The long wait for Joey Votto is over. Cincinnati’s first baseman has been activated today, is in the starting lineup and hitting 6th, and he’s back with the Reds after spending a little over two weeks earlier this month on a rehab assignment with the Triple-A Louisville Bats. Votto had rotator cuff and biceps surgery in August of 2022. He wasn’t quite ready for the start of spring training, but did see game action about midway through March. That wasn’t enough time for him to be ready for the season.

Back in April we saw Joey Votto rehab with the Bats for two weeks, but he struggled mightily. He struck out 21 times in 45 plate appearances and hit just .184. His swing just didn’t look right, or comfortable, and after he cut his rehab stint short he acknowledged that his shoulder simply wasn’t where it needed to be yet.

The second time around on rehab with Louisville looked much better, even if the overall results don’t seem to be all that different at first glance. Votto hit .162 in 12 games with Louisville. He had three extra-base hits – the same number he had in April’s stint. But he struck out just 11 times in 52 plate appearances and he walked 13 times. What stood out, though, was just how much better his swing looked when compared to what it looked like in April. It was smooth and athletic looking, unlike what things looked like two months ago.

With a $20,000,000 option for the 2024 season, or a $7,000,000 buyout, the 2023 season could very well be the final year for Joey Votto in Cincinnati. He will turn 40-years-old three weeks before the regular season comes to an end. It seems unlikely that the team would commit the additional $13,000,000 to a 40-year-old first baseman when they already seem to have an infield crunch, but if Votto returns and plays well then perhaps the team considers the move of keeping him around for one more hurrah.

Hunter Greene to the injured list

It took a long time, nearly three hours after the lineup was announced, but the Reds announced the corresponding moves to the Joey Votto transaction. Hunter Greene has been placed on the injured list with right hip pain. That move is retroactive to Sunday, so the earliest he could return is on July 2nd. With two off days – both on Thursday – in the next two weeks, the Reds get some wiggle room in their rotation and along with Graham Ashcraft being eligible to return it could mean just one spot start for the team if Greene can return the day he’s eligible.

Kevin Herget designated for assignment

While the move of Hunter Greene to the injured list cleared a spot on the 26-man roster, Kevin Herget was the roster casualty to clear a spot on the 40-man roster for Joey Votto’s activation. He had been in Louisville, where he pitched this past weekend. With the Reds this season he pitched in 13 games and had a 5.73 ERA in 22.0 innings.

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    • Earmbrister

      Love me some Joey. And I like him batting sixth. Respect means something when managing a team, and Bell’s respect for his players, has them playing hard and well for him.

      Go Reds!!!

    • MBS

      An appropriate 1st comment. Welcome back Joey!

  1. Mark Moore

    That answers the “when”. Now we just have to see how the shuffle plays out.

    Don’t see the lineup posted yet. Where is he starting?

  2. Melvin

    I agree. Votto’s swing looks much better. Looking forward to another, “I’m going to prove you wrong” Joey Votto moment. That’s always fun. 🙂

  3. wkuchad

    “As of 3pm today no corresponding move has been announced. We will update this when it is announced.” – Please be a backup catcher; please be a backup catcher!

    • Kevin H

      Please be a back up catcher, or Myers 😀

      • Melvin

        Myers would be good but then again he’s not on the 26 man right now. 🙂

    • Melvin

      Haha Wishful thinking I’m afraid. The three catcher thing will probably end when they trade Maile.

    • J

      If they thought three catchers was a good idea prior to today, they’ll continue thinking it after today…

      • MBS

        Circumstances change all the time. Stephenson seems to be getting stronger, or at least he’s hitting the ball harder. Perhaps that means he can squat more often? IDK

  4. Kevin H

    With Votto on 60 day IL, don’t they have to dfa someone?

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Need both a 40-man and a 26-man move.

      • jmb

        As stated above, Greene went to the IL and Herget was DFA’d. Doesn’t that fix both the 26-man and 40-man rosters, now that Votto is back on both?

    • Tar Heel Red

      I agree with Hunt4RedOct…Law goes to 60-day to clear spot on 40-man roster and Benson gets option to clear room on active roster. I am hoping that his return doesn’t gum up the works in regard to playing time and ultimately team comraderie, but I can easily see that happening.

      • Steven Ross

        How could you option Benson now? I mean, come on. I would think Fairchild would be the odd man out but we’ll see.

