The pitching match up on Monday night seemed prime for plenty of runs, but Luke Weaver pitched well and the bullpen did their job. Joey Votto’s 2-run homer in the 4th inning would be the difference in the Cincinnati Reds 3-2 win over the Nationals on Monday night in the nation’s capitol.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (46-39)
3 7 0
Washington Nationals (34-50)
2 8 0
W: Weaver (2-2) L: Irvin (1-5) SV: Diaz (24)
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After a rain delay of 30 minutes when there was no need for it, the game got underway. The Reds went in order in the top of the 1st inning. The Nationals did not as Lane Thomas led off with a ground-rule double, but Luke Weaver worked around it and retired the next three batters to toss a scoreless frame.

Cincinnati got to work in the top of the 2nd inning. Jake Fraley singled and moved to third on a 2-out single by Spencer Steer. Tyler Stephenson followed up with the Reds third single of the inning and Fraley trotted home to put his team up 1-0.

After Luke Weaver tossed another two shutout innings, the Reds went back to work at the plate in the top of the 4th. Elly De La Cruz led off with a single and then Joey Votto hit an opposite field 2-run homer into the bullpen to extend Cincinnati’s lead to 3-0.

The Nationals weren’t going to quietly. Jeimer Candelario led off the bottom of the 4th inning with a solo home run, cutting the Reds lead to 3-1. Luke Weaver would put that behind him and he sat down the next three batters in order to send the game into the 5th.

Washington had two singles in the bottom of the 5th inning but Weaver was able to wiggle his way out of the jam and hold onto a 3-1 lead. After the Reds went in order in the top of the 6th, Weaver returned to the mound. Things didn’t go his way to start as he walked Jeimer Candelario and then gave up a single to Dominic Smith.

That was the end of his day as Cincinnati called on Ian Gibaut from the bullpen to come in and try to squash a rally. Gibaut would get a line out to begin his outing, but a single from Keibert Ruiz came next and it brought in a run to make it a 3-2 ballgame. That would be all for the Nationals in the inning, but they got into the Reds bullpen and cut into their lead.

Buck Farmer took over for the Reds to begin the bottom of the 7th inning, still holding a 1-run lead. He would make quick work of the Nationals, retiring them in order on 12 pitches. Derek Law entered the game in the 8th inning and faced the heart of the order for Washington and sat them down on 18 pitches to keep the score at 3-2 and send the game to the 9th.

Cincinnati would get a single from Tyler Stephenson and a 2-out walk from TJ Friedl, but they couldn’t bring a run across the plate. That meant it was time for Alexis Diaz to end the game for the bottom of the 9th and try to hold onto a 1-run lead against the bottom of the Nationals lineup. After getting Keibert Ruiz to pop out, Corey Dickerson came through with an infield single to put the tying run on base. Washington sent pinch runner Stone Garrett out to replace Dickerson. He attempted to steal second, but Luke Maile nailed him at second. CJ Abrams then grounded out to end the game.

Key Moment of the Game

Joey Votto’s 2-run home run that put Cincinnati ahead 3-0 in the 4th inning.

Notes Worth Noting

Alexis Diaz is now 24 for 25 in save opportunities this season.

Joey Votto’s home run broke an 0-21 slump.

Tyler Stephenson’s bat remains hot, finishing the day 2-3 with a walk. Since June 21st he’s hitting .414/.485/.621.

The pitching staff had just one walk in the game.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Washington Nationals

Tuesday July 4th, 11:05am ET

Brett Kennedy (2023 debut) vs Patrick Corbin (5-9, 4.82 ERA)

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  1. CFD3000

    I’m as big a Votto fan as there is – and his home run was big tonight – but Luke Weaver was the big surprise tonight, and the play of the game might have been Luke Maile gunning down pinch runner Stone Garrett and turning the potential tying run into the second out of the 9th. Some good defensive, solid bullpen too and an all around team win for the Reds. The Brewers are on a roll too, so the Reds need at least three of four in DC. This was a great start.

    • Redsvol

      I would agree that a big play was Maile throwing out the pinch runner. I like Tyler Stephenson but if you watch the games, he just doesn’t have great catching skills. Bringing in Maile to finish the 9th was a very good move – and it paid off.

