The Cincinnati Reds will host the Atlanta Braves this afternoon to wrap up their 3-game series at Great American Ball Park. The winner of the game will take the series after the two first place squads each took a game thus far. This afternoon’s first pitch is set for 1:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Atlanta Braves

Cincinnati Reds

Ronald Acuna Jr. – RF TJ Friedl – CF
Ozzie Albies – 2B Matt McLain – 2B
Austin Riley – 3B Spencer Steer – 1B
Matt Olson – 1B Elly De La Cruz – SS
Sean Murphy – C Jake Fraley – RF
Marcell Ozuna – DH Joey Votto – DH
Eddie Rosario – LF Will Benson – LF
Orlando Arcia – SS Tyler Stephenson – C
Michael Harris II – CF Nick Senzel – 3B
Charlie Morton – RHP Levi Stoudt – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Levi Stoudt 7.0 10.29 2.14 4 6
Charlie Morton 80.0 3.71 1.45 36 93
Links: Levi Stoudt’s Stats | Charlie Morton’s Stats

Levi Stoudt

Getting called up for the third time this season, Levi Stoudt is hoping things go more like the last time than the first time. His last outing for the Reds came in Miami when he allowed one run in 3.0 innings. He missed nearly a month before returning to the Louisville rotation – but he’s made just two starts and hasn’t thrown 50 pitches in either game since his return.

The splits aren’t dramatic against Levi Stoudt. Both lefties and righties are hitting for a good average, walking a ton, not striking out much, and showing solid pop. He’s walked nearly as many hitters as he’s struck out this year and has done so against hitters from both sides of the plate.

Splits (AAA & MLB)

RHH 105 23 5 0 6 16 16 .274 .400 .441
LHH 97 23 6 0 3 14 16 .288 .396 .475

Pitch Usage

4-seam Change Slider Curve
Velo 94.7 83.0 85.0 79.4
Usage 48% 9% 33% 10%

Charlie Morton

As steady as they come, Charlie Morton has been good throughout the entire season with just two poor starts out of 14 of them this season. The 39-year-old has a 3.71 ERA in 80.0 innings this season while striking out 93 batters.

The splits from Morton don’t show much of a difference when it comes to average. Lefties are drawing more walks and hitting for slightly more power than righties are, though. Lefties also strike out significantly more often. Not shown below are the home and road splits where Morton’s pitched much better on the road (2.79 ERA and an OPS nearly 160 lower than at home).


RHH 177 41 7 1 4 15 39 .260 .326 .392
LHH 178 39 8 1 5 21 54 .258 .360 .424

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 95.2 94.6 82.5 88.5 86.5
Usage 32% 10% 46% 3% 9%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 77°, cloudy, 15% chance of rain

News and Notes

Randy Wynne called up, Silvino Bracho DFA’d

Literally one hour and five minutes before the scheduled first pitch the Reds announced that they had called up Randy Wynne from Triple-A Louisville and designated Silvino Bracho for assignment to clear a spot on the 40-man (and the 26-man) roster.

Ben Lively to get an MRI

Derek Law begins rehab assignment

Right-handed reliever Derek Law is in Dayton today and is their starting pitcher as he begins a rehab assignment. He last pitched on May 16th for the Reds. In his 21.0 innings this season he had posted a 2.57 ERA before landing on the injured list.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Reds 41 36 0.0 22.6%
Brewers 39 37 1.5 45.8%
Cubs 37 38 3.0 25.1%
Pirates 35 41 5.5 3.7%
Cardinals 31 45 9.5 10.4%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

274 Responses

  1. Ted Alfred

    I absolutely love the lineup/batting order today. It was obvious India needs a break and I think the batting order is as good as it could be along with where everyone is playing in the field. Stephenson has been better defensively behind the plate the last 2-3 weeks while Casali’s defense has slipped. Hopefully Stoudt can give us three decent innings…4 would be beyond awesome

    • MBS

      The order is so good I didn’t notice India wasn’t in the lineup until I read your post.

  2. Jon

    Random trade idea that popped into my head this morning:

    India for Bieber straight up.

    The Reds get a top of the rotation SP for the rest of this year and all next year. The Guardians get India for three-plus seasons. Who says no?

    • JB WV

      Me. He’s one of the drivers on this team. Going through a little slump right now, so he gets a day off. His demeanor and enthusiasm add tons to the clubhouse beyond being ROY two years ago.

      • greenmtred

        Me, too, JB, for the reasons you stated. His value exceeds his stats.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      The Guardians won’t give up Bieber. Not for just India. You will need much more.

      • Mike

        Really? I was thinking much less. This isn’t anywhere near the same pitcher he was

    • Brian Rutherford

      I don’t want to trade away the heart and soul of the team. Chemistry matters in my experience in team sports. Just my opinion.

      For value only it seems pretty fair. I just love Jon India and what he brings to the team and city

      • Daytonnati

        Like trading Pete for Seaver in June of ’75 🙂

    • MBS

      The value is right, but I don’t think Krall is going to move India. I used to think he was planning on it at some point in 23, but then the whole team got good. I no longer see it happening.

