Major League Baseball released the voting totals for the All-Star game for the first time this year on Tuesday afternoon and the Cincinnati Reds didn’t exactly have a good showing. Only three players from the club even showed up in the vote totals. Matt McLain was easily the top vote getter from the organization and that’s despite the fact that he wasn’t even called up until May. Nick Senzel showed up on the third baseman’s list, and TJ Friedl was on the list for the outfielders.

Matt McLain comes in at the #4 spot on the list for shortstops, getting 200,152 votes so far. Despite missing the first six weeks of the big league season while he tore through the Triple-A International League awaiting a phone call to come up to Cincinnati, he’s among the better shortstops in the league with just under a month of playing time. It helps when you come out of the gate and hit .336/.387/.518 in the 25 games you’ve played. Those numbers get the people going.

Nick Senzel came in at the #9 spot among third basemen. He has 38,960 votes at the position. Senzel is currently on the injured list and is set to begin a rehab assignment in Triple-A with Louisville this week. He was in the lineup on Sunday for the Bats, but the game was cancelled due to rain. In 45 games this season with the Reds, Senzel has hit .258/.332/.380 with four stolen bases.

After breaking out in the second half last season, TJ Friedl has carried that forward with him in 2023. And that’s helped get him 97,704 votes for the All-Star team so far. That’s good for 20th place among National League outfielders. In his 44 games this season Friedl has hit .311/.360/.477 with six stolen bases and 16 extra-bsae hits.

You can see the vote totals for all positions here.

48 Responses

  1. Melvin

    McLain probably won’t make it as a starter but possibly as a sub?

  2. Kevin Patrick

    I would be totally proud of Matt McLain should he make the all star team. That said, I don’t mind keeping him our little secret. He won’t be a secret for much longer…that’s for sure. We should just enjoy this time.

  3. CI3J

    Surprised India didn’t get any votes at 2B.

    • Doug Gray

      Yeah, it was weird to me that he wasn’t in the top 10.

    • SlippinJimmy

      Maybe it’s because he doesn’t button his jersey all the way up…

      (Really, it’s a bad look bro)

      • Selena

        A bad look??? Maybe in YOUR opinion, SlippinJimmy…I’m sure all the other ladies on this site agree with me 😉

      • Scott in Texas

        Guessing you were offended by Big Klu’s sleeveless jersey as well??? I’m not sure what a ballplayer’s appearance has to do with his likeability or professionalism. It certainly doesn’t hurt his marketability…. I suppose if Farrah Fawcett’s famous swimsuit poster could grace the walls of millions upon millions of people back in the late 70’s, it’s probably okay that India has a button or two upon on his uniform.

  4. MK

    Luis Arraez Is a second all star candidate. India is not going to get votes over a defending batting champ currently flirting with hitting.400

    • Doug Gray

      I mean you could say the same thing about everyone at second base then, right?

      • MK

        Think he is only candidate that can spout those credentials.

      • Doug Gray

        Which is fine if you think that, but other guys got a lot of votes at second base who aren’t really having better seasons than India.

      • JB

        Doug we all know it’s a popularity contest. This is what happens when the team stinks and front office doesn’t spend money. I think in the coming years when the Reds run off 2or 3 championships in a row things will change. Or is it 5or 6?

  5. Melvin

    Looks like basically the same lineup again tonight. Glad to see EDLC doesn’t need a day off yet. ?

    • Daytonnati

      I could be wrong, but didn’t the Reds have the entire starting infield one year during Big Red Machine days? Perez, Joe, Davey, and Pete?

      • Grand Salami

        1976 the starting infield defense was all Reds save for Garvey at first but Perez was the bench player at 1st.

        George Foster was MVP.

  6. SultanofSwaff

    Steer, India, McLain all with 1.2 WAR per baseball reference. Friedl with 1.6 and Diaz with 1.7. Elly with 0.5 already lol.

    Probably another year where the Reds only get 1 all-star. Next year will be way different.

