The NL Central first place Cincinnati Reds meet the Orioles tonight in the rubber match of their current 3-game set at Camden Yards in Baltimore.  It is June 28th and the Reds are in first place. Who among us would have thought this was possible as recently as even a month ago?

Starting Lineups


SP: Luke Weaver


SP: Kyle Gibson

1. T.J. Friedl (CF)
2. Matt McLain (SS)
3. Jonathan India (2B)
4. Elly De La Cruz (3B)
5. Jake Fraley (RF)
6. Joey Votto (DH)
7. Spencer Steer (1B)
8. Tyler Stephenson (C)
9. Will Benson (LF)
1. Cedric Mullins II (CF)
2. Adley Rutschman (C)
3. Anthony Santander (RF)
4. Ryan O’Hearn (1B)
5. Austin Hays (LF)
6. Gunnar Henderson (SS)
7. Aaron Hicks (DH)
8. Jordan Westburg (3B)
9. Adam Frazier (2B)

Spencer Steer must be wondering what it takes to get elevated to higher than seventh in the batting order.

Starting Pitchers

Luke Weaver starts for the Reds tonight versus Kyle Gibson of the Orioles

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Luke Weaver (R) 60.1 6.86 1.591 6.6% 19.3%
Kyle Gibson (R) 92.0 4.30 1.337 7.8% 17.8%
Links: Luke Weaver’s Stats | Kyle Gibson’s Stats

Luke Weaver

Luke Weaver makes is 13th start of the season tonight for the Reds. He was late joining the rotation due to an injury during spring training. However since making his first appearance on April 20, he has answered the call every time his turn came up.

Weaver’s numbers and results don’t look great; and, truth be told if it weren’t for injuries to other Reds starting pitchers, it is doubtful he would still be in the rotation. To borrow an old advertising phrase, Weaver takes a licking but keeps on ticking. Yet incredibly, the Reds have won the last 5 games Weaver started and are 7-5 overall in his starts.


RHH 159 49 13 1 9 7 36 .329 .365 .611
LHH 115 29 9 0 5 11 17 .282 .348 .515

Weaver has reverse splits for what that is worth given even his better side has an .863 OPS against him. The bottom line is he gets hit often and hard from both sides. Most likely the only thing saving him from total disaster is his relatively low BB rate.

Pitch Usage

4 Seam Cutter Curve Change
Velo 94.0 86.6 85.9 82.0
Usage 44.5% 18.2% 13.4% 23.8%

Kyle Gibson

Kyle Gibson makes his 16th start of the season and 277th overall MLB start tonight. Gibson has had a long career as an MLB starter by being  solidly reliable year in and year out. And yes, this just another way of saying he has had good years and bad years; but, overall his career stats look very average. The O’s have lost 3 of his last 5 starts. However only one of them, his most recent versus the Mariners, was a clearly poor outing.

Gibson’s best year came in 2021 which was split between the Rangers and Phillies via a trade deadline deal.  Gibson is in his first season with the Orioles after signing as a free agent following the 2022 season.


RHH 185 43 5 2 4 13 34 .256 .308 .381
LHH 202 50 14 2 4 17 35 .250 .340 .447

Gibson’s splits are neutral for batting average; but, leftie hitters are better at OBP and slugging  against him. Lefties have nearly triple the righties’ hitters total of doubles in only 17 more plate appearances.

Pitch Usage 

4 Seam Sinker Cutter Change Curve Slider
Velo 92.8 92.1 90.0 85.4 79.5 81.7
Usage 13.4% 25.6% 17.5% 18.0 8.3% 17.2%

Gibson succeeds by mixing pitches to keep batters guessing and off balance. He throws three fastball variations, all at approximately the same speed. In total they account for nearly 56% of pitches.  He can work his slider and change off each other in the mid 80’s and has his curve to get batters jumping out of their shoes.



Once again Andrew Abbott came through to help the bullpen by posting 6 solid innings of work. When the pen got the call, the A Team trio of Lucas Sims, Buck Farmer, and Alexis Diaz all saw an inning’s worth of action.  Sims threw 26 pitches, Diaz 20, and Farmer just 13. Farmer and Diaz were working on 2 days rest, Sims on 3. With an off day coming Thursday, perhaps they all will have at least limited availability tonight.


Cionel Pérez and Bryan Baker have worked consecutive nights. Both Pérez and Baker have total pitch counts of over 30 for the two nights’ work and figure to be unavailable tonight. Bruce Zimmerman threw 41 pitches on Monday and may also be unavailable.

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:05pm ET
  • Where: Camden Yards
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 80°, some clouds, negligible chance of rain

NL Central Standings

TEAM W/L      %    GB WCGB Last 10
Reds 42-38   .525      –     – 7-3
Brewers 41-38   .519   0.5   3.5 6-4
Cubs 37-40   .481   3.5   6.5 7-3
Pirates 36-42   .462   5.0   8.0 2-8
Cardinals 33-45   .423   8.0  11.0 6-4

News Worth Noting

Right-hander Derek Law’s rehab assignment has been elevated to AAA Louisville. Some pitchers on the Reds DFA merry go round cleared waivers and have been outrighted to Louisville. We have all the details in detail here.

Here is a look at Reds starting pitching woes from outside our regular circles.

Jim’s Thought of the Day

The Reds victory Tuesday was a tough (and pardon the word) gritty effort to start climbing back onto the horse after 3 losses. Hopefully they will pull themselves all the way back into the saddle tonight as ahead loom the Padres and Swifties descending on Cincinnati this weekend.

521 Responses

  1. Dennis Westrick

    About last night! I call it the “Miracle in Maryland”! What miracle you ask? A Reds starting pitcher actually pitched more than 5 innings and gave up less than 5 runs!

    Truly a gutty performance by Abbott!

    Let’s hope that Dream Weaver can match, or exceed, that performance tonight!

    Go Reds! Let’s win the series and stay in 1st place!

  2. LDS

    Maybe tonight is when Weaver turns the corner. Otherwise it’s going to be ugly.

    • Mike Adams

      Maybe not, if the hitters can score 9 or 10 runs. Here’s hoping anyway.
      I hope Weaver turns the corner tonight (or at least goes 5 and allows 3 or less).
      Go Reds! Take it to them.

      • J

        “Turns the corner” implies making steady improvement. Weaver might pitch well tonight, but there’s absolutely nothing to suggest he’s about to turn any corners. He pitched brilliantly (at least as far as the results would suggest) on May 25 against the Cardinals, then was mediocre in his next start on May 31, and has been horrible since then. He’s been awful for three years and has really only had a couple of good years in his career. A good result from him is much more likely to be random good luck than any kind corner being turned. I can’t believe the Reds are sticking with him when they have a viable option in AAA right now and are fighting for first place.

  3. Melvin

    “Spencer Steer must be wondering what it takes to get elevated to higher than seventh in the batting order.”

    CES is saying, “Don’t complain to me. At least you’re up and playing”. lol 🙂

    • Mike Adams

      Well, Steer must play 9 or 10 years and become a gritty veteran. Then he will get moved up.

    • Harry Stoner

      I don’t necessarily mind Steer hitting lower in the order, to have a good RBI producer down there, but preferably with higher OBP hitters in front of him.

      Still, I’d prefer him at #3 over India there, which doesn’t seem to be working.

    • Andy

      Great thing is… 8 of 9 guys in lineup with OPS >.750 and 7 of 9 >.800. You can make a case that India should be moved down, but that is a sign of extreme lineup quality and not a knock on India.

  4. Melvin

    I will say this lineup tonight, not necessarily the order, is probably the best David Bell can put out there with the guys currently on the 26 man. Now just add CES, make Stephenson either catch or sit, and let the other nine rotate out every 8/9 games and you’ve made the team a whole lot stronger with a stronger bench.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Agree in part! Still would prefer India in the leadoff spot!

      • Melvin

        “not necessarily the order” 😉

  5. J

    I would love for Weaver to throw a 9 inning shutout, and sometimes weird things do happen, but there’s no rational reason for him to be starting this game instead of Brett Kennedy. Sometimes this organization acts like it’s ready to start winning even if it means having to eat some sunk costs, and other times it still acts like the organization that couldn’t admit Mike Minor was a terrible mistake.

    • Melvin

      Kennedy starting tonight in Louisville.

      • Melvin

        Gave up no runs in the first. Let’s hope Weaver can match. 🙂

      • J

        Kennedy has the kind of minor league stats that would normally merit an opportunity to pitch in the majors even for a team that *isn’t* desperate for starting pitching, but the Reds are going with Weaver because he’s the guy they decided was worth $2 million and Kennedy isn’t. This organization just can’t get out of its own way.