  3. Melvin

    New winning streak starts today? 🙂

  4. Steve Schoenbaechler

    All Levi has to do is keep us close.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Watch out for Morton and that curveball. One of the best in the business.

      • Redbone

        That snapdragon makes a lot of hitters look silly!

      • greenmtred

        I was thinking the same thing, Steve. The young guys, particularly, may be challenged by him.

  5. Bet on Red

    Oh so now we are n double-digit playoff percentage

  6. Jim Walker

    Regardless of today, 4 wins in 5 games (or 6) vs Houston and Atlanta in 10 days probably account for that. 2 of 3 vs the Dodgers the week or so before probably doesn’t hurt the Reds probabilities either

    • MBS

      Gotta win today, It would be a big statement game for the team to rebound against the Braves.

  7. Indy Red Man

    I remember going to a game when Morton shut us completely down as a Pirate. I don’t remember ever doing much against him. I guess atleast its not Strider.

    Lorenzen 5 ip, 2 er vs the Twins to lower his era under 4. Someone said yesterday that he’s barely an improvement over Weaver/Ashcraft. Please? Lorenzen batt avg allowed is .238. The other 2 are both over .300. Steer and Senzel had to throw their gloves away after yesterday. The webbing was destroyed after the cruises missiles that Ashcraft launches

  8. Indy Red Man

    Cubs finally lost again. If we can just tread water and get back HG then the Reds can beat the scrubs in this division.

  9. MBS

    Rocket by Acuna, but Senzel snagged it!

  10. VaRedsFan

    I like the Stoudt pitched Albies up in the zone.
    Albies drills low pitches

  11. Daytonnati

    Senzel giveth; Senzel taketh away.

    • Mario

      A lot of folks on here think that Senzel is a good defensive 3B but the stats don’t support that. This season, he is worth 0.7 offensive WAR and -0.2 defensive WAR. Shoot, a month ago, folks were clamoring for him to start at 3B for the rest of the season. He’s a good platoon option with Fraley in LF.

  12. LT

    Breadth of fresh air. Got out of 1st inning with no run given up

  13. Indy Red Man

    Plate was blocked either way? Runner shouldn’t have 1/30th of the plate to touch?

  14. VaRedsFan

    Ground level showed his hand hovering over the plate instead of down on it.
    Close and worth a challenge IMO.

    They won’t change it if it’s not clear.

  15. Tom Reeves

    I don’t understand the reason for replay if the umps still get it wrong. That was a really bad call.

  16. Indy Red Man

    I thought the whole point of blocking the plate rules was to avoid collisions? Guy was literally sitting on the plate and gave Freidl almost nothing?

    • Daytonnati

      That’s how I saw it. Murphy was planted in the center of the plate.

  17. old-school

    Sonny Stoudt aggressive so far.

  18. Redbone

    Senzel looks so smooth at 3rd base.

    • Tom Reeves

      Senzel is an exceptional 3B. Parts of me wishes the Reds had moved on from Geno earlier in favor of Senzel at 3rd.

  19. VaRedsFan

    Murphy will be an all star, but I’m glad D’arnaud isn’t in the lineup today.

  20. Beaufort Red

    Love the aggressiveness. Senzel( except for that throw) looks a lot more comfortable at 3rd than right.

    • VaRedsFan

      His 3rd base defense is legit. Too bad 80% of MLB pitchers are right handed.

    • Mario

      That would not be difficult. He looked awful out there. He’s a good athlete, I think he could learn to play adequately in RF. Maybe not for a first place team.

  21. magi210

    OK, let’s get Levi some run support.

  22. Redbone

    Young Levi with 32 pitches after 2 Innings!
    Umpire not giving him any love.

    • SlippinJimmy

      “Hey blue, the 60s called, they want their obsolete job back!”

  23. Tom Reeves

    Boy, this is exactly what I was predicting for today… a pitching duel LOL

  24. Melvin

    Stoudt – So far so good through two. 🙂

  25. Indy Red Man

    Stoudt has a live arm if he can get ahead like this

  26. LDS

    Anyone see Bowdon positing a trade of Scherzer to the Reds for CES and more? Someone needs to lock up the liquor cabinet. Why would the Reds even begin to consider such a trade? Scherzer’s 39 by the end of next month and making $40M+. I expect better suggestions from Bowdon than that. I guess that’s why he’s a columnist now instead of a GM.

    • JB

      Because Bowden is a terrible GM and he hates the Reds. The guy is a joke. I laughed at that trade.

    • Melvin

      Bowden is my least favorite Reds GM of all time. Don’t trust the guy.

    • Mario

      Not a fan of that trade proposal. Maybe for Cole.

    • greenmtred

      Maybe he’s auditioning for a stand-up comedy gig.

