The Washington Nationals attempted to say the bat that Elly De La Cruz was using was illegal because of something on the knob. Talk about one of your all-time backfires. The Reds rookie seemed to take it personally, picking up three extra-base hits – including a home run that may have left the nations capitol altogether – in a rout that also saw Graham Ashcraft put together a second straight quality start.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (48-39)
9 16 0
Washington Nationals (34-52)
2 10 2
W: Ashcraft (4-6) L: Gray (6-7)
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Graham Ashcraft didn’t quite have things working for him in the 1st inning. He walked the leadoff batter then gave up a single to Luis Garcia. A grounder turned into a double play to erase one of the base runners, but he would walk Joey Meneses and hit Dominic Smith to load the bases. A wild pitch with Keibert Ruiz at the plate brought in a run to put the Nationals up 1-0. A grounder would follow to end the inning, but Ashcraft labored for a 26-pitch inning to start the game.

Cincinnati’s hitters had Ashcraft’s back in the next inning as Joey Votto started a 2-out rally with a solo home run that tied the game up. Spencer Steer kept the inning going with some help from an error on third baseman Jeimer Candelario. Tyler Stephenson and Will Benson then followed up with back-to-back RBI doubles that gave and then extended a Reds lead to 3-1.

Washington wasn’t ready to roll over. Corey Dickerson and CJ Abrams both singled into center to begin the inning. Alex Call then bunted for a base hit as no one was able to cover first base on the play, putting Ashcraft in another jam. He buckled down and got a pop up to Joey Votto and then a ground ball that turned into a double play to end the inning.

In the 4th inning the Reds offense got rolling again. Tyler Stephenson was hit by a pitch with one out. Will Benson then singled and Stephenson took third, and then Benson stole second base. TJ Friedl then picked up a single to bring Stephenson in and make it a 4-1 game. Jonathan India would walk with two outs to load the bases, but he was then picked off by catcher Keibert Ruiz to end the inning.

We’ll never know if things would have played out the same, but Elly De La Cruz was left at the plate with the bases loaded to end the 4th. He led off the 5th inning with a 455-foot solo home run to extend Cincinnati’s lead to 5-1. The Reds would get two walks later in the inning, but couldn’t push either runner across.

Graham Ashcraft had settled in nicely after his long 1st inning and he kept that going with an easy 1-2-3 bottom of the 5th. He would work around a 2-out walk in the bottom of the 6th. It would be the final inning he pitched, exiting the game up 5-1 with a quality start under his belt.

The Reds offense wanted to give him a nice parting gift. Back-to-back singles from Jake Fraley and Joey Votto began the inning to put runners on the corners. Votto then bluffed a steal and drew a throw over to first, but Amos Willingham balked in the process and moved Votto to second and Fraley back to the dugout after he scored. Tyler Stephenson walked and then TJ Friedl was hit by a pitch to load the bases for Matt McLain, who picked up an infield hit and an RBI that made it 7-1.

Derek Law took over for Cincinnati in the bottom of the 7th and the Nationals greeted him quite rudely, picking up two hits and a run in the inning. The Reds got that run back after Elly De La Cruz led off the inning with a double, stole third base on a pitch out, and then scored on a Jake Fraley single. Spencer Steer would single later in the inning and then Tyler Stephenson walked to load the bases. Will Benson grounded out to first base, but picked up an RBI and Cincinnati took a 9-2 lead.

Alex Young took over for the Reds in the bottom of the 8th inning and worked around a single by picking up a ground ball double play and a fly out to send the game into the 9th with the road team up by a touchdown. Elly De La Cruz tried to start a 2-out rally, picking up a double – his third extra-base hit of the night. Walks to Jake Fraley and Joey Votto followed to load the bases, but a fly out would end the threat.

Fernando Cruz entered the bottom of the 9th with a big lead. The right-hander got a pop up to start the inning and then struck out Lane Thomas for the second out. But Luis Garcia worked a 5-pitch walk to keep the game alive for Washington. Cruz then fell behind Michael Chavis 3-0 before firing off three consecutive strikes to end the game on a strikeout. The win sealed a series victory for Cincinnati and moved them to 48-39 on the year.

Key Moment of the Game

The 2-out rally started by Joey Votto’s home run in the second inning. The 3-runs with two outs put Cincinnati ahead for good and the game never got closer than it was at that point.

