Three consecutive sixth-inning solo homers powered the Cincinnati Reds to their fourth straight win, 4-2 over the Arizona Diamondbacks before 40,625 at Great American Ball Park.

Final R H E
Arizona Diamondbacks (54-45) 2 5 1
Cincinnati Reds (54-46)
4 6 o
W: Williamson (2-2) L: Pfaadt (0-4) Sv: Diaz (29)
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Trailing 1-0 going to the bottom of the sixth, T.J. Friedl, Matt McLain and Jake Fraley hit consecutive solo big flies off Diamondbacks righty Brandon Pfaadt to thrill a sellout crowd and give the home team a lead they would not relinquish.

Fraley had a rather colorful description of how he reacted to the two batters in front of him going long:

The win brings Cincinnati back within one game of first-place Milwaukee, pending the results of the Brewers-Braves game this evening. As this post went live early Saturday evening Eastern time, the Reds are in the third Wild-Card playoff spot — one-half game ahead of the Phillies, and one-half game behind Arizona. Should the Reds sweep the series Sunday, they will bypass the Diamondbacks in the Wild Card standings.

The Offense

For the game, Cincinnati hitters batted 6-for-31, including the three solo homers. They struck out eight times while drawing one walk.

Friedl and Spencer Steer had two hits apiece, and Fraley knocked in two runs to top the individual statistical categories.

The home team lost a big chance to blow the game open in the first inning. Steer, batting first in the order, led off with a hit. Friedl then reached on a fielding error, then Arizona starter Brandon Pfaadt hit McLain to load the bases with nobody out. But none of the trio of Fraley, Jonathan India and Joey Votto was able to plate any of their teammates on base.

Between then and the bottom of the sixth, Pfaadt retired every Cincinnati batter through Steer to lead off the inning. But then the trio of Friedl, McLain and Fraley went back-to-back-to-back with solo homers for the first time this year, giving the home team their first scores and a 3-1 lead.

Cincinnati scored a big insurance run in the bottom of the eighth against righthander Scott McGough. Steer led off with a single, followed by a Friedl double. McLain struck out for the first out, but Fraley then hit a grounder to first for the second out. But …

Elly De La Cruz, who Manager David Bell brought on to pinch-run for Steer, dashed home on the grounder, sliding head-first to score easily.

The Pitching

Today’s game pitching line for the Reds team: 9 innings, 5 hits, 2 runs (both earned), 1 walk and eight strikeouts. Any time you see a number of three or less in the walks column, it portends well for a good team effort.

Brandon Williamson’s first three innings were his most impressive so far in his brief major league career. He retired all nine batters on 29 pitches, 22 of which were strikes. Arizona didn’t put good wood on any of the balls they hit. It was a moment in time that he and all Cincinnati fans wish he could bottle and replicate innumerable times in the coming seasons.

In the fourth, Williamson walked leadoff batter Ketel Marte. After a Corbin Carroll sacrifice bunt, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. popped out foul, and Christian Walker struck out swinging. It was a 21-pitch inning, which put Williamson at 50 pitches after four.

Evan Longoria’s double leading off the top of the fifth was Arizona’s first hit, but as in the previous inning, Williamson retired the side without any runs scoring.

Arizona broke the scoreless tie in the sixth on a leadoff double by Jake McCarthy, followed by an RBI single by Marte. This sixth-inning defensive gem by Will Benson helped Williamson limit the visitors to only one run in the frame:

In his six innings, Williamson allowed only three hits and a walk, and the sixth inning run. He dropped his seasonal ERA to 4.60. In July, he’s allowed five earned runs in 20 innings, for a 2.25 ERA. If I’m David Bell, I’m running him out there every fifth day as long as that continues.

Ian Gibaut pitched a 1-2-3 seventh, followed by Alex Young duplicating that feat in the eighth.

Alexis Diaz got his 29th save despite allowing a solo ninth-inning homer to Carroll and a following Walker double. Lefthanded pinch-hitter Alek Thomas, representing the tying run, struck out swinging to end it.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Arizona Diamondbacks at Cincinnati Reds

Sunday, July 23, 1:40 p.m. ET

TBA vs. Luke Weaver (2-2, 7.22 ERA)

158 Responses

  1. LT

    Top 4 of the lineup was money today. Player of the game is Williamson for sure.

    For tomorrow game, I wonder if Bell will put EDLC back at the top.

  2. Tim

    Please don’t put EDLC back at lead off. For his sake and the team. Today was a good picture of what happens when your top four are all producing

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      That’s why I was looking for a batter like Benson up there. Baseball 101, put your better hitters at the top to get them the most AB’s. Doesn’t have to be Benson, granted, but when Benson has been leading the Reds (those who have more than 5 starts in the league) in every important offensive category for over 30 days now. . .

      The only problem with this team, there’s so many good bats, it’s hard to get them all “near the top” of the order. But, Benson 9th? Nope.

  3. Harry Stoner

    I get a little dizzy thinking: “What if Williamson is really getting it together?”

    • LT

      Me too. He has the arsenal if pitches to be a middle of the pack, 3 or 4 starter. As he gains more confidence, he’ll become even better.