      I am surprised we could only score 3 runs against the hapless Bats.

  2. old-school

    Great win for the Reds. Matching the Brewers but more importantly separating from the NL Central. Joey a big hit. Ty Steve re-establishing himself as the regular catcher. Bullpen nails. Weaver weaved.

    1105 brunch tomorrow.

    Go Reds.

  3. Steve Schoenbaechler

    4 nice starting appearances in a row. Nice.

  4. Indy Red Man

    Joey going to left-center means he isn’t done quite yet. They don’t need another Moose selling out to pull everything and hitting .180.
    Weaver mostly kept the ball out of the middle and did his job.
    Farmer’s off-speed was great and its good to have Law back. Law isn’t fantastic, but he’s as good as Sims in my book and a little better then Farmer/Gibalt imo.

    • Red Lasso

      Reminded me of the scene in the old Monty Python movie….
      Posters (myself included) calling for his resignation “bring out your dead” and Joey responding “I’m not dead yet”

  5. Soto

    Nice win. Good to see Votto go with a pitch and still hit it out to left. In his prime that was his forte. Hope he gets hot and helps provide some pop in the lineup. We need at least 3 wins in D.C. Go Reds!

  6. Optimist

    ESPN shows TBA for tomorrow is Kennedy.

    • David

      Oh boy. Brian Kennedy pitches tomorrow. He’s done alright at AAA for the Bats, but now he’s going to start for the Reds.
      I wonder where in the world is Connor Phillips. He’s not with the Lookouts, and was supposed to start today for the Bats, but ……where is he on the rosters?

      • Doug Gray

        Phillips was not supposed to start today for the Bats. Brett Kennedy was, but he’s pitching for the Reds tomorrow, so they went with a bullpen day.

        Phillips pitched on June 30th for Louisville. He should pitch on Wednesday if they hold true to his spot in the rotation (no reason to think they wouldn’t).

  7. Jason Franklin

    Great win for the Reds. Any win is a good one. Should the Reds slide Cruz up or down in the lineup? Or is just his presence enough if he’s not hitting like he should be?

    • CI3J

      The only lineup change I’d make is swapping India and Steer. If Stephenson keeps hitting like this, I might move him up to 5th and move everyone else down.

    • Indy Red Man

      Idk? I would think Bell will do something if he’s struggling like that after the break. Half the time he takes strike 3 right down the middle?
      Good thing is he hits alot of choppers and speed doesn’t slump

    • Soto

      I like EDLC in the 2-hole. Tell him to focus on OB% and putting pressure on teams with his speed on the base paths. He says running is his favorite part of the game. His power will come with more experience and better pitch recognition. I would put McClain in the 3-hole. In my opinion him and Steer are our best hitters that put together the most consistent AB’s. I also believe EDLC might get a few more fastballs and more hittable pitches batting 2nd.

      • David

        That’s an interesting idea, ala Bobby Tolan in 1970. And his base stealing meant that Tony Perez and Johnny Bench got a few more fastballs, to get the ball to the catcher sooner with Tolan on 1st. Certainly worked for Morgan a few years later.

      • Tar Heel Red

        I think EDLC needs to sit for a couple games and collect himself. The game seems to be too fast for him recently.

  8. LarkinPhillips

    I have a feeling today was Casalis last game as a Red. Kennedy will be added to pitch tomorrow. Casali is the logical cut. Especially with tysteve appearing to catch more now.

    • Harry Stoner

      Tough way to go out.

      I know he’s not hitting, but Casali has helped stabilize the C situation this year.

      Remember what a nightmare merry go round it was last year after Stephenson was hurt?

      I know, I know….the 3 catcher thing.

      Just acknowledging Casali’s role in the turnaround.

      • J

        Aside from being the MVP of the Karcher game, I’m not sure I’d give Casali much credit for the turnaround. They did win a fair number of games he started, but I think that’s basically a coincidence. They’ve been playing better without him than with him. That said, I’d be happy if they could find some way to keep him with the organization. Create a coaching position and hire him to fill it.

