Last night saw the Milwaukee Brewers take the first game of the 3-game series, with the Reds leaving the tying run at the plate. This afternoon Cincinnati will try to even the series up and remain alone in first place as they are currently up by a game in the National League Central over the Brewers. First pitch is set for 4:10pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

Milwaukee Brewers

TJ Friedl – CF Christian Yelich – DH
Matt McLain – 2B William Contreras – C
Jonathan India – DH Willy Adames – SS
Elly De La Cruz – SS Owen Miller – 1B
Jake Fraley – RF Raimel Tapia – LF
Joey Votto – 1B Blake Perkins – RF
Spencer Steer – 3B Brian Anderson – 3B
Tyler Stephenson – C Brice Turang – 2B
Will Benson – LF Joey Wiemer – CF
Luke Weaver – RHP Colin Rea – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Luke Weaver 69.2 6.72 1.59 21 57
Colin Rea 75.2 4.40 1.19 25 60
Links: Luke Weaver’s Stats | Colin Rea’s Stats

Luke Weaver

In his last outing, Weaver allowed just two runs in five innings against the Washington Nationals. It was one of his best outings of the year. He’ll look to build upon that against Milwaukee this afternoon.

Weaver has shown some reverse splits this season, but it’s not as if lefties haven’t hit well against him this season. They have an .836 OPS against him and are good across the board. It’s right-handed hitters who are crushing him this season, hitting .333 with a .604 slugging percentage. Righties don’t walk as often as lefties to, and they strike out more frequently, but when they make contact they are doing lots of damage. Not shown below in the splits is that Weaver’s ERA on the road is 2.18 runs lower than it is at home. With that said, his road ERA is still 5.80, so it’s not a situation where he’s been good – he’s just been better.


RHH 170 53 14 1 9 8 37 .333 .371 .604
LHH 147 37 9 1 6 13 20 .278 .340 .496

Pitch Usage

4-seam Cutter Curve Change
Velo 94.0 86.6 81.9 85.9
Usage 44% 18% 14% 24%

Colin Rea

After missing the first two weeks of the season, Rea joined the Brewers rotation. He’s battled consistency. When he’s been good, he’s been real good. But he’s had more than a few iffy starts mixed in there as well. His last two starts have been of the good variety, allowing three runs in 13.0 innings against the Mets and Pirates.

Left-handed hitters have found more success this season against Colin Rea than right-handed hitters have. Lefties are walking a little more often, hitting for a little better average, but the big difference is in the power they’re hitting for. Righties have struggled to hit for average or get on base, and they are only showing so-so power against Rea. He has a 4.75 ERA at home (4.08 on the road) and hitters have a 160 point higher OPS against him in Milwaukee.

RHH 165 33 6 2 4 11 32 .222 .274 .369
LHH 151 32 6 0 7 14 28 .241 .320 .444

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Cutter Curve Slider Split
Velo 93.1 92.5 86.5 78.8 83.0 85.8
Usage 22% 28% 24% 9% 10% 8%

When and Where

  • Game time: 4:10pm ET
  • Where: American Family Field
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,, FS1
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: They play in a domed stadium

News and Notes

Roster Moves a’plenty

Prior to the game today the Reds made a few roster moves. Michael Mariot, a 34-year-old pitcher is being called up from Triple-A. He’s taking the roster spot on the big league club of Tony Santillan, who was optioned to Triple-A. Mariot is also taking the 40-man roster spot of outfielder Henry Ramos, who was designated for assignment. You can read more about the moves and the players from our piece earlier.

The Futures Game is tonight

At 7pm ET tonight the MLB All-Star Futures Game will take place in Seattle. Usually the game is played on the Sunday before the All-Star break, but not this year. Noelvi Marte, the Reds #2 prospect, will be their lone representative at the game. He’s starting at third base and hitting 5th for the National League squad. He’s hitting .277/.347/.455 on the season in 58 games between Double-A Chattanooga (50 games) and Triple-A Louisville (8 games). The game is on Peacock or SiriusXM if you want to listen.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Reds 49 40 0.0 34.1%
Brewers 48 41 1.0 59.0%
Cubs 41 46 7.0 10.7%
Pirates 40 48 8.5 1.5%
Cardinals 36 52 12.5 4.3%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

418 Responses

  1. William

    In the off season, I think the Reds can trade India for pitching, if they get a good deal; hopefully, he plays better in the second half of the season. Move McClain to second and De La Cruz to shortstop. (I currently view Marte as the future third baseman.) I realize trading India might not be popular, but it is the way I think they should go. Again, keep the top 10 prospects, unless a really good offer is made.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I’ve said before that fans were going to have to get ready to see some popular players leave. It will be inevitable. Just like some didn’t want Castillo to leave. What people need to consider is “what’s plan B”. For instance, with the Castillo trade, we got 2 top prospects and a top pitching prospect almost ready for the majors. Not a bad price.

      Or, for the Mahle trade with the Twins, we got back Steer and CES. I, for one, didn’t want to see Mahle to go. But, I was prepared to see him leave.

      Are other fans prepared to see their favs leave?

      What you propose sounds great, and I’m an India fan. But, if we trade anyone, it would be best to do it when they have high value, to get something back of high value. Hopefully India will get going during the second half. Then, we could really turn him over nice. But, if he keeps declining, will any team want him?

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Oh, I’ve said also that, in the off season, I would like to see the Reds do two things:

      – set more positions. I like versatility. But, there’s got to be a limit. What I would like to see, for instance, with the Reds back in 75 and 76, everyone knows how Sparky played his big 8 very few times together during the season. However, when the Reds had an important game to win, or if it was the playoffs, everyone knew who Sparky was going to play and where. But, now, with this team, who’s going to start at first if we had to have a game to win? At DH? LF? 3rd? I don’t know.

      Also, I would like to see more of that with our prospects, also. Right now, we have something like 5 young major leaguers and 5 prospects (in our top 8) set for 2nd/SS/3rd base. 10 players for 3 positions. I believe with the SS’s, we had one set to arrive this year (Elly), next year (Marte), 2025 (Arroyo), and another in 2026. Why do we need so many SS’s in 2026, or 10 players for 3 positions?

      I would like to see us either trade with another team or have the prospect switch some positions. For example, just thinking off the top of my head, not even considering numbers, but of course consider them with the trade, trade one of our SS prospects for an OF prospect. Our first OF prospect is at #10. I would simply like to see one a little higher than that.

      Or, have one of the SS prospects change to OF. Allow them the time to properly learn the position, learn how to play the wall, learn how to communicate with the other OFer’s so they don’t run into them, etc.

      Then, I would think we have minor league replacements for even more positions across the field.

  2. LDS

    Weaver starting tonight, trying to do what Abbott failed to do yesterday. That’s a tall order for Weaver. Let’s hope Weaver has another good start. As for trading India for pitching? Go for it. Just don’t wait for the offseason. Senzel & Newman are also candidates.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I would just like us to stay competitive in games like this. This is a young team. And, they are in a pennant race. One bad sign for a young team in a pennant race is they choke. But, as long as they are competitive, I will still be happy and satisfied with them. Last night, I was neither.

  3. JA

    Brewers have figure out how to earn the NL Central. They are 16-8 vs Central teams. 4-1 vs Reds. It seems they have a very good scouting in the division.

    Last night Corbin was unhittable. Let’s see Reds bounce back this afternoon

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Yes. It seemed Corbin was running on his Cy Young ground last night.

  4. Old-school

    Santillan is coming back after not playing for over a year and pitched in back to back games. They are just protecting him and he would not pitch today or tomorrow anyway out of precaution.