    • VaRedsFan

      David Peterson of the Mets 8.08 ERA.
      Earned runs, previous five games: 6,4,4,7,6

      Threw 6 shutout innings vs. the Brewers yesterday.

      So I’m saying there’s a chance!!

    • Dennis Westrick

      Minor was a Major mistake!

  6. Melvin

    CES – 1B Hitting 3rd
    Marte – 3B Hitting 5th
    Barrero – SS Hitting 7th
    Fairchild – LF Hitting leadoff


    • Jason Franklin

      That is a pretty legit lineup for the Bats. Their rotation though.. my god… they better be scoring 12 runs a game.

      • Chris

        Is it though? Top two are great, bottom two are at best AAAA players.

      • Jason Franklin

        You have to look at what the other guys in their lineup are doing. Yes, it is AAA, but we are talking about AAA stats. Ramos, Robinson, Hopkins added to the above players make a pretty good AAA lineup.

  7. Melvin

    Watching Marte tonight. He is a big muscular guy. Definitely doesn’t look like a SS. Looks like a corner infielder/outfielder.

    • CI3J

      He bulked up considerably. I was shocked when I saw him in ST.

      • Jim Walker

        Yeah. “Scouts” have been saying he will or has outgrown SS and maybe even 3B and end up a corner OF

  8. Mark Moore

    I probably need to go put on my new hat before first pitch … 😛

    Pig Kicking Time!!!

    • Melvin

      Yeah. That would PROBABLY help. 😉

    • Mark Moore

      And the shirt since it didn’t get laundered today … my wife won’t even ask.

      • Melvin

        Get your money’s worth right? 🙂

  9. Chris

    I would swap Steer and India. India has no business batting 3rd, 4th, or 5th.

      • Chris

        Just because we said that though, India will go off tonight. 🙂

    • Indy Red Man

      When India hit the big HR in Houston that gave him 7 Hrs and 21 Rbis in 22 games. Don’t get me wrong, Steer has definitely outproduced him, but these are humans with their career & egos to deal with. They’re not robots. Maybe India should be leadoff vs lefties and 7th vs righties, but Bell will sort it out. This isn’t Stratomatic

      • Friedl Green Tomatoes

        > Bell will sort it out.

        You must be basing that opinion on a trove of information to which I’m not privy.

  10. Indy Red Man

    Snell goes tonight so we’ll miss him and SD also plays tomorrow while we rest up. Same thing worked in our favor with Houston & Atlanta.

    Tonight I doubled up with both teams score 3+ (-145). Steer made it a winner on Monday and cashed Abbott yesterday. Both lineups feel like they’re too much for these pitchers so lets get some runs!

  11. VaRedsFan

    India is .216 RISP
    I’m still a believer in him for the future though.

  12. Mark Moore

    YIKES!!!! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone get hit in the gut that way.

  13. Melvin

    India took it in the ribs. Hope he’s not hurt.

    • Mark Moore

      Looked like the gut. Just below the ribs.

  14. Bet on red

    I like winning streaks, will settle for series victories.

  15. Melvin

    De La Cruz with the RBI hit…I guess we’ll keep him. 😉

    • Jim Walker

      That was actually a decent pitcher’s pitch to EDLC. He hit it well down on the bat and just muscled it through.

    • friedl Green Tomatoes

      Elly definitely looked better tonight than he has the last 3. I’m sure some of that had to do with batting lefty, but he was putting balls in play, which is a recipe for success when you’ve got his speed. I’d love to see him in the lead off spot, doing what he did to open the 9th and setting the table for McClain, Fraley, Steer and CES (I’m manifesting).

      • Melvin

        He should add bunting to his many weapons.

  16. J

    Just need another 8-10 runs to start feeling good about this one.

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah, putting a crooked number on the board ahead of Weaver taking the mound is a bear fattening up for winter.

  17. Melvin

    Man. That was NOT a strike to Votto.

    • J

      I heard it was an “elevated strike.”

  18. Mark Moore

    Slow roller and Joey hustled enough to make it work. I like this start.

  19. Melvin

    Speedy Votto legs it out to first and avoids the DP. 🙂 RBI

  20. DataDumpster

    Just to proffer a little update for those who are missing a certain commentator, the Bally Sports Cincinnati twitter has announced that Annie Sabo has delivered (in the fullest sense of the word).
    Our loss is of no comparison to the couple’s gain and we wish all the best to them and the continuation of Annie’s career if and when they decide it is appropriate to resume.

    • Mark Moore

      Thanks for that update. Wishing Annie all the best. I’m sure Grandpa Spuds is over the moon.

  21. LarkinPhillips

    I’d like to which team has the most 25+ pitch innings against them. It seems like the Reds constantly have pitchers that have to throw 25+ pitches against them. I love the way this team grinds.

  22. Melvin

    Man. Another high strike to Stephenson.

    • VaRedsFan

      I always wondered, for tall players…Ty, Elly, Joey….how come the box isn’t a few inches taller. Do the change the zone size in AAA for taller players?

  23. Mark Moore

    OK, Luke. They boys spotted you a nice lead. Just focus on the hitters and git-er-done!!

  24. Matt McWax

    OK Weaver, if you give up more than 1 run this inning, you will be punched in the tender vittles.

  25. Mario

    TySteve is having a tough year but it’s way too early to give up on him. He was one of the Reds better hitters before the injury.

    • Matt McWax

      Definitely agree here. Sometimes I would like to see him alternate some more aggressive plate appearances. He’s a good hitter with pop who sprays the ball well but I feel like he’s letting the pitchers shape the at-bats. They should fear him. Maybe the injury plays into it but it’s part psychological.

    • friedl Green Tomatoes

      Agreed. But he has no business DHing. Not when CES is spinning his tires down in Louisville. CES should be our starting 1B/DH, splitting time with Joey and Spencer.

  26. Mark Moore

    Elly at short with MattyMc at 2B (and India at 3B) probably gets an out there.

  27. J

    Better get someone up in the bullpen before this one gets out of hand.

  28. GPod

    Weaver will need about 3 runs about every inning for the reds to have a chance in this game

  29. Dennis Westrick

    Good grief Weaver! You get spotted a 3-run lead and that’s how you start the 1st inning?

  30. VaRedsFan

    Probably not turning 2 on that anyway

  31. Mark Moore

    Cement mixer to O’Hearn. But at least he’s throwing strikes.

  32. GPod

    Weaver gets 2 strikes, then starts nibbling till he has to throw a pitch right down the middle of the plate or he walks the guy….never fails, good god

  33. Steve Schoenbaechler

    And, this is why Weaver wasn’t in the majors at the beginning of the season.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Hahaha. . .Welsh just talked of how Weaver wasn’t attacking the KZone. How about Weaver simply can’t throw a strike?

  34. Mark A Verticchio

    The way this is going this has to be Weavers last start, anybody would be better.

    • Ted Alfred

      Anybody would be better and it’s flat out amazing that they won’t give anybody else a chance, watching this game after game after game.

      What I truly don’t understand is Weaver gets absolutely slaughtered every first inning and then he seems to settle down a little bit through the about the fifth inning, so why won’t David Bell use an opener for him in the first inning so that he comes in in the middle of the lineup versus the top of the lineup. It seems like a simple thing that might help… and it can’t be worse so what do you have to lose???

  35. J

    Really cannot believe Weaver is starting a game for a team fighting for first place when there are pitchers in the minors who might actually not stink.

  36. Ted Alfred

    I’ve never seen a starter who consistently pitches so poorly ahead in the count 0-2 or 1-2…it is mind numbingly consistent. When you look at how truly terrible this starting rotation currently is it is a freaking miracle the reds are still above water

    • Hanawi

      This seems like something that happens across the Reds’ pitching staff and I can’t believe it is a coincidence.

  37. Melvin

    Bases loaded one out. What could possibly go wrong? 🙂

    • Melvin

      Maybe clearing the bases. Well, Weaver has given up his usual four runs in the first.

  38. Matt McWax

    Like “Family Matters”, this show doesn’t get any better in reruns.

  39. Mark Moore

    And they respond with a 3-spot. Get the batter so we can focus on an 8-inning game.

    • Mark Moore

      Wait a minute … I missed a run. And then THAT happens as well. May lose that challenge.

  40. GPod

    Even Weaver himself has to wonder why he’s still in the major leagues….I know I can’t figure it out

  41. LT

    Got ahead 2 strikes and just could not put hitters away. Threw away pitches with the cutters and then forced to throw a strike and threw a fastball right down Broadway. TS is not calling good pitch sequence

    • Hanawi

      Three batters this inning were 0-2 and all three got on base. One other was 1-2 and got on base. Just has no “out” pitch.