Notes Worth Noting

Joey Votto and Elly De La Cruz both had three hits in the game, including a homer for each. Votto also added a walk. De La Cruz is hitting .318/.356/.536 and now has 11 steals. Joey Votto isn’t quite hitting for average yet, just a .205 average, but he’s also got a .340 on-base percentage and more than half of his hits have been home runs this season – leading to a .545 slugging percentage.

Alex Young lowered his ERA to 2.60 on the season.

The Reds have now won seven straight road series. They are 18-3 in their last 21 road games.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Washington Nationals

Thursday July 6th, 1:05pm ET

Brandon Williamson (1-2, 5.56 ERA) vs Mackenzie Gore (4-7, 4.48 ERA)

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  1. Tom Reeves

    The national’s tried to rob the knob but Elly hit far more than a lob and then pointed to the knob as the nationals began to sob.

    • VaRedsFan

      The HR made my heart throb.
      He did a great job.

    • Earmbrister

      At one point of the game were they hobnobbing about the knob?

      • doofus

        Dave Martinez should go out and buy a couple dozen knobs for his Foggy Bottom minions?

      • Earmbrister

        Looked it up. I was too lazy originally.

  2. RedlegScott

    Offense clicking. Another quality pitching start. Another “W.” Awesome!

  3. Jeff Morris

    Great win by the Reds! Brewers winning right now….BIG series this weekend between the Reds vs the Brewers. St Louie Cardinals lost tonight. Ha Ha. Nationals are just sore losers trying to make a big deal of the knob of the bat of Elly De La Cruz.

    • VaRedsFan

      Even the umps didn’t know what to make of it.
      Dave Martinez is a class guy.

      • Votto4life

        Dave Martinez apparently had an affair with Ryan Sandberg’s wife. Real classy.

  4. CFD3000

    I only saw the first 5 innings, but Ashcraft, EDLC and Votto all looked really good, with serious support from Friedl, Stephenson and Benson. Not surprised that they Cruz’d to another road win. That’s two good games in a row for all three of those guys (Graham, Elly and Joey). How big would it be if all three are out of their funks and back in full gear? How about a sweep tomorrow?

    • Chris

      And to think two of the three have been bashed like crazy, and the 3rd has been suggested over and over that he can’t hit right handed. I get frustrated by the knee-jerk comments all the time. It would be different if it wasn’t coming from Reds fans.

      • Stock

        Add Senzel and Newman to the list of those bashed or included in trade proposals that are playing their role very well.

  5. bug

    Reds are red hot! Suddenly everybody hits. Starting pitching getting on track. We need to beat the dang Brewers, at least break even with them one on one from here on out. I just wish we had fielded this current team at the start of the season. Go Reds!!! Hopefully CES will join the team in the second half. I like Casali, but would much rather see CES on this team. Jmo.

    • bug

      Cubs just took a lead over Brewers in 9th. Go Cubbies!!!

    • Rick

      Peer pressure by non pushy means. Osmosis. Long linup affords different rbi producers nightly. That’s a championship qualifier.

    • Jim Walker

      Back in the 1970s, the slogan was “You’re not hot unless you’re Reds hot!”. Works again at least for now. Let’s hope things stay this way.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      CES will be up here once rosters expand. Till then, there isn’t much reason to bring him up.

      • jon

        There are plenty of bats with the Reds.He can play 1B against lefties and DH when Stephenson is catching.One catcher got to go.

  6. Jeff Morris

    Instead of worrying about stupid knobs on a bat, MLB management needs to concern themselves with 3 very important things and should implement these suggestions:

    1. MLB Managers should be able to ask for video replay/video review and challenge check swings, instead of the 3rd base umpire and 1st base umpire having the final say. This is very important, especially in playoff games and close games.

    2. MLB Central that has the final say and advises the umpires on safe or out, on video relay and manager challenges should also have final say on weather delays on a baseball game. That would alleviate where teams have to sit around 2 hours and more waiting for the umpires to decide to start the game, or resume the game if the rain delay was in the middle of the game. Not fair for the players of both teams to have to sit and wait and wait.

    3. I saw on TV last night, the Pirates vs Dodgers game, where the home plate umpire called two high strikes on a player that were strike 2 and strike 3, that decided the game, instead of the batter deciding the game with two runners on. MLB Management needs to show that umpire and other umpires video replay and review, of the games, showing that umpire and other umpires their mistakes!

