While the Cincinnati Reds have the next few days off for the All-Star Break, the work never really ends. Last week the Reds designated right-handed reliever Ricky Karcher for assignment when they activated Tony Santillan from the 60-day injured list and needed to clear a spot on the 40-man roster. Two days later the team designated outfielder Henry Ramos for assignment when they called up right-handed pitcher Michael Mariot (who they would designate for assignment the very next day). Both Karcher and Ramos cleared waivers and were outrighted to Triple-A Louisville on Monday.

Ricky Karcher, perhaps best known for the best Reds post game interview since Homer Bailey “just walked a guy”, has never been outrighted to the minor leagues before. That means that he has to accept the assignment to Triple-A and he will remain in the organization.

The 25-year-old reliever will need to find more consistency with his control if he’s going to find his way back to the big leagues. No one questions his pure stuff – he throws in the mid-to-upper 90’s with his fastball and has a devastating slider when it’s on. But he’s also been a pitcher who has struggled to throw strikes throughout his career and has 44 walks in 31.1 innings this season with Louisville.

Outfielder Henry Ramos has been outrighted to the minor leagues in the past. With that, it gives him the right to refuse the assignment and elect to become a free agent if he would like to do that. He could accept the assignment and remain with the organization. Sometimes players will decline the assignment in order to renegotiate a new contract to remain with the organization, too. As of now it has not been announced as to whether or not Ramos has accepted or refused the assignment.

Ramos had been crushing the ball in Louisville. In his 36 games in the minors this season he was hitting .318/.404/.568, but he had been hitting even better than that over the last month. Since June 4th he was hitting .326/.413/.611 with the Bats, hitting eight doubles, two triples, and five home runs in a 24-game span.

As an outfielder his decision may come down to whether or not he thinks there could be a path to the big leagues in front of him the rest of the season. Cincinnati opted to designate him for assignment while keeping two other Triple-A outfielders (TJ Hopkins and Michael Siani) on the 40-man roster. While Siani’s season numbers don’t look good, he’s been hitting well for a while now after a very poor start to the year. Hopkins has been hitting just as well as Ramos has in the minor leagues this season. Perhaps he sees that as a reason to try and catch on with another team in free agency who may not have the same kind of outfield depth in Triple-A. Update: Ramos accepted his outright and remained in the organization.

Day Two of the MLB Draft

Monday also featured the Cincinnati Reds completing day two of the draft. Rounds 3-10 potentially brought eight new players into the organization. The team selected four pitchers – three lefties and one righty – as well as a catcher, first baseman, shortstop, and an outfielder. That goes along with the two pitchers and shortstop that they selected on day one. The draft will conclude today with rounds 11-20. We’ve got you covered on all of the coverage over at RedsMinorLeagues.com (here’s the link to all of the 2023 MLB Draft coverage).

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  1. Luke J

    I’m a little surprised no one picked Ramos up.

    • Optimist

      True – but he just cleared waivers so there may be a brief time for him to consider free agency if anyone indicates interest. For a nominal cost above the waiver claim I’m surprised nobody traded for him.

      • Jim Walker

        Teams must be convinced for whatever reasons that he is a dyed in the wool 4A guy at this point in his career and nobody needed him for that level of organizational depth at the cost involved. But it is curious because since 2018, at various AAA stops he has a career OPS/wRC+ of .867/117 in just over 1200PAs.

    • David

      Maybe he put on some weight? (rimshot!)

    • SteveAReno

      Me too. Ramos has a very good record. Would like to see a team in MLB play him regularly.

    • Doug Gray

      He hit at Double-A.

      And since June 1st he’s hitting .298/.459/.404 with 28 walks and 17 strikeouts (and 10 steals without being caught).

      • ryan

        In 2022 he hit .252 at Chatta and Louisville; this year he’s.229 season at Louisville

      • Doug Gray

        Yeah man, it’s almost like there’s more to hitting than just average and the scale for good moves based on what position a guy plays. Siani had a .754 OPS in AA last year. The league average was .752. So even without considering the position he played, he was a league average hitter. Toss in that he’s an elite level center fielder, and yeah, he hit.

