The Cincinnati Reds guaranteed themselves a series win on Wednesday night with a 9-2 victory over the Washington Nationals. This afternoon they will go for a 4-game sweep if the thunderstorms in the area stay away long enough for the two teams to get the game in. First pitch is scheduled for 1:05pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

Washington Nationals

Kevin Newman – 1B Lane Thomas – RF
Matt McLain – SS Jeimer Candelario – 3B
Jonathan India – 2B Joey Meneses – 1B
Elly De La Cruz – 3B Stone Garrett – LF
Spencer Steer – LF Keibert Ruiz – DH
Tyler Stephenson – DH Ildemaro Vargas – 2B
Nick Senzel – CF Riley Adams – C
Will Benson – RH CJ Abrams – SS
Luke Maile – C Alex Call – CF
Brandon Williamson – LHP MacKenzie Gore – LHP

Starting Pitchers

Brandon Williamson 43.2 5.56 1.40 18 34
MacKenzie Gore 88.1 4.48 1.47 39 107
Links: Brandon Williamson’s Stats | MacKenzie Gore’s Stats

Brandon Williamson

After pitching in a monsoon two starts ago, Brandon Williamson rebounded and pitched well against San Diego the last time out.

Teams aren’t sending too many left-handed hitters to the plate to face Williamson this year. And looking at the numbers you can understand why. They’ve come to the plate 36 times against him in the big leagues and have yet to do anything except single. Right-handed hitters aren’t hitting for much average – just .248 – but they walk at a solid clip and they are hitting for plenty of power against him.


RHH 153 34 9 1 8 15 26 .248 .327 .504
LHH 36 9 0 0 0 3 8 .281 .333 .281

Pitch Usage

4-seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 92.5 88.3 73.0 81.5 84.4
Usage 34% 27% 8% 16% 15%

MacKenzie Gore

The last time that Gore took the mound was a tough one for both him and the Nationals. He allowed seven runs in 2.2 innings and the Phillies scored 19 runs in the game. The lefty has battled consistency – when he’s been on, he’s been very good but he’s had plenty of off days during the season, too.

Gore has shown reverse splits this season. Left-handed hitters are hitting 100 points higher than righties are, they walk more, and they are showing plenty of power. Right-handed hitters aren’t doing much when it comes to average or getting on base, but they are showing solid power.

RHH 289 64 10 2 11 24 78 .246 .308 .427
LHH 94 27 4 0 3 15 29 .346 .452 .513

Pitch Usage

4-seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 95.3 83.5 88.5 88.0
Usage 60% 20% 19% 1%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:05pm ET
  • Where: Nationals Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (Free game of the day)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 88°, cloudy, 45% chance of rain

News and Notes

Davey Martinez has some opinions

Nationals manager Davey Martinez had some thoughts after the game about Elly De La Cruz looking back at his own teammates and pointing to the knob of his bat after hitting a ball to Vermont.

“I am not trying to penalize this kid. I’m not. I love the way he plays the game. I didn’t like his antics after he hit the home run. We can do without that. He’s only got two weeks in the big leagues, but he’s going to be a good player.”

Ignoring that De La Cruz has been in the league for a month now, what does he mean “he’s only got two weeks in the big leagues”? That he hasn’t earned the right to show emotion or excitement on the field yet? Or that the longer he’s in the league the more someone will teach him to be a robot and not show emotion or excitement on the field? I’d have loved to see a follow up about that very specific part.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Reds 48 39 0.0 38.8%
Brewers 46 41 2.0 48.5%
Cubs 40 45 7.0 12.0%
Pirates 40 46 7.5 3.2%
Cardinals 35 51 12.5 5.4%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

377 Responses

  1. SlippinJimmy

    “I am not trying to penalize this kid. I’m not. I love the way he plays the game. I didn’t like his antics after he hit the home run. We can do without that. He’s only got two weeks in the big leagues, but he’s going to be a good player.”

    Sounds like somebody has some regrets… because now, they know they look stupid.

    • BK

      Sounds like the words of a Manager on a depressingly losing team.

    • DHud

      Curious what the guy who was rolling in the dirt a few days ago and bringing printouts of plays to post game pressers’ definition of “antics” are and where the line is drawn of “acceptable”

      Pot, meet kettle

      • J

        He’s been in the league long enough to have earned the right to roll around on the ground when he’s trying to make a point to an umpire. In three more years he’ll have earned the right to throw a plate of mashed potatoes at the umpire, and in five more years he’s permitted to lock himself in his room and yell “it’s not fair!” But you’ve gotta earn these things.

      • DHud

        Obviously J

        It’s right there in the unwritten book of unwritten rules

    • MBS

      Funny how he’s criticizing Elly, when he was the start of the whole issue. Also I had no problem with Martinez looking to mess with the Reds, but don’t expect Elly to just sit back and take it.

    • Westfester

      How many times did he sit down Soto after he stares down a pitcher and shuffles? Maybe quit whining and make your team play better.

  2. Chris

    Agree with you Doug. For starters any young kid is going to show emotion after having his “integrity” questioned. In other words that he may have been cheating. Secondly, and Fox News got it wrong earlier today as well. He looked back at his OWN dugout, not the Nat’s dugout, so I don’t know where or why anyone would find that disrespectful. One thing I’ve noticed about Elly in his month so far, is that while he celebrates his and his team’s successes, he NEVER shows up the other team when doing it. I have always liked Martinez but he’s got a little bit of sour grapes here.

    • Rick

      Doug was usual.
      Chris is right too.
      Brian Kennie had Elly’s back on all counts & how special he is & is going to be.
      Rob Parker is still an idiot, Touting Walker over Elly. Rob said, it’s to soon to tout Elly’s success, & Walkers issues. Brain called Walker something like a train wreck in the OF.
      Let’s go 10 games over 500 today!!!

  3. Dennis Westrick

    They did it! The Stupid Cubs did it again! First thing I checked this morning were the ML baseball scores and, voila, the Cubs pulled off another late game rally, scoring 3 runs in the top of the 9th to beat the Bernies!

    That means, worst case scenario, the Reds will be headed to Miwaukee as the first place team in the NL Central. Unbelievable!

  4. Tom Mitsoff

    Reds today activated Tony Santillan from the 60-day DL. They optioned Brett Kennedy to Louisville for an active roster spot, and designated Ricky Karcher for assignment to create a 40-man roster spot. The fact that they essentially chose Kennedy over Karcher speaks volumes.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Gonna miss the “Wild Thing”! Maybe we’ll see him next year!

      • LarkinPhillips

        I believe someone will take a chance on Karcher and sign him, but I would love to see him pass through waivers and sign back on a minor league deal. I enjoy watching him and would love to see him finally put it together.

