread that particular play though
        Use your eyes…read the play.

    • Old-school

      Both young players trying too hard to make a play that wasnt happening. McLain got the ball stuck in his glove flip a sec too long and Elly trying to speed up to catch and fire to first as fast as possible and momentum carried him waiting on delayed glove flip. I’ll take both mistakes from young guys trying their tails off to make a play. Always get one out, and it didnt burn them on that play.

  40. LDS

    Down 4-0 in the 2nd against one of the 3 or 4 worst teams in the league? And Senzel, the no hit wonder, is starting again? So much for Steer. Wonder if he likes playing for Bell now that it’s obvious that he can be manipulated by a couple of comments to the press?

  41. Bet on Red

    BUT BUT BUT why is he batting fifth

  42. Beaufort Red

    Watching EDLC is becoming painful. All the talent in the world and low baseball IQ. Outfield eventually when Marte plays third. McClain should be every day shortstop, sure EDLC is more gifted but who cares. Aquino had all the talent but could never adapt. And I don’t want to hear he’s only 21. It’s the major leagues not AAA prove yourself league.

    • Indy Red Man

      Everyone is killing AAA pitching though, even Barrero. How is Elly supposed to learn? Go grab some baseball cards. Mike Schmidt hit .195 or something his first year

      • David

        Yeah, Mike Schmidt was turrible! as a rookie, and could have been had if someone wanted to trade for him. He batted 0.198 and struck out a lot, playing for a lousy Philly team (at the time). And he was older, and had played ball in college too.
        Give EDLC a chance.

    • Pete Bench

      But it’s not his fault he was brought up too soon,

      • Hanawi

        He was not brought up too soon. But, he does need to be moved down in the lineup.

  43. Jim Walker

    That was a decent AB foe CES even if he struck out. Could tell on ball 3 he was not comfortable he knew the outside limit of his zone and strike 3 was closer and at least he got a good swing at what might have been a called strike if he took it.

  44. Indy Red Man

    Cheapie but he did a good job of using the pitchers velocity against him

  45. J

    The Reds scored on a home run? Fantastic!

    When was the last non-homer run?

  46. J

    That was called “pitching around Benson because Fairchild is hitting behind him.”

      • J

        And the first non-homer run in about three or four games.

      • J

        But then, unfortunately, we get back to the leadoff hitter, who can’t consistently make contact and has absolutely no interest in shortening his swing with two strikes.

      • Jim Walker

        Yes it was a good PA for Stuey. He was down 0/2 and it looked like in total on both pitches, less than half the volume of a baseball had been in the strike zone. Then he spoiled a couple in similar locations when he was running the count out. Just like wth CES, that would have been a good PA regardless of the ultimate result.

    • LDS

      Guess that pitch around didn’t work.

  47. VaRedsFan

    Elly is definitely standing closer to the plate.

    • Pharmer85

      At least it hasn’t affected his hamming it up after home runs…other guys’ homers that is

  48. Kywhi

    Nice to see three or four positive comments out of the 100 or so submitted so far today!!

    • LarkinPhillips

      I’m positive they have been playing bad baseball and today started put just as bad. Does that count? Lol

      I get what you’re saying it’s negative sometimes, but I think a lot of us use this to vent because our wives won’t listen/ don’t care about every pitch and decision like we do. Misery loves company.

  49. Mark A Verticchio

    They need to do something with EDLC , move him down in the order at least.

  50. Beaufort Red

    I’m not a Bell basher but this is ridiculous. EDLC should be hitting 6th or lower. Nothing kills a rally faster than a strikeout with runners on. Put the ball in play and there’s always a chance.

  51. Indy Red Man

    Great at-bat by Stuey. Work the pitcher and run up their pitch count. That’s how we won 12 in a row way back when

    • Hanawi

      I’m still on the Fairchild bandwagon. He’s a great 4th/5th OF. Probably won’t ever be more than that, but has a role. Wish his power would show back up though.

  52. Randoxu1

    I tried to say earlier in the year that McClain was the best shortstop that they have. It’s not even close. Bunch of people kept saying it’s Edlc then Barrero. All I know as a former college shortstop myself. McClain played shortstop for 3 years at a major college program for a reason. You can all the talent in the world physically doesn’t make you a better shortstop. Edlc should be at 3rd and stay there.