        It’s nice to see Votto return but we’re playing so well without him it makes me wonder if we aren’t better off.

  5. Ghostrunner_onthird

    #19 back on June 19th. Good Luck JV – jump on the Red Ryder.

    So what’s the Cincy weather update?

    • Mark Moore

      TWC shows a clearing trend just after 7 PM with the next wave due in around 10 PM.

      I’d call that a definite maybe 😛

      • Ghostrunner_onthird

        Thanks Mark! Sunny and super hot in AZ.

  6. CI3J

    Well, for better or for worse, here we go.

    At least the Reds finally have a true 1B on their roster. Hopefully we never see Newman “play” there again.

    Steer did OK, but I’d much rather see him at DH, LF, or 3B (in that order), but I wouldn’t mind seeing him play 1B some more when Joey needs a day off.

    • Ted Alfred

      Joey is not good defensively at first base and never has been. If I never again see him diving to his right for a ball that is an easy out right at the second baseman but no out for him it’ll be too soon. I’m looking forward to Steer being the starting first baseman in the near future and Joey can DH if he’s hitting goid enough. Otherwise he can be a team player in a cheerleader on the bench. The Reds finally have something good going with a great young nucleus and we don’t need to mess it up because of sympathy for Joey, which is exactlt what I’m terrified of with David Bell managing.

    • VaRedsFan

      Steer has been awesome at first.
      Have you been watching?

    • Jonathan Linn

      That OF defense looks really bad…

      • CI3J

        It is.

        Honestly, Votto should not be starting tonight against a LHP.

        It should be Steer at 1B, Senzel in LF, Friedl in CF, and Fairchild in RF.

      • Mark Moore

        Not impressed with it. Fairchild will be fine in CF, but Senzel in RF is a major compromise and Steer hasn’t had time to figure out LF yet.

        Will need to score some runs in a big way to get out ahead of the Rockies tonight.

      • Jason Franklin

        Yep. Fairchild is better in LF or RF, CF is his worse spot. Senzel historically played better in CF (he actually rated pretty well). And Steer? I don’t think he will ever be great out there. But maybe if he works hard, he could be passable in LF?

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Actually, from what I read, Votto is in there tonight because this left hander has backward analytics against left handers. I read tomorrow night is suppose to be another left hander, with that you would expect. So, Votto isn’t suppose to start tomorrow.

        Last weather update, it looks like they will be able to get it in.

    • wkuchad

      Great lineup, with three STRONG bullets on the bench when righty bullpen pitchers enter the game.

    • Kevin H

      I tend to agree, however time will tell. You guys have seen Steer play in LF and Senzel in RF. Curse of not being able to watch the games lol..

      Who know’s maybe they have been working behind the scenes. I am a Votto fan, however he needs to hit left handed pitching. Although Friedl can and he isn’t in the lineup so….

      Maybe Friedl is banged up

  7. J

    Fairchild and Senzel are both in the lineup with Votto. India also, so he’s apparently not injured. They wouldn’t actually send Benson down now, would they? Is it *possible* they’ve come to their senses and a catcher is on the way out?

    • CI3J

      It would be absolute insanity if the Reds send a player who has been one of their best hitters for the past month back to AAA.

      But they may feel that with Fraley, Friedl, Joey, and EDLC, they have enough LH hitters. It would still stink for Benson, though.

      He’s done all that could have been expected of him and so much more.

      • J

        Unfortunately, absolute insanity is exactly what I’ve come to expect. I’m pleasantly surprised anytime this organization make a reasonable decision.

      • greenmtred

        I’d hate to see Benson sent down.

    • greenmtred

      India’s DH, though, so maybe there is some concern.

    • David

      If Benson is sent down, it will just be something temporary, to work out something else on the roster.
      One of the catchers, Maile or Casali is traded, or someone else is traded (Newman?) as maybe part of a package.
      I don’t think the Reds are so dumb that they will send down Benson without moves in the near future to bring him back. Indeed, he has been hitting quite well lately. He is certainly part of the future. A big part.
      Others…not so much.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Please produce or otherwise I’ll be growling at the TV with my best Lord Humongous (Road Warrior) impression

    “Just walk away”

    He said he would!

  9. old-school

    Its Benson or a third catcher and I dont think its the third catcher. Newman, Senzel and Fairchild are all playing
    I posted that in the other thread. If it is him, hopefully hes back soon

    • Kevin H

      I am thinking same thing, unless someone has a ” injury” If anything Benson would be first call up if it is indeed him.