    • Roger Garrett

      Oh NO.I had his appearance as the start of the perfect storm season for the Reds.WILD THING please come back.

    • wkuchad

      So who starts the last game before the all-star break?

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Just a guess — maybe Lively?

  5. Soto

    Ok, I have beat this “dead horse” to the point that I am close to being charged with abuse of a corpse… But, I am going to make this point one last time and then put it to rest until CES is finally pulled up. Bell has done a good job, but playing Newman at 1st is not smart. He is not a good 1st basemen. My main argument for bringing up CES is that I believe in meritocracy. CES was not only the Reds best hitter during spring training, he was the best hitter in all of baseball. He should have made the team out of spring training, but I understand that they didn’t bring him along because of “Service time” control. But to keep him in the minors now, after he has done absolutely everything that a player can do, at every level that he has played, is hard to comprehend. Players like Fraley and Benson, etc have played well and deserve playing time but I believe CES has the potential to be an all-time great hitter. He may not, but he deserves a shot. The Reds need power. EDLC needs protection. Part-time DH just to rest guys is statistically proven to be ineffective. CES needs to be this team’s DH and occasional 1st basemen/left fielder.
    The horse is officially beaten to death. I plead guilty. Mike drop!!!

    • Pete

      CES has nose dived since the beginning of June- you can look it up. I think the guy would struggle mightily if he came up right now. My instinct is somethings going on there. I’m wondering if his back is acting up again like it did at the beginning of the season. He just doesn’t look like the same guy. Not hitting the ball with authority and striking out more and more.

      • David

        Interesting point. I have noticed his BA has dropped, and he has not hit a HR in quite a while (was hitting one every 11-12 AB’s for most of the season). Maybe he needs a spell on the DL to rest his back and get therapy on it. Back injuries are nothing to play with. They can literally be crippling.

      • Soto

        You might be right. One thing we never know about is inside information like injuries or attitude. I hope he does not have a chronic back problem. Even of more concern, I hope he is not getting demoralized by the fact that he out hit all of the young players that are now having incredible success at the major league level while he is still stuck in Louisville.
        Oh, I forgot I’m supposed to have put this dead horse to rest. I apologize and will try harder in the future.

      • Jim Walker

        Maybe CES’s “nosedive” was at least in part to the fact that he had McLain, EDLC. and a steady stream of MLB rehab guys batting around him in the lineup; and now, they are all gone.

        The good news is that if they bring him up, once again he will be surrounded by even more talent and will not be the focal point of the opposition.

        BTW, in his first 4 games of July CES posted a .951 OPS with 5 hits, including an HR and at least 2 doubles. He did take an 0 fer on the 5th but that’s life.

      • Pete

        I don’t know Jim I watched about every one of Louisville‘s games and he does not look like the same guy to me. Maybe he is maybe he is that’s my impression.

        I think you may have a little bit of cherry picking their over for games. For July his line is..238/304/429. I wouldn’t bring him up right now in fact, if they needed a guy short term to play a corner spot and I’d bring up Matt Reynolds.

    • SultanofSwaff

      I agree he should never play first, but Newman has to stay on the roster to give Matt and Elly rest (wish McLain got the day off today before the Brewers series). Senzel and Casali’s roster spots are the ones we need to be looking at (guilty of beating that dead horse as well).

      Burnes vs. Abbott tomorrow. Almost certain I’m making the 2 hour drive to see that one!

      • VaRedsFan

        Newman doesn’t give Matt or Elly rest now, why would he have to in the future?
        If Elly is at SS, Senzel or Steer can play 3rd, depending on the pitcher.

      • J

        All that has to happen is that Stephenson catches when there’s a lefty starter. Outfield is Friedl/Benson/Senzel. Infield is Elly, MM, India, Steer. Newman DH’s and gets replaced by Fraley as needed. Problem solved. Works even better with CES on the roster in place of Casali, but even without him there’s no reason for Newman to ever be at first.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      CES had only played 2 games of OF the last I looked. He will not play OF up here based on that sample size. He would need to play OF first in ST or something.

    • Optimist

      The Dodgers picked up a AAA journeyman MI the other day (Chris Valaika’s brother Pat) and they’ve been looking for MI help for a while. Newman is an obvious option, and the Reds could certainly get cash, so it’s probably down to a player or players or PTBNL. Newman’s having a fine season doing what he does, and barring an immediate injury I suspect it’s just a matter of time.

    • Oldtimer

      A zillion times and one more. CES plays 1B, 3B, and can be DH. He does not play OF.

      Reds primary 1B are Votto and Steer. Newman plays EVERY spot in INF.

      Reds 3B are EDLC and Senzel. Newman plays EVERY spot in INF.

      Reds OF do not include CES. If there is an injury to one of primary 1B or 3B, CES gets called up before August 31. If not, CES get called up September 1.

      • Jim Walker

        Steer has made 38 appearances at 3B with the Reds in 2022-23 making Senzel redundant except as a LH hitting platoon partner.

      • Melvin

        Newman and Senzel are becoming less and less necessary. I’m not uncomfortable when Fraley bats against a lefty.

  6. Brad

    I sure hope the Nats don’t throw at Elly today and injure him.

    • DHud

      If that happens I want to see Votto beat someone’s head in

    • VaRedsFan

      They had an opportunity later in a blowout game to throw at him, and didn’t. So I don’t think there’s any smoke there.

  7. SultanofSwaff

    Hoping for a lopsided score so the high leverage bullpen arms are ready for the Brewers…..of course, a win is a win so if the need arises you have to go for it today.

  8. Kevin H

    I guess the Nats manager forgets the antics Soto would do in the batters box. Maybe he should worry about how to get De La Cruz out.

    • LarkinPhillips

      +1000 That was my first thought when I read his quote.

  9. LarkinPhillips

    A win today guarantees that we go into MIL with at least a 2 game lead in the central. That takes some of the pressure off with playing the brewers 6 straight games. Would be even better to go in with a 3 game lead if the “stupid Cubs” can pull another victory out. (Stroman is pitching for the Cubs today).

  10. LarkinPhillips

    Interesting to see Benson in there over Friedl. I hope his wrist isn’t too injured from that HBP last night. We need Friedl and his energy going into MIL.

    • DHud

      And that might be why he’s not in too

      Give him an off day to just ice it and come back better vs MIL

    • CI3J

      I’m personally looking forward to it. All the times Benson faced a lefty recently, he showed he could handle himself.

      Hope he goes 3-4 today so Bell keeps playing him against lefties. Actually, I want to see Fraley play against lefties as well, but baby steps.

  11. VaRedsFan

    I thought India might be given the day off because of the 2 mental lapses from yesterday. MMC to 2nd Elly to SS, and Senzel to 3rd.

