The city of Cincinnati was ready to keep the good times rolling, selling out Friday night’s game well in advance, and every fan got their money’s worth. The Reds trailed 5-0 before they even got a chance to bat, but they came back in a big way behind a cycle from Elly De La Cruz and two home runs from Joey Votto. Cincinnati’s 11-10 victory extended their winning streak to 12 games and ended the Atlanta Braves 8-game win streak.

Final R H E
Atlanta Braves (48-27)
10 16 0
Cincinnati Reds (41-35)
11 9 1
W: Young (3-0) L: McHugh (3-1) SV: Diaz (21)
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The 1st inning was nightmare fuel for a sold out crowd at Great American Ball Park on Friday night. Excited for a game featuring their team riding an 11-game winning streak, but facing perhaps the best team in the league, Atlanta sent every hitter in their lineup to the plate and scored five runs off of Luke Weaver. Cincinnati went in order in the bottom of the 1st inning.

The Reds offense got going in the bottom of the 2nd inning when Elly De La Cruz nearly hit a ball through the wall in center, hitting a double with a 116.6 MPH exit velocity to lead off the inning. Jake Fraley battled with AJ Smith-Shawver and came out on top when he took the 7th pitch of the at-bat and crushed it into the seats in right field to get Cincinnati on the board and make it a 5-2 game.

The next inning it was once again Elly De La Cruz in the middle of it for the Reds offense. TJ Friedl drew a leadoff walk and proceeded two steal second and third during at-bats by Matt McLain and Jonathan India – both of whom would strike out. But De La Cruz got the job done when Smith-Shawver tried to drop a curveball in for a strike, and it did catch the bottom of the zone, but the Reds shortstop hit it into the third row of the seats in right field for a 2-run blast that cut the Reds deficit to 5-4.

Joey Votto had a little bit of something for the 20-year-old pitcher from Atlanta to lead off the 4th inning, crushing a 428-foot home run to center field to tie the game up. Spencer Steer was hit by a pitch and then took second base on a wild pitch. After getting Tyler Stephenson to fly out, the Braves made a pitching change. Collin McHugh would enter the game and get Luke Maile to ground out before a strikeout to end the inning.

Daniel Duarte, who took over in the top of the 4th for Luke Weaver with one out, returned to the mound to pitch in the top of the 5th inning. He gave up a leadoff single and then a 2-run homer to Matt Olson that put Atlanta back on top.

Cincinnati got the first two hitters of the inning on to begin the bottom of the 5th inning, but not in the way they’d prefer as Collin McHugh hit both Matt McLain and Jonathan India. Elly De La Cruz followed up with a single up the middle to drive McLain in and cut the Atlanta lead to 7-6. De La Cruz would steal second base to put himself in scoring position. Joey Votto then came through with his second homer of the game and the 3-run shot gave the Reds a 9-7 lead. In related news, the reports of his demise appear to have been incorrect.

Alex Young and Ian Gibaut combined to keep Atlanta off of the board in the top of the 6th inning and hold onto the 2-run lead. In the bottom of the frame TJ Friedl led off with a walk, took second on a wild pitch, tagged up on a Matt McLain fly ball to move up to third base, and then he scored on Jonathan India’s RBI single past a drawn in infield. That brought Elly De La Cruz to the plate and the Reds rookie did something no Red has done in 34 years – he tripled for the cycle. India scored from first and Cincinnati took an 11-7 lead.

In the top of the 7th inning Atlanta began to put some pressure on the Reds. Buck Farmer took over to start the inning and after retiring the first two batters of the inning he gave up a single. Eddie Rosario then crushed a double off of the wall in right-center, but Jake Fraley made a quick play on the ball and fired it in and held Travis d’Arnaud at third base. Farmer then struck out Orlando Arcia to end the inning and keep a 4-run lead.

Atlanta would play home run derby in the top of the 8th inning, clubbing three solo home runs off of Lucas Sims and cutting the Reds lead to 11-10. After the Reds came up empty in the bottom of the 8th it was time for Alexis Diaz to take the mound in the 9th. He got things started with a pop up to Joey Votto, but he would walk Eddie Rosario to put the tying run on first. Atlanta called on a pinch runner for Rosario, but it didn’t matter because Orlando Arcia took the next pitch and grounded into a game-ending double play as Diaz picked up his 21st save of the season.

Key Moment of the Game

Elly De La Cruz’s RBI triple in the 6th inning. Not only did it complete the cycle for him, it was also what turned out to be the final run of the day for the team in a 1-run win.

Notes Worth Noting

Elly De La Cruz is the first Reds player to hit for the cycle since June 2nd or 1989 when Eric Davis did it. It was only the 6th cycle in Cincinnati Reds history. Long John Reilly, who is not related to Long John Silver, was the first to accomplish it back in 1890. Tom Parrot did it four years later. Then the franchise went 21 years before Heinie Groh had one in 1915. Harry Craft got it done in 1940. Frank Robinson then picked up his cycle in 1959.

Elly De La Cruz is now hitting .361/.418/.656 through his first 15 games played. He also has seven stolen bases.

Joey Votto homered twice in a game for the first time since September 27th of 2021. He homered twice in five different games that year.

Alexis Diaz is now 21-for-21 in save opportunities.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Atlanta Braves vs Cincinnati Reds

Saturday June 24th, 4:10pm ET

Jared Shuster (4-2, 4.57 ERA) vs Graham Ashcraft (3-5, 6.78 ERA)

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  1. Tom Reeves

    I don’t know how to describe what we just saw. Best game I’ve maybe ever seen and definitely the most existing baseball I’ve seen from the Reds since 1994. Insane!!!

  2. Mark Moore

    I’m with Tom Reeves. Words fail to describe the feeling tonight. The euphoria in my house is so thick you can’t cut it even with a sharp knife.

    And Joey’s post-game interview is solid gold.

  3. Tim

    This is sports as it ought to be. Going beyond the numbers and just competing. What a great game and what great gamers. This is why the stadium was full and will be full. Now, please get some pitching. There’s no better team than the Reds since April 23rd. These opportunities don’t come by often…just ask a Reds fan.