    • Indy Red Man

      Totally agree. McLain is smooth and they can use Elly’s arm at 3B and guarding the line

    • Pharmer85

      Agreed. McClain the better shortstop and Elly really good at third.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep, the only thing that could change that would be if Marte is great at SS. Left should be McClain and Elly.

  53. MK

    Maybe that run shouldn’t count since it was that bum Fairchild. Don’t count it.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      I will admit not a big fan of Fairchild , but that was a great at bat. Now EDLC at bat was a different story, he looks lost.

  54. LDS

    When India is back, let him leadoff. Benson 2nd, McLain 3rd, Steer 4th, EDLC 5th, followed by CES, Stephenson, Friedl, and sadly usually Votto in the 9th slot.

    • TR

      Yes, a good batting order. We need the leadership of India to get this team back on course.

  55. CI3J

    Richardson two shutout innings now. He’s still not pitching “good”, as he’s throwing way too many balls, but after the start he had, this has to be encouraging. As weird as it is to say, he’s keeping his team in the game.

    Kid has some really good stuff, but he’s clearly overwhelmed by the moment and/or just not ready. If he could locate a little better, he could actually be pretty decent.

  56. J

    Reds back to scoring runs the way the Reds’ way! Just need a couple more solo homers!

  57. Mark Moore

    This is what clawing back into it looks like. Trouble is, the bullpen now has to cover 6 full innings … AGAIN.

    Need to go on a major Crooked Number Parade very soon.

    • J

      That’s going to require multiple home runs.

  58. Indy Red Man

    I think my 7-8-9 would be Elly, Stephenson, and Freidl

    • Indy Red Man

      Of course Freidl homers again.

    • TR

      I agree moving Elly down in the batting order. He is not a leadoff hitter.

  59. Melvin

    Come on now CES. You’re a better hitter than that. Very poor AB that time.

  60. H.B.

    Why bring up Richardson when you know he is limited to 60+ pitches when you coulc have brought up Kennedy or Phillips. Kennedy pitched really well in his start earlier. Not sure who makes these calls, but questionable to say the least.

    • LDS

      According to Doug’s article earlier, Richardson has been pitch limited all season. I think his pitch count was well above his average pitches. The issue is whether Bell will 1 and done the BP for the rest of the game.

    • Hanawi

      Yep. This makes no sense to me, especially when the bullpen is already worn out.

      • J

        They would have to DFA someone, and of course they couldn’t possibly do that to anyone on this 40-man roster. Can’t afford to lose any of these guys.

    • David

      Richardson was on the 40 man. It is that simple.
      Connor Phillips is not. Unless another starter gets hurt in the next two weeks, we likely won’t see Phillips until Spring Training.

  61. Mark A Verticchio

    Watching this game one thing is very obvious the rookies have hit the proverbial wall, the three playing today are 0 for 6 with several strike outs. I think we should of all saw that coming. It’s really nobodies fault just part of professional sports. Might want to add that Abbott who also seems to be gassed.

    • CI3J

      Yup. But it’s not just the rookies. The whole team has hit a wall.

      They have given all they have to give. Unfortunately, there are still 2 months left to play.

    • Hanawi

      There seems to be one guy on every team that the Reds have scouted terribly.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      without a doubt, they didn’t and look what happened.

    • J

      Do they ever intentionally walk anyone? I can’t recall the last time it happened.

  62. Indy Red Man

    Farmer sucks. Make Stoudt the long man and you’re atleast getting a young guy some experience. Or Kennedy. We need a guy that can give Bell 8-9 outs.

  63. J

    Nationals putting on a clinic in how to hit. Draw walks, don’t over-swing, hit some singles and doubles. If they don’t make a dopey running decision, who knows how many they’d score.

  64. J

    I was trying to recall yesterday, but still can’t, the last time the Reds intentionally walked anyone.

    • VaRedsFan

      1st base open.
      Their best hitter up.
      Our worst bullpen pitcher in.

      It doesn’t have to be this hard.

      • J

        But that would require the manager tell a player what to do, and Bell doesn’t like to meddle that way.

  65. Gpod

    Farmer is pretty much done for the year

  66. WCRon

    Why did they take out the SP. did I miss something

    To all India bashers. Maybe he did bring something to the party

    Farmer is awful

    • LarkinPhillips

      He is recovering from TJ surgery and on a strict pitch count.