        This year, as noted in the article, he got out to a terrible start. But also as noted, he’s hit well over the last 5-6 weeks.

  2. old-school

    MLB traderumors has some info up on the White Sox deadline plans and mentions the Reds and Rangers as possible trade partners with Lucas Giolito being almosst certainly traded. They mention the White Sox will get more prospect capital by trading now than the compensatory pick from the declined QO. Question then becomes what prospect package from the Reds would it take to land a Giolito 3 month rental?

    @ Doug- Do you have a mid-season updated list of Reds top 30 prospects coming? Doing the mental gymnastics of a Giolito trade( or Snell or other impact SP) and where the cutoff sits on the prospects as mostly untouchable vs willing to part ways.

    • wolfcycle

      for a rental pitcher it would be hopkins, Fairchild, Siani, type player(s) for me. Would not give up a Hinds or a Callihan type player even. Certainly nobody in our top 15

      • MBS

        Those players are not going to bring in a Giolito, or Snell type. I think the answer is between that level and the top 10 level prospects. Maybe 2 guys in that range, or 3 depending on who they are.

      • Optimist

        It won’t take much for a rental, but the problem will be the competition – 1/2 the league will be offering prospects. Adding a Fairchild-MLB type may be enough to tip the scale, but the issue will be keeping the lottery/low-level prospect reasonable. Certainly none of the top 10-15, arguably none of the top 25.

    • LDS

      Giolito is making $10M+ and is a FA at season’s end. Why should the Reds give up anything to get him. They won’t re-sign him. At his age and market position, they won’t spend the money. Stick with the rebuild, take the success that comes, but don’t get ahead of the plan. They aren’t winning the World Series this year regardless.

      • old-school

        The devil is in the details of course. The Phillies got Syndegaard for Mickey Moniak last year at the deadline. Moniak was the #1 pick over Senzel in 2016 and while having a bounce-back this year, he had been abysmal. Phillies got a legit arm for the playoff run for a player who was not in their plans and was awful.

        I like Snell, but not sure if padres going into sell mode, but an impact starter like Giolito or Snell would give a huge booster to the SP and I dont think the cost would be much. Id have to defer to Doug on what the #10-20 prospects are in the Reds organization but I would certainly trade say Jose Barrero and a middling prospect and a low A lottery pick for Giolito or Snell. WHo knows, an impact vet starter may like DJ and the Reds and Reds could make an offer for FA over the winter.

      • Jim Walker

        Above was supposed to be:

        ….he (Arroyo) would have to hit a *ton& to move EDLC off that spot (SS) IMO.

      • redfanorbust

        Agreed LDS esp with Greene and Lodolo due back. I myself look at this season as found money and we have a decent chance at making the playoffs as is. I would love to know where the Reds would be right now if our big three starters stayed healthy and pitched up to their abilities. Save our resources for next year when when the Reds will have a bunch of money to spend (and they better spend) on FA.

      • Thomas Atwood

        “Why should the Reds give up anything to get him.”

        Because he has a 1.7 WAR so far this year. He has value that teams will pay for, even if only for 2-3 months.

    • Jonathan

      @Old-School – I bet you it would take a reversal of a Luis Castillo or Tyler Mahle trade to get Giolito… which I wouldn’t do because that would mean bye bye to CES and/or Nova Noelvi Marte or Edwin Arroyo. Only way I would do it is if those players are not included or if an extension was a given.

      • old-school

        No. Castillo and Mahle were controlled an additional year.Giolito is a pure 3 month rental. Bieber would the Mahle/Castillo comp as he is controlled through 2024 and I wouldn’t go there as it would most certainly cost a top 5 and top 10 prospect and Bieber is solid but not great. Krall has said developing young pitching is the #1 organizational priority so he’s not trading anyone named Phillips/Petty/Richardson,Aguilar. It should be an interesting month.