  4. stuckonthenorthshore

    I read always, post rarely.
    1. 21 for 21- nuff said
    2. Votto still bangs
    3. I wish I could watch the new 44 blast one off the upper deck facing like I did the old 44.
    4. Baseball is a kida game, and it’s nice to have the kids playing.
    5. Go Redlegs!!!!!!

    • Mark Moore

      If you didn’t see it, find Joey’s post-game interview.

      As for #3 … give him time. May be the source of a few Tundras over the next few years.

  5. Melvin

    Votto since coming back hitting .308/.438/1.000 I think he’s fitting in just nicely. :)…also made a good stretch on the final play of the game.

  6. MCT

    Braves fans are saying the Rosario double in the 7th should have been a homer due to fan interference. Ultimately would have won them the game. I didn’t see the video. What say you all?

    • Melvin

      Wasn’t fan interference. There’s no way that could happen in today’s game without being caught.

      • MCT

        So basically upset fans grasping at straws. Checks out.

    • Dewey Roberts

      I say the game is over AND those fabs need to remember that the Reds came from behind twice tonight so why do they assume they would have won?

      • Tom Reeves

        Yep – Reds didn’t even need to bat in the 9th. So even if the Braves had tied the game, no guarantee they win.

      • MCT

        Would have been 12 to 11 because the double Rosario hit would have counted as a two-run homer making it 9 to 11 in the 7th inning. Add on the solo jacks Sims gave up and that makes 12.

  7. Moon

    Reds 12 games winning streak ties them for the fourth best winning steak in Reds history. The longest winning streak is 14 game streak set in 1899. The two teams with a 13 game winning streak were the 1918-1919 Reds and the 1890 Reds. There are only 2 other Reds teams with a 12 game winning streak. The 1957 club and the 1939 team. As I have posted before, enjoy this, the Reds are in rarified air. This doesn’t happen very often. One interesting thing about the standings are the Reds and Pirates have basically replaced each other from where they were two weeks ago. The Reds 12 straight wind coupled with the Pirates 9 straight loses (although they did win today). The Reds have made up a lot of ground in the wild card situation as well, although the Giants and Phillies have been almost as hot as the Reds. The Dodgers are in the last WC position and the Reds are one game behind them. The other two WC spots are held by the Giants and MIami and the Reds are only 1.5 games behind both of them. So they are right there in WC race as well.

    • Mark Moore

      Just win, baby, win!!! That solves all problems with the numbers.

    • Moon

      one more thing, these Reds now have the same record as the New York Yankees. I would say given the difference in payrolls the Reds are getting much more bang for the buck.

      • Grand Salami

        I concur. Watching Donaldson forget how to play baseball is amazing

  8. Tampa Red

    Man, I hope I don’t see any more of those “wait till next year, that’s when we’ll be good” posts. Time to send that mentality to the pits of hell.

    There’s no need to wait, the Reds are good RIGHT NOW. I’m not advocating selling off the future – and by that I mean guys like Marte, CES, Phillips, Arroyo, etc. but there are players on the both the big league and minor league rosters that should be used to strengthen THIS team.

    Let’s go, let’s do this! The Reds are good RIGHT NOW, let’s go for it!

    • MBS

      Exactly, don’t mortgage the future, but lets add to this exciting group!

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        The only thing is, in order to get any kind of pitching to help this team, we are probably going to need to give up some of that future.

        As well as, next year, or the year after, when any of that future comes to the big leagues, members of this team will be leaving. Get ready. Good organizations these days not only have good players. They know how to replace them.

    • RedlegScott

      Agree, but to make this work now, one of the aforementioned might have to be traded with the exception of CES. Marte? I know it’s not ideal, but getting a starter and a Chapman will not be cheap.

      • Tar Heel Red

        I sat down yesterday and took a good look at both the major leaguers and minor league prospects. In my opinion the untouchables are CES, Marte, Petty, Phillips and Hubbart. All other prospects are available for trade for a starting pitcher and LH reliever. Players with major league experience that are available are Williamson, Siani, Barrero, Fairchild, Fraley, Senzel and Karcher.

        Mind you, I am not advocating trading alot of these players, but if you want to trade for a starter who has options left in other words, not a rental) you are going to have to give up a few of them. And remember, not everyone can make it here. Players like Arroyo and Collier will probably be traded at some point in the future simply because there won’t be room for them to play.

    • CI3J


      Let this team roll with what they got.

      Then in the offseason, add the final missing pieces.

      • Tampa Red

        That’s nuts. You can’t schedule good. This year is the perfect example. Everyone – myself included – thought the strength of this years teams would be the big-3 SP’s and that bullpen would be a weakness. The exact opposite has happened.

        The point is, you can’t schedule greatness. When it happens, you have to go for it. And I hope like hell Reds management does. And before it starts, I’m not advocating trading off top-10 talent for rentals. I think THIS YEARS team can get better without that happening.

      • Tim

        These guys are fighting hard. Give them what they need. Don’t sell the farm but make some moves

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        For Tampa,

        ” I’m not advocating trading off top-10 talent for rentals.”

        But, that’s exactly what it’s going to take. What, you expect trading someone like Newman for Kershaw? You expect Castellini to pay for Kershaw?

      • greenmtred

        You all make excellent points. One issue is the relative scarcity of available good starters and the sellers’ market that the scarcity produces. I think that Steve’s point– that the the cost of such an acquisition would be quite a bit higher than many of us assume–is spot on. The Reds are where they are now partly because of the performance, energy and enthusiasm of the young players. The next wave of young players will, in all likelihood, reinforce this.

      • Grand Salami

        What Ashcroft does today will lead me to agree or disagree with that statement. They need one more reliable, healthy starter

      • AJ from Hamilton

        It seems to me there’s a middle path the Reds ought to consider. Keep Marte and the other top 5 prospects until off season but be willing to move Barrero and Senzel, neither of whom have a place to play with the Reds anymore. There are not going to be many sellers at the trade deadline–only a handful of teams will be out of the post-season race, but a solid #3=4 pitcher might be had for Barrero and/or Senzel. Then let’s see where they go. I don’t see the Reds as a WS caliber team with the pitching they have, but if everything breaks right they at least go to the post-season and maybe make some noise.