  12. CFD3000

    Kevin Newman is on the Reds roster – I accept that’s true even though I wish he were not – but can we please not insist on batting him leadoff and playing first base? Also interesting that Benson gets the start – playing RH apparently Doug! – but lefties Friedl, Fraley and Votto do not. I’m not objecting to that, just pointing out that Bell has been so adamant about handedness that I’m now curious as to why that option, especially against a lefty with reverse splits.

    In any case, how about a series sweep today and a flight to Milwaukee with a 2 (or 3?!) game lead over the Brewers. That would be pleasant, yes? Go Reds!

    • VaRedsFan

      TJ was HBP last night.
      Might be some lingering effects.

  13. CFD3000

    Also, 38.8% chance of making the playoffs? For the team in first place – by 2 full games – and good enough for the second wild card slot as well, just 4 games before the All Star break? The formulas lean way too heavily on run differential apparently ignoring the fact that teams change as a season goes on. I’m curious to know if the Trout injury changed the Angels playoff odds even a little. After all, their run differential didn’t change. No respect for America’s Team. Go Reds!

    • JayTheRed

      Funny part is about 3 or 4 weeks ago we only had a 4% chance of the playoffs. Love Seeing St. Louis at 5.4% now.

  14. Stock

    Yesterday I created a stating the 2023 Reds may be as good offensively as the 1975 Reds. I included in the post that I knew the 1976 Reds offense was better than the 1975 Reds offense. The reason I used the 1975 Reds was two-fold. First, I knew at this point the 1976 Reds offense was better than the 2023 Reds offense. Second, I feel that the 2023 team is in a similar place as the 1975 team. The 1975 team had players who were going to get better (Geronimo, Concepcion, Griffey and Foster) given more playing time. Likewise, the 2023 team has players that are going to get better (just about all of them) given more playing time. So my thought was compare 1975 to 2023 and 1976 to 2024.

    Oldtimer followed up my post with one being critical of me for choosing the 1975 Reds when the 1976 offense was clearly better. He even had the audacity to state that I knew little about the Big Red Machine (Since you don’t know much about the BRM in the mid 1970s, the best offense among those Reds teams was 1976) when I clearly stated in my post the 1976 offense was better.

    But lets compare the 2023 team to both the 1975 and 1976 teams. This first section is since the promotion of EDLC. It is safe to say the team in April that included Myers, Newman and Senzel as everyday players is a shell of the current team.

    Runs per game:

    1975: 5.19
    1976: 5.29
    2023: 5.96

    Runs allowed per game:

    1975: 3.62
    1976: 3.91
    2023: 4.85

    This teams starting pitching is clearly inferior to that of the BRM days.

    Winning %:

    1975: .667
    1976: .630
    2023: .778

    This is a small sample size since EDLC has only been in Cincinnati for a month. But for the past 30 days this offense has been better than any prior Reds offense over the course of a year. Can they maintain this pace? Time will tell. Prior Reds teams have had better players (Bench of 1970 and 1972), (Morgan 1972-1976), Votto (2010-2012) but no team has the depth of this team. The following are YTD stats for each team. It is the number of regulars on each team that met the criteria shown. I used the 8/9 regulars plus 2/1 subs so each team had 10 players in the cue. The teams I reviewed were the 1970, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1990, 2010, 2012 and 2023 Reds. Please note that the 2023 Reds are the only team with 9 players with an OBP of at least .340. All nine players who started last night have an OPS of at least .346. The 2023 Reds are the only team with 7 players with a SLG% of at least .450. I do admit that at this point the Reds don’t have the MVP type player (note: zero players with an OPS+ of at least 150). But that may change by YE. Here is the list of players by team who meet the criteria on the left.

    Statistic -70-72-75-76-90-10-12-23
    OBP .340+–5–6–8–7—6—5–3–9
    OBP .375+–4–3–3–4—2—2–1–4
    OBP .400+–2–1–2–3—0—2–1–0

    SLG .450+–6–2–4–3—4—3–4–7
    SLG .500+–3–1–3–2—0—1–3–4

    OPS+ 1.00+–6–7–7–8—7—8—4–8
    OPS+ 1.10+–5–6–7–6—5—5—4–7
    OPS+ 1.25+–4–4–5–4—1—2—2–4
    OPS+ 1.50+–2–1–1–1—0—1—1–0

    Top 3 teams in Summed OPS+ of best 8 regulars:

    1976: 1077
    1975: 1001
    2023: 986

    But the 2023 team is platooning 2 spots. If you incorporate that into the equation the 2023 team moves up one spot. 2023 with platoon consideration (80% RHP/20% LHP): 1037.80 That moves them ahead of the 1975 offense. Just to show the % RHP/LHP does not matter all that much: (75% RHP/25% LHP): 1040

    Laugh all you want Oldtimer, because the fact of the matter is this offense is comparable to the 1975 Red offense and I think the 2024 offense will be comparable to the 1976 offense. That said this team continues to surprise me so I would not be surprised if that by YE this team compares to the 1976 BRM. It would also not surprise me if Elly De La Cruz became an MVP like performer by YE. Sleeper MVP type player: Joey Votto. This team seems to have ignited him and make him feel like a kid again.

    Finally, the whole point of my post was to let everyone know how special this offense is. This is just a special team. I have never seen a “team” like this. The Viking cape, the head butt and the rowing are just some examples of this team’s unity. It is special and it is so fun to watch this team.

    Finally, Finally, all this excludes the excitement and advantages this team has running the bases and stealing bases. What a great show.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Wow! You need to get a hobby! Great stuff! Thanks!

    • LDS

      Again, the 1975 & 1976 Reds had pitchers batting. Give them the DH and they’d have scored 6+ runs per game. The 2023 Reds are making progress but they have a ways to go before they can be compared to the BRM. For starters, Sparky vs. Bell is a no contest. Secondly, BRM pitching was vastly better than this ragtag mess. The current team has some opportunities for improvement in pitching, if and only if Lodolo and Greene come back healthy, Ashcraft continues to improve, and nothing happens to Abbott. The BRM pitching was, IMO, was never exceptional, but was really good. Wait a year or two and see if the emerging Reds team can compete in the post season.

      • Jonathan

        @LDS – I believe Stock was only talking about Offense only and mentioned that pitching wise the BRM was significantly better vs the Reds at current state.

      • Jim Walker

        And don’t forget my man Borbon as the pitching Swiss Army knife for the BRM 😉

      • LDS

        @JimWalker, the Reds could use a Borbon. It’s like the man had a rubber arm.

    • Jonathan

      @Stock – nice research. I appreciate a through post that is backed up with data.

