Former Reds Wade Miley and Jesse Winker led the Milwaukee Brewers to a 1-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds before 32,848 at American Family Field.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (50-41) 0 4 1
Milwaukee Brewers (49-42)
1 7 0
W: Miley (6-2) L: Lively (4-5) Sv: D. Williams (20)
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Miley pitched six scoreless innings against the team for which he threw a no-hitter in 2021. The lefthander allowed four hits and three walks but was aided immeasurably by recording eight strikeouts. Some very hard-hit balls by Reds batters were also “at-em” today, which is just the way it goes some days.

Winker’s RBI single in the first inning plated Christian Yelich with what turned out to be the game’s lone run.

Today’s loss snapped the Reds’ streak of taking eight consecutive road series. It also continues Milwaukee’s trend of dominating the Reds head-to-head over the past couple of seasons (18 Milwaukee wins in the past 26 games between the two teams). This year’s record between the two teams is Milwaukee with five wins in the seven games. With the Reds now leading the NL Central by only one game over the Brewers, Cincinnati will have to reverse that trend when the two teams hook up again beginning Friday, this time in Cincinnati.

It will be the first of a 10-game homestand for the Reds, with the San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks, following for four and three games, respectfully. Thereafter, the Reds go right back to Milwaukee for three, then to Los Angeles to play the Dodgers for three. The rest of July will be challenging and critical for the first-place Reds. The primary objective for the remainder of the season has to be to try to win as many series as is possible.

The Offense

In the top of the fifth, Miley walked three hitters but was fortunate that a 104-mph laser Nick Senzel hit off of him went right to third baseman Brian Anderson on one hop. That sizzler resulted in an easy double play that short-circuited the inning for Cincinnati.

An inning later, Jonathan India and Elly De La Cruz singled with one out, but Miley ended the rally there, concluding his outing of six scoreless innings against his former team.

Kevin Newman and Matt McLain opened the first and third inning, respectfully, with doubles, but neither of those baserunners was brought around to score by their teammates.

Cincinnati hitters struck out 14 times against Miley and three relievers, which — more than any other factor — was what kept the Reds off the board. Steer struck out a very uncharacteristic three times, and many of the Reds hitters’ strikeouts came with runners on and in scoring position. Milwaukee is a good team, and you have to give them credit for doing what they needed to do to win.

The Pitching

Ben Lively came off the injured list for the start and had a bit of bad fortune in the opening inning. Leadoff batter Christian Yelich hit a ball to left that Steer had some trouble judging and it became a leadoff double. After two outs, Winker — batting fourth despite his .197 average — delivered a hit to right-center to score Yelich for a 1-0 Milwaukee lead.

Manager David Bell removed Lively after 5 2/3 innings with two Brewers on base with singles. He allowed four hits and two walks while striking out five in arguably his best start of the season. Alex Young came on to retire pinch-hitter Blake Perkins on a fly ball to deep left-center field to end the inning.

Lively talked post-game about his excellent performance, after being out for two and a half weeks:

In the seventh inning, Derek Law faced a jam with runners on first and third with one out after a Jonathan India error and a Joey Wiemer single. But Law induced Yelich to ground into an inning-ending double play to deny the Brew Crew.

In the eighth, Ian Gibaut faced a bases-loaded, one-out jam, but broke the bat of Perkins who grounded to India:

The second baseman tagged the runner headed to second and then threw to Joey Votto at first to complete the Reds’ second double play in as many innings.

What’s News

Cincinnati’s team-record streak of 22 consecutive games with a home run ended today.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Milwaukee Brewers at Cincinnati Reds

Friday, July 14, 7:10 p.m. ET

Pitchers for both teams TBD

134 Responses

  1. James K

    So the Reds enter the All-Star break in first place, despite the fact that Greene and Lodolo have a combined record of 4-5. Pretty much what we predicted pre-season… at least those of us who also predicted that Hell would freeze over.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Correct! Most prognosticators would have said the Reds chance to be in 1st place at the AS break would be the same chance as a paper dog catching an asbestos cat in hell!

      • Jim Walker

        I like your closing phrase, Dennis. It brings to mind the favorite of Pete Rose that he’d walk through Hades in a gasoline suit for (whoever or whatever). 😉

      • Oldtimer

        He’s Walk Through Hell In A Gasoline Suit To Play Baseball was what Pete Rose said.

    • jmb

      A tough loss, but, as was said above, the Reds are in first, and they will be either 8 or 10 games over .500 at the ASB. And this after numerous injuries and struggles by their starting staff! Who would have thunk it back in April, when fans were boycotting the games, calling for the team to be sold (some even saying they didn’t care if the team was relocated!), calling for Bell to be fired, calling for Krall to be replaced?

  2. Daytonnati

    How was the party last night, Tom? 🙂

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It was fine. No other baseball fans there. I got to hear De La Cruz’s triple-steal on the radio in the car. Would have much rather seen that and the rest of the game on TV. 😉

  3. Dennis Westrick

    My post game observations! Despite several come-from-behind wins (mostly high scoring games) by the 2023 Reds, they need to also learn how to win these types of low-scoring, one (1) run games!

    Reds were a horrid 0-9 with RISP! In addition, WAY TOO MANY strikeouts with 14 SOs today!

    Lively pitched well enough to enable the Reds to win! But, you can’t win if you can;t score!

    All in all, mission accomplished in that the Reds didn’t get swept and enter the AS break in first and will welcome the Brewers with a chance for some revenge!

    • Brian Rutherford

      The Reds are 20-16 in 1 run games and 7-3 in extra innings. Pretty good. Brewers are 16-7 in 1 run games. 5-2 in extras.

    • jmb

      You’re right about Lively! He pitched ALMOST as well as Miley. Not bad for a journeyman, though Miley is a journeyman too, it’s just that he’s had a few very good years, which Lively never had.

  4. Indy Red Man

    Disappointing but no need to overreact. Would’ve liked to see Bell go small ball and bunt after Newman’s leadoff double. Feels like thats about the 3rd time Newman doubled to start the game and didn’t score.

    Overall though. 1st place and Milw has to play Atlanta 6 times and @ Philly for 3…all this month. Who do they have that would make our starting 9? Yelich and Adames/India are about a wash imo.
    Burnes is clearly not what he was….not even close. Miley is solid and their pen is good. Peralta was up to 98 the other day. Idk?
    If we can atleast split these last 6 with Milw then I think we win it, but talk is cheap

    • Dennis Westrick

      Small Ball is a lost art in baseball for the most part and generally a foreign concept for Bell. There were several opportunities in today’s game for Reds batters to advance runners either with a bunt, hitting behind the runner, etc. Small ball would have definitely reduced the 14 strikeouts by today’s lineup!