      • greenmtred

        Ashcraft is important. I won’t put too much importance on his first start after coming off the IL, but I will certainly be encouraged if he looks more like the Ashcraft of (not very) old: Keeping the ball down, inducing grounders, being pitch efficient.

    • Tampa Red

      I wish I could reply directly to someone, but this website oddly doesn’t allow that.

      @Steve S, why throw Kershaw’s name out there? I was thinking someone more like Lance Lynn, or another LHP in the bullpen. I don’t think the Reds need to throw around top-10 type prospects to get better.

      But yes, if you want to add someone like Kershaw it would be expensive. I saw a piece in the Athletic that had a proposed trade of CES and Richardson for Scherzer. To be clear, I would NOT make that trade.

      • VaRedsFan

        @ Tampa – Steve was just using hyperbole to illustrate that getting talent worth anything would cost top 10-15 talent.

        Lance Lynn types (6.51 ERA) would be like replacing Overton with Weaver. Half measures like this would be useless.

        I don’t know they should go after, but I do know that these Weaver, Lynn and Greinke look alikes aren’t the answer.

      • Tampa Red

        @VAReds, I think they just need someone to bridge the gap to getting Greene and Lodolo make it back. Since neither are arm injuries, I think the chances both come back in the next 6 weeks is really good.

        Doesn’t have to be Lynn, I just heard his name on a podcast, and they were talking about his advanced stats are much better than the results and maybe he needed a change of scenery. I haven’t seen him throw a single pitch this season, I have no clue as to how he actually looks.

  9. Dennis Westrick

    Reds need starting pitching! Wade Miley is 5-2 for the Brewers and Sonny Gray is 4-1 for the Twins! Imagine where the Reds would be with those 2 guys still in Cincy!

    • Moon

      The Reds non-tendered Kevin Gausman who has pitched well ever since. They could have really used him last year and this year. But they just gave him away for nothing.

      • JB

        Kevin Gausman wasn’t what you see now Kevin Gausman. After he left the Reds he found that split finger and the rest is history. Let’s not act like Gausman was wirth the money he was suppose to get working out of the bullpen

    • JayTheRed

      I was thinking of that too. But they were important parts of getting some of the players we now have both in MLB and in the minros.

      • Harry Stoner

        The Reds got nothing for Miley and Gausman.

  10. MBS

    I am so glad we ended ATL’s 8 game winning streak. That tell’s you something about how good these guys are playing. They are willing W’s into existence!

    • JayTheRed

      Someone on this site said they can’t stand the Dodgers. Atlanta is that team for me. They always seem to beat up the Reds for so long. And to hear the mocking Chop in the post-game show. That made my day.

      • Rick's Reds

        Doug, I’ve loved your site for years. Been reading since the Chad days. Poor health has kept me down but no longer Been a Reds fan since about 1964’ish had to listen on the old AM radio from E.Ky. & use to drive the 5.5 hrs to Cincy for the games even the lean years of Householder, Walker, Kennedy, Biitner(ugh) 80’s teams. I’ve lived close to Chattanooga since 1994.
        Jay, I’m with you, I’m forced to having to watch our Reds games vs the ATL with their game crew. They always take stabs at our GABP(I don’t like the dimensions either), our hits are always luck, their guys are better skilled on their hits etc. Etc. I am so sick of their privileged attitudes & looking down their noses at most teams ie; us. They’re not as bad since Chip has switched to the St. Louis Chicks:) I would love to sweep them, or 2 of 3 them, & hit them in their chops(pun intended).
        I’m 67 years of age & it’s exhilarating to witness & enjoy what us long standing suffering fans are being treated too as well! Go Redlegs!

  11. JB

    Man I can’t wait for the playoffs. The bandwagon will be rolling in to Cincy. Hoping the Reds play at home on Saturday and Bengals at home on Sunday. Oh yeah , All Aboard!!!

  12. Dennis Westrick

    I’ve watched or listened to 100’s of Reds games since 1961 but I don’t ever recall one quite like what we witnessed tonight! Need a drink before calling it a day!

    • Dewey Roberts

      Dennis, 1961 was when I became a fan also. I agree that I can’t remember a game like this one.

    • greenmtred

      It makes me sick at heart that, due to family obligations, I missed all but the top of the ninth. Just reading what everybody’s saying makes it clear that this was a game for the ages.

  13. Mark Moore

    I’m watching the 10-day weather for DC. I might have to book a little excursion to see our boys play up there the first week in July. I’m off that week anyway 😀

    • Mark Moore

      And I’ll wear my new City Connect gear if I do 😛

      • Jpser05

        I got tickets in DC for both the 3rd and 4th. Can’t wait!

    • Max

      I’ll be there for the first three Reds/Nats games. Can’t make the last one due to work, but I’m pumped. Hoping we get a huge turnout from the Reds road crew.

  14. Melvin

    Tell ya what. If the Reds do make the playoffs no team will want to play this kind of team.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Missing the final piece on offense! CES!

      • Jeremiah James Grissom

        Or he is the main piece to trade for a top Starter! It’d be exciting to have his power, but I think he’d be quite an attractive player for another franchise to start a package to get another team’s ace or #2 starter.

    • Mark Moore

      In a short series? Not a chance. And you know we’ll keep getting better.

      • Melvin

        Yep. It has to be scary for other teams with all of this unpredictable talent.

  15. Bow

    Old school Big Red Machine lurker here.

    This is fun. This team is a banger.

  16. LDS

    I remember Eric Davis commenting on EDLC a year or two ago. Looks like he was right. Stay healthy and EDLC will be talked about for years. Sign him now.

  17. Matt McWax

    Ton of minor league games with all the rain makeups. Note the Daytona win and maybe our next superstar: Hector Rodriguez, who hit his 12 homer in 56 games. He’s 19 and leading the Florida State League in OPS (not counting non-qualifying 23 year old Christopher Familia who’s stats are like Babe Ruth but in 76 at-bats).

    Guys that produce every day at a young age and are multi-talented are the ones that get my attention the most. I’m not saying he’s EDLC but he actually has put up much better numbers at DBT in a similar sample size at the same age. He lacks the physical projection obviously (5’8), but he packs a punch for his size. I go ahead and leap him right over Marte, CES, Collier, Phillips, Arroyo etc.. on my list but that’s just a gut feeling. Cabrera’s probably in the discussion. I can’t imagine it will be long before they send him to Dayton.