  15. Dennis Westrick

    OK with Bell’s “travel-day” batting order but would still prefer India leading off!

    On the defensive side, Newman scares me as a first baseman but if we score early and often this afternoon Newman’s defense, or lack thereof, won’t be an issue!

    • Mark Moore

      I would prefer India get a down day. But that didn’t happen, so we roll with what we’ve got.

  16. Melvin

    Let’s go for 10 games over .500 today.

  17. Kevin H

    Please Tell me Mclain swung at the second strike call. Gameday has it as a called strike and it was way, way outside the zone.

  18. Mark Moore

    Settling in to watch how Williamson does given this isn’t a monsoon … yet.

    As for pointing at the bat nob cover … meh. Comment was by a manager who didn’t know the rules (umps didn’t either) and hadn’t called it out the prior two days. Focus on your own team’s performance and leave it at that.

    Unless he sneaks in as a pinch-hitter, yesterday was the last time Votto will play in Nationals Ballpark.

    Happier to see Senzel in CF than in RF. Both are dicey here, but he’s got more experience in CF. Benson should do fine like he’s been doing.

  19. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Boy, Bell made every effort to get right handed bats in there today. The only thing I would “wonder” about is the “reverse splits” of their pitcher. He does outstandingly better against right handed betters.

    11 pitch first inning for Williamson. Good start.

    • Mark Moore

      Elly says, “No worries, man. Reverse this.”

  20. Mark Moore

    6 straight from the right side?

    • Chris

      That’s impossible, as we have been told by so many brilliant knee-jerk minds that he can’t hit from that side.

      • Harry Stoner


        You’ve been told that he hadn’t been hitting from that side.

        He was hitting ~.100 RH in 30+ abs before the recent streak.

        No one said he couldn’t hit RH.

        But if it makes you feel good to make things up, so you can be a know-it-all contrarian after the fact, then have at it.

      • Brian Rutherford

        @Harry. I’m not saying it was you specifically but there were definitely people commenting that he couldn’t hit right handed and should give it up.

        Just trying to keep it real here. I think some of the frustration was that he had like 25 ab’s total from the right side and the negative Nellies were out in force saying he couldn’t hit from that side. way too small of a sample size.

        Not saying you specifically but it was happening

  21. Tom Mitsoff

    Nice to see De La Cruz beginning to come around against lefties. I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not, but it seems for some reason like pitchers have not been throwing him as many slow curves as they were initially. Maybe he’s swinging more earlier in the count.

  22. Mark Moore

    Thunder in the area. Hate to see another monsoon or delay for Williamson.

    • Cincinnatus Rex

      Glad it didn’t interrupt him, though!

      • Cincinnatus Rex

        Sorry, my bad — it did interrupt him! I walked in a little late, haha.

  23. Mark Moore

    Thinking this may be a short delay. Radar barely shows it in the area and what there is is moving out quickly.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Mark, are you at the game again today?

      • Mark Moore

        Nope. On Day #2 of recovery 😀

  24. Cincinnatus Rex

    We get it, Sadak — the rain is falling hard! Haha.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I laughed out loud at his excitement about the rain. Everyone has their preferences, and he isn’t mine.

  25. SlippinJimmy

    It’s raining Davey Martinez tears out there!


    • old-school

      well, it is a rain delay.

      Chime in on least fav opponent managers last 20 years against the Reds

      Clint Hurdle is my #1.

      • LarkinPhillips

        LaRussa and his non stop pitching changes before the three batter minimum. It made for a miserable game to watch. Plus, he managed the devilbirds.

      • Harry Stoner

        LaRussa, of course, but Hurdle has a special place for all the hit batters he directed.

        India, Votto and EDLC would have all been hit yesterday, aiming at the hands or wrists to injure someone.

        I recall when the Reds hit McCutcheon in retaliation both AMC and Hurdle were super crybabies.

        AMc: “You don’t throw at me, I was MVP!”

        The man lost all cred to me.

        Hurdle is a thug.

        What Martinez did was nothing. Bell would do the same thing to get an edge.

        Lesson: I’d like to see EDLC play pixxed-off more often!

      • Mark Moore

        I’d go with Hurdle or Counsel. Would love to see Counsel jump ship and lead our team.

      • Mark Moore

        I read it wrong. I liked Hurdle. My least favorite would be LaRussa by a wide margin.

      • Mark Moore

        I formally retract my “liked Hurdle”. Forgot about the near constant head hunting antics.

      • Votto4life

        Tony Larussa, He acts like he invented the game. I’m not a big fan of Dave Martinez either (not because of yesterday).

      • Brian Rutherford

        Tommy LaSorda. In the N.L. West days the Dodgers were enemy #1 and he never quit complaining. I know he is a beloved character in baseball history but back then I couldn’t stand him.

      • old-school

        Bobby valentine Mets makes the list. Bobby Cox was annoying.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Clint Hurdle my No. 1 followed by that pompous Tony La Russa!

  26. Tom Mitsoff

    This is the Reds’ last scheduled game in DC this year, so they may wait quite awhile before calling this one — in hopes of not having to reschedule a one-game series sometime later this year.

    • Mark Moore

      That’s what I’m thinking. Radar now shows it clearing by 3PM.

    • Optimist

      Any info on restart time? Radar looks ugly, but a very small patch of ugly.

      • SlippinJimmy

        Davey Martinez thinks it’ll restart in a minute or two, but he tends to get mixed up when it comes to units of time…

      • Votto4life

        Dave Martinez also gets confused who his wife is.

    • Jim Walker

      Nats come to Cincy in August. They could always play the game there with Nats as official home team.

      Don’t recall if the Reds have been involved in either end of such a deal but believe it has happened since the pandemic year.

      • Mark Moore

        MLB hates to force that kind of thing. It’s probably the absolute last resort option.

  27. Votto4life

    I am guessing Williamson is done for today? If so, they should be able to use him on Sunday if needed.

    • Mark Moore

      It will depend on multiple factors. He got in a pretty quick inning. But he did do his full pre-game warm-up. It’s now looking more like 3:30 for the rain to clear out and then it should be good the rest of the day.

  28. Mark Moore

    It’s now pouring at my place. Like “cow peeing on a flat rock” pouring. Weather station says the rate is over 1.5 inches per hour.

  29. LarkinPhillips

    I don’t hate the idea of using a bullpen day today, and using Williamson Sunday verse the brewers. If I recall correctly, the Brewers are pretty bad verse left handed pitching. This would also give Lively a tune up game in the minors before returning after the all star break. We would also have 9 relievers for the entire MIL series as well.

    • Jim Walker

      This is a positive thought on a downer day. Thanks.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      This makes great sense! Hope they go that route.