    • Rob

      Don’t we still have to travel to Arizona, SF, and Dodgers? I expect the Dodgers to get hot anytime. A split in the next 6 is fine but I don’t think that propels us anywhere. The other thing is who makes the plus moves in the next 3 weeks. The Cubbies sound like they are ready to grab some talent. There are players out there that are big difference makers.

      • Indy Red Man

        Our schedule is no piece of cake, but Milw is tougher.

        Omg they play Atlanta & Philly 6x each. 3 at the Dodgers and Texas. Twins 2 & SD 3 at home. @ NYY for 3 and Miami 7 times total. Thats rough considering they’re outgunned offensively in every one of those games. They might outhit NY without Judge

    • Brian Rutherford

      The Reds are 4th in all of MLB in sac bunts and T.J Friedl leads MLB in bunt hits with 15. The Reds lead all of MLB with 112 stolen bases. They aren’t playing small ball?

      Sometimes the other team just wins. They failed to move guys over today but over all they have done a tremendous job running the bases and moving runners. They are 5th in MLB in runs scored.

      I understand fair criticism but that isn’t accurrate or fair.

      • RedlegScott

        Agree, Brian. And what manager plays small ball in the first inning, especially with a potent offense?

    • Jim Walker

      Agree IRM> This was a game to get a lead and force the other to stand up and take it back even though either manager like thought it would be a 1 run margin, let alone 1 total run in the entire game.

      That game opening double in the first gave the Reds the 1st chance of the day to plant their flag; and, they didn’t. Then when the Reds gave the Brewers a gold plated opportunity in the bottom of the inning, they planted their flag and made it stand.

      • Jim Walker

        Here is what my mind intended the first sentence above to be prior to auto spell or Grammarly or my fingers or all 3 worked their magic on it:

        “This was a game to get a lead and force the other side to stand up and take it back even though neither manager likely thought it would be a 1 run margin, let alone just 1 total run in the entire game”.

      • SteveAReno

        Kevin Newman’s double was a strong way to start the game and he got to third but that’s all. So close to scoring that run!

    • Matt

      And the Crew is a game behind with several top players on the shelf.
      I think Milwaukee has a little more to even up on players. They are all Major League players

    • greenmtred

      Newman made it to third on a sac fly. Functional equivalent of sac bunt. It seems as though the lament about the absence of small ball is about bunting and hit-and-run. We know that Friedl is a good bunter, but I’d guess that it’s a skill that isn’t emphasized much at all in the minors. Hit-and-run, too, requires bat control skills that maybe, in the time of three “true” outcome baseball, are not prioritized, either. I hope that changes and I hope our young players will gain those skills with experience. In the meantime, they do play small ball with their baserunning and have a highly rated offense without being near the lead in homers.

  5. Melvin

    This game is an example of, even if your offense is good, if you have a chance to make it better/stronger….DO IT. Especially if you’re trying make it to and compete in the playoffs. Bring up CES.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      You really think that as good as all of these players have been on offense all season, that CES, straight from the minor leagues, would have made the difference today?

      Alright. . .I have some land to sell you in Florida, also. It’s already developed. Oceanside. Going cheap. 5 figures. Trust me.

      • Jim Walker

        McLain has been that good. EDLC has been that good. CES had stats to match or better both of them playing in the same lineup facing the same pitching at AAA. So, why not him?

      • Harry Stoner

        Your knee jerk opposition to bringing up CES makes less and less sense with each post you make.

        Your weak arguments build on poor analogies on top of fretful associations.

        This may be your least convincing yet.

        Where do you go from here?

      • Melvin

        Hahaha Steve – Once upon a time I was campaigning for McLain to come up. Once upon a time I was campaigning for De La Cruz to come up. When they finally did…well I think their play speaks for itself. You keep on calling CES a minor leaguer. Once upon a time those two were minor leaguers too…not too long ago. In answer to your question, HE MAY VERY WELL have made a difference today. The main point is he makes our team STRONGER. Don’t you want our team to be as strong as possible? 🙂

        CES with two hits again today by the way. 🙂 Maybe I should take that developed land. I LOVE Florida. 😀

      • Friedl Green Tomatoes

        You really think having CES in the 3 hole instead of India wouldn’t be an instant boost to this offense? Did you see the effortless swings he put on 440, and then **460 foot** bombs just a couple of days ago? CES is a major threat to tie yesterday’s game every time he steps in the box, in a way India can only dream about. And that’s even before you consider that his average is 70 points higher (yes, I know it’s AAA).

        Factor in how well he does into the platoon BS Bell is obsessed with because he doesn’t even want to give Benson a chance to hit lefties (sidenote: why is Benson, one of the to 3 hitters on this team since his call-up, still batting 9th?) and he provides some much needed pop for when Fraley, Benson and the resurgent Votto aren’t in the lineup.

      • Still a Red

        Friedl Green Tomatoes – The other night, the Nats brought in a leftie reliever (maybe two) and Bell kept all his lefties in the line-up the whole game, Benson included.

      • Friedl Green Tomatoes

        Still a Red – He sure did! Good on Davey boy for actually making the decision to give his hottest bat at least a chance to hit lefties!

    • bug

      >>> Once upon a time I was campaigning for McLain to come up. Once upon a time I was campaigning for De La Cruz to come up. When they finally did…well I think their play speaks for itself. You keep on calling CES a minor leaguer. Once upon a time those two were minor leaguers too…not too long ago. In answer to your question, HE MAY VERY WELL have made a difference today.

      Yes, Melvin. Bingo!!! You make perfect sense. I was right there with you pleading for them to bring up McLain, Elly and Abbott,..all the while, many were saying they obviously needed more time in the minors first. You/we were right then,..just like you/we are right now. We could have used one of CES’s hits today,..or even one of his homers. We can’t say for a fact that he would or would not have gotten a hit that made the difference. What we can say is that we were shut out. That’s a fact.

      • Melvin

        bug – Yep. We need all of our guns/weapons in our arsenal. I know you and I are far from the only ones that believe that.