    • Moon

      I am going to see Chattanooga play on the 4th of July. I watch them several times a year when they come to play the local AA team. They are the only games I go to here. I have been able to watch a lot of the current Reds down here including Greene, Ashcraft, Lodolo, ELDC, etc. Fun!

    • Greenfield Red

      This is the genious in what Nick Krall did last summer. He did not trade for major league ready guys. He traded for high end young talent. It is beginning to pay off big time. Hector Rodriquez is starting to look like a beast, and he was a footnote to last summer’s haul.

      This is why they have to stay the course. This team can win for years with what has been done.

  18. J

    I feel pretty good about my prediction that it would take at least 9 runs to win this game. But I do now realize the flaw in my argument that the Reds should have allowed Phillips (or someone else) to start in Weaver’s place. It’s a lot more exciting to come back and win a game when you’re down 0-5 in the first inning, so it’s actually pretty brilliant to keep running him out there every five days so we can continue enjoying these kinds of victories.

    • Mark Moore

      I’ve got a sneaking suspicion the Weaver dilemma will be resolved. Maybe tomorrow.

      • LDS

        That would be nice. Wonder if Castellini realizes yet that fun baseball puts rear ends in the seats. So writing off 10 million or so on Myers and Weaver pays off rather quickly

      • Tom Reeves

        I can see Weaver transitioning to a long-man role. He was his own long man reliever last night after a disaster first inning. We can talk about the disaster but we should also talk about the additional innings he worked and kept the Reds in the game. If it’s me, I move Weaver to long-man role asap.

      • DHud

        My worry about Weaver going to the pen as a long man is exactly the first inning disasters. If he can’t get ready to pitch in 8 hrs before the game is he going to be able to in 4-7 mins in the pen??

    • VaRedsFan

      I actually sent my son a prediction of 10-9 Reds before the game.
      Pretty close.

      • Moon

        I predicted 11-8 and have a text to my Atlanta bud to prove it lol. I was close but got the Reds score right.

  19. Dayton Ducks

    Watched the whole game with my son here in eastern PA and I have to say this was one of the greatest Reds games I’ve witnessed either on TV or in person (and I’m a Big Red Machine era kid). This is definitely fun.

    • Moon

      Do you remember the big Reds comeback against the Giants back in the big red machine days?

  20. J

    I know a lot of people get annoyed with me when I post these kinds of opinionated comments, but I just speak my mind and let the chips fall where they may. So here it is: EDLC is a pretty good baseball player, I’m glad he plays for the Reds, and I think the Reds are playing pretty good baseball right now.

    Have at it.

    • VaRedsFan

      You nearly crossed a line there.
      Tone it down in the future.

    • Melvin

      There ya go going off the deep end again. 😉

    • Mike Adams

      You are right, I have to call you on those wild statements:
      “EDLC is a pretty good baseball player”–that would depend on what your definition of “is” is
      “I’m glad he plays for the Reds”–how do you know that? Have you seen his paycheck?
      “I think the Reds are playing pretty good baseball right now”–no way, are you going to listen to me or believe your own lying eyes?
      Follow the science, J!

    • greenmtred

      It’s okay, J: we’re all opinionated. Don’t moderate yourself on my account.

  21. JB WV

    I find myself with my jaw hanging open over what this team can do offensively. I’ve never seen anyone like EDLC.

    • Dewey Roberts

      McLain, EDLC, and Votto have made a huge difference on this team. I can never remember this kind of energy on any Reds team.

      • Still a Red

        Don’t forget Friedl. Oh yeah, Steer. Oh yeah, Fraley’s not so bad either.

    • MBS

      No one has, I said to my brother it’s Bonds power with Henderson speed. He said it’s young Bonds athleticism with old Bonds power. Either way it’s a combination that I’ve never seen, or heard of.

      • MBS

        Speaking of Bonds, do you guys see how armored up Votto is while he’s sitting on the plate. He’s going to bang out a bunch of HR in this half plus of a season.

      • Tom Reeves

        Elly is like Eric Davis, Junior, and Deion Sanders had a love child.

    • TR

      EDLC was apparently discovered about five years ago. Credit to the Red’s farm operation in the Dominican Republic.

  22. TR

    What a game! Being behind with a five run deficit in the first inning means nothing to this Reds team.

  23. RedlegScott

    Is anyone still saying not to trade out of the farm for a starter and for Chapman? The future is obviously now. Are there any Votto detractors left in the house?

    • LDS

      Yes, me. First, Chapman is 35+ and has a lot of baggage. Secondly, out of the farm depends on how cheaply. For example, guys like Arroyo, Collier, Marte, and others should largely be non-starters barring an insane offer of a young pitcher or outfielder. As for Votto, we’re only 12-13 ABs into his return. Maybe he sustains his production. Maybe he doesn’t. Let’s wait and see

      • Melvin

        ..but let’s enjoy it while he does. 🙂

      • oklared

        Wow if we had 3 winning seasons in a row, I think you could find the cloud. I’ll bet on Votto and optimism for this team. However, finding a good deal for pitching will be difficult. Not really willing to wreck the farm rather take my chances if lucrative deal can’t be found. Since 7-15 we have been 1 of better teams don’t panic with success.

      • MBS

        @LDS your way overvaluing what Chapman would cost, obviously those prospects would be non starters. Those are guys that would come up with a good, controlable starter.

      • LDS

        Probably right @MBS. He’s at $3.75m right now. Unless KC is doing a salary dump, one would think they’d want a quality prospect or two.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        I’ve always said that.

        Well, specifically, I’ve always said that Votto deserves the opportunity, with what he’s meant to the team over the years. After his first game back, where he did so good, I still said that, just an opportunity. I saw last night before the first HR he was batting 200, “Just give him an opportunity”. Build a sample size. Like, 5 of 9, 6 of 10 games, more if the MVP bat comes back, less if not. But, one game is meaningless. One game could simply mean he was constipated.

      • Melvin

        If that’s the case I hope it happens more often. 🙂

    • CI3J

      Sell the farm for Chapman?

      Absolutely, positively NOT!

      I say trade Newman and a low-level pitching prospect for another good bullpen arm. That’s about the only trade I could get behind.