      • J

        Ok, if you prefer:

        Casali has played a huge role in the turnaround. The Reds couldn’t possibly be winning the way they’ve been winning without Casali, and it’s really just a coincidence that they started winning consistently when McLain and EDLC and Abbott joined the team. He probably helped Benson figure out how to hit, and I’m sure he’s somehow responsible for Steer and Friedl and Fraley’s offensive performances. I assume he also talked Krall into demoting Barrero and cutting Myers. Thank you, Casali, for doing all these things that allowed the Reds to start winning. But now it’s time for you to go because the team needs someone to pitch tomorrow.

      • Harry Stoner

        You’re not happy unless you’re fighting someone here, right?

      • J

        I expressed my views about Casali, which differed somewhat from yours. Rather than addressing what I said in any sort of direct or respectful manner, you chose to be dismissive and insulting. Your comment was about me, not about Casali, whereas my comment was about Casali, not you. And then of course you accuse me of wanting to “fight” because I responded to your dismissive insult with sarcasm. That’s some impressive lack of self-awareness right there.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        For J:

        A second string C at best caused all of this. Alright. . .

      • Bill

        Everyone can relax now, Casali isn’t going anywhere. Fairchild is headed back to Louisville

    • DaveCT

      Casali isn’t going anywhere. Remember, he volunteered to return to this “project.” His next stop may well be among the coaching staff. Not today, though.

  9. CI3J

    For the second game in a row, Benson got ahold of one and just missed sending it out.

    If the dude could just get a little bit stronger, he could be a legit HR threat.

    • wolfcycle

      it is not anout stronger it is about the angle he hits it. He is a beast.

  10. Harry Stoner

    1st place teams win games like this.

    Last year, likely would have been an L.

    • Jim Walker

      And I have also been thinking that Bell may be said to be pushing the right buttons but when everybody comes up big when they are the button pushed, how do we really know? Sort of a chicken or egg situation

      • oklared

        Maybe last year it didn’t matter which button he pushed in that they were all broke. Managers get way more blame and praise than they deserve. He does seem to keep them playing as unit even when they are struggling.

      • Doc

        When nobody was coming up big when their button was pushed, all the blame was placed on Bell, but how did anyone know it was Bell’s fault? Now when everyone is coming up big it is questioned whether it is Bell.

        Joe Girardi was reputedly a great manager in New York. How long did that great manager last in his return to managing? Maybe, just maybe, great managers are made great by the greatness of the players they manage.

      • greenmtred

        Thank you, Doc. A perusal of the records of highly-esteemed managers supports your contention. And, no, this is not the same as saying that managers make no difference; it’s saying that managers can’t make bad teams win.

  11. Votto4life

    The highlight for me was the performance of Derek Law. If he can pitch like that during the second half of the season, it will go a long way to improving the Red’s pitching woes.

    Of course, with the risk of sounding “pathetic”, Joey Votto was the difference maker in this game.

  12. RedsGettingBetter

    The offense is cooling off a little bit in recent games so it´s important that the pitching could get the job done as Ashcraft, Williamson and Weaver aside Abbott have had really good outings. Let’s see what will be the strategy for tomorrow whether Kennedy is gonna start or he will be relieving an opener who could be Cruz as a choice…Corbin always is a very tough pitcher for the Reds to defeat hopefully this team gets hot again tomorrow…
    Nice outing by Derek Law…it’s a BP boost.. Sims should be the closer if needed because Díaz won’t be available since pitched in last 2 games

  13. Indy Red Man

    Man the Nats have some young flamethrowers and some sorry bats. Work out something for Kyle Finnegan and have him switch dugouts.

  14. Indy Red Man

    Stuey is 1-2 with a HR off Corbin. I think he starts tomorrow! Most of the Reds vets have solid #s against him except Newman’s 1 for 10

    I think tomorrow is back in the 7 to 5 wheelhouse

  15. Ted Alfred

    I really think Bell will sit Elly tomorrow to give him a mental break and start Senzel or Newman at 3rd in his place….maybe McClain sits too with Newman at SS. He’ll probably also sit Benson to start Fairchild. I think he just probably sees a little fatigue setting in with the young guys and wants to give those three a break and get Fairchild a start. I think Votto has had some pretty good swings lately and him hitting the HR to Left Center is when Joey is usually getting right with his swing, so I think he’ll start tomorrow even with the left hander starting…we’ll see soon enough.

