First of all: screw the Brewers. After a 5-game winning streak, the Reds stumble again vs. Milwaukee, but all is not lost. The team is still in good position as we approach August, and Nate and I try to accentuate the positive.

We also talked about what the Reds need to do at the trade deadline…and teased a big announcement to come about episode #500!

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33 Responses

  1. Doc

    Cubs inched to within four games of the Reds. These next seven games, which include four against the Cubs, are looming far more important every day.

  2. doofus

    Need more pitching. Possibly another solid hitter.

  3. Votto4life

    I would like to see them add a solid starter or two. But I don’t want them to add anyone if they are only marginally better than what we have now.

    • Mark Moore


      The asking prices are likely higher than what we’re willing to go, so I’m actually OK with us standing pat at this point.

      • Rick

        + 1,000

        Greene is closer to starting a rehab assignment. Weaver replacement.
        Find us a strike throwing reliever if reasonably possible.

    • Steelerfan

      Assuming it does not cost a top ten prospect (however you interpret that)would you take a lorenzen type to add to the back of the rotation and maybe lessen inning limitation issues for Abbott and the guys coming back from injury? He specifically obviously also has bullpen experience if the injured guys come back.

      If the prices on starting pitching are prohibitive (and I think they might be) I hope they look at adding some relief help. That also could shorten the starters workloads and help relieve the burden on Diaz. I was disappointed to see Miami get Robertson.

  4. Rednat

    the pitching is there to keep us competitive.
    Do we have enough offense to carry us? will our young reds hit a wall?
    i think the big question is are we buyers or sellers? Do we continue to go all “Rays way” and trade India and perhaps Stephenson for more prospects for the future or do we “go all in” and try to get a veteran hitter or 2?

    • TJ tom

      Will Abbott bow out because of combined minor/major league innings? That needs to be considered as we look ahead this year

    • Pete

      I worry that we would be selling low on India and Stevenson. I really don’t think we have enough pitching the bullpen is being totally wore out. Personally, I will be a little disappointed if we don’t add a couple relievers.

      • jmb

        If the Reds could land Grandal (who should cost some prospect like Acosta, the guy the Reds got for Drury), Stephenson could be included in a trade. Seems some combo of him and players like Siani, Dunn (AA centerfielder), Barrero, Senzel, and/or Newman should be able to land a starter and a reliever, maybe two starters. Toronto’s Manoah is not the guy to get for a playoff run, but he’d be a nice little project for the coaches to get straightened out.

    • Steelerfan

      Behind a paywall, but there is an athletic report that reds are not going to trade India in season but will look at it offseason. That makes sense to me. Don’t want to mess with the team chemistry now, and we might be selling low as you noted, but with infield depth you could move later and shore up whatever weakness seems most pressing once season is done (e.g. how do the injured starters look coming back).

      • LarkinPhillips

        I’m just glad the rumors were leaked the first day of the Brewers series. Only to be peeled back after that series. Seems suspicious. *puts tin foil hat on..

      • Rick

        Yeah, trading India only works in the off season. I changed my viewpoint on that after seeing the guys in the dugout rallying around him, and McLain speaking out for him.
        India & Stephenson are past due for a hot streak, and we need that.
        Actually, all of the vets need to pick up the young guys now.
        Tough stretch coming up.

      • jmb

        Some were calling for him to be traded in the first month or two of the season, when he was hot and other teams were calling. But water was dumped on that fire; he wouldn’t be moved till the off-season many surmised at the time. So that line holds, it seems, for now. Though the trade deadline has not passed.

      • doofus

        India needs to go back to 3b. He is not a secondbaseman. His range and hands are below average for that position.

  5. LarkinPhillips

    This trade deadline has been a “dead line” thus far. Hope it picks up the next couple days.

  6. Jim t

    Would love to take 2 of 3 from the Dodgers this weekend. Want to stay in the race which helps the young players develop.

  7. Brian Rutherford

    I agree with Chad. I believe AA’s early statistics clearly point to him becoming the greatest pitcher in the history of BB. No doubt about it.

    Love your show guys. Thanks for the content.

  8. Votto4life

    I agree it’s more likely that India and Stephenson will be traded in the offseason. I suspect one of the two will be traded (most likely India). Although both could be traded.

    Maybe they will give Stephenson another year to see if he fully recovers.