      • oklared

        This is my line of thought also. Trust the process and FO.

      • RedlegScott

        That’s not going to be enough, especially with other big money teams competing for pitching. I realize letting a Marte go would be painful (an obvious future starter and potential star), but do we want to win now or win later? That is the question, isn’t it?

      • CI3J


        We can win now AND win later without giving up Marte.

      • greenmtred

        I tend to agree, C13J. We are winning now, and our pitching shortage is temporary, with guys coming off of the IL and, possibly, up from the minors.

    • Amarillo

      We basically have 2 “Waves” of top prospects. The current wave either on the team already, or close: Elly, McLain, Abbott, Williamson, Marte, Phillips, CES. I wouldn’t trade anyone from this group for anyone. The other wave are all 20 or younger and in A-ball or lower: Arroyo, Collier, Petty, Jorge, Rodriguez, Balcazar, Cabrera, Duno. These guys are all so young and trading them would selling very low. They are mostly not old enough to have reached maximum value.

      The actual issue though, is we are still pretty far behind the Braves and Diamondbacks and I really don’t want to risk selling major prospects for a bo3 series.

    • JB WV

      Joey’s healthy. That’s why he waited so long to come back. That beautiful swing is working again. Look out.

  24. Cincinnatus Rex

    I won’t even be mad if the Braves win tomorrow — I just wanted the Reds to win this one really badly. With multiple win-streaks across the league, the Reds got to have the last one standing. So long, Braves streak!

    Elly is on another planet right now. I’ve heard plenty of comments on his wearing Eric Davis’ number, but nothing about their similar initials. From a relatively young Reds fan, this game is one of the absolute best games I’ve ever seen — re-watching the first Reds cycle hit in my lifetime was enough to get me misty-eyed.


  25. MBS

    What about promoting Richardson to the Reds? Not as a starter but the long man in the pen. We need a guy who can go 2 plus innings in the pen since we have so many short outings by our starters.

    He has a sparkling ERA, going into today it was a sub .200 ERA.

    Add Phillips to the Reds rotation, and we might be looking pretty good. I just don’t want to see Weaver on the mound again.

    • BK

      Weaver’s days are numbered. He won’t likely survive Greene’s return from the IL.

  26. oklared

    Never right of Votto, add current obits to the trash draw with others.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Correct, and those home runs weren’t cheapies either. Some people on this board just have to be negative. And Chapman? No thanks. I’d much rather they pick up someone like Miley.

  27. oklared

    Really like young guys I think FO is doing great especially with budget restraints. Now free up some money now and over next few years and best outlook in years for Reds fans.

    • LT

      With this offense and bullpen the Reds can win in regular season and make the playoff. To go deep in playoff and possibly win the big one, help is needed. But that can be said about any contending teams. From the game last night Atlanta starter is not that good and their bullpen walked a lot, looked worse than the Reds. But rich contending teams will spend and improve their roster for playoff run. Will the Reds do that? If they don’t, I don’t mind playing the game of David vs Golliah, actually I cherish it. There is no better feeling than to win when it’s not expected.

      • Melvin

        “There is no better feeling than to win when it’s not expected.”

        You got that right.

  28. LT

    Both starters for tomorrow game have ERA that says there will be a HR derby part 2. Can’t wait

  29. Reddawg2012

    I physically cannot stop myself from repeatedly watching highlights of tonight’s game. Someone please send help.

    • J

      I was just about to rewatch parts of it, but now you’ve got me worried about the potential for addiction.

      • RedlegScott

        Watch Sims dish up three straight. That’ll keep your mind in check. Lol

      • VaRedsFan

        On Sims…I thought 2 of the 3 pitches he made were pretty well placed. All 3 were fastballs though. I wouldn’t throw Olson anymore fastball strikes.

    • Red Lasso

      I think we need to start a “support group” as many of us are in need of the same help!

  30. RedsGettingBetter

    REDS PREVAILED!! this is a really really big win…. Incredibly …12 in a row, what a streak. Each day or night is a new win having a different heroes… Friedl, Fraley, Votto, Steer , Diaz…the phenom Elly De La Cruz… Believe….

  31. Andrew Brewer

    I said yesterday to the checkout guy, the Reds should lose today, but don’t bet against them they have won 11 in row … then I see the score today, Reds 11 and Braves 10. How deep does the emotion run ? It’s tearful…

  32. CFD3000

    Blacked out here in Atlanta, and my streaming service doesn’t carry the Braves channel. I knew they were down early, but not how far down. Waited until I thought the game was long over to try and watch it on MLB.TV. Nope – must have been a high scoring affair, extra innings or both. But MAN I had no idea what I’d missed.

    Are you kidding me? Down 5-0 and the young star goes nuts with a cycle and the old star goes nuts with two bombs and the all star shuts it down for his 187th save in a row. Amazing! I’d have said that Luke Weaver and the Braves offense would end this streak in a crash, but how much fun was it to be wrong like that. 12 in a row and more improbable than… you can’t make this stuff up folks – best reality show going. Again. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s spectacle (with a Joey day off against a lefty?) and another new hero or two? Go Reds!

    • Indy Red Man

      Free Stuey. Reactivate tomorrow please

      • Jim Walker

        As of the end of action Friday, Stu still hasn’t played for Louisville. This was especially noticeable Friday because the Bats played a double header.

        I believe a player sent down has 72 hours to report. He would be closing in on that today (Saturday). Do they still have the taxi squad? If so, maybe he was simultaneously optioned but assigned to it?

        Pretty crazy that they optioned Fairchild then sat out Benson on Friday. Benson would have been the better choice over Stephenson for DH Friday, or Steer at DH with Benson in LF. Somebody needs to explain to the Reds that if the DH is batting 8th, then he should not be the DH!

      • Melvin

        Barrero didn’t play today either. Strange.

      • Jim Walker

        @Melvin. I completely spaced on Barrero. It was busy here Friday evening; and, I dialed up the box scores late specifically to see if Fairchild had played.

        Barrero had reported almost overnight and played just about every game up to Friday as I recall.

      • wkuchad

        “Somebody needs to explain to the Reds that if the DH is batting 8th, then he should not be the DH!” – If Benson had been in there instead of Stephenson, he also would have been batting 8th.