      • RedlegScott

        Right. Williamson, Lively, and our two top guys doing great lately. Tomorrow might be Weaver’s last chance at redemption with Stoudt and Phillips waiting in the wings. Fingers crossed that the superb starting pitching stands up. If it does, with Greene coming back, Lodolo, too, eventually, we might just escape the need for acquiring another starter. Wouldn’t that be nice?

      • JayTheRed

        Always like Williamson since the Reds got him. Seems to put in a really strong effort and like others have said he seems to be putting things together. I could see him being a solid #3 or really good #4 option in the rotation.

        Still want the Reds to go out and get at least one decent starting pitcher. After watching Lynn give up 9 runs yesterday, I have no interest in him at all. Guy just isn’t that good anymore. Never really liked him as a pitcher even when he was decent.

      • Earmbrister

        Yeah Redleg, that’s been my view. And Ashcraft regaining his f pool orm has helped to enable the stand pat posture.

        A controllable reliever would be a nice add.

    • Colorado Red

      That would be a big help.
      Greene getting ready to come back, this could be a very dangerous team in the post season.
      Steaky, and be good and bad.

    • AllTheHype

      Gotta think DJ had a HUGE influence on him, both technically and mentally. He was not this good in MiLs and now he can command and has gained some velo too. DJ clearly had some positive influence in his development, and it’s great to see.

      • DaveCT

        He was pretty good in the minors with Seattle. But he scuffled last year and ‘lost’ his fastball and the results weren’t good. To see him hitting 94-95 is really encouraging. But I also agree with the point that DJ, as well as three major league catchers, has helped his development. He’s obviously been working, too.

      • AllTheHype

        Yup, he was better in Mariner’s system, which seems to suggest he developed some bad habits technically after the trade but DJ straightened that out. It’s all conjecture, but I’d like to think the evidence points to DJ identifying & fixing some things in his game.

    • redfanorbust

      Agreed. Probably drives the front office crazy every time a SP comes out of nowhere and performs well over multiple games ie Abbott, Lively now Williamson. “Should we trade for SP or not”?

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It seems clear that he has made a very big step, whatever that’s been. He’s getting ahead of hitters, not messing around on the edges of the zone. He could be a rotation regular moving forward.

      • B-town Fan

        I know I’m nit picking the win here but why was Williamson taken out after only 80 pitches, he could have gone one more inning I would think unless it was really hot down on the field today. I am still worried the bullpen is gonna get worn down come the end of August.

      • greenmtred

        He was starting to miss his spots and Arizona was hitting the ball pretty hard. The game was too close to allow for any leeway.

    • Brayan O'Malley

      I’m on record saying that the Reds starting 5 should be L-R-L-R-L: Lodolo – Greene – Abbott – Ashcraft – Williamson. GLORIOUS DAYS AHEAD OF US!!!

      • JayTheRed

        I would be good with that rotation if Lobdolo and Green can come back from their injuries ok.

        What I keep thinking about is if we could slot someone who is a solid starting pitcher like a #2 or #3 type guy in the middle there and then use Williamson as insurance.

    • DHud

      I get a little dizzy thinking that maybe acquiring a SP would be a luxury and not a need

      One doesn’t have to squint real hard to see a playoff caliber rotation of Greene Lodolo Ashcraft Abbott and Williamson

      • Brad

        Won’t Abbott be shut down due to an inning limit well before the postseason? If I am correct he has only pitched about 115-120 innings in a year making me believe the reds would shut him down around 160 this year.

      • DHud


        I was thinking more next year than this to be completely honest

        But I also seem to remember the reds saying that they wouldn’t be holding Abbott to a hard innings limit this year. Anyone else confirm/deny?

  4. Tampa Red

    It’s really incredible how much more confident and in command Williamson looks on the mound now. His first several games, he looked like he didn’t belong and he knew it. Now? Certified big league pitcher, and he knows it.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I’ve been impressed with him, also. He and Lively could make it tough to call a starting rotation next season.

  5. Klugo

    Starting pitching has been there lately.

    Seems like I been seeing lotsa these Reds HRs on pitchers counts.

    Cant not love this group.

  6. LT

    I am also dizzy thinking that Reds played 23 games above average since the 7-22 starting debacle. It explains why we don’t have better record than SF or Az. The poor start put us deep in a hole.

    • Andrew Brewer

      The start this year was 7-15 before they got going. Last year was the 3-22 debacle.

      • LT

        Thanks. How did I get the two years mixed up? They were both bad starting years I guess 🙂

    • Capnhook33

      They were 7-15 not 7-22. But literally right after they fell to that point they won 5 in a row, and in fact at one point were 9 games under near the end of may.

      I think a better way to look at it is outside of the 12 game win streak, they have played just under .500 baseball. They dealt with position player injuries early and have had pitching injuries more recently, but the whole thing adds up to 8 games over. This is about as good as anyone could hope for at this point.

  7. Melvin

    Kennedy pitching well but taken out early. Possible trade coming in Cincy?

  8. Moon

    Reds are 54-46 through the first 100 games of the year. I had them winning 78 games this year and thought I was being a little generous with that projection. They only have to go 24-38 the rest of the year to match my projection, that is a .380 clip. I am beginning to think I low balled my win total.

