For the Cincinnati Reds, tonight’s game is enormous. After being outright embarrassed the last two nights, a win can still lead to a series split. Not losing ground to the Cubs, who have been surging over the last two weeks, and also guaranteeing that they remain in first place would go a long way. First pitch tonight is set for 8:05pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

Chicago Cubs

Elly De La Cruz – SS Mike Tauchman – RF
TJ Friedl – CF Nico Hoerner – 2B
Matt McLain – 2B Ian Happ – LF
Jake Fraley – RF Cody Bellinger – CF
Spencer Steer – 3B Dansby Swanson – SS
Joey Votto – DH Christopher Morel – DH
Christian Encarnacion-Strand – 1B Jeimer Candelario – 1B
Will Benson – LF Yan Gomes – C
Luke Maile – C Nick Madrigal – 3B
Luke Weaver – RHP Jameson Taillon – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Luke Weaver 86.0 6.80 1.61 28 67
Jameson Taillon 89.0 5.46 1.37 28 77
Links: Luke Weaver’s Stats | Jameson Taillon’s Stats

Luke Weaver

The last time he took the mound, Luke Weaver had one of his best starts of the year as he allowed one earned run on two hits – though he did allow two home runs in the game, both of them to Max Muncy. Home runs have been a big issue for him as he’s allowed at least one in five straight starts.

Weaver has reverse splits, but both lefties and righties hit quite well against him. Lefties are walking at a solid clip and make a bunch of contact while hitting for a good average and a good amount of power. But right-handed hitters are absolutely crushing the ball against him. They don’t walk as often and they strike out more than lefties do, but they are doing a lot more damage when they do make contact.


RHH 203 62 15 1 13 10 38 .326 .365 .621
LHH 190 48 10 2 9 18 29 .282 .353 .524

Pitch Usage

4-seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 94.1 87.1 81.7 83.7 86.1
Usage 45% 18% 14% 1% 22%

Jameson Taillon

On May 27th the Reds scored four runs in 4.2 innings against Taillon and picked up an 8-5 win. That was the only time he’s faced Cincinnati this season. After a tough start to begin July, he’s allowed five runs over his last four starts and thrown 25.1 innings and allowed just one home run.

When it comes to the splits for Taillon he’s showing quite a big difference in outcomes. Lefties are crushing the ball against him, showing big power, a good average, plenty of walks and a lot of contact. Righties don’t make much contact, don’t walk, and don’t hit for power against him. Not shown below, but worth noting, is that his ERA at home is 6.43 (4.28 on the road) and opponents are hitting .317/.358/.537 against him (.201/.284/.333 on the road).

RHH 184 45 7 0 3 6 45 .259 .288 .351
LHH 199 49 13 1 11 22 32 .280 .362 .554

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 93.8 94.2 89.5 80.1 81.0 86.9
Usage 35% 12% 20% 16% 14% 4%

When and Where

  • Game time: 8:05pm ET
  • Where: Wrigley Field
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 82°, partly cloudy, 5% chance of rain

News and Notes

Redleg Nation Readings

Today we had two thought pieces on the digital pages here at Redleg Nation. This morning Jason Linden wrote about what he believes the Reds should look to add from the minor leagues now that the trade deadline is behind us. Then Richard Fitch wrote about how he believes the unexpected success this season has put a big wedge in the fan base.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Reds 59 51 0.0 35.6%
Brewers 58 51 0.5 65.2%
Cubs 55 53 3.0 34.4%
Pirates 48 59 9.5 0.2%
Cardinals 48 61 10.5 1.0%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

227 Responses

  1. Indy Red Man

    I forgot about Max Fried. He’ll face the Cubs on Friday. They still have 6 with Atlanta

  2. Dennis Westrick

    Hey all you RLN fanatics! How about those last 2 games against the Stupid Cubs?

    Hard to believe our fortunes to salvage a split in this 4-game series with the Cubs ride on one Luke (I am not your father!) Dream Weaver! The Reds pitching staff has surrendered an astonishing 32 runs in the last 2 games! Time for some revenge and a win to finish this 10-game road trip!

