The Cincinnati Reds announced that they had placed second baseman Jonathan India on the 10-day injured list with plantar fasciitis. The move was retroactive to yesterday. Stuart Fairchild is being called up from Triple-A to take his roster spot.

Last night, following the game in Los Angeles, we found out that Jonathan India had an MRI on his foot. He was initially in the Reds starting lineup on Saturday, but was scratched due to the issue with his foot. India had been 3-18 over the last five games. On the season he has played in 103 games and has hit .251/.336/.409 with 12 steals, 20 doubles, and 14 home runs.

Cincinnati’s depth makes this move a little less painful that losing a starting infielder otherwise would. While India is out it’s likely that Matt McLain will start at second base every day with Elly De La Cruz playing at shortstop. Spencer Steer and Christian Encarnacion-Strand are likely to both see action over at third base, with Encarnacion-Strand also seeing time at first and the designated hitter role. It makes David Bell’s job a little bit easier when it comes to shuffling the lineup on a daily basis where he was trying to keep everyone on a mostly regular schedule and getting at-bats and playing time.

Stuart Fairchild is back with the Reds after spending the last month in Triple-A with Louisville. In 66 games with Cincinnati he hit .237/.339/.404 – basically what Jonathan India was hitting. In his 19 games with the Bats in the minor leagues he hit well, posting a .284/.379/.482 line. Fairchild, though, had been far more successful against left-handed pitching in the big leagues. Against lefties he hit .262/.385/.400. He showed good power against righties, but hit just .220 and had a .305 on-base percentage to go along with his .407 slugging percentage.

At this point we don’t know how long the club expects Jonathan India to be out. India told C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic that he hoped he would only miss the minimum amount of time.

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  1. Mark Moore

    It’s definitely a tricky injury. Frankly, this probably explains some of what we’ve seen (not the wild swings at 3rd strikes). Our IF defense should be improved. Having Fairchild as an OF option helps immensely (4 actual outfielders plus Senzel as an extra when needed).

    I’m still anticipating some trade action, but I’m not expecting any blockbuster deal of any kind. I hate to use “hope as a strategy” (I actually rail on that in my professional life), but I’m hoping we can hold things together well enough and get out of some of the slumps. This team is capable of producing and we know it.

    Quick and complete healing to India.

    • Optimist

      This should be short term addition by subtraction and longer term addition by addition.

      Stu improves OF defense and has the niche offensive value noted, and the IF defense improves as well.

      Get India fully healthy asap, but no sooner, and he has very good value as well.

      Best news is Reds depth finally puts them in this situation when it matters.

  2. Hanawi

    I’d be surprised if CES played any 3B with Steer, Senzel and Newman on the roster still. Probably going to see more Newman than anything.

    • Old Big Ed

      You are probably right. Steer is not a defensive stalwart, wherever you play him, but I suppose that they will give him some time at 3B. They may slot CES at 3B in a late-inning pinch, but this has Newman written all over it.

      • David

        Fairchild largely becomes Fraley’s “platoon” partner. And hopefully, Senzel plays a lot more 3rd base, his natural position, where he is a very good fielder.
        With McLain at 2nd and EDLC at short, with Senzel at 3rd, is actually a pretty good defensive infield.
        Spencer Steer is a game player, but I really don’t want to watch him hack around at 3rd base. I don’t think it is good for him to be continually moved around.
        Leftfield, where he is adequate, and 1st base.
        Encarnacion – Strand at 1st base and DH.

  3. Old-school

    Can we just go with Steer 3b elly SS mcLain 2b and CES 1b and let them settle in so we know what each can do where? We know McLain can play a good SS and Elly can play a good 3b

    Let votto dh against righties and give him a spot start or 2 a week at first

    If this infield looks good- then Marte steps in at 3b next year and Steer and Ces can rotate 1b and DH and the infield is strong and deep and young

    • Jim Walker

      Recall that Bell was just extended and needs those interchangeable pieces so he can micromanage to prove he deserved the extention 😉

      • Mark Moore


        +1,000 for saying what is on many of our minds.

      • old-school

        I actually had a sarcastic post drafted for Bell’s anticipated starting lineup with a lefty starter….and yes…it had Newman leading off and playing 3b and all sorts of machinations. We will see in Chicago.