    Big game today. Hope Weaver can keep Reds in it. Reviewing Fangraphs this morning and Reds offense and bullpen are doing well. Reds are obliterating the NL in stolen bases and scoring runs and getting on base at an elite clip. The power is showing up since June 1. Braves are best offense in baseball but Reds are quickly rising in all categories with the power surge. Need to score some runs for sure today. Go Reds

    • J

      I hope today they remember they’re good at stealing bases and don’t have speedy guys sitting at first base waiting for India to hit a home run.

  5. J

    Here is a comprehensive list of people, living and deceased, who would choose to have India hitting third and Steer hitting seventh today:

    1) David Bell

    • wkuchad

      Doesn’t bother me. Lineup is stacked top to bottom.

      Who Bell plays is way more important than batting order, and he’s playing the right people most every day.

      • J

        Right. Trying to maximize the team’s chances of winning a game like today’s is silly. What’s important is just not totally screwing it up, and Bell consistently meets that standard. Good enough!

      • wkuchad

        J, you seem bitter, annoyed, and argumentative with almost all your posts lately.

        Reds are winning. Try and enjoy it, at least a little.

      • Kevin H

        I agree and I like the lineup, top to bottom its a good lineup. I remember when people complained about Bell always using a different lineup. Now complaining Bell isn’t using the line up right.

      • J

        I’m sorry if my tone is upsetting to you, but when someone has been loyally following and supporting this team for a few decades and sees that they might actually be good enough to play meaningful games in September, it can make that person less than thrilled when they see the organization and the manager (and some players) not doing everything possible to win every game, and especially games like this one. I don’t complain about people celebrating too much or being too optimistic, but for some reason a lot of the people who are supposedly “just enjoying the ride” feel the need to tell people like me how we’re supposed to behave. David Bell can do whatever he wants, apparently, because the team has been winning lately, but it’s very important that J stop saying mean things like “Bell is making a mistake.” That’s where some people draw the line. I find it rather curious (and amusing, ironically enough).

      • Hanawi

        Batting order absolutely matters. Both are going to play regardless, but it would better to get the guy that is one of the best hitters in baseball more at bats.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        For wku

        “Who Bell plays is way more important than batting order ”

        Then, why don’t we just put Friedl and McLain at #8 and 9? Put Stephenson and India 1 and 2?

        Batting order can play a huge role in games. Maybe not in “one game”. But, we aren’t talking about just “one game”. We are talking about 162 games. Batting order will make a difference many times in those games.

      • Melvin

        I’m for at least putting the hottest hitters near the top. It’s a powerful lineup either way. No matter who’s at the bottom it’s not easy for an opposing pitcher.

      • wkuchad


        Steve, I’m not saying lineup doesn’t matter, but with todays lineup against a righty, I think it matters little. We’re stacked top to bottom. Also, starting today through the rest of this year, I don’t think Stephenson and India will be the two worst OPS guys of these nine.

    • oklared

      He has managed a team no one had any good expectations for into first and we choose to bash him, nice. He may not be the best, but it is working enjoy the ride and try the positive side of the glass.

      • J

        I bashed him last year when the team managed to lose 100 games despite having much better pitching than this year, and several hitters who were expected to be pretty good and/or had been good in the past. I hope you were supporting me then, but I don’t recall it.

      • Hanawi

        He’s a mediocre manager at best. Amazing how many people jump to defend him.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Before Bell got here, the Reds had 4 straight seasons finishing last in the division, preceeded by a 3rd and 4th place. Frankly, the Reds were no place a competent manager wanted to be associated with. The Reds were scraping the bottom of the barrel. Bell was there.

        The FO has been working hard to provide better players, also. It wasn’t Bell that made the trades for CES, Steer, Marte, Arroyo, drafting McLain, signing Elly, and so much more.

        Through those seasons, the Reds have finished 4, 2, 3, 4, and this season 1 so far. And, you think it has to do with Bell? It has nothing to do with the players performing? With the players the FO brought it?

        You would seriously still put a batter in the 3 hole who has been batting under 200 for the last month? It’s a pure example of winning “in spite of the manager”, not “because of the manager”.

        Just saying. . .

    • LDS

      @J & @Hanawi are correct – Bell is a lousy manager. Batting order matters and this lineup is suboptimal

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        I have to agree. People need to remember, before Bell, the Reds had 4 straight seasons of last place in the division, preceeded by a 3rd and 4th place. The Reds were simply not an organization that any competent manager wanted to be associated with. So, we were scraping the bottom of the barrel. Bell was there.

        I mean, if he was good, he would be associated with more pennants, more titles, more winning teams, wouldn’t he be?

        I’ve always said one thing about Bell, though, apparently these players love to play for him. I will give him that (that could say as much for the players as it does for the manager).

        But, the name of the game at this level is “making adjustments”. The players look to make adjustments. We all have talked about how Elly has to learn to make adjustments. Then, the other team will learn to adjust to him again. Then, Elly will need to learn to adjust even again, and so on. All players have to do that.

        The FO has to learn how to make adjustments. Just look at how they are trying to keep this pitching staff together with nothing more than duct tape right now and Elmer’s glue.

        Well, managers need to make adjustments, also. And, when your 3 hole hitter has a slash line for the last month of only .188/.310/.427/.737, and the manager is still rolling him out there, that’s showing the player AND the manager is not making adjustments. Notice I specified “last month”. Not the last game or last couple of games but for the last month.

        “But we are still winning, so what Bell is doing must be working”. It’s an example personified that we are winning “in spite of the manager” not “because of the manager”. Just like the last game against the Nats, when McLain K’ed twice, we won “in spite of McLain K’ing twice”.

    • Kevin H

      LOL @ sorry if my tone is upsetting you.

      I dunno J seems like Bell could have this team win the world series and someone would find something to complain about.

      Its funny to me though how people tell the one’s who have no issue with Bell how they are Bell “apologist” It works both ways, and I don’t always agree with what the manager does, however it doesn’t matter as he is a major league manager and I am not.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      No one can deny it. Oh, so many on here with cry for ever that Bell does literally nothing wrong. When, it’s more than obvious that India is not working out in the 3 hole.

      One aspect of good teams is, not only do they “stand pat” when things are going good, but they can make the tweeks, adjustments ne cessary to keep winning. That’s the name of the game up here, adjustments. You have to be willing to make them as a player, a coach, a FO exec. If not, you are falling behind everyone else.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      India batting 181 for the last month? I wouldn’t call us stacked everywhere.

  6. wkuchad

    Wonder why CES didn’t make the Futures Game?

    • Jim Walker

      Maybe the Reds would not commit to him being available (or committing him as available meant he could not be called up until after the Future Game).

      • Melvin

        Poor CES. He’s in constant limbo. 🙂

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I’m not sure why, either. I thought he would go, also. I’m would believe it’s probably because of invite. It could be dozens of reasons why, too many for us to even consider. Just hope everything is alright with him.

    • Chris

      I think you have to be a top 50 prospect.

  7. Mark Moore

    No weather impact again today … 😀

    The guys should be better rested and likely have a bit of a chip on their collective shoulder after the loss last night. Let’s see if they can channel that energy into a win against the Bernies. That guarantees we head into the break in first place alone, which would be very sweet given all the prognostications (min included) as to how they would fare this season.

    Almost time to Kick This Pig!!!

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Weather shouldn’t be a problem up there. They have a roof.

  8. RedsGettingBetter

    The first inning is the key for Weaver don’t fall in a hole early as Abbott did yesterday. The location of the fastball was better for Weaver against Washington and the result was an acceptable outing. I think the offense could do damage to Rea, maybe he is in a level if not equal it is below of Josiah Gray, Kyle Gibson, Charlie Morton who were hit by the Reds consistently in their matchups so the today’s game could be different at all..Ah! and another umpire is calling …Go Reds!!