    • VaRedsFan

      Agree with #3, not the other two.
      Nobody has a better forecast of the weather than the ground crew at the stadium.
      Check swings aren’t very conclusive…even on replays.

    • greenmtred

      I don’t disagree, exactly, but MLB needs to be wary of increasing the length of games.

    • Doc

      Umpire ball strike problem should go away once the automated strike zone is installed in MLB. Until then, umpires should be graded against the automated strike zone and the bottom 10% should be shuttled back to AAA and replaced by the best of the AAA umpires, also based on grading against the automated strike zone. Presently, there is no incentive to get balls and strikes right.

  7. Tim

    Votto starting to put it together. EDLC a top five MLB talent. Everyone who played got a hit. Ashcraft getting back to normal and the pen is doing a great job. Going to bed happy tonight

    • Rick

      Yes me too!
      I’m going to count nobs instead of sheep!

  8. VaRedsFan

    Cubs tie it with 2 out hit in the 9th.
    Take the lead on an error on the next play.

  9. Tampa Red

    I just wish David Bell knew how to make a lineup lol

    Seriously, crazy good offense at all levels. Speed, OBP, power. Honestly, 1-9 is as good as I’ve seen since the BRM. Yes I’m that old lol and no, I don’t think I’m exaggerating.

    • Optimist

      I’m that old too, and yes, you are exaggerating, but with every passing game . . .

      • Tampa Red

        I’m open to arguments that there have been better Reds offenses since the BRM, but I can’t think of any. The ‘99 team was the closest that I can recall, I just don’t think it was as deep 1-9. Which team am I missing?

      • Jim Walker

        The 1990 World Champs had 7 guys with an OPS+ >100 with a high of 136 (Hal Morris) and 3 others at 120 or better plus another guy at 119.

    • Ted Alfred

      The batting, OBPand OPS averages up and down the lineup are just insane. Then you add on you add in how aggressive this team is on the basis how many steals they get how much pressure they put on the defense and this truly is a an incredible offense.

      And by the way, on the Reds post game show they just said the Cubs scored three in the 9th to beat the Brewers…yippee

    • Rick

      Yes, deep. I’m old too. Pinson, Robinson, Alex Johnson abit later tho, Johnny Edwards, PAVELITCH, Leo Cardenas, Deron Johnson, Temple, McMillan, Pitching Maloney. Joey Jay, O’Toole. SHORT.
      Not even close on talent. Showing my preteen youth.
      I hated the Tolan trade for washed up Ray Washburn pitcher trade.

      • Oldtimer

        Tolan was not traded for Washburn. They played together on BRM in 1970. Nolan was traded for Clay Kirby in 1973.

    • Chris

      Completely agree, and I too am that old. Texted my son tonight, telling him this is the best offense in all facets of the game that I’ve seen a Reds team display since the BRM. The 90 and 99 teams have nothing on this group. This group is just amazing.

      • Rick

        Chris, old is cool, except for forgetfulness, mine started showing with Covid and the 2nd booster this time a year ago. Covid fog is real.
        Our current Reds have greatness potential! It really does, early stage core level. Our lineup is deep & depth tweaking of at least.spots would help fortify the bench without sacrificing team chemistry jimo.

        Want to thank Old-School for my Tolan correction.

    • CI3J

      David Bell does need to re-assess the lineup construction at some point.

      Things are going good now, but with one last lineup shuffle, they could potentially be even better.

  10. Lem

    That spinning field and throw play on defense was a thing of beauty too.

    • Votto4life

      I played second base in high school and every time I would “Spin, field and throw” my coach would yell “What are you, a F@#¥ing ballerina?”.

      To this day I shout that at my TV when an infielder makes that play. LoL

  11. magi210

    Cubs rally in the 9th to beat the Brewers.

  12. Lid

    Elly almost back to 162 run per season pace. Luis Castillo and his current contract would’ve been awesome for this team. Hopefully, Krall swings that trade at the deadline, as we’re catching up to the Dbacks #2 seed.

  13. Colorado Red

    87 games into the season, and 14 wins short of last years totals.
    Spencer was robbed of an All Star bid.
    Fun finally.

    • TR

      Wait till next year. This version of the Reds are All Stars in the making. They bring back get memories of 1969 (similar to this year) and then the seventies.