  3. Melvin

    Yeah. It would be a good idea to score A LOT of runs tonight….and win. 🙂

    • Jim Walker

      I don’t care how many runs the Reds score as long as they score at least 1 more than the Cubbies. However, given that Weaver is on the mound and the Cubbies are as hot as they have been, the Reds will probably need a lot of runs to win 😉

  4. Klugo

    My very unexpert opinion: this series will have a psychological impact on our team going forward but getting a series split would go a long ways in minimizing that, at this point. I agree with the author. The damage may be done (I don’t think another blowout loss makes it worse) but this is a big game (to help make it better).

    • Indy Red Man

      Idk? If 3-10 vs Milwaukee didn’t do it then I doubt it. They’re a pretty confident bunch of kids. 14 game stretch after tonight with 11 at home & 3 in Pittsburgh.
      I’m hoping for atleast 9-5

      • Dennis Westrick

        And, starting on August 15th, the Brewers start a brutal 9-game road trip which includes 3 games at LA and 3 games at Texas! Hang in there guys! Better days are coming!

      • Klugo

        Our pitchers, I believe, are fragile. Not the position players. We’ve averages ,what, 7 runs per in this series. No problem. But allowed like 13 per. That’ll shake some of these guys already running on fumes. Our offense is gonna have to carry us. But ,of course, we already knew that. I think our pitchers do now too.

    • Jim Walker

      I agree with IRM. Hopefully, this series is going to burn into their minds how fragile and what a fine edge success hinges on which will double down their efforts to be the bestest on the block with the spirit they showed in June through the All Star break,

  5. Indy Red Man

    Same game parlay: +160 and +186 with bonus

    Weaver 5+ hits allowed
    Matty 1+ hits
    Reds Over 3.5

    That’s cashing! Only thing that scares me is Weaver getting KOd on a line drive. Again

  6. Dennis Westrick

    Some of you may have noticed that I refer to Buck Farmer as Astronaut Farmer! Why, you ask? It’s because most of his mistake pitches end up in a lower earth orbit!

  7. Dennis Westrick

    One more pregame comment! For those of you who check on the progress or results of other games, here’s something noteworthy! A guy by the name of Michael Lorenzen pitched 8 innings, yielding 2 runs in a 4-2 win for his NEW team, the Phillies, over the Marlins!

    Lorenzen would sure look good in a Reds uniform! Oh, wait! He used to wear a Reds uniform! Don’t know what the Phillies had to give up to get him but I’m sure he would welcome a return to the Reds!

    • Doc

      He was in a Reds uniform and when he was a starter he didn’t look all that good, as I recall.

    • Roger Garrett

      I believe they gave their #5 prospect straight up.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Ramos 1-1 w/a double and a walk. Any chance they send Senzel packing? Ramos could also help in our small OF with his arm

    • J

      Doubt it. Reds are generally unwilling to make what seem to be obvious — but uncomfortable — decisions like that. I genuinely believe they’d rather fall into third place by doing nothing than to do something that might make some players mad and/or seems like a “risk.” Their preference seems to be keeping all the established players happy and doing nothing until they absolutely positively don’t feel like they have any choice.

  9. Soto

    Tonight’s lineup is pretty much the Reds A lineup. Except for Weaver whose metrics might make him the worst starting pitcher in baseball. Hopefully this lineup puts up a lot of crooked numbers. We are probably going to need it.

    • WCRon

      This is our best lineup. No need to play Senzel, Newman except as backups. As far as I am concerned we need to dfa Senzel. Can’t trade him because no one wants him.

  10. AllTheHype

    Weaver last 3 starts FB +1.5 mph and last 2 starts cutter +3 mph. Significant jumps in velo. Surely that helped him last start. See what he brings tonight.

  11. Ron

    Agree Soto. This lineup should play every day. Not in total agreement with the batting order but the right players are in the lineup. That’s a start.

  12. JB

    First pitch fastball to start the game. Not sure why most batters let it go by. Elly didn’t.

  13. Melvin

    That will do. 🙂 Leadoff HR by EDLC! First pitch!