  9. Jonathan Linn

    I wish india and McLain would swap lineup positions…

  10. Indy Red Man

    I’d move India down, but I’d tell him during the break. No need to mess with chemistry now with the hot streak they’ve been on. He’s important to their chemistry and so is Senzel. They’re the vets now more or less. I would consider dealing India in the off-season, but hopefully his 2nd half picks up. Selling low is never good.

  11. Melvin

    Looks like Marte took TWO days of to prepare for the game. No trade so far. 🙂 Time to beat the Beers. David Bell has the best nine players he can put out there on the current roster so I applaud him for that…maybe not the order :)….can’t have everything I guess. 🙂

  12. Dennis Westrick

    My take on last night’s game! We started a rookie pitcher who obviously struggled. The Beers started a former Cy Young (2021) winner in Burnes who brought his A game!

    Biggest concern was the lack of hitting (only 4 hits) and 12 STRIKEOUTS! Last time I checked there are 27 outs per team over 9 innings! That means nearly half of the outs made by the Reds “hitters” were non-contact outs! Don’t care which MLB team you play, you’re simply NOT gonna win with 12 strikeouts and only 4 hits!

    Hoping for a better offensive showing today!

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      You just mentioned something there. It got me thinking. I have wondered before this season about the Reds K’ing this year, how it seems so little this year. But, just looking now, they are still pretty much on pace with previous years.

      12 is a lot for a game, though. I couldn’t find it and wonder if someone could find. . .how many times have we k’ed that many times a game this year? And, tell us where we could find that.

  13. LarkinPhillips

    Reds need to punch first today and respond. Let’s put a crooked number up in the top of the first! Go Reds!

  14. Roger Garrett

    Reds only got 5 the day before and gave away outs on defense and on the bases but still won.They just battle and battle hard in all phases of the game.Brewers had a chance to just bury the Reds but the pen made some key pitches and gave the offense a chance.Never should have came down to Williams facing the tieing run at the plate but it did.Reds just battle and as long as they do that their talent will carry them to more and more wins.The lineup is long they have speed and can catch the ball.

  15. Rick

    Some of the guys are showing some fatigue from the normal grind plus the energy from that 12 game win streak. India has some injuries and that pitch that hit him in his stomach lower rib area.

    We’ll be fine. Early runs would help today & go the momentum back.

  16. Daytonnati

    First pitch strike to Yelich, called ball. Here we go.

  17. Hanawi

    Pretty amazing that the two lowest OBP and slugging percentages in the lineup today are both held by India and Stephenson, who started the year as the two most likely long-term leaders of the team. People were arguing which one to extend first.

  18. Cincinnatus Rex

    Love the single by India. Even without scoring, that hit says “We are not going to roll over today.” I’m no fan of India in the 3-hole, but I sure-as-heck don’t want him traded. In my book, that trade would be a classic deal with the devil — i.e. you might get a perk out of it, but you lose the soul that would enjoy the perk.

    Not loving the home-run by Adames. That hit says, “This is your life now, Reds.”

  19. Rick

    Comeback Reds mode. Let’s jump ahead now.

  20. Mark Moore

    A lot of carry from Votto and some questionable play from the Fish Guy.

  21. Mark Moore

    Rea is throwing at the zone. Guys need to take advantage of that.

  22. Indy Red Man

    Whoever made the scouting report on Adames needs to be fired and banned from the game. This is $n ridiculous

    • Daytonnati

      Remember the 2nd baseman they had, Weeks? Just killed the Reds, and ONLY the Reds it seemed.

  23. Ted Alfred

    Its kinf of amazing that Adames hits the Reds like he does. He is hitting 4 fir them vs Reds, not sure where he usually hits. He slashes 212/.295/.407…OPS .702.

    These are fairly crappy numbers and if any Reds starter other than a catcher had these numbers I would not want them starting, yet he’s hitting #3 for the Brewers and just absolutely kills the Reds. It’s just one of the truly bizarre, quirky things in baseball stats, because he’s obviously not that good of a hitter. His career average is .250

    • Indy Red Man

      Sparky would’ve made him wear one. Or Pete. But now? Too soft and too well paid. Old days the hitter would wear one and not try to fight anyone. Not on the first one

  24. Ted Alfred

    Correction, hitting #3 vs the Reds…. not sure if he usually hits #3 vs other teams

  25. Melvin

    At least we’re only one down after the first inning with Weaver. That’s an improvement. 🙂

  26. J

    Reds have already had a check swing strikeout and a called third strike. Will never understand why players keep doing these things. No matter who’s pitching, nobody is forcing you to check your swing or take a pitch close enough to be a strike. With two strikes, swing at anything close and don’t check your swing, and both problems are fixed.

  27. Mark Moore

    Go sit down, Mr. Fish!

    Great throw from TySteve.

  28. Old-school

    Offense absent 11 innings in Milwaukee.

    Time to get going. This isnt a team that wins 2-1

  29. Cincinnatus Rex

    Reds do indeed have a great chance here, but they need to loosen up. In an unpleasant reminder of how they played prior to their turnaround, every at-bat is dripping with tense awkwardness.

    • Cincinnatus Rex

      That’s the kinda looseness I’m talkin’ about, Will Benson.

  30. Rick

    More Wil plays that’ll happen more frequently

  31. Mark Moore

    Wil Benson gets it. He sat on his pitch and hammered it. 22 games in a row with at least one ball over the fences.

  32. J

    There’s our #9 hitter hitting a solo home run…

  33. Melvin

    BENSON!! He just continues to impress. Not bad for the bottom of the lineup. 🙂

    • wkuchad

      Traded almost nothing for him, just like Brandon Philips.

  34. Dennis Westrick

    Here we go with the strikeouts again! Reds batters need to step it up or this is gonna go the way of last night’s game!

    And, of course, Weaver has to issue a 2-out walk!

  35. wkuchad

    Great throw by Stephenson!

    I’m way past ready for Stephenson to takeover as the primary catcher and end the three catcher setup.

    I really do understand the original plan, but the current offensive explosion and rookie development has changed the need for the plan.

    Hoping this change is implemented over the all-star break.

  36. Old-school

    At what point does home umpiring compromise the integrity of the game? They stink. A ball is a ball and a strike is a strike. They cant figure out that out
    McLain walked

    • Optimist

      Watching on Gamecast – of 7 pitches to McLain, 2 were strikes and one of those was close.

    • Mark Moore

      I’ve reached the peak (or depth) of my frustration with the Bizzarro Zone, or FrankenZone, or Flex-o-Zone. No matter how strong the Chumpire’s union is, MLB has to take action. It’s having more than a little impact on games.

  37. Mark Moore

    I’ve stayed quiet about the checked swings and called 3rd strikes so far. But seeing it happen time after time … 😮

    The guys know it’s happening. They know the Chumpires have a huge variance in zones. They know they play better when they are aggressive.

    Then again, that’s why I’m sitting here in my chair and they are playing MLB. I get it isn’t easy, but seems it could be an area for improvement. Just giving too much away IMO.

    I’ll shut up about it now.

    • Cincinnatus Rex

      It’s definitely frustrating. I feel like the last two weeks (or so) have put the Chumpires on full ignominious display — worse than usual.

  38. Mark Moore

    I know it’s the 3rd inning … but this already looks like it’s getting away from us. Bad carom off the kick-out on the fence and we’re down a run with nobody on.

  39. Melvin

    Seems like Sadak is real excited when they (Beers) score.

    • Votto4life

      Just came here to say the same thing. Sadak’s Brewers worship is really annoying.

      • old-school

        Im watching FS2 and happy about that.

