Andrew Abbott set a new Major League record as he tossed 6.0 shutout innings and picked up his third win in as many starts. The lefty got help from Tyler Stephenson, Will Benson, and Kevin Newman in the 7th inning as they scored two runs to take the lead and would hang on by the thinnest of threads in the 9th to grab the win, giving them six in a row on the road.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (35-35)
2 5 0
Houston Astros (39-31)
1 6 1
W: Abbott (3-0) L: France (2-2) SV: Diaz (18)
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Andrew Abbott was cruising for the Reds through the first three inning of the game, allowing just an infield single along the way. In the 4th inning Kyle Tucker had a 2-out single into left field and then stole second base. Abbott then walked Jose Abreu and Houston had two runners on for the first time in the game. Three pitches later Abbott would induce a ground ball that would end the threat and the inning.

While Abbott was getting the job done on his side, Astros starter J.P. France was doing the same thing. He took a no-hitter into the 4th inning before it was broken up by a Matt McLain infield single. In the 5th inning it was another infield single – this time by Will Benson – that got things rolling for the Reds. They got some help from the Houston defense as Kevin Newman grounded a ball to shortstop and reached on an error to extend the inning. Cincinnati couldn’t cash in on the opportunity and both runners were stranded.

Houston would threaten again in the bottom of the 5th inning after a 1-out single was followed up by a questionable ball four call on Martin Maldonado that put two runners on. Andrew Abbott escaped the jame with a pop up and a fly out to center from Jose Altuve. Things got dicey in the 6th for Abbott. He gave up a 1-out single to Kyle Tucker and then with two outs Yainer Diaz hit a 411-foot ball to dead center, but the park is big to center in Houston and TJ Friedl caught the ball a step shy of the wall in center to end the inning and keep the shutout going.

In the top of the 7th inning the opposite played true as Tyler Stephenson hit a low liner into the Crawford boxes for a solo home run to break the 0-0 tie and put the Cincinnati Reds on top 1-0. Will Benson followed up with a walk and he would score after Kevin Newman’s line drive clanked off of the wall in left and got by Mauricio Dubon for a split second, with Benson sliding head first just ahead of the throw to the plate. That would be the end of the day for J.P. France as Houston went to Seth Martinez, who got a line out to end the inning.

When the bottom of the 7th began it also marked the end of the day for Andrew Abbott, who once again did not allow a run. He became the 1st pitcher since the mound was moved to 60 feet and 6 inches to begin his career with three starts of at least 5.0 innings and not allow a run in each start. Buck Farmer took over on the mound, TJ Hopkins took over in left field, and Spencer Steer moved to first base (from left). Farmer would give up a 1-out double to Chas McCormick, but he would get back-to-back strikeouts to strand him there and keep Cincinnati’s shutout alive.

Lucas Sims took over for the Reds in the bottom of the 8th and still holding onto a 2-0 lead. He made easy, and quick work of the Astros as he retired them in order on eight pitches to send the game into the 9th.

Alexis Diaz entered the game in the bottom of the 9th and immediately gave up a double off of the wall in left field to Jose Abreu. Yainer Diaz took the first pitch he saw and hit another fly ball that was caught a step in front of the wall, but it allowed Abreu to tag up and move to third base. Jeremy Pena took the first pitch he saw and grounded out to shortstop, but Abreu scored to make it a 2-1 ballgame. Chas McCormick would work a walk to bring the winning run to the plate. Dusty Baker called on Corey Julks to pinch hit for Martin Maldonado. The two would battle for seven pitches before Julks took a 90 MPH slider and lined the ball into center, but TJ Friedl was there to make an easy catch to end the game and take the series opener.

Key Moment of the Game

Will Benson scoring from 1st base on Kevin Newman’s double in the 7th inning.

Notes Worth Noting

The win was the 6th in a row for the Reds and pulled them up to the .500 mark on the season.

Tyler Stephenson had two home runs entering June. On Friday night he hit his 3rd home run of the month.

Buck Farmer lowered his ERA to 2.41 on the season with his shutout inning.