  16. Mark Moore

    Very fun game to watch. Nats fans were great. Looking forward to tomorrow. Neither team wanted to give in.

  17. Cincinnatus Rex

    Great win. I thought we might have to break out our secret weapon (Casali).

  18. Mark Moore

    I’m wearing all City Connect gear tomorrow. May be warm, but I’ll take one for the team.

    • Jason Franklin

      Have fun Mark! You are a lucky man. Hope the weather holds up for you. Try to get an autograph.

  19. MBS

    I’m just geeked about the rotation right now. Last 4 starts:

    Ashcraft 6.2 IP 1 ER
    Williamson 5 IP 2 ER
    Abbott 7.2 IP 1 ER
    Weaver 5 IP 2 ER

    This group just needs to tread water until we can add arms.

    • Jason Franklin

      Looks like Kennedy will be starting tomorrow. Let’s hope he can get 5 or 6 innings somehow. Who would be your arm add if you could with a reasonable trade?

      • MBS

        Honestly I’d be happy with anyone from Greinke to Bieber. I also like Giolito, and Snell. Bieber would probably cost us India, Greinke would be pretty cheap, but it’s hard to tell what Giolito or Snell might go for, if they do hit the market.

        There’s also the really crazy scenario of the Mets dealing Verlander or Scherzer. Really were still to far away for almost any of these guys to truly be available, with the exception of Greinke.

  20. Jason Franklin

    I think a guy like JP Sears would be reasonable and has some long term ability. Only thing that scares me is his HR totals but maybe he is going after K’s/ avoiding walks too much and goperhing some of his pitches.

    • Chris

      That’s the main guy out there that I would like to see the Reds get. He has a number of years locked in and he’s very solid. I don’t think he’d take all that much either.

  21. Mario

    The Votto haters and the father time comments are conspicuously missing tonight. Going oppo is impressive. Look up Max Muncy’s numbers for the Dodgers and you’ll see a good comp for Votto. He still has a much better OPS than Newman / Senzel.

    • David

      I’m glad Joey got a big hit tonight.
      The batting average is worrisome, and this doesn’t mean he has turned some kind of corner….yet.
      But he will. Maybe he needs more time off (he’s 39). There is the basic hand-eye coordination, and the response from “fast -twitch” muscles. Maybe Joey is seeing the ball ok, but a little fatigue is slowing down the “fast twitch” muscle response, that sets guys who can hit a ML baseball from most of us normal mortals.
      This is what usually ends an ML hitters career, he just can’t get his bat to the ball fast enough.
      Is Joey done? I don’t think so, because he was stinging the ball pretty good for a few days after he came back to the Reds. Then he wasn’t. He probably shouldn’t play more than 4-5 days in a row. Then get a couple of days off.
      Baseball players aren’t robots. And that’s what makes it a great game.

      • Ted Alfred

        I don’t know what Joey’s babip is but it’s got to be terrible cuz he’s hit some balls pretty hard and they’re always right at somebody

      • Tom Diesman

        You are spot on, Joey Votto’s BABIP is .100 where the league average is .297. That’s not because he is making weak contact. He leads the Reds in Brls/PA%, he’s tied for 5th on the team with De La Cruz for AVG Exit Velocity, and he’s 2nd on the team for HardHit% (% of balls hit 95+ MPH, TJ Hopkins is the team leader by the way.). His 32% SO% is the only cause for any concern about him thus far.

    • Indy Red Man

      Apples and oranges because they’re around to hit lefties. I love watching him gap to gap, but he hasn’t really done that in years. We’ll see?

      My problem this year is that he’s somehow owed something because he was great in the past. He’s not a grandpa in a nursing home that deserves love and attention. He’s a professional at the highest level of competition. I had to deal with politics in the military and politics on the job. I hate that s! Sports is supposed to be a place where the best get a chance to do their thing and who hit better then CES at Lville? McLain maybe (probably without looking?), but not Elly or anyone else. Joey couldn’t get off the interstate there at the same time/place where Matt Reynolds is Rogers Hornsby

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Only thing is, none of the others have won a major league MVP, have been in other MVP runnings, have worked so hard through the years for this organization, etc. Votto deserves this opportunity.