  14. bigredfan

    Voluminous game! A plethora of hits and and superfluity of steals. Ashcraft seemingly is turning things around and IMO can not be overstated. Sure he pitched well against the Nats and not the say the Braves but going six was big step for the team winning aside. How about those nice hits lefty on lefty tonight? How about not having to use Diaz giving him another important day of rest? Big game tomorrow. Will be nice to have the the sweep and keep momentum and regardless of what the Brewers do tomorrow Reds will be in first at the ASB.
    Go Reds!

  15. LDS

    And this is the kind of game Votto should strive for. Take the HR if it comes, but a couple of hits and a walk will play better over the long run. It’s nice to play a really bad team before heading into Milwaukee. Win tomorrow and the Brewers lose, they leave Milwaukee with at least a first place tie. That’s going to be fun.

    • Rick

      It will be electric. We gotta show them that we now have learned to win and they are next up. To win the division they are in our way. Spank them boys, Reds.
      Bell needs to outcoach the master central mgr. Craig Council. He rarely gets his team beat.

      • TR

        Craig Council was always a real competitor against the Reds as a player and he continues as a manager.

  16. Indy Red Man

    Wow. Don’t know what to say about this team. They kind of remind me of when I lived in Dallas-Ft. Worth and saw the Cowboys develop. At first Troy Aikman couldn’t even beat out Steve Walsh and they won 1 game, but then they just took off at warp speed. Confidence & youth can do dangerous things. They don’t know they’re suppposed to take time to develop. Now they expect to win which makes them dangerous!

    Connor Phillips 5 innings 2 runs with 2 walks/6 Ks for Lville. Not a bad bounce back

    • Jim Walker

      I agree. Folks need to understand that whatever the process was “supposed” to be and happen, it is now underway. Trying to slow it down or manage the speed as it moves forward would be worse than making some minor errors while helping it move forward.

      Many, probably even most, of those shiny prospects in the mid and low minors are going to be less valuable in a year or two than they are now. Some guys who are on the current MLB roster and contributing are also going to be worth less next year and later. The Reds need to think the whole picture through, pick the right guys to move, and then make the moves that move the process forward without short circuiting it.

    • Chris

      That’s a good comparison. Also similar in that unlike the Cowboys trading just one star for a ton of young talent, the Reds traded a few stars and got a ton of young talent, plus already had a ton of young talent. Ironic enough, the Cowboys and Reds have been my favorite teams forever.

  17. Jim Walker

    Wednesday was a nice team win. I was glad to see the LH hitters that are usually platooned stay in to face LH pitchers and succeed.

    The only worrisome thing I recall seeing in the game was a couple of more wasted outs on the basepaths. Measured aggression on the bases is good. Getting thrown out at 3B to end an inning is not good. Getting picked off 1B with the bases loaded to end an inning is even worse. The Reds need to tighten things up on the bases just a tad before a day comes when those wasted outs will decide a game.

    • Chris

      No problem with Fraley getting nailed at 3rd. You can’t celebrate this team’s aggressive demeanor and the overwhelming positive results without a few negatives occurring as well. India getting picked off at 1st with the bases loaded though, is a different issue. That wasn’t being aggressive, that was being stupid. He has no where to go, so I don’t know what he could have been thinking.

    • greenmtred

      I agree, too. Chalk it up to youthful exuberance. The aggressive play works and intimidates opponents, but a bit of refinement will make it even scarier.

  18. GMan88

    Anyone missing Myers, Reynolds, Barrero, or Vosler? What rubs me raw is that this team didn’t start the season together. The 7-15 start could haunt. Don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying the ride. ANOTHER series win. Go Reds!

    • MBS

      This team still isn’t together. CES should have been up here as soon as if not before McLain’s arrival.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        There was no need for CES to be up here. He will be up here once rosters expand. Till then, he’s better down there playing full-time.

  19. Chris

    Another great win. It’s also fun to see the “knee-jerk” people get proven wrong by Votto and Ashcraft. I can’t believe people suggesting this guy can’t be a starter and should be moved to the bullpen. If you have watched Ashcraft, you’d know his stuff is amazing. It just needs to be perfected a bit. His results last season and early this season show he’s one heck of a pitcher. As for Votto, his career and his results this season thus far show he isn’t done.

    • Hanawi

      Ashcraft was leading baseball in starts giving up 6+ runs, so not like the criticism wasn’t warranted. I was one that thought he needed to go down to figure some things out, but he’s rebounded pretty well. Still not missing many bats so room to keep improving down the stretch.