      • Jim Walker

        @OS>> What do you think about Arroyo after a month of seeing EDLC (sometimes) at SS? Arroyo is the “pure” SS but he would have to hit a on to move EDLC off that spot IMO.

      • BK

        @Jim, both Arroyo and EDLC are gifted enough athletes that they can play multiple positions. Arroyo is also very young, and the best position player prospect at either AA or A+, so, trading him could create bubble in the position player pipeline for 1 to 2 years. Given that there are always injuries and players who underperform, I don’t see him as redundant.

        Instead, it’s an exchange of future value for present value and we know that when the pursuit is for a current starting pitcher, that the exchange rate tips heavily in favor of the team with the starting pitcher. If the Reds want to achieve the measure of sustained success that the Cardinals have achieved, they must avoid sacrificing the future for a slightly better team in the present.

      • old-school

        @ JIm. I like EDLC and McLain sharing SS the rest of this year. having 2 good SS who can hit eliminated the need for the 26th roster spot to go to a good glove no hit vet. IF someone tweaks a hamstring or gets hit on the hand and misses a month, you have 1A and 1b interchangeably. I like EDLC at 3b too. He had a great play behind 3b the other day and effortlessly threw 96 mph for an easy out. Barrero has been sorted out and he might be a trade piece for a good rental arm. Marte looks like the future 3b and by all accounts Arroyo is a pure SS but at 19 we will have to see on the hit tool. I want to see this eyar play out with Elly,McLain, Marte, and Arroyo. Only way I trade Arroyo is part of a package for a proven SP1 or SP2 that is controlled and part of a Reds championship plan in 2023-25- ala Mat Latos. I dont know who that pitcher would be but 1 year and 3 months of Bieber seems like a steep price.

      • MBS

        @Jim, for the right fit Arroyo should definitely be available. He’s too much for a rental, but if we’re getting someone with more control, he’s expendable.

        @BK yes Arroyo can be converted to another position, but what position do we need filled in the next 3 years? We are already full infield with EDLC, McLain, India, and Steer so much so that they haven’t brought up CES. Marte is also likely to be on the 24 opening day roster.

        The OF has developed quite nicely as well, Friedl, Fraley, and Benson are very good everyday OF’s. We could use a RH power bat in the OF, but that’s not Arroyo. Dunn, or Hinds might become a good option at some point in 24, but neither need to be rushed since our OF is so strong now.

        I wouldn’t want to trade anyone in rookie ball, just because I think we’d be selling them too short on value.

      • Jim Walker

        In the past at least, the Cardinals way would have been to build a package around an MLB position player they felt they could replace from within and go after a pitcher with at least 1 year of control versus a rental.

        I’ve suggested that here at RLN with Fraley as the lead guy. Others have suggested India. The repones to both have been to call the idea crazy.

    • Stock

      I would go for Liam Hendricks and Giolito for Jorge. I would actually go as high as Arroyo for both of these two.

      Both Jorge and Arroyo are blocked by EDLC, McLain, India and Marte at 3 positions. Plus the Reds have whichever of the two they don’t trade, Balcazar and Cabrera

      • Greenfield Red

        Probably not a good time to trade for Giolito. Just read he is going through a divorce. I for one, know exactly how that can take it’s toll.

    • Thomas Atwood

      I would likely not be excited about the price in a 1-for-1 trade to get Giolito. Too high on the prospect list.

      Would you trade Antone, Siani, Vellojin, and maybe a throw-in?

  3. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I know people loved Karcher. But, from the perspective of an opposing manager, I would almost feel guilty allowing any of my players to stand in the batter’s box against the guy. It would seem almost like legalized head-hunting, not baseball. I mean, I don’t know about you all, but I would be scared to stand in there against him.

    Ramos’ age might not deem well for him. But, his BA does seem to improve with increase in levels. At least offensively, he seems like he might be one player who simply hasn’t gotten a break. He didn’t do that bad up here in limited time, and we could use another OF up here. Him or Fairchild. Someone.