  30. SR

    Bobby cox was a WLB when it came to harassing umpires about strikes from the dugout. I find this ironic since Maddox got an extra 2 inches all the way around the plate for his entire time with Atlanta.

    • Mark Moore

      Hope the tail end of that cell clears out. Thanks for the update, Doug.

      Have I mentioned lately that YOU ROCK!!!

  31. Tom Mitsoff

    Best guess is that it will now become a bullpen day, unfortunately.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Too bad for Williamson. But we get to their bullpen as well. We hammered them yesterday, so they are likely gassed.

  32. Melvin

    If I’m not mistaken I think I saw Williamson warming back up.

    • Mark Moore

      You at the game, Melvin? My video feed is still showing the weather delay screen.

      • Melvin

        Just a brief update on the broadcast showed him warming up. At least I though it was him. lol

    • Tom Mitsoff

      That would be very interesting!

  33. Indy Red Man

    Almost everytime I watch the Cubbies it feels like Suzuki does something good. Inside the park tying HR in Milw last year I think, but he’s only hitting .257 with 6 HRs at $17 mil/year. Fans want ownership to be active, but be careful what you ask for

    • Indy Red Man

      We’re skipping Peralta this weekend too which is a good thing. He’s always tough on the Reds

  34. Mark Moore

    OK, WLW is saying the broadcast is coming back now.

  35. LarkinPhillips

    What the heck was Stephenson doing?

    • Mark Moore

      Thinking maybe he slipped or stumbled a bit coming out of the box?

  36. Mark Moore

    Well that was a long wait for a double play …

    Let’s see how Williamson endured the delay and how many he can go.

  37. Daytonnati

    Elly living on borrowed time with those head-first slides.

  38. GPod

    I heard the other day that MLB teams only get the runner in from 3rd (with less than 2 outs) only about 55 % of the time….I was shocked ….seems like it should be more

    • Chris

      Hopefully that number will decrease as the strikeout decreases. Opening up the field will hopefully slow down the grip it and rip it mentality that leads to so many K’s.

  39. Jim Walker

    When is the last time the Reds run on contact strategy actually worked when the guy wouldn’t have scored without the play being on?

    (asking for a friend who says his name is CincyDavid)

  40. Reddawg2012

    Watching Newman and Senzel take multiple at bats against RHP is going to do me in this afternoon.

    • Kevin H

      I agree, that rbi single by Newman is for the birds 😀

    • oklared

      Yep hate Senzel against righties until the tenth inning

  41. Mark Moore

    I think that might have been a “run and hit” rather than just a straight steal. I remember we used to hear that term, but I can’t recall what distinguished it from a hit-and-run.

    We’re gonna press their pen today. That’s a good thing.

    Nice knock by Newman.

    • Jim Walker

      I am not sure of the difference either Mark. However, I *think* I recall hearing when I was a kid that run and hit was often when a guy was going to run (on his own) and flashed a preagreed sign to tip the batter. Then it was up to the batter whether he tried to take advantage. Hit and run on the other hand was typically a bench call.

      • Mark Moore

        At least I’m not having a phantom memory about the term.

      • Jim Walker

        Just bits and pieces that stick in a person’s mind from decades of listening to the radio when games on TV were a rarity. probably something Hoyt or Nuxhall mentioned they were always on the alert for when pitching. And with things so organized now, difficult to grasp that players actually did such things on their own.

  42. Dennis Westrick

    Williamson at nearly 60 pitches and still not out of the 3rd

    • LarkinPhillips

      I would say 4 innings max with the long delay. I hated sending him back out after the delay. He looks exhausted right now.

  43. LarkinPhillips

    I wonder if Duarte is the guy to go for Lively coming back up to start over the weekend? I can’t see anyone else they could send down and no reason to release anyone in the pen right now either.

  44. SlippinJimmy

    That was pretty unsportsmanlike to have the mascot trying to distract our pitcher.

  45. Dennis Westrick

    Williamson dodged a big bullet there! Maybe one (1) more inning? Or two?

  46. AllTheHype

    Several comments here about Newman’s defense at 1B, where he rates slightly above average. Yet nobody states the fact that he defense at 1B is just fine. Is that group think? Seems like it.

    • Mark Moore

      He’s adequate. Steer has worked hard and probably plays it the best. Votto gets experience points and he’s definitely in great shape at this point physically. But Newman will play wherever he’s asked around the infield and is relatively solid.

    • Jim Walker

      Looked like the throw on the failed GIDP was on line and true enough Newman could have extended a bit further for it and that would have gotten the out.

    • VaRedsFan

      In 2 consecutive games, he made 3 malfunctions.
      He doesn’t get the errors, even though 98% of 1st basemen would have made those plays.

    • greenmtred

      What Newman does well, to my eye, is field the position, not surprising for a shortstop. Beyond that, he seems at least adequate to me.

  47. Dennis Westrick

    See the Bernies are up 4-1 on the Cubs! Sound familiar?

  48. Dennis Westrick

    Need a crooked number here for the good guys and another good inning by Farmer!

  49. Roger Garrett

    Guess Williamson had nothing left.Six innings is a lot to cover for the pen.Good that some are rested.May need two or more out of somebody today going into the Brewers series.

    • Mark Moore

      Keeping warm during the rain delay still burns pitches. Farmer covering 2 is a good thing. Just need to get this 3rd out.

  50. Mark Moore

    Benson yielded as he should. Nick kind of looked like he forgot he was playing CF and in charge.

      • JB

        But this is the reason I hate Bell playing these guys all over the place.

      • Mark Moore

        And then backed off. But Nick didn’t follow through. Let’s hope it doesn’t matter.

  51. Mark Moore

    Nice pick on Abrams. Complete TOOTBLAN gets Farmer out of a jam.

  52. Mark Moore

    A couple of runs here would go a long way toward making us forget the heartburn from that inning.

  53. Mark Moore

    Generous strike 2 call … very generous.

  54. Roger Garrett

    Yeah but when you move guys around too much it happens.Buck with a very efficient 2 innings and only 23 pitches.Big out on Thomas.

    • GPod

      Reds trying their best to give this game away

    • greenmtred

      Somebody has to play center when Friedl is being rested. Senzel has played it before.

  55. Mark Moore

    Well, those two runs are on Senzel, aren’t they? With an assist from Farmer for having to pitch to Thomas.

    • JB

      Senzel stopped when Benson called him off. That’s on EDLC for not making the tag.

      • Ted Alfred

        I think Benson started calling for it at the end because Senzel wasn’t calling for it even though the ball was hit almost directly at him. That that play was more on Senzel…not Benson. It’s Senzel’s ball.

      • JB

        Obviously you have never played centerfield and how hard it is to judge a ball hit right at you. And even if it was hit right at Senzel , why was Benson way over in center yelling I got it?