    • WCRon

      Let’s not get excited. We started great yesterday as well

  14. Doc

    All those who had Fraley as the leading Reds base stealer, raise those hands high.

    • Melvin

      I kind of wish they’d just let him play full time and bat down in the order against a lefty.

  15. Jedi Joey

    I’m at the point where I’d rather see the hot dog vendor out there instead of Luke Weaver

    • Soto

      Wise is the young Jedi. “Vender of dogs strong arm did develop.” The force is strong in Jedi Joey.

      • Jedi Joey

        Ha ha! I picked this name after seeing my Jedi Joey bobblehead on my desk.

  16. JB

    Sadak – Swanson hits Weaver well .
    You mean to tell me there is somebody out who doesn’t?

    • Dennis Westrick

      So does Happ! Of course, Happ hits every Reds pitcher well.

    • Melvin

      haha Cowboy says Weaver has good stuff but basically in so many words he’s not very smart.

  17. Dennis Westrick

    Gonna go out on a limb here and say Weaver won’t make it to the 5th inning! At 26 pitches after only one (1) inning!

  18. Melvin

    Well. Only gave up one. That’s good for Weaver. 🙂 Let’s keep on scoring.

    • Dennis Westrick

      But one (1) run per inning by Weaver equals 5 runs by the time Bell wakes up and starts the BP carousel

  19. Roger Garrett

    Thats a good inning for him now he will settle down if his pattern continues.Hope so cause this is a big game.

  20. Soto

    Amazing inning for Weaver. One of his best starts of the year!

  21. Jedi Joey

    Will Benson is quickly shooting up my favorite players list. I love the way he plays the game.

  22. AllTheHype

    Love Elly taking the base there. He needs to force them to pitch to him more. Good job.

  23. J

    Once again… if you’re going to insist on having your highest OPS guy hitting in front of your worst hitter for some unknown reason, you have to at least learn what a squeeze play is.

    • Harry Stoner

      You’re looking at 3 more years of this.

      We’re not going to see an emphasis on fundamentals from this manager.

  24. Harry Stoner

    Good ab for EDLC.

    After the HR, all he got was junk and he laid off.

  25. RedsGettingBetter

    Friedl has not a clutch hit since a long time ago….
    Stranding runners is not ideal against this Cubs especially if Weaver is your pitcher

  26. Mark A Verticchio

    Missed a big chance there, Freidl Should be 8th Benson 2nd.

  27. Indy Red Man

    Anyone know where the Reds rank w/a man on 3rd less then 2 outs? Have to be bottom 10. Game after game after game a sac fly or groundball scores a run

  28. Mark A Verticchio

    Correct Maile has to get that run home period.

  29. Melvin

    McLain impressing again with an infield hit. Awesome.

    • Melvin

      We’d better be “taking off tonight” on the bases.

  30. RedsGettingBetter

    If the offense continues stranding runners especially in scoring position this game is on the tightrope

  31. Mark A Verticchio

    With a loss 1st place will be gone, not that it matters on August the 3rd. However this game is a 2 game swing for the Cubs either up 2 or 4.

  32. Mark Moore

    For some reason, I was commenting over on another thread … 😮

    I could have sworn Hoerner tipped that for a foul ball. But I’m watching on my phone so the screen is small.

    Stupid Cub Bellinger.

  33. JB

    The wild pitch / k was a killer. Who didn’t see this coming? Weaver totally melts down.

  34. Soto

    I can’t believe I would ever get to this point but…Bring on the Robo umps. Painful.

  35. JB

    The old “fake throw to 2nd” works about as much as the catcher wanting the pitch up on strike two.

  36. Mark Moore

    I see the Twinkie’s called Keuchel’s bluff and he’s back with the big club. Or maybe he called their bluff.

  37. Indy Red Man

    Of course Hoerner scores. If they get more it’s over

  38. JB

    And right on cue, Johnson comes out a batter to late. Every time.

  39. Roger Garrett

    Reds not ready again tonight.Missing chances and giving bases away.Already on the plane.Goodness.