  27. Indy Red Man

    I know its easier to read a ball on TV, but Freidl should’ve seen where Acuna was and scored imo. That ball was never being caught. Oh well I see it from other teams too

    • Tom Reeves

      That’s a tough read. If he had read it wrong, we’d all jump all over him for a TOOTBLAN.

    • Ted Alfred

      I was thinking the exact same thing wondering how in the hell Friedl could not tell that ball was going to fall when it it didn’t land more than 60 ft behind him… that was just a terrible read on his part and it cost the Reds a run…although the replay showed that he was safe. This home played umpire has not done us any favors with balls or strikes or that call at the plate that he missed, even though it was a bang bang play.

  28. Melvin

    They are worried about Votto’s speed over there. He did have an infield hit yesterday. 🙂

  29. Daytonnati

    Did Senzel just hit a rope against a veteran righty?

  30. Redbone

    Hope we can run Morton’s pitch count up.

  31. JB

    I just turned the game on. If you remember in the Royals series , Perez was sitting on the plate as well when Friedl tried to score. They overturned the call saying Perez dropped the ball, not blocking the plate. Not sure what blocking the plate is anymore. They have definitely been told to not overturn that this year. Somebody is going to be bulldozed because of it.

  32. CI3J

    I’ll bet Benson would have gotten to that.

  33. Beaufort Red

    Again Fraley’s aggressiveness was foolish. He does this way too much. Now the top of the order.

    • Daytonnati

      Yep. Everyone wants to be on Sportscenter.

      • JB

        Is Sportcenter a thing still? Its been years since I watched it.

    • Melvin

      Probably wasn’t the best decision to dive for it.

  34. Redbone

    C’mon Levi get outta here with 1 run..

  35. Beaufort Red

    That run is in Fraley. Really should be a DH. Benson should be in right.

  36. Jim Walker

    If the Reds end up losing this game by a run or two, they have themselves to blame for frittering away opportunities in the 1st and 2nd.

    Friedl had an uncharacteristically slow or cautious read on the Steer’s single. EDLC hit the ball about the only place he could have hit it on the ground and not scored Friedl on the bang/ bang call at home.

    Then in the 2nd, Benson and Stephenson couldn’t put the ball in play following the lead off walk,

    As for the play at the plate in the 1st, it was one of those Sparky Anderson liked to say regardless of which way it was called, the manager the call went against had to come out and argue. Today, we just send it to replay and no one is allowed to argue with the replay decision. 😉

  37. Indy Red Man

    Nice 3-1 change to Acuna. Fraley going hero ball cost us a run. Or not if these walks score

  38. Jim Walker

    Stuey might be a sight for sore eyes in the OF about now.

  39. Dennis Westrick

    Walks! Walks! Walks! Yes, I’m watching and counting! Stoudt walks 2 and they both score! Shocking!

    • greenmtred

      Right now, he’s looking more like a long man than a starter.

  40. Hanawi

    Reds need to get their pitching staff to the All Star Break and regroup. Going to have to win a bunch of 10-9 games on the way.

  41. Indy Red Man

    Atlanta can really mash. Kid has some juice though. Keep working at it

  42. CI3J

    I think this is what they call “the wheels falling off”.

  43. Dennis Westrick

    HELP WANTED! MLB starting pitchers needed! Some experience preferred! Contact Reds FO by calling 1-800-Help-Now

  44. Reddawg2012

    It seems pretty clear the Reds are not on the same level as the Braves. At least not yet

  45. Redbone

    Thought it was gonna get ugly when that ball left the bat.

  46. CI3J

    Well, on the bright side…

    That could have gone much, much worse.

  47. Beaufort Red

    I think that Fraley’s play (or lack of) really affected Stoudt. Went from confident to damage control.

  48. LDS

    This game is starting to get out of hand. At least, he stranded Atlanta with bases loaded. But even team’s offense isn’t going to overcome its poor pitching everyday. The Reds are still a few players short of where they need to be. If Atlanta holds on and wins today, that 5 out 6 and that’s where the Reds are. Break out the checkbook Bob.

  49. Melvin

    Good hit by McLain. Let’s keep it going.

  50. Melvin

    Thought that was gone by Steer for a sec.

    • Melvin

      We’ll take a double. Back to back. 🙂

  51. Hanawi

    Steer is just a professional hitter. Always seems in control. If he can play a solid LF, that would go a long way for the Reds future plans.

  52. Indy Red Man

    Steer is a better hitter then India. Imo India leadoff vs lefties and maybe 6th 7th vs rhp

    • LDS

      I’m not sure that India in a trade package for pitching isn’t a better idea. Free up 2nd for McLain. EDLC stays at shortstop. Maybe return some decent pitching, improves the infield defense.

  53. Redbone

    Maybe the old man can get the runner home.

  54. Jim Walker

    Fraley does not atone for gift wrapping Atlanta’s 1st run.

    • Indy Red Man

      He scores anyway as it turned out

  55. Beaufort Red

    I know it’s not in Fraley’s DNA, but I depending on the situation I wish he would just put the bat on the ball instead of trying to hit it in the river.