      • Beaufort Red

        He says thing like “remember, the Reds just scored in the top of the inning”. Really? I had forgotten! I watch other games and Sadak is the worst by far. Your right he seems to get just as excited when the bad guys score.

  40. J

    Eventually this organization is going to notice they’re contending for a playoff spot and Weaver shouldn’t be starting games for a team contending for a playoff spot. I hope they notice sooner rather than later.

    • Votto4life

      I mean they are signing pitchers from independent leagues. I don’t see Luke Weaver out of the rotation until Greene and Lodolo return, unless of course Krall can make a trade or twenty for starting pitching. I would bring up Connor Phillips, he has to be better than Luke Weaver or Ben Lively.

  41. Indy Red Man

    Weaver. We get 1 so I better give them 2 or 3. Get rid of this guy already

  42. old-school

    Luke Weaver should never start another game for the Reds. They DFA’d Moose. They DFA’d Myers. DFA Weaver. He stinks.

    • bug

      I concur. Like putting the ball on a tee when he pitches. But knowing the Reds,..they’ll let him lose a couple or three more before they figure that out.

  43. Mark Moore

    I’m decidedly not a fan of the “unwritten rules” but just hit Adames and put him on. At least don’t throw him cement mixers he can hammer.

  44. GPod

    Weaver is a waste of time on the mound

  45. Daytonnati

    So Miller gets the chin music and Adames goes unscathed?

    • PTBNL

      at least he threw an inside pitch, finally.

  46. Tom Mitsoff

    It’s just silly that the Reds can’t figure out how to pitch to Adames. They’ve had some instances like this over the years.

  47. Indy Red Man

    0-2 to that big blonde mouth-breather and 0-2 to Adames and gets his brains beat in. Nothing to finish guys and low baseball IQ. Weaver sucks

  48. Dennis Westrick

    What is it with Weaver giving up a 2-run homer on a 1-2 count? If there ever was a time to nibble, that was it! And with this HP umpire, who knows, you might get a called strike on an obvious ball.

  49. Tom Mitsoff

    For those who think the Reds shouldn’t trade prospects for a starting pitcher, consider what’s happening today.

    • J

      But… but… but… they “can’t” make a trade until five minutes before the deadline. It’s never happened in the history of baseball. Or so I’ve heard.

  50. Dennis Westrick

    Weaver went from 32 pitches thru 2 innings to 57 pitches thru 3! Confounding & Frustrating!

  51. Roger Garrett

    Adames and the kid hitting ninth both hit 2 run homers last night and Adames with 2 homers in two trips today and we are down 3 already.He is an all or nothing guy and has always been that way.Just awful to let him beat you one night and then let him do it again twice the next game.Good grief.

  52. Mark Moore

    Got do love Adames making a crappy throw like that. Time to get a couple back.

  53. Indy Red Man

    This ump is adding to the corners too, but Weaver doesn’t have brains or command to take advantage

  54. Melvin

    Not a routine play when EDLC is running. haha

  55. Dennis Westrick

    OK boys! Time to exorcise the demons, evict the Brewers living in their heads and start chipping away at the 3-run lead!

  56. Ted Alfred

    Like I was saying earlier…what Adames has done to the Reds vs everyone else on MLB is truly one of the wierdest things ever. It just defies all logic because he’s really not a very good hitter, but turns into superman vs the Redlegs. Other thing, it’s really hard to win when we are almost always starting games digging out of a hole literally every time Weaver goes out there. There just has to be better options somewhere else in the organization. I would much prefer Kennedy or Stoudt be given a few chances just based in their starts vs Atl and Wash and just dfa the total stiff that is Weaver during the break.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Slow learners, I guess, when it comes to Adames! Is anybody paying attention to trends, stats, preferences?

  57. Mark Moore

    Elly is living rent free in the Brewskie’s heads. Bad throw and a balk.

  58. Roger Garrett

    Weaver just doesn’t get it I guess.Letting Adames beat you not once but twice is just insane after last night.

    • Dennis Westrick

      See my reply to Ted above!

  59. Jim Walker

    As they show David Bell on the TV following that 2 run HR, I actually feel sorry for him. He’s got nobody else to run out to the mound. In any inning or 2 Bell is going to have to decide whether his chances of making a run at the Brewers are good enough to use his better bullpen guys or whether he should save them for tomorrow.

    Meanwhile Counsell understands this game is far from over and hopes his team keeps scoring and gets to face Bell’s B pen team.

    • Dennis Westrick

      So, do they run Weaver out there for another beating, er, inning?

  60. Mark Moore

    Employee #19 about to clock in 😀

    • oklared

      Sure hope you guys weren’t expecting 19 to not be around next year

  61. Cincinnatus Rex

    Series so far: The Milwaukee Beers vs. Joseph Daniel Votto.

    It’s time for the rest of the Reds to jump aboard.

  62. RedsGettingBetter

    Votto became in the Reds Adames to Brewers….

  63. Votto4life

    Here comes all those pathetic and delusional Joey Votto Cheaeerleaders!

    He should have been DFA’d months ago!

    • Kevin H

      I shouldn’t but I laugh every time you post this!! I love it, Votto is healthy and doing what he does

      • Votto4life

        It’s all in good fun…I respect the guys here who are not Joey supporters. We all want to see the Reds win.

    • Dewey Roberts

      I don’t think he is washed up just yet. I am glad he is back.

  64. Melvin

    VOTTO!!!! Hang it up. You’re too old. hahaha Three run dinger!!! Ties it up.

  65. Mark Moore

    Is Sadak still showing his Brewer-love now? Or did his head explode all over the booth?

  66. J

    When is Votto ever going to figure out that he’s old and washed up and pathetic?

    • Melvin

      He doesn’t listen to Father Time. He says,” Not yet. Leave me alone”. 🙂

      • Dennis Westrick

        I believe the response is “Not Today”!

      • Melvin

        “Not today” is temporary. He’s thinking long term. lol

  67. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Boy, I am a Votto fan. And, I will even say I don’t believe Votto is back nor that Votto can keep this up. Not at his age, not coming back from injury.

    But, I hope I’m wrong.

    • Mario

      Didn’t you say that a month ago? And again 2 weeks ago? Not many think Votto will have a .900 OPS at the end of the season but there aren’t many folks who thought he could do this.

  68. Mark Moore

    Rea’s head has to be buzzing now. Really buzzing.

  69. Tom Mitsoff

    Ladies and gentlemen, if Votto is going to hit anywhere close to this in the second half of the season, this team has a legit chance to win it all — IF they can get some starting pitching.

    • Melvin

      Maybe they’re showcasing Marte in the futures game but not CES because they want to hold on to him. Speculation is everywhere. 🙂 IF I knew we’d have a chance to win a WS I’d give up Marte. IF!

      • Chris

        I think you have to be a top 50 prospect to be in the futures game. I think; not sure.

    • Jim Walker

      And this is why I have been advocating to trade someone most folks would be crazy to trade because that guy could headline a deal that would cost fewer prospects and the team has an offensive talent ready to step in and replace his production.

  70. Tom Mitsoff

    With another guy from professional baseball oblivion starting tomorrow, this is one that Bell HAS to go all out to win now. Don’t stick with Weaver.

  71. J

    I hope Bell realizes he could actually have Weaver out of this game BEFORE the Reds are losing again. I hope he’s not worried about saving everyone the bullpen for some hypothetical situation that might occur tomorrow or during the break.

  72. Mark Moore

    Benson gets the two hardest cycle hits in the bag!!!

  73. Daytonnati

    I wonder if that homer by Votto will be as pivotal as Hal King in ’73??