    • jmb

      Obviously, starting Votto against a lefty was not optimal. Yes, they could have used CES, who seems to be back on track after sputtering for a week or so. Maybe he’ll be up after the ASB. They selected Mariot’s contract before the game, as insurance in case Lively bombed, I suppose. But Mariot’s beed DFA’d, so we’ll see. Ramos has also been DFA’d–let’s see if someone wants him bad enough to trade for him, or, if no one takes him, whether he elects free agency or decides to stay in the Reds’ minor league system.

  6. Indy Red Man

    Lively pitched great and Kennedy had 4 shutout ip today only 1 hit and 4 Ks/no walks

    Weaver should be hitting the road Jack and don’t come back

    • Dennis Westrick

      Exactly! Don’t you come back no more, no more!

    • MBS

      I liked what I saw with Kennedy, no more need to see Weaver start again. Ashcraft, Abbott, Lively, Williamson, Kennedy until we get Greene and Lodolo back, or trade for an upgrade.

    • Friedl Green Tomatoes

      From the starting rotation, perhaps. But I think he still has value as a bullpen arm and long reliever option.

  7. Dennis Westrick

    My biggest fear this weekend was that the Reds would go to a hostile ballpark against their division rival and get swept in the 3-game series! I am thankful that nightmare did not happen! We have a chance to return the favor next weekend!

  8. Aaron

    If you’d have told me before the season the Reds had 50 wins at the All Star break, I’d have asked when the Cardinals plane crashed.

  9. RedlegScott

    We got haunted by the ghosts of Miley and Winker. Happens all the time. The good news was Lively’s performance, followed by the bullpen putting up zeros. The not-so-good news – the 14K’s. We just couldn’t get that clutch hit today. Brewers pitching strikes again. Hope we get them on the rebound. Burnes and Miley, Round 2? CES after the break? Sure hope so.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I would think when the rosters expand. Either that, or a trade would have to be made, or injury, or something.

  10. KM72

    I honestly have no idea how the Brewers even have a winning record. Their lineup is atrocious. We really should sweep them at home after the break but for whatever reason they seem to have our number.

    • RedlegScott

      Pitching. We just saw that, right?

  11. Indy Red Man

    The Reds are +130 on Fan Duel to win the NL Central. I’m taking some of that. Milw’s schedule is so much tougher then ours. I can’t see them making any big deals either because they have zero chance of making the WS.

    • JB

      You told me a month ago I was nuts, lol. Should of listened to me at the time. Got odds at 250 back then. Cool 2600 to win. Drop 100 on Reds to have best record in baseball. Gets me $50,000. What’s a $100. Next time get on the bandwagon. Lol

    • VaRedsFan

      IRM…You’ve missed out on all the value. They were at 25-1 when they got hot.
      +125…the value has left the building.

  12. Roger Garrett

    Both starters were on and the reds have shown they are never out of a game but this game was different and not different because they lost.Yesterday they came back down 4-1 and later down 5-4 and they did it by swinging the bats.Today down 1-0 after the first they had several chances to score by just putting the ball in play or even bunting to move runners and they didn’t.I felt if they tied it they win it going away but you could see what happened.I am not a fan of bunting but when you punch out 14 times well you can’t say they did anything other then swing.Putting the ball in play was all they needed to do today in some cases.Yesterday they had to get hits once down 3 early today its just move runners once you get then on.Reds will learn from this and I am not trying to find fault but today down 1-0 as they continued to punch out they really didn’t give themselves a chance and you could sense it and feel it as they wailed away looking for that one big punch.LIttle jabs,hit and run,maybe a bunt which I hate could have made the difference.Team is young and exciting and have down better then any of us expected this year.Just one thing about Miley.He is and was a matchup nightmare for young aggressive hitters.Its what he does and only way to get him is to go the other way but young guys see that soft stuff and well they can’t wait to swing.Newman with the lead off double was the worst thing that could have happened for the Reds and the best thing for him.From then on it was we will get him we will get him and they couldn’t.Next time they will.

  13. Indy Red Man

    Bring up CES, Kennedy, and Fairchild
    Cut Casali, Weaver, and Newman
    Drop India

    Improves the team pitching, offense, and defense. What else is there?

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      That improves defense? How? I mean, you just got rid of the C who calls the best game and one of the 3 utility fielders we have who can play multiple positions, for a player who plays only 1 position, a position that we already have somebody in.

      • Indy Red Man

        Fairchild is a much OFer then Senzel or Steer for one

        Now you and your army of anti-CES writing staff won’t believe this, BUT I was listening on WLW about a month ago and they said CES was rated as saving 5 runs defensively at 1B. Now Joey in his prime might’ve said a run here or there and he can scoop the ball really well, but that was then. Now he has the range of 3 legged tortoise

      • VaRedsFan

        What position has Newman played over the last month? Are you even watching? He’s played 1B…and has not even done that well.

    • jmb

      India’s future (near future, I hope) is as DH and lower in the order. It’s time to bring up CES, I agree. (Once he’s up, is EDLC the new lead-off man?) But Newman and Casali are not going anywhere. Steer will see more time at third.

  14. Steve Schoenbaechler

    The pitching and defense held up today. Just one of those days with the offense. Miley was on.

    I was especially impressed with Lively. If we had a lead, I don’t think he comes out when he did. I think Bell still allows him at least 1 more batter to complete the inning.

  15. Old-school

    Brewers had a great outing from Miley who is one of the tough soft-ish tossing vet lefties. Kudos to him. Williams is an AS and while Burnes is down a bit, he was on Friday. Move on. I do think the Lineup against lefties is not as good as the lineup against righties especially if Votto is playing every day now at first base. And no….its not because of the platoon. The Reds non-platoon hitters lost the game day. Reds had lead off double twice and non-platoon hitters couldn’t get the run home. India is tired and also isnt a 3 hole hitter. Give him more rest and certainly back to lead off against lefties and not 3 hole against righties for sure

    Reds non-platoon hitters today were 3-23 with 10K’s

    Love Votto as a 6 hole power lefty against righties. If Reds want their best line up and best defense, he is not an everyday first baseman and he hasn’t hit lefties in 5 years. Reds best bet to improve offense and defense is bring up CES and Fairchild and let go of Newman and Casali.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      You really think CES was going to be able to do something today against Miley, when the entire team wasn’t able to do anything against Miley?

      Again, CES is the least of our worries. Sure, it would be easy to find a way to get him up here. Sure, it would easy to find a way to get him regular playing time. The question is, that playing time is going to come at the expense of someone else.