      As I think he has proven himself to be a good mlb player

  10. Melvin

    I can live with Votto hitting 6th. Sure glad Friedl is not in the lineup cause “he can’t hit lefties”. 🙂

  11. Mario

    I expect Joey to contribute and prove the doubters wrong. But he hasn’t hit LHP well so would rather see him in more of a platoon. I think Steer is a better defensive 1B as well so I would like to see Joey more at DH. Nice to see Stephenson hitting 8th.

  12. Kevin H

    Great interview with Votto. He sounds very humble and grateful to be back.

    • David

      Well, at 39 years old and 17 years in the Majors, he has certainly had time to master all the baseball interview cliches’. 😉

      I hope he has a really good finish to 2023, and it all ends well for him and the Reds. But…hope is not a plan.

      But hope is a good thing. Maybe the best thing.

      • ChrisInVenice

        I mean, when has Joey ever given a cliched interview?

    • Melvin

      He looked sincere to me. I liked it too.

  13. SlippinJimmy

    Hmm. I hope this works out. I just can’t help the feeling that he’s taking AB’s and opportunity’s away from someone else who stands to improve.

    I dunno man. I really dunno. I hope he plays well.

  14. Harry Stoner

    So Votto’s first game back is against a LHer?

    This isn’t boding well for the flexible lineup we all were hoping Bell would go with on ther return of JV and possibly Myers.

    2Ks and a pop up aren’t going to make the RLN doubters very happy.

    • Kevin H

      Lets Hope the Myers experiment is over as he will NOT be fine 😀 Plus has no where to play in my opinion

    • greenmtred

      And neither will anything else.

    • LDS

      Not the optimal lineup that’s for sure. But Votto has veteran privilege. Let’s hope it works out. End of the winning streak?

      • Melvin

        “End of the winning streak?”

        Le’t hope not. The last time we had a 10 game winning streak Marty Brennaman had hid head shaved on field after the game. Who volunteer’s to shave their head after another 10 game winnings streak? 🙂

    • Votto4life

      “2Ks and a pop up aren’t going to make the RLN doubters very happy.”

      This statement didn’t age well LoL

  15. Jason Franklin

    Let’s hope it’s just a case of Benson doesn’t start against lefties. He’s only had 5 ab’s versus lefties.

    • Jason Franklin

      Benson in RF actually rates pretty well defensively. This is just based on statistical stuffage. The Reds best defensive outfield would be something of Fairchild in LF, Senzel in CF and Benson in RF. Again, all based on ratings, etc.

      • CI3J

        Right, Benson has always graded well in RF. Even his earliest scouting reports mentioned his speed and powerful arm as playing really well in RF.

        The only question about Benson’s was always if he would hit enough, and it seems like he finally added that last missing piece. And for his efforts, he’s likely getting sent back to AAA.

  16. IndyDoug

    Pretty weak defensive OF tonight!

    • greenmtred

      They’re confident that Williamson won’t allow anything to get hit out of the infield.

      • wkuchad

        Or if he does, they’ll be homeruns and it won’t matter

    • CI3J

      Yup, this may just be the worst non-Myers OF we have seen this season.

  17. IndyDoug

    Do the Reds have until game time to make a corresponding move? Maybe trying to work a trade for one of Maile or Casali?

    • Jason Franklin

      I think Bell likes the flexibility of 3 catchers. It works about once a week it seems, then the rest of the time the Reds seem on a crutch because of it.

    • Matt WI

      Was wondering the same. How can a beat reporter not get a leak? Throw poor Mark Sheldon a bone.

    • Mark Moore

      Not sure what the timing deadline is. The longer the silence, the more possibility a deal is being worked IMO.

  18. Chris

    Lefties hit this left hander about 100 points higher than righties do. A lefty tomorrow, and I’m sure Votto won’t be in there.

    • Mark Moore

      OK, so reverse splits … but that doesn’t apply to either TJ or Benson … file another one under “Thinks That Make Me Go HMMMM”

    • old-school

      I saw that this past weekend but if memory serves me correct that was only for this season and short sample size. Prior years hes much better against lefties. i figure the Reds give him the opening night start, sit tomorrow, then play the early game against the righty wednesday and the day off thursday. “load management” as he eases back in first week

    • David

      That’s a good point, so why isn’t TJ Friedl playing?