      • Melvin

        Jim – Maybe a trade in the works for some of these guys?

    • JB

      Jim Walker – Got news for you, Benson at DH would be batting 8th or Fairchild.

      • Jim Walker

        Yes but with .376 OBP versus Stephenson’s .328 OBP. And an OPS+ of 106 vs Stephenson’s 82.

        Folks like to talk about how Stephenson is turning things around. Well, he was never as low as Benson at 0/22 or whatever when he got sent down; and look where Benson is now.

  33. Indy Red Man

    Unbelievably fun, but don’t they need to rearrange Coors Field East? It’s little beer league softball at times. Idk? We had some good era’s w Cueto, Latos, etc but some of these HRs are ridiculous. Haven’t seen the “HR in this many parks” stat this year? Is it because GABP is so cheap and they don’t want to broadcast Hr in 2 of 30 parks every night?

    • VaRedsFan

      Despite tonight, they are more of a speed oriented team now. Give RF a Camden Yards like makeover. It doesn’t have to be drastic 15-20 feet.

  34. Soto

    Like I said earlier, the front office needs to be commended for the stockpiling of young talent. It’s truly amazing what they have put together in just a few short years, but to continue to start Weaver and to not bring up CES is inexcusable. They have to put our best possible lineup on the field every night. This team is awesome and are playing unbelievable, but it is not our best possible lineup. CES hit 556 in Spring Training. He has arguably been the best hitter in AAA this season. I think they need to DFA Casali. Bring up Phillips. Bring up CES. Add a bullpen arm without giving up our best prospects, and spend some money in the offseason on starting pitching. Let’s Go! It’s a great time to be a Reds fan!

  35. SOQ

    Was at the game. Down 5 zip by the time I got to my seat. Got to be one of the most exciting games I’ve ever seen. Got an India foul ball as a bonus.
    Incredible evening

    • VaRedsFan

      You witnessed a classic!! Congrats

  36. Soto

    Offer Casali a coaching job and keep him in the clubhouse. He has obviously played his part in this year’s success, but it’s hard to justify someone hitting under 200 taking a roster spot when you have the potential firepower that CES brings waiting in the wings.

    • greenmtred

      Casali is arguably the most effective defensive catcher, though, and seems to have a steadying influence on a mostly young pitching staff. And the rest of the lineup is usually fearsome. It’s certainly true that he isn’t much of a hitter at this point, and maybe that outweighs the benefit he brings to the pitchers. I dunno.

  37. Amarillo

    Fun Weaver stat: we have won his last 5 starts including the game he gave up 7 runs. We also lost the game where he gave up no runs in 6.1 IP.

    • David

      So….what you’re saying is when Weaver gets clobbered…’s all good? 😉

      OK, another one of those coincidence is not causation traps. But a think what did happen tonight is the bullpen got used a lot.

      But…the Reds won, again. The Braves used their bullpen a lot and lost.

    • greenmtred

      It may not be a coincidence, though. Evidence instead of benevolent fates at work.

  38. redfanorbust

    As everyone has said, great game, storybook. Great streak. IMO tomorrow is huge. Not just for a W-L but Ahscraft is pitching and can he bounce back? He and pitching coaches have had time to look and figure out what was going wrong before he had his injury. If it’s one thing this team needs quickly are quality starts from starters. IF our big three can get their mojo back the central is ours for the taking. Go Reds!

  39. Hanawi

    Amazing run. Really stoked on this team. Ashcraft’s start is a big one. Can he be counted on at all or will he need to go back down to figure things out? Of the trade candidates, I’m actually wondering what someone would give them for Barrero. Still young with projection and a solid defensive SS. Could he bring back a good bullpen arm? If they want a starter for the rest of the season, I’d probably be willing to trade Arroyo. Cabrera is coming behind him and they already have EDLC and McLain that can play SS.

  40. kypodman

    I was at Longnecks in Wilder and you would think the Reds were playing in a playoff game. The place was going nuts at every moment of the game when the Reds did something. People jumping around high fiving each other. Have not experienced that in 10+ years with this team and it is only in the month of June. Something magical is happening and we are witnessing it.

    • Jim Walker

      It is like 1999 except the drought has been twice as long (at least) and deeper in this iteration.

  41. Indy Red Man

    It felt more like a big fight atmosphere in the UFC as opposed to baseball tonight.
    The challenge for this young team is to deal with success now and not lose 6 out of 7 when they finally lose a game.

    They still have a lot of lessons to learn but this has been one spectacular ride. Elly is must see TV

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      That’s why I said one time that I would almost be interested in seeing them lose a game, to see how they respond. For, bottom line, they are going to lose again, at some point in time, of course later than sooner. But, how do they respond? The trend with this team has been maybe a bit of a depression piece. But, then, they can get right back to it.

  42. Kentucky Red

    On the EDLC triple, anyone notice how the Braves outfielder hesitated for just a split second, re-cocked, and then hit the cutoff man. To me, it looked like he came up ready to throw to 2nd, and was surprised that the play was gonna be at third. Speed indeed!

  43. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Boy, what a game. We’ve all said that. Alright, moving on. . .

    Tomorrow or Sunday, I can’t help thinking we are going to say “F it”, and those minor league relievers we brought up recently are going to see some serious time. Sorry, but I would almost rather see our bullpen get some relief sometime.

    As for our “future” and what we need “now”, we aren’t going to get anything like Newman for Kershaw with the Dodgers picking up all of Kershaw’s salary.

    I mean, 2 different time periods. One, now, if we go get any pitchers who would make a difference, we are going to have to give up some prime piece(s) as well. That’s just a fact, or at least the norm. I was surprised Krall was able to get last year what he did. But, again, that’s not the norm.

    In the future, when those prized pieces start to become “major league ready”, that’s going to call for us either losing them in trades or losing who they fill in trades or FA.

    “They can just change positions.” First, that doesn’t mean they still aren’t going to replace a fan favorite. Second, did they ever play that position? How did that work for Hamilton? For Senzel? How much time did they spend on the IL for playing new positions just to play on the big team?

    Nope, if they have played the position in the past, have practiced for the position while coming up, then possibly. But, to change their position “just to get to the big club”, I’d rather trade them off for a serviceable player who can play that position in the first place.