  67. LarkinPhillips

    Farmer needs a trip to IL with shoulder fatigue. He has looked awful lately. 3 walks this inning to drain all the momentum of a comeback.

  68. Mark A Verticchio

    It is past time to say good bye to Farmer.

    • David

      I guess it wasn’t “Farmers Night”, as it were.


    • Matt McWax

      The writing is on the side of the barn. Give him back to the bank. Soil depleted.

  69. Indy Red Man

    I see no place for Farmer or Vlad on this staff? This at-bat will determine the game imo


    No veteran leadership and guidance. I believe it is done for the year. Good base for next year but starting pitching is needed.

  71. J

    It’s interesting that so many teams can draw so many walks against the Reds. I know some of it is bad pitching, but some of it is opponents being willing to take pitches and not trying to be a hero on every at-bat. The Reds finally got a couple walks and it helped them score. Did Bell even notice?

    • Doc

      More importantly, did the players even notice, since they are the ones with the bats in their hands.

  72. CI3J

    Alright, I’ve seen enough of this game. Turning it off and going about my Sunday.

    Even if the Reds somehow come back to win, this is no fun to watch. It’s not good, clean baseball.

    Watching this is like how nails on a chalkboard sound.

  73. LDS

    It’s early, but the Cubs and Brewers are both losing. Bell needs to hammer that into the team while they’re in the dugout. Here’s a chance to make up some ground, etc. The “nothing is going to change, we have time” attitude is a loser.

  74. old-school

    On the bright side, Reds seem to have 2 credible lefty bullpen guys in Alex Young and Sam Moll. Its been awhile.

  75. LDS

    Senzel is now 4-32 over the last 28 days. Sure glad Bell crumbled to media exposure. Why play steer when you have Senzel?

    • Hanawi

      He has a .543 OPS against right handers. Can’t hit and has almost zero power. He’s not quite Fraley against LHP, but he’s not far off either. Not really sure what he provides this team that they couldn’t get from one of the guys in AAA.

      • Old-school

        Outside chance he gets DFA’d when India activated Tuesday. Hes not an OF and 4th string 3b. Newman You can say the same though.

  76. Mark A Verticchio

    As on old high school basketball coach this team reminds of the years where we had to play 3 or 4 freshman, we would often start well and then tire as the season went along. On the positive side most of those teams were pretty successful when those kids became juniors and seniors.

  77. Indy Red Man

    Eury Perez returns for the Marlins tomorrow night. Fish have been terrible since the break, but we’re not exactly peaking ourselves

  78. Mark A Verticchio

    I think the Senzel story really hurt this team, those young kids didn’t need exposed to that. If Krall was smart he would find a way to get him out of there asap.

    • Hanawi

      They should just DFA him and bring up Reynolds or Lopez. They can both play 2B and McLain and EDLC can go back to SS and 3B.

      • Melvin

        Senzel is starting to leave a real bad taste in my mouth. What exactly has he done to merit more playing time? He’s only had umpteen chances.

      • Doc

        I wouldn’t DFA him. Maybe send him to Chattanooga so he doesn’t poison the minds of those who might be called up from Louisville. Let him put up or shut up a couple of steps removed from the big league club.

      • Melvin

        Lopez with two more hits today. I’d much rather have him anyway being a switch hitter and able to play five positions. He also extended his on base streak to THIRTY-SEVEN games. .298/.391/.422

    • Ted Alfred

      And that is what should happen but won’t. Bell has started him in five of the last six games and is basically defending Senzel at this point with his starting lineups, otherwise he wouldn’t be starting every fricking day.

  79. J

    I checked the stats, and it looks like the Reds have issued 8 intentional walks this year. I think most of them must have been early in the season, because I can’t recall any of them. Sure would have liked to see a few recently.

  80. RedsGettingBetter

    Moll is moll-tal against lefties…

  81. LarkinPhillips

    Very good job by Moll. He should go back our to face the next two batters at least.

  82. VaRedsFan

    We complain about walk….rightfully so. But it’s nothing new with this pen

    2023 – 4th most allowed
    2022 – 2nd most allowed
    2021 – 8th most

    This is an organizational problem…not just this year.