  56. Kevin H

    Geesh, I can’t believe Benson struck out. Geesh can’t he just hit the ball and get runner in. Wonder if they could trade him for a pitcher.

    • Hanawi

      He only got one strike in that at bat right after Votto walked. Struck himself out by chasing and being impatient.

      • Kevin H

        LOL, that’s what gameday showed.

        Just having some fun with it.

  57. Indy Red Man

    Hanging around and have Morton frightened to throw his 96 mph heater, but they got 2 more with 2 out nobody on while we’ve stranded 2 men on 3rd w less then 2 out. That’ll get you beat

  58. Hanawi

    Reds aren’t going to ever quit. Fun team right now

  59. CI3J

    There’s that Reds quick-strike offense we know and love.

    Reds tied it up before the Bravos even knew what was happening.

  60. Melvin

    Good baseball. Sac bunt by Friedle. Two RBI hit by McLain. Tie game folks. 🙂

  61. Kevin H

    Senzel 2-2 against a right handed pitcher. How about that 😛

  62. LT

    Bunt and hit to tie the game up. Sound bb 🙂

  63. Mark Moore

    Just tuning in after lunch out with my First Wife and DD#1. Had to deal with my mower and a fire ant mound before I came in and my wife had the game on (Bally audio feed, so I switched it). Just in time to see TJ lay down that SAC and MattyMc drive in two. So close for Steer on that fader to RF.

    New ballgame. New streak starts today. Pig Kicking Time and all that … 😛

  64. old-school

    Snitker said after the game he was exhausted playing the Reds. Probably burning thru the Tums again.

    • CI3J

      That’s actually quite a compliment. It means other teams view the Reds as relentless.

    • JB

      You enjoy the game yesterday ? Where did you sit?

      • old-school

        It was great atmosphere. Funtime

  65. Kevin H

    Lets see if Wynne can get through another inning. Seems like Stoudt did okay till the 3rd? I know he was not going deep down in Louisville after being activated from IL. So hopefully the 2 innings of shut out ball is a preview of what is to come.

  66. JB

    Cleveland just tied up the Brewers. Burnes ERA up over 4 now

  67. Mark Moore

    Just watched that play Senzel made earlier. Wow! You’d think somebody would want to make him their regular 3B. I’m sure the Halos asked, but they had to settle for 4M. 😀

    • Melvin

      Yes. They traded for Moose. lol Someone tell Krall to call the Angels GM. Maybe get some good deals. Obviously he’s not thinking clearly at the moment. lol

  68. MBS

    So Marte and Phillips bumping up to AAA. AWESOME!!!

    • Kevin H

      Where did you see this, care to share the link or website?

    • MBS

      Larkin, and Sadak in the last half inning said that, unless I misheard, but I don’t think so.

      • Kevin H

        Great!! thanks for sharing the news

    • Melvin

      Really? That would be cool. 🙂 CES is saying, “Marte better not come up before I do”.

    • Melvin

      Hinds may not be far behind the way he’s hitting.

      • Kevin H

        Was thinking same thing. I saw Justice Thompson in high A ball isn’t doing too shabby either, oh and Blake Dunn still going strong in double A

      • JB

        I wonder if anybody moved up to cover their spots at AA

    • LDS

      Can’t find a story on this anywhere nor a transaction posting. So until Doug posts it on the other site, I’ll just be cautiously optimistic.

      • Melvin

        You trying to say you don’t trust Sadak and Larkin? 🙂

      • LDS

        More than some, less than others. They don’t really have to face the consequences of being wrong. Doug on the other hand bases a whole business model on being relatively quick and factually correct.

  69. LDS

    Yes, Snitkey, those Reds guys are pesky.

  70. Kevin H

    Is Wynne a keeper after two innings?? LOL Making your major league debut and oh by the way your in and pitching against the braves.. Great job

  71. Redbone

    Benson looks lost against the crafty old right hander!

  72. Indy Red Man

    Terrible 0-2 hanger after a laser. Nice pull by Bell. Wynne’s slop was timely vs this team

  73. VaRedsFan

    Gibault in to snipe another win???

  74. VaRedsFan

    Gibault routinely ignores baserunners

  75. Melvin

    Man. I thought that was a foul ball out of play. Balls are carrying big time.

    • JB

      Not sure why they want to throw up and away to him. Like Larkin said, he gets his arms extended out there.

  76. Indy Red Man

    You have to be $& kidding me? How many heaters out over the plate are they going to give Olsen? He’s locked in dummies?

    • Ted Alfred

      Olson is probably thinking if he could play the Reds in Cincinnati all year he probably would hit about 120 home runs

  77. Kevin H

    Wynne 2 and a third innings of great baseball against a great Atlanta Team. Excellent job. Too Bad he may get the loss as Gibaut couldn’t get out of the inning. Of his own doing by walking a guy and allowing a 3 run shot

  78. Indy Red Man

    0-2 pitch too. That’s just dumb. He’s been smoking lasers to left all series on heaters away

    • Old-school

      I think the pitch was 4 inches above the zone at his chin. Gibault was throwing way up and out of the zone.