      • Chris

        I understand the criticism of Ashcraft, but many acted as if he was a complete bust, rather than he had some issues to get square. They just ignored his previous year’s work, his minor league success, and the start of this season. You don’t just give up on guys and that’s what people were doing. Many literally said he’s not a starter, or he’s not a major league pitcher. As for missing bats, he struck out 7 Padres in less than 7 innings pitched. Yesterday he wasn’t on his game, but battled.

  20. Melvin

    Was only able to check scores and not available to participate. You all pulled out another win without me. You guys are GOOD. 😀

  21. Melvin

    Fun baseball is back in Cincinnati. Let’s keep it going and win tomorrow. 🙂

    • Ian Riddell

      I like it. Joey votto said elly was out of this world after his cycle game. I thought alien de la Cruz was pretty good.

  22. Bdh

    Only 2 players in the MLB currently have 10+ HRs, 50+ RBIs, and 15+ SBs. They are Ronald Acuna and Jake Fraley. The next 4 closest to joining them are Corbin Carroll, Wander Franco, Bobby Witt, and Josh Lowe. From that list of players Fraley’s OBP is also tied for 2nd with Carroll only behind Acuna. That’s elite company for Fraley who’s doing this as a platoon player!

    Can’t begin to say how ridiculous it is to continue seeing him brought up as part of a package for pitching help. Saw it brought up again on chatterbox reds livestream tonight. So stupid

    • Indy Red Man

      Yeah it wears me out. The Viking thing brings out alot of their spirit and he’s the Viking! A .923 ops vs righties and hitting .355 with risp. He’s been clutch all year

      • old-school

        Fraleys counting numbers at the end of the year will be interesting. Hes projecting as a 20/20 guy now and could be a 25/25 guy and drive in 80-90 runs. Thats pretty darn good for a lefty outfielder.

    • jon

      If you want a SP someone good will have to go.

      • Jim Walker

        Exactly, and the Reds can replace Fraley’s production with a guy who projects to match or exceed Fraley’s stats from the LH side of the plate on both sides of the plate, CES.

        In the process, the Reds not only get the pitcher they need, they also free up the roster spot being used by Fraley’s platoon partner who is only on the roster because of his success versus LH pitching.

        Additionally, CES is 4 years and 6 months younger than Fraley and doesn’t project to be arbitration eligible until after the 2026 season while the 28 year old Fraley will be arb eligible for 2024.

        Using Fraley to get the pitching the Reds needs is a good baseball and business trade which makes the Reds a better team now and furthers the progress toward building an even stronger future.

      • Chris

        With all due respect Jim, you couldn’t be more wrong. This team is winning at an unbelievable rate, and you are looking to deal two guys, Fraley and Senzel who are excellent ballplayers. I like CES too, but to suggest that he makes up for the platoon of Fraley and Senzel is completely unfounded. CES also has no speed. Until CES is actually up here playing, we don’t know for sure what he brings, but we know he doesn’t bring outfield play. Who plays in RF instead of Fraley and Senzel? Please don’t say Fairchild, because he’s a huge drop off. Also, who is this pitcher that Fraley and Senzel get dealt for?

      • Pete

        CES has really dropped off. I mean in an extreme manner. Could his back be acting up? He does not look MLB ready at the moment…. I wouldn’t have a problem dealing Senzel but I sure wouldn’t give him away.

      • Jim Walker

        @DHHud>>> Steer becomes the normal LF. Benson to RF. CES is DH/1B with Votto. They also continue to work pregame to see if CES can be a viable corner OF option. They can also use him at 3B when days off for EDLC, McLain, and India create an opening there.

        Newman or Senzel goes away. Both are redundant pieces in slightly different ways. Fairchild or Ramos take that roster spot.

        Freidl doesn’t need to be platooned. If Benson needs a platoon guy, they have Ramos/ Fairchild (or Senzel if Newman was moved out instead of Senzel).

        Stephenson’s downtime can be minimized by coordinating the catching duties such that he is available to DH versus LH pitching when CES is at 1B and Votto is off.

