Another fun week to be a Reds fan, as the Reds won 5 of 6 and have inched even closer to first place in the National League’s Central division. Jonathan India has declared the Cincinnati Reds to be America’s Team and, you know, we’re gonna go with that. Chris Garber and I break down everything, including the legendary debut of Ricky Karcher.

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6 Responses

  1. jmb

    Just because one guy says something doesn’t make it true. There is no such thing as “America’s Team.” The idea is merely a bad media ploy of the Atlanta Braves, who gave themselves the appellation because TBS broadcast their games for all cable subscribers to watch, coast to coast, from 1977-2007. But WGN did the same for the Cubs, and that didn’t lead them to boast such a silly title. EDLC declared that he is the fastest man “in the world” earlier this week. (I imagine, he was referring to the world of baseball, not the entire planet. Of course, the name of the “World Series” could in itself lead any baseballer to be delusional.) Now India proclaims the Reds to be “America’s Team.” One thing is for certain: egos are riding high in that clubhouse! There was a time when players had some modesty and integrity; they kept their mouths shut and played ball, being humbled by the game which puts anyone in their place sooner or later. Just ask Votto…who may end up with a date with some aliens, if the Reds keep playing so well.

    • redfanorbust

      Hey JBM. When it comes to bad ploys of the Braves, calling themselves America’s team is one thing the another is their chanting some alleged American Indian song and doing a chopping motion like with a tomahawk when they were trying to “cheer” on the home team. I find it disgusting, even when I was a kid. Far as I am concerned it is the most tasteless and racist thing. I have not watched a home Braves game in years so don’t know if they continue this practice or not. Anyway sorry, saw your post and since we were on a similar subject I wanted to chime in, been a pet peeve of mine for a long time.

      • jmb

        I appreciate your response. I certainly agree that the “tomahawk chop” is completely ignorant, racist, disgusting, tasteless… But the team’s name leads to such behavior, perhaps. Why not change it to the Americans, if they see themselves as “America’s team”? (Of course, the Red Sox may own the rights to that name still, as the Orioles still own the rights to the name Browns. But you never know, as the Pilots became the Brewers, the Orioles’ name when they were in Milwaukee.)

  2. Kevin H

    I see nothing wrong with “America’s Team” I think this team is having fun and enjoying themselves.

  3. Frankie Tomatoes

    Tough to call yourself America’s Team when you haven’t won a playoff series in the lifetime of a majority of the team and are under .500 for the season. But athletes tell themselves all kinds of crazy thing to get themselves in the right mindset to perform so it’s fine. We will mostly continue to make fun of them for it but it is ok if it’s what they need to tell themselves.

  4. Rednat

    i agree. I think the reds have been AMERICA’S TEAM since the BRM era. i do a lot of traveling throughout the country and there is a genuine interest in the reds where ever I go. There are certainly reds fan in every major town in this country for sure.
    Now in my humble opinion they haven’t been PLAYING like America’s team really since the 1999 club but I do they they are changing the narrative now.
    The Cowboy said it best a couple of weeks ago on radio. This is the reds he remembered growing up. the stolen bases, the aggressive baserunning, the great defense.