  42. Bet on red

    I mean can we not find anyone better? Anyone?

    • Melvin

      Kennedy is pitching in the fifth and only given up a two run homer.

  43. Doc

    I recall having stated that the previous start should have been Weaver’s last. I stand by that statement.

  44. Melvin

    Meantime down on the farm Marte has his first AAA hit. 🙂

  45. Reddawg2012

    I need to start waiting an hour or so after the start time to turn on the game on the nights that Luke Weaver pitches. It’s just too painful.

    • LT

      It is painful. He has the pitches to put hitters away but for whatever reason he makes bad pitches when it counts.

      • Ted Alfred

        He has to be completely mentally shell-shocked and just gone at this point

  46. Mark Moore

    OK, that helps. Finish off Westburg and go back to work.

  47. LarkinPhillips

    Does weaver have options to the minors? Something has to give before his next start, either demote or DFA. This is awful.

  48. LDS

    Steak Weaver to a 3-0 lead and gone before the 2nd out.

  49. Steve Schoenbaechler

    It was a pretty good slide. But, I felt it was an out.

  50. Doc

    Time to invoke the 35 pitch per inning limit and send Weaver off the roster.

  51. Ted Alfred

    I almost feel bad for Weaver at this point. It’s got to be really hard for him to be in that Dugout and on these plane rides and everything else knowing that you are letting the team down so badly every single time you pitch. This is why they should have kept Wynne up here… he’s the kind of guy who can throw three or four Innings when this kind of s*** happens.

  52. LarkinPhillips

    Weaver has faced 9 batter and thrown 40 pitches. Walked the bases loaded. Why is a pitcher just now getting up?

  53. Mark Moore

    OK, it’s an 8-inning game and we spotted them a run. We beat the Bravos after spotting them 5, so this should be a piece of cake, right?

    • Ted Alfred

      And we got the day off tomorrow so all hands on deck in the bullpen ASAP

  54. Votto4life

    It’s like having a complete rotation full of Mike Minors.

  55. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I’m afraid this might be Weaver’s last start for the Reds. We might be seeing Phillips up next. I mean, Phillips can’t be worse that this guy, can he?

  56. Melvin

    Well. Like I said last night. Why not just spot them four runs in Weaver’s starts? Save the bullpen. 🙂

  57. LT

    His change up is quite effective but somehow it’s not used. His cutter is terrible and he threw a ton of them. The catcher and coaches need to help with with game strategy

  58. Indy Red Man

    I’m going to completely stand by garbage….and add gutless. Throw your change up over the plate with 2 strikes. Game after game?
    Get off my team. Do not pass go

  59. Ted Alfred

    Look at the ERA’s W/L records and innings pitched of the Cubs starters compared to the Reds rotation and it is a freaking miracle that we are where we are in the standings vs where the Cubs are. It just shows you how much talent we have on the field outside of the starting rotation.

  60. Jason Franklin

    Pretty bad when Mike Minor sounds better then Weaver. Where the heck is Kennedy? Oh yeah, starting in AAA tonight. Sounds like the starters tonight should have been flipped.

    • Ted Alfred

      Stoudt stuff is way better than Weaver’s and I would much rather take my chances with him going forward…so if nothing else Stoudt needs to replace him in the rotation and Weaver needs to be gone. Of course I would guess the Reds management has got to be so shell-shocked by how terrible the rotation is and how many injuries we’ve had lately that they’re probably afraid to make that move because they can keep Stoudt in AAA for a while

      • Redgoggles

        Stoudt is in the rotation too? Lucky us.

  61. Redgoggles

    Clearly its because Stephenson’s catching.

    • Redgoggles

      I’m (un)impressived with how far he misses the catchers frame. By 1-2 feet, and stuff is running in the middle. Unacceptable, especially so regularly in pitchers counts. I’m ready to try another option.

      10 may not be enough tonight.

      • Ted Alfred

        That’s what I was saying earlier, when he gets ahead in the account the next two or three pitches are so far off of the plate that you give up the advantage of being ahead in the count because nobody would ever swing at those pitches and then he serves it up right over the middle like batting practice. His strkies are 80% over the middle of the plate he is hardly ever hitting the black

    • BigBill

      Actually, I think you might be in to something. He is awful at framing pitches. So many borderline pitches that pitchers don’t get when his catching but seem to always get when Cassali catches. Not to mention he is the only guy on the team that hits a ground ball and doesn’t run at full speed to first.

  62. Pharmer85

    Says a lot about the state of the Reds’ starters when they have to keep running Weaver out there

  63. GreatRedLegsFan

    After tonight’s game there’re 10 games remaining until the ASG. With only one starting pitchers doing the work it’s hard to envision how the Reds will overcome the other eight games with Ashcraft, Stoudt, Weaver and Williamson all struggling big time.

  64. Melvin

    Benson hitting well after we left him for dead.

  65. Reddawg2012

    I know everyone said this during his last outing against the Braves, but Luke Weaver cannot make another start for this team. I don’t care who or what it is, they have to try something else.

    • Melvin

      How many times is it going to be his “last start”? 🙂

    • Chris

      Why? They always win when he pitches. 🙂

  66. Mark Moore

    Ball 3 to Friedl … count now 2-2

    And he makes them pay anyway 😀

  67. Mark Moore

    OK, India. Time to come off the schneid now.

    • Ted Alfred

      India’s been really poor offensively and defensively since the Houston series.

      And right on cue Weaver starting to pitch a little better in the 2nd inning, so seeing this 1st inning train wreck over and over and over why wouldn’t Bell try an opener with him if he’s going to start Weaver again, which I am sure he will because I don’t think they’ll change this rotation until they get to the all-star break. He’ll probably get two more starts so what do you have to lose. Then his first inning is against 5-6-7-8-9 etc instead of the top of the order and maybe he can get through things a little better,

  68. Melvin

    RBI for Friedl! 2-2! That man is L…..? JB

  69. Melvin

    If it wasn’t for EDLC we would be talking about McLain as a superstar.

    • MCT

      Benson would be a bigger story too. He’s turned it around big time.

    • VaRedsFan

      I checked…we’re allowed to have more than 1. 3-4 potentially.

      • Melvin

        Yeah except for De La Cruz being in a category all by himself that no one else has ever been in. lol

  70. MCT

    The Reds regained the lead but I’d say the odds of Weaver giving it right back to the O’s is north of 90%.

  71. J

    I’ve seen slow-pitch softball games with better pitching than this.

    • Mark Moore

      I’ve personally pitched slow-pitch with better outcomes.

  72. GPod

    Like I said before, 3 runs per inning by the Reds will do

  73. Harry Stoner

    Trade Fraley? 😉

    Those splits of his…..

  74. Melvin

    This Reds lineup is pretty good tonight.

  75. AMDG

    Weaver and Ashcraft are in a good battle for worst Reds starting pitcher this season.

    Ashcraft lost to Minor last year, but this season he probably has it in him to fend off Williamson and Weaver.

    Although Weaver is doing what he can today to make sure he stays in the running for that title.

    • Optimist

      Ashcraft had several good starts. Weaver?

      • AMDG

        The past 2 seasons Ashcraft had phenomenal starts for a handful of games, but was then otherwise awful.

        Whereas Weaver has been consistently below average.

  76. Redbone

    Deep breath.
    Weaver will find his groove and go 6 only giving up 1 run going forward. I feel It!

  77. LDS

    Looks like it’s going to be a long night. Time for Weaver to start pitching and go 7.

  78. Mark Moore

    Need an easier inning from whoever takes the bump.

    I made a comment the other day about how teams “in the olden days” had a designated long reliever/spot starter capable of handling 5 innings when the situation called for it. The entire pitching mindset today still baffles me more than a little bit. And the more the injuries pile up, the more it baffles me.

  79. Nelson Arblaster

    Is Bell overly loyal to our veteran players or is this a characteristic of most MLB coaches? Example, Benson or Steer should be batting 3rd and India and Votto should be playing further down in the order or even benched.

    • J

      While Bell is definitely overly loyal to veterans, Votto currently has the highest OPS in the starting lineup, and is hitting against a righty. I think I’d have him in the game also.

      • Nelson Arblaster

        What about India? Why is he guaranteed to hit 3rd every night and a shoe-in at 2nd?

    • J

      That’s where the loyalty comes into play. I complained about this earlier today.

    • Friedl Green Tomatoes

      Bell has done nothing to dissuade me from believing that, in most cases, he doesn’t have a clue. But I agree 100%. EDLC/Friedl/McClain/Steer/Fraley or Benson. Slot CES in at 3 or 4 if management ever decides to field the best team possible and bring him up. The last 3/4 spots can be whichever catcher is playing and some combination of Votto/Newman/Senzel/India.