    • AllTheHype

      You and everyone else low balled lol. No one thought this, but everyone should now think about what is possible. Positive energy goes a LONG WAY in the playoffs, and this team plays with an energy like no other. No one should underestimate what could happen from here on out.

      • old-school

        I said absolutely they beat Vegas 65.5 but no way I picked more than 75. Fun year and young guys are blowing up. Williamson, Abbott , Lively and Ashcraft are picking things up. Never saw that coming. do think They need a bullpen arm and a Weaver replacement.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        I’m not thinking what is possible at all. I’m only thinking 2 things:

        1) Enjoy baseball, especially how good this season has been
        2) Identifying mistakes

        Of course, I will be cheering them the entire way, even if that is to the WS. But, I’m not worried about what is possible at all.

      • AllTheHype

        @old, the Weaver replacement may just come internally. Phillips lit it up last night. He’s on a similar track as Abbott from earlier this year. With Williamson, Lively stepping up, I think you only acquire a SP if that pitcher is elite.

        And speaking about Weaver, he was sitting 95-97 the day he got knocked out with injury. He hasn’t had that velo all year. I am intrigued by that. Check out his last start on this graph:

      • AllTheHype

        @old, re: bullpen arm. I think a quality lefty and also righty are needed. A rental RP or two wouldn’t cost a ton in impact prospects. David Robinson would look great in a Reds uni pitching the 8th before Diaz.

      • old-school

        I think the SP has bought Krall time to get to the deadline which is only 10 days away now and also not in desperation mode. Really fun few weeks coming up. Ive wanted a good lefty reliever for like 5 years. Get me that and i will shut up.

        Probably not but I will be happy

      • greenmtred

        Glad you mentioned that, ATH. And it wasn’t just velocity: for a little while he was also locating well and looking tough to hit. Larkin gave credit to Casali for some of that. I wouldn’t make any predictions, though.

      • JayTheRed

        I wasn’t even sure they would win 65 games this year. I guess I won’t be making any perditions for the rest of the season.

    • David

      With 62 games remaining (after today)

      If the Reds play just 0.500 ball the rest of the way, they win 85 games. Don’t know if that gets a wild card spot. But maybe they SQUEAK in and win this rather weak division.
      IF they play 0.600 ball the rest of the season, they win 91 games, which I think is a lock to either a wild card or actually winning the division. I don’t think the Brewers can win 91 games this season. They just aren’t that good.
      IF THEY PLAY 0.700 BALL THE REST OF THE SEASON, they win 97 games, and would likely have the best record in the NL, outside of Atlanta.

      And if Connor Phillips gets one more turn in the rotation in AAA and pitches like he did last time, I think I would call him up, if I was Nick Krall. I think his results will fall somewhere between Andrew Abbott and Brandon Williamson.

      • Melvin

        Just got to keep playing and pushing hard. If so the future even for this year is bright.

    • RedsgettingBetter

      If the Reds would get a couple of good relievers (I’d rather a lefty and a righty) and another decent starter by the trade deadline, it is likely to reach just about 87-89 wins in my opinion… But one thing is that I thinking and the other the FO does…

  9. Melvin

    Barrero with an RBI Triple and extends his hitting streak to 16 games.

    • AllTheHype

      Piping hot and not sure what to do with him at this point. Is he a primo trade chip who once was a top 100 prospect and still has desirable upside? Is he insurance against injury? Is he a 4th OF who plays good defense in CF? Is he Senzel’s replacement?

      Good problem to have I guess.

      • Melvin

        He was playing CF but been playing SS lately. That tells me they’re trying to showcase him for a trade. Could be a steal for some team.

      • AllTheHype

        Yeah good point. He’s not playing SS for the Reds, so probably profiling for trade. His value is clearly up now, perfect timing for Reds.

      • Jason Franklin

        Would Barrero plus another (like a pick 20-30 range) be enough to get Lorenzen? I know he is not flashy, but he would fit right into the team.

        Would Barrero, Richardson and (I hate saying this) Dunn be enough to get JP Sears from the A’s?

      • AllTheHype

        Barrero would be an overpay for rental such as Lorenzen. He’s a former top prospect who is re-establishing value and plays a premium position very well defensively.

      • AllTheHype

        JP Sears is certainly not available. He’s a pitcher the A’s will be building around. He has way too much control left. Teams like the A’s will only be looking at trading near-expiring assets, like the Reds did with Castillo, Mahle, and Winker.

      • LDS

        Barrero and another prospect for Lorenzen would be a massive overpayment

      • Chris

        Barrero and another prospect for Lorenzen would not be an overpayment at all. Anything we get for Barrero is a bonus because he’s is not needed at all by the Reds and won’t be in the future. I’d be shocked if he ever plays another game in a Reds uniform.

    • Brayan O'Malley

      Trade him for a rental starting pitcher. He has no future with the Reds. He needs a change of scenery.

  10. Melvin

    Lopez with a HR. That extends his on base streak to 27 games.

  11. Mark Moore

    Days like this make being a Reds fan just plain fun. My wife noticed HDTBell even had a smile on his face during his post-game monotone … I mean monologue.

    I’m beginning to think the WC as a back-up is a possible option. Winning the NLC is still the prize we want. I know I’ll buy some gear if we do that.