      Or, like someone else tried to post, play CES at 3rd 4 out of 9 games. CES’s fielding % at 3rd is 0.895. In comparison, Edwin Encarnacion’s fielding % at third was never under 9. We wanted to move him to first, but we had Votto there. We needed him off of third, because he defense was lousy. So, we traded him.

      And, CES’s defense doesn’t stick up with EE’s defense at 3rd.

      Nope, the entire major league team wasn’t able to do anything against Miley. More than likely CES wasn’t going to come up here and smoke Miley.

      • Old-school

        It’s about fielding your best 26 man roster for the second half to win as many games as you can. Curt Casali catches 2/10 games and cant hit. He literally sits the bench 8/10 games. Kevin Newman’s role just continually shrinks. Is he a 3b? No. It’s Elly, steer, Senzel and perhaps all 3 are placeholders for Noelvi Marte next spring. . Is Newman a SS? No. Hes 3rd string behind Elly and McLain. Is he a 2b? Hes 3rd string behind India and McLain? Is Newman a first baseman? No one says he is. Is Newman a DH? No way. Newman has no role except one artificially manufactured by Bell. Thats not to say he hasn’t helped the team get to here….but it’s no longer about that. Reds are here. It’s about winning the NL Central going forward and Newman doesnt advance that objective with a healthy Votto and ridiculous rookies in Steer, Elly, and McLain.

        Newman and Casali are easily occupying 25th and 26th roster spots. CES strengthens your power and helps against lefties( Votto isnt a 1b against lefties). Farichild strengthens your OF defense and helps offensively against lefties and adds team speed

        CES + Fairchild improves outfield defense, power, overall speed and offense agaisnt good lefties.

      • greenmtred

        Steve: it looks like everybody is tired of refuting your out of date information about CES and his fielding at third base. So am I, so I won’t.

    • Roger Garrett

      I agree but I just don’t see either Newman or Casali being let go or traded.I said Newman was brought here to play back in the the spring and he did and still is just not at short or at third or at second.He is the DH against lefties and I am not anti Newman but you have to be kidding me if thats the best we can do.Casali was brought in to help the young pitchers and I have no idea how to measure that in terms of value because he can’t hit and Maile seems to be better on defense and is a much better hitter.I don’t like beating a dead horse but Old-school you are 100% correct but we have went down this road before about getting rid of vets and replacing them with younger players.It just takes so long and as long as Newman hits well we won’t see CES.Of course when he does come up after the roster expands and he hits a couple of balls nine miles well you know.I will take CES and Fairchild over Casali and Newman any day and every day.

  16. LT

    We were shut out by Kershaw and now Miley, no other shut out recently right? Both of them are left handed. Kershaw is still considered elite while Miley is good. My point is that our offense, even with platoon players, does not match up well against left handed pitchers. We need to add an established left handed hitter. Some one mentioned ECS is good again lefties, so that will help when he is called up, but for the playoff a good left handed hitting veteran is needed.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      “CES is good against lefties”

      First, that’s the lefties in the minor leagues. Second, Newman is suppose to be good against lefties. And, Senzel. And, Friedl. Etc. No one was able to do anything. Not against Miley, and not against Kershaw. CES isn’t going to change that. Not how good Miley was today, not against Kershaw.

      • LT

        Friedl is not good against leftie :). When discussing good left handed veterans, I don’t think you’ll hear name like Newman or Senzel. Newman and Senzel might be better than other Reds players hitting against lefties, that does not make them good veterans, not by a long shot 🙂

      • Indy Red Man

        Guys like you are why we’re not 4-5 games up now.
        Elly needs more seasoning & can’t be rushed. Yeah Abbott is mowing them down, but lets not rush the kid. When CES does come up and starts doing damage then just make sure you come around and take your medicine because its going to happen. I took my lumps on Votto.

        The argument that Newman is more productive is asinine as is the 3 catcher situation. You watch…as soon as someone throws a lefty with good breaking stuff out there then Bell’s ole buddy Newman will be right back at 1B hacking it up

      • SteveAReno

        Newman is more than supposed to be good, he is good period. We will put him in late for better defense too

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        For LT: “Friedl is not good against leftie :)”

        Friedl’s slash line against LH pitchers.
        .333 .395 .487 .883

        And, that’s not good?

      • greenmtred

        Senzel is in the top ten in all of MLB against lefties.

      • wkuchad

        The Reds have six hitters with an OPS above .880 against lefties, including Newman and Senzel.

        CES could be a seventh.

  17. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I just noticed that the Reds seemingly have been going with a 4 man rotation, trying to work them on 5 days rest when they can, and if they can’t, bring up the #5 man of either Kennedy, or Byrne, or whoever it’s been.

    So, the 4 men, at least recently, have been Weaver, Lively, Ashcraft, and Williamson.

    When Green and Lodolo come back, for the 5 man rotation, I have to believe Weaver is gone and Williamson goes to the pen.

    I was just looking at something. I hope I’m reading this right. But, at least for the month of July, our starting pitching ERA has decreased by over a run from the month of June. I wouldn’t be surprised of that stat reaches back a bit into the end of June, also. Job Well Done, starters, especially when one considers not only have we having to have been going with our #6, 7, and 8 guys, but also our #9, 10, 11, and even #12 probably at times.

  18. Roger Garrett

    @Old-school again you are 100% correct and @Indy you are as well.For me its not even about losing 1-0 to a lefty today cause MIley was good its about is this the best we can do and its not.CES and Fairchild bring more then Casali and Newman.Just let the young guys play and lets go please.

  19. Jim Walker

    Here’s the CES (and others) update from today’s AAA action, CES went 2/5 with 2 runs scored, His seasonal total OPS is 1.010 and virtually identical versus LH pitching and RH pitching.

    Fairchild also went 2/5 with 2 runs which put his AAA OPS to .961.

    Don’t look now but Barrero continued his surge of late going 2/5 with a triple and 2 runs scored. Saturday, he had an HR, his 2nd of the week. His AAA OPS is about to push through the .800 barrier (.798).

    And yeah, if you are wondering about all these guys scoring 2 runs, the game was a 12-2 laugher for the Bats

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      What people need to remember as they read that, those batters’ success was off AAA pitching, not major league pitching. “AAA pitching” does not equal “major league pitching”.

      • VaRedsFan

        Who did Mclain and EDLC face in the minors?
        High School pitchers?