      It’s David Bell world….I know. 😉

      • Chris

        I don’t agree with TJ sitting either, but one could argue that his splits are more luck against lefties than anything else. 21 plate appearances and 9 of them K’s against lefties. Far be it from me to question DBell these days; everything he does, seems to be working right now. It’s just crazy. That said no way am I sitting TJ for Fairchild. Maybe TJ needs rest too though; who knows?

  19. Laura

    Why is Votto starting against a LH’er?

    • Jason Franklin

      The pitcher they are facing tonight does worse against lefty batters. Maybe that’s why? Plus he doesn’t want to have the old man sitting on the bench on his first day back. I am old, so I can say that. 🙂

    • Doug Gray

      Because lefties are hitting .390/.448/.712 against him this season, probably.

      • Jason Franklin

        Would this not have been a good night then to get Benson in there to get some work against LH? Your wise thoughts?

      • CI3J

        In that case, why aren’t Fraley, Friedl, and Benson starting?

      • Melvin

        Which begs the question again why isn’t Friedl in the lineup? Maybe he’s shook up a little from the collision yesterday. But then again why isn’t Fraley in the lineup? Oh well. Let’s keep winning one way or another.

      • Doug Gray

        Fraley’s never hit lefties in his life. So that’s a simple one. Friedl – maybe he is banged up a little. Don’t really know. But I think even if the guy on the mound dominated lefties, Votto’s in the lineup today. You don’t bring him back and then sit him the first day. You can do that to a Jake Fraley or a Nick Senzel or whoever. You aren’t doing that to a Joey Votto. We can love it or hate it, but that’s just not being done by any manager in the game.

      • Jason Franklin

        Friedl is probably in need of a day off after running into that wall at first base yesterday. He looked winded after the collision and startled. Probably whacked his sternum pretty hard and that is scary when it happens. He is also not a big guy and plays hard.

      • Melvin

        Doug – I think Votto ought to be in the lineup too tonight no matter what and agree 100%. Was just wandering why the reverse splits didn’t matter for the other two even for Fraley. Like I said, let’s just keep winning.

    • Matt WI

      Probably the PR team can’t resist the “synergy” of #19 debuting on the 19th. This is whole thing is going to be an experiment, but this team has been rolling, so staying positive.

  20. MBS

    Joe Kuhnel being dealt answers the 40 man part of the scenario, but who’s going down?

    Duarte? here me out, kinda burned him the other day. The problem is that answer only delays the necessary position player move.

    • Mark Moore

      I was thinking Kuhnel’s position was already accounted for. But I could be wrong.

      • MBS

        They traded him on the 17th, and I don’t think anyone has be promoted or activated since then. I could also be wrong.

      • Mark Moore

        I was thinking they had already DFA’d him off the 40-man ahead of that trade. But if we don’t have to muck with the 40-man, that’s a good thing.

      • MBS

        I just counted the Reds 40 man on their website, and you must be correct, Votto would make 41.

      • Mark Moore

        I counted and thought I got 40 … 😀

        I think it is 40. 20 pitchers, 3 catchers, 8 OF, 9 IF. That includes Joey.

      • Tom Diesman

        Kuhnel was DFA on the 13th and that day Duarte was selected from the Bats.

  21. Indy Red Man

    Feel bad for CES. Message it sends is we’re making a feel good Hallmark movie and would rather have you reminiscing and crying in your popcorn then trying to win a division. Replacing Stephenson at DH vs rhp is something Votto could do, but we need CES every day

    • Jason Franklin

      Who goes if CES comes up? Where does he play? He is only now starting to play some LF and RF. So, let’s say he plays some LF, RF, 3B and DH, who do you send down/release? Seems like on a old school Junior division league (AL), CES would have been a DH mostly. I think that a lot of the issue here comes from Bell spreading defensive positions too thin because of the 3 catchers.

    • Harry Stoner

      I don’t think they are going to deal with CES until they deal with Myers.

    • Chris

      I feel bad too, but thankfully CES isn’t so foolish to believe this is a Hallmark movie. Votto has earned his right to come back to this team. PERIOD, end of story. If you have any clue about baseball and what Votto has meant to this team, including the current players who have said as much, you would understand that Votto isn’t going anywhere and is going to play on this team, until further notice due to injury or just flat out inability to perform.

  22. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I’m just interested in hearing what the corresponding move is. Any notice yet? I haven’t seen any.