  12. Harry Stoner

    Newman eligible for activation on Monday.

    Personnel wiggly room is tightening up.

    How’s that going to play out?


    • Melvin

      No telling. I’d like for Newman’s time to be done with the Reds. Not sure that’s going to happen. Krall is not letting us in on his trade/personnel discussions. HOW RUDE! 🙂

    • old-school

      Tampa bay lost their catcher Mejia. Casali played for the Rays. I think Casali and Newman get traded for single A lottery tickets.

      • Ted Alfred

        That would be perfect. Make it happen asap and let’s get Fairchild back up here.

      • Jason Franklin

        Trade Casali for Cash Considerations to the Rays. He is not of much value.

        Trade Newman to the Angels if they are still in the market for IFs. Here you might get a decent AA relief pitcher with some upside.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Newman has options left. He could be optioned to Louisville.

      • Jim Walker

        Here is an additional dimension involved in possibly optioning Newman.

        Per the CBA, a player with 5 or more years of MLB service time can decline an option assignment and become an immediate free agent. A player who does this voids his contract thus forfeiting any salary yet to be paid.

        BBRef lists Newman at 4 years and 46 days of service time at the start of the season. The magic number to get him to 5 years is 172 days beyond 4 year. So, 172-46 leaves Newman needing 126 days in 2023 meaning he will be within a week of the 172 at the end of July.

        Perhaps the Reds will hold Newman on the IL including a rehab stint into the 1st week of August then option him which would allow him 3 days (I believe) to decide whether to accept or decline the option. He could use the 3 days to try and find a better deal than the remaining money on the Reds deal with any team of his choice.

        If he found such a deal, he would decline the option thus freeing the Reds from further obligation. If he did not find a better deal, he would report and the Reds would owe no more than if they had DFA and released him outright.

    • Brayan O'Malley

      Trade him with Barrero for a rental starting pitcher. They have no future with the Reds. Barrero needs a change of scenery.

  13. Rick

    Looking ahead to February pitchers reporting, starters as of what we know currently:
    L- Abbott, Lodolo, Williamson
    R- Greene, Ashcraft, Phillips, Lowder, Lively

    I’m probably forgetting someone relevant or not. Exciting times to be a Reds player and fans.

    • AllTheHype

      And Feb 2025 you can add Petty, Acuna, Richardson, Aguiar, Floyd. We are deep in quality players.

    • Doc

      I’d like to see Lowder actually pitch a bit professionally before elevating him to part of the starting core at the MLB. He has shown his stuff at the A to A+ level, now let’s see how he handles AA and AAA. Mike Leake did not set the majors on fire when he made the jump.

      • Harry Stoner

        Leake pitched ~140 innings, 8W-4L 4.23 era in his first season.

        That might not be a “fire” in your book, but it looks pretty good from here.

      • Rick

        He’s an advanced pitcher and his stuff plays plus his mental makeup is good. He’s good enough to pull a Leake type rise. You don’t need to start him at the rock bottom of MiLB. The last I heard he was still in Goodyear.
        Don Gullett was in the Majors at 19 with one pitch. No comparison of the two, but Lowder was seasoned well at Wake. I’d give him 2… 5 inning starts at Chattanooga to get his total 2023 innings to 130 and shut him down.

      • JayTheRed

        I’ll take Leake’s numbers from Lowder for his first season.

  14. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I just saw the video of the play where Elly scored. First, great play by Elly, of course.

    But, this is something the youngsters need to learn. I believe this is one thing got got Elly called out one game. He hardly had a lead off 3rd, that the 3rd baseman was not playing him. Elly should have had a much greater lead off 3rd, just for bang bang plays like that, where he doesn’t have to rely on his speed so much.

    Like how someone said TJ missed the cutoff man some games ago. . .same idea, things to learn or mistakes made.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. With his speed, you can easily match the distance from the bag the 3Bman has plus a step. House is (supposed to be) watching for you and calling you back if necessary.

      He was still in by a wide margin, but if it goes to 3rd, who knows?

    • BK

      You can’t see it in the replay, but he extended his lead as the pitcher began his delivery…just as he should have.

  15. Old-school

    Rockies beat Miami
    Cubs beat Cards again.. calling it…Cards are eliminated on July 22!!!
    Guardians beating Phil’s 1-0
    Reds beat Dbacks
    Braves up 3-2 on Brewers

    Its a good day Reds fans. Could be a great day.

    • Ted Alfred

      And the biggest surprise of all…San Francisco with their stud SP Webb is getting killed 10-1 at Washington late in the game

    • Brayan O'Malley

      I hate the Cardinals as much as anyone, but “elimination” means mathematically eliminated. Let’s just enjoy them suckling the hind teat.

  16. DevAJS

    I said on a Lance McAlister Facebook post from a couple of days ago that during the offensive slump the pitching started clicking and it showed that they can be really good to great and that if the offense and pitching start clicking at the same time that this team could be really dangerous down the stretch and another starter may not even be needed if Greene and Lodolo can come back in form. I also said that it seemed like all of the “hot” teams stumbled out of the break for some reason, which has certainly helped us a bit.

    • AllTheHype

      Reds offense is legit. It ain’t gonna slump for long. It has longevity.