  80. Melvin

    Well Kennedy has given up four runs in five innings so far so he’s ahead of Weaver. 🙂

  81. J

    Cy Weaver out there in the second inning!

  82. Mark Moore

    Clean, quick inning. Let’s keep pressing while we’ve got them against the ropes. Send another 8 guys to the plate.

  83. GPod

    Weaver needs to have someone else start his games, then he come in on the 2nd inning

    • MCT

      The opener is definitely a concept that needs to be brought back to these Cincinnati Reds. At least temporarily while they get their rotation sorted out. Except when Abbott starts.

  84. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Nice 1-2-3 inning there in the 2nd inning. I didn’t recognize that reliever. Who was it?

  85. Bet on red

    And then a 1-2-3, where was this last year.

    • Bet on red

      Inning I mean, but we needed more of those last year

  86. LT

    He threw more change up, more curve, and his stable 4 seamer. No cutter at all. 3 up and 3 down inning.

  87. MCT

    Hey! A 1-2-3 inning for Weaver. Now just do that 4-5 more times.

  88. Harry Stoner

    Have we seen this before from “Dream” Weaver?
    Gets pummeled in the 1st, does the tighten up for the 2nd and / or 3rd.
    Then gets pummeled again.

    Someone here suggested a ‘starter’ for him for inning one.

    For all the hijinks and ‘managing’ switcheroos Bell enjoys, I’m disappointed he hasn’t given it a try.

    • Ted Alfred

      And it really does seem that Weaver is so much better once he gets to the second inning for usually three or four innings so what do you have to lose? Why wouldn’t you try something that might fix his horrendous starts where he digs a hole for the Reds right out of the gate every time he pitches.

  89. MCT

    This umpire is being quite generous on these edge strikes.

    • Mark Moore

      That’s putting it mildly. Will be interesting to see if the zone grows like it did last night as the game progresses.

  90. J

    I guess this is going to be yet another of Weaver’s outings where people will be saying “he was actually pretty good aside from the one or two innings where he gave up all the runs.”

  91. MCT

    You gotta ask yourself what is going to get India out of his funk. He seems to be on a downward trend as of late. Not what we need in the 3 hole. I’d rather see Steer there.

    • Mark Moore

      He just looks exhausted. That gut-punch HBP didn’t help tonight.

      • Jim Walker

        Yeah he is probably hurting in ways and too an extent they do not want to acknowledge. It is not like they could McLain to 2b, EDLC to SS and bring up CES if India needed to go onto the IL 😉

  92. Ted Alfred

    I really think Bell should move India back to lead-off because I think he’s a better hitter in that spot mentally…he’s definitely not a three-hitter. I would just move Friedl down to two and McClain certainly deserves to be the three hitter based on his entire body of work since he was called up.

    Put Steer in front of Votto and leave the rest of it alone for a while and see how that goes, but India can’t be hitting three and he’s really not a three-hitter even when he’s going good. But McClain looks like a heck of a 3 to me.

    • Chris

      India should be hitting 6th. No way do I move Friedl or McLain down. India has NEVER hit as good as either of those two guys, so why put him at the top?

  93. J

    Two things I would sure like to see Reds’ hitters stop doing with two strikes:

    a) Striking out on check swings
    b) Striking out on called strikes

    In the olden days, players were asked to shorten their swings and swing at anything close. In today’s days, there seem to be no expectations.

  94. Melvin

    10 in a row for Weaver. smh Crazy – Seriously, give him an opener.

    • Doc

      What makes anyone think that if he starts his evening pitching the second inning he will pitch well? It would still be his first inning of pitching. If he can prepare to pitch the second as his first inning, then he should be able to prepare to pitch the first inning as his first inning. This discussion about a starter followed by Weaver as a solution strains credibility for the assumptions it makes.

  95. LT

    1-2-3 inning but I am still mad because he threw a first pitcher cutter to Frazier for a ball. TS cannot call for a cutter the rest of the game. Curve, change up, and 4 seamer for 2 more innings and that’s it.

    • Mark Moore

      By a stellar play. He was thinking he had snuck one down the line.

  96. Mark Moore

    Y’all know I listen to the WLW audio feed, so I don’t expect to hear explanations of stuff they show from around the park. But what was up with showing the O’s booth for so long and who was that they were interviewing?

      • Mark Moore

        The guy in the dark sweatshirt? Looked way younger than Palmer.

  97. Mark Moore

    Oh, and the 10-day forecast indicates a trip to DC for the Wednesday and Thursday games might be my best option. Still looking like rain Monday afternoon.

  98. J

    Was just looking at the Mets/Brewers box score and noticed Miley was lifted after just 4 innings and 74 pitches, so I assume he’s having some sort of issue. But what really caught my eye is that he was called for a pitch clock violation. Someone must have made a fortune if they placed a bet on that.

    • Mark Moore


      Miley was a human pitch clock before the pitch clock.

      • Mark Moore

        Just a medium pop-up. But Bell has seen enough anyway.

  99. Ted Alfred

    This is also following Weaver’s pattern where he’ll pitch two or three good Innings after the stinker in the 1st and then he’ll get bombed again. Bell better be ready to take him out here in a jiffy because he looks like he might be getting ready to implode again. And just as I was typing that he pulled him which I think was the right decision

    • MBS

      I wonder if Weaver could fit into the last spot on the pen. After we have enough healthy arms to cover the rotation. If not, we could still DFA him.

      • Melvin

        Weaver would be a perfect LONG MAN. This team needs one.

      • Mark Moore

        +500 for you and +500 for Melvin.

  100. Bet on red

    Actually not horrible by weaver in the end

    • Ted Alfred

      Nope…and that’s what’s so maddening about it. Sometimes he can actually look decent, but he just appears to be unable to mentally settle down in the first inning against the top of the order until the game gets into a rhythm and then he usually settles down. His bigger problem over and over when he’s getting bombed and pitching really poorly is when he’s ahead in the count, which he consistently does when things aren’t working. He literally pitches like he’s afraid to throw it anywhere near the strike zone when he’s ahead in the count and then he’ll serve one up belt high right down the middle.

    • Doc

      Not horrible? His in game ERA was 8.3. In what universe is that not bad?

  101. Nelson Arblaster

    India shows his elite fielding skills.

  102. Mark Moore

    Steer may have made a spectacular play there … we’ll see if the NYC Chumpires see it that way. Definitely a bang-bang play.

  103. Melvin

    I can see where it would be beneficial to switch India from second and put McLain there. A good second basemen would have made that play.

  104. Mark Moore

    Caught a huge break there. Nice job by the eyes in the skies asking for that challenge.

  105. Mark Moore

    Way to bear down by Young. He did his part. Now get back to the Crooked Number Parade, please.

  106. J

    That was one of Bell’s best innings of the season.

    • Mark Moore

      Pulled all the right levers at the right time. And you know I’m not a member of the HDTBell fan club.

      • J

        I’m trying very hard to notice the smart moves.

  107. MBS

    AAA they got 2 hits against Law, but no runs. I guess you could say they fought the Law and the Law won.

    • Harry Stoner

      There ought to be a law that someone makes that joke every time they are referencing Law.

      • MBS

        No, serious though, I’m getting excited for Law to come back, Him and Duarte will give the pen some length,

  108. GPod

    Big spot for Elly here….could be a hit that would win this series….let’s hope

    • Mark Moore

      I’d settle for getting on base. Or not doing that check-swing on a garbage pitch inside.

      • J

        A couple innings ago I suggested the Reds should stop striking out on check swings. With two strikes, either swing or don’t swing. When will they start listening to me?

      • Mark Moore

        Somebody’s got to teach him to recognize/anticipate that garbage.

  109. GPod

    I’m just not impressed with Elly from the right side

  110. J

    Is it possible Elly isn’t actually a switch-hitter and nobody has noticed he’s accidentally hitting from the right side sometimes?

  111. Mark A Verticchio

    EDLC is really struggling, I think Bell needs to move him down in the order say 6th or 7th.

    • Harry Stoner

      I never understood the instant promotion to cleanup.

      But I often can’t figure out what Bell does with his lineups.

    • Friedl Green Tomatoes

      Not a very popular opinion in these parts, but I agree. He’s not reliable enough to bat cleanup. Put him at leadoff and let him jumpstart the offense with his wheels, or move him to the bottom third of the order and let the more consistent hitters take advantage of Friedl and McClain’s production.

  112. bug

    Elly strikes out WAY TOO MUCH!!! Rally killer. Almost automatic. Worse than Suarez. Need to move him down to the end of the line-up. Jmo.

