Just more than an hour before the scheduled first pitch on Sunday afternoon, the Cincinnati Reds announced that the team had called up right-handed pitcher Randy Wynne from Triple-A Louisville. He was not on the 40-man roster, so the team had to designate reliever Silvino Bracho for assignment to clear a spot for him on both the 40-man and 26-man rosters.

Randy Wynne signed out of the Frontier League back in 2019 when he was 26-years-old. He’s worked his way up the organization since then and has spent each of the last two seasons in Triple-A. On the surface his numbers don’t look great. He’s thrown 31.2 innings with a 5.12 ERA for the Bats this season, filling the role as both a starter and reliever.

But it’s his outing on April 27th that really blows up that ERA. He allowed four home runs and six earned runs in just 0.2 innings that day in Iowa. His ERA prior to that game was 4.50. His ERA since that game is 3.13. Since the start of May he’s held opposing hitters to an OPS of .652. Wynne isn’t going to strike many hitters out – he’s got 18 strikeouts with seven walks while facing 140 batters this season. He’s going to throw a ton of strikes and let the defense, hopefully, work for him.

Wynne’s got a full arsenal of pitches. He throws a 4-seamer, a 2-seam, a cutter, a curveball, a slider, and a change up. His fastballs average 90 MPH, with his cutter working in the mid-80’s. Everything else tends to work in the mid-to-upper 70’s.

You can see Randy Wynne’s career stats here.

As for Silvino Bracho, this is now the second time this season that he has been designated for assignment by the Reds. The club also DFA’d him on May 24th. He cleared waivers and accepted his outright. That worked out for him as the team was shallow on pitchers, he pitched well in Triple-A, and got called back up. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out for him this time around.


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  1. Jim

    The Reds should spend money and trade for an excellent pitcher to lead the young pitchers we have. If we have to score a lot of runs to win we will not be able to beat the better teams. That’s what we need bad right now!

    • JayTheRed

      #Getthepitching2 — Let’s start the movement!

      • Tar Heel Red

        I would like to see the Reds target LH reliever Brent Suter. He is a Moeller grad and would not require much in return…maybe Senzel.

        As far as starting pitching I like Aaron Civale alot. He is only 28 with two years of team control and would be owed roughly $1.3M the rest of this season. It would take more to acquire him. I would not be afraid to offer
        Arroyo to Cleveland for Civale and a lower prospect. With EDLC, McLain, and Marte ahead of him Arroyo has no where to go in Cincy.

      • jmb

        Tar Heel Red, maybe on the Arroyo trade. The Guardians are deep with infielders, though. What they need are a couple outfielders…and fast. Quantrill will be back from the IL soon, most likely sending #1 team prospect Williams back to AAA. But McKenzie is still on the IL, with no fixed return date at present. With their two rookie starters (Allen and Bibee) on short innings leashes, they may not be game for trading Bieber, Civale, or Quantrill, esp. if McKenzie is on the IL past the trade deadline.

      • Oldtimer

        Senzel would bring back minor league prospects.

  2. Redsvol

    Our starting pitching is in shambles. Real shame that we just don’t have the pitching this year. Lot of teams in the same boat. Its going to be a feeding frenzy for starting pitching at the trade deadline. If you have starting pitching to trade this year, you’re going to be able to extract more than in past years IMO.

  3. Doc

    How does bringing on more pitching solve a problem when the entire starting staff is or has been on the IL and at least one of the replacement starters is on the IL? Bring up the youngsters and give them a shot.

    Use the money to sign the position players, as Atlanta has done. Continue to develop the pitching, or give the IL guys time to come back. Take the long view.

  4. Max BRAGG

    GM can not wait to start helps STUPID moves! Brachial tore up Triple A than 3 innings Zero relief, so let’s call up starting pitcher from Hamilton County slow pitch ?

  5. jmb

    Wynne? Certainly didn’t expect that move. Philips (22) and Richardson (23) are two guys doing well at AA who could be called upon, though maybe the team doesn’t see them as ready yet. Kennedy and Mariot are two journeymen doing well for AAA, but they started on Friday and Saturday, respectively, so Wynne may very well have been called upon to eat some innings over the next 3-5 days. Then Kennedy and Mariot could be called upon to start the Wednesday and Friday games. I wonder why Williamson didn’t start today. Pushing him and Abbott back a day? I guess, if that’s the case, Weaver would go Wednesday. But do we want to see that show again…ever?

    • David

      Lyon Richardson has been pitching well, and he is on the 40 man roster.

      Connor Phillips HAD been pitching well, and kind of had a melt down last night (Saturday). Having said that, I would promote both of them to AAA and get them in the starting rotation there, for a few turns and see what happens.
      They are also still young guys, and I don’t know how many innings they have on their arms this year.
      I am sure Nick Krall is quite aware of the dilemma facing the Reds regarding starting pitching. Hunter Greene is hurt, as is Nick Lodolo. Nobody quite knows what has happened to Graham Ashcraft, but he has kind of lost it..
      Now, even very mediocre Ben Lively is hurt. What next?
      Two older guys down at AAA and NOT on the 40 man: Brett Kennedy and Michael Mariot could possible be another alternative for some kind of starters.
      Tony Santillan, presently on rehab assignment at Louisville, used to be a starter. If the Reds were mine to manage, I would think hard about stretching him out and getting him some starts in AAA.

  6. Protime

    Reds need a viable starter; in the meantime, CES in Louisville, with the Reds weak-hitting bench, presenting no chance to tie or pull out a game when needed…

    • oklared

      Literally came from behind in 26 of 41 wins seems to indicate they can pull out game when needed

  7. William

    The Reds should not trade any of their top ten prospects. Keep Arroyo. They can get the pitchers they need without hurting their future. GM is smarter than me. He will figure it out.

  8. Tar Heel Red

    You need to think long term. With EDLC, McLain and Marte ahead of him where is Arroyo gonna play? Marte will be at third, EDLC is the shortstop and McLain will probably in the OF. CES will be the DH.
    Same goes for Collier and Stewart. Barring a career-ending injury they have no where to go in Cincinnati. Use them as assets to upgrade your pitching. The only question is when will the Reds decide to do this…now or next season?