      • Jim Walker

        One night last week, every pitcher used by Bats (5 of them) had been with the Reds within the last 6 weeks or so. If new blood isn’t brought in several of them will probably be back with the Reds again later this season.

        The Reds situation may be more desperate than some teams but probably isn’t as desperate as others given the Reds do have a somewhat stable top 3 in the pen. So, I am going to guess a goodly number of the guys the Reds hitters at AAA are facing have seen MLB time this year or in the recent past seasons (2021/22).

        And as others have noted, McLain and EDLC faced the same guys as CES did when all 3 were at AAA.

  20. Votto4life

    It was a great first half. Most enjoyment I have experienced from a Reds team in quite sometime. Here’s to a four day break for all of us.

    My wife and I are spending the All Star Break at Gettysburg. We will be ready to go on Friday though. Enjoy the Break everyone and Go Reds!

    • Melvin

      I love visiting Gettysburg. Been there many times. Only about an hour or so from D.C. Awesome place.

      • Votto4life

        I have never been before, even though I’m a bit obsessed with Abraham Lincoln. I am really looking forward to it!

      • Votto4life

        I have never been before, even though I’m a bit obsessed with Abraham Lincoln. I am really looking forward to it!

      • Melvin

        if that’s the case you’ll love it. I suggest going to the gift shop and buying the CD that takes you on a car tour of the entire battlefield. It starts at the visitors center and it’s pretty cool. Of course you can drive at your own pace and get out whenever you feel like it. It ends at the cemetery where Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address. Speaking of Lincoln he’s my favorite too. In case you haven’t heard there is a new documentary about a newly found picture of him on his death bed on Discovery+. Just watched it the other day.

      • Votto4life

        Wow thanks Melvin I will be sure to watch it!

      • Melvin

        There is another Lincoln thing that a lot of people aren’t aware of. The History Channel had a documentary some time ago called Stealing Lincolns Body. It’s really cool too. If you can’t find it on dvd you might be able to on Youtube. Hope you have a great time. 🙂

    • greenmtred

      I concur, Votto. Have a good all-star break.

  21. MBS

    I find it weird that people are hesitant to want to improve the team. If we had a starter in AAA doing the equivalent of what CES has been doing all year, he would have been here a long time ago. Yes we’re deep with hitters, but that depth produced 0 runs today. Why wouldn’t you give Bell 1 more tool to use to fix this team.

    Someone said the defense held up, and they did well, but if we started an outfielder in LF instead of Steer, that ground rule double that lead to the Crew’s only run would never have happened,

    1 CES to the Reds, DFA/Trade Casali
    2 Fairchild to the Reds, Option/Trade Reynolds
    3 Aquire Barlow to solidify back of the bullpen
    4 Aquire 1 of Giolito, Snell, Bieber, or pitcher of similar ilk.

    Let’s get this done by Friday Mr Krall, and not only win the division, but earn at minimum the #2 seed in the NL. I want buy some tickets to several playoff games.

    • Oldtimer

      Reynolds is not on the Reds. He’s in AAA. Fairchild can’t take his spot.

      CES plays 1B or 3B. Casali doesn’t. CES would take OT from Votto, EDLC, Steer, Senzel.

      Acquiring the other players you listed is easier to type on a keyboard than actually do.

      Fix this team? LOL. SMH.

      • MBS

        Newman who’s not a 1B or 3B has been playing in those 2 spots, a lot. That kinda blows up you’r pedantic comments about Casali not playing 3B or 1B.

        It’s disappointing that you couldn’t puzzle that one together. I feel like if I had been able to use visual aids that could have helped you get there.

      • MBS

        I will take the L on Reynolds, but for whatever reason I conflate Newman and Reynolds names. So you did get me on 1 comment. SMH lol

      • Jim Walker

        @MBS, Even without visual aids I concluded with about 90% certainty that “Reynolds” in your scenarios must mean Newman 😉

        Since the Reds held back bringing up EDLC until after losing 3 of 4 to the Brewers at GABP in early June, I suspect it is more likely they will hold off on significant roster moves until the trade deadline rather than making them coming out of the AS break. I would be more than happy to be proven wrong about this though.

    • Jim Walker

      “I find it weird that people are hesitant to want to improve the team…..”

      I think there is too much psychology involved to try to answer this one briefly and effectively on a site like this. The bottom line is folks are risk averse even if they sometimes in good faith say they aren’t or have a lot of rationalizations for how the change isn’t really better or feasible. Think of even the GM Jocketty all those years ago with his “We’ve got Jack for that.” statement.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      “If we had a starter in AAA doing the equivalent of what CES has been doing all year, he would have been here a long time ago.”

      You sort of answered your own question. Agreed, if we had a starter at AAA, because our starters have been so lacking.

      Where has our offense been so lacking all season? You’re going to use one game to summarize all season?

      • MBS

        @Steve, It’s not lacking in comparison to the pitching, but that shouldn’t stop you from making an obvious improvement.

        BTW If we get to 2024 with all of the guys we currently have in the organization, CES becomes my everyday DH, with Marte as my 3B. There is no standing still, if you’re not improving, you’re getting passed up by the others that are.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Again, it would be easy to get CES up here. It would be easy to find playing time for him up here. The question is, that playing time is going to come at the expense of others. What have they done to warrant having their playing time cut?

      For instance, it’s easy to see CES and Votto can simply split playing time between 1st and DH. But, the problem comes. . .Stephenson, Steer, and India have been doing a lot of DHing recently? What has Stephenson been doing to have his playing time cut for a minor leaguer? Now, it may be easy with him to cut Maile or Casali.

      But, then, what has Steer done to have his playing time cut for a minor leaguer? Why should he have to be made to switch positions for a minor leaguer who can’t? “Steer can just get extra playing time at his other positions, 3rd and LF.” What did Benson do to have his playing time cut, Elly do to have his playing time cut, effectively for a minor leaguer?

      Some people just don’t think. It’s like how they say “trade India”. Great. To who? For what? Do you really think the Angels will give us Ohtani for our 2nd string SS at Daytona?

      Moving CES up here is going to have effects. Some are trying to say play CES at 3rd. Two things there. One, again, what did Elly do to have his playing time cut. 2nd, CES’s fielding % at 3rd is 0.895. As a comparison, we got rid of Edwin Encarnacion because of his defense at 3rd and we had no other position for him. He couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with thrown baseball from 90 feet. EE’s fielding % never was under 0.9 for us. And, CES isn’t that high. “But his bat”. His bat won’t show up every night, just like all of our team didn’t last night. And, his defense playing 3rd can cost us runs and games.