  74. Mark Moore

    Counsel is one of the smartest baseball guys managing (IMO). He knows he got a “gift” last night. He’s got to be downing antacid by the quart about now today.

  75. Optimist

    I’ve been thinking he could be OK-to good for the 2nd half, but still, just take the 7m and retire. Perhaps he’s considering a future as a power hitting LH DH. There may be value to that somewhere between 7 and 20m.

    • Melvin

      If he keeps hitting like this he will renegotiate. If the Reds want him.

  76. Old-school

    Will Benson Joey Votto Jake Fraley Elly and Friedl giving this offense a legit lefty presence against righties. What an inning.

  77. J

    Sure would be nice to see what Benson could do with an extra at-bat every game and some guys on base when he hits.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It is silly that he is hitting ninth. He’s been one of the team’s best hitters for more than a month.

      • Optimist

        In most cases I’d agree, but I kinda like having a second clean up hitter at the bottom of the lineup – maybe move him up to 6th or 7th. Still, lets him see lots of pitches and he has long proven to be very selective about that.

  78. Kevin H

    I do think Kennedy even though 1 start ,is better than Weaver.

  79. Mark Moore

    BTW … burgers on the flat-top griddle tonight. That’s what First Wife and DD#1 decided we needed on this 26th birthday celebration weekend.

  80. Beaufort Red

    An apology to RLN for being one of Votto’s biggest critics. If he continues this he can absolutely carry this team. Hope this crow goes down a little easier with a beer.

    • bug

      I apologize for Votto and Benson. Boy was I ever wrong about both of them,..and I love it.

  81. Melvin

    All of a sudden my email updates are lagging behind for some reason.

  82. Ted Alfred

    I had a very strong feeling yesterday afternoon that Votto was going to have a huge series. This is the kind of series on the road where the rookies could be a bit tight and would need Votto to come through to relax them…and he is doing just that.

  83. Kevin H

    Do we know if Mariot is long man today? I mean I get it and we all know but going to the bullpen so early is gonna be this teams downfall as bullpen will be on fumes come September.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      You don’t want him pitching today unless it’s a wipeout.

      • Kevin H

        Frustrating at times with the starting rotation. A double edge sword here, take Weaver out which Bell should, yet the bullpen pitched alot yesterday as well. Then tomorrow well same circus

  84. J

    You don’t HAVE to let Weaver keep pitching. It’s not even an unwritten rule.

  85. Mark Moore

    And they got one back. Weaver’s location isn’t improving.

  86. LarkinPhillips

    Why let Weaver keep blowing leads?!

    • LarkinPhillips

      At least let the guy we called up today come in and blow the lead rather than the same thing from Weaver.

  87. old-school

    I dont understand why Luke Weaver is still on the mound or in the rotation. This is really getting dysfunctional and broken to a team thats trying to win.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Who else would pitch in that rotation spot at the moment? You have the same amount of uncertainty with Kennedy, Mills, Mariot or any of those guys.

      • Old-school

        Not him ever again. Krall can figure that out over the AS break. Weaver is terrible

  88. GPod

    Get Weaver out….we are trying to win a division here!

    • Tom Mitsoff

      That would bring a stream of bullpenners in ahead of what likely is going to be a bullpen day tomorrow.

  89. Stoney

    Get Weaver out of there. Throwing batting practice. Everything belt high with no movement. Let’s not wait til he gives up 9 runs!

  90. old-school

    Weaver ERA now 7.03 for those interested.

    • GPod

      I’m sure when Weaver pitches, the opposing team highlights the game: “no batting practice before game…..batting practice will take place during the game”

    • Doc

      As a matter of curiosity, what is the Reds’ W-L record in games Weaver has started, and that in games Greene has started?

  91. Melvin

    Votto with another good stretch. He’s playing well both ways.

  92. Mark Moore

    Nice play by Elly to keep it with him, keep Turang at 3rd, and get an out.

  93. Ted Alfred

    Weaver is so bad…how can this be who the Reds put out on the mound vs the Brewers in this big of a series….amazing…just giving it away. The Brewers have to love it. They know if the Reds keep running this stiff out there in the 2nd half they have a huge advantage in starting rotations

  94. Kevin H

    I am still amazed at what this team has done with the starting rotation the way it has been..

  95. J

    Bell just needed to let Weaver give up one more run and get two outs, and now it suddenly makes sense to take him out.

    • wkuchad

      Congrats, I think you’ve now beat out LDS for the number of posts with the word “Bell”

      • LDS

        @Wkuchad, I’ve been a bit busy over the last month. Someone had to pick up the slack. But @J is right – Bell isn’t a good manager. And regardless of how the Reds finish this season, he should be replaced by someone with far better skills.

  96. Optimist

    Without looking at the immediate result, I like Gibaut here – then Duarte and see if you can get to the 7th with a close game.

  97. Mark Moore

    Gibault asked to get the last out of the inning. We’ll see if that translates into him pitching the 5th.

  98. Melvin

    Good play McLain. 🙂 Now for some runs.

  99. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Boy, had to go to the pen this early. I hope we can extend them all we can. No Tony S back there today.

  100. Indy Red Man

    Stoudt goes today. Kennedy only gave up 2 when they pulled him. Lively and this new vagabond. You can’t tell me we have to accept Weaver

  101. Dennis Westrick

    Bell just can’t help himself! Runs an ineffective Weaver out there to promptly give up a tie-breaking run AND then follows with Gibaut!

    Apparently saving the best relievers for tomorrow! Win today! Win now!

      • J

        What did he gain by leaving him in? Two outs and another deficit.

      • Kevin H

        going to your bullpen early again and then what tomorrow? Same complaints?

        These guys aren’t machines. (bullpen)The starters need to give more innings,

    • Ted Alfred

      Amazing…Weavers ERA actually goes UP from 6.84 after another typical 3 2/3 innings of his usual but terrible pitching

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I wouldn’t put Weaver so much on Bell. That has something to do with what the FO gives him to start.

      If I was the FO, I would have looked for most anything besides Weaver, I believe. But, then, you have to consider who’s turn it is in rotations, etc. Maybe even if you have to make corresponding moves to get them on the 40 man roster.

      As for tomorrow, I would almost think it’s “by committee”. That everyone may even see an inning, maybe even a starter.

  102. Cincinnatus Rex

    Maybe if I call the GIDP right now (by India), I’ll jinx it away.

  103. Melvin

    Alright McLain with the leadoff single. 🙂

  104. Kevin H

    Who replaces Weaver in the starting rotation? Mills? Kennedy? Stoudt? Unless a trade for a starting pitcher is made this is what we are stuck with. As I mentioned earlier the bullpen is gonna be on fumes come end of year if they continue to cover the insane amount of innings.

    • Hanawi

      Mariot pitched well enough in AAA that they could have made the move to replace Weaver with him earlier. Maybe he won’t be better, but I think we know what Weaver is going to provide at this point.

      • Kevin H

        I agree, and to me its frustrating.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Right now the Bat Boy would be an improvement!

  105. Melvin

    It’s exciting to watch this team because even when they’re down this lineup can explode at any time.

  106. GPod

    i really want to listen to cowboy during the game, but, the problem is, I have to put up with Sadak to do so…..very difficult indeed

  107. Indy Red Man

    Have to overcome the ump too. We’re not getting same corners? Surprised he didn’t ring up Fraley on 3-2 outside

  108. J

    India didn’t hit into a double play that time. Baby steps.

    • Kevin H

      Mclain didn’t strike out again. baby steps indeed 😀

      • J

        And now McLain has stolen a base instead of sitting at first base. Maybe next time he’ll do it before India has made an out and Elly has two strikes. Baby steps.