    • J

      One thing working against the Reds’ bullpen is they don’t get to face Reds hitters. That would cut down on their walks a bit.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I wonder if that is skewed some due to our extremely high bullpen usage. You’re going to have higher number of total walks when you pitch 5-6 innings a night rather than 2-3. With that said, I still think our bullpen would be towards the worst in WHIP as well.

      • VaRedsFan


        3rd worse last year
        8th worse this year

    • Melvin

      Is that Major League or just National League?

  83. MK

    I’m sorry an at bat that results in an out is not a great at bat. I’d cal a one-pitch single a better at bat that a nine-pitch line out.

  84. LT

    That’s the best at bat i’ve seen from EDLC.

  85. Matt McWax

    Nice at-bat by Elly, should have been 4 balls, but got the single on full count.

  86. Indy Red Man

    That’s not low baseball IQ with Elly, it’s youth and inexperience. That was a nice at-bat there now steal 2nd

  87. VaRedsFan

    I don’t know about changing the mechanics in Elly’s swing this early or this year even. But if they ventured there, I might go with a toe tap instead of the big leg kick.

  88. Mark Moore

    Another good AB from TJ. Station to station ball that produces runs (hopefully) is how we played when we were on a hot streak.

  89. J

    Moll’s ability to help this team really illustrates the fact that they didn’t need to make blockbuster trades for stars. Two or three halfway decent major league pitchers would have made such a huge difference.

  90. RedsGettingBetter

    Machado coming to pitch for his 3rd game in 3 days…

  91. Mark Moore

    Chasing bad pitches. It’s what we do.

    • RedsGettingBetter

      And let the good ones be called strike

  92. Votto4life

    Although 2021 was bad, this has to be one of the all time worst collapse in Reds history.

    At least now they have an excuse for not adding FAs this winter. This summer it was “We have all we need”, this winter it will be “We are too far away”. To which many here will happily agree.

    • LDS

      @V4L, it should have been expected. Their August records under Bell have never been good:
      2023: 0-5 thus far
      2022: 11-17
      2021: 16-12
      2020: 13-15
      2019: 13-16

      2022: 9-19
      2021: 11-16
      2020: 16-9
      2019: 12-15

      It’s just the way it is. Krall chose this path. Fans have to live with it. I don’t expect success going forward. The organization has elected to go in another direction.

      • Melvin

        I doubt that Krall chose this. He more likely just doesn’t have the guts to stand up to Big Bob. Still though he put his name to it so he’s responsible and owns it.

      • LDS

        If Krall didn’t choose this and didn’t stand up, then he’s not the guy. I hate yes men.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. Such is life working for Big Bob & Son.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep and there’s one common denominator to both the 2021 and 2023 collapses….

  93. Mark Moore

    and the ONLY strike he throws … 😮

  94. Reddawg2012

    I’ve reached a point where there is not a single hitter in the Reds lineup that I feel good about in a high leverage spot. Maybe Will Benson, but that’s about it.

  95. Doc

    EDLC inching up toward the 35% K range also doesn’t help. More and more it looks as those he can bring excitement but McClain is the ball player who adjusted a lot more quickly after his brief slide.

  96. Indy Red Man

    Nats keep rolling out these guys with huge ERAs and shutting us down. I’m about ready to wave the white flag. Winning all these Weaver starts was a fluke like most of us said. Now the only way to win his start is if a laser takes him out. No way Bell wants him in the rotation. That has to be on Krall?

  97. JB

    Just tuning in and I see things are still the same.

  98. LarkinPhillips

    Moll should’ve been left in to face the 9 hole hitter and Abrams.

  99. Mark Moore

    For some reason, I’m feeling yet another Clete loading

  100. Indy Red Man

    Cruz has 8th inning stuff. Fastball isn’t usually 97-98, but if he’s not walking the leadoff man then he’s tough

    • LarkinPhillips

      He did well in the 7/8 role last year. This year he seems like he isn’t aggressive like last year and walks people getting himself in trouble. I like cruz and wish he could get more aggressive in the zone.

  101. LT

    Good noon by Cruz to not let a run score. C’mon Reds. Wake up.

  102. KevinIn

    I get the frustration but why do so
    many people feel the need to announce when they are leaving?