Alexis Diaz allowed a run, but he picked up his 18th save in 18 tries this year.

The Milwaukee Brewers beat the Pittsburgh Pirates on the night, which puts the Reds just a half-game back of the Brewers in the division and they are even with the Pirates.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Houston Astros

Saturday June 17th, 4:10pm ET

Hunter Greene (1-4, 4.01 ERA) vs Brandon Bielak (3-3, 4.01 ERA)

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    • Melvin

      haha Wander what transactions tomorrow.

    • Dewey Roberts

      McLain, Abbott, and EDLC have made a huge difference. Plus Lively and Williamson have been better than our former 4th and 5th starters.

  1. Melvin

    Now we root for the Pirates tomorrow. 🙂

    • wkuchad

      is there any way they can both lose?

  2. RedlegScott

    Abbott awesome once again. What is it? 17 scoreless innings? Farmer and Sims great. Diaz made it interesting, but got the Save. Stephenson – clutch dinger (plus a single). Benson on base two out of four times with outstanding baserunning to get the second run. Newman made the manager’s decision to put him in the line-up look great with a two-out double which turned out to be the winning run. Now at .500. WTG, Reds!

    • bug

      I concur with all you say. Farmer, Sims, Newman, Stephenson,….etc. And Diaz made me nervous,..but he nailed it down. Go Reds!

  3. Dennis Westrick

    I guess with all the Rookies on this team a good moniker would be The Cardiac Kids!

  4. Indy Red Man

    Just win baby! Newman with the big knock and Benson hustles home. It’s been a team effort all the way!

    Why didn’t they pinch run Elly in the 9th for Steer. We almost needed a 3rd run. Stewie couldn’t go either evidently?
    I have never heard of a team that loves playing shorthanded like this one? Every single # year without fail. Most of the time they miss 5+ games and end up in the DL anyway?

    • Doug Gray

      Every single team in the game does that thing. You just don’t hear of it because you don’t follow them nearly as closely.

  5. bug

    Abbott is da man!!!!! He’s amazing! Wish they had brought him (and all the other rookies) up a lot sooner,..but I digress. I would have left him in for one more inning,..but Bell’s call turned out to be right, so I won’t second guess him. In any event,..Go Reds!!!!!

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I possibly would have, also, but I would have had him on a short leash at that point on.

    • Brian Rutherford

      With Sims I wonder if his history of injuries is playing into the decision to only go one inning.

      Just spitballing here but I think the fact the starters only go 5 or 6 innings, David Bell is trying his best to keep guys as rested as possible. Even with that I worry that these guys that are pitching well now will run out of gas in September. Lodolo and Ashcraft are the key to the Reds season and saving bullpen arms.

      • Chris

        Bell is the key to saving the bullpen’s arms. Even when he doesn’t need to, he pulls his starters early, thus putting pressure on the bullpen. As for Sims, he just went an inning and two thirds his last appearance before last night.

  6. CFD3000

    Couldn’t watch (Asheville NC blackout 5+ hours from Cincinnati) but that’s a great start in Houston. Looks like Diaz didn’t have his best, but still managed a Rickie Karcher impersonation. Andrew Abbott amazing, again! How about another win tomorrow night with Hunter Greene? Welcome to .500 – on to first place?

    • oklared

      Here in Oklahoma, we are on blackout road trip. Seriously stupid we are blacked out for KC, STL, Houston, Texas and Colorado and not a team inside 3.5 hrs. from Tulsa it is ridiculous.

      • Rut

        Perhaps the cluster bomb that is the tv contracts for most teams will create the opportunity for MLB to fix the absurdity of the current blackout restrictions.

        I am in Cary, NC and have had the extra innings package every year for last 20+. But God forbid I can watch anyone play the Braves, Nationals, or Orioles. 3 cities that are a minimum 4.5 hrs away (assuming good traffic, which, as any sane person realizes, last occurred in brief Covid lockdown and not to be seen again).

        I literally feel like the old man yelling on his lawn about this, but I have been yelling the same thing for 20+ years and either it will get fixed or I shall get louder.