  44. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Now, I’m not saying just trade anyone. You always trade from a position of strength or what you have too much of in the first place. Considering position, what do we have a lot of, talking prospect-wise, but only positions. Then, from there, what prospects would we be willing to commit to, willing to let go?

    And, I’ve heard some say, for example, if we have a young AS playing 2nd, and our top prospect is a 2nd baseman at AAA, neither have played any other position. And, I’ve already said, at this point, you don’t change their position, do you get rid of the AS or the prospect? I’ve heard some say “Do nothing. Keep the prospect, in case the AS player gets injured”. Sorry, I can’t buy that one, not when the team needs other things. Prospects serve 2 purposes: 1) replace the players on the big club, and 2) trade bait. That doesn’t mean you keep them in the minors “just in case”. Then, we are getting literally no value for them.

    Sorry, but you either trade the AS player and call up the prospect, or trade the prospect and concentrate on the next prospect you would have for that position.

  45. Steve Schoenbaechler

    One more post. Some tidbits:

    – Krall pulled some crazy trades last season. I wonder if he can still pull a couple for this season, like very soon, for some pitching.
    – I normally look to wait to extend players till after their 2nd season, or at least till the AS break of their 2nd season. But, boy, Elly, it gets me to wonder.
    – I have been a big critic of Bell and his bullpen management (it is obvious; too many examples to prove it). Not so much tonight. When your starter doesn’t even go 4 innings, your pen is going to get taxed. If one tried to say anything, it wouldn’t be as much as Bell as much as the trend thoughout the league, having a “long man” in the pen, for when the starter does get pulled early, so your “regular relievers” won’t get taxed so much having to cover the entire game.
    I was wondering about that the other day, wondering about why teams don’t have the “long man” in the pen anymore.
    – McLain is starting to struggle. Been struggling for at least 2 weeks now. Let’s see how he responds.
    – I wonder why Benson wasn’t in left field? I mean, LHP coming up 2nd game, most like Benson won’t start that.
    – I see Ashcraft is coming back. I just hope he’s ready and strong. The last thing we need is for him to come back not ready yet. But, if he is ready, step 1 improvement done.

    • Tom Reeves

      Yeah, I hope this IP stint was a much about figuring out what’s up with Ashcraft. If the starting pitching comes around like has the potential to, this team gets very tough very fast. If we can jump it through this stretch of pitching, we could end up with Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, and Abbott playing to their potential. It’s a lot of IFs but if that happens, wow.

      If I can add a starter right now without trading the farm, I’d do it. If I can add Chapman to the bullpen without trading the farm, I do it. If I can find a long man (and that might be one of the current starters), I do it. But I’m not sure I do much of else to change this roster. And the Reds still have talent in the farm who could be ready this year.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        I said at the beginning of the season that the success was going to be from our big 3 starting pitchers, Greene, Lodolo, and Ashcraft. If they stayed healthy, we could possibly challenge the 500 mark.

        Well, just move everything up. If we can get the big 3 back fast enough, us winning the division will lie in their success, I believe.

        As far as bringing in any pitcher who is going to help us, it’s going to take our future. Either a young stud who’s on the team right now, like Steer, or a young stud just waiting. Sorry.

  46. Indy Red Man

    They could get a good reliever without trading anyone. Sign Anthony Bass. He had a 1.54 era last year and they hit .201 off him….in the AL East. He’s had a better career then Farmer

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Everything points out to last year being a fluke year. A possibility if we have nothing left in our own cupboards. But, until then, not needed.

      We have the relievers. We need starters to go longer, and better bullpen management.

      • Indy Red Man

        Have to disagree. It’s going to be tough to upgrade the starters therefore the pen is getting overworked quickly. Now granted Bass did have career numbers last year and a good lefty is more important, but he’s still better than Farmer imo. Another guy on a career year out of nowhere

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        And, that’s the point. I’ve always said relievers are a crapshoot, unless you drastically overpay.

        There’s no reason why the other 2 relievers we brought up wouldn’t be worse than Bass is right now.

    • Tom Reeves

      Anthony Bass definitely has some baggage. Could be a bullpen boost while being a clubhouse bust.

      • Indy Red Man

        I’d say atleast half the people I know think the same way he does. Thats southern Indiana. Just keep your comments and posts about baseball and do your job

  47. Hotto4Votto

    What an incredible night for the fans. The rollercoaster of going down 5 runs in the first, to coming back and tying the game, just to go down again the next half inning. Then to take the lead and hold it by only the slimmest of margins going into the 9th and then have Diaz slam the door shut to remain perfect on save chances. The Reds were led by the stars of the future (DeLaCruz) and the recent past (Votto). Fantastic.

    To see DeLaCruz hit for the cycle, for Votto to still bang twice, for Diaz to lock it down, what a night. Fun team.

  48. Tom Reeves

    One of the reasons I love Joey Votto is that he had tens of millions of reasons to ride out this last year of his guaranteed contract with a bum shoulder. And all he did was work his tail off to come back. And then, we all had a fear that his return would upset the chemistry of this team. All he did was come in, bat 6th, contribute to winning, and talk about how enjoyable it is to be part of this team. The guy has been grinding for Cincy for 17 seasons. He’s had a career of some incredible ups but he’s also battled and tried to play through downs that hurt his performance. He battled for the last 10 months to fight his way back to this team. He kept the faith when a lot of us shrugged.

    Imagine coming in to pitch against the Reds and the guy in the 6-hole is still capable of being the toughest out in baseball.

    • SteveAReno

      Maybe not say “we all” had a fear. It was the usual bad fans who like to bash certain Reds players over and over from behind the safety of their screens. They are not team players/posters. Most of their fears, negativity, and grievances, are frequently proven wrong and they are pulling for some of our guys to fail. You can just skip their comments, though. On a side note, can you imagine how many days of training and rehab Joey Votto has had to endure? Each and every day from way back. That’s the definition of a champion with Perseverance. It was a pleasure to see him in Louisville working on it.