      • Jason Franklin

        Got a bad feeling it’s Benson. He and Fairchild are the only two who don’t play some infield for flexibility sake and Krall will probably make sure Fairchild stays up first due to his being more of a “veteran” presence.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I would think Newman, Fairchild, DFA a catcher, or some trade.

      • DHud

        Unless Newman and Fairchild are both in the lineup..,.

  23. CFD3000

    Good. Welcome back Joey Votto! I’m with most here, hoping that catcher #3 makes room on the 26 man roster. Against a lefty tonight (and tomorrow apparently) it could be a slow start for Joey but I’m cautiously optimistic. Never, as the saying goes, doubt Joey Votto. Go Reds!

  24. MBS

    So if they do DFA a catcher today, that clears up both 40, and the 26 spots. My question is how long would the Reds have to trade him if a team calls before the DFA process is over?

    • Jason Franklin

      If it’s a catcher, would it probably be Maile? Casali has been Greene’s personal catcher lately. They invested a lot of money in the young flame thrower and probably want to keep him comfortable.

  25. Hanawi

    I’m assuming Benson will go down for now, but is probably on a short notice until they do something on the trade front with Newman, Senzel or a catcher. Never a doubt that Votto would start his first game back, but seeing him in the 6th hole makes me think it’ll be a different experience with him not playing every day batting in the top four of the lineup moving forward.

    OF defense is going to be interesting.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I agree on that. But, what I’m hoping is, Votto will realize it, also. I mean, one would never consider him as light-hearted as he has been the last couple of years. I believe Votto would be receptive of the changes he needs to make.

    • Matt WI

      Sadly, Benson would make sense in this scenario. But they tell him with a knowing wink that poor Senzel is just always a day away from the IL. I’d trade Senzel and/or Newman. But probably that ain’t it today if they are starting.

  26. Mike

    A catcher HAS to go down. Just ridiculous to have 3

    • Doug Gray

      A catcher definitely isn’t “going down” because the only catcher that can be sent down is Stephenson. Maile and Casali both are out of options.

      • Optimist

        I see great juggling the next few days and weeks – Q. does “out of options” mean a player must simply be released – or is there a DFA and a 7-day period before release or accepting the assignment? If so, during the 7 days, can the team reverse the DFA and recall the player? (IOW, is this a way to shelve Maile for a week, pending other moves to clear spots?)

      • Optimist

        Disregard – pored over the MLB site and believe they cannot move Maile, since it would allow him to elect FA status immediately. Must be Benson DFA.

  27. Kevin H

    They can dfa a catcher though. Which makes the most logic I think.

    • Optimist

      Nope – discussed above in several comments.

  28. Rednat

    baseball is such a funny game. going in to the year I thought it would all be about Joey Votto. His farewell tour would be the only thing exciting about this year. Boy was I wrong. He has almost become an after thought with the exciting young talent performing the way they are. I hope he catches fire but Honestly I am not expecting much. i hope he has a few more great moments of glory left

  29. docproc

    So how come lefties Friedl, Fraley, and Benson are all sitting tonight against a lefty pitcher–but lefty Votto is in the lineup?

    Don’t bother responding–I know the answer.

    p.s. I won’t be one bit happy if Benson is being sent down.

  30. Soto

    I really hope they don’t send Benson down. I think it sends the wrong message to a young team that is playing super hard. It should be a catcher. After watching Benson early in the year I was very sceptical that he would ever be able to hit consistently, but he is proving me and lots of others wrong. I like how selective he has become while still turning on some pitches.
    Good luck Joey! I bet he feels kind of like a rookie with a lot to prove. I wouldn’t bet against him.

  31. Redgoggles

    Someone else said it earlier, but Casali to IL with a pulled hammy from catching Karcher. lol.

    • CI3J

      That still won’t clear up a spot on the 40-man.

  32. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Doug, help us.

    Here’s a question. Alright, Votto’s in. Not only who’s out, but when do the Reds need to make that statement, a specific statement on who’s out? I would think both were done simultaneously. But, obviously not. Or, what’s up with that? When do we need to hear?

    • Doug Gray

      I think they just need to get the paperwork filed before first pitch.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Thank you.

        Great. So, we may not hear anything for another 2+ hours.

      • CI3J

        What happens if they don’t? Pay a fine?

      • Doug Gray

        The player in question can’t take the field.

      • Matt WI

        I would think more than a fine. I would be shocked if a team can legally compete with an inaccurate roster or everyone would do it. Losing a game to Rockies on technicality would be more absurd than any other roster move.