      • Melvin

        Senzel has never been a “take charge” centerfielder. De La Cruz should have made a better tag too. On to the win nevertheless. 🙂

    • RedsGettingBetter

      And Elly didn’t tag Abrams at 3rd…. Too much chances …

    • Jim Walker

      And a blown tag by EDLC and a short stretch on the possible GIDP by Newman. The other side of platoon baseball where Newman and Senzel were involved.

      • Melvin

        Good point. I’m more inclined to stay away from the platoons if possible.

  56. JB

    That’s on EDLC. You got to block that bag and make the quick tag. Don’t wait for his body to get to you.

  57. Roger Garrett

    My mistake cause I saw it going to the top of the 6th.

  58. Dennis Westrick

    Two (2) “hold-my-breath” innings from Farmer to “buck” his recent trend!

  59. Mark A Verticchio

    You can’t give anybody 2 extra outs, Senzel has to make that play.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Exactly! This is the major leagues after all!

  60. Pete

    Ugly half inning for the Reds. Bell needs to start taking this game seriously.

  61. Ted Alfred

    Farmers throwing the ball great but that was about the worst inning defensively we’ve seen in a while. That first fly ball was definitely on Senzel, the ball was hit to almost dead center field… and then Elly’s just sitting there on the bag when the throw beats him by 5 ft
    He has to reach out and tag him before he can get his hand to the bag… two really, really, really bad plays

    • JB

      Disagree. Benson was running over yelling he had it and Senzel stopped instead of running into Benson. This is what happens when you play your outfielders in every position.

      • RedsMonk65

        Glad they didn’t collide, but centerfielder trumps everyone. Senzel messed up. I agree with the last statement though. Senzel plays LF one day, CF the next — in his mind: “who calls what?”

    • Roger Garrett

      Yeah that was just awful.BIg game today for sure.Just got to step on the Nats cause getting a chance for a 4 game sweep just seldom happens.GO REDS

  62. JB

    Reds hitters are in a funk today. Hopefully this wakes them up.

  63. Dennis Westrick

    This one is about to get away from us! Sloppy defense is the root cause!

  64. Mark Moore

    OK, time for Jobu to wake up bats and come from behind. Need some more practice doing that anyway, right?

    • Dennis Westrick

      We’ve been spoiled after the last 2 games! As Earl Weaver used to say – “We need a bloop & a blast”!

  65. JB

    Only down a run. 4 at bats left to win this.

  66. Tom Mitsoff

    Interesting to see Friedl pinch-hit to lead off the sixth. Good move because he walked, but I’m interested to see how Bell will manipulate the defense and batting order to keep Friedl in the game.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Good question, though Newman did hit a liner that was caught by the left fielder.

  67. Rick

    Well, Casali will get an at bat in the 8th or 9th inning with Maile out now.
    Need the 3 & 4 hitter to make it payoff. We gave the 5 outs last inning.

  68. Mark Moore

    I still say India looks like he could have used a day off.

    • VaRedsFan

      He absolutely should have after the 2 mental errors yesterday.
      That was Todd Frazier like on the strikeout.

  69. Harry Stoner

    India getting smoked by down and away pitches out of the zone lately.

    A lot of men LOB.

  70. Redgoggles

    India has been giving me strong Suarez vibes at the plate over the past month +. Don’t really miss the 3 outcome approach.

  71. Jim Walker

    India has to learn this isn’t the old Reds from years prior and take the walk when it is there.

    • GPod

      he got to 3-1 and then decided to swing at everything & anything

    • Jim Walker

      The same goes for McLain/ 3b coach. Nats were committed to have the LH pitcher face Steer.

      • Matt McWax

        Yep, great point. Energy is one part of the game but the Reds have thrown away a lot of opportunities even in this hot spell.

  72. Ted Alfred

    India swings at a 3-2 pitch a foot outide and low that wpuld have loaded the bases with 1 out abd Elly up….the same pitch he consistently strikes out over and over in high leverage situations a majority of the time.

    • Harry Stoner

      Pretty clear that the book is out on him with that.

      He routinely gets fed that pitch with 2 strikes.

      Hasn’t learned to lay off or foul it off.

      • Matt McWax

        The quickness of India’s bat is MORE reason for him to be selective. That 3-1 swing was very disheartening.

    • Jim Walker

      Strikes 2 and 3 were basically the same pitch. 3 was even slightly further off the plate than 2 though.

  73. Rick

    TJ to CF, Senzel to LF, Steer to 1B. Casali batting 1st. Seems like a Bell special coming up.

  74. Mark Moore

    I’m OK with House sending MattyMc. Took a really good throw and was still close. That’s not the reckless stuff we had seen a week ago. That was solid aggressive baserunning.

    At least that’s my opinion.

    • JB

      Agree, Mark. I like the aggressiveness of this team.

    • earmbrister

      Yeah, that ball took a long time to get into the LF corner. Good agressive baserunning (which has been a strength of this team).

    • Cincinnatus Rex

      Ditto. The odds of a hit on the next at-bat are (when all is said and done) a bit lower than the odds of making that slide. Hats off to the effort.

    • Jim Walker

      If McLain was tying run, risk it. As the lead run, I’d rather have Steer facing that leftie with runners on 2d and 3rd.

  75. JB

    I probably wouldn’t have sent McLain but this team plays aggressive and you have to live with the out comes. Tied up though.

    • VaRedsFan

      Mclain should have used the matrix slide that Abrams used

      • Mark Moore


        I think that’s a new term we need to keep using when we see it. The Matrix Slide.

      • Ted Alfred

        He was out by a mile and with steer coming up I don’t think that was very good decision by the third base coach. For the most part I think the base coaches have been great this year, but that was not one.

  76. Ted Alfred

    Followed by Ellie De La Cruz coming through. It looks like he’s getting his right side of the plate figured out and it also looks like he may be getting ready to go on a major hotstreak…and If you think about it he really hasn’t gone on a streak where he is on fire for 3 or more games in a row.

    • Jim Walker

      Been some Big Red Machine talk here lately. Back then, we called a major hot streak carrying the team. Steer was getting close to it last week and now EDLC. Great stuff.

  77. Roger Garrett

    Reds are giving away outs two in the top and two in the bottom if you count India and his punch out on ball 4.Steer was up next as well.I am the first to admit we need to run and run some more but there are times when you just don’t and that was one IMO.

  78. LT

    Gault has a chance to up his record here. Let’s help him out Reds offense

  79. Mark Moore

    That’s what Elly’s arm gets us at 3B. Nice throw.

    • JB

      Can you imagine that cannon in the outfield? I don’t want him out there but holy moly.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      He didn’t even think about trying to bounce it to first.