        Not to leave out, if you don’t give Votto this, we could be scaring away valuable FA’s, for they will think as they get older and simply start not being as successful, even though they work so hard for the club, they will just be sat or DFA’s.

        There is no place for CES to play up here. He would be part-time as well as possibly make others part-time. The other players all have a role. CES would have no role here. The best thing for him is to play full-time down there.

      • Jim Walker

        I agree. A person can have understanding and empathy for Votto’s situation but also feel that suddenly this season is no longer about going through the motions to get closer to when the Reds might have something to play for.

        The team has been remade on the fly by the unexpected degree of Steer’s emergence and the arrival and emergence of McLain, EDLC, and Benson on the position side along with Abbott and to a lesser degree Williamson on the pitching side. If there is another guy in CES to get up and into the to make the team better, make the move.

      • Indy Red Man

        Don’t agree on CES. He could play against lefties and definitely help. Do you really dig it when Newman chases a ball to the dugout that 2,433 other 1B would’ve stopped? Steer to LF vs lefties and CES to 1B. Newman can DH. Steer can also move around when CES gives someone else a breather vs righties

      • MBS

        @Steve, “ There is no place for CES to play up here. He would be part-time as well as possibly make others part-time.”

        That’s just not true. CES could be an everyday player. 4 infield spots plus DH = 5 spots. 1 EDLC 2 McLain 3 India 4 Steer 5 CES, they will all need an off day, and are position flexible so Votto can get his 5 of 9 games as well.

      • J


        I’ve been through this with Steve a few times. I’ve said the same thing you said, and I’ve tried to say it in about three different ways. Steve either doesn’t get it doesn’t care. He’ll just keep saying it’s impossible to have 9 guys fill 8 positions because apparently he thinks the same 8 guys have to play basically every day or something horrible will happen. In his mind, Votto is the first baseman against righties, and CES plays first, therefore CES cannot play against righties. There’s no getting through to him on this matter. I’ve tried…

      • Chris

        So sick of the Votto bashing, indirectly and directly. The fact is, even when he has been struggling, he’s been the key factor in 3 wins since he’s been back, and still, even while struggling, he’s managed to get on base pretty respectively as well. I have no doubt he will hit. Stay tuned, he’s not going anywhere, nor should he. Shame on short-sighted Reds fans that are so quick to dump on a once in a generational Red.

      • doofus

        CES against LHP: .300/.374/.663, 8 HR, 20 RBI. Versus RHB: .329/.400.598, 10 HR, 34 RBI in twice as many PA’s.

        Does not seem like he needs to be platooned.

      • Mario

        Amen Chris. I am not a Votto fanboy but believe that he has more left in the tank. RLN supposedly contains the best and brightest fans who should know better.

  22. Indy Red Man

    I saw during the broadcast that only 5 guys are hitting over .300 in the NL. Man I really thought banning the shift would make a big difference, but it doesn’t seem like it? Freidl and McLain could be in the mix if they get enough at-bats, but of course Arraez has the batting title barring injury

  23. bug

    Elly needs to simply take his bat off his shoulders more often. If he takes three swings, he’ll be fine. He’s taking WAY too many strikes. When he swings, it’s a good thing. When he does not,..he strikes out. He even often hits bad piches (balls),..when he swings. He’s being too selective. Way too selective. He’s constantly behind in the count and on the defensive. Then he takes a third strike. He needs to swing at the first pitch, Stephenson has started to do. You can be too defensive,..too conservative, the plate. Guessing. Someone (like a batting coach) needs to tell him that. He has been known to take three strikes and never take his bat off his shoulders. I’ve seen him do that more than once this year. I’d much rather see him swing three times at balls outside the strike zone than take three strikes and sit down. Jmo. They often aren”t even wasting a pitch on Elly anymore. Three pitches, and he sits down,..with men in scoring postition. Benson was doing that and they sent him down. He came back a totally different player. They need to tell Elly it is not okay to constantly strike out. That is not allowed. Swing the dang bat!!!!!!! If he won’t do that,..then move him to 9th,..or over on the bench. Something needs to be done. He seems to think it’s perfectly fine to strike out and leave batters in scoring postion,..over and over and over. He needs some hard love. Jmo.