    • VaRedsFan

      It’s not just games.
      A lot say they are gone for the month….then the season….
      Then 2 days later they are back. LOL

    • Mark Moore

      Those of us who have been on this forum for a long time recall when MBE first wrote about “Clete” (her grandfather?) and using the word to confirm you were done for today. That would normally be the way many announce “leaving”. It’s exactly what I did when I said I had “a Clete loading”.

      It’s just a way to voice our frustration, that’s all.

  103. J

    Reds are obviously going to need at least two more home runs to have any chance today.

  104. RedsGettingBetter

    I don’t know but it would seem since Senzel is playing more regularly, the Reds has got worse team…

    • Ted Alfred

      That’s okay…. at least he was able to talk it out with his manager and now his feelings aren’t hurt anymore… so everything’s good.

  105. Indy Red Man

    Stephenson gets 2 fastballs right down the middle and fouls them off. Senzel with a double play. If Steer isn’t dinged up then something is wrong. They needed this game

    • J

      Saving him for the 9th inning. Runs in earlier innings don’t count as much.

    • Melvin

      We can’t afford to be sitting our good hitters during a stretch like this especially with two starters on the IL. Steer hitting now so he obviously could have played.

    • Jim Walker

      Well if they were showcasing Senzel ahead of the break, maybe they are still showcasing him, only for the waiver wire or off season now???

      Unless the waiver rules have changed, they can run a guy through waivers without DFAing him. They could be hoping that somebody they couldn’t quite get a trade closed with wanted him enough to claim him. Long shot but possible.

      • old-school

        I think Senzel gets DFA’d tuesday when India gets activated. He or Newman.

      • Melvin

        They both can be sent to AAA correct?

  106. J

    Since these guys all love playing for Bell and are willing to work so hard for him, maybe they can spend a few hours after today’s game learning how to hit sacrifice flies. I clearly remember in the olden days thinking a runner on third with less than two outs was very likely to score one way or another. Now I think it’s probably going to require a home run to get that guy in.

  107. Melvin

    Looks like Roa pitched pretty good today only giving up one run in five innings. How can we expect our starters to go more than five innings in the majors if they don’t get used to it in the minors? Having a long relief man these days is like having another starter.

    • Mark Moore

      Cowboy made that point a few months ago. Mentally, they get to 100 pitches/5 innings and they hit a wall. Some minor-league SP’s are getting limited to around 75 pitches. It’s a far cry from the “glory days” of Seaver and Carlton. That much is certain.

    • JB

      Reds apparently don’t believe in a long relief guy.

      • Mark Moore

        I’m not sure anybody still has the “long relief” guy that I remember. We certainly don’t have one and haven’t for some time.

      • JB

        Anybody that can pitch about 30-50 pitches. Cubs had a guy for that in the last series. Even Garcia just threw over 30 pitches in two innings. Right now that’s a long relief guy for the Reds.

  108. Indy Red Man

    Cubs are going to win the Central by 3-4 games atleast

    • Indy Red Man

      Really hope Bellinger wants the extra $ because he’s priced himself past the Cubs best offer

  109. JB

    Man getting swept by the Nats is something I didn’t think would happen. At this point they might not even be a .500 team at the end of the year.

  110. LarkinPhillips

    I can’t remember the last time a Red drove a ball into the opposite field gap. It seems they are all way to pull happy and trying to hit upper deck bombs.

    • TR

      Get rid of the helmet. Do the Reds have a hitting coach able to guide these young hitters? Rallies are started by getting on base, not hitting homeruns.

  111. GPod

    Explain why it is acceptable to be down by 2 runs in the late innings, leading off, a 2-0 pitch & you swing….grounding out easily to SS….Steer

    • LarkinPhillips

      Same way to end the game last night. Walks batter in front of you and your down multiple runs so you obviously swing at first pitch for GIDP to end the game. There are no consequences for it so why change.

      • J

        I said almost exactly the same thing; I promise I didn’t see yours before posting mine….

  112. JB

    Get tired of the Reds hitters letting borderline pitches go by with two strikes. It’s time to swing and foul pitches off if they are even remotely close. CES let one go right down Broadway and Fairchild stands there as well.

    • Jim Walker

      Agree. Not an excuse but a shot at an explanation, they are probably locked in on a specific pitch in a specific location and lock up when they don’t get it.

      No explanation for why both would have outstanding battling PAs earlier then not in the later situation.