    • Friedl Green Tomatoes

      Something something “but he was player of the week last week and he’s only singlehandedly killed rallies each of the last 4 games”.

  113. Harry Stoner

    EDLC woeful hitting RH.

    Might be time to acknowledge it.

    • Mark Moore

      We saw a similar type of challenge with BHam and the continual switch-hitting. I didn’t follow him closely enough at AAA to know how he did there?

      • Harry Stoner

        Didn’t Tucker Barnhart eventually give up the effort and go back to just hitting from one side?

      • Mark Moore

        I think so, Harry. I forgot about him.

      • Melvin

        You guys are really hard. lol The poor guy has only been up facing ML pitching for a week or two and had very little ABs vs. LH pitching. You might want to give him a little more time before puttying him in the same category as Hamilton or Barnhart. lol He’s adjusted at every level so far. We are all impatient these days aren’t we? 🙂 Certainly me included.

    • GPod

      when he gets 2 strikes, batting right-handed, he swings at anything….no need for a pitcher to throw him anything close to a strike

      • PatTheBat

        Yeah, I kindof flinched last weekend after he’d done his cycle and Joey said he may be the best switch hitting “toolsy” player since Mickey Mantle. He still just at his MLB beginning, but that’s a lot to put on a crazy- talented youngster. He’s only had couple of hits and 9 k’s since then. But gotta root for him to fulfill the promise he has.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep… and the league knows he’s chasing a ton of breaking balls down, especially from the right side. He’ll get better the more he sees these pitches, he just didn’t see pitchers this good in Triple A that throw their breaking pitches really well on any count. Hopefully this offseason he’ll be working a lot on picking up the spin a little bit earlier as it’s leaving the pitchers hand and once he starts doing that he’ll get better at laying off the bad breaking balls.

  114. Mark Moore

    Wait … WHAT??? Young back out to start the 6th? If this pays off, I’m buying a Powerball ticket.

    • Harry Stoner

      Needed Young to stay in to walk the leadoff hitter.

      • Mark Moore

        Silly me … of course that’s why.

  115. J

    Sadak, when Young was ahead in the count: “This might is the best Young has pitched with the Reds so far.” Young of course walks the guy and is immediately lifted. Could *anyone* not see that one coming a mile away?

    • GPod

      You get a big double play….then you can’t throw strikes again….this is what kills the bullpen….and you never know what you get with Sims sometimes….jeez!

    • Reddawg2012

      He does that constantly, and something bad almost always happens immediately after haha. Last night, Alexis Diaz got two quick outs.

      Sadak: Looks like Diaz has his dominant stuff back tonight.

      Next batter: HBP
      Batter after that: BB
      Then the winning run came to the plate.

      Just want until the end of the inning for the praise, John! Otherwise I think he’s great.

    • Votto4life

      Sadak also had Friedle setting up to throw the runner out at the plate on a sacrifice fly. Of course, he forgot there were already two outs.

  116. Mark Moore

    Nice pair of bike helmets, boys.

  117. Dennis Westrick

    Walks! Walks! Walks! Why? Why? Why?

    • Mark Moore

      Don’t ask why … drink Canada Dry 😛

      • Dennis Westrick

        Need something much stronger than Ginger Ale with this 2023 Reds pitching staff!

    • Harry Stoner

      Bell playing Captain Hook w Duarte.

      I’d have a stack of pre printed pink fines in the dugout.

      Every walk costs you $1K.

      Benefits to Children’s Hospital.

      • Mark Moore


        Oh the days of the Kangaroo Court

      • Dennis Westrick

        All for that! Reds pitchers have to be leading the league in walks issued per inning!

      • Votto4life

        Harry that’s funny. I was just telling my wife that Bell should charge his pitchers $500 per walk. Lol

    • Mike Adams

      I know what it is.
      Our relievers aren’t quite warmed up when they come in so they need to walk the first batter to finish warming up.
      Couldn’t be that nibbling thing so many commenters talk about.

  118. VaRedsFan

    Elly’s been on a spree of interviews all week after the big game. It’s demanding with all the new found fame.
    He will adjust and be ok.

    • Mark Moore

      He’s very young. He’s very talented. I think he will adjust, but it’s tough to watch at times like this.

      • Melvin

        Yeah because we want to win so bad after losing for so long. lol

  119. Reddawg2012

    Does every team struggle to throw strikes like this? Or am I just emotional in the midle of another close game?

    • GPod

      You throw strike one….then don’t come close to throwing another strike….it’s just stupid

    • J

      I think we’ve all reached the conclusion that Reds pitchers struggle more than most — due to a combination of lack of talent and being coached to avoid letting anyone ever hit the ball under any circumstances.

  120. Melvin

    Got out of that one. 🙂 Have a feeling six runs are not going to win this game.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Nope! And, Diaz not available to bail them out tonight!

      • Melvin

        He pitched 20 last night. Is that too much for tonight? Don’t know if you saw the end but he should have got out of it with 10.

      • Mark Moore

        I knew the outcome and still got heartburn watching a replay of the 9th.

      • Melvin

        Can’t believe we didn’t get that guy out at 2nd who wandered off the bag to win the game. hahaha

  121. Harry Stoner

    Bell made the right call.

    Kudos to Sims.

    Brings the heat throws strikes.

  122. GPod

    i would be more than OK with letting Senzel go for some pitching

    • Reddawg2012

      Same but I just can’t imagine who would be willing to give anything up for him.

  123. Dennis Westrick

    Votto 0-4 so far tonight! Ouch!

    • Bet on red

      Got an RBI though so not completely 0 for

    • Melvin

      He should have had a double. Hit it hard down the line.

    • Doc

      As the sample size grows, so does the tarnish grow on a fine career.

  124. Harry Stoner

    Bell pulls his top RBI guy early, but regularly lets Newman bat against RHs.

    And Bell apologists wonder why folks keep asking these questions.

    Is BLT apt to come in w another LH reliever?

    If so, I’ll eat a crow taco.

  125. Mark Moore

    If we pull off a win tonight, does that mean I have to wear this shirt and hat for every game going forward? Any allowance for getting the shirt washed the first time?

    Just asking 😉

      • Melvin

        …at least until we lose. NO WASHING. You wife may not sit next to you…just saying.

    • VaRedsFan

      You know the answer to that.
      Wear it….no washing.

  126. GPod

    Sims burned for one out …..interesting

    • J

      He through a bunch of pitches yesterday. I assume the plan was to use him in a situation just like that.

  127. Mark Moore

    Serious question, why Senzel to RF instead of Benson sliding over and Senzel to LF?

    • Melvin

      You know better than to ask logical questions! What’s the matter with you?! 😉

  128. Reddawg2012

    This is probably going to seem nit picky, and I’m not a Bell hater. But I really hate lifting Fraley for Senzel there against the LHP. The bases were empty and the Reds had a two run lead, I’d understand if it was a major at bat in the game. Now we’re stuck with Senzel’s crappy OF defense (and offense) for the rest of the game.

  129. GPod

    Looks like no help from the Mets tonight…spend some more money

  130. LDS

    It’s early in his return but Votto is down to batting .200 with a 30% SO rate. Counting tonight, he’s had one hit in the last 4 games. The 3 HRs keeps the slg. pct. and ops looking good. Nonetheless, he needs to start bouncing back or the question of regular starts becomes more prominent.

  131. Melvin

    Smart play by EDLC there. He know’s how to keep himself from getting injured.

  132. Mark Moore

    Nice inning from Gibault.

    Mr. Redlegs in the mascot race. And he WON it!!!

  133. J

    I really hate the overpriced stupid Mets. Tommy Pham working his magic yet again.

  134. Redbone

    The Reds are really using the Louisville transit system to sneak some Innings here. Have to think Krall makes a move to cover some Innings!

    • Mark Moore

      You would hope. But teams aren’t quite ready to deal yet. And a WHOLE LOT of teams want pitchers.

  135. Melvin

    Kennedy in Louisvlle tonight.

    5.1 Innings 6 runs 5 earned…not a whole lot better.

  136. Steve Schoenbaechler

    For those wondering, go look at Weaver’s ERA in just the first inning, then for every inning after that. It is CRAZY!!!

    All Bell has to do is move Senzel to LF and Benson to RF.

  137. Mark Moore

    TySteve goes with the pitch and does what we’ve seen him do when he’s dialed in.

    • Mark Moore

      And Newman makes 3rd as Benson picks up TySteve’s hit.