      • Indy Red Man

        He’s been lining those up all series though. Idk how with that long swing but he’s locked in. Pound him inside w 97 and jam job groundball

  79. Ted Alfred

    Brutal 0-2 pitches to Acuna from Wynne and then Gibaut giving up the 0-2 HR to Olson.

  80. VaRedsFan

    Up and in hard.
    Soft low and away.
    Gibaut up and away…3 straight pitches. Gone.

  81. Mark Moore

    I realized it’s only the 6th and only a 3-run hole, but the play I’m seeing really has us on the schneid today.

    Remember when taking 1 from the Bravos would have been a high point?

  82. Jeff Morris

    Gibaut too many heaters over the plate on Olsen. Bad Bad Strategy. Also, would have been better bringing in Alex Young for the lefty on lefty matchup. Reds having momentum last 12 games, got to treat this game as a playoff type game, especially when there is a chance you can take the series against the Braves. D Bell….EVERY MOVE you make is crucial!

    • Kevin H

      Young has pitched 5 out of the last 7 days, of course if he uses Young today this post is moot. LOL

    • Indy Red Man

      Young pitches constantly though. We need another lefty.

      • SlippinJimmy

        Whatever happened to San Martin? Did I miss something there?

    • VaRedsFan

      3 batter rule.
      Young is awful in high leverage, so it’s just as well.

      • Hanawi

        Yep. Couldn’t take Gibault out. It was just bad pitch strategy. Needed to throw that one up and in or down and away.

  83. Roger Garrett

    Braves are really good and well have several guys that can beat you with the long ball but you have to try somebody else other then Olson.

    • Ted Alfred

      Actually you just have to make a decent pitch when you’re ahead 0-2… Olson’s got a .235 batting average

  84. Votto4life

    This series was a not so friendly reminder that the Reds are not ready to compete with the good teams. So forget about trying to acquire a pitcher at the trading deadline. The Reds needs to draft a lot of pitching and hope it materializes before Elly, McClain and others become too expensive and leave.

    • Kevin H

      OH Stop!!!! Just stop with that non sense

      • Votto4life

        Kevin, you don’t get to tell me what opinions to have. I mean, I know you have a really high opinion of yourself, but you don’t get to tell me what to post. So in the future learn how to scroll.

    • MBS

      We won the 1st by 1 run, and lost the 2nd by 1 run, and as I type this are down by 2 while starting a AAA pitcher today. I’d say more pitching is exactly what this team needs to continue to play with the big boys. Also we just swept Houston, so that’s also pretty good.

      • Melvin

        Couldn’t Atlanta look at it the same way? 🙂

    • Ted Alfred

      Nonsense, the Reds have been competing with the Braves all year. Look at the starters we’ve sent out there this series…Weaver who’s been terrible, Ashcraft who’s been worse and then today a kid from Triple A. And we’re still giving them everything they want…5 straight 1 run games and the first three earlier this year with no McClain, Elly, Joey etc. Might be a very different story with Greene, Abbott and Lodolo in October. I can just about guarantee you the Braves would prefer to not see the Reds in the playoffs because they know that this team is very explosive offensively and can beat anybody if they get just decent pitching. Not to mention 3-0 vs Astros and Rangers, 2-1 vs LA. Its a long year… wouldn’t be surprised if Connor Phillips down in AA is in the Reds rotation by the end of the year.

    • LDS

      Sorry folks @V4L is right. The Reds are fun and gritty but they aren’t ready for the post season against top tier teams, sweeping Houston notwithstanding

      • JB

        Sweeping Houston wasn’t the only team they beat that was good. Check the schedule , Eeyore.

      • LDS

        Facts are facts @JB. One good streak doesn’t mean they’ve turned the corner. Be patient. And that’s Mr. Eeyore to you

      • JB

        Teams over .500 Reds are 5-5-1 in the series. They lose today they lost their 6 the series. They can keep with them. New lineup as well. Gone are the has beens .

    • Optimist

      Oh my, they’re a lot closer than that. Sure the Braves have really exposed the holes in the pitching staff, but everyone knows about the starters, and good teams eat up mediocre bullpens. They still should acquire arms at the deadline – rental relievers are very cheap, and if they get lucky they could get a starter. Doubtful, but it could happen.

  85. VaRedsFan

    Olson leads the league in K’s.
    He’s just on one of those Jay Bruce type of heaters.

  86. Eddiek957

    Annie Sabo still with Bally Sports?

  87. Mark Moore

    Yeah … he’s out of his mini-slump alright 😀

  88. JB

    McLain another homer. Thought he was a little guy?

    • Old-school

      Thats a Big Mac there after (2) McDoubles.