      No secret around here that I have been a Fairchild advocate. This said, I think too much guess hitting late in counts and getting burned by it is probably the one biggest piece of his game that has held him back from being at least as successful as Friedl. He’s got the power and legs that if he just put the ball in play, things would take care of themselves for him.

  113. JB

    Not sure who is dying quicker, the Reds or Dbacks. Dbacks 5-16 in the second half.

  114. RedsGettingBetter

    EDLC chased 5 balls in this last AB , 1 strike swinging, 3 fouls and a flyout…

    • Mark Moore

      But he loves playing for HTDBell and, I’m sure by extension, the rest of the coaching staff charged with helping him improve.

  115. Indy Red Man

    Being in first and checking other scores, etc. It was fun. I look forward to next April. That being said, this sucks. Candelario is killing it in Wrigley while the Reds did nothing. We haven’t won a game since. Coincidence?

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. I have to keep reminding myself of that. We are way ahead of where we were supposed to be. The kids are definitely pressing and that’s not a good thing IMO. Everything feels far too “tight”.

  116. Indy Red Man

    Guys to bring in with a 3-2 count? Sims is not that guy

    • Mark Moore

      Right. Plus are we back to only 1 lefty in the BP now … again? 😮

  117. Roger Garrett

    Swing and swing hard is the Reds Motto.Home runs are all that matters.What a joke right now.Hard to imagine winning a game with this kind of performance.

  118. JB

    Might have gotten some help? Sorry Sadak but that was a strike. So sick of this clown.

  119. J

    Steer pinch hits to lead off the inning. He sees ball one several inches outside. Then ball two in the dirt. Then swings at a borderline pitch, low and outside, and grounds to shortstop.

    This comes less than 24 hours after he’d ended yesterday’s game, down by four runs, having just seen McLain walk in front of him, by grounding into a 6-4-3 double play on the first pitch.

    And people wonder why I think Bell doesn’t demand anything of his players? People wonder why I think he just lets them do whatever they feel like doing, with no regard for what the team actually needs at the time? Steer is a good hitter and he’s having a good season, but his job there is to get on base, and he has GOT to force the pitcher to throw two strikes after seeing him miss badly with the second pitch. It’s possible that third pitch would have been ball three, but worst case scenario is it’s 2-1. The fact that he isn’t getting a “take” sign there, or would even need to be told to take a pitch there, is just another example of Bell’s utter lack of leadership.

    If anyone asked Bell to explain it, I know what the answer would be. “I’m sure he thought he’d get a good pitch to hit right there.” Yes, I’m sure he did. But he didn’t. And even if he had, there’s still a pretty good chance he’ll be out if he puts the ball in play. Check the stats. They’ll back me up. It’s the manager’s job to make Steer aware of this fact, since he’s apparently not aware of it now.

    Why don’t Reds hitters walk more? There’s your answer. They don’t TRY to walk.

    • Jim Walker

      I recall Nuxhall always saying that at 2/0 or 3/1 the batter should be looking for his specific pitch in a specific location and let anything else go by.

      Were the players that much better at doing this back through the years? Probably not or else I wouldn’t recall Joe go crazy about it so often. 😉

      Like the old basketball axiom that free throws don’t win every game but just the close ones, poor situational hitting probably only loses the close games.

  120. Mark Moore

    Why does it feel like we got lucky because Garrett thought he was involved in a play?

    I’ll take it … but can Sims avoid disaster here?

  121. Pete

    This is what a learning process looks like with a young ball club. I suggest you try to enjoy the process because it can be brutal at times. But fortunately in NicnKrall has a plan, his is executing the plan and it looks very good for my perspective.

    Go Redlegs!

    • Mark Moore

      I don’t deny it’s a process. But we just don’t see any visible progress that should come from changes the coaching staff makes with young players. At least I don’t. So something appears to be broken on that front.

      As for the bullpen, they’re just completely gassed.

    • Pete

      Check out how badly both the Marlins and Diamondbacks have melted down since the All-Star break. Young players, we’re gonna have to just be patient with them. We have all sorts of talent. The future looks very bright indeed.

  122. Mark A Verticchio

    Doesn’t it look like Washington was better prepared and just wanted this series more. I really believe had the Reds won Friday this is entirely different series.