      Nope, CES isn’t just going to be assigned up here. Not without a more major occurrence than just get rid of the 3rd C. It will have to involve something like a trade or injury to someone like Votto.

      Nope, to judge our offense based on one game is simply Radical and fanatical. Our offense has been the least of our worries. We need pitching. We don’t need to worry about getting CES up here.

      • Friedl Green Tomatoes

        Hoo boy, where to begin, Steve.

        Let’s set aside your strawman about Ohtani, which isn’t worth addressing, and your *still* out of date and repeatedly debunk stat about CES at 3rd, which you can’t seem to let go. I know you’re just copy pasting this drivel every day, but maybe try fact checking and updating it a bit?

        Anyway, setting all of that aside, there’s still plenty to pick apart, so let’s begin.

        “Should steer be made to switch positions for a minor leaguer who can’t?”

        Did you miss the part where Steer’s starts at 3rd dried up once EDLC was called up? Did you notice that’s why he started playing primarily in LF? What did Steer do to deserve losing out on starts at 3rd to a *clutches pearls* MINOR LEAGUER like EDLC??? Newsflash: Steer has been turned into an everyday utility man, and that has nothing to do with CES.
        As for Benson, Bell remains steadfastly opposed to putting him in the lineup against lefties, so those ABs wouldn’t be getting taken from him anyway.

        “Why should Stephenson or India lose out on playing time at DH?”

        I can’t believe this needs to be explained, but it’s because DH should be given to an impact bat that warrants being in the lineup even when they can’t be in the field.. Stephenson, while a solidly plus hitter among catchers, is sub-par among DHs. India isn’t one of the top 5 bats on this team even when he isn’t in a prolonged slump, so why is he getting at bats at DH when those at bats could be going to a *gasp* minor leaguer that is currently raking in AAA and has light tower power? Remind me: What were EDLC and McClain before they were called up?

        “We don’t need to worry about getting CES up here. We need pitching.”

        When did these become dichotomous? Can we not both bolster our offense with the bat of a superstar in the making *and* improve our pitching staff? Yes, our offense has been performing well, but when India and Stephenson are getting at-bats at DH and Newman is starting at 1st (or anywhere against RHP), clearly there’s ample room for improvement.

      • greenmtred

        I notice a trend: Newman has been the favored whipping-boy of RLN for awhile now, but–either because people get tired of trashing the same person over and over again, or because Newman’s playing time–and with it, his visibility–is reduced, India may be replacing him in that unenviable position. India is in a slump, unquestionably, but he still is 2nd on the team in home runs, first in runs scored and among the leaders in doubles and rbi. Where you rank him as a hitter depends upon what you take into account. He may just need rest, and he’s about to get four days of it. I would not count him out.

  22. Protime

    Reds must attempt to execute moving runners in tight games, inability to do so and you will never win the close games.

    • greenmtred

      They lead MLB in steals–which advance runners– and have won more close games than they’ve lost. They are in first place. Always room for improvement, but the Reds are not in dire straits at this point.

  23. Mark Moore

    Lively was a pleasant “surprise” today. It would be great to have another solid arm to bridge the gap until our August reinforcements get back into fighting shape.

    Hoping the down time helps the boys reset and come back with extreme fire in the belly. They’ll see Burnes and Miley again right out of the gate, so let’s hope they learned something this weekend.

    • LT

      Yep, definitely a QS for Lively. Cheers to Hope, a good thing or even the best of things.

  24. Ted Alfred

    Reds take Wake Forest P Rhett Lowder. Watching the draft on MLB they basically said he and Skeens are clearly the top two College pitchers in the draft and that Lowder is probably more Major League ready. They say he already has three major league ready pitches, change up slider and fastball that he can already throw equally well and has reall6 good control. I saw his hilites and he looks really good….wild hair style. So it sounds like he’s a guy who could be in the rotation as early as next year…. which I think is exactly the way the Reds should approach this Draft when this team is ready to win now. No point in drafting high school players at this point in time when considering the next 5 year projection this team is on and the need for pitching now.

  25. TR

    A tough lose but pitching from both sides was good.

  26. Roger Garrett

    All of us will agree we are a year ahead of schedule so why not as Old-school said lets go with our best roster.First it was little Mac then ELDC and we took off throw in Abbott as well.I get it about are they ready and if they aren’t will they lose confidence in themselves.Please note what CES did in the spring and has continued to do all season.I also get it about playing time and so on and so on and all that other stuff we talk about all the time.Newman and Casali just have to go.CES could take this offense to the next level with his power and Fairchild has some pop is almost as fast as ELLY and can play all 3 outfield spots well.They are just better options right now so come on Krall and do your thing.You purged this roster of almost all of the vets and you have 2 more to go.

  27. Beaufort Red

    Did you say almost as fast as EDLC? Wow!!!!

    • TR

      I’ve never seen a player who is a real threat to beat out a routine ground ball for a hit like Elly Da La Cruz.

      • David

        Ken Griffey (Sr.) in his prime…1973, 1974, 1975. He was amazingly fast and quick out of the batter’s box. In those days, the team used to call him “KIP”; keep it in play…because he COULD beat out a lot of infield tappers. But Elly De La Cruz is super fast.

        De La Cruz is something else, and also seems to have a very high baseball IQ. He is a very smart young man. He is playing with his head, and not just “instinct”.

      • TR

        Billy Hamilton. How soon I’ve forgotten an exciting Reds player.

  28. Roger Garrett

    Home plate to first ELDC 4.15 McLain 4.23 Fairchild 4.27

    Sprint speed ELDC 30.5 Fairchild 29.2 McLain 29.0

    Maybe almost as fast as EDLC is not quite accurate but as you can see Fairchild can run as can McLain.As a team they are the fastest.

    • David

      Fairchild is (obviously) right handed, and so his time to 1st base versus EDLC (batting left handed) will be slower. Fairchild has great outfield speed, but probably not that great “twitch” acceleration that EDLC has, which makes him a potentially great base stealer.

  29. Cincinnatus Rex

    I missed the chance to chat during the game, but I didn’t miss the game!

    This loss can be summed up in three letters: L.O.B.

    It happens, and the former Reds certainly did have their say. Looking forward to the post-ASG rematch — GO REDS.