      The starting pitching has been great recently. But I’m not as convinced of the longevity. If I were the FO, I’d still be probing SP availability but I think we need an elite rental, or none at all. And certainly they need to acquire a good RP or two. We’ll get exposed in the playoffs with our current core of RPs. I don’t want Sims pitching the 8th in any playoff game.

      • DevAJS

        I definitely agree with the relief pitching need. Though I wonder if having the starters just eating more innings may mitigate some of that need. I know you can never have too much pitching so I definitely would fault them for going after more, but like you said outside of a bp arm for any major trade, I think to make it worthwhile it would have to be a pretty elite starter.

      • DevAJS

        I meant I wouldn’t fault them for going after more pitching if it makes sense.

  17. Harry Stoner

    “I don’t want Sims pitching the 8th in any playoff game.”

    Sims may be the most enigmatic pitcher the Reds have.

    He’ll throw a brilliant, unhittable sequence of precision pitches, then can’t find the plate and then grooves one. Then nails a K.

    The BP could use another lights-out arm.

    More crucial than an MOR starter, imo.

    • RedlegScott

      Agree, Harry. I think the only thing needed in the pen is another lefty. Chapman would have been nice, but that ship has sailed. Who else is out there?

      • Colorado Red

        He was cheap too. Nick should have pulled the trigger on that one.

    • Ted Alfred

      If Antone comes back and he is close to what he was 2.5 years ago when he last pitched then we have that guy. He was almost unhittable… a better version of Sims…equal or better stuff with better control, but without the brain fart innings where he walks/hits 3 guys to load the bases…. or where he just gets hit really hard because he keeps grooving everything.

      • RedlegScott

        Right. An unspecified, potential August return date. That would be quite nice.

      • Harry Stoner

        That’s right.

        Would be great if it happens.

        Can you wait that long to be sure, though?

        Would be too late to make another deal.

      • redfanorbust

        Antone back to A-1 form would be amazing. Imagine if our SP can give us six then Sims Antone and Diaz on majority of the nights where the game is close.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I would love for Antone of three years ago to return, but to count on that would be a big mistake, IMO.

      • RedlegScott

        @Tom How about Antone in A-2 form? Wait and see on him, or go for someone else just to be sure? If so, who and for how much?

  18. Reddawg2012

    The Braves are good for nothin’. Also, the Brewers bullpen is really good.

  19. Melvin

    Brewers win. Reds don’t gain ground today.

    • LT

      I tell you. Brewers are tough as nail. They have pitching and that is enough to keep them in any games. Hopefully Atlanta offense will get them tomorrow.

    • JayTheRed

      I get to see a lot of Brewers action firsthand being from Wisconsin. This team is not to be underestimated. I feel like it’s going to be really close the rest of the year unless some major injuries happen. Hope that doesn’t happen for either team.

      I really like the challenge that Milwaukee brings to the Reds. Every game is a fight for both teams.

      • JayTheRed

        Milwaukee does seem to be winning more games against us this year than in past years.

  20. bug

    Brewers win,..and Weaver tomorrow. I was sure they would figure it out after Weaver’s last outing. No,…slow learners in management. Supposedly Arizona will have a day for the bullpen. It is a big opportunity for the Reds, but it’s all in vain if they are going to pitch Weaver again. Oh well.

    • Jason Franklin

      Here is a truly useless stat for you: In Weaver’s starts, the Reds are 10-5 (almost 11-5 if it wasn’t for the 11-10 loss last time against the Giants). I know it’s just luck, mostly, but maybe the team feels so bad for him they work extra hard… ha.

      • RedlegScott

        As previously mentioned, this may be Weaver’s last chance to prove himself before the plug finally gets pulled. Too many guys full of potential waiting around for an opportunity to take his place. At least it seems that way.

      • Jason Franklin

        RS: Yes, I would hope so. Seems like Phillips is knocking on the door in AAA right now. He looks pretty solid the past few starts. Do you think he is ready to roll up here?

      • RedlegScott

        No idea, Jason. I don’t follow the Minors that closely. His name keeps popping up, and I’ve heard Stoudt’s name come up again recently, too.

    • TR

      Weaver keeps us on edge , but his games often result in another workout for the bullpen and a come from behind win.

  21. Steve Schoenbaechler

    We’re currently in the playoffs. Last WC, 1/2 game behind Arizona and the Giants in the WC.

    • Colorado Red

      With the win, and a little luck, we will be #1 WC, and only 1/2 game out.
      At least, we are not looking at the draft again, this year.

  22. Rednat

    I Have been impressed with the “little 3” of weaver, Lively and Williamson so far. They kind of have the mentality of Norman, Billingham and Nolan From the brm era. Just keep the team in the game and try to go as deep as possible. It is ok to give up a few runs just avoid the big inning and you will likely get the winning decision. I kind of wish sometimes the “big 3” would take the same approach

    • Ted Alfred

      Okay….not sure one of those is like the other two…but I am a fan of Lively and Williamson.

      • CI3J

        Lively and Williamson have both been pleasant surprises. Both of them could slot into the lower half of almost any rotation on any team in the league and not embarrass themselves.