  40. Mark Moore

    Between Weaver nibbling and the Chumpire’s Flex-o-Zone … just smack my head extremely hard … 😮

  41. JB

    If you want Morel to swing you actually have to get it over the plate at some point

  42. LT

    That’s crazy. How did an inning like this happen?

  43. J

    If Weaver starts another game for the Reds, I’m pursuing a class-action lawsuit.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Please include me in that lawsuit!

  44. Indy Red Man

    Weaver is gutless. 0-2 and nibbles. I hate watching him attempt to pitch

    • Old-school

      Weaver is Robert Stephenson. I’ll never forget the game in 2019 or so against the Cubs he was pitching with baseball loaded against the Cubs and walked in the pitcher and never threw a fastball….all sliders to the opposing pitcher with bases loaded.

  45. JB

    That must of been one heck of a pep talk from Johnson.

  46. Dennis Westrick

    For the life of me, how can you walk a batter after getting ahead 0-2?

  47. Harry Stoner

    Weaver his own worst enemy.

    He’s pitching well, tosses a WP and becomes unglued.

    Two mound visits and he can’t regroup.

    “Cody Reed” comes to mind.

  48. Mark Moore

    Well, the good news (if you can call it that) is that I’m beat down to my socks again tonight, so if I choose to Clete, I’ll be able to read and get a good night’s sleep.

    This may be getting out of hand here. It’s about time HTDBell got fired up enough to get jacked.

    • Mark Moore

      Welsh says “Folks, those are balls”

      I’m not so sure on more than a couple of them, Chris.

      • Soto

        I believe that was “Cowboy” who is usually pretty accurate with his observations, but a couple of those could have easily been called strikes. Weaver gets no respect because he hasn’t earned it. He is a notorious nibbler that doesn’t believe in his stuff.

  49. JB

    If you’re 30 years old and sporting a cool 7 ERA, you might as well try throwing inside. You got nothing to lose.

  50. Jason Franklin

    The Reds, probably, should have traded for a starter.

    Also, Bell getting ejected? Is he trying to show something to the team?

    • Roger Garrett

      Just wants to be the first guy on the plane.Now I am gone.

  51. Melvin

    Sometimes I wish Sakak would shut up with his excitement for the other team.

  52. RedsGettingBetter

    This is incredible…this should be a 1-2-3 inning and Weaver pitching solid but suddenly all became into a disaster just by a wild pitch K …

    • JB

      The guy is mentally weak. He let that wild pitch get to him.

    • Harry Stoner

      Limited power of concentration.

    • JB

      Luke is up every pitch throwing the ball back to Weaver.

  53. Indy Red Man

    Thing is Weaver has a live arm. He just never survives adversity. 0-2 on Morel and he’s pitching scared

  54. Mark Moore

    Looks like the pen will need to cover 6 innings tonight. 5 if we don’t find Jobu, wake him up, and get the bats moving.

  55. Roger Garrett

    WOW just giving the game away again.Two outs and a man on to this is just awful.I am gone no way this ends well.Never learned anything the last 2 nights.Would love to just start blaming somebody for this circus but don’t know where to start.

  56. DK in Erie Pa

    Without a doubt he is the worst pitcher in MLB. He displays that practically every start. Why oh why in the world is he on this team?

      • J

        In fairness, they’re only paying Weaver a fifth as much as they were paying Minor, so they’re obviously getting smarter about signing starting pitchers with no recent record of success.

  57. Dennis Westrick

    4 walks by Weaver in 3 innings! Please take him out and NEVER put him on the mound again!

  58. Indy Red Man

    Luke Weaver of the Kyoto Mud Carp. Get the $ off my continent

  59. Jason Franklin

    Okay, so Lively is out. Weaver sucks. Williamson pitches his best, I guess, but he doesn’t have any overpowering pitches. That is 3 pitchers who are useless. Maybe Williamson to the pen would be alright or maybe he could be a long man. But, I really am tired of people defending Krall about not trading for a starter or two because it would cut into the prospects. THERE are not guarantee that any of the guys in the minors will turn out. You know what could have been a better gamble? Supporting this team that was in first place but now probably will not be soon.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Since Milwaukee is up 12-1 over the Pie-Rats AND the fact that the Reds are done for the evening, we will be in 2nd place in about 2 hours!