        “Holy crap, where’s the Tylenol”

        Don’t avoid the swear filter. Just say crap.

      • DevAJS

        That does seem ridiculous. I mean what is the likelihood that they are really losing money by showing the games? If you are fan of one of those teams it’s not like you’ll just randomly decide to go to a game at the last minute. A game even for a lot of locals is an event and it’s usually a big deal unless you are given tickets or find some really cheap.

      • Doug Gray

        DevAJS – the blackout isn’t so you buy tickets, it’s so you go subscribe to your local cable/satellite company that carries the baseball games, who in turn pay tens of millions a year to the team in broadcasting rights.

        At least when the contracts were signed – someone in the area had those games that offered service in the area.

      • oklared

        But really Texas was only team ever on really. I guess it made owners money but sucks for fandom if your access is Mlb subscription on years they play all those teams, also when Stl is in your division. More reason to hate Satan’s team.

      • Chris

        @Doug, I don’t think so. Explain how someone in Iowa for example, who is blacked out of I believe it’s 11 teams is supposed to subscribe to a local channel so they can watch all 11 teams. That’s the extreme, but many are blacked out of more than one. I’m in the Nashville area, and I have cable and am supposed to get Bally’s Braves and Bally’s Ohio Reds games; so often something else plays on the channel that gives me Bally’s Ohio instead. The issue USED to be so you would buy tickets, but clearly that’s not the case anymore. Personally I have NO idea why they still do it, other than that’s what they’ve always done. I bootleg them when they aren’t on tv. I’d pay twice as much for MLB extra innings if it meant I’d get all the Reds games, but I can’t.

      • Doug Gray

        When those contracts were signed, that person in Iowa had the opportunity to purchase a cable/satellite package that would have included those teams broadcasts. Maybe, as you say, you don’t get all of the games on your Bally Sports whatever. But they are still paying the Reds a lot of money for those rights and you need to call your cable company and throw a fit about it and maybe (just kidding, it won’t happen) they’ll start showing the Reds on that alternate channel.

        Does it suck? Yes. Is it stupid that the alternate channel won’t show the games? Also yes.

        But none of that makes what I said untrue. You have access to Reds games through your cable provider. Just like people in Iowa have access to all of the blacked out teams, too.

        The bigger issue today is that in the last 5 years or so, these multimedia provider companies have stopped carrying the regional sports networks entirely in some places. So fans don’t have access anymore even if they were willing to subscribe to 19 different tiers in order to get all of the games. But the RSN tries using the leverage of people who do want the games to get the multimedia provider to include it in the package so they get $6 from everyone instead of just from those who will watch. There’s so much money to be made with that and a lot less in the other.

    • west larry

      I’m about an hour further south than you-Franklin nc-and I too am blacked out. crazy/stupid. I can understand being blackout from atl games, I’m about 80 miles north of Atlanta. Abbott was great, Diaz wasn’t at his best, but toughed it out. Now Greene to secure the series. I hope the Astro’s forget to close the roof after Saturdays game and the game is rained out Sunday.

  7. CI3J

    Happy to see Benson ended up getting the start, even though he (bafflingly) wasn’t Bell’s first choice. He just keeps getting it done.

    Are the Reds really going to send him down and keep Myers?

    • Jason Franklin

      Myers just needs to be DFA’d. Eat the contract, keep the kids playing. That is mostly why they are winning with their youthful zeal, not Myer’s being ill. 🙂

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        The only things I could see with Myer right now to keep him is:

        – right handed bat in the OF
        – other positions?

        I haven’t done any analysis on this, no more than that. Too tired. Sorry.

        Myself, I would DFA him.

      • DHud

        Steve you’re not wrong


        Reds have so many other RH outfield options and Myers other positions (1B/DH) have so much redundancy

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Actually, active, we only have 2 right handed bats in the OF. And, one, if not both of them will be moved down once anyone is moved up.

        So, a question might be. . .do we carry a left handed bat if the right handed bat isn’t hitting? My answer. . .yes. You should never carry a specific bat just for the sake of having it.