  138. Beaufort Red

    My biggest concern is EDLC’s empty at bats. He can’t hit lefthanders and I think major league scouts have found holes in his swing.. Unfortunately major league pitchers can adapt much faster than a rookie. And lastly, he should be moved down in the lineup. We have a clean up hitter in Steer. Chris responded he hits just fine from both sides and the scouts haven’t figured him out. I think my concern is still justified.

    • AllTheHype

      Over .300 for his MiL career against LHP. Only 21 PAs in MLB. He’s adjusted at every level. Let him play before making a very small sample assessment.

      • VegasRed

        Really strange how confident some are on here based off of no real evidence about any number of young players and minuscule sample sizes. Ludicrous opinions imo.

        But that is how it works with opinions, like rear ends, everyone has one (at least one) and many of them stink.

        I find it interesting how some highly touted prospects take a little longer for the skills that experienced multiple scouts see to actually show up on a statistically relevant level.

        The Phillies have both. Rash and Pacheco who are doing very well after really slow starts in the bigs with other organizations. Barrero and Senzel are almost universally discarded on this message board but many professional baseball people still think they have the potential to make it in mlb. Lots of examples like these.

        The busts or flame outs are even more numerous as well but guys who have shown some real ability in the high minors usually have shown enough to warrant more patience.

        Nobody on this board really knows what will happen with any particular prospect, certainly including me.

        But I really like De La Cruz’ chances to hit from both sides!

      • CI3J

        It’s the ADHD generation. They want everything RIGHT NOW, and if something isn’t giving them what they want, toss it aside and look for the Next Great Thing.

        It’s absolutely ludicrous anyone would claim the 21-year-old #1 prospect in baseball should be a platoon player after a grand total of 83 MLB ABs.

  139. Melvin

    Brewers 5-2 bottom of eighth. Better win if we want to stay in first.

  140. Melvin

    Benson again. I can see how a team might want him in a trade.

    • CI3J

      Why would you trade him and not keep him?

      • Melvin

        Didn’t say I would. Said a team might want him. We got to trade somebody to get help.

      • CI3J

        For me, Benson is high on the list of “players not to trade unless deal is too good to be true.”

        I’d honestly trade Fraley or Friedl before Benson.

  141. Mark Moore

    Newman going on contact … sadly.

    Up to MattyMc to convert. Would love to see TJ on 2nd.

  142. LDS

    Bell had to bring his boy in. Stephenson was 2-4. He is a better hitter than either of the other two catchers. The question is whether Newman stays in and Bell gets to do a double switch.

    • Harry Stoner

      Not only is TS out, but India as well.

      Bell misses his beloved double switches.


    • Melvin

      Haha You called it. Newman in at 2B. India and Stephenson out.

  143. Mark Moore

    That worked out. Nice snag by O’Hearn, but then he bobbled it a bit and wisely didn’t throw.

    • GPod

      that’s a huge run….now 6 outs to get

  144. Melvin

    Big run there and good job by McLain to get him in.

  145. Brian Rutherford

    Those asking why Benson in left, the conversation was that Left field in this ballpark is more difficult to play because more ground to cover.

    Not sure if it’s true but that was the conversation.

    • Mark Moore

      Thanks, Brian. if that’s the case, then I can understand putting your better corner guy in LF.

  146. J

    This only ranks about 100th on the list of things I don’t like about Sadak, but his constant use of the word “aggression” when the better word is “aggressiveness” has been driving me insane. I think perhaps he’s not *technically* wrong to use that word, and maybe it sounds “cool” to say the Reds are engaging in “furious aggression” and “rampant aggression” and whatever other kinds of aggression they use, but when I hear someone has engaged in aggression I don’t usually say “that’s fantastic!”

    • Melvin

      I’m sorry but you seem to be a little aggressive in your commenting tonight. 🙂

    • Beaufort Red

      He does have a rather large vocabulary that almost seems poetic at times. ?

  147. CI3J

    I’m really curious why Bell decided to move Benson to left field. When he first did it, I thought it was a temporary thing, but it seems like Bell has made up his mind that Benson is a left fielder.

    Of course, Benson has played right field the majority of his career, and easily has the strongest arm of any of the outfielders. His arm was something scouts raved about, which made him a natural fit for right field.

    Anyone have any ideas?

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Well, for tonight, someone said that it was LF is so much bigger than RF. So, put Benson out there.

        The thing is, Senzel is not that good a RF. And, the ball spins differently off the bats, something that Senzel may not be use to yet.

        And, we put Senzel in CF for what? His speed. I just don’t believe covering the field was very good reasoning by Bell, if that was his reasoning.

    • LDS

      Inside information? He just knows things we don’t. Isn’t that the prevailing thing with him.

  148. Melvin

    Yep that last run we just got is a big one.

  149. Melvin

    Oooooh. Poooop! Tie game. Yep. That run definitely mattered.

  150. Redbone

    Let’s hope we can salvage this game and head to the off day. Pull out all the stops here for the win..

  151. J

    I didn’t even have time to type “why take out Gibaut who cruised through an inning with 13 pitches” before it was too late. Bell strikes again. Every time I try to say something nice about this guy, he pulls another David Bell stunt.

    • Mark Moore

      Todd Frazier was commenting early on about “every man on deck” given the day off tomorrow with a few possible exceptions. Not sure why Gibault – who was dealing – would be an exception. It’s frustrating.

      • Roger Garrett

        One inning per or in the case of Sims one pitch finally caught up to us.It was long over due.

    • Ted Alfred

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Gibaut looked so good in the 7th, his stuff was great and he hardly threw any pictches. I was thinking just leave him out there for the 8th and let Diaz finish the night unless we get up a couple more runs. Instead Farmer comes in and does what he’s been doing a lot more of the last couple weeks which is getting hit pretty hard.

      This would be a bad loss. Had a chance to feel great heading back home with the off day but if you don’t win this one that’s not what it will be.

  152. Mark Moore

    Gopher ball … it’s getting late, too. I can’t deal with extras tonight.

    Top of the 9th will be critical (as will holding them here). If we can’t get back ahead and assuming the O’s don’t score here (check). I believe I’ll need to call it a night.

  153. VottoMattic99

    Anyone else see Adam Frazier’s smile just before the pitch on the HR?

  154. GPod

    Up 3 runs with 4 outs to get….this one will hurt if we don’t pull it out

  155. LDS

    Ok, so now the game’s tied, the bench has been cleared, except for Casilli and the Fraley, Stephenson, and India have been replaced by Senzel, Maile, and Newman. So BLT brings in a RHP and the Reds sink again. That’s managing in the moment with little thought for the later innings.

    • CI3J

      Yep. Bell was clearly out-managed.

      But this team is talented enough they could still win in spite of Bell.

    • Jim Walker

      This is what happens in the platoon system, especially when the RH batting side has an extremely poor OPS vs RH pitchers. Find people who do not need to be platooned.

  156. Harry Stoner

    The Bell “one and done” thing drives me crazy.

    You go through six pitchers in a game and someone’s bound to be on and someone off.

    Stick with the guy who’s obviously on.

    Remember when he came here and his thing was “I don’t believe in a dedicated closer. Iglesias, you might be pitching two innings.”

    Adios, Raisel and Bradley.

    Now no one can pitch two innings,

    It’s not strategy with Bell, it’s ideology.

  157. Melvin

    I’d like to see EDLC lay down a bunt. They wouldn’t have a chance.

  158. J

    This was a classic case of Bell refusing to let his pitchers pitch while they’re pitching well, and making changes just for the sake of making changes. He is just not good at managing.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Please refrain from using the word “manage” and Bell in the same sentence! Using one RP per inning is NOT managing, it’s gambling!

  159. Melvin

    No chance on that one either. lol 🙂 Base hit. 😀

  160. Dennis Westrick

    Thank you, Buck Farmer! Needed 4 more outs but NO! It all blew up with 2 outs and nobody on base! The last thing this team & its bullpen needs is an extra inning game!

  161. Mark Moore

    So I’d think we treat this like the 10th inning except the O’s don’t get the ghost runner.

  162. Melvin

    Sure would like to have Fraley in this situation. Oh. He’s out. Sorry.

    • Mark Moore

      In fairness to HDTBell, he couldn’t foresee us barfing up the lead that way.

      • Harry Stoner

        Of course he wouldn’t.

        Except that’s his job to think things through that way.

        Bell is a very poor strategic manager, flat out.

  163. Melvin

    Great bunt by Senzel. lol On an 0-2 count! 1st and 3rd -no one out!

  164. LDS

    Add to story book comeback JV – hit it out

      • Melvin

        I’m still in pain from that K. Oooh!

    • Jim

      Sure, 25,000,000 and can’t get someone in from third with no outs when we need a run. Strikes out. Now batting under .200. Yeah he is really good!