    I think the Reds have better, cheaper options at second base. if India is traded say in November, it will give the team time to adjust before they report to Spring Training.

    I just get the feeling if the Reds do make a trade this weekend, it would be to acquire someone like Lance Lynn. I would rather see the Reds stick to what they have now than trading away prospects for an “innings eater” like Lynn.

    • BK

      I agree. I see little value in adding Lynn. Given the impending roster crunch coming in the next 30 days or so as pitchers begin to come off the 60-day IL, I suspect that Phillips is the Red’s fallback plan if they can’t find a quality starting pitcher with team control or an affordable “rental.” The Reds would likely prefer to keep Phillips off the 40-man until the deadline dealing is complete. A LHP reliever or any reliever that would strengthen the bullpen would also be welcome additions.

      • Votto4life

        Yeah if Lance Lynn is your big move then you not all that serious about winning. I suspect the deadline will come and go without the Reds adding a significant piece.

        The big test will come this winter, when the Reds will either spend money to improve the team or sit tight and pay out dividends. If anyone tells you they know which path the Reds will take, they will be lying.

    • Rick

      I agree. Trading India works better in the offseason thus avoiding chemistry disruption & our guys can adjust through the downtime.
      I could see it both ways on Stephenson. His defense isn’t great, and the league has adjusted to him and his plate discipline has disappeared. That’s not clavicle related. Him & India have allowed the awful Umpiring to affect their ability to shake off that element.

  9. Pete

    Rosenthal and Morsi are reporting the Dodgers are finalizing a deal for Joe Kelly and Lance Lynn. Don’t who is going the other way yet…

    • Pete

      Both have negative WARS. Dodgers appear desperate.

      • Old Big Ed

        The theory is that Lynn’s “peripherals” this year are not that much worse than in his prior years, despite the 28 HRs that he has yielded. In particular, his percentage of fly balls that have been HRs is wacky-high, and in some quarters, that ratio is deemed to reflect bad luck rather than bad pitching.

        I am skeptical of that theory. I think Lynn this year is like Luke Weaver, with both of them throwing an inordinate amount of god-awful pitches that MLB hitters just destroy. It isn’t bad luck to throw a hitting-speed fastball right down the middle; it is bad pitching.

        I’m all for the Dodgers taking that risk on Lynn, and I’m glad that the Reds did not.

  10. Old Big Ed

    I think that the Reds’ single biggest need is a left-handed reliever. (This more or less assumes that Greene can and will replace Weaver in the rotation soon, or maybe Connor Phillips is used in that role for a couple of times through the rotation.)

    Brad Hand of the Rockies would seem to be a reasonable target. He has had recent success with the Phillies (143 ERA+ and 3.93 FIP in 2022) and has handled lefties very well this year in Colorado. He’s been bad against RH hitters, but he will also be getting out of Colorado.

    Brent Suter is another useful lefty in Colorado, and probably having a better year than Hand. Suter has local roots, but alas, he is not from Middletown.

  11. Crestwood Craig

    I don’t like to dampen the excitement of the performance to date, but I am concerned about giving away the farm for potential short term gains. Also, anyone else notice EDLC’s stats over the month of July. OBS of .257 (23 out of 90). Let’s keep things in perspective, this current team is not playing in the WS this year. Slow & steady wins long term.

    • wkuchad

      Craig, just curious, is the Crestwood in you moniker for Crestwood, KY?

      • Crestwood Craig

        Yes it is. Are you in the area as well? Other than opening night for the Bats, missed seeing EDLC, CES, McClain, Benson & others.

      • wkuchad

        Yes I am. Hello Oldham County neighbor!

  12. doofus

    India needs to go back to 3b. He is not a secondbaseman. His range and hands are below average for that position.

    • Old Big Ed

      That is probably a correct opinion.

      Noelvi Marte is likely to be the third basemen next year, although maybe not until May. The Reds would not need prospects for India, who will be a potential trade piece in the offseason, probably for pitching depth.

      My take on India is that he tends to over-swing, sorta like Eugenio Suarez did in his last couple of years. India would be better off as a gap hitter, with maybe 15 homers in a year (and fewer strikeouts and GIDPs) but more doubles and a higher average. I think he would do better in a big ballpark like Miami that would reward a gap hitter and not tempt him to swing for the fences.