  8. CI3J

    I know we like to think Abbott is walking a tight rope and it’s only a matter of time until he gets blown up, but at what point do we start to believe in him and consider him an important future rotation piece?

    Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, and Abbott has a lot of potential, assuming Lodolo and Ashcraft can bounce back and Greene can continue to refine his approach.

    If the Reds use the Votto/Moose/Griffey money in the off-season to buy someone like Julio Urias or Aaron Nola for the rotation and Chapman for the ‘pen, the Reds will be ready to roll and really compete from out of the gate next season.

    • Rednat

      I can tell Abbot has a competitive spirit that I really like. of course everyone wants to win but he seems like a guy that hates losing more than he likes winning and I think every great club needs a player or 2 like that. I thelps to push teammates to a higher level sometimes

    • RedlegScott

      At 3-0 and no earned runs in 17 2/3, I believe the time to believe in him is now.

      • ChrisInVenice

        Not to mention what he did to minor league hitters.

    • Brian Rutherford

      I hope they can get some starting pitching but man I have nightmares thinking about Nola making 12-15 starts in GABP.

      I don’t know who would be available but if they are using the Rays blueprint don’t they sell high on 1 or 2 of these guys and get pitching in the high minors? I don’t want them to do that but that is the way the Rays afford to contend every year.

      • Reddawg2012

        I think they should bring back Sonny Gray on a 2-3 year deal.

    • RedsRunner59

      @CI3J….Agree ……IF they are going to spend in the off season, pitching should be a top priority……In the mean time, I am really enjoying the energy of this team……..

    • Doc

      No. Don’t come out from under big contracts and immediately lock yourself in to other big contracts. Use the money to gain an extra year or two of home grown pitching talent.

    • Chris

      Who’s “We”? Why would anyone think Abbott is about to blow up, or isn’t part of the future. He has been amazing at every stop this year. In my mind he’s the best starter we have and might continue to be.

  9. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I thought I would take the time for this. . .

    So many talk about McLain, DLC, India, and others, rightfully so.

    But, I hear few talk about the success of the pitching staff. And, I mean the entire staff, starters and pen.

    With the 5 starters from the beginning of the season we had, our #5 guy was let go. Our #4 guy is on the IL, hasn’t seen action since April. Our #2 guy has missed half the season. And, our #3 guy hasn’t even been a shadow of himself from the beginning of the season. I still wouldn’t even put our #1 (Greene) as an “ace” yet, but improving.

    Yet, we kept looking and kept looking in the minors, kept working on trying to improve the guys, I will use the word I’ve used before, the Reds have found guys who have been “serviceable”. I mean, they are exactly what they should be, aka #6, 7, 8, 9 guys in a starting rotation, so nothing to write home about, but I don’t believe they’ve been anything worse than that. I’m not saying these guys should have been on our starting rotation all along nor anything like that. But, it doesn’t seem like it’s been blowout after blowout with them. I’m slightly impressed.

    But, I’m definitely impressed with our bullpen. To me, success of a bullpen is a crapshoot. That’s why I don’t believe in overpaying for a bullpen. This bullpen has been good this year. Oh, sure, they’ve had their times. Everyone does. But, 3rd in the NL in ERA? I’m da**ed impressed.

    It’s something like I remember a lot of talk about Bronson Arroyo when he was going strong here, compared to the rest of the league, he didn’t have any 100+ fastball, no crazy K numbers, no no-hitters, nothing you would necessarily look at and see “#1 ace pitcher”. But, when you look at some other numbers, like ERA and wins, he held his own against the best in the league. When people thought of the best pitchers in the league, they thought about everyone else but Bronson. Yet, Bronson was as good as all of them actually.

    On our staff, we don’t have any Seaver, no Verlander, no Kershaw, etc.(for me, Greene may have the K’s, but he still needs to be able to go longer into games for me to put him that high). But, we are getting enough pitching for us to be able to go out and still win the games. Even if we lose the game, the pitching has been “serviceable”. And, I can take that.