    • MBS

      I’m with you, bring up Ramos or Fairchild, we need another OF if Bell is going to continue to platoon both Fraley, and Benson. I like Steer a lot at 1B, not as much at 3B, but not at all in the OF. If he’s to become an OF, I’d rather that conversion start in the offseason. BTW, I think Steer has the tools to become one, just needs experience.

    • SteveAReno

      Henry Ramos is a very fine talent and hitting so well this season. His age is not a problem. He’s on the high end of an average but not too far.

  4. SultanofSwaff

    Strategically, I think the best way to improve the roster while not deviating from the build from within plan should be to take on salary rather than trading away prospect capital. To that end, I’m renting starting pitching, but willing to considering both renting/buying relief pitching. The Reds payroll is peanuts and you can more than justify the added expense given the newfound revenues due to larger attendance. For example, if you want to add a Giolito or Joe Kelly from the White Sox, then you should be willing to take Elvis Andrus and his remaining salary (but then cut him). Take on some of another team’s garbage in order to protect the long term investments we’re making. Other impending free agent pitching I like:
    –Jordan Hicks. High walk rate, but plenty of strikeouts and stingy with the home run ball.
    –Marcus Stroman. A ground ball machine this year would fit well at GABP. A little concerned his BABIP will regress upward.
    -Jack Flaherty. On the flipside, I believe he’ll benefit from BABIP regression in a good way. Stingy with the homers, been pitching well after a rough start.

    Now that said, I’m still listening on controllable pitching and willing to move the somewhat redundant pieces (Stewart/Allen/Jorge/Cabrera) for the right guy. Bullpen pieces are the easiest to pry away this time of year and that would be my focus. Looking for high strikeout numbers and few homers allowed, which to me is the biggest predictor of sustained production. Controllable relievers I’d target:
    Carlos Hernandez, KC
    Alex Lange, Detroit
    Ryan Helsley, STL
    Steven Wilson, SD
    Justin Lawrence, Col

  5. BK

    Post Allstar break, the Reds will have a starting rotation that includes:

    1. Abbott
    2. Ashcraft
    3. Williamson
    4. Lively

    Reportedly, in August, Greene, Lodolo, and Dunn become available. We also have Phillips and Stoudt at AAA. We need only one starting pitcher to emerge from these five—two would be gravy. If Greene or Lodolo are healthy, they are at least as good as reportedly available rental options.

    I would focus more on adding a quality LHP for the bullpen or another high leverage reliever.

    • David

      Connor Phillips has made one start at AAA, and while it wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad. Everything hinges on what happens around the end of July and August 1, and that is just beyond the trade deadline.
      Will one of Hunter Greene or Nick Lodolo be able to pitch for the Reds that soon?
      Will Connor Phillips have enough “turns” at AAA to be a credible promotion to the Reds?
      I think Dunn is absolutely the longest shot for the Reds. His shoulder is damaged and all the rest and therapy in the world is unlikely to heal it. In my limited opinion and knowledge of the situation.

      Phillips has talent, throws hard, and is getting better at controlling the zone. He won’t be the “rock” that Andrew Abbott has become, but he could, at this point, be a solid 4 or 5 starter. And he will get better, eventually. He is almost certainly the shortest odds to help the Reds within a month.
      I think Lodolo is next, and his stress fracture seems to be healing. I think he is headed to Arizona to begin throwing, etc., and may be ready for a re-hab assignment in a couple of weeks. Probably ready the first week of August, if all goes well. That would give the Reds 3 left handed starters in the rotation. Is that weird or what?
      Hunter Greene, our “ace” in the making has been, to my mind, singularly unimpressive this year. Maybe he comes back and pitches like he did at the end of 2022, and is just lights out. Wouldn’t that be great?
      And another good left handed reliever would be great. Can the Reds rotation hold on another 3 weeks?