    • Ted Alfred

      I’ll tell you McLean plays the game with a Zeal and excitement of a 12-year-old and it’s so refreshing. I really believe he’s going to be a 10-year starter on the Reds.

      The Elly + McClain duo is foing to lead the Reds to great things… buckle up because the next 5 to 10 years are going to be a whole lot more fun than the last 10 years have been. I really believe in Nick Krall and his vision for the Reds…this train ain’t slowin down.

      • Eddiek957

        Guess no one knows about Annie Sabo?

    • Indy Red Man

      He is a little guy, so was Joe Morgan

  89. Dennis Westrick

    Took a break after Gibaut’s disastrous 1.1 innings and mowed my front yard! Reds pitchers have issue 6 walks so far! Those walks account for half of the 6 runs scored by the Braves!

    Yet, we are a bloop & and a blast from being tied!

    • Ted Alfred

      And don’t forget about two different Innings where we had a guy on 3rd and one out and couldn’t get them in. The first inning where Friedl somehow didn’t score on a ball he either didn’t see or just misjudged on the hit to center and then again in the third inning.

  90. JB

    Pinch hitting for Votto!? And people thought Bell wouldn’t do it.

    • Melvin

      Votto just hit a homer off a lefty just the other night.

  91. old-school

    Wow ,india pinch hitting for votto.

  92. Mark Moore

    I’m in agreement with the PH there … but India looking doesn’t look good.

    • Hanawi

      I’m not for that exact reason. Votto has been hitting much better than India the last few days.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. I would not have pinch hit for Votto there. Like I said, he just hit a homer against a lefty the other night. Two walks today tells me he was seeing the ball well too.

  93. bug

    The Reds need to learn how to swing a bat. They surely know how to take a strike. They are pros at that. Why are they afraid to swing at a pitch? They take more strikes that any team I have seen. And believe you me, most of them need to get their 3 swings in. Stand up there like a statue with the bat on their shoulder and take strikes right down the middle. Benson took three strikes in a row first time up and sat down. Didn’t swing one time. Never took his bat off his shoulder. Pitiful!!!

    • Hanawi

      His 2nd time up, he swung at every pitch including multiple balls. It was clear he had no clue against Morton.

      • bug

        You are correct about that. However, he at least has a prayer if he swings the bat. He has no prayer if he never takes his bat off the shoulders. Not just Benson. India just took a third strike. Elly normally takes a couple strikes, and then he’ll swing at a curve in the dirt. He’s a great hitter WHEN HE SWINGS THE BAT THREE TIMES,..which seldom happens. They all take too many strikes. The Braves don’t take strikes. They come off the bench swinging at the baseball,..not looking to walk. We have tremendous talent when we are agressive. But it’s when we get tentative at the plate and on the bases,..and on the mound,… that we start looking like the old Reds. Jmo.

  94. Dennis Westrick

    Don’t worry campers! Farmer will do his best to put this game out of reach as evidenced by another leadoff walk to a Braves batter!

    • JB

      Farmer has been our best pitcher out of the pen besides Diaz. It is what it is.

  95. Dennis Westrick

    Do like Farmer’s strategy though! Follow up the walk with a HBP!

  96. Daytonnati

    Bell with some “urgency” here, going with Diaz.

  97. Ted Alfred

    I don’t like using Diaz in a situation where we’re very likely to lose the game anyway, because now you’re shorting yourself with his availablity going to Baltimore and you may lose a game there that you shouldn’t when this game was almost done no matter what anyway

  98. Jeff Morris

    The Braves are very good….kudos for the young Reds hanging in there with them. The Braves should be very good, they are in a large market area…they have much much more money to spend than the Reds do. Again, the lack of fairness and balance in the MLB! No salary cap for teams, which means the Braves, Dodgers, Yankees, ect… have more money to spend for free agents year after year.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep… and this completely ridiculous unfair salary structure is exactly why you keep seeing the same teams over and over and over in the MLB playoffs almost every year and it’s so hard for the smaller Market teams to get there. You don’t see this in the NFL because there it’s all about how you draft and manage your roster, not how much money you spendm All teams have about the same money to spend, so who drafts the best and handles free agency better and coaches the best wins. Perfect example is KC, Cincy l, Buffalo, Eagles etc all due to drafting and developing players the best, while the Cowboys do basically nothing year after year.

      I hope one day baseball will fix their system to make it much more Equitable for all the teams but I have no faith in the owners of the haves to ever do that.

    • Ted Alfred

      Braves payroll about 200M…Reds 80M…that difference will get you a lot more good/great players and pitchers etc and will cover up a lot of a teams mistakes drafting and developing players, whereas the Reds basically have to be perfect or get lucky…like Elly

  99. Beaufort Red

    I’m afraid Diaz is not the same pitcher he was a month ago. Hopefully it won’t get ugly before we make some moves.

    • LDS

      I agree with you. Several folks here have commented that his velocity is down. If that’s still true, an IL stint may be in the offing. Let’s hope it’s not serious.