      • Optimist

        Must make the moves – failure to do so is more than a fine – have to believe it gets into forfeiture – basically beyond having a player bat out of order.

    • SR

      I agree with several others that Friedl may have injured himself in the collision or the slide into second. I see a possible 10 day IL for him and kick the personnel problem down the road. I also don’t really know what Casali truly adds for Hunter Greene. He doesn’t call pitches, the dugout does, he is not a good framer and he is not adept at throwing out base runners. He would be my choice for DFA if the go that route.

      • greenmtred

        Casali has the team’s best catcher ERA.

  33. Matt WI

    I suppose too much handwringing isn’t worth it… big picture, this team is also going to need pitching. Whatever happens for this one spot is just one thing in a larger puzzle of guys coming and going between now and this winter.

  34. LT

    They make us wait to the last minute here. Anyway if I have to make a guess, it is to send Maile down, move TS to catcher and let Votto DH. IMO, this is the least disruptive change to the team.

    • Optimist

      Cannot “send Maile down” – he’d have to be released and become an immediate FA (and at this point in the season likely to his great advantage).

    • CI3J

      They can’t send Maile down. He has no options left.

  35. Matt WI

    You can’t send Maile to AAA. Cut or trade only.

    • LT

      Thanks. Maybe they’re working on a trade. 🙂

  36. CFD3000

    After seeing all this, I suspect it’s Benson back to AAA until they can work a trade for one of: Maile, Casali, Newman or Senzel. Which is a shame because as much as I’m excited for Votto 2.0, Benson has been terrific lately and is definitely NOT the weakest link in the lineup. I would have guessed Fairchild to the Bats as an alternate but he’s in the starting lineup tonight. Unless they somehow want to go a pitcher short (please no) then those seem like the only viable short term options. A nice problem to have I suppose.

    • Matt WI

      Oddly, Benson has been displaying one of Votto’s greatest trademarks… OBP. If Votto can’t match that anymore, it just feels wrong to penalize Benson for doing that.

  37. lAURA

    Cut Weaver – there has got to be a pitcher in the Reds organization who can go out and give up 5-6 runs every time he pitches (until Ashcraft come back) besides Weaver. That takes care of 25 man and 40 man problem for now. What to do when Ashcraft comes back? Cut Myers – they’re not going to be able to trade him. No team is going to want a ML ball player who can’t hit .200 in the minors (besides the Reds.)

    • Redsfan4life

      Laura, Myers isn’t on the active roster. Cutting him when Ashcraft returns doesn’t help the active roster.

  38. indydoug

    perhaps waiting to see if the game is rained out or not to both activate JV and make corresponding move?

  39. Jim t

    Hunter Greene on 15 day DL hip stiffness

    • Mark Moore

      That’s the 26. Herget DFA for the 40.

  40. Matt WI

    Worse than any position player. This team can’t hold with this pitching as it is. Crushing.

  41. WCRon

    I know Senzel hits lefties well and he is adequate in the field. He also goes on IL 3-4 times/year. I do not know why we keep this guy around for what he does. I am not picking on but the outfielders not playing today are better options to keep

  42. Ron

    I’m guessing they’re working on a trade that would send Maile to a contender for a lower level pitcher.

  43. Beaufort Red

    I don’t hold a lot belief in he “deserves” a spot because of his past. No corporation or the military or the like promotes on loyalty. The world is a performance driven arena. Give him his shot, but who’s gonna make the call if he’s hitting below the Mendoza line. And as a first baseman defensively give me Steer everyday.
    If you talk about who deserves their playing time, how about the young studs who have paid their dues and have put us in a position we only dreamed of. I loved Votto in the day but I feel his time has come and gone. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      I read this reply and came to the conclusion that you have never ever known anyone who has worked for a company in your life. Look no further than the Reds to see how much they promote people from within and how much that loyalty matters. Phil Castellini couldn’t manage a Taco Bell but he’s probably making near 7-figures a year running a billion-something dollar organization.

      • Beaufort Red

        Well Frankie, that’s where you would be wrong. As most people on here know I was a Squadron Commander of two flying squadrons ( approximately 500 personnel) and a Chief Pilot for Delta Airlines in Atlanta Approximately 6000 pilots . So when it comes to management I did OK. Now who mentioned the Peter Principle? I hope for your sake and the RLN I’m wrong. Love the Reds, have for 60 years.

