The Cincinnati Reds made a few roster moves this afternoon. The team activated right-handed reliever Tony Santillan from the injured list, optioned right-handed pitcher Brett Kennedy to Triple-A, and designated right-handed reliever Ricky Karcher for assignment.

Starting with Tony Santillan, he hasn’t pitched in the big leagues in nearly 13 months. He suffered a back injury last June and missed the rest of the season due to it. It also put him behind schedule to begin spring training on time. On his way back this spring he also suffered with both a knee and a hamstring issue. After being called back from an initial rehab stint in Triple-A back in April, Santillan went back to Louisville in the middle of June to start another one. He completed it this time, pitching in seven games for the Bats.

Santillan had been on the 60-day injured list, so his activation required a spot being opened up on both the 26-man roster and the 40-man roster. On the big league roster it meant that Cincinnati was sending Brett Kennedy back to the minor leagues after pitching in his first big league game in over five years as he made a spot start earlier this week. It would appear that Ben Lively will be activated to pitch this weekend to fill the spot in the rotation he had prior to his injury.

On the 40-man roster a spot was cleared for Santillan when the Reds designated reliever Ricky Karcher for assignment. Karcher, famous in some circles for his post-game interview in his big league debut where he picked up a save in extra innings after struggling to throw strikes but got the job done. After that game he was sent back to the minor leagues. In his seven games back with Louisville he had allowed just two runs in 9.0 innings, but he also had 10 walks with five strikeouts. For the season with Louisville he has 44 walks and 36 strikeouts in 31.1 innings with a 7.18 ERA. If he clears waivers he would have to accept an outright assignment since this is the first time he’s been designated in his career.

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  1. redsfan4040

    The Ricky Karcher game. A memory we’ll all share forever. Hopefully he clears waivers and stays in the organization. Maybe he’ll find command, maybe he won’t. But he’s forever a Cincinnati Legend.

    • Rick

      Thanks Kyblu 50.
      I hope he’s there & we pick him. The more I read on him the more impressed I am. I watched a few innings of the CWS games.
      Will be in the bigs shortly. Potentially, as in 24 at some point.
      Fellow Wildcat fan or not?

  2. LDS

    Let’s hope it matters. Santillian has a lot to prove.

    • Harry Stoner

      What do you mean “he has a lot to prove”?

      The guy is coming off a series of injuries and hasn’t pitched in th MLB in a year plus.

      The Reds move a couple of minor pieces around to bring him up.

      He’s 26 years old and has pitched fairly well in limited settings.

      He’s do a chance to get back on track without ridiculous, cynical expectations.

      Why do you say things like this?

      • LDS

        Very simple. He was decent in 2021. He was lousy in 2022. Even in 2021 his EV and HH% were at or above league average. His BB% is greater than 11%, well above league average. I can’t find any reporting, scouting or otherwise, touting him as a high leverage reliever or a regular starter. Maybe he will be, but he has to prove it. And yes, he is better than Strickland, Karcher, and other similar pitchers. So yes, he has things to prove.

  3. Bdh

    A healthy Santillan could be huge! Had the closer role won going into last season before his back issues and Diaz breaking out. Getting him back as a potential 6th/7th inning guy is pretty crazy

    And looking ahead if we get a healthy Antone added to this group then just wow!

    Law/Cruz/Duarte/Trade pickup/starter moved here to have a long man

    • MBS

      I’m not counting on Santillan yet, much less Antone. You are right though, if those 2 come back at or near their previous levels, we’ll be looking good. 3 Guys who can get saves Diaz, Antone, and Santillan.

  4. Protime

    Why is EDLC running to the home plate with less than 2 outs with the infield in a slow runner at the plate?

    • Colorado Red

      Do not know the situation, but Bell does like contact plays.

  5. Thomas Atwood

    Solid first appearance for Tony today after a year away from game action. I like that everything was in the zone. Hopefully he can get a few lower leverage opportunities before he is anointed as a setup man.

    Hat tip to Nick Senzel for owning the 9th and 10th innings. Can we please make him the first option as RH platoon man and end the Kevin-Newman-leadoff-man silliness?

    • Rick

      It sure was. And Law has looked good however brief to this point. He will be needed and valuable for the Brewers series.

    • SteveAReno

      Newman not silly. He knocked in our first run with a hit to LF dude.

      • Thomas Atwood

        Last 5 weeks: .200 BA
        Last 4 weeks: .214 BA
        Last 3 weeks: .226 BA
        Last 2 weeks: .167 BA

        Leading off with a guy hitting like that recently is silly. Newman had a nice May, but May is long over. If Bell wants to play him vs LHP, bat him 8th and keep Friedl in the leadoff spot.

  6. Protime

    Great team victory. Tip-off the hat to Nick Senzel