    I’m not saying I want pitchers like Lively or Weaver to stay around, extend them, etc. I’m simply looking to try to give them a word or two in their favor as well. But, yes, for example, once Lodolo is ready to come back, please let one of these go.

  10. Klugo

    Our Reds are a team kinda coming for ya , right now. All about the starting pitching at this point.
    It’s been feeling like Diaz is due for a BS lately. Maybe he can get right without one.

    • greenmtred

      Diaz has pitched quite a lot lately–something like 3 of the last 4 games?

  11. Bdh

    I think the roster moves are going to shake out similar to the following.

    Fraley back – Hopkins optioned

    Votto returns – 1 of Benson or Fairchild optioned. With Votto offering the lineup another left handed bat I’m now thinking it’ll be Benson who temporarily goes down but not for long so that they can save Fairchilds final option for next season.

    Myers DFA’d

    Newman traded – Benson back up

    1 of the reserve catchers traded – CES promotion

    When it’s all said and done Lineup vs LHP

    1 – India – DH
    2 – McLain – 2B
    3 – Steer – LF
    4 – De La Cruz – SS
    5 – CES – 1B
    6 – Stephenson – C
    7 – Senzel – 3B
    8 – Fairchild – RF
    9 – Friedl – CF

    Vs RHP

    1 – Friedl – CF
    2 – McLain – SS
    3 – India – 2B
    4 – De La Cruz – 3B
    5 – Fraley – LF
    – steer would hit 5th/6th when in the lineup
    6 – CES – 1B
    7 – Votto – DH
    8 – Stephenson – C
    9 – Benson – RF

    Steer fills in for anyone. At 1B when Votto or CES need a day, at 3B when Elly, McLain, or India need a day, or in LF if any of the OF need a day off. He’d still get a lot of at bats himself this way while filling that super utility role that every team needs

    • Indy Red Man

      I’d buy all of that except Benson playing over Steer. I don’t like Steer/Fraley manning the corners at all in the OF, but they’d still have Fairchild/Benson to pinch run and come in defensively. I’d also prefer Fraley 5th to protect Elly. That lineup would be truly relentless!

      Also don’t see Freidl leadoff long term. Does he walk much? Without looking it doesn’t seem like it? I know he’s been hitting, but too many fly balls.

      Side note:. Levi Stoudt is finally back. Replace Weaver/Williamson asap even if he can only go 3-4 innings. They’re both garbage.

      • JB

        Garbage? These two made it to the Big leagues. Far from Garbage.

      • Doc

        Good thing your boss didn’t judge you the same way – three weeks, insufficient high level production, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      • Kevin H

        I disagree making it to the major leagues is a great accomplishment. They are far from garbage

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Don’t see why playing CES at first and Votto DH. I’d switch that.

      Also, players get rest. You have 6 players playing everyday.

      Stephenson won’t catch every day.

      Easier to say “trade”. Much more difficult to get it done.

      Though I do understand what you mean by your post. I believe the DH is going to help us a lot.

      • Indy Red Man

        They reported CES had 5 runs saved defensively at 1B. Votto scoops the ball well, but I doubt he ever saved runs defensively in his prime? He’s been going full Dorn (Major League) on ground balls for 15 years

      • Indy Red Man

        “I thought we didn’t have any high priced talent?”

        “I forgot about Dorn because he’s only high priced”

        Just kidding the Votto crowd. I would actually be happy to see him back if they’d bat him 6th vs righties or something appropriate

      • JB

        I doubt CES has 5 runs saved. Considering if you look at guys in the Majors and what little they have at this point this year. CES would be the best defensive first baseman in the game. Nathaniel lowe leads at 6 DRS I believe.

    • Beaufort Red

      Newman traded? Now that’s funny.

      • ChrisInVenice

        The Newman hate s getting ridiculous. He’s been key to this push over last month.

    • Votto4life

      I think most of this happens, but I don’t think Wil Myers gets DFA’d just yet. I think he is a Red for another 6 weeks or so.