  60. MBS

    Zero justification for Weaver to start another game as a Red. Bring up Phillips, and Kennedy. Hopefully Greene will be back by the 20th to take Kennedy’s spot.

  61. Ml

    Weird to say this being in first place but this team is done for stick a fork in them

  62. Soto

    I hope tonight marks the end of the Weaver Madness. I like Krall but he reacts very slowly to obvious moves.

    • Jason Franklin

      You know he will be in for his next start. With Lively out, they will probably use the logic that they can’t afford another guy up from AAA to replace him. You know, because Weaver is so valuable.

  63. JB

    Problem with Weaver is he gets beat up for a few games. Then when you think this is his last game, he looks good and it convinces Bell to keep starting him. Nasty cycle

      • Jason Franklin

        You are correct. But, do you really want him to be on your team?

      • JB

        I don’t but the Reds can’t seem to let him go. If anything he should have an opener. If that doesn’t work, the Reds don’t have a long reliever when they are losing big. Put Weaver in that spot. Save the bullpen.

  64. J

    Reds had second and third and one out, couldn’t score a run. Cubs had nobody on, two outs, guy strikes out, and they wind up with three runs.

    • Ted Alfred

      Playing very poorly and getting unlucky is a bad combo. The strike 3 wild pitch would have been an easy block for Maile but it hit the plate in a wierd way and went straight up, which led to 3 runs. In a long season every team goes through these stretches. I’m more aggravated about Bell sitting 3 starters 2 nights in a row and having to watch Newman, Fairchild and Senzel stink it up. You want to play that lineup 2 games in a row against the hottest team in your division at their place??? No thanks, once in a while against a bad team is fine…not okay in that situation. Bell is not the guy to win anything that matters, when the pressure goes up his teams are going to play tight and crappy. He’s fine with a team coaching a team not expected to do anything for the last 5 years, but now the stakes are higher and there are expectations of winning…so we’ll see.

  65. Mark Moore

    Scratched back for one. Too bad Benson didn’t swipe 2nd before that.

  66. RedsGettingBetter

    Weaver with 80 pitches overall in 3 IP and threw 41 pitches in the 3rd…Another Bullpen taxing game… But the Reds really don’t need starting pitching because the FO didn’t add anybody

  67. Mark A Verticchio

    Maile has really hurt tonight.

    • Ted Alfred

      Worst game for him that I can remember this year

      • Melvin

        Maybe pitching is taking it out of him. I doubt he’s throwing max effort on the mound but you never know. lol

  68. Harry Stoner

    Maile’s Ohtani impersonation falling flat.

  69. Jason Franklin

    Will the Weevil be out again for the next inning?

  70. MEGGO

    thats 2 fastballs taken for third strike swing!!!!!!!!!

  71. Mark Moore

    And we get the debut of Sam Moll. Hope we can turn a couple Bike Helmets for him to get him started.

    • Mark Moore

      Didn’t realize he debuted during one of my last Cletes.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. If you’d stay around you would know that! 😀

    • Harry Stoner

      Moll pitched in the 1st game of the series, Mark.

  72. Melvin

    That ball should have been caught. He misjudged it in the glove.

    • JB

      The outfielders haven’t had a good series.

  73. J

    By all means, keep hitting your highest OPS guy 8th so he can keep getting on base for your worst hitter. What could possibly go wrong?

    • JB

      Because you want a guy who is completely slow running the bases between a fast runner and the fastest runner in baseball. Logical isn’t it?

      • J

        It makes so much sense, I can hardly stand it.

  74. Mark A Verticchio

    This team has totally unraveled in Chicago, need to get home and make up for this disaster asap. They have looked like a team not ready for the big time. Sadek also needs to go do Cub games.

    • Rex

      I was disappointed that after the trade deadline we still had Sadek

  75. Mark Moore

    Friedl to EDLC to You.Are.Out.Nick!!