  109. Indy Red Man

    Elly? Take your walk my man. They are absolutely not giving us outs so far this series

  110. GPod

    Didn’t they send Kennedy down after a pretty good start….better than Weaver….can’t he replace Weaver?

    • Melvin

      Guess not. Weaver is our good luck charm. Won his last 7 starts. haha

    • bug

      Yes they did and I’m still trying to figure that one out. Kennedy has a prayer of pitching a good game. He looked good. Weaver? No chance. He’s a brokearm,..worst I’ve ever seen. Like putting the ball on a tee when he pitches.

      • oklared

        Should try to remember harder in early to mid2000’s

  111. Mark Moore

    EDLC strikes out on Ball 5 (again). Saw MattyMc look to home, so maybe that was a hit-and-run.

    And Matty scores anyway!!!

  112. Melvin

    Fraley with a game tying double! 🙂

  113. Kevin H

    Greene and Lodolo be healthy by August 1st please.

  114. Melvin

    ROBBED!!!! Call the POLICE!!! Votto ROBBED!!… great catch actually.

  115. Reddawg2012

    Do the Brewers catchers seem to be a lot better at pitch framing than the Reds? Maybe that’s why all these ball/strike calls seem to be going their way.

    • Cincinnatus Rex

      I tend to think that pitch-framing is over-discussed. There’s no question that the catchers TRY to do it, but I think the umps are pretty dead-set on the strike zone itself.

      • Reddawg2012

        I guess I disagree. I think the way the catcher receives the ball has a huge impact on the borderline calls.

  116. Tom Mitsoff

    Ok, guys, bring home a win. I have to go to a party of non-baseball fans that I really wish I didn’t have to. But you know how it goes. 😉

    • Daytonnati

      Love is a many-splendored thing 🙂

    • Melvin

      Party pooper. Where are your loyalties? Where are your priorities? haha Have a good time buddy.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I’ll be checking Gameday more often than my better half would like. 😉

      • Melvin

        “Tom, why are you on your phone so much tonight?” 🙂

  117. Cincinnatus Rex

    You do have to think that a tie game favors the Reds, especially if the Brewers can’t use their closer. Another “win” for Weaver? Lol.

  118. Tom Mitsoff

    If Adames gets to 3-0 in the at-bat, I’m putting him on.

  119. Protime

    Send Weaver to Louisville or DFA. You might as well consider his spot a bullpen pitchers day. I watched it effectively in Miami, and they won the game. Good grief, at least you give yourself chance at winning….

  120. Reddawg2012

    If Adames comes to the plate in the later innings with runners on or a chance to tie/take the lead, the Reds have to walk him. Have to.

    • Daytonnati

      Or go with the Indy Red solution 🙂

      • Indy Red Man

        There you go!! Take it from the late/great Don Drysdale who said why intentionally walk someone when you can do it with 1 pitch.

  121. Kevin H

    If Gibaut can go another inning, do it Bell.. 13 pitches thrown, why not

  122. Dennis Westrick

    Don’t know about the rest of you RLN groupies, but I’m over the Weaver experiment! The experiment was a massive failure, the lab was blown up and there are NO survivors! Every Weaver start means we are facing a 4,5 or 6 run deficit! He is killing this team and killing an already overworked bullpen! Time to DFA Mr. Weaver!

    • bug

      Yes. The sad thing is, everyone knows it,..except for the Reds’ management. They were the same with Myers. They were the last ones to figure it out too,..after way too many unneccesary losses. Poor management. They should promote the Cowboy to management. He’s smart,..and they need someone to lend them some advice.

      • Dennis Westrick

        The “problem” was the Reds were finding ways to win the games that Weaver started even with his 7+ ERA! Lucky charm no more!

    • Ted Alfred

      I’m with you 100% a million times over and over. If you DFA Weaver and just keep filling in the gap from AAA and you move India out of the freaking three-hole and drop him to 7, this team could absolutely take off even more than it already has when they’ve had to overcome these two obstacles.

  123. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Alright, throwing this out there. Ian has thrown 14 pitches. Consider our relievers, one more game before the break, the “ghost starter” tomorrow, through only 5 innings. . .do we send Ian out for a bit more?

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I specified a bit more. Not talking 2-3 more innings. If anything, at most 1 more inning.

    • Hanawi

      I’d run him out for another inning with a short leash.

  124. Melvin

    Cowboy – “That’s not a strike. That’s a terrible call”.

  125. Dennis Westrick

    On a more positive note, most teams 7-8-9 hitters give the opposing pitcher a chance to breathe! NOT this team! When we’re on, the bottom of the order has produced some big innings!

    It’s a Bullpen Game going forward! May the best team persevere!

  126. Dennis Westrick

    I would have at least started the 6th inning with Gibaut! With a short leash, of course! My problem with Duarte is he walks way too many batters! A bad recipe in a tie game!

  127. TyGuy88

    The umpires in this series so far have been terrible calling balls and strikes.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep… the first pitch them just threw is a perfect breaking ball strike for sure and the Umpire called it a ball in Sims you could tell couldn’t believe the call

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I could see us going after him. Again, just like all trades, just what’s the asking price. We should ask, though.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I was going to recommend him as well Melvin.

    • Jason Franklin

      I will keep preaching JP Sears of the A’s.

  128. Dennis Westrick

    And, there it is! Duarte walks a .211 hitter AFTER getting ahead 1-2 in the count! Lunacy!

  129. Optimist

    Unless Lively is out until August, or longer, it’s time to DFA Weaver and go with the AAAA callup of the week until the trade deadline. Can easily trade for another Weaver, but set aim higher and fix the problem.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      That’s the first priority for me with this team. We need pitching. And, so far, the FO has been using glue and scotch tape to hold this together. It can’t go like this much longer, I believe. Everybody is talking about “the break”. Then what? We have the same thing after it.

      I am hoping, at least from what I remember hearing about, the FO will get with some other execs during the AS game and get closer to making a trade.

  130. Optimist

    Oh my – doe Sims for one batter mean he’s available tomorrow?

  131. Dennis Westrick

    Somebody on this site suggested the Reds should institute a fine system for each walk issued by a pitcher! The fines collected could be donated to worthy local Cincinnati charities!

  132. Dennis Westrick

    Is the HP umpire really this bad or biased or both?

  133. Ted Alfred

    Thats great Sims… let’s walk the nine hitter on five pitches… three of which weren’t close…. to bring up Yelich with the bases loaded

  134. Dennis Westrick

    So, Sims follows suit with another walk! Now facing Yelich with the bases loaded! This will likely not turn out well!

  135. Melvin

    Alright Sims! Left them loaded! Time for some runs. 🙂 Long game. Only starting the 7th. Hard on the nerves. 🙂

  136. Hanawi

    Ok. Top of the order needs to do some damage here.

  137. J

    I’ve enjoyed seeing some legitimate major league pitchers pitching for the Reds for the last 2+ innings. This is something they might want to consider trying for 9 innings the next time Weaver is due to start.

  138. Melvin

    Good job Friedl with a two strike hit to lead it off!

    • Melvin

      Followed up with an opposite field hit by McLain! We’re in business. 🙂

  139. Kevin H

    Mclain making adjustments, two hits today!!! He is gonna be a great player I feel

  140. Kevin H

    Okay I will eat crow, India needs to be dropped down. That can’t happen in that situation

  141. Ted Alfred

    India up in another primo scoring spot…1st and 2nd…0 outs. Will he crush this inning like he has so many times or actually come through for a change? Nope, there is your answer…anither inning killing dp. How can David Bell continue to leave him hitting 3…. he kills so many innings…over and over and over again. I’m sure a lot of the Reds players in The Dugout secretly are wondering what in the hell David Bell is doing batting India 3rd when he keeps doing this over and over and over. It is just my numbingly nonsensical to keep doing the same thing over and over when he’s proven time again he will not come through.