      • BK

        Phillips has made two starts at AAA, one good and one bad. He’s just 21 years old. The talent is there, but he’ll need to show a lot at AAA to earn a promotion this year. That said, no one saw Abbott’s quick rise.

        Greene, his ERA+ is 24 percent better than average. His FIP is a full half-run below his ERA. We wouldn’t be having this discussion if he were currently on the team and continuing at the level he was before he was injured. He’s more than done his part when on the mound.

        Dunn’s ETA is later in August. I understand the concern you and others have expressed, but the published injury reports are not nearly as dire as your prognosis. He also has the talent.

        Here’s my point … any pitcher we acquire is also subject to injury or performance regression. There simply are no alternatives that will guarantee success. They all have quite a bit of risk associated with them.

        However, one certainty is that any player traded away will NOT help the Reds in the future. There’s a risk with any option. For example, Washington National all-star starting pitcher Josiah Gray was a Red’s farmhand traded for one year of Puig. He was about a year away from the majors when the Reds traded him to unload Homer Bailey’s contract and acquire a player that made the team marginally better.

      • Tom Diesman

        The Reds can sign Chris Flexen who has recent MLB success and was DFA recently and pay him only minimum wage.

      • AllTheHype

        Phillips has had pitch count issues all season. They’ve been holding him to between 90-100 pitches every start and out of 16 starts, he’s gotten past the 5th just 3 times. It would be even worse in MLB. He’s not ready til he learns to control his pitch count better.

    • AllTheHype

      With starters the way they are, I think you have to assume one of Lodolo or Greene will have a set back and not available until September, if at all. You can’t assume best case scenario (mid August) with those two.

      This year, the division is weak and ripe for the picking. It may take less than 90 wins. And considering the energy this young team plays with, no one should think WS is out of the question.

      Reds need to go for it and land at least a good rental SP (Giolito type), or preferably one with +1 year.

  6. Harry Stoner

    “If Greene or Lodolo are healthy, they are at least as good as reportedly available rental options.”

    This needs to be kept in mind.

    “I would focus more on adding a quality LHP for the bullpen….”

    This is as pressing a need.

    Though I was initially high on him, I don’t foresee Sanmartin coming back and filling that role.

    • Doug Gray

      IF is doing a lot of work in that sentence.

      • Harry Stoner

        It does in every sentence it’s ever used in.

        Maybe more realistic, though, than:



        “As soon as….”

        But about on par with: “If the Reds trade for an innings nibbler and if they don’t give away too many prospects…”

      • David

        “IF” and “TBD” have had a lot of work on the Reds’ pitching staff this year. I wish they did better that this.

  7. Stock

    I think the Reds will be looking at SP but I also think they are focused on one year rentals. Snell and Giolitto cost less because of the situation and are the type of targets the Reds management is probably looking at.

    When looking at 2024 and 2025 the Reds have:

    Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Lively, Abbott, Phillips, Petty and Lowder. 8 SP may keep them from looking long term.

    • Mark Moore

      I tend to agree. It’s about filling a gap we have right now and giving us a legitimate chance of playing into October. As long as we aren’t emptying the farm system for 3-month rentals, we should be able to get something. Of course, there are more than a couple of teams in the same mode, right? 😀

    • Thomas Atwood

      I understand what you mean, but I would prefer adding an experienced starter, someone who has been in the post-season and can be a bit of a mentor to the rest of such a young staff. Lively has been a great story this year, but I view him as a long man / 6th starter until I see a longer record of success from 31yo with 28 career starts to date.

  8. Votto4life

    The Reds have been one of the best teams in baseball for 2 1/2 months. I don’t get statements like “They are not going to win the World Series this year anyway”. If not now when?

    A lot of things can happen between now and 2024. They could be key injuries ( for example Hunter Green is another TJ surgery of being done), there will almost certainly be regression for at least some of the young players.

    When you have a chance to win, you must take it.

    • Pete

      I think it’s a little presumptuous to believe that the Reds could all of a sudden fall apart. The team is very young and stocked with talent throughout their system. Any trade they can make today they should be able to make next year and even have more value to offer.