  12. Andrew Brewer

    What the Reds have going on right now cannot be defined with anything tangible. This is all about going with your gut and the chemistry this team has together. That’s why EDLC was not on the field today. (He needed some time off to regroup.) And Votto is right where he needs to be too. The Reds got it going on. In football they say, that’s the way the football bounces. You don’t win many games with 2 runs, but we did it today. The baseball gods are smiling on us. That’s six in a row, baby !

  13. Reddawg2012

    I’m a little concerned about Diaz. He is going to have an off night sometimes, it happens. But the eye test made me think that he is tired. He was not locating well last night and the Astros were taking good swings and making hard contact, none of which is normal for him. I hope he isn’t being overused, because we have relied on him a lot lately. I’d rather give him a few days off in a row now and sacrifice a win or two, if it means having him healthy and available down the stretch.

    I realize I could be making something out of nothing. It might have simply been an off night. I just know that we need Alexis!

    • greenmtred

      I thought the same thing. I expect that he’s unavailable for Saturday’s game.

  14. Max

    We are going to try one more time Votto over the hill should RETIRE and give money back than Myers can’t hit triple A pitching why does Reds (NO Management) think he can help this team? Leave him in minors and if he begins to hit trade fir pitcher!

    • Bill

      Would you retire and give money back to your employer because someone who can’t do your job doesn’t like your performance? Votto has earned every dollar of that contract and would be an idiot to give up $20-30 million

      • Jimbo44CN

        Absolutely correct. Would love to see Joey come back and mash.

    • RedlegScott

      Don’t you think Votto has earned the right to re-establish himself given all he’s given to this team?

  15. Kevin

    Are we allowed to say that David Bell is doing a great job? Feels like we spend a lot of time criticizing him, so I just want to say he’s doing a great job shaping this team and keeping a good thing going right now. Manager seems to get the blame when things go badly and not much credit when things go well. He’s pulling all the right levers lately.

    • Mike Adams

      He ain’t so “dumb” when the players are getting it done on the field is he?

      • Tom Reeves

        When I think of the role of the manager, it’s about helping the team play together, play hard, and support each other. Secondarily, it’s about putting players in the best position to do well and make some tactical game decisions. I can quibble with the “best position” and some of the tactical decisions but I cannot deny – in fact, I’m extremely impressed with Bell’s ability to help this team over the last several years and in the mist of a lot of losing to develop this sense of team, the hustle and grind mentality, and playing with a passion for winning.

        I’ve seen glimmers of this from Bell his entire time. And it’s been the thing about him that gave me hope we had the right manager even though I was sometimes baffled by some of the tactical decisions. This team hustled and grinder its way into contention. That’s partly a reflection of Bell’s leadership.

    • Brian Rutherford

      I don’t criticize him mostly because I know he has way more information about the players than I ever will which hopefully translates into good decisions.

      I think he does a good job, however someone commented in another thread that the difference between a successful manager and a losing one is talent and this team has much more talent 1-40 than any time in the last 15 years.

      Guys like Ben Lively, Buck Farmer, Williamson and even Weaver from time to time have done their part to keep games within reach and allow the talent to shine through.

      Bell has done the best he can managing the Louisville express of no name BP arms like Salazar, Leguimina, Duarte, Herget, etc and finding the right times to use them and still win games. That has been his most amazing trick this far into the season.

  16. TR

    An exciting game gets the Reds to .500 with great pitching and Benson’s speed to score from 1st. base.

    • SteveAReno

      Benson’s use of speed happened because of Newman’s timely double. A nice combination.

  17. Redsvol

    Man, Abbott is one smart cookie. He knows how to use his stuff. I think he is going to have a long career. Houston is a good hitting club. Every starter on the team could take a class from him on how to allow contact but not hard contact. When is the last time we had a pitcher get thru 6 innings with 80 pitches? Probably Miley.

  18. Beaufort Red

    It’s amazing that this team is at .500 and 1/2 game out of first and we’re still trying to assume we know more than the players or management. Most posters are life long fans ( wonderful) that never played past high school. I know it’s fun and all but when people call ball players garbage as Indy Red Man did in a previous comment about Williamson and Weaver it really gets to me. Every player on this team has busted their butt to get us to where we are. Some have contributed more than others but that’s life. As a squadron commander not everyone was a pilot. But the guy fueling the jet was just as crucial in a different way. I wish we could enjoy the ride. Hopefully we shock the baseball world. We’re all a part on RLN. And if you want to put things in perspective, think about what we were talking about this time last year.