  23. Indy Red Man

    I think Krall will do something. They really need more then one high leverage bullpen arm, but one top guy would really help. Sims is good, but they’re going to wear him down.

    Votto? Looks bad, but they play him too much. India is another one. I defend him and he has a good series and then he’s right back to key Ks and doubleplays. Chased bad balls in the 1st inning with the bases loaded and whiffed. He’s terrible with ducks on the pond. Fails over and over to just hit a flyball or just a grounder the other way would probably be an rbi fielders choice. Marte might be ready next year or maybe Steer at 3B and they add an upgrade to Senzel as a righty OFer. I think India is going to have start really cracking if he wants to stay

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      India either needs to leadoff, where he’s had most his success, dropped in the order, or DFA/trade to another team where they will utilize him better, like lead him off.

      I understand what you say about Votto. The best thing for the team would be to trade him (no trade clause) or for him to retire. But, till then, I can’t help thinking he deserves as much playing time as he can. He’s remained loyal to the club for all these seasons.

      • Jeremiah

        I think Votto has always been better in the 2nd half of the year and a bit of a slow starter, so Bell probably giving him a bit of the benefit of the doubt with that and his history…but if he keeps struggling that’s going to be a tough decision for Bell to bench a Reds legend like that in the midst of a playoff race in maybe his last year with the Reds…but that’s what Bell gets paid the big money for!
        I like India as most fans, but there is a possibility he is a somewhat overrated player I think we may be witnessing. I don’t know though if the pressure of trade rumors, pressure of these young rookies pushing for his job a bit though is causing him to struggle a bit.

        But his average and OBP probably would be even lower if on another team not playing at GABP which causes me to think he may not be quite the star we thought he was. But still only 26 too, and Major Leaguers over their careers simply down years.

      • TR

        I think India has lost his way a bit with the idea he’s a power hitter. Just go the contact route and homeruns will occasionally happen. He seemed more comfortable earlier in the season leading off.

      • Doc

        The team is in the second half, in fact about 25% into the second half assuming half is 81 games. Votto’s numbers continue to tank. Baseball is not a game based on entitlement, it is a game based on current performance, at least if one wants a chance at winning baseball.

      • DHud

        DFA’ing India is a zero possibility. Why would the reds do that

      • Reaganspad

        India DFA’d?

        That is the worst suggestion I have seen on any board.


        And this is a Reds board, not the Cardinals or stupid Cubs who would actually say something like that

      • JayTheRed

        I’ve been saying for weeks India seems to have drive when he leads off. He is not a power hitter but can get a few out every now and then. Having India first to either hit a few opening home runs or setting the table for Friedl just make too much sense and that is why Bell doesn’t do it.

        I also wonder if he is hurting somehow. Maybe from playing so many games or perhaps getting hit so often by pitches. He just doesn’t seem to have the spark he did earlier in the year.

  24. Tim

    We need to structure today for the playoffs. There’s a good likelihood that we’re going to make it and structuring for the playoffs will only help insure that we get there. That means an addition to the starting rotation where we have a real solid 4 starters and a rested and healthy bullpen. Greene should be good and Abbott looks sharp. Williamson and Lively have some potential. If Lodolo and Ashcraft look good we’re set. If these don’t pan out we need to get a solid SP and let one or two of these guys Move to the pen. Need to give Abbott some rest in the meantime as well.

    • RedlegScott

      Scherzer got rocked again. Maybe he needs a fresh start in Cinci.

      • TR

        Not needed. Stick with the youth movement and bring up another rookie pitcher who might turnout to be another Abbott.

    • Colorado Red

      Not sure how many more innings Abbott has left. I think he pitched about 120 innings last year.
      I would think about 150 might be it?
      Do not want him to hurt his arm. He looks AWESOME.
      Agree, we need at least 1 or 2 BP Arms, and I think 1 or starters (do not give up the farm).
      Do not know if Greene, and Lodolo will be in top shape when they are back.

      • Soto

        I would have Abbott skip a couple of starts or start using a six man rotation. We have to start planning for the possibility of the playoffs and we have to have Abbott in the playoffs. Time to bring someone up? Phillups?

      • DHud


        Wouldn’t mind a 6 man rotation especially once Lodolo and Greene come back, keep innings down in young pitchers who have struggled to stay healthy

        However, that’d leave an already taxed bullpen one short effectively. Would be tough to manage that I think

  25. Old-school

    Reds OF has been a pleasant surprise this year. Friedl had a bad throw the other day to allow a base runner to move up and Benson has taken some poor angles but overall, Benson,Friedl, Fraley and Farichild(eventually he will be back) make a solid 4. Anyone seen Hinds play RF at AA? Looks like a huge guy with a big bat.

    Across baseball some brutal OF plays. Phillies lost 1-0 to the Guardians on a routine pop-up to shallow RF. Castellanos/Stott/ and the Phillies CF all covered annd then watched the ball drop allowing the runner to score only run of the game from first. Orioles Henderson took 3b on a lollipop throw from Arozerena, turning a routine double into embarassing triple. Not to be outdone Mariners OF phenom out 6-8 weeks with a broken foot after kicking the Gatorade cooler. I will gladly take the Reds young outfield, warts and all.