    • MCT

      Yeah but to be fair, Acuna Jr.’s batting stats are pretty much head and shoulders above Fraley’s too. 21 HR to Fraley’s 11, 41 SB to Fraley’s 16, and sure… Acuna only has 3 more RBIs, but the man bats pretty much exclusively in the lead-off spot which means at least one PA per game with no one on. Not to mention his .337 BA to Fraley’s .279, 1.008 OPS to Fraley’s .841, 166 OPS+ to Fraley’s 120, I could go on.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think Fraley is doing great for our Reds and I’m ecstatic to have him on the roster, but Ronnie Acuna is just a different beast altogether.

      • Bdh

        Not comparing them as players. It’d be crazy to do so. Just pointing out that Fraley is the only other player that meets that criteria right now and Fraley also has 130 less ABs too. Give Fraley those 130 ABs and on the safe side he’s probably around 16-17 HRs, 65ish RBIs, and 20+ SBs

      • Jim Walker

        If Fraley’s “safe” side is vs RH pitching, he doesn’t have the 130 ABs because they haven’t been available to have. And he doesn’t have them vs LH pitching because his OBP vs LH pitching is .200 and his slugging is only .133.

        A platoon setup becomes inefficient if a team is in a position to replace the production of the platoon with a single two way player. CES offers the Reds that opportunity. The Reds should go on and make that move with CES.

        The question then becomes whether Fraley is worth more to the Reds as an LH bench bat or as a trade piece for a much needed innings eater. I say as a trade piece.

      • DHud


        I don’t disagree with you outright – I’m definitely with you on 1) gotta give to get and 2) adding CES would instant boost team OPS


        Trying to follow you here with fallout of swapping Fraley for CES…

        What’s it do to defensive alignment? With Fraley gone…either steer or Senzel become everyday OFs. Steer has been serviceable out there but idk if the reds are ready for him as an everyday guy. That defense could be bad. And Senzel everyday probably is as much as a negative in the OPS line to offset the addition of CES

        And on the bench, you would be down to only 1 LH bench bay in Friedl or Benson (assuming one HAS to start vs LHP). Bench flexibility right now with having 3 LHB is very valuable with carrying 3 Cs

  23. Rednat

    this team should hit 200 homeruns and steal 200 bases by the end of the year. no other reds team has done that. the 1999 team was the closest. I wonder how many teams in the history of mlb have accomplished this? can’t be that many.

    It is premature but only natural to compare this team to the teams of the brm era. what is intriguing about this group of reds is that they are all about the same age (minus Joey of course). the brm took basically a decade to develop. first Rose, then Bench, then Perez, then Morgan. it was an older team by the time they one their first series in 1975. this “new red machine” is ready to compete for championships now after only a year of development

    • oklared

      Not bad for a team that was predicted to be power short and absolutely max out at 80 wins if they had a better manager. Just proves you got to play the games and see what happens.

  24. Brian Rutherford

    John Sadak with another great De La Cruz tag line last night: “All your bases belong to Elly De La Cruz as he steals third base.”

    I agree with a lot of the comments that he can throw too much into the broadcast at times but it’s kinda worth it the way he has been shining in the pivotal moments.

    Last nights line up had no holes and the Nats just looked worn out by the end of the game (again). With no experience as a world class athlete myself, I have to wonder out loud if they will use up all of their energy now and be on fumes for (hopefully) the postseason? I don’t want them to play differently. Just asking if giving guys like Newman and Senzel spot starts to give guys days off to save their legs for later might make sense?

    • Ted Alfred

      With the lefty going for the Nats I believe Newman and Senzel will start and I think it would be a good idea. Keeps the starters fresh and the bench sharp and involved

    • Jimbo44CN

      If Sadak would just stop with the constant meaningless stats and especially the stories for players on the other team, then he might be ok. I do love his enthusiasm though, it’s genuine.

      • Brian Rutherford

        100% agree. speaking only for myself, my favorite Reds broadcaster was Joe Nuxhall. I just liked how he would let the game breathe a bit and on the radio you could hear the crowd and imagine being there.

        He doesn’t need to fill up every minute of air time. He is getting much better though.

      • TR

        It’s tough not to remember Hamilton Joe Nuxhall’s game ending wrap up: rounding third and heading home.

    • Doc

      One of the advantages of being one of the youngest teams in the league. Less likely to get fatigued by season’s end.

      • TR

        Before bringing up McLain and EDLC, the often stated Redleg Nation cry of ‘play the young guys’ is proving prophetic.