    • Jim t

      @beaufortRed, sir were you Air Force?

      • Beaufort Red

        Yes, flew C141 for 24 years in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves. Also 36 years at Delta Air Lines. Best lifelong friends I made were in the military. Dad was a CMSGT and brother flew F4 and F 15 and brother in law flew C130. We joke we never worked a day in our lives. This is why I’m so big on team concept. Older now, looking back it was a blessing to serve.

      • Jim t

        Wow!! Lots of AF on the site. Was a Missileer from 1972-1993. Spent 8 years in the desert at Davis -Monthan buried in a Titan II silo, 5 years at Vandenberg on the MX test team and my last 7 years at Cape Canaveral launching global positioning satellites off of complex 17 A&B. Great life and wonderful lifetime friends. Wouldn’t trade a day of it.

    • ChrisInVenice

      Thank you, commander. well put.

    • JB

      Beaufort Red. I was Security Police for B-52s, C 135s , A10s, F15s, F106s. It was always an honor to protect you all. Pilots always had our respect.

      • Dewey Roberts

        JB, I remembered that Wayne Simpson was dazzling when he started his MLB career, but I had forgotten that he had 15 straight scoreless innings. Abbott is very impressive.

    • Jim Walker

      Beaufort>> Small world time??? If you flew C141’s for the 445th Airlift between 2000-2015, I was supporting their efforts via the network backbone of their host ABW at the time. If memory recalls correctly, I installed equipment at their HQ where they connected to our backbone.

    • LT

      Agree 100% and thank you for your service sir

    • wkuchad

      Thank all of you for your service to this country!

  19. JB

    Team has fought hard to get back to .500. You could see the talent starting to come together over a month ago. Guys play for each other and the youth has brought enthusiasm and hard nose play. As I said then and I will say again, this is a team going to the playoffs. To the guys who laughed at me then – How we looking? Bandwagon is cruising! All aboard!

    • Dewey Roberts

      I am in the die hard fan wagon. Does that count?

  20. Roger Garrett

    Bell doesn’t do anything any different now then he has done in the past.Managers make little difference in wins or losses and he does the same things as other managers do but the difference is the roster.Krall has purged the roster of position players and left Bell with younger more athletic players that can play the game.Outside of his occasional head scratching moves from time to time,which all managers do,my only complaint with Bell is that he will play vets over younger players.Newman and soon to be Myers are perfect examples because and I could be wrong that Krall sets the roster and Bell manages the roster.Newman and Myers before he was injured have both played a lot so I am not so sure that its always been about showcasing them for possible trades at the deadline.Give credit to Bell for whats happening?Sure why not cause he takes the heat when it has gone wrong.

    • greenmtred

      Roger: Newman doesn’t play every day and, since EDLC arrived is playing less than he did a while ago. He’s a utility infielder. You could say that he’s taking playing time from Barrero, but if he weren’t, someone else probably would; the Reds clearly want him to work on..something..and just sent him to AAA. Newman has been playing well for awhile, too, and that takes on increased importance as it becomes clear that the Reds have a shot at the postseason.

  21. Indy Red Man

    I’m sorry if I offended anyone with my poor choice of words, but Weaver and Williamson are not good pitchers. Weaver was facing the worst team in the biggest ballpark with an ump so bored he was calling everything a strike and he still stunk!
    Williamson is a rookie, but 34 ground out and 68 flyballs isn’t going to work in GABP.

    They need to be replaced (by nearly anyone) asap if we want to see this team continue to win.

    • Harry Stoner

      Williamson is a lefty, 25 y.o. and is slowly learning to be a MLB pitcher.

      He was a centerpiece of the Suarez-Winker trade and has made 6 starts.

      And you want to get rid of him?

      Sure he has a 5.40 era to date but has been improving w each outing.