    • Mark Moore

      Quite likely the case. We’re just “flat” again today.

    • Indy Red Man

      Nats swept SF right after the Giants left Cincy. They just won a series vs Milwaukee. Anyone is dangerous if you’re flat

  123. Old-school

    Reds roster guys you can count on to play well consistently and win games.

    1.) Steer
    2.) McLain
    3.) Diaz
    4.) young( injured today)
    5.) Moll
    6.) Cruz
    7.) Ashcraft
    9.) Benson(mostly)
    10.) Freidl(sometimes)
    11.) Elly( mondays, fridays and saturdays)
    12.) Votto( 2 home runs a week)
    13.) Abbott( hit his innings limits and gassed, wont pitch soon)

    Thats not a playoff roster folks even if you add Lorenzen and a decent bullpen guy….who looks like would be filling in a spot with Young hurt now.

    Gaping holes on this roster.

    • Indy Red Man

      Even Ashcraft was probably worst starter in the NL for 2 months. Not ready for primetime players

  124. Mark A Verticchio

    Another guy swinging down 3 on a 2-0 count, poor coaching.

    • Roger Garrett

      Wait there is a coach at third.Are you saying maybe just maybe he should have told Friedl to take one.

  125. JB

    Man even little Mac having a tough time.

  126. J

    Gonna need at least three homers in the 9th to win this.

  127. RedsGettingBetter

    Apparently the Reds can’t score more than 3 runs in this series….

    • RedsGettingBetter

      …And also couldn’t give up less than 6 runs

    • Mark Moore

      That is what it looks like. And 3 ain’t enough. Nats are “playing for pride” and kind of demoralizing us in the process.

  128. Hanawi

    Would love to see a stat about how many times the Reds have had more walks than the opponent in the last month. I bet it has only happened a few times.

  129. Indy Red Man

    Freidl is 5’9 or something and pops up 2-0 pitch. Try to draw a #&’n walk like top of the order guys are supposed to. I’m done.
    Youth is one thing and playing with low IQ is another

  130. Melvin

    The Reds have got even poor Sadak sounding depressed.

  131. Mark Moore

    Last hurrah here … really not sure why the Clete didn’t fully load. I know we’re capable of scoring here. Frankly, it would be best if it were 4 runs and we avoided extras.

    Didn’t somebody say baseball is a funny game?

  132. Mark A Verticchio

    They had a 6 game losing streak in July and bounced back, I don’t see that happening this time. This team is gassed and Bell has no clue what he is doing. The odd thing is during this 6 game losing streak the Brewers have not played well either. The Cubs, that is a different story. Only bright side, barely, wake up August 7th 59 and 55 only a game and 1/2 out of first place and most likely tied for 3rd wild card. That wouldn’t be bad until you examine the roster. Four gassed rookies in everyday line up, two starters hurt, Votto older by the day, Three rookie starting pitchers and the best one looking tired, Stephenson looking worse everyday and Bell still the manager. I am sure I missed something.

    • Mark Moore

      HDTBell large and in charge for 3 MORE YEARS!!!

  133. GPod

    We know that Bell is the worst manager in MLB…but he’s also the smartest…He actually got a team to give him a 3 year extension by leading the Reds thru about 2 good months of baseball…..other than that, someone tell me what he has done as manager of the Reds that would say he deserved to be retained for another 3 years?

  134. LeRoy

    The Reds messed up my plan for this season. I purchased milb tv to watch all the good prospects and they were doing great hitting home runs, hitting for high average, and stealing bases……and then they were moved to the majors where for a while they were still doing this and now their enthusiam and skills seems to have vanished. Now I don’t have any where to go on screen or in person to watch good hustling baseball.

  135. J

    Fun facts:

    1) Lane Thomas has as many sacrifice flies today as most of the Reds hitters have had all season.

    2) He now has more sac flies this season than the combined total of Friedl, Fraley, Votto, Stephenson, McLain, Elly, CES, Maile, and Benson.

  136. J

    Steer decides the time to start being very selective is with two strikes. Why not.

  137. JB

    Come on Steer you have to protect the plate and swing at anything close.

  138. Mark Moore

    Bring on the Pie-Rats. I couldn’t get any worse than this.

    • Harry Stoner

      “Paraguay’s Team”.

      No offense to our South American brothers.