  25. Jim t

    This reds team is hitting on all cylinders. Great job by management, coaches, players and fans. I included fans because it is just so nice seeing the stadium rocking. We have a team we are all behind. Go Reds!!!’

  26. JA

    One of the differences:

    Nats don’t steal many bases, missing out on a growing trend. So far in the series, the Reds are 10-12 in steals. The Nats are 0-1.

  27. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Leading the division by 2. Would be #3 WC. Behind Dodgers by 1/2 game for #2 WC. Miami still has pretty good hold on #1 WC.

  28. Steve Schoenbaechler

    We are getting pretty good starting pitching recently, 4th in the NL in the last week. Hopefully Williamson can produce something today. I have confidence in AA Friday. Weaver Saturday? “Our Father Who Art in Heaven. . .”

  29. Mark Moore

    Being up on the Bernies by 2 or more heading into their house would be incredibly sweet. Others have mentioned Counsel knows how to squeeze every drop from his players. This home and home stretch with them will be challenging, but you can tell they boys are up for it.

    Win, lose, or draw today it’s been a great series. Down to a -8 run differential. Can’t remember when I’ve been this excited about watching games.

    • old-school

      Give Krall and Bell credit, but also give the new coaches credit. Krall emptied out a lot of the old coaches and brought in a new hitting coach, defense coach and baserunning coach and its worked. Great group working together to transform an offensive identity from an unwatchable team to America’s team in 1 season. Yes, some over-aggression on the bases that needs to be cleaned up a tad, but I’ll take a team that creates chaos by leading the league in stolen bases and taking the extra base and playing with aggression and putting pressure on the other team

      • Mark Moore

        Even those of us who don’t actively support HDTBell can’t deny he’s made solid decisions of late (mostly) and deserves ample credit for keeping the boys on target and winning.

        Krall is looking more and more like a genius, especially given the handcuffs the BobPhilMonster puts on him.

      • Rob

        I am with you on the aggressive baseball. However I do not champion the acts of Fraley and India last night. Fraleys act was way over th top considering 2 outs a strong thrower in RF. Not a good decision whoever made it. And Indias pickoff as not related to aggression. Just poor baseball fundamentals. ELDC up with the bases loaded and you end the inning getting picked off first. I hope Bell and the team leaders let him have it. Can’t. afford that type of thinking. Certainly deserving of a few days off.

      • TR

        Perhaps Robert Castellini deserves a little credit for bringing aboard, then unknown, GM Nick Krall.

      • Pete

        TR, actually the credit might be better given to Dock Williams.

        But I will get credit to Phil and Bob for keeping their mitts off of Krall‘s efforts.

  30. Kevin H

    So idea, however may sound odd. Bring CES up for today’s game and Brewers series, see what happens and perhaps it forces the hand of management to rid its self of the 3 Catcher situation.

    Truly I believe CES should be up even if he plays half the time.

  31. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Something that’s been talked about recently is making me think now. . .

    About AA’s innings limit because he’s a young pitcher. Greene, Lodolo, and Ashcraft aren’t exactly seasoned veterans themselves. The most amount of innings any of these 3 have seen was Ashcraft last season just a hair over 110. Even if perfectly healthy, wouldn’t these 3 be seeing an innings limitation themselves?

    (yes, granted now, they probably will be fine. Only inquiring.)

    • Philly Red

      Krall said in an interview the other day that Abbott would have no innings limit. One can only assume that would apply for the others.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Oh. I thought he said he would. Cool. Thank you.

      • Chris

        I heard that too, and was so relieved. This innings limit thing is completely unfounded, as is the pitch count being less than 100.

  32. Roger Garrett

    Great team win and Diaz gets the day off again.Brewers with Williams up 2 in the ninth lose at home against the Cubs.Perfect storm continues for the Reds in a season that was just going to get us to to 2024 when many though we would take off.Joey bangs and steals a run on a balk call.Joey is even trying to steal bases.Are you kidding me?GO REDS

  33. Reddawg2012

    Exciting times in Reds country! I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun as a fan.

    Question for those with more knowledge than me. Is a regression likely for Matt McLain? He has a 26.3 K%, which FanGraphs rates as “Poor-Awful”, and a 7.8 BB% which they rate as “Below Average”. Pair that with a .394 BABIP and it seems like his .301/.369/.526 slash line is going to take a hit at some point.

    Not trying to be a downer, I love me some Matt McLain. I’m just curious if my interpretation of the numbers is correct.