      I recommend the patience to see the young man continue to develop.

      Imagine a rotation with 3 solid LHs.

      • Indy Red Man

        Just send him back down. He had a 6.60 era at Louisville after all

  22. Beaufort Red

    Thanks guys for the kind words. The beauty of this team is watching that youthful energy directed to a common cause can result in great things. Also concerning Bell, do you think Sparky would be in the HOF without Rose, Morgan, Perez, Bench etc. Sure they have to make the decisions, but it sure is a lot easier when you have a roster of “Jimmies and Joes.”

  23. Mark Moore

    “Dazzles” says it well. We know it won’t last forever, but we ride the tide while we can. Last night was a gem. Abbott is certainly a surprise since he seemingly came out of nowhere this season.

    Let’s take one of the next two and head home at .500 (or maybe better) 😀

  24. Gary Redus Fan

    .500 baseball means anything can happen! This is a fun team to watch and I hope the fans on this site can stop focusing on the 25-26th players on the bench daily and constantly criticizing Bell. Players actually love him! So I am going to enjoy this ride of youth and free house $!

    This team will only win if the best prospects, both pitching and hitting, play consistently well despite being so young . Throw in a bullpen pitching well and then yes the playoffs are possible. How crazy is that idea in 2023!!!

  25. GMan88

    The active roster has a total payroll of $25 million. Just unbelievable. That was a big- boy game last night. I started following the Reds again in earnest in 2017. This is by far the most exciting time in that span. Is anyone else nervous about bringing back any certain veterans that are most likely not going to contribute?

  26. greenmtred

    I wonder what all of you guys see as Abbot’s strengths as a pitcher? Not high velocity, certainly, but so far he seems consistently effective.

    • JB

      Personally I see an off balance team trying to hit him. He hits his spots and works all over the plate. Speeds on pitches are up and down. He threw a change up last night for a strike looking. His next pitch was a fastball in the exact same spot for a strike looking. Houston announcers both said that was incredible. He seems to know how to pitch and not throw. The other young kids might want to watch and take note

      • Dewey Roberts

        That was my impression of him also. He knows how to pitch and use all the weapons in his arsenal.

      • greenmtred

        My impression, too. You stated it really well. Thanks for responding. I don’t like to make predictions, but it seems to me that Abbot’s approach and particular abilities could wear well.

  27. Votto4life

    I think this team doesn’t really take shape for another six weeks. Wil Myers will be traded or cut, Lodolo will be back, Votto will be on his farewell tour and I suspect the Reds will deal a prospect (Barerro?) or two for a starting pitcher.

    I don’t think Kevin Newman will be traded. But then again, what do I know? I thought this team would lose 100 games. I am so happy I was wrong.

    • Kevin H

      Alot of us thought they would lose 100 games. Still could I suppose, however don’t see that happening.

    • Dewey Roberts

      In my opinion, it will take a good deal more than Barrero to get a starting pitcher.

  28. JA

    What a pitching last night. France and Abbot kept out of balance everyone they faced until TySteve… France blinked first, I was waiting the opposite since Abbot was playing at home.
    Great win!

  29. Randy in Chatt

    Did MLB change the time of the game today? It was originally 8:10pm (and is posted as such above) but on the broadcast schedule on Bally and on the website it states 4:10pm.

    • Doug Gray

      No. I’m just an idiot and posted the incorrect time. It’s been corrected.

      • Randy in Chatt

        No idiot could run a site like this…..Not many do what you do. Give yourself some credit! 🙂

      • Doug Gray

        Even idiots can have work ethic!

  30. JB WV

    It may not result in a playoff berth this year, but the Reds have more upside than any other team I n the division. That’s exciting considering how dismal it looked last year.

  31. Mark A Verticchio

    What’s unbelievable about the Reds active pay roll of around 26 million is that the next lowest is the A’s at 42 million. I think everybody needs to enjoy this ride, we all have no idea how long it will last, but right now Reds baseball is must watch T.V. in my house. On another note Diaz needs a day, maybe two off. His slider was really flat last night.