  76. Dennis Westrick

    Weaver is just awful folks! Hate to have to use the bullpen again in the 4th inning but this game is still winnable if we don’t give up double digits runs again! AND, Happ & Bellinger have killed Reds pitching all series!

    • J

      But they had to let him start the inning just in case he suddenly became good.

  77. Melvin

    hahaha You don’t score on De La Cruz.

  78. Dennis Westrick

    Philadelphia trades for Lorenzen and we add the bailiff from Night Court (Moll)!

  79. Melvin

    Benson just scares me one way or another on just about every ball. He looks like a guy just learning how to play the outfield.

    • JB

      His first step is terrible. He needs to play with his back on the wall. That way his first step will be awesome.

      • Melvin

        Yeah but he misjudged that last one coming in and almost didn’t get it. Could he be near sighted? 🙂

  80. Mark Moore

    OK, I was accidentally on the Bally TV audio feed. No wonder my head was hurting. I checked the option several times just knowing it was Sadak … I was correct! 😀

  81. Mark Moore

    Moll shuts it down and now we can continue to chip away at the Stupid Cubs.

    Still searching for Jobu … and getting ready to sober him up.

  82. Melvin

    Wait a minute. Cubs didn’t score that inning?

  83. Dennis Westrick

    It’s a miracle! A new relief pitcher for the Reds who doesn’t walk the first batter he faces!

    • Melvin

      Hasn’t been around long enough to know that’s not the way we do it here.


        Must be an A’s thing! Maybe the BP can learn from him.

  84. Mark Moore

    Is TJ perhaps still trying to hit it out rather than hit line drives?

  85. Mark A Verticchio

    Freidl should not be batting 2nd anymore.

    • Melvin

      It would be okay with me if he and Benson switched at least for a little while.

  86. Indy Red Man

    Are they ever going to swap Benson and Freidl? This is the kind of no-brainer that anyone can figure out

  87. Mark A Verticchio

    The Reds will eventually need to find 1 or 2 outfielders, Freidl and Fraley are not championship quality hitters.

    • Indy Red Man

      Fraleys ops is 900 vs righties. He’s hitting like .340 with risp too.

    • J

      It’s fine to have a center fielder like Friedl who plays good defense, knows how to bunt, and has some power. What isn’t fine is having him hitting 2nd every day when he should clearly be hitting 8th or 9th.

  88. JB

    Moll is pitching to good. Better remove him. We have 8 more relievers to use tonight.

  89. Mark A Verticchio

    There is no way Newman makes that play.

    • Mark Moore

      Nope. Probably not India either.

  90. Mark Moore

    OK, Employee #19. You have one job here.

    • Mark Moore

      That was NOT what I had in mind.

  91. Melvin

    I wouldn’t pinch hit for Votto here after hitting two HR last night against a lefty. Wouldn’t be surprised though.

  92. Harry Stoner

    Odds of Steer hitting 35 2Bs for the year?


  93. JB

    Steer on second with no outs. Not looking good. Cubs got us where they want us

  94. Mark Moore

    And we’re left with Maile to make something happen. I’m not holding my breath tonight.

  95. Indy Red Man

    Leiter comes in and you know it’s over. We don’t have a middle reliever like that

  96. JB

    I root for players to hit a homer because they aren’t capable of stringing together three hits in a row.

  97. Mark A Verticchio

    It just seem to be the Reds series thank God the won on Monday or the stupid Cubs would be tied with them. This Cub hot streak will end.

  98. Mario

    Maile has left a ton of guys on base tonight. With Casali still out, he should play the whole game though.

  99. Melvin

    Man. Our outfielders are having a hard time lately.

  100. Mark Moore

    If Leiter comes back out, he’ll throw nothing but breaking garbage to EDLC. And if said rookie didn’t pay attention to JV and Benson, the results won’t be pretty.

    • Mark Moore

      I really don’t like being right about that.

      • J

        Too bad they don’t have someone on the coaching staff reading these comments so they’d know what to expect.