      • steve d

        “bad fans”???? really???? Now who is judging who? Everyone is entitled to their opinion…

    • Roger Garrett

      Well said Tom.He is going to play and has earned it regardless.Reds knew he was not going to hurt this team but only help it.He is the old man,I love old men,right in the middle of a bunch of kids playing a kids game and it has to be an unbelievable experience for him and the kids.What Krall has done to set this team up for success this year and on down the road is just beyond words.How he talked Bob and the rest into releasing first Moose and now Myers is beyond me but maybe just maybe they are willing to let the GM drive the bus.His trades have worked in getting this team younger and hungry but most of all they have tremendous talent up and down the lineup.Joey hitting 6th and TySteve in the 8 hole.Are you kidding me?Who knows what will happen but a sell out crowd in late June just witnessed one of the best games ever.Guess what the rest of the league is watching and players that would never ever come to play here are changing thier minds.If Bob can pay guys to go away then for sure he will pay guys to come and play.

  49. Doc

    Votto came into the game hitting .222. Two HR raised him to .308. That can only happen with a very small sample size. Good for him, but buried in the enthusiasm is McClain was hitting .222 over his last 10 games and was hitless again last night.

    Key is that these guys play as a team, pick each other up, and hustle until the last out.

    Diaz appeared, just from the game summary, to maybe have righted the ship after a couple of trips through turbulent waters.

    So long, Luke. It was good to know you. We should have plenty of pitching help trickle in over the next couple of months as our starting staff approaches recovery. .

  50. GreatRedLegsFan

    I wonder how far Reds could go this season with a healthier pitching staff, let alone some extra help via trades. Excluding Ashcraft, there’re still 10 arms in the shelf.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I said at the beginning of the season, thinking of the success of 500 ball, that our success would be on the success of our top 3 pitchers, Greene, Lodolo, and Ashcraft.

      Well, just up the goal a bit, the answer remains the same. Not without specific changes the FO can make, our success still seems down to those 3.

      One comes back today, hopefully not too early, back to what he showed the first couple of games of the season. I’d rather no rush him out there just to get our pitching some help. Don’t rush him and let him rest it out longer if need be. But, sure, if he’s ready, get after it.

      • RedlegScott

        Ashcraft is an unknown commodity at the moment, Greene is hit or miss in the rotation due to his injury, and Lodolo is out until sometime in August. I don’t follow your logic. We need help now to stay in this thing.

  51. Old-school

    Reds offense is #1 in NL in stolen bases and #2 in OBP. They are now up to 5th in runs scored in the NL. We are watching an offensive resurgence the likes of which we haven’t seen in quite some time. With Votto and EDLC power generation and now adding to Fraley,Steer, India and McLain, the power numbers are starting to climb out of the NL lower tier and with GABP and a full roster of bats, this offense can really rev up.

    I think with small upgrades to the pitching staff (replace Weaver and add bullpen length/depth) the Reds simply may be able to outscore teams to get to 85 +wins. I am hoping Ashcraft did some deep diving on his recent break to find his old self. It’s not unreasonable to think Greene comes back the second half and pitches well every 5th day. While Lodolo is out awhile, he could be a huge boost to make 9-10 starts in august and September. They do need to do something to replace Weaver in the rotation now and off-load some of the bullpen guys so they stay healthy during the dog days of August.

  52. Jim t

    Was at the game last night and all I can say is WOW!!! Been going to games since 1961 and don’t think I have ever enjoyed a game more. Can’t help thinking about my Dad and what his impressions of the team and particularly EDLC would be.

  53. greenmtred

    It is a pleasure to read every one of the comments. I missed most of the game and you guys have made it real for me. Thank you.

    • Indy Red Man

      Sorry you missed it. That was fun! I was at the casino sportsbook with some friend that also grew up with the BRM.

      Side note:. Swapping out Fraley, Joey, and Benson for Senzel, Newman, and ? doesn’t sound that appealing on paper? Maybe Fairchild comes back and/or Joey keeps going? I think Ashcraft might get it back? He needs to jam some guys and keep the ball down

      • VaRedsFan

        Senzel/Fraley platoon is real and productive. I’m good with that one.
        Newman gets some swings vs the lefty as well. (DH or 3B)
        I don’t think Benson starts, but should come in once the lefty is out.

  54. Red Lasso

    So if I told you going into last nights game the following…
    1) Braves outhit the Reds 16-9
    2) Braves score 10
    3) Braves jump out to a 5-0 early lead
    …..and the Reds STILL find a way to win???? Are you kidding me!!!

    So when is Greene due back?

  55. GreatRedLegsFan

    Titanic Struggle Recaps: Long time no see.

    • Ghostrunner_onthird

      Yep. Looks like we got rid of the goat for a couple guys playing GOAT-like.

  56. Votto4life

    So who is ready to admit they were wrong about Joey Votto being washed up?

  57. Still a Red

    The Reds have caught the attention of some friends from Philly and Boston. I got to brag!
    In re; to trying to get some starting pitching, you’re gonna have to give something valuable in exchange. Look what teams gave up for Castello, Mahle, Suarez, and Winker…and Gray I think.
    Unless Krall can find a diamond in the rough or a needle in a haystack…again…it looks like either one of our top tier prospects ORRR India (not sure what Senzel would net). You certainly gotta keep EDLC, McLain, Friedl and Speer, and until we get a top tier catcher to replace him, Stephenson. I’d hate to give up India at this point (or ever for that matter). You got to wonder what trading someone from the current playing roster will do to the current magic.

    • Pete

      I don’t see trading India. IMO, he is to this squad as Tony Perez was to the BRM. That being said I could see him moving from 2B, to where I don’t know. Definitely could see Marte as a trade piece. I doubt they hang on to both him and Arroyo. Arroyo looks like he is a more complete player with a higher upside. But who knows?

      In fact, I would love to see India get a 4 to 5 year contract. Maybe even made captain at some point – really lock him in. After EDLC was thrown out at home, Jonthan gave him a great look in dugout, kind of like “let’s not do that one again”. But with a grin on his face – priceless!

  58. RedlegScott

    I’ve heard it said that Marte is too valuable a player to be traded, that he’ll fill a full-time outfield spot so we can dump the platooning. What’s wrong with the platooning when you have guys like Fraley, Benson, and Senzel? Is Marte going to outperform them? We need pitching NOW. We should ride the present wave of success and see where it goes.