    • MBS

      It’s funny I thought our OF was going to be a big problem this year. I liked Fraley, and Meyers, so I thought we had 1.5 good OF’s. Benson, and Friedl changed the equation in the OF.

      I haven’t seen Hinds play but I do know he has a strong arm. Hinds, like Dunn has struggled to stay healthy, but both are healthy this year, and producing. Personally I really hope Dunn makes it. He’s a CF, and not a converted infielder. His right hand bat is needed in our left handed OF.

  26. jon

    ex. Reds Lorenzen,cueto and chapman would be nice right now.

  27. Chris Mo

    This feels like the best time to be a Reds fan since 1990 to me. July 5th on Twitter Krall said they had no plans to put an innings limit on Abbott. So if there is truth to that, and we get an effective Lodolo and Greene back healthy for the stretch run, we could move a couple of the other young starters to relief pitching for the remainder of the year to limit their innings, still gain experience, and keep their best arms on the MLB roster. Same thing the Braves and Cards have done during their decades of winning.
    If Barerro continues to play well and hit, it is conceivable he could find himself promoted to the big club again. Didn’t he start the year with a hurt hand? I could see CES 1B, McLain 2B, Barerro SS, EDLC 3B, Steer LF, Friedl CF, Benson RF, with a bench of Frailey, India, Votto, and Mahle. Position flexibility and athleticism give a manager so many options. Plus the ability to take advantage of platoon situations late in games with professional hitters coming off the bench. If you hit you will play, they will find a spot for you.

    • Indy Red Man

      Idk if Barrero ever finds his way back? Newman did some damage vs lefties but Barrero could replace him vs lefties. Put him back at SS with India at DH. 2 questionable things the Reds would have to concede first though? 1. Joey needs to sit vs lefties. 2. The 3 catcher thing is stupid and needs to go

      Highly unlikely, but I’d take Fairchild, Barrero, Newman, or Hopkins vs lefties over Joey.

      • old-school

        Why not CF? Shortstop is spoken for in Cincinnati til 2032 or so. Jose Siri TB hit his 20th HR the other day. Reds gave up on him at a similar age. Make him a 9 hole hitting CF with low avg, low obp but high slugging and good defense and arm.

  28. Indy Red Man

    Williamson gets the Dodgers next. We’ll really find out where he’s at.
    Hopefully the Reds offense will have Weaver luck again today and score a ton? When will Weaver run out of chances? They have Phillips & Kennedy. Stoudt too? He’ll probably be first up after Weaver gets pulled and/or lasered.

    Big trip coming up. Need 2 in Milw, atleast 1 in LA, and atleast 2 in Chicago. Pretty dumb to fly all the way to LA for one series and then back to the Midwest?

    Finally on the farm system front. Why not promote Blake Dunn to AAA? He’ll be 25 in September. Fairchild goes to Milw and Dunn to replace him at Lville.

  29. Votto4life

    Nine days to go before the trading deadline. The Reds go big or go home.

    I would love to see the Reds land one of the top pitchers on the market. I don’t want to see them take half measures, Just so they can say they tried. So please, Nick Krall, no Lance Lynn.

    • MBS

      “ I would love to see the Reds land one of the top pitchers on the market. I don’t want to see them take half measures”

      Couldn’t agree more. I read people saying we don’t need another starter, and I like the optimism, but we do need someone at the top of the rotation. They gotta get Giolito, or E. Rodriguez. I don’t want to trade our prospects to CHC or STL, and Lorenzen is a fine option, but he’s not exactly a front of the rotation guy.

      They should also get KC’s closer, Barlow. His ERA is 2 pts higher this year than the last 2 season, but he’s still 11 for 13 in save opportunities. That’s much better than any of our guys not named Diaz. They always say ERA is a bad indicator of bullpen guys, so I’m not going to hold it against him. He’s also under team control in 24.

      • JayTheRed

        I like all your trade suggestions. I too have ZERO interest in Lance Lynn. Plus it’s looking like late August before we get Lodolo and Greene back.

  30. Indy Red Man

    Agree. Lorenzen might be getting pricey since he’s on a good run.
    We really need a high leverage guy or two, otherwise our guys are in danger of burning out. Lefty preferred or atleast a righty with great lefty splits like Sam LeCure used to have

  31. J

    Today’s lineup looks like a manager’s cry for help. He’s obviously trying to get fired but hasn’t been able to figure out how to overcome the team’s talent. Today he’s just going for it. “If this one doesn’t get me fired, nothing will. If we win today, I’ll just have to be stuck with this job forever.”

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      It makes no sense to me.

    • Pete

      Conversely, it could be we are looking at a manager that as in no danger of losing his job under any circumstances.

      On the other hand, it could be that they’re trying to showcase Nick Senzel for trading purposes. Hope springs eternal.

      • J

        I guess the theory would be “If Senzel somehow reaches base today against a right-handed pitcher, teams will be willing to overlook all his stats and his long history of injuries, and consider him a very strong everyday player.” It’ll be a ingenious strategy if it works.

      • Jim Walker

        Yes, or Senzel could be on the bubble and being granted a final shot versus RH pitching as Barrero and Fairchild loom loudly in the wings.

        Milwaukee and Dodger Stadium both have what I would term middle sized OF. Given some of the routes and misplays we’ve seen at GABP this week, the Reds may want another defensive OF option, at least as a late game sub, for close games.