  142. GPod

    India has been a DP machine lately….why not start the runners

  143. J

    I was going to congratulate Bell for having India bunt. But of course it was not to be.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Bunt? What’s that? I would settle for some Run & Hit! Anything to stay out of the DP!

  144. Dennis Westrick

    Another GIDP by India! This is bordering on the ridiculous!

  145. Melvin

    Base hit De La CRUUUZ!!! We’re ahead! 🙂

    • LT

      Unreal. In a tight game like this and he pulled it off? Just unreal. Gut of a burglar

  146. LT

    Good pick me up EDLC. Gotta hit when pitcher makes a mistake and that was a mistake by the pitcher

  147. Ted Alfred

    Of course Elly comes through, so if India could have just got the bunt down we’ve got two runs in and a great chance for a third. This couldhave been a huge inning that ended it…but of course not. Anymore when India is up with men on base and less than two outs I would just prefer that he strike out because that’s a better result than what we usually get…its sickening.

  148. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I was impressed with Elly’s AB there. Got 2 strikes on him. Then, he seemed to hold back, just make contact. I liked that.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Then, typing that up, I see those steals? Good Lord!!! People will say it was so much talent and speed by Elly. For me, also, it was recognizing the play. The pitcher wasn’t even looking at Elly, walking off the mound, whatever. Elly saw it while he was talking his lead and thought, “Go.”

      I mean, Elly could have easily been like so many other runners, possibly even Elly himself, after stealing third, staying on the base, waiting for the pitcher to get set and throw the ball, then take his lead. But not Elly there. Elly was taking his lead as soon as the pitcher got the ball back from the catcher if not earlier. When he saw the pitcher “goofing around” on the mound, Elly was off. Excellent recognition.

      • Kevin H

        Thanks for that description and everything. I don’t always see the video until abit later. He is a game changer ,but I like he saw the situation and went for it

      • Melvin

        I was hoping for a wild pitch/passed ball after he stole 3rd. No need. 🙂

  149. Ted Alfred

    And on the flip side you watch Elly just do that and you’re in awe of this man’s talents. It’s hard to even believe that just happened… even though I just saw it with my own eyes

  150. Cincinnatus Rex

    Elly is UNREAL. If that doesn’t deflate this stadium, nothing will. What a wasted gem that would be if the bull-pen blows this game. Come on, Reds.

  151. Bet on Red

    This man litterally stole all the bases

  152. TR

    Elly comes through with a needed Rbi, then steals 2nd., 3rd. and home plate. That is exciting baseball!

  153. Daytonnati

    I’ve been watching the Reds for a looooooong time. I have never seen anything like this kid.

    • Melvin

      Like Welsh said, we hit the lottery with him.

    • Optimist

      The Chico Ruiz steal was just before my time, and IIRC Pete did it once or twice, but nothing quite like that.

  154. LarkinPhillips

    India has been trying to “flatten his swing” this leads to more ground-based typically. No reason to have him in the three hole if that is his approach. I am an India fan. He needs to be leadoff or 7 hole. That is his game.

    • Kevin H

      I agree and a India fan too, and after much of me saying the line up is good or whatever. I do believe India needs to be dropped in order. He is making adjustments and that is great. As you said though if that is his game move him down.

      • Ted Alfred

        With only one more game until the All-Star break I would imagine Bell will leave things as is, but I would be really surprised if he doesn’t move India down for the start of the second half. You just can’t keep blowing all these awesome scoring opportunities that he keeps killing game after game. He rarely drives guys in…his RBI’s are usually from the occasional homer. More often than not he’s inept driving in runs from the 3. Votto looks like he’s really starting to heat up and getting very comfortable. Why not try Votto at 3 following the break and see how it goes? If you get a rejuvenated Joey Votto hitting back in his most comfortable spot at 3 this lineup could really take off when you start scoring in those great opportunities that India keeps killing

    • SlippinJimmy

      I agree.

      Or trade him before he kills his value.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Agreed. His numbers are much better at leadoff. Either leadoff or move him down. I believe I even remember India said he prefers leading off rather than the 3 hole.
      I can’t help thinking this is on Bell, trying to make something from India he isn’t.

    • Cincinnatus Rex

      Amen. It doesn’t take an advanced statistician to count the recent number of GIDPs. His approach has probably likely cost the Reds 2-5 runs in the last week-and-a-half — this coming from another India fan.

      • VegasRed

        Why is Bell so slow on the uptake on this issue of India not fitting at the 3 spot? If it is so clear to everyone on this board—who is not a mlb manager? And still Bell can’t/won’t see it? Or do anything about it?

        There are numerous examples over the 4 years of why I think Bell is a well below average mlb manager. and very well chronicled on this board, even though he has some rather stubborn fanboys here also.

        So why doesn’t he make a change, one change that is so clear to everyone but Bell?

        It is frustrating but I hope the Bell apologists prove to be right in the long run, because if the 100 loss season didn’t get Bell fired, with this group playing like it is, Bell has to be bullet proof by now. Just hope we don’t see a massive melt down after the break that proves again Bell is not the right guy for the job.

        Crossing my fingers because that would be devastating to all of Rednation.

  155. Stoney

    What a player EDLC is! Just wreaks havoc on the base paths. What an exciting player. Gives other teams fits. So glad he’s a Red.

  156. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I just can’t say “Tie the man down to a contract” just yet. But, I can’t help thinking that is on my mind right now. And, I normally like to wait till after 1.5 seasons the kids are in the league before I even consider extension contracts for the youngsters.

  157. Mark Moore

    Had to finish cooking dinner and then consuming it … what did I miss???

    Just kidding 😛

    What a show by EDLC. Totally picked their pocket. Keep Kicking This Pig while it’s down.

  158. J

    What I really loved about that extra run is that it pushed the lead to an Adames-proof lead as long as he came up with the bases empty. Getting him out was just gravy.

  159. GPod

    When I go church & thank God for Joey B……Now I have to add Elly

  160. Mark Moore

    And I’m assuming Sadak’s head actually exploded that time 😮

    • J

      Nope, he’s still talking. And talking. And…

    • Tyler Hawk

      He went on an extended rant that he’s bigger than just being good for the Reds … that he’s basically a baseball savant and makes the game better as a whole.

      • Mark Moore

        Nobody is a “savant” at 21 … 😉

        Thrall and Welsh saying he may be a once in a century type player. Certainly is the case for him with the Reds and players stealing all three bases in one inning.

  161. Mark Moore

    Counsel now taking a mix of Tums and Advil, downing it with Pepto and Alka-Seltzer mixed.

  162. Kevin H

    Farmer makes me nervous of late, however here we go!!!

  163. Hanawi

    That Uribe kid is nasty. Seems like some teams have an endless amount of hard-throwing bullpen guys they bring up from the minors. Cards were like that for awhile. Dodgers same.

    • Votto4life

      Yeah, I was reading about him earlier. Looks
      Like he has easy gas.

  164. Kevin H

    Heck have Diaz come in and pitch two innings or whatever. Geesh

    • Kevin H

      Okay a inning and 2/3 lol.. I should relax like Mark Said.

  165. Votto4life

    The Reds really need to address their bullpen. I think Farmer’s nice run is over.

  166. Hanawi

    Nice comeback to get the K after 3-0

  167. Mark Moore

    First Wife and DD#1 are mocking the Brewers now after Elly’s fireworks … 😀

  168. GPod

    Diaz is not good for 2 innings….from what i remember earlier….his 2nd inning is usually not good

  169. Mark Moore

    The Fish Guy almost had thoughts of 3rd or home … almost cost him a TOOTBLAN.

