The Cincinnati Reds have called up right-handed pitcher Levi Stoudt from Triple-A Louisville. He’s taking the place on the roster of Daniel Duarte.

Levi Stoudt has been up and pitched for the Reds three times this season. He has made two starts and one relief appearance for Cincinnati, throwing 10.0 innings. He’s struggled in his time in the big leagues, giving up 15 hits, walking seven batters, and allowed 11 runs (9.90 ERA). Stoudt’s last appearance was against Atlanta on June 25th when he allowed three runs in 3.0 innings.

With Triple-A Louisville he’s been better than that, but he’s still struggled plenty. While pitching for the Bats he’s made 13 starts and thrown 45.1 innings. His ERA in the minors this season is 5.56. He’s allowed 45 hits, but he’s also walked more batters than he’s struck out – handing out 31 free passes and striking out just 29 batters. He’s also hit four batters.

Daniel Duarte is the odd man out in the transactions today. The 26-year-old reliever has a 2.77 ERA in his 14 games that have covered 13.0 innings for the Reds this season. He, like Stoudt, has had some struggles throwing strikes with consistency. Duarte has walked nine batters and has 10 strikeouts this season with the big league club. In Triple-A, prior to his call up last month, Duarte posted a 3.49 ERA in 26 outings and had 14 walks with 32 strikeouts in his 28.1 innings pitched.

Cincinnati likely felt they needed to make a move to bolster their bullpen. After having to play parts of two games last night, and having to use eight different relievers between the two games – having a fresh arm that can possibly pitch a few innings could be big. Stoudt, who has been starting in the minors, could step into that role in the short term if the need arises and allow a guy or two to get a breather.

20 Responses

  1. J

    I wonder if any team in the history of baseball has made more of an effort to make sure it always has well-rested but completely unqualified relief pitchers and backup catchers available.

    • Jim Walker

      And if the limit wasn’t 13 pitchers on the active roster, they would how ever many more it was; and, then still probably be shuffling them as much.

  2. Chris

    What a disgrace! Duarte has been solid, and this is his reward. Weaver was the easy decision. When his spot comes back up, you could have put the local trash man on the 40 man and he’d have given you better results than Weaver will. Weaver is NOT a major league pitcher. Like so many other things in life these days, you see decisions being made and wonder how does an adult actually come to that decision. Same thing with the Reds and decisions like this one.

    • LarkinPhillips

      He has an injury. Stick him on the DL. No reason to approach this game two guys short. Rather than just our normal one guy short (third catcher.)

    • Indy Red Man

      Duarte has 9 walks in 13 innings. Its a miracle that his era isn’t like Weavers. Weaver does need to go though. He’s terrible
      I imagine they’ll try to get Stoudt into a game for atleast 2-3 innings and save the other guys

      • LarkinPhillips

        I am fine with Duarte being sent down. I just don’t see a reason to wait three days to put weaver on IL. Even if he is fine, missing one of his starts isn’t the end of the world.

      • Chris

        So Duarte has a walk issue, and the answer is to bring Stoudt up who has an even bigger walk issue?

      • J

        I think we should just be happy they didn’t add a fourth catcher with a .165 batting average in AAA.

  3. todd

    I’m SHOCKED that they didn’t bring up Chuckie Robinson – he is raking at AAA and will provide us with even more catcher flexibility (isn’t that the blueprint?)!!!

  4. Eddiek957

    Duarte was an Adventureland on the mound needs to figure it out at Louisville. Weaver should be on the IL that elbow didn’t look normal quickly. We have gotten much more than I expected when the Reds signed him. I enjoy the Reds winning his starts

  5. LDS

    When I see moves like this, I just ask myself “does it matter?” In this case, I suspect, not much.

  6. Erik the Red

    The pitching depth has been tested since day 1 this season. Until we have 4 starting pitchers that can eat up 150 to 180 innings and win 10 to 15 games each it will be difficult to be a great team

    • Rob

      Don’t know that you will see that level of innings in the next year or so. Greene and Lodolo will both top out in the 120 range at best. Maybe a little more next year. This big 3 bit has been a big letdown to me. I wagered they would win 30-35 this year. Not ready to cut the cord but I am getting real ready to stop the hype. Next year will be their 3rd year. Did it take Mahle, Disco, Cueto, and Bailey that long to log 10+ wins?

      • Chris

        For starters, you have to have a manager that will let them throw 100 to 110 pitches. Bell barely lets them throw 90.

      • Dave

        I’m not sure wins are the best way to gauge a pitcher’s effectiveness or development. But. . . Bailey didn’t win 10 games until his sixth season. Disco did it once in his career, in his seventh season, after he left the Reds. Sometimes, hindsight isn’t 20/20. Except maybe when I recall the greatness of Bruce Berenyi!

      • earmbrister

        Rob, yeah it took longer than 2 years or longer for even those pitchers (all of which who have had MLB success) to notch 10 wins in a season. Granted W-L is a flawed stat but nonetheless:

        Mahle: 5 yrs
        Disco: 7 yrs
        Cueto: 2 yrs
        Bailey: 6 yrs

        The Reds do indeed have a big 3, perhaps even a big 4 with Abbott. The starting pitching will be just fine once these guys get healthy, though it can test one’s patience. Remember how Hunter Greene came back from injury in his rookie year? He was dominant.

    • JinCH

      Erik, that is a pretty lofty goal. There were only 2 teams that were able to meet this criteria last year, the Astros and Phillies.

  7. jmb

    Santillan was also sent down. Farmer and Law are sliding. Teams are looking for bull-pen help, and the Reds need a starter to replace Weaver. Something in the works?