    • TR

      EDLC was called up as almost a star player at the age of 21. Being a phenomenon in the minor leagues does not automatically transfer to the Bigs. For almost all players adjustment and maturity is needed which takes some time, effort and patience. The young Reds are a group of future stars. Elly made a good choice to not participate in tonights home run contest and concentrate on the team.

  24. RedlegScott

    WTG, Votto! Nice job pitching staff, especially Weaver! (Good to see Law back and in good form.)

  25. Jim Walker

    Hard to anticipate who might start tomorrow when we do not really have any insight about the 26 roster move for Kennedy to come on.

    There is no obvious option move on the pitching staff. Unless there is an IL move there, the move will have to be from the position side.

    How about an IL move on the position side? Newman has not played since Friday. Fairchild was suddenly called up in the middle of the weekend? Could Newman be dinged enough to take 10 days for the team? He’d miss the this current series and the Brewers series before the break but be good to go when action resumes after the break.

    • Tar Heel Red

      Ken Broo had on his show Sunday a gentleman from Baseball America (his name escapes me) who said he is hearing the Reds are shopping two players. The first was Kevin Newman (possibly to the Angels, who are in need of a shortstop, due to injury).

      The second name was more surprising. According to him the Reds are at least exploring trade scenarios for starting pitching that would include CES. Of course that doesn’t mean that they are actively talking about trading him, but just listening to offers. But it does make one wonder who the Reds may be targeting…an established pitcher, say Shane Bieber, or a young pitcher with years of team control left, like a JP Sears. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks.

      Personally, I don’t think anything will happen until the Reds and Brewers play each other right before/after the All Star break.

    • old-school

      I brought this up over the weekend when the Reds brought Fairchild up to go with 14 position players and 12 pitchers. Today is the rebalance to 13/13. With the 1105 am start, today actually might be a good day for 3 catchers with Casali getting the early call and Maile and TS preparing for the remaining 6 games before the AS game.

      Newman doesnt have a role anymore and isnt playing. Senzel doesnt much either but is more versatile. He has an option however. Matt Reynolds is insurance in AAA and could easily stay in AAA as depth for the 2nd half if the ERds choose to make a move on Newman, who hasn’t started in a while. I like Fairchild as the 4th OF to complement Benson, Fraley, and Friedl. You need (4) full time outfielders anyway and Steer gives you a 5th in LF against righties.

      We shall see what unfolds.

  26. Tim

    On 4/23 the Brewers were 15 and 7 while the Reds were 7 and 15. The Reds have had a win percentage of .615 since then. There are only two teams who have been better(I believe) in that span. And more importantly, we’ve been beating some pretty good teams. This team has the skill and the will to win. Hope this pace continues.

  27. Melvin

    Was out and not able to participate tonight. Looks like you guys pulled the win out without me again. Good job men. 🙂

  28. Kevin H

    Votto had a really nice interview after the game.

    I am one who likes the consistency of the lineup that Bell puts out. Right now it looks bad as your 3,4, and 6 hitters are struggling a tad. Just as long as the whole lineup doesn’t stop hitting, India, De La Cruz and Votto will hit. This team from a offensive perspective is very good and Bell and his staff I feel have a since of who plays when and in what role. I would expect to see Newman, Senzel, and Fairchild in the line up today.

    Bell has had two winning season’s in now his fifth year. I mean no that isn’t great, however he has won some games. I still shake my head at the moves sometimes, but over all this year has been good all the way around

  29. Tomn

    It was good seeing Law last night. Much needed. Looking forward to santillan being back.

  30. old-school

    A must read in the Athletic (paywall) from RLN favorite Jim Bowden. He draws parallels between the Reds this year and his ‘99 team and how both teams were built. He also says the ‘23 Reds have a World champion caliber offense and deep lineup and impact closer. He says they need to acquire vet pitching to give them 5-6 innings like he did in 1995, getting David Wells, Dave Burba, and Mark Portugal at the deadline. The Reds cruised to the 1995 playoffs with those additions.