      The Reds are playing with house money this season. If they can get a great deal, they should make it. Other than that I would hold the line, get the other pitchers back that are injured and let’s see how things play out. Unless a calamity befalls them, this team has only one direction it will go, and that is straight up.

      • Votto4life

        Unless you believe Bob Castellini is willing to pay Elly De La Cruz a half a billion dollars to spend his career in Cincinnati, the Reds window opportunity is now five years. Why in the world would you give a year (20%) of that away for a couple of B prospects.

        I’m not saying trade Marte or CES, but if they could land a #2 type starter (even if he is a rental) for say Arroyo, Fairchild and some change, they would be fools to pass it up.

      • Pete

        To my eyes, Nick Krall looks like this generations Bob Howsam.. As long as he is at the helm and calling the shots, I feel very comfortable either staying pat or making trades. I do believe we could see a major trade in the off-season, and perhaps even before the deadline. And I certainly trust him to make it. We’ll have to see.

        As far as Arroyo goes, the kid is only 19 years old and I think you’d be selling him on the cheap right now. Same as India by the way.

      • Jon

        Regarding Krall, I personally think it’s too soon to give him any accolades. He did the easy portion of the rebuild, where he simply took the highest offer for the available players and dumped salary. Now he has the real challenge of actually filling in the holes on the roster via free agency or trade. The Reds are winning this year in spite of him, not because of him. If he had signed a couple proven pitchers last winter to bolster this young rotation, it would have helped tremendously.

      • Pete

        Jon -what was Krall going to use for payment for these proven starting pitchers?? IOU’s.

        He has nothing left to prove to me. Look at the health of this franchise: a young & exciting team on the field, a well stocked minor league pipeline, a rock bottom payroll next year and fingers crossed a massive new influx of new revenue by packing the ballpark. I’d say the guy has done pretty well on a shoestring budget.

        Maybe it looks easy, I don’t know.

      • TR

        I doubt it’s easy for Nick Krall with 29 other GM’s trying to get the best of you.

      • Harry Stoner

        I think Krall’s error of season error in judgement was thinking he needed to bolster the hitting by spending on Myers.

        Hindsight is 20/20 and likely was no way to guess that there would be such an offensive turnabout.

        The Myers money could have gone towards an arm….no guarantee it would have netted more than a nibbler, but likely would be welcome now.

        Krall has shown he can trade pitching assets effectively. And Naquin.

        Acquiring assets hasn’t gone as smoothly.

        Krall’s bigger moves: acquiring Pham, Minor and Myers (and Moran) are on the red side of the ledger.

        His dumpster diving for pitching and catching was a disaster last year.

        Maile, Casals, Lively and Kennedy all seem like smart pickups.

        The Newman deal was a wash for me….but again, it seemed like SS was a hole that it turned out not to be.

        Would Krall have made that trade knowing that McLain and EDLC would arrive in a hurry?

        Bull still has some trading to do for me to hold him in the level of esteem others are ready for.

        It will interesting to see what happens next.

      • Harry Stoner

        Sorry: “off season error of judgement”…

      • BK

        The Benson acquisition was pretty sweet, too!

      • Rob

        Let me paint this another way. Opportunity is at th doorstep. Greene and Lodolo won like 4 games the first half and like 11 games all of 2022. They appear to be potential stars in the making but after 1.5 years they have not shown to be top of the line starters that can be counted on for 6-8 wins each the second half. Wish we would quit portraying that as realistic outcome. This as is is an exciting team that has overachieved that could make the playoffs but is leaning on weak starting pitching and an overworked bullpen. Not a recipe for long term success. The point that worries me is our sitting by idly while the Cubbies, Brewers, or Phillies pick up significant pieces and leap by us in August. Nothing says that by trading for a couple starting pitchers that we going to get into the playoffs and win a couple rounds. But I would sure like the excitement and thrill of that possibility vs making no trades and hoping this pitching carries us to the finish line. That is regrets to me. There are no guarantees that opportunity is going to knock again. I just hate to sit by and acquire Cessa and Givens while a lesser team missing Acuna goes on and acquires 3outfielders and 3 pitchers and wins the World Series. It is foolish to assume the other guy is going to sit pat. Teams are going to try to improve.