  30. Rednat

    kind of strange but at this point I trust the rookies- EDLC,McCLAIN, Steer, Benson, More than I do the veterans going into the second half.

    what do we really have with Stpehenson, India, Senzel? they have been consistently inconsistent this year and for much of their career for that matter. i am hoping they all have a big second half and lead our team to a division title. But if they struggle is it time to move away from these guys? I think we have younger more athletic options in AAA right now with Fairchild and CES. And I have not given up on Chuckie Robinson and Barrero as well.

    would a package deal with Senzel, India, Stephenson net some good prospects for the future and possibly a pitcher?

    • wkuchad

      Why would the Reds trade Stephenson!?

      • Jim Walker

        Here are some factors that could lead to Stephenson being traded at the deadline (or off season).

        Stephenson looks to be the odd man out for PAs as DH if/ when CES comes up. Looking to next season, if India comes off of 2B but is still with the team, that situation would still exist even if Votto is not back, especially if Noelvi Marte forces his way into the 1b/3b/DH mix.

        The Reds have a reoplacement available at AAA for Stephenson. Lost in the attention given McLain, EDLC, and CES, Chuckie Robinson has what would otherwise be seen as a huge breakout season catching at AAA. Robinson’s BA/OPB/SLG/OPS line for 256PA (61 games) is

        Robinson could step in immediately as a tandem partner for Maile; and he looks like a sure bet for a backup spot, at the least, in 2024. Robinson’s backup at AAA has been Jhonny Pereda who has been a solid defensive and offensive player also (.939 OPS in 119PA, he also DHs which Robinson has not). Thus, the promotion of Robinson would still leave a viable “emergency” catcher at AAA.

        Looking to the future, Stephenson will be arbitration eligible for 2024. Do the Reds view him as worth the arbitration cost?

        I doubt that the Reds are shopping or planning to trade TS, at least at the deadline. However if needed to close a big deal for pitching, it isn’t off the charts as a possibility.

      • wkuchad

        I’m very happy for Chuckie. I have friends that know him and talk about what a great guy he is. And yes he’s having a great season. BUT, I’m not ready to turn this team over to him as the primary catcher. Our catching situation was UGLY last year. That can’t happen when we’re in win mode. Chuckie is right where he needs to be, depth in case of injuries. If he continues this great play in the 2nd half, I’d say make him our primary backup next year.

        I’m fine with Stephenson losing out on DH at bats. I prefer him as our primary catcher only, except the days he needs a day off.

        Chuckie has had one partial good year in the minors. Tyler has solid (but short) major league track record. Even this year he started off slow (likely recovering from surgery), but has been solid recently.

        There’s a few players I’d trade, Stephenson is not one of them.

      • Jim Walker

        @chad>>I think if the ages were reversed and Robinson was 26 and Stephenson 28, that might make a big difference in the Reds posture at catcher.

        Nonetheless, Robinson is probably the better receiver. However, I understand the concern about his offense despite what he has done this year.

        Chuckie is not on the 40 man roster. I believe he will qualify as a minor league FA if he doesn’t get any MLB time this year or if he does and is outrighted ahead of the nontender date. Unless the Reds have something else cooking, even with TS around, it would seem to behoove the Reds to get Robinson onto the 40 man roster without exposing him to waivers or becoming a free agent of any sort.

      • Melvin

        It’s funny how things change quickly. Not too long ago Stephenson and India were the ones a lot of people were saying for the Reds to extend. Now both of their names are coming up as possible trades. I’m not saying whether we should or shouldn’t. It’s just funny. if either are traded it better be for a good deal that’s for sure.

      • greenmtred

        Melvin: people are fickle, especially when there are shiny new stars.

  31. 3rdbaseTom

    Any updates on Greene and Lodolo?

  32. Steve Schoenbaechler

    You know, it just amazes me how so many people on here want to push a minor leaguer up here when it could affect the playing time of so many others up here and/or put us with a defensive liability. . .

    But, when the manager makes a move like takes a reliever out after throwing just 3 pitches to end an inning, not allowing them to go out and pitch the next inning, they won’t call that something like a “bonehead” move. They will cry something like, “Maybe he was considering the matchups with the next hitters up”.

    Well, what about the defensive liability bringing that minor leaguer up here could cause? Or, what about the cut in playing time for others moving the minor leaguer up here would cause, crying how this team needs a better offense, thinking adding one minor leaguer to it will make it so much better, when it’s the offense that has literally carried this team through the first half of the season, the offense and the bullpen that is strained.

    I mean, if CES’s defense at 3rd was suppose to be so much improved, I would think he would be starting there more than twice in the last 15 games. But, some on here have had CES starting at 3rd for us 4 out of 9 games!

    • VaRedsFan

      “it could affect the playing time of so many others up here and/or put us with a defensive liability. ….”

      So you’re happy with Newman’s defense at 1B?
      Just a few weeks ago they reported the CES has 5 defensive runs saved at 1B.

      You’re happy to let Casali be an empty spot in the lineup when he catches?
      Which also takes Ty’s bat out of the lineup?

      I think you are just trolling for comments at this point.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        So, Newman has started at 1st 7 times this entire season, played 1st in an 8th game. So, this is how many games you are ready to give CES in calling him up here, instead of playing full-time in the minors?

        With Casali, I’ve stated before;

        – “getting CES up here” isn’t the problem. Lots of ways we can do that and do that now.
        – Even “finding him playing time”, we can do that and do that now.
        – The question comes. . .that playing time for CES is going to come at the expense of others. What has the “others” done that warrant having a minor leaguer take playing time from them?

        So, the entire Casali argument simply holds no water. That just gets CES up here, my first aspect above. You “failed” to address the other 2 aspects, the 3rd one I’ve always said is the one in question.

        Listen, I can even hope CES does get up here sooner than later. But, it’s not going to happen without something like a trade or injury that will open up playing time for him, a 1st baseman/DH.

        And, right now, trading just to get CES playing time up here shouldn’t be the top priority of ours. It has to be pitching. Now, can a trade be made for both items? Sure. But, I’m not worrying about doing that one bit. I’m worrying about getting pitching, period.

        Interesting how you responded to nothing about Bell in my post. You have shown to simply be my post personified.

      • VaRedsFan

        It’s not really that hard.
        You aren’t saying who he is taking AB’s away from.

