The Cincinnati Reds have used an 11-game winning streak to take over first place in the National League Central division, and things couldn’t be better! Nate and I discuss Joey Votto’s return, Jonathan India’s leadership, Elly De La Cruz’s magnificence, and what the Reds should do about the pitching quandary.

It’s as much fun as we’ve had at The Riverfront in a long, long time! Come along for the ride with us.

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20 Responses

  1. 2020ball

    One thing we can all agree on is this is a very cool team to follow right now. Lets have some fun everyone, even if it ends in heartbreak

  2. Eddiek957

    The road to heartbreak is usually blissful

  3. Soto

    I was really hoping they would add CES for the series against Atl. Anyone heard any rumors? CES sightings? The time is now. Make him the everyday DH and take this offense to another level. Great article on ESPN about how ineffectively most teams use the DH. CES could be a modern day Edgar Martinez!

  4. Thomas Atwood

    If the Reds play around .500 ball over the challenging next 6 weeks, they should be in solid shape in the division.

    Unless the Brewers can retake first place with some distance during that stretch (not sure they can), they feel poised to hit the reset button and trade away Burnes and Woodruff in an attempt to do what Nick Krall has done.

    Counting out the Cardinals feels dangerous, but they just look broken right now.

    The Pirates’ skid has to end soon, but they have a tough July coming up too. I believe they have missed their window on 2023.

    That leaves the Cubbies. I wouldn’t be shocked if they claim first place for a bit in July (I just threw up a little), and they battle the Reds for the division down the stretch.

  5. Optimist

    Wow – go back and look at the Reds-Braves series in early April – only had 1/2 a lineup and still had 3 close, bad losses. Bet the improved and rejuvenated Will Benson is looking forward to this series.

  6. Indy Red Man

    When is Ashcraft coming back? Had more then enough of Weaver already. Call up Phillips or one of the Lville retreads. They can’t be worse

    • Doug Gray

      Ashcraft is the probable starter on Saturday…. so, Saturday.

  7. Mark A Verticchio

    Tonight is the first line up, in awhile, I don’t like. Will Benson should be in the line up. Most likely for Votto and if he doesn’t start to hit, .222 now, that could be an issue.

    • MBS

      I’m as big of a Benson fan as anyone, but I don’t expect him to be in the lineup on a daily basis. I always break down the season into 9 game increments, and I suspect he’ll be getting 6 of 9 starts. He’s always going to be platooned for, plus we’re deep now, and not everyone can play everyday.

      • J

        Benson had yesterday off. And he’ll have every day off when a lefty starts. How many days off could he possibly need? He’s not 40.

      • MBS

        I didn’t say I wanted him off, just that I expect him to be. If I was making the lineup I wouldn’t put Stephenson in the DH, I’d start him 6 of 9 at C, and on the other 3 use him as a pinch hitter. There is no reason to start 2 C’s in my opinion, by my opinion isn’t doesn’t hold sway over Bell’s lineup decisions.

      • J

        Your comment sounded to me as if you thought this was a perfectly fine idea because he needs days off, so why not today. My apologies.

    • J

      Yeah, on a day when you’re probably going to need at least 9 runs to win, and when your outfielders are likely to be chasing down numerous line drives in the gaps, you don’t sit a guy who’s been one of your hottest hitters and speediest outfielders. Putting Votto aside, I’m baffled by the choice to start Maile and Stephenson when only one of them needs to be starting.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Acuna, Albies, and Riley are 11 for 31 off Weaver w/4 doubles and 5 hrs. This should go well tonight

    • Indy Red Man

      Make that 5 doubles and 4 hrs with 10Ks. Next I’m checking Weavers hbp this season. I’m guessing 1 at most vs righties since he never comes inside

      • old-school

        Probably a parlay in there somewhere Indy. Weaver is the weakest link in the chain right now. Probably means he throws 6 shutout innings tonight!!!!

      • Indy Red Man

        Weaver has 2 hbp in 57 innings
        Scherzer hit 11 in 145 innings last year

        If major league hitters are always leaning out over the plate then you’re not getting consistent outs pitching away

      • Indy Red Man

        Yep anything can happen. It’s funny we caught Houston and Atlanta playing an extra innings game the night before while we were off.

        I took Over 0.5 run 1st inning, Freidl hit, both teams Over 2.5. I’ll be dead or like my chances pretty quickly