    • Hanawi

      Hasn’t been the same since the first game of the Houston series. Was a terrible move to put him in at the time when Sims could have gone a 2nd inning and looks worse as time goes on.

  100. Erik the Red

    The bullpen is officially taxed and the Braves are very good hitters. There is not an easy out in that lineup.

    • SteveAReno

      To say the least, Newman got on base and stole second! Then he scores from second on the hit to give us some life. Way to go Kevin Newman!

  101. Roger Garrett

    Diaz in to keep in close?Not a good idea to me.He looks tired and probably is just like the rest of the pen so IMO you only use him to close out a game.Not my call of course.

  102. Mark Moore

    Snitker not happy with Minter there. Can’t leave him in to face MattMc.

    • JB

      He has gone back to those black spikes this series. He played a little bit in the gray ones. He knows the black ones are legit.

  103. Mark Moore

    Attaboy MattyMc! You’re “too young” to know you aren’t supposed to be ascared of those guys. 😀

  104. Melvin

    McLain!!! Two RBI Double! Awesome!… I’m not worried about him. 😀

    • VaRedsFan

      MMC, just missed by a few feet.
      Then Steer just misses the go ahead shot

  105. Mark Moore

    Just got under that a tiny bit.

    Hold them down and let Snitker turn it over to Iggy Pop again … and then POP him but good.

  106. JB

    And people were questioning McLain because he was in a little slump. Good lord

    • Harry Stoner

      Not really.

      The day off seemed to do a world of good.

  107. Melvin

    Man. That ball hit by Steer carried. Not too far from going out too. Got hold them and then get at least one.

  108. VaRedsFan

    That tack on run the Braves added #angryfaceemoji

  109. Mark Moore

    We either win this or end it with another 1-run loss.

    Once again, anyone on this forum who thought the series would be determined by a net run differential of ONE RUN over THREE GAMES, please stand and sign in. I’ll wait …

  110. Hanawi

    I didn’t realize how bad India’s reverse splits are: .216 ovg, .687 OPS against lefties this year. Makes that pinch hit decision even worse.

    • Melvin

      Another head scratcher. Votto encouraged him and said he’s okay with it. Classy.

      • Hanawi

        Well now he gets a righty to hit against, though one that struck him out yesterday.

    • JB

      I would have used Newman. But I’m shocked he pinch hit for Votto

  111. Roger Garrett

    Win or lose this team has battled and battled against the best team in the league.Reds could have rolled over every game and have not.Lets get 2 right here and call it a day.

  112. Harry Stoner

    Who did the Reds get for Iglesias?

    Not one of the better trades iirc.

  113. Mark Moore

    India needed that. A little luck and a lot of persistance.

  114. JB

    Look at Freidl in the dugout smiling? That’s my boy!

  115. Melvin

    Alright. A bloop hit by India. Now we need a sac fly. NO DP.

  116. Mark Moore

    Well, that was fun while it lasted. Hoping we can learn a bit from facing a team such as the Bravos. A lesser hitting team could have been toast all three games.

    10-day weather in DC is looking better. May have to engineer a 2-game trip for July 3rd and 4th.

    • JB

      You need a GoFundMe started to get you there?

    • Melvin

      That would be cool. Go for it. Wish I were going too. 🙂

  117. Hanawi

    Reds went 1-5 against the Braves on the season, but every game was a 1-run difference.

  118. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Umm, why don’t you at least attempt to steal 2nd there, to stay away from the double play?

    I won’t pin the loss on Bell. But, he did nothing to help us win it with that lack of call.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      It’s like I said. The players are obviously stepping up.

      The FO obviously needs to step up and find us some pitching outside the organization.

      But, the coaches have to be stepping up, also. For example, when you are a running team, you run your team in that exact position.

    • Melvin

      A steal and a hit would have won the game too. Oh well.

    • Rob

      This team is a lot, a lot better than anyone thought or expected. We could win 85-90 games. But I totally believe it will not happen with this rag tag starting pitching. And each and every day places more and more strain on the pen. News Flash to Krall: You need to tear up the plan and make some moves now. I didn’t say mortgage the future but I will say open the pocketbook and trade some youth for a couple solid starting pitchers. Maybe you can wait another month but I can almost guarantee that the climb will be harder and the price higher. Yes, the Cubs, Dodgers, and others will not be sitting by idly.

  119. Harry Stoner

    Hello, Newman.

    8 pitches AB.

    India should have been running / stealing.

    Bell, oh, Bell.

  120. JB

    Another great game. Can’t hang with the big teams? Sometimes I wonder if I’m watching the same game as some on here.

    • Melvin

      Judging by this series the Braves need pitching too.

  121. LarkinPhillips

    Iglesias is slow to the plate and throwing off speed. Zero reason India never attempted a steal. That’s typical David Bell stuff right there.

    • Hanawi

      Yep, only 3 fastballs that whole at bat. Plenty of chances to go for it and have a good shot at running on a change.