    Bear down, Buck.

  170. Kevin H

    You called it Mark.. He was due for a good inning!!!

  171. Melvin

    One inning to go and we’re guaranteed 1st place by ourselves at the all star break. Miracle.

  172. LT

    Yes, Farmer can increase our blood pressure with the best of them, but let’s enjoy baseball pitch by pitch please and lets the chips fall where they may. Everyone is competing hard and that’s all it matters.

    • Kevin H

      Agree!! This team never quits that is for sure

      • Dennis Westrick

        I double my BP medicine as soon as Astronaut Farmer enters the game!

  173. Melvin

    Alright Friedl with the infield hit to start it off….and now a balk. 🙂

  174. Kevin H

    Would you all move Votto back to batting 3rd?

    • Melvin

      I think he will hit good enough but I like him hitting behind all these fast guys.

    • LT

      The way he’s taking the last 3 games he deserves 3rd or 4th spot. The concern with Votto is any change to his routine at all (including hitting order) would screw his swing up and he would go into a long tailspin before he could recover. With Votto what I noticed is that when he is going good, just leave it alone and dont change a single thing

      • Melvin

        I’m good with that. I think Votto is having the “time of his life” playing with these young guys. He’s never had more fun. This is a miracle for him too.

  175. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I would say that was a bad balk call there. It looked like the P stopped to me.

  176. Bet on Red

    and now all the brewers are ejected

  177. Kevin H

    Anderson get ejected as well as their manager

  178. Optimist

    Can’t wait to see these replays – sounds like we’re really getting into their heads – what a rapid turnabout.

  179. Melvin

    Alright India with a sac fly. Better than DP for sure. 🙂

  180. J

    Fabulous win. Weaver is eventually going to be the answer to many interesting trivia questions, such as: “Which major league pitcher had an ERA over 7.00, a record of 2-2, and was the starting pitcher in 24 games his team won in 2023?

    • Kevin H

      hahahahaha, man he sure struggles. I hope Reds find a better option

  181. Ted Alfred

    Now that was a nice AB by India in the 3 hile… that’s what you’re supposed to do

  182. Melvin

    Another ROBBERY. De La Cruz ball this time.

  183. Hanawi

    Alright Fraley, let’s finish this one off.

  184. Melvin

    Reds are running and Reds are winning. No coincidence.

  185. magi210

    Does Elly come to the plate to the “Mission Impossible” theme next homestand?

    • PTBNL


      Also, this just in, 3 stolen bases on 2 pitches.

  186. Melvin

    Winker is a good guy but we make the right move in trading him for sure.

    • Kevin H

      After last year and now this season I 100% agree.

      I still hope Winker does well though

    • Daytonnati

      My wife named our kitten after Winker when he was a Red. Wonder if I can convince her to change to Elly going forward?

  187. Mark Moore

    I like Yelich. I really do. But I like Yelich more when he whiffs against us.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Thinking back to when Yelich played for the Marlins and wanted out! I so wanted the Reds to trade for him as they needed outfield help at the time!

  188. Mark Moore

    We’re watching the sharp version of Diaz here today. That hit by Contreras was pretty weak, but he hit it very oppo.

    Focus on Adames here.

  189. Bet on Red

    And are we going to be first or was it too much razzle dazzle from eli

      • Roger Garrett

        DIaz at 95/96 on the gun.Got some rest against the Nats and again last night and it showed.

  190. Melvin

    Oh my goodness. I thought that was a bad decision to go to 2nd instead of 1st there. May be overturned.

  191. Mark Moore

    How close is this one? Doesn’t look like it’s enough to overturn it.

    Risky little move by EDLC.

  192. LDS

    Excellent, first place at the break. Take the series tomorrow and make a statement.

  193. Kevin H

    Bullpen Big Today!!! Please get a starter or two.

    50 wins before all star break!!!!

    10 games over 500!!!

  194. Melvin

    I just saw Votto after DLC stole home. I’ve never seen him jump so high. lol

    • Cincinnatus Rex

      Thank God. Very happy to have been wrong!

  195. LT

    Hard fought game but it makes the win that much sweeter. What I noticed is that this team can score with the best of them when the opposing pitching is mediocre.

  196. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Boy, we had no good view. But, I would have thought the Brewer runner was safe. Just my opinion.

    Regardless of the outcome, with as much baseball intelligence the Elly showed on that steal of home, he has to show more intelligence on plays like that. I agree with the announcer. It looked like Elly was going to go to first but changed at the last second to go to 2nd. That extra moment can cost plays, cost games.

  197. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I mentioned before, I believe I remember hearing that a lot of the execs get together during the AS break and make some deals. Let’s see what goes on there.

  198. Ted Alfred

    That is the best Diaz has thrown the ball in three weeks. He was super crisp, throwing almost all strikes and his slider was breaking into the zone vs staying flat or being way off if the plate. He stayed ahead in the count and made Yelich look silly and he was just on point against the top of that lineup. Not sure if he’s just getting his second wind or what but that was the old Alex Diaz which is awesome to see.

    This was without a doubt the biggest game and win of the year. Now they go into the break on top of the division no matter what and even more importantly they don’t go into tomorrow’s game feeling like the Brewers have their number. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them totally relaxed and really put it to the Brewers tomorrow.

    I give a lot of credit to Joey Votto because yesterday and then today he was relaxed…not tight and it rubbed off on the rookies. When they were down 4-1 he is the guy who came through and got the HUGE hit that turned it around and helped the team to just relax and play and they looked like a different team after Votto’s 3 run HR today that tied it in the 4th.

    • Melvin

      “they looked like a different team after Votto’s 3 run HR today that tied it in the 4th.”

      Yeah. About the only thing that could top something like that would be if someone hit the go ahead run in, then stole second, then stole third, then stole home. Eh. That would never happen. 😉

      • Mark Moore

        one-in-a-billion shot at all that happening, Melvin. Maybe more.

        Day telling him he thinks he’s an alien.

    • Dennis Westrick

      The day of rest probably helped Diaz!

  199. Protime

    Speed is a game changer in baseball! It doesn’t slump. Keep on running…

  200. Andrew Brewer

    Reds got the mojo working today. An 8-5 win in 9 innings… Weaver was well Weaver, and the Reds win when he’s on the mound, the Relievers step up and the Reds’ bats ring ! This is the Reds team we have come to know and love.

    • Ted Alfred

      Weaver…3 and 2/3…5 earned runs. Rest of Reds pitching staff..
      5 and 1/3….0 earned runs…rinse and repeat. If I never have to watch Weaver start another game for the Reds it will be too soon.

  201. Jason Franklin

    I have been thinking the Reds needed to hold onto some assets instead of trading for rental pitchers this year. But after seeing how well they work as a team offensively, it’s tough to deny that a couple SP’s would solidify them. I say trade Marte and someone like Hinds for JP Sears of the A’s and one of their bullpen arms. Then go to the White Sox or Tigers and try to pry a SP from them, too. Sears would not be a rental piece which is good and bad (length but cost). But he has a future. Save him from the A’s.

    • Optimist

      Unbelievably, they are in position for a rental starter and can get one without using Marte. As others note, for longer term deals, only trade pitchers for pitchers and hitters for hitters.

      • Jason Franklin

        I really have a feeling Krall wants two of them. I would like them to go rental, but when you can get a future piece, then maybe you need to pay up. I don’t see why you have to trade P for P or position player for position player. Maybe they could pick up a reasonable rental too?

  202. Dennis Westrick

    I’m old enough to remember when Willie Mays used to steal home! EDLC is definitely NOT human!