      • Mark Moore

        Or anyone paying attention to the obvious pattern who might be sitting in the dugout. SMH Extra Hard again

  101. J

    I wonder what the score of tonight’s game would have been if the Reds had been able to find one major league team willing to make one fair trade for one halfway decent starting pitcher at some point in the past month. We’ll never know…

    • Optimist

      Just for the math – combined Minor+Weaver 2022/2023 – 187 IP, 6.49 ERA. Will they learn this offseason?

  102. Mark Moore

    And TJ wasn’t paying attention either. 4 lefties. Exact same result.

    • J

      Why change an approach just because it’s not working? That’s not the Reds’ way. You just keep doing whatever you feel like doing, and when it fails, you just keep doing it again.

  103. JB

    The Braves won’t swing at any of the crap Leiter or whoever throws. They did it to the Brewers and they will do it to the Cubs. Reds? Swinging away…

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. The Braves are the real deal this year. It’s another game where I have to remind myself we weren’t even supposed to sniff this kind of record this season.

      But fear not, HDTBell has the next 3 years to whip these boys into shape. Or to invite them all over for a BBQ. Or whatever it is he does because “they love to play for him”.

      And, no, Krall isn’t completely off the hook from where I sit. I do think, as Jim Walker stated elsewhere, that his hands were pretty well tied by the BobPhil Monster. Which is why a team playing in the upper half of the league has the #30 Field Manager for the foreseeable future.

      I’m good for our half of the 9th as long as the Stupid Cubs don’t score on Ian. Then I’m probably going to let that Clete that has been loading complete.

  104. Indy Red Man

    11 of next 14 at home with 3 at Pittsburgh.
    If we don’t do some damage then we’ll get passed by. CES is a quick learner but they had to hold him down all this time. Simple adjustments like Benson for Freidl? Reds are their own worst enemy…year after year

  105. Mark A Verticchio

    Seems like the Reds have tanked it for tonight. Just awful swings in a game they could have really used. It wasn’t a must win game but it would have been nice. It does set up a must win home stand. Finally would somebody please tell Sadek who writes his checks, hint it’s not the Cubs John.

  106. Indy Red Man

    Decent shot we can do something vs Meriweather or Alzolay though. Both are throwers more then pitchers

  107. Votto4life

    This season is feeling a lot like 2021. The Reds and Brewers were in a tight race until the second half started, then the Cardinals caught fire, much like the Cubs this season, and left both teams in the dust. The 2023 Cubs may not have a second half as good as the 2021 Cardinals, but the Reds are certainly trending downward. A below .500 finish now seems possible.

    Failure to add pitching at the deadline may go down as one of the teams all time blunders.

    • JB

      2021 was when Bell got the extension and team fell apart. Deja Vu?

  108. J

    I was told the nice thing about extending Bell is that the players want to play for him and will always play hard for him. I wish this included things other than running fast from first to third. For example:

    a) Not striking out on check swings so often
    b) Not taking called third strikes so often
    b) Looking to take more walks
    c) Learning how to bunt
    d) Learning how to move a runner over or hit a fly ball when it’s useful
    e) Paying more attention to what’s been going on, and not making the same mistakes over and over and over
    f) Attempting to steal bases when it makes sense to steal them, and not just whenever you happen to feel like it
    g) Remembering to look at baserunners so they don’t get an enormous jump
    h) framing pitches the way other catchers do

    I mean, they definitely swing very hard and run very hard when they’re on base, but there’s more to playing hard than just doing those things. All of the items on this list are under the player’s control — it’s up to the player to try to do these things or not do them — and I see little effort being made to accomplish any of them. I understand baseball is hard and nobody’s perfect, but where is the EFFORT?

    • J

      I should try harder to learn my alphabet. We all have weak spots.

      • Mark Moore

        Well, yeah … but b and b go hand in glove on that list.

    • Mark Moore


      Aside from “h” where I’m thinking that doesn’t work on all the Chumpires and actually PO’s some of them, I’m right with you. It’s fundamental baseball at a very high level. And we really need to do this.

      As “Jimmy Duggan” said to “Evelyn” in League of Their Own … “That’s something I’d like you to work on before next season.”