        Fairchild does strengthen the line up against lefties and with Newman, Senzel,Steer, CES, McLain, Elly and Maile/Stephenson needing reps, does Bell actually bench votto against lefty pitchers?

      • David

        @ Old School.

        Yes, at this point in his career, Joey should sit against Lefties. Steer or CES play first base/DH.
        Or Maile catches and Stephenson is DH, Steer in Left, Fairchild in Right.

        This also gives some more flexibility, as Fairchild can also play center and spell Friedl, who needs a day off once in a while. Playing CF everyday can wear a player down.

    • Mark Moore

      Stop trying to make sense. It just makes your brain hurt (I know it does mine). 😛

    • CI3J

      That’s what SHOULD happen.

      But it 100% WON’T happen.

      David Bell is the manager, after all.

    • Harry Stoner

      For those pining to trade India, here’s a chance to test things out without him.

      For RLN Fairchild fans…he’s back.

      I agree with Jim and BOE….likely will see even more of the Bell Shuffle, as India was a fixture.

      Newman will get time at 3rd.

      Maybe SF cuts into some of Benson’s time against LHs?

      The Senzel, Steer, Fairchild logjam in the OF will be back, though.

      • jmb

        Steer in left (where he hasn’t made an error), straight platoons in center and right–Friedl and Fairbanks, Fraley and Senzel. Yes, Benson is again the odd man out (good trade chip). Since he’s been playing more, his average is down. Since Senzel has been playing less, his numbers are down. CES is struggling at the plate–do they just let him work through it or send him back down?

  4. Rick

    Welcome back SF!
    Get well India!
    Eli Manning struggled with his injury. Lingered, case by case.
    Najee Harris as well, again case by case, different area of the foot.

    • jmb

      He’s got one of those foot fascists. Heard a guy got arrested for that somewhere in the South. I guess he kept bothering this young lady, asking to see her feet.

    • Harry Stoner

      I’ve dealt with it off and on my adult life, courtesy of working in shops with concrete floors.

      When it flairs up, it’s crippling.

      I’ve got a stretch routine religion that I stick to….religiously.

      No longer rely on orthotics or a compression band even in running shoes.

      I hope India’s case works out….it can take awhile and become chronic.

  5. Tim

    I’m hoping a break revitalizes India. India at his best is pretty good. Fairchild is a solid performer and we should be fine for a few days or weeks if necessary. This is the week that decides Joeys role for the rest of the season. Hopefully he returns to form.

    • Rick

      I had forgotten about him. That lingered with him too. Lot of weight on those feet.

    • Rick

      His 2 run homer on a hanger looked good. Hoping he does more of that.

  6. VaRedsFan

    I took note that India looks like he’s running barefoot on glass when going down the line. Even when “healthy”. Wonder how long it’s been nagging him?
    He’s a guy that would try to play through it IMO.

    • Rick

      I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s been quiet awhile.
      I have chronic rt foot issues & sometimes you try and compensate for it and cause additional issues.

  7. Ted Alfred

    I don’t know what to say about Votto. I don’t understand how he is still playing everyday the way he swinging the bat. He’s terrible defensively, so if he’s not going to hit he just can’t play…that was just a brutal AB with the guy on 3rd and one out

  8. Doc

    Such a nice balanced set of batting averages across the starting lineup except for the one guy who is 52 points lower than the next lowest hitter. That would qualify as a potential rally stopper in my league.

    • Rick

      Yes he is. And if he’s figured some things out, watch out. That would give Matt some additional rbi production. Perfect hit and run pairing there.

  9. Max BRAGG

    Anyone that has a foot problem knows it takes longer than 10 days,so let’s go with the KIDS. My concern is still NO move for a QUALITY left handed reliever. Senzel has to be ODD man out in this deal(Trade Bait).

    • Rick

      That foot statement is dead on.
      Another lefty & a solid 8th inning guy or one in the same.
      I’m guessing that we add one pitcher of some sort. I think that they are waiting on our injured guys to return plus an outsider added(imo). The are saying that Lodolo is possibly late August barring a setback They may use him or Williamson as a 2nd lefty from the pen.
      Reds are supposedy showing interest in Detroit s Eduardo Rodriguez if he’ll lock in those final 3 years of his contract since he can opt out after this season.
      That would be a top heavy lefty group of lefty starters for 24. One not named Abbott would have to go atleast in the off season.