  165. Mark Moore

    Up to our current RoY candidate. Senzel should be running.

    • Chris

      100%. There’s no way they throw through with Elly on 3rd

  166. Ted Alfred

    I would absolutely put on the safety squeeze with Steer right now

  167. VaRedsFan

    Just steal home…that may be the only way.

    • VaRedsFan

      they might throw thru…then elly runs

  168. Mark Moore

    UGH!!!! I can’t take much more

  169. Melvin

    This is not going to go down as our best effort in getting a run in. One more chance. NEWMAN!

  170. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Why didn’t Bell send Senzel with Steer up? Same scenario he had the other day.

    • AllTheHype

      Why in the world would you risk an out at 2nd when the runner at third is the only thing that matters?

      • VaRedsFan

        Because they aren’t throwing thru with Elly on 3rd.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        To stay away from the double play, just like the other night, one of the reasons we lost to the Braves, if I recall correctly.

  171. Hanawi

    Bautista throwing 103 on that K of Steer

  172. Melvin

    Do the little league double steal. It will work!!! 🙂

  173. Harry Stoner

    That inning would go down as a “Choke”.

    Don’t be trading off the prospects yet.

    • Ted Alfred

      I’m not portraying off any of our better prospects no matter what. There’s too much uncertainty with the health of the rest of the rotation and it’s not worth it for this year. Hopefully all the young guys are getting great experience being involved in a pennant race which is awesome and if they get into the playoffs great, but don’t be trading any of the big pieces in the minors away.

  174. Melvin

    Poop. Poop…and double poop. Stinkarooney. Got to find a way to win anyway.

  175. Mark Moore

    OK, I’ve got to shut it down. It’s too late to stay up for the 10th (or beyond) and if they score in the 9th, so be it.

    Night, all.

  176. redbone

    Feel like we screwed the pooch here and end up with an L after having every chance to win this game.

  177. VaRedsFan

    The Mountain was too tough.
    He was dealing elite Chapman stuff.

  178. Dennis Westrick

    Why was Newman swinging on a 3-1 count? And, why no attempted steal attempt by Senzel? Does Bell take naps during crucial moments of a game! All great mysteries of life!

  179. Roger Garrett

    Reds were do for a big time stinker and the bottom of the 8th and just now is it.Had a chance to save Bell from himself but couldn’t get it done.

  180. Ted Alfred

    Yep, this one isn’t going to go down too well. Piss poor effort in the 9th after the total collapse by Farmer. Joey or Steer has to make contact…oh well. That’s why I like the safety squeeze with Steer because the strike out there was highly likely.

    • Melvin

      This is one time if Senzel would have got into a little league run down that it probably would have worked. EDLC would have scored. Would have tried it with two outs.

  181. J

    I’m just not going to drop it. You’ve got a guy who didn’t pitch yesterday, he’s cruised through an inning with 13 pitches, looked good doing it, you’ve already used three guys in the bullpen already, everyone is fatigued, and you’ve got a day off tomorrow. WHY are you taking that guy out of the game without even giving him a chance to retire another batter? How about letting him reach 20 pitches before you decide he can’t possibly throw another effective pitch?

  182. J

    The real loser here is going to be Alec Mills. He was going to survive another day, but I think this will be the end of the line for him.

  183. Melvin

    …and we don’t even have Karcher to pull us out! 🙂

  184. Mark A Verticchio

    Not Bell’s best game, to say the least. How can some people defend his crazy moves?

  185. Melvin

    We’re going to bunt the runner over? Cool. Just DON’T pop it up!

    • Melvin

      That was a pretty cool bunt!!! TRIPLE!!! 😀

  186. VaRedsFan

    Huge triple by William.
    Don’t bunt

  187. Melvin

    Please get this run in. Please get this run in. 🙂

  188. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Yeah, let’s don’t hit Benson against left handers. He’s terrible at that.

    • Melvin

      Looked like a pretty good hit to me. 🙂 Here’s our other can’t hit lefties lefty up….and he hits a HR!!!!!! FRIEDL!!!!!!

  189. Harry Stoner

    Who did the Reds trade for Benson?

    • Bet on red

      I think it was cash consideration

      • J

        They traded the third guy from the Mahle deal. That could turn out to be the greatest trade in the history of the organization if CES ever gets to play in the majors.

    • CI3J

      Justin Boyd.

      This might end up like the Phillips trade all over again.

    • Optimist

      And S Hajjar, big LHP. Thought he is more valuable than Boyd.

  190. Mark A Verticchio

    What a shock, Bells lefties are hitting lefties.

    • CI3J

      Yep, looks like the team is going to pull this out despite Bell (knock on wood).

  191. Redbone

    Up 3 in the 10th, but we might need a couple more.

  192. Roger Garrett

    Reds may have saved Bell from himself again.Good roster of players can do that for sure.Was that off of a lefty?

  193. Harry Stoner

    To meme George Costanza: “I don’t ‘get’ Friedl.”

    Where is this coming from?

    Un vero vato.

  194. Ted Alfred

    I hope Dacid Bell is paying attention this 10th inning. Benson and Fredo have both been having very nice swings against lefties for a long time they rarely look overwhelmed with the Lefty on Lefty thing and I really think both of them have earned some shots to start against some left-handers. And this isn’t recency bias for me, because I have thought this for a while because those two guys usually put good swings vs. left-handers…they’re not swinging at curve balls that are foot outside in the dirt and missing it by 2 ft.

    • VaRedsFan

      TJ started vs the last 2 leftys I believe.

      • CI3J

        It took Bell awhile to figure out not to bat Newman leadoff against RH pitchers.

        Maybe we’ll see Benson get a start against a LH pitcher by August.


  195. Melvin

    Maile wasn’t going to go for three but they gave it to him. If he’d have ran hard he may have had a inside the parker. hahaha Anway off the wall hit for Maile!!!

    • Melvin

      ….and speedster Maile scores from third on a wild pitch!!!! Crazy!!!!

  196. LT

    Reds tried hard to give the game away but Baltimore refused to take it.

    • Harry Stoner

      Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet…

    • Melvin

      Yep. They said no thank you. We don’t want it. You take it. 🙂

  197. Beaufort Red

    No matter how many catchers we carry, Maile has to be one of them.

    • Harry Stoner

      He’s got 7 doubles in ~80 abs.

      That’s nuts.

  198. LT

    Votto is like, darn it Senzel you make me hit again

    • Ted Alfred

      Benson has turned out to be another great move by the Reds in getting him from Cleveland for not much. His ceiling is very high compared to the price and they really handled his development well. When he started the year struggling they did everything just the right way at AAA and then back with the Reds ever since. This guy could be a seriously good outfielder on this team for the next five years and you can see just how relaxed and confident he is now. He deserves more starts than he’s been getting. And I actually like him batting 9th ahead of Friedl

  199. Harry Stoner

    Akin had himself an inning there.

    • CI3J

      Votto’s feel-good story has been feeling less good lately.

  200. LT

    Lol poor Votto he thought his night was over but nope. Senzel made him take 3 more swings to make it a 0-6 night.

  201. LDS

    JV is now hitting worse than Fairchild and Barrero both. Not to mention what CES may be able to do. Wake up JV or throw in the towel.

  202. J

    That whole inning was set up by Benson failing to get a bunt down. If they would always just do the opposite of whatever Bell’s first instinct is, they’ll be fine.

  203. Beaufort Red

    Votto has quickly become a platoon player. Nice story while it lasted but Father Time is unforgiving. Kinda sounded like Sadak there.

  204. Beaufort Red

    Votto has quickly become a platoon player. Nice story while it lasted but Father Time is unforgiving. Kinda sounded like Sadak there.

    • TR

      Sadak’s verbiage can get to you. Some of Larkin’s reactions to him are indicative.

  205. Harry Stoner

    I’m no Cruz believer but that was a nasty K pitch to Gunmar.

  206. Harry Stoner

    Otherwise he’s demonstrating zero command.


  207. VaRedsFan

    Who else needs oxygen?
    This is hard to watch

  208. LT

    Where is Rick Karcher when we need him!!!

    • Ted Alfred

      I’ll never forget him pitching that night in KC to get that save. That really was like wild thing from Major League…. life imitating art. Cruz has been getting better, generally throwing more strikes since he was first called up and looks like he’s gaining confidence with every appearance.

      That was fun and the ride back home and day off tomorrow for the team is going to be a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

  209. Harry Stoner

    “We’re in a tight spot.”

  210. J

    Check swings with two strikes are not good…

  211. MCT

    I’m guessing the HBP was overturned? I’m not watching on TV, just following GameDay.

    • J

      Was overturned. Hit the bat despite all his jumping around in “pain.”