    • Harry Stoner

      It’s the little things that keep from rising above the mediocre.
      At best.

  122. Kevin H

    What a great weekend battle. Reds went toe to toe with the Braves.

    Reds showed they are ready to go head to head against good teams. Winning 12 in a row should suggest they are legit. Doing this with a starting rotation that has issues.

    Contrary to some this team is good and building something that the majority of fans will enjoy rest of this year.

    The non sense they don’t belong is just silly, oh and they are still in first place.

    • Hanawi

      Don’t necessarily disagree, but the Reds had already competed earlier in the year against the Braves but got swept. The little things and poor decisions are what separate the top teams from the pretenders. I worry the Reds won’t get there until they make a change at manager, which is less and less likely now.

      • Kevin H

        Yeah the 3 run home run and walking in a run was the managers fault.

        It’s always “Bell’s fault” from the Bell haters

      • Harry Stoner

        That’s a weak rebuttal.

        Some things are out of Bell’s control and some things are very much in Bell’s control.

        The critiques I offer (and most I read here) are in regards to specific situational decisions that Bell makes.

        You want to hang with the big boys? You’ve got weak SP?

        A happy clubhouse can’t do it all.

        Then the little things matter, and Bell needs to up his game, too.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Not have the runner go in the 9th? Pinch hitting for Votto? Numerous bullpen management occurances. Nope, Bell simply isn’t that good a manager. That’s why such an undervalued team hired him in the first place. No other club wanted him.

        The only thing I will give to Bell. . .the players seem to enjoy playing for him. But, that can also say something about the players as much as the manager.

      • Melvin

        If the team identity is being aggressive than you can’t freeze from being aggressive in crunch time. Personally I would have much rather taken a chance at being thrown out at 2B and possibly having the winning run on 2B rather than being in a double play situation. Newman isn’t exactly known for hitting a lot of fly balls. Learn hopefully and on to the next game.

  123. Roger Garrett

    The worse thing that could have happened did indeed happen.You have to force the issue IMO and it gets the infield moving on the right side.Reds have made hay all year by forcing things and yes they don’t always work but you don’t stop.

  124. Dennis Westrick

    Only fitting that Bell’s fair-haired Boy Wonder hits into a DP with the tying run at 3rd and less than 2 outs!

    • Dennis Westrick

      Granted, India should have attempted a steal of 2nd or how about a little Hit & Run?

    • Kevin H

      Reds pitching staff had 9 walks. Diaz walked in a run

    • Harry Stoner

      Hello Newman had a pretty good at bat going until the DP grounder.

      If Bell had sent India, then maybe no DP and maybe Fraley scores on the GO.

      At least no DP.

      Why get conservative when you’ve got an unplanned RH / RH matchup?

      Maybe Bell fosters a happy clubhouse, but his situational thinking leaves a lot to be desired.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        I think Bell uses “the Force”.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep…3 separate innings today with runner on 3rd with only 1 out and didn’t score and lose by a run.

  125. Ted Alfred

    Too bad. Got hosed by the replay booth in the 1st inning. They really outplayed the Braves today, but Gibaut made a terrible 0-2 pitch to Olson and that was the difference. The home plate umpire missed the call at the plate in the 1st and his questionable balls/strikes went against the Reds in key spots.

    On the flip side, what a great experience this series with the Braves was for all these young Reds players… to go against the national league favorites in three super great ball games… and how about Matt McClain today. If the Reds can win the division and somehow get to where they have three decent and healthy starters by October watch out…Greene, Abbott, Lodolo. The other NL favorites won’t want to play the Reds in the playoffs.

  126. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Then, pinchhitting for Votto? I don’t know about that. I just don’t know. I mean, first, it’s Votto. But, it is an older Votto. And, he’s still relatively coming back from the IL. One could question how ready would he be to face left handed pitching. He did get a hit yesterday off a lefthander.

    • Melvin

      A homer off a lefty his first game back if I’m not mistaken. India has been struggling.

  127. Dennis Westrick

    Still in 1st place, barely! At least the Bernies are done playing the Washington Gnats!

  128. Mark A Verticchio

    The pinch hitting for Benson turned out to be the big mistake along with not running India. The bottom line Bell is not now and will never be the manager to take this team where they want to go. He makes to many obvious mistakes. As soon as India got on I told my wife he needs to run. Oh well, on the Baltimore, 41 and 37 and winning 1 in this series isn’t bad. However let’s all be honest there are dark clouds on the horizon if Krall doesn’t attempt to fix the starting pitching.

  129. WCRon

    Can they be better. Absolutely

    But they are fun, fight all the way and are way better than I thought they were going to be when the season started

    Life is all about exceeding expectations and the reds are certainly doing that

  130. jay johnson

    If India had tried to steal 2nd,the braves catcher wouldnt even have thrown the ball.He had not come close on 3 earlier attempts at throwing runners out at 2nd.Definitely not going to risk a bad throw with the tying run on third.
    Is Bell at fault,India,or coaches?