      • JB

        Haha there is no bouncing in his world. Man what a cannon. If that was Suarez it would have been in the seats or camera well

  80. Pete

    Obviously, this game hasn’t been a master class in how to execute baseball but we’re right on the precipice of another win.

  81. Ted Alfred

    I don’t think there’s another third baseman on the Reds that gets the runner at 1st and he made it look easy

    • Jim Walker

      Just getting to the ball to keep it out of the corner was a play in its own right

    • JB

      I’m not sure ANY player on Reds gets him. That was insane. And on the money. Hit Steer in the chest! Like I said above can you imagine where Suarez’s throws would have ended up.

  82. Ted Alfred

    Cubs just hit a 2 run dinger top 8th to tie the Brewers at 5-5

    • Cincinnatus Rex

      But alas, they live up to their Stupid Cubs moniker.

  83. Kevin H

    Farmer and Gibaut more in likely not available tomorrow

  84. Roger Garrett

    Yeah having to try and cover 5 or 6 innings was just not good.Duarte just gives up the lead and well it ain’t over yet but just not been a good game by the Reds.

  85. VaRedsFan

    Santillan activated, but Bell used Duarte.

  86. Mark Moore

    Attaboy, Wil!!

    So much for their “closer”.

  87. Mark Moore

    Smart bunt. Ended up close anyway and move Benson over.

    A little Joey magic in what is likely his last AB in this park.

  88. Matt McWax

    Will Benson and Spencer Steer are remarkably good pure hitters at their age.

    • Mark Moore

      The Cleveland fans I sat with Monday were wondering why they let him go.

  89. Mark Moore

    Is Sadak back to calling that the Bizzarro Zone?

  90. Tom Mitsoff

    HOW ABOUT THAT??? I was truly expecting a strikeout.

    • Mark Moore

      You going to any of the games this weekend, Tom?

    • Harry Stoner

      Me? I’m wallowing in my pathetic Votto delusions.

  91. Mark Moore


    Cement mixer and he slapped it into RF.

  92. JB

    Mark Moore your employer number 19 has entered the building

    • Mark Moore

      Debbie is happy with that one 😉

  93. Melvin

    Votto!! Ties the game with an RBI single!!!

  94. Votto4life

    Here comes the pathetic Votto Cheerleaders again LOL

    • Harry Stoner

      We’re delusional, too, remember?

    • Mario

      Gosh he’s such a bum, wish they would DFA him and let Newman be the perm 1B.

  95. Melvin

    Lost the DH again. I guess we need FOUR catchers. 😀

  96. Mark Moore

    Love that we’re burning their closer as well. Their bullpen is VERY thin for the 9th.

  97. Mark Moore

    I like the defensive switches and batting the pitcher in India’s spot. If it comes to that, we still have Fraley to PH.

  98. Melvin

    Glad De La Cruz and Benson didn’t collide. It wouldn’t have been pretty. The correct play was made.

    • VaRedsFan

      The Earth might have been blown off axis

  99. Tom Mitsoff

    Very interesting managing move by Bell — keeps Votto in at first, puts the pitcher in India’s spot in the order. India was last up in the eighth, so if that spot comes up again, it will likely be extra innings.

    • Mark Moore

      I like the moves. Infield defense is very good and a favorable batting order to face whoever the Nationals run out there.

      Side note, Thrall and Cowboy saying how the umpires travel gets messed up since they all fly commercial from series to series.

    • Harry Stoner

      Shades of the double switch days.

      Fraley available to PH.

  100. Indy Red Man

    Need to move India out of the 3 hole eventually imo. He had a terrible at-bat in front of Elly’s double. He swung at 3-1 outside and 3-2 way outside. The younger guys seem to relax more with risp then he does

  101. Mark Moore

    10 for 17 standing there at the plate????

    That’s just beyond bizzarre.

    • Mark Moore

      He just missed one earlier … and that looks like what he was thinking there.

  102. Mark Moore

    It’s 335′ down either line. If TySteve can just sneak one down RF that way 😛

  103. Mark Moore

    Swing or do not swing. There is no check there.

    Santillan should be “fresh” … right?

  104. Tom Mitsoff

    Wow, I was not expecting to see Santillan debut in a situation like this.

    • JB

      Me neither but we need the old Tony. Bullpen needs fresh arms and he would be a welcome relief.

  105. Harry Stoner

    Trial by fire for Santillan.

    Welcome back!

  106. Redgoggles

    Not feeling great about this situation. Welcome back Tony, lol!

  107. Melvin

    WOW!! WHAT A CATCH BY SENZEL!!…and he didn’t get hurt. 🙂

  108. Mark Moore

    I do wonder how much the (what seems like) constant missed borderline calls impacts both the pitchers and the hitters. I know there has always been a human element in calling balls and strikes. But with the ball coming harder and moving more, it seems the Chumpires haven’t kept up and it’s dragging that aspect of the game down.

    Great track and catch by Senzel.

  109. Melvin

    Wow. Dodged a bullet by a game saving catch by Senzel. Need to WIN this game.

  110. Jim Walker

    How many catchers do a team need? Apparently more than 3 because the Reds keep losing their DH with just 3 😉

  111. Mark Moore

    Time to pile on in the 9th. Maybe Joey gets another AB and can be the hero of the day. That would be beyond sweet.

    Nats bullpen has to be running on fumes now.

  112. Chris

    Yeah, let’s trade Senzel! People in here crack me up.

    • JB

      You won’t here me say it. The guy is a great platoon player. Can cover 6 spots on the field. Plus DH.

  113. Tom Mitsoff

    Good lord. This team is something else!

    • Jim Walker

      I experience them much like the Buckeyes football offense the last 2 years. Whatever happens on defense, the offense just covers it. Let’s just hope their field goal kicker has one more in him than the Buckeye kicker did back in January 😉

      • Jim Walker

        Or was it still December (by several seconds) when that kick hooked wide?

  114. Mark Moore

    Same spot as Tuesday when I was sitting out there.

    The book says “score at least 2 runs” and Nick has atoned for any outfield mistake in a HUGE way with that catch and the bomb.

  115. Melvin


  116. GPod

    Unbelievable….there is something going on with this team

  117. Jim Walker

    Nick wants to be 1st star of the game.

  118. Reddawg2012

    I need to eat crow about Nick Senzel. I’ve been a total hater. I was wrong. Nick, if you’re reading this: I’m sorry.

    • Mark Moore

      All is forgiven today as long as we win.

      • Beaufort Red

        As long as we win! That’s not up to Senzel. He’s done more than his part!!!!
        I’m sure you’re willingness to forgive him will make him sleep better.

  119. VaRedsFan

    It takes a 26 man roster.
    Using them all today.
    Awesome Nick!!