    • VaRedsFan

      correct…actually ruled foul…Birds challenged…lost

  212. CI3J


    Reds win, no thanks to Bell!

    • Dennis Westrick

      Bell’s continued bullpen mismanagement is going to catch up with this team eventually! Probably in late July or mid-August!

      • Tyler Hawk

        I’m no Bell fan so it pains me to even type this but I’m not sure what else he’s supposed to do when we only have 1 starter that gets into the 6/7th inning. If the overall pitching philosophy changed from spin rate and swing and miss to pitch to contact and work ahead then I think we’d see better bullpen usage and less injuries.

  213. J

    Alec Mills survives another day! Congrats!

  214. Melvin

    Squeek it out again!!!! Still in first place!

  215. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Now, Bell, use a one of those, what were they called, an “opening pitcher” next time for Weaver.

    • Melvin

      I don’t know. I’m thinking maybe he motivates us to score lots of runs. We’ve won his last six starts! 🙂

    • Ted Alfred

      That’s the ticket…nothing to lose.

  216. J

    This is the most aggravating and exciting team.

    • CI3J


      This is the most aggravating manager and exciting team.

    • Harry Stoner

      Cruz likely being mobbed in the clubhouse.



  217. Rick

    I joke that my relatives in Baltimore don’t sleep a wink!
    We sleeping good in Chattanooga Tn.!

  218. LDS

    Hung on to first place though they tried hard not to.

  219. Ron S

    Reds win another game of a Weaver start.He’s our good luck charm can’t DFA him yet.

    • J

      Maybe they could send him out to throw the first pitch and then let a decent pitcher take over? (Just make sure that first pitch is way way way out of the strike zone so you don’t immediately have to deal with a guy on base.)

  220. J

    What to do with a guy who’s obviously a terrible starting pitcher but the team somehow manages to win every game he starts? It’s a very tough situation.

  221. Tim

    Wow. Just wow. Nice to win this series. On a different note , Never thought I’d say that Votto is our worst batter. Ok, second worst.

    • Melvin

      You guys are terrible man. He had a bad game and not off to the greatest start. I’m not going to bury him. lol He does’t look that far off to me.

      • Moon

        He had a bad game yes. But he is hitting .186. That is more than a bad game. It is more like he has been bad since he rejoined the club but has had two good games. He helped us win those game and I am grateful. We would not have won those games without him. That said he has just not been good. He is hitting pretty much like last year. The Reds have better options for every day players.

      • Melvin

        Not that far off to me. He’s hitting some balls hard and not doing everything bad. He hasn’t been playing near as much baseball yet this year as everyone else. No way am I counting him out. No way. Considering how he usually starts a year this isn’t that bad. When healthy he always gets better during the season. Seems to be healthy to me.

  222. Protime

    Won in spite of Bell’s ineptitude. Rather be lucky than good when it comes to managerial incompetence….

    • Harry Stoner

      Who knows?

      If Bell hadn’t’ t burned through his bench early he might have had someone around to PH for Benson and Friedl against the LH.

      10th inning would have turned out differently.

      He’s a mastermind at outsmarting himself.

      • Melvin

        Hahaha You’re probably right. He probably would have at least pinch hit for Benson. lol Maybe Friedl too. 🙂

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I wasn’t paying attention to everything, though I thought I saw something with the batting order.

      But, the bullpen management, had Sims throw 5 pitches for 1 out. He couldn’t have come out for a second inning? If he gets one more inning, then we could potentially save a reliever for this game. And, isn’t that what we are suppose to be doing? Shoot, Bell was ready to put one of the minor leaguers in during the 10th just in case.

  223. Indy Red Man

    Wow. This is the craziest Reds team ever. Every season has crazy moments like Karcher or whatever, but this team does it every other game.

  224. VaRedsFan

    This is 481…..lets get 500!!

  225. GMan88

    Nice series win. Not bad considering we were outscored and had one quality start. I don’t think Votto should be hitting in front of Steer. Maile needs more at-bats.

  226. Ron S

    Weaver is at 60 innings pitched this year last year he pitched 70 innings how long before they shut him down?

  227. Indy Red Man

    I don’t ride Bell that much normally and I get the 1 inning per reliever thing when you’ve got 5 games in 5 days, etc. but tonight? They’re off tomorrow and Sims throws a grand total of 5 pitches and they pull him? Gibaut was totally dominant tonight and threw 13. Can he not throw 25 and get Diaz to the 9th with a 3 run lead?

    Diaz himself threw 11 pitches. Cruz was trying like hades to get the tying run at the plate by going 3-0 on everyone. Idk?

      • Jim Walker

        Yes. I was really big for him early on but cooled based on his 1st AAA and MLB experiences. However, he really got it together in his midseason return to AAA in 2022 and subsequent recall to MLB. Then this year he has really taken wing at MLB beyond expectations.

    • Old-school

      I dont know either Indy, but I am sure the Reds track everything on every pitcher and at this point are trying to survive till the AS break intact. You guy Law through a scoreless inning last night in AAA.

      One of the biggest factors with arm injuries in pitchers is fatigue and pitching under duress. Too much pitching over too long a period of time is one but straining your arm with long pitch innings when you are tired is another. Sims has his share of injuries so it wouldn’t surprise me if Reds go into each game and have different inning pitch counts and “innings under duress” allowed for each pitcher and with Sims being such a high effort guy, last night may have been his get a few batters out with little arm duress to get him to the off day. Or..I could be totally wrong.

  228. Chris

    I know it’s politically incorrect to ask this, but what the heck was that monster flag in the outfield? I’d have thought it would be quite distracting. I don’t think I can ever recall a large colored logo of any kind like that on the in play playing surface.

  229. old-school

    I dont know where to start. How ‘bout TJ Friedl? Any comps on this guy? Hes got 2.5 fWAR halfway thru the season? Hes got the most SB since Billy Hamilton. He plays CF and fairly well, hits for average, gets on base, has some pop and is a stand up high character dude who would run through a wall to win a baseball game.

    Kudos to Friedl on an astounding first half and kudos to the Reds for winning another series against a very good baseball team!

    • CI3J

      Friedl, Benson, and Fraley have all been really impressive, given all three were not thought very highly of as recently as last year.

      In fact, offensively, the only real disappointments on this team among the regular starters have been Stephenson and, to a lesser extent, India.

      • Rob

        On the pitching side, AD, AA, BF, and PS have been pluses beyond expectation. Minuses are the big 3, Dunn, Weaver, Williamson, and Reds management for not giving us something better to start with. I guessed the big 3 would have 35+ wins this year.

  230. Indy Red Man

    Milwaukee started18-9 and if they lose tonight (down 2-0) they’ll be 42-39. Thats 24-30 since April 29. This division is right there for the Reds. 1 middle of the rotation starter or even a good lefty reliever could put them over the top.

    • Mark Moore

      Got to keep holding on at this point. I’ve started down the path of booking a trip to DC for two games (one overnight). It will be the last two of the series and seats by the visitors bullpen are available for about $50 per game (with all fees).

      Anybody in the area who wants to join me, I should be pretty easy to find. I’ll be the guy wearing my City Connect had and t-shirt for one game, and the same hat and the “Respect Cincinnati” t-shirt for the other one.

      If the weather forecast holds, I’m thinking I’ll pull the trigger tomorrow. I already booked a hotel near the park for Wednesday night.

      • Melvin

        Hope you have a good time. Just make sure you bring back TWO wins. 😉

    • Tom Diesman

      RH SP Chris Flexen and LH RP Anthony Misiewicz are both currently in DFA limbo and would be interesting additions for the Reds if they were to be able to acquire them.

      • Indy Red Man

        I happened to notice lefty Joey Lucchesi at pitching for the Mets AAA. He’s got a career 4.25 era and isn’t that bad. He’d be better then Weaver and Ashcraft and give us another lefty in the pen if they switched him or Williamson

  231. old-school

    For those interested in such things, Dan Szymborski has an article up at Fangraphs about the Cardinals and their tricky spot. He similarly concludes with Ken Rosenthal they arent good enough to win now or in the future and a major reboot/Blow up is needed.

    It’s good reading for Reds fans and really adds evidence to the notion the NL Central winning window is opening for the Reds beyond this year.

    • Jim Walker

      The Cardinals also have nonbaseball issues. They are even more of a regional franchise than the Reds and have been impacted by the Bally Sports issues going back a couple of years because of cable and streaming services dropping the Bally RSN.

      To my understanding, the Cardinals contract with Bally allows Bally to do direct streaming of their games; and, the Cardinals are now offered via such a package. However broadband coverage is spotty in some of their areas, leaving fans in the dark.