      • VaRedsFan

        @ Jon…. Half the people here wanted to run it back with Suarez, Winker, and company. And the same ones were miffed about trading Gray, Mahle, and Castillo. Even with 2/3’s of those guys all season, they were still on the way to losing 95+ games.

        Krall has killed this rebuild, unlike the GMs before him.

      • Jon

        @ VaRedsFan Outside of Steer, Benson, and Fraley, the players the Reds are winning with this year are not the players Krall acquired via trade. McLain, Friedl, De La Cruz, Abbott, etc. all were developed through the Reds’ system. Had the Reds resigned Castellanos and kept Castillo (could have afforded his extension) and Gray, this team would be World Series favorites.

    • Pete

      I think it’s a little presumptuous to believe that the Reds could all of a sudden fall apart. The team is very young and stocked with talent throughout their system. Any trade they can make today they should be able to make next year and even have more value to offer.

      The Reds are playing with house money this season. If they can get a great deal, they should make it. Other than that I would hold the line, get the other pitchers back that are injured and let’s see how things play out. Unless a calamity befalls them, this team has only one direction it will go, and that is straight up.

      • Thomas Atwood

        It is also a little presumptuous to assume the winning pace is a given. (Not saying you said that, Pete, just counter-pointing.)

        The Reds play 16 tough games out of the break in MIL, SF, ARI, MIL and LAD. A well-timed proving ground just before the deadline. If they struggle and fall well behind the Brewers, then stand pat. If they go around 8-8 and stay close to MIL, then I’m in and say add a SP and RP that don’t cost a lot in prospects. Because September eases up and should bring plenty of W’s.

      • Rob

        A key question Krall must be considering is whether these Reds have over achieved the past 30-40 days and will settle in at 80-85 wins, or whether this is a playoff team that has arrived 1-2 years early. The last 15 games should provide clarity. Anything better than 8-7 should suggest a more aggressive trading strategy. We do have a bullpen that was overworked the first half and could fatigue.

    • David

      Yeah, I think that’s true. This might be the start of 4-5 years of very good baseball in Cincy, and contending every year. And then a bunch of guys may get hurt.

      I would consider trading about anybody in the Reds’ minors except CES and Connor Phillips (who is knocking at the door at AAA for starting with the Reds).
      Prospects, despite all the potential, are just that until they actually arrive and start to produce. (CES should be with the Reds NOW, but….there are other opinions).

      I am sort of against trading Jon India, because I think he is the de facto Captain of the Reds, and his enthusiasm and intensity is a big example to all the guys on the team. His value is greater than his offensive statistics; a lot of it is intangible.

      For the right return, I would not hesitate to trade Arroyo (who is hitting like crap in “A” ball this year, despite his pedigree) or Noelvi Marti, who doesn’t have a position to play with the Reds, for the right return.

    • BK

      While I agree, the devil is in the details. How much of the future do you exchange for incremental improvement to the current team? I’m really hoping for a 5-year run. That will take talent from the farm plugging holes in the roster down the line. My preference would be to trade surplus for surplus with players on similar timelines. Someone like Logan Allen from the Guardians would be a good target, as they need to add bats.

      I think giving up Top 100 prospects for a rental pitcher would be a mistake. It will be a decision that is not likely to age well. Unfortunately, deadline acquisitions don’t move the needle nearly as much as they are expected to. I think we have enough depth to make modest acquisitions without dipping into our Top 5-7 prospects. I also don’t think the team needs a lot to improve. My priorities would be (1) a quality LH relief pitcher, (2) any high-leverage reliever, (3) a decent starting pitcher.