  120. Mark Moore

    They should play the audio from Snitker in their dugout about wanting to be done with the Reds series and move on.

  121. Harry Stoner

    Santillan getting through the 9th should mean Diaz for the top of the Nats order.

  122. Chris

    My take on Senzel is that he can flat out hit. He mashed in college and he mashed in the minors. Injury and horrible hitting coaching in his rookie year had hurt him. That said, he can still hit, and why anyone wouldn’t want him as a utility guy on this team is just beyond me. Why you wouldn’t want Newman, I get, but Senzel, no way; he’s a gamer.

    • Mario

      Those are excuses. Coaches coach and players play. Blaming a coach because someone doesn’t play well is nonsense that I have heard from several parrots on RLN. I want Senzel as Fraley’s platoon until they get a guy good enough to replace both of them which might not be for a year or two. Newman can exit stage left immediately. Applause deserved for his contributions that are no longer needed.

      • Chris

        Not making excuses. It’s a FACT that his rookie year the hitting coach messed with his swing. It’s also a fact that he was fired after the season. As for getting a player that out produces the combination of Fraley and Senzel in a platoon, good luck!

      • AllTheHype

        Senzel’s rookie season was his best, so far, statistically, so not exactly understanding your point there? People are always making excuses for Senzel’s underperformance. At the end of the day, it is the player who must perform.

      • Chris

        @AllTheHype, if you paid attention and watched the Reds back then, you’d know that Senzel started out excellent, but wasn’t showing power. Hit about .280 through July of his rookie year. Hitting coach messed with his swing to get more power, and he absolutely tanked hitting about .200 for the rest of the season. Again, that’s a fact, not an excuse. As to your last sentence, I agree, which is why I believe he should be an utility player on this team at this point, of which I said he is extremely nice to have in that role.

  123. Mario

    Wow a game saving catch and a 10th inning home run. Way to go Nick!

  124. GPod

    I’m coming more around to the realization that I really don’t want to mess with the Karma that tis team has….basically lets just roll with these guys for the rest of the year and see what happens….after all….we are playing with house money this year….trading a guy like Senzel could get us more pitching, but I think he is part of who we are this year

    • Riverfront Randy

      Well said. This squad thrives on team chemistry. This roster has gotten them this far. They keep getting better.

    • Mark Moore

      +10,000 different guys contributing nearly every day in different ways. Just won’t roll over, even on getaway day.

    • Chris

      Trading someone off of this team other than Casali or Newman would be ridiculous anyway. That’s what a boat load of prospects are for.

      • Jim Walker

        No, the prospects are the future and as EDLC, McLain, Steer and Benson have shown and show every day, the future is now.

        People talk about following the Cardinals and Rays way which is trading off the top but then want to keep the guys that should be traded. The only guys to keep are the core guys, not the complimentary pieces like Senzel has become over 5 years of mediocre performance.

  125. Redgoggles

    Bummer that Karcher’s not available.

  126. RedsMonk65

    Senzel has more than redeemed himself for the wonky play in CF earlier. This team is incredible.

    • VaRedsFan

      Senzel wasn’t innocent, but I saw Benson call for it at least 3 times.

      • RedsMonk65

        Complicated situation, I concede. But centerfielder always trumps when it comes to fielding (no matter who else is calling what). Still Senzel is employed in so many different positions, it’s hard to blame him for that. In any event, Senzel (if he needed to) more than redeemed himself later both in terms of fielding and hitting!

  127. Mark Moore

    Need this to be a good day for Diaz and nail down #25 to get out of town. Plus I’m waiting to press “submit” on a dinner order so I can go pick it up … 😛

      • Mark Moore

        Nope. Did pork chops last night. DD#1 turns 26 tomorrow, so my wife has been baking and didn’t want to mess up the kitchen or make her invest any effort tonight. Going out tomorrow night (3 of us plus DD#2 and SIL).

  128. Mark Moore

    And the infield defense is now even better. RF doesn’t drop down much at all.

    And then THAT happened.

  129. Mark Moore

    HBP is a bad thing … kneecapping him is worse.

    • Dewey Roberts

      I quit smoking 54 years ago. Diaz might make me start back. And binge drinking also. Think it would help?

  130. Jim Walker

    Reds need to take a deep breath and find a way to close this out. Bell has gone all on with his pen (not saying I disagree. just stating he has) and to lose this one would really hurt both psychologically and physically going into Milwaukee.

  131. Mark Moore

    Hmmmm … get the lead runner maybe?

  132. JB

    That’s why Steer is my MVP of this team. He does it all

  133. Melvin

    Steer with great play. He was known at one time as a weak defender. 🙂

  134. Mark Moore

    Another heartburn save from Diaz. Too much drama for me, but the win is sweet and the sweep is sweeter still.

    Have a good evening, all.

  135. RedsMonk65

    No hits today for Steer, but still demonstrating what a team leader is.

  136. JB

    The Bandwagon is rolling . All Aboard!!!

    • Dewey Roberts

      JB, are we going to be able to get tickets to the playoffs? I feel certain the Reds will win their division this year. What a difference the young players are making,

  137. Chris

    WOW!!! Sneaky 5 game winning streak going, let’s see it go to 8 into the All Star break.

  138. LT

    It’s getting repetitive to say this one belongs to the Reds

    • RedsMonk65

      Never get tired of that. Way it should be. 😉

  139. Melvin

    Star of the game – Nick Senzel for sure. He hit a “Home Run” on offense and defense. 🙂

  140. Tim

    Wow. That sure is another way to win. Nice rebound by Senzel.

  141. LDS

    Nice, 2 game lead heading in to Milwaukee. Hopefully, they can get through the series without using Diaz. He needs some time off. And a big contract extension. The three catcher experiment needs to end. And I hope Votto sticks with hitting instead of chasing homers.

  142. Indy Red Man

    Unbelievable. I think Fairchild’s fate is sealed, but Senzel has earned it. Votto looks pretty locked in too. Milw is going to have their hands full.

  143. Roger Garrett

    Bell went all out and all in to try and win this game and the team responded in a big way.Got to give it up for Senzel.Game saving catch after going to right from center and then smokes 98 off of a righty for the two run game winner.The perfect storm season continues.Reds have gone from 6 under to 10 over and well whats not to like about how these young guys are playing.Gave away some outs and looked awful doing it but kept fighting at the plate and what defense late to pull it out.

  144. Earmbrister

    Sad, I couldn’t watch the end of the game.

    Happy as heck with the sweep!

    Love that the national media is paying attention to this team and calling it the team to watch for the most fun.

    Bring on the Brewers!!!

  145. Votto4life

    Now to Milwaukee and let’s win there!