    Fun stuff reading about the Reds on July 4th.

    • wkuchad

      I was hoping Casali, but the move doesn’t surprise me.

      • wkuchad

        And I like Casali, but the team as currently constructed no longer supports the three catcher setup.

    • Jim Walker

      Stuey has to be wondering who he offended or what dirt Senzel, Newman, or their agent know he and his agent don’t.

      On Sunday he got the call ahead of the other two in a late game high leverage 2 out situation, drew a walk, and came around to score. He then remained in the game to play defense. Monday he got the 1st call again, reached on a HBP, stole a base, and stayed in for defense. It seems the manager prefers him in these situations; but, he is sent back while the other two remain. Roster politics.

      Maybe at least they told him last night so he could sleep in this morning since he has 72 hours to report. 😉

  31. Jim t

    Line is out on ESPN.

    Newman batting lead off and playing 1B

    Senzel is also starting again the left handed Corbin.

    • wkuchad

      Pretty much the ‘normal’ lineup vs lefties.

      I’ve said it before, but how nice is it to have all those bullets to bring off the bench and pinch hit when needed.

      • Jim t

        Agree. Just because you don’t start doesn’t mean you can’t positively impact the game.

  32. old-school

    Krall sticking to his roster plan. Will be interesting to see if that changes at the AS break or gets punted a few more weeks to the trade deadline. I dont understand the gymnastics of bringing up Fairchild for 2 games and then sending him back down.

    Presumably Santillan comes up for Kennedy after this game for bullpen depth and then Lively gets activated after Williamson starts Thursday for the brewers and Williamson takes the AAA shuttle bus.

    I ll volunteer to drive the AAA shuttle bus from cincy to Louisville. I wonder how much the Reds pay? Looks like a steady gig.

    • Kevin H

      Wouldn’t they still only have 4 starting pitchers if they sent Williamson down when Lively is ready?

      • Old-school

        AS break coming

        Dont need him after thursday for the Brewers

    • Jim Walker

      The only thing I can think re the Fairchild situation is that somebody in the bullpen wasn’t used and thus avoided being optioned or DFA which put Stuey back on the bubble.

      As I said above, it is beyond weird that on consecutive days, Fairchild got the call into leverage situations ahead of Senzel and Newman, reached base both times, stole a base, and played defense in close games yet finds himself on the bus to AAA this morning.

      Bell is basically saying by his actions Fairchild is his preference in those situations. Krall must have other plans (trading Newman or Senzel) that would be gummed up if they were off the MLB roster????

      • Old-school

        Reds dont need Newman anymore with Elly and McLain to both man SS and India and McLain at 2b and Elly and Steer at 3b. It would make sense to trade Newman to a team needing middle infield help( Giants and Angels are in deep need with injuries.) Perhaps they grab a good AA arm for next year.

  33. wkuchad

    I really hate that the last two games before the AS break is pitched by Weaver and tbd. And against the Brewers.

    • Jim t

      I have the same concerns but I think we have won every game Weaver has started.

    • old-school

      I think Lively comes back for one of the weekend games.

  34. Mark Moore

    Hoping this lineup hits early. Would have preferred Maile. I’d like to see the Casali train end. Maybe he surprises us.

  35. LDS

    Didn’t have power for most of the last 24 hours so I missed last night’s game. I see JV hit a homerun and the Votto cheerleaders are out in force. Votto has 6 hits in 39 ABs, 4 of them are HRs. He’s batting .154 after last night. His SO rate is 31.9%, well above his career average. His BB% is the lowest since his first two season and about 30% below his career average. His Pull% is double his career average. His Oppo% is 0. So at best, he’s giving us his best Suarez impression. But he’s not hitting JV style and the numbers reflect that. Can he hit as he once did? Who knows. But hitting a HR last night doesn’t mean anything. If he continues this approach to hitting, he deserves to be on the bench most days. As for Father Time? Yes, he’s still winning the battle here.

    • Jim t

      @LDS Votto is on the bench today against the lefty.

    • wkuchad

      Good grief.

      Yes, we all know this is not the Joey Votto of old. You don’t need to constantly remind us. Just enjoy seeing him play in what may be his final year. Geez.