    • bug

      He’s getting into a bad habit of taking too many strikes. Because of that, he’s usually on the defense when he’s at bat. He normally takes two strikes before he will swing the bat. He did that earlier for a short spell, then he figured it out. He needs to be more agressive on the first pitch,..which is usually a fast ball right down the heart of the plate. When he has done that, he’s been incredible.Fwiw,..Stephenson and Elly are bad for doing that,..taking too many early strikes. And when they do that,..they are also not the same hitters as they are when they are ready to highjack that first pitch if it’s a strike. Jmo.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Well, I believe it might be a little early to consider any of that.

      If anything, I would say yes. But, we are talking about small sample size right now. Who’s to say he’s not playing to his “baseball card” right now. And, the other teams will adjust. Then, will he adjust back, etc.

      He currently has an OPS+ of 133. A regression could still go to 120, or even 110, and I would still take it. Now, if it goes to 70, then we have problems.

    • Soto

      I wouldn’t be too concerned. The report on McClain is that he has always had too high of a strike out rate. Remember he has grown up in an era where striking out is no big deal and doing “damage” is the most important skill. I think his strike out percentage will improve with experience and reps. I love his swing and his ability to hit to all fields with some pop. His speed will also help to prevent extended slumps. He is going to be very good for a long time. He will be a core cog in the new Red Machine. Those stats do support my thoughts that he is not a perfect two-hole hitter. I would prefer Elly batting second. I don’t think McClain is ever going to be a super OB% guy, but he will be a high average, high RBI hitter.

  34. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Some people were talking about our offense a while back. I thought I would check the OPS+’s of ours.

    We can put a starting 8 with 7 of them having an OPS+ over 100. The 8th at C, and Tyler is at 94.

    I remember years ago when the Cards won a WS. One of the things I was marvelling about them was their OBP. I believe they could put 7 of 8 players out there with an OBP of 350+. We were nowhere near that back then. Now? We could do similar as well.

    Just amazed at this. If this success had something to do with the actual coaching/instruction, that person needs a raise, their tools recorded and stored, etc. (Someone mentioned a “Bob Young” recently, helping with the hitting. I don’t know who he is). If it’s straight “player performance”, just so many of them performing so well, it’s amazing.

  35. Kevin H

    Sounds like Moose was a downer in the clubhouse last year. Just talked with a neighbor who is part time reds employee. Also he was first one to meet De La Cruz when he came into the dugout. Pretty cool talking baseball to the neighbor.

    • Cincinnatus Rex

      I hate that I’m curious to hear more about Moose, but that’s human nature I guess!

  36. west larry

    Seven of the nine starters have 7 or less homeruns. Could use a little more power.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      As well as, only one left handed bat. Bell really went all out to get right handed bats in the lineup.

      The one thing I’m considering. . .this pitcher has, what was the term, “backward” trend. The left handed bats are killing him. He does much better against right handed bats.

    • Chris

      Don’t worry about overall stats. 5 games in July and they have 9 HR’s. 42 HR’s over 27 games in June. Their power has skyrocketed. No shortage in that department any more.

  37. Roger Garrett

    Presently Bell is using the DH to rest Ty Steve from being behind the plate,gives some at bats to bench guys and rest some regular guys from the field on certain days.Can’t argue with how it has turned out but Reds need a Thumper in the middle of the lineup to really go to the next level IMO.CES is that guy or at least has the potential to be that guy but I don’t see how that happens if it even happens at all until later.Some have said and I agree that Newman is not a 1st baseman at all and surely doesn’t profile as a home run threat at DH but until he isn’t here he will play.He has helped this team against lefties but you can’t help but wonder what CES would do with those same at bats.Not anti Newman at all just may more pro CES.

    • David

      Yes, that’s absolutely right. Kevin Newman is not a villain here, as he was “hired” to be the SS bridge from Barrero (who did not exactly work out with regards to his stick) and EDLC/McLain (who are both here). His utility is just about maxed out, and should be traded for “something” to someone who might need him.
      CES is absolutely a MUCH stronger offensive player, and should be on the 26 man and in the line up most days, at either 1st base or DH, or somewhere.

  38. IndyDoug

    Another great win and it probably should have been a LOT worse. 16 LOB!!

  39. DHud

    Martinez crying about EDLC’s “antics” after the game

    Is there a bigger clown in baseball right now than this guy??