After testing their mettle against the teams with the 2nd and 3rd best records in the league – we can finally feel good knowing that these young Cincinnati Reds are the real deal! Nate was joined by Tim Daniel of Late Night Reds and wiffle ball legend Carlos Guevara to hash out the week that was for our beloved Redlegs.

They covered the standout performers in both series;  Why David Bell should NEVER pinch hit for Joey Votto; the Luke Weaver experience; and SO MUCH more in this nearly 90 minute episode.

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25 Responses

  1. JA

    One of the trait i see in this team is the aggressive base running

    That uniform with the number 29 needed a very good washer machine at the end of the game vs oriols…

    Btw , get Benson a smaller helmet .

      • Rick

        He loves it popping off & hits his 6th gear like a little Red Corvette.

    • Rick

      Lol… yes!
      Love that big guy’s hustle and that hustle is built in to the team’s identity now. Hustle culture. Gotta believe that India & Jake kickstarted this – and Matt & Elly bumped it up a rung. And I’m not forgetting TJ. India spoke of the hustle element in March.

    • CI3J

      It reminds me of “Da Meat” Dmitri Young whose helmet never seemed to stay put.

    • Red Lasso

      As an old guy (66), I remember hearing about Willie Mays wearing a baseball hat which didn’t fit properly just so it would fly off his head while he was running.
      Sure enough, I just did a search and came up with the following……

      “It was one of Willie Mays’ trademarks. As the player would tear around the bases or run down a fly ball in center field, his cap would fly off his head, presumably powerless to hang on in the face of the gale-like wind generated by his almost superhuman speed.

      Only, the hat-flying wasn’t exactly as spontaneous as it seemed. It was planned.

      Mays would instruct the team’s equipment manager, Eddie Logan, to give him a cap that was a size too small, almost guaranteeing the headwear was going to become unstuck from his head.

      Mays did it simply to add drama.

      “People like that,” the legend says in the new book, “24: Life Stories and Lessons from the Say Hey Kid” (St. Martin’s Press), out now. “They want to see the hat fall off. No problem. I go back, pick it up, and put it back on.”

  2. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Just to change the discussion a bit. Just for once. . .

    Just imagine if we end up becoming sellers. Imagine the trade pieces we have. I would imagine the entire starting lineup is eligible. I would say McLain and Friedl are off limits. After that, it would just depend on how many go. I definitely don’t get rid of everyone.

    And, for what? PITCHING!!!

    • JA

      Balance is the word for me. Need o score 1 more run at the end of the game. Am I being simplistic? Maybe, but i think iam not.

      Imho, We are seeing different baseball from last year. The change of rules have changed the game a bit, making it more dynamic. Said that , some pitchers are struggling, many of them from all the teams are in the IL, notoriously, the dodgers…

      The team who adapted better to the new rules (i.e i think they play in favor of base stealing) will have the chance to get better results.

    • Votto4life

      So, you would trade Elly De La Cruz??

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Depends upon what the other team is willing to give up.

      • Pete

        Never, Cruz puts fannys in the seats. It is imperative to the team’s financial wellbeing.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Winning was putting people in seats before Elly ever got here.

    • jmb

      Trade EDLC? Wait, lemmie tink…er, NO! India and Diaz would go first.

  3. Soto

    The more I watch, the more I am convinced that baseball has drastically changed. I believe the way forward for the Reds is to lock up their “key” position players and keep trying to develop quality arms in the farm system. I think spending big chunks of your payroll on starting pitching is a mistake small markets can’t afford. For whatever reason starting pitchers just don’t seem to stay healthy. Most starting pitchers are not effective the third time through the order. The poster child for my beliefs is Hunter Greene. So why swim upstream. The Reds need to rethink their pitching strategy. Take notes from the Rays. Start using openers. Carry more relievers and fewer starters. Invest in your awesome, young position players and start a new dynasty.

    • Rick

      Soto, I’ve had those same thoughts about 4 starters & an extra reliever and your other points – but that extra releiver should be one to lighten the load on Diaz. I think that they are using the Rays model to an extend.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Agreed. Just don’t run relievers for 1 inning each. If you have fewer starters, your relievers have to be going 2-3 innings at a time, at least some of them.

      I thought this Boddy character was suppose to have integrated some things that was going to be developing our minor league pitching where we would be seeing results by now. I just don’t see the results.

      • Rick

        I agree Steve. Multiple innings and not pulling a guy after 6, 8, 10 pitches to end an inning – run him back out there. We’ve had those guys before like Sullivan, Weathers.
        I wonder if the Boddy model has any thing to do with our injuries?

      • BK

        As to bullpen usage, it comes down to having the right pitchers to have multi-inning relief outings. When a pitcher throws multiple innings, he’s likely unavailable the next day. So, if you have a great closer like Diaz, you should limit his multiple-inning outings so he is available most nights. This strategy has led to the Reds winning more than their fair share of close games thus far. The same logic applies to key set-up pitchers that form the bridge from starter to closer.

        The Reds used to use Mike Lorenzen a lot in the multi-inning role. He effectively covered a couple of innings every three days or so. If he returns from injury, Tejay Antone is another pitcher who could be used in this role. Perhaps Santillan as well. Its also a good way to break in a young starter, but with a depleted rotation, those options are starting.

        It’s a great strategy, but right now, the Reds are trying to maximize the availability of Diaz, Sims, Farmer, and Young. After Gibaut, there’s a dropoff in talent to the lower-leverage pitchers. The results haven’t been good when Bell has given them multi-inning opportunities. It only makes sense to have the worst pitchers on the team covering multiple innings if the game ‘appears’ lopsided.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Exactly. Like something I talked about before, I was wondering what ever happened to the “long man out of the pen”. The guy ready to give 2-4 innings, or more, if the starter had to exit earlier.

      • greenmtred

        Well, Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft and Abbot. Two injured and one struggling, but all loaded with promise. Supposedly the upcoming draft is loaded with high-end position players and fewer stand-out pitchers.

  4. Rick

    It would be easier to get a couple of acquisition relievers without selling our farm out.
    Ideally, one like a Chapman level guy, or a tick down from Chapman that could help with saves & not use Diaz back to back days. No multiple innings for Diaz. Dog days of tired arms period is up on us.
    Cruz could be a multiple innings guy. Santillian once built up and conditioned to help. Lively when he returns
    Dump the 3rd catcher and add a rp, and a 5th starter to gain another rp until Green and Lodolo returns.
    It’ll never happen, but good to bring up for discussion.

    • BK

      Teams are limited to 13 pitchers, so dumping the third catcher won’t help the pitching staff.

      • Rick

        I had forgotten about that, a tad late.

    • jmb

      Chapman’s now with TX, a better fit for him–that team is full of high end vets. They’ll probably extend him. Reds will have to go for Hader. Wouldn’t it be great to use Hader against the Brewers!

  5. Rick

    I just got my Elly t-shirt in the mail. It’s cool. I’m 67, so I don’t wear jerseys.
    It’s Red incolor… front loaded with Elly & Reds content with a plain back.
    I debated myself about getting one of Elly, McLain or Steer. I live in Braves country and I wanted an attention getter & this shirt is tasteful & will get some looks to see who is that player? Lol
    I don’t know if Doug allows posting the site or not.