    • Hanawi

      This is completely out of touch with reality.

    • Harry Stoner

      I think they once called it the “Peter Principle” in the classic book on ‘being promoted to the level of your own incompetence.’

      Hard to imagine that still not being commonplace.

      I look around and I see it everywhere.

      I’m not suggesting that is the case with JV, but I’ve rarely seen the world to be a pure meritocracy in any business I’ve been involved with or in social or cultural or (mercy!) political scenarios.

      Baseball is rooted in nostalgia and romance as much as in statistics.

      Let’s all let this roll for a little while and enjoy it.

      The golden carriage will turn back into a pumpkin soon enough, anyway.

    • Tar Heel Red

      I tend to agree with you Beaufort Red. Votto’s time has passed. He is no longer the hitter to be feared and his defense has always been below average (yes, I know he has a gold glove to his credit, but let’s face it, gold glove voting by the coaches is a popularity contest and has just as much to do about offense as defense).

      Moreover, I am concerned how his playing will effect the team chemistry, which has been very, very good. His presence take at bats away from several different players like Steer, Friedl and Fraley (among others) and Votto has never been confused with being a “team player”. It will be very interesting to see if he struggles, as I expect he will, how long the Reds keep him in the lineup or will he make good on his promise and just retire.

  44. Optimist

    A week or so ago I thought they might go a pitcher short (12/14 instead of 13/13) on the roster, and that it would be a reliever. With this, they’ll be cutting things close, and likely until the deadline, and praying for lots of rain. Good to keep Benson though.

  45. MBS

    Well my guess of going down by a pitcher was on point, but I didn’t think it would be Greene. That’s a kick in the shorts. Phillips might actually be a necessity at this point if no one is traded for.

  46. Soto

    BR, the rest of the world also doesn’t pay someone 25 million a year to not work.

  47. Beaufort Red

    Watching the Nats Cards game . They were praising the Reds young guys and were questioning Votto predicament.

  48. Hanawi

    I suggested in the game thread when Greene was pitching that an IL stint might do him good. He battled it out, but was clearly not right. Hope he can come back strong after the time off.

  49. Jason Franklin

    Is it too early to trade for a starter? Everyone says Cease is available, but he would probably cost Marte. The Reds shouldn’t trade him right? What about another White Sox? Giolito? He is low cost, not an ace but cheaper. Or should they bring up Stoudt again? Is it too early for Connor Phillips?

    • Harry Stoner

      No time to panic and trade Marte.

      Build the core.

      I’d much rather see Stoudt than make a rush trade.

      Still, SMH.

      “The Big 3” are now “The IL 3”.

      None with arm problems…..

    • Optimist

      Be shocked if they move Marte (or CES, or any of the rookies now in MLB) in anything other than a shocking transaction. Pitching may be a mess for 2 weeks, then a muddle for 3 as some return, but they’ll need to deal to keep going after the deadline. Strongly doubt they’ll get a starter, but 1 or 2 fair to good relievers may be enough to make a noticeable impact. Even one very good reliever. Still playing with a big emphasis on positioning for next season.

  50. Bill

    The military 100% promotes on loyalty. You can be the best soldier on the planet, but without the time in grade you aren’t getting promoted. Then the “top block” evaluation always gets used for the guy whose board is coming up, not on who was the most deserving.

    • Mario

      Good point Bill and you’re absolutely right.

    • Beaufort Red

      Not when it comes to being a pilot. You blow an Operational Readiness Inspection or Aircrew Standards Evaluation Inspection it’s my career as a commander. Kind of different in the flying world,. Give me the best. Not made for everybody.

      • Bill

        There is a lot more to the military than pilots, and I would assume as a pilot making commander is not based solely on being the best, but checking all the blocks and having the required longevity. The new LT may be the best pilot to ever fly, but he isn’t getting promoted to LTC because of that

  51. GMan88

    Hunter Greene to the 15-day IL. Now what?

  52. Reddawg2012

    Hunter Greene is probably the last guy on the team the Reds could afford to lose.

    Maybe a silver lining is that this prevents him from needing to be shut down for an innings limit later in the season?

  53. Indy Red Man

    Hmm! Maybe they’re just skipping 1 start to get him right and also give them time to move a guy or two. If not there goes the division. You just can’t gloss over terrible starting pitching 3+ more months.