        He starts at 1B vs all lefties. (call it 2 of every 10 games, but could be more)
        He plays DH the rest of the time (call it 7 of 10 games)

        So all that’s lost is Casali AB’s, Ty at DH, and Votto vs lefties.
        Not to mention regular rest days for other starters.
        Spot starts at 3rd vs righties.

        See?? Not hard at all.

      • VaRedsFan

        I don’t think there’s a person on this site that wants Bell to pull an effective reliever when he’s thrown less than 10 pitches. So I haven’t witnessed any of that whining.

      • bug

        Right on the money with everything you say here, VaRedsFan. Makes perfect sense to me.

        >>>>>It’s not really that hard.
        You aren’t saying who he is taking AB’s away from.

        He starts at 1B vs all lefties. (call it 2 of every 10 games, but could be more)
        He plays DH the rest of the time (call it 7 of 10 games)

        So all that’s lost is Casali AB’s, Ty at DH, and Votto vs lefties.
        Not to mention regular rest days for other starters.
        Spot starts at 3rd vs righties.

        See?? Not hard at all.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        For VA:

        See, now, you’re getting somewhere.

        So, DH. Alright. So, that takes time away from Stephenson mostly, but he could make it up at C. But, also, it’s been a way to get others some additional playing time as well, who are already up here, like Steer, Benson, Fraley, etc., who are already getting regular rest. So, what have they all done to have their playing time cut for a minor leaguer?

        As well as Votto’s playing time cut at 1st? What did he do so bad to warrant his playing time cut? He only leads the team in OPS as well as has about at 380 OBP vs LF pitching.

        So, my thesis still holds, you would be taking playing away from major leaguers who did nothing to warrant having their playing time cut just so a minor leaguer can get full-time playing up here.

      • Harry Stoner

        Among all the weak / hard headed arguments put forth in this ongoing ‘debate’….

        “What has the “others” done that warrant having a minor leaguer take playing time from them?”

        …has to be the lamest.

        So bizarre an argument as to be head spinning in trying to comprehend why someone would regularly advance it.

        These “others” haven’t been naughty, they 1: simply haven’t hit well enough in certain situations (eg Newman, Senzel, Votto) or else demonstrated how they respond to the occasional day off (eg McLain, India, Votto, Stephenson.)

        A mere “minor leaguer” who has demonstrated impressive hitting skills who can do better and / or contribute absolutely deserves the opportunity to do so.

        The argument that “there’s no guarantee that he’ll do the same in MLB” is patently ridiculous and not really worth rebutting.

        We’re McLain, EDLC, Steer, Friedl, India, Stephenson, Votto “guarantees”?

        Poor, poor Newman, Barrero, Garcia, Myers, Senzel etc. etc. who had their playing time taken by those undeserving minor leaguers!

        You’ve gotten in so deep with your stubborn arguments that you ignore the common sense responses of those proposing simple straightforward ways to work CES needed bat into the lineup.

        Yet you keep repeating the same fatuous counter statements or invent new ones with even less credibility.

        You’re not getting anywhere with them.

        Maybe shift to some topic where your weak arguments and stubbornness can be more appropriate: eg. Why the Reds should have kept Chad Pinder!

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        For VA:

        And, again, as I stated, not one comment towards bonehead decisions that Bell will make.

        That was the premise of my thread, that so many on here will support bringing a minor leaguer up here, taking time from others who haven’t done anything that would warrant them losing time. . .

        But, at the same time, will defend Bell and his bonehead decisions like he’s some guru from the baseball heavens that fell upon us on Earth, with God telling him, “David, good job.”

      • Jim Walker

        Harry>> Ask Microsoft Bing AI about Pinder and the Reds 😉

      • greenmtred

        Steve has clearly decided that this is the hill worth dying on. As for Bell pulling relievers “early,” I have no problem with it. None at all.

      • Melvin

        NO-ONE’S playing time will be cut much at all if it’s done right. Thing is no matter who “wins” the debate on here it’s not going to matter one bit. lol I’m very disappointed that CES is not up but it’s not killing me. lol I hope if/when he does come up and plays 3B that you can say the same Steve. 🙂 I hope we can all enjoy this “miracle” together as much as possible. 🙂

    • BK

      I’ll add that the position players seemed a little sluggish in the last two games in DC and in the Brewers series. Why do I say this? There were obvious mental errors in the field and on the basepaths and the bats slowed down, too.

      Exchanging CES and Fairchild for Newman and Casali allows more opportunities to DH/give a day off to McLain, EDLC, Steer, Benson, India, and Friedl without hurting the potency of the lineup and retains solid options to platoon Fraley and Votto.

      The teams culture is so good right now, I’m sure the front office is reluctant to DFA Casali or option Newman–both older players who are contributing to the clubhouse culture. That said, I don’t think team defense, or taking time away from others is a concern. CES would mostly play 1B, his best position. Fairchild is solid in the OF. Either player would be an incremental improvement over the players they would displace.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        That’s another need we have up here. Only 4 OF’s on the active roster, if you include Senzel. And, the other 3 are left handed bats. Though I would hate to think of Bell platooning those guys more.

      • BK

        Senzel is approaching 300 games and has exceeded 2,000 innings as an outfielder. His defensive metrics as a corner OF are positive, too. Of course he counts as an outfielder just like he does as a 3B or a 2B. Versatility is a positive trait in a player, particularly one on the bench.

  33. Indy Red Man

    Wow Caesars giving the Reds no respect

    +140 to win the division and 30-1 to win the NL. Over/Under wins is 83.5 (-110). They don’t even think we can go 34-37 in the 2nd half?
    Our schedule isn’t easy but not as hard as the Brewers.

      • Indy Red Man

        We play 14 series by August 31. 9 winning teams, Cleveland at .500 for 2 games, and 4 losing teams. Seems tough on paper, but 7 with Arizona who is coming back to Earth. The Dbacks dropped 5 of 7 to close out the break with 6 at home. We have 7 with SF and they’ve dropped 7 of 11. I’m not scared of either one of those teams. They also have Miami and Toronto at home for 3 each. Again atleast 3-3 there doesn’t seem outrageous. Last is 3 at the Dodgers

        September is completely different:

        9 series vs 7 losing teams, 2 with .500 Cleveland again, and the only winning team is Seattle at 1 game over. We get them at home as well

        I predict the Reds go 87-75 and win the division by 3 games

      • Jim Walker

        IRM>> What’s the over/under that Bell can make it to the end without micromanaging himself over the deep end if things are nip and tuck 🙂