      • Pete

        @j Yes they have years of data on these players but they still send scouts to see what they believe these guys can do at the moment. Otherwise, we’d have many out of work scouts.

        The questions maybe – just how bad is NS against right—handed pitchers – I’d there any hope??

        I think @jim’s assessment is probably correct….,

      • J

        I think it’s refreshing the way so many people optimistically ignore Bell’s long history of doing irrational things based on “hunches” or “theories” or “loyalty” or whatever makes him tick, and yet when they see something that seems irrational, they’ll still try to find some way to make it make sense. I guess I’m jaded, because my first instinct is to think “this is just another in a long series of seemingly irrational decisions that will never be explained or understood.”

    • Jim Walker

      What’s Bell supposed to do? He needs to make sure they are ready for Milwaukee without the leisure of an off day to rest folks. Benson and Votto have been playing every day and need the break. Stephenson has caught the last 2 games. And Maile is the better defensive catcher and has an OPS slightly better than Stephenson this year to boot.

      The catching situation is reminiscent of 2020 when the presumed backup Casali ended up being the equal or even the better of the Reds 2 primary catchers.

      • J

        For starters, don’t have a guy leading off who’s been having trouble getting on base? And don’t have a guy hitting sixth who’s been having trouble getting hits with runners on base, but does seem to be okay at getting on base when there’s nobody on? And why not let Benson start the game at DH if he really needs to “rest” at this stage of his career? That form of rest didn’t even exist in the days when Rose played every day — take advantage of it now that it exists. You could put Steer in left and use Stephenson or Senzel as DH or pinch hitter in a key situation with a lefty on the mound.

      • Pete

        Timing EDLC’s breakout game is the same as trying to time the stock market……. Maybe, just maybe with a day off yesterday he goes on a hot streak. I can guarantee one thing: sooner or later his stock is going up. Perhaps today even…

      • J

        Pete, I agree Elly is going to hit. And perhaps he’ll eventually be a great leadoff hitter. Maybe today will be the day it starts. That would be great. But Benson has been one of the best hitters in all of baseball for the past several weeks, and Bell has kept him at 8 and 9. It makes no sense to put a guy there who is actually hitting like a good leadoff hitter while sticking with a guy at leadoff who’s actually hitting like a #8 hitter — all based on a theory of what you expect to happen in the future. The best predictor of the future is the recent past. The best predictor isn’t what you think a guy is theoretically capable of doing in the future or something he did a month ago.

      • Jim Walker

        Agree with Pete about EDLC but also think CES needs to elevate a couple of slots.

      • Harry Stoner

        That sort of __________ didn’t occur when Pete Rose was playing!

        Fill in the blank.

        Giving a player a day off becomes a pejorative “rest” and the subject of derision.

        A thug like Rose can’t give a straight or honest answer about his gambling.

        Try asking him about his amphetamine or PED use while he was playing in those glorious “rest-free” days.

    • old-school

      ITs a bullpen day and Dbacks will be changing pitchers every other inning with 2-3 lefties rotating in. I think Bell is trying to avoid any concentration of lefties in the lineup.

      • Jim Walker

        Agree, Senzel is slotted for replacement by Benson just he (and Fairchild before him) was often clearly slotted for replacement by Friedl or Fraley.

  32. Pete

    I count six more scouts at Louisville‘s Friday night game. The Bats have a lot of nice pieces down there that should be available for trade. With the exceptions of Phillips and Marte, of course.

    • Jim Walker

      I was reviewing the trade deadline rules earlier this morning and came across something which caught my eye. The list of players who cannot be traded after the deadline includes all players who have been on an MLB contract during the 2023 season;(recall August “waiver trades” were outlawed several years ago)

      In addition to players on a 40 man roster or MLB IL at the deadline, this also includes anyone on a 40 man roster during 2023 who was subsequently DFA/ outrighted. For the Reds, this includes guys like Matt Reynolds, Henry Ramos, and Jason Vosler plus most of the Bats pitching staff who appear to have slipped off the organizational depth chart.

      So, in addition to the headline deals, if the Reds hope to recoup even a long shot lottery pick for any of these guys, it has to happen this week compared to perhaps in August as in the past when another team suffered an injury.

      • Pete

        Jim, do you have any gut feeling as far as the degree of activity before the deadline? Is there any possibility that we could see a blockbuster?

      • Jim Walker

        Pete>> I have no clue what the Reds will do. However, I don’t count out that they will trade off the MLB active roster for a deal Krall really likes this year and down the line. In my mind, pitching with multiple years of control would be a most likely fit for this to happen. If this qualifies as a block buster, then I don’t count out a block buster.

        I don’t think India would be involved in a midseason deal; but, I stand by my opinion that Fraley could get them this type of pitcher with a minimum of collateral prospect loss; and, the Reds have the in-house personnel to cover his loss immediately and long term.

  33. LDS

    So apparently the Reds can compete with good teams as long as it isn’t Milwaukee. And Tinker Bell, EDLC isn’t comfortable as s lead off hitter. Put him in the #3 slot with Steer or CES hitting behind him. And Votto should be platooning and hitting in the bottom 3