    On the flip side they have 9 games with Milwaukee by late July. They can’t hit and made Richardson look pretty good. We might beat them 5-6 times with CES in the lineup

  54. Indy Red Man

    Abbott goes Wednesday. That means Atlanta scores 30 this weekend unless the Reds announce their first Laser Pointer Weekend!

    • Optimist

      Laser Pointer Sunday! Personal Sound Alarm Horn Saturday! Bullpen game Friday.

      • Indy Red Man

        Weaver vs Atlanta. Bring your Swat Team Gear Day….otherwise someone’s going to the ER from ball force trauma

      • Old-school

        I have a Will Myers bike horn from a rays giveaway 8 years ago

        I had a migraine for a week listening to all those kids squeeze the bike horn at that game

        I use it now to get rid of the same annoying woodpecker every spring

        Its quite effective

  55. DHud

    I am openly not a fan of playing the LH/RH splits game. But, even with playing those analytics, this is not the best vs LHP lineup the reds can put on the field. Maybe just catching scheduled off days and maybe just a guy or two banged up, but don’t like it.

    Friedl – CF
    McClain – 2B
    India – DH
    Cruz – SS
    Steer – 1B
    Stephenson – C
    Votto – DH
    Senzel – LF
    Fairchild – RF

  56. LDS

    So down a pitcher now? That won’t work given how Bell manages the bullpen. So still another move coming?

    • Redsfan4life

      Ashcraft returns Friday. So that is when a position player will get jessioned.

    • LDS

      Four man rotation until Ashcraft is ready .

    • greenmtred

      You mean the bullpen that’s one of the top three in the game? Losing a starter is a problem for anyone, and losing three starters is a major problem for anyone.

  57. DHud

    Missed 1….

    Put Senzel at 3B
    Steer LF
    Do what you want with Stephenson/Votto/Maile/Casali at 1B/DH/C

  58. J

    And… yet another trip to the injured list for a pitcher whose workload has been closely monitored and strictly limited throughout his entire career. I continue to believe pitcher injuries are basically random and the “experts” who come up with the pitch limits are essentially picking numbers out of a hat.

    • Optimist

      Does the “J” stand for Jim Kaat?

      • J

        It stands for Just About Every Pitcher Who Played In The 1970s. (You can see why I shorten it to J.)

    • Harry Stoner

      Or maybe the ‘pitch counts’ are geared towards the arms, and other mechanics….such as Lodolo’s landing leg and Greene’s hip, don’t get the deserved attention.

      • J

        Maybe. Except I’ve noticed a lot of pitchers these days — including Greene — have experienced arm injuries in addition to all their other injuries.

        Maybe the solution is to just not let the pitchers throw any pitches. That should extend their careers by at least five years.

  59. Tom Diesman

    Am I the only one having Devin Mesoraco flashbacks?

  60. Votto Bell

    Joey is arguably the best first baseman to ever play for the Reds and maybe a HOF.
    David Bell is going to be Manager of the Year if this keeps up.
    I love how many who post here think they know more about the Reds than the people who are paid to make decisions for the Reds. I don’t have a problem with fans questioning moves but look at what this team has done in the past 18 months.
    The Front office went to full rebuild mode last year made great trades that added to the farm system. Our prospects matured and arrived in the bigs. The farm is loaded with talent. Payroll/Costs are down, ownership is happy and letting the GM do his job. The Team is playing great and looking at a half a game out of first place midway through this season, a full year plus ahead of most people’s timeline. But sure, David Bell is awful, and Joey Votto can’t play first base.

  61. Soto

    Let’s hope this move is more about innings limitations and roster management than anything too serious with Greene. I’m sure they have a specific number of innings allotted for all of the big 3 and they are now trying to plan for a playoff run. I’m sure
    krall is working around the clock to work a trade. A starting pitcher probably isn’t worth it, but a quality reliever like Chapman definitely would be. The interesting part will be what quality prospects are we going to have to package with Senzel or Maile. Given the wealth of young infielders, I would be willing to part with Arroyo. Although the Reds need more outfield depth, Hinds might draw some quality interest. Definitely not CES or Marte.
    Even with a short-handed staff, it’s time to end the Weaver experiment. Might as well give Phillips a shot. Can’t be much worse than what they have gotten out of Weaver.

  62. ChrisInVenice

    I mean, when has Joey ever given a cliched interview?

  63. Frankie Tomatoes

    A lot of people didn’t come back to this one once the game started huh?

    Guess they all backed into the bushes, Homer Simpson style.