  139. JB

    Well back it tomorrow. Start a winning streak. Come on Braves.

  140. Roger Garrett

    Votto gets blown away,Tyler and Senzel get hits to right,interesting going the other way or just late,Steer watches strike 3 after swinging 2-0 the last time.

  141. Melvin

    The Reds are killing me. Just remember, the players like playing for David Bell. Wonderful.

  142. LDS

    Zero for August and headed for 3rd place unless Atl comes back. 3 more years. 3 more years

  143. LT

    No hero ball from anyone. How could Steer watch that 3rd strike? But collectively the entire team is mightyly struggling

  144. RedsGettingBetter

    IF the series against the Cubs was awful, this was horrendous and depressing

  145. Melvin

    I just tried to watch the Braves and Cubs on MLB TV and I’m blacked out ind Indy. lol ML baseball is screwed up.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I’m blacked out in East TN for reds game. 6 hours and 2 states away. It’s crazy.

      • Melvin

        I guess we’re allowed to watch the west coast teams with our subscription. lol

  146. Harry Stoner

    “Zero concern with this team.”

    Bell has none.

    As in zero. Nada. None.

  147. GPod

    The flameout in Chicago….they said: long road trip, team was spent…go home, get rested, play a bad Washington team and everything will be alright…..that worked out well

  148. Hanawi

    This is why the timing of Bell’s extension made less sense than the extension itself. Why not wait to see how they finished the season or at least until September when it would be clearer how it was going to go?

    • Melvin

      I’m sure they were EXTREMELY worried that some other team would grab him up. lol

    • LDS

      Because Bell is an insider. The Reds are 2-7 since the extension. Somehow the Reds can take 2 of 3 from LA in LA and then get swept at home by the Nats

    • Harry Stoner


      Particularly when the other “announcement” was essentially…”We’re not going to try and improve the team in the middle of a pennant race via trades…”

      Signing Bell for 3 years mid season is an upgrade?

      I was slow to get on the Krall bandwagon, and now I’m jumping off.

      • LDS

        Yep, I agree @Harry. The team tolerated the Bell extension but said f it after the trade deadline passed with no action.

      • Melvin

        I guess we used all our allotted money on Bell’s extension. lol Genius.

  149. CI3J

    Just got the notification on my phone the game was over. Looks like I didn’t miss much.

    Another lifeless performance from the Reds. What happened to that fun, exciting, happy Reds team from June that were manufacturing runs seemingly at will? Why does it feel like these guys came up from the minors and brought some of that energy with them, but now that they’ve been in the majors for a month or two, they’ve lost all their energy and passion for the game?

    I’m not trying to blame Bell here, but they do say the managers set the culture for the clubhouse. For any of you that have watched the TV show “What We Do In The Shadows”, Bell seems like he’s an energy vampire, he just shows no excitement or passion, and it seems to rub off on the players.

    Send everyone back to AAA for a week or two and let them re-discover that energy that they’re missing now.

    • Melvin

      According to the Reds front office it would seem David Bell only gets credit for “hanging in there” during poor play. He never gets credit FOR the poor play. lol

  150. Mark A Verticchio

    You know when they were winning a lot we all gave so much credit to the young rookies, like it or not they have to accept a lot of the blame during this slump they are playing awful and that means all of them. EDLC, Strand, Mclain, Steer and Abbott. That may be a little harsh because they are so young but hey if you enjoy the ups boys you have to man up and realize the truth.
    On another note maybe it’s Sam Moll, they are 0 and 6 with him, just kidding he has looked great. I also think they should bring up Henry Ramos for another left handed bat, actually a switch hitter.

  151. Votto4life

    Preview of upcoming RNL comments

    1. September 2023. This year was about sorting, the young guys got a lot of great experience. All the bad contracts are coming off the books. This team will be loaded and ready to go in 2025.

    2. January 2024 – It’s OK the Reds haven’t signed a free agent in December or January. I’m not going to judge them until I see what the roster looks like on opening day.

    3. Late Spring – Reds signed an over the hill outfielder who is a career .240 hitter. He will bring much needed veteran leadership (until he is released in late May)

    4. All-Star Break 2024 – The Reds have a great farm system, this team will be ready to roll in 2026.

    5. September 2024- The Reds go 77- 85. I can’t believe the Reds extended David Bell until 2032!