  109. JB

    Good to see my boy Steer show up tonight. Anybody else?

    • Mario

      Just comparing stats – Steer has been as good as Goldschmidt this year.

  110. Mark Moore

    And Steer says, “This is how you do it.”

  111. Indy Red Man

    Like I said…their other guys are hittable

  112. Melvin

    There’s ONE! Steer opposite field! 🙂

  113. Indy Red Man

    Alzolay got a super lucky save vs the Cards the other night. 2 lasers in the 9th. I like Benson and maybe pinch hit for Maile

  114. Mark Moore

    I’m done commenting for tonight. I need to hit the showers … no, really. 😛

  115. Mark A Verticchio

    Recently with loss tonight the Reds will be 3 and 10 against the other two teams competing for the N.L. Central, that is not the way you win a division.

  116. JB

    That’s how you pitch to Morel , Weaver. Take notes. Alot of notes.

  117. J

    At least Diaz is getting plenty of rest.

  118. JB

    Typical Reds pitching. Score a run and then give it right back.

  119. J

    First place was fun while it lasted. Maybe the Reds will be there again sometime this season, but they’re going to have to bite the bullet and admit they’ve got guys in the minors who are better than some of the guys in the majors.

    • J

      You can’t always wait for injuries to make these tough decisions for you. Sometimes you just have to say to a guy “you’re not good enough to be here” and replace him even if he’s not hurt. That’s something winning teams tend to do.

  120. J

    Good to let Maile hit for himself so his feelings don’t get hurt.

  121. JB

    No pinch hit for Maile? White flag came early.

    • J

      This isn’t a serious baseball team. It’s an emotional support group.

    • Protime

      Bell, Krall, and ownership the perfect recipe where mediocrity is confused as success. The future was now, and it has come and gone for the Reds in 2023. Pathetic and inexcusable. A travesty to the loyal fan base…

  122. Indy Red Man

    Here comes all the negative Nellie’s. I’m out til we get a big lead on Corbin tomorrow night.

    I feel like Lodolo will end up as a high leverage reliever like Alzolay

  123. Beroader

    The biggest problem I see for this team in the long term is the strikeout and walk rate. 14 strikeouts today against only 2 walks. They aren’t going to be able to score consistently with rates like that. The young players need to improve their approach and plate discipline. Otherwise, they are going to get consistently victimized by superior pitching.

    • LT

      Agree 100%. The problem really shows when our hitters have 2 strides vs when Cubs hitters have 2 strikes. We almost always struck out when behind 2 strikes. On the other hands Cubs hitters did not chased, fouled off tough pitches, and ended up with walk. We lost this game due to offense, not pitching.

      • J

        As I said above: playing hard for a manager ought to include things like deciding you’re going to stop swinging so much if you’re consistently swinging at balls, deciding you’re not going to keep taking third strikes if that’s what you keep doing, and shortening your swing when the situation calls for it. These things are 100% in the players’ control, but most of them don’t seem interested in making any effort to improve.

  124. J

    Something is pretty wrong with the composition of the team if you’ve made no substitutions but feel you’ve got to let Maile to hit for himself in that situation. If you don’t think any of your right handed hitters are better hitters than Maile, you’ve got to get rid of at least one of them.

  125. LarkinPhillips

    David bell post game interview “nothing is going to change” said it numerous times. Very encouraging for a fan.

  126. gusnwally

    Would it cost us a lot of our best prospects to bring up Kennedy and pitch him instead of Weaver. He pitched very nice for us, if I remember correctly.

  127. Hanginwithem

    Doesn’t matter who is added to pitch. Bell has demonstrated he can’t successfully manage a pitching staff.

  128. Hanginwithem

    Reds could have stayed with interim manager Riggleman for 2019 and beyond. It can be argued he was a better fit for impending lengthy rebuild instead of hiring zero-experience Bell away from Giants front office. It was curious in light of fact that Buddy was/is VP, senior advisor to GM. David Bell’s tenure has been underwhelming, to say the least, and his recent extension is even more curious.