      Lastly, the Reds can mitigate some prospect losses via trade by making some of their hitters available. While they shouldn’t all be traded, Senzel, Newman, or Fairchild could all net a return similar to what received for Naquin. Moving at least one of them would open a roster spot for CES–a player I believe would make our lineup even stronger.

      • Melvin

        “Moving at least one of them would open a roster spot for CES–a player I believe would make our lineup even stronger.”

        For sure.

    • Jon

      Exactly this. Every team in the division is almost certainly going to improve next year. There’s no guarantee of health or anything else. Why not make the effort to acquire a starting pitcher or two with a year or two of control? Whether we’re talking a Verlander/Scherzer type or a Bieber type, the Reds have the money and prospects to spend. (They should have more money available now than in 2020 when their projected payroll was $150 million. Each game is bringing in 30,000-plus fans, and they’re still receiving all their television money.)

  9. Jon

    Is Sonny Gray a realistic free agent target this winter for a two or three year deal? Would be able to lead the young pitching staff and also be reunited (again) with Derek Johnson. You almost wonder if the Twins scuffle between the break and the deadline, if he’d be available via trade…

  10. Mark Moore

    I don’t know about y’all, but I’m dealing with baseball withdrawal at the moment. No game to watch until FRIDAY!!! The celebrity offering tonight holds zero interest for me.

    So I wait until the Bernies come to town for the weekend. I guess I’ll have to find another Pig to Kick in the meantime.

    • TR

      Likewise here in Tampa Bay. The Reds are the All Star team for me after the first half of the season is in the books. At least I can see a bit of Moneyball on HBO.

    • Old-school

      Amen mark. Dont care about watching the Braves play the AL. Hopefully Reds pitching gets rested and Krall figuring out the trade deadline. he sure did last year.

    • Melvin

      I think Diaz only threw about 10 pitches tonight. That’s all I care about. He should be ready to go Friday. I know it will probably never happen but I really like the idea someone here had recently. I would like to all star game to be at the beginning of the year when the players have a full year under their belt to determine who goes. The weather is cold in many places in March anyway. The game could/should be played in a warm climate or in a dome. The regular season would still last the same amount of games but just start later when it’s warmer hopefully. The all star game itself may draw more attention since everyone will be hungry for baseball again after winter.

      • Jon

        No…then northern cities like Cincinnati would lose the opportunity to host it.

        If anything, the stats displayed to voters should begin with the first game after the previous season’s All-Star break. For example, stats for next year’s game would begin Friday July 14th and continue into next season. If a player gets traded or signs with a new team, combine his stats together.

  11. Protime

    It’s time to bring CES to the show. After all, EDLC, and McLain energized a team that was mediocre and going nowhere. The bench is weak and in need of of a player that can drive in runs. Casali, Newman, and Weaver are not the answer.

  12. Roger Garrett

    Krall traded from position of strength the starting position to acquire position players which was a position of weakness.He has developed some drafted players as well but he traded the pitching because he had Greene,Lodolo and others in the pipe line.The roster is no longer old and not performing but rather young and talented and with more on the way.I believe if trades are made to acquire pitching it will come from an area of strength which is our position players and we must find a trading partner of course.Pitching will cost not only in prospects but in salary so for my money I only take on starters or even relievers that we have a year or two of control.Now if this was an older team and maybe has no window left to compete then its different but this team is not like that.IMO if Greene and Lodolo were healthy this team needs little or no help now or over the next 3-4 year.Big ifs of course but Reds in this division are set up to compete and are in far better shape then anybody else.Young talent and no big money contracts which the other teams have big money on the books and aging players.

  13. docproc

    Casali has 3 ABs in July. He had 22 ABs in June and hit .182 that month. His OPS on the season is .484. He is simply a waste of valuable space that needs to go to CES.

    Between 1B, DH, and PH, CES can get enough ABs to make the promotion worthwhile. And man, do we need a masher in the middle of the lineup.

    • Melvin

      …and 3B….and possibly corner outfield in a pinch. 🙂