    • Beaufort Red

      Been a Reds fan for 55 years. There’s nothing enjoyable watching an icon of your favorite team struggle in the end of his career. If Votto says he’s had great at bats (like he did last night) it’s sad. It’s almost like he’s trying to convince people. But the statistics and eye test say otherwise.

      • Jim Walker

        Don’t you suppose the guy Joey is trying his hardest to convince he is having “great” at bats is the man in the mirror? That’s what I believe.

        I was thinking several days ago that the Reds could bring in someone from the past to help talk Votto through the process. Joe Morgan would have been the ideal candidate; but, sadly Joe is no longer with us. So, Johnny Bench is probably the guy.

        Aside from his September callup in 1967, JB had only one season when his OPS+ ended up below 100. That was in 1982, his penultimate year at age 34 when it was 98. He bounced back to finish out with a 101 OPS+ in 1983.

        Regardless of what OPS+ Joey ends up with this year (currently at 97), he has already had 2 sub 100 OPS+ years in the 4 prior seasons, 95 in 2019 (age 35 season) and 87 last year (age 38 season).

    • Kevin H

      People who like Votto never left and continue to believe he can help this team. If we go by the logic of benching people then India shouldn’t be playing as he is in a slump and De La Cruz shouldn’t be playing as he is struggling against left handed pitching.

      Baseball players struggle LDS, and it happens to the best of them. Fraley earlier in the year. Give Votto more than what 40 abs? To say it’s over.

      • LDS

        @KevinH, that’s all true. But in reality JV has been on a downward trajectory for several years. Yes, he demolished RH’ers a couple of years ago. But he didn’t hit LH’ers. This year, it’s HR or SO. Sadly, as I’ve said before, it’s like watching Muhammad Ali keep fighting after it was obvious that he shouldn’t. As for India? He hasn’t hit since Bell moved him to the #3 slot. Leading off he hit .283. Batting 3rd, he’s hitting .204. Many here claim it shouldn’t matter, but it does for some people. As for EDLC? I wanted to leave him in Louisville until Bell is gone. They didn’t. Again, as I and several others have said, move him to 2 or 3 slot, Steer to cleanup, and India to the 6 or 7 slot, where BTW, his career numbers are substantially better than his 3 slot numbers. At the end of the day, I still think India, Senzel, and Newman should be trade bait. And for those that say Newman & Senzel aren’t worth anything on the market, then why the heck are they taking up roster spots on the Reds?

      • Old-school

        @ LDS, the Angels middle infield is in trouble. Drury is on the IL, their SS is on the IL and Moose is on first base on their depth chart. Trout had a bad swing last night and left the game- hamate?
        Giants lost Estrada last night as well, Brandon Crawford is day to day Krall got a ton for Tyler Naquin and unloaded Tommy Pham when he was untradeable after Slapgate.

    • Votto4life


      Shouldn’t all Reds fans cheer for Joey Votto to do well? You seem to take satisfaction when he does poorly. Doesn’t make sense.

      • LDS

        I’m all for Votto doing well. Bu1 he isn’t doing well. He’s not doing as well as many of the former players that were routinely panned. But he’s Joey Votto so his performance is excused more than Myers, Aquino, Barrero, Fairchild, and on & on. That’s fine. I prefer winning and yesterday notwithstanding, Votto isn’t critical to that going forward. Father Time ALWAYS wins.

      • Melvin

        An argument could be made that the Reds would not have one three of the 12 games Votto has played without him.

      • Votto4life

        “Father Time always win”

        Ever hear of Julio Franco?

      • Votto4life

        LDS It just seems odd you would devote so much of your time following the Reds and yet take glee when Joey Votto fails.

        Of course, players are panned here when they don’t perform. It’s part of baseball. It’s OK to bash Joey when he fails, but your bash Joey even when he succeeds. What’s up with that?

  36. Jimbo44CN

    Oh, come on. Even if you start off a post positive, it ends up negative. Everybody has to deal with father time, even Joey. He deserves our respect and if he does not perform as he should, he will hit the pine. We are in first place and way over 500 halfway thru. None, and I mean none of the so called geniuses that make predictions had us doing anything except kissing the Cardinals ring. Be HAPPY!