    • Jim Walker

      If EDLC is still causing the positive (for the Reds) chaos he is now, they will find a way to get him to the All-Star game in a very visible role.

      • JB

        Oh yeah. Maybe a vote off for the last spot ? Do they still do that?

    • Colorado Red

      I think it will be ELDC.
      Exciting and very popular.
      K’s a bit much, I think it will improve.
      Pitchers will find a weakness, then he has to adjust.
      I think he will adjust

  7. Jpser05

    For fun, I wrote Elly in as a DH for the National League.

  8. David

    It is well within the realm of possibilities that the Reds could be in first place in the NL Central division by the All Star game.
    Alexis Diaz would certainly deserve an invite.
    And he will likely be the only Reds’ representative. At this point, only Matt McLain has an outside chance of making it at SS.
    It is also in the realm of possibilities that TJ Friedl could be among the leagues leading hitters by the All Star game.

    Votes have consequences, and people are NOT going to Reds’ home games….. in droves.
    I guess you can vote online, but it’s CRAZEE that Jon India does not show up on NL voting (AT ALL) for second base.

    • Doc

      Wonder what the attendance is for the season to date at GABP through the Cardinals series, and what it was at this point last year.

    • Droslovinia

      Well where else are we gonna go?

  9. Rednat

    I am not even sure how fans vote anymore. I used to stuff the paper ballots at the ballpark but I can’t find them anymore. Oh well

    • VaRedsFan

      you can vote 5 times per day online at

  10. DW

    Bell has been surprisingly consistent with his lineups since EDLC arrived. That is a pleasant surprise to me. Maybe he was just waiting for more consistent play from some guys. I was concerned the new guys coming up would be sitting every forth or fifth game. Shocking and good to see Newman not starting again. Barrero needs to be down at Louisville getting at bats. Bring up Lopez or Reynolds to ride the pine. Same for Hopkins when Ramos or Myers come back.

    • JB

      Maybe he was just waiting for better players? I mean we criticize Bell but it’s not like there was guys that needed to start every day due to them being good enough too. Let’s see what Bell does with the talent he has and what’s coming.

    • PTBNL

      Lopez and Reynolds would require a 40 man roster move. CES deserves it before they do.

    • David

      Frankly, I am not interested in keeping either Ramos or Myers.
      Henry Ramos was really good in Spring Training, and to start the minor league season. I, and many others, were excited about him being with the Reds this season…then.
      Henry Ramos is 31 years old and has been a career minor league player. Maybe there is a reason for this. He was batting 0.254 with no HR and 4 rbi’s in 58 AB’s with the Reds this season. Let’s bring back that productivity!

      Myers was batting 0.189 with 3 HR with many more AB’s than Henry. At this point, I think the Reds owe Myers about $5 mil for the rest of the season.
      The Reds are showing life with the present group. Or we could put Henry Ramos and Wil Myers back in the line up….and see what happens.

      • DW

        I don’t want Myers or Ramos either, but Barrero and Hopkins are losing precious playing time. Without playing time they are not developing and are losing value. They are too young to be sitting on then bench.

      • Harold

        Release Myers and send Ramos back to Louisville. If he gets hot or we have an injury bring him back up. If we lose him to bad. CES should be up soon at 1B or DH. Votto used some at DH and 1B unless he doesn’t hit. He deserves a chance to come back and play.

  11. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Just checked. Our weakest offensive production are the corner OF positions. Next worse are “middle of the road” in the NL, so I don’t worry about those as much.

    Worst starting pitching in the league, 4th best bullpen in the league.

    I wonder what we trade for. I wonder what we draft.

    • PTBNL

      The draft will be the best player available approach because it will take at least 2 years for that player to reach the bigs (a high schooler, even more time). But after saying that, I am interested in the Reds drafting high end pitching. Mock drafts have the first 7 players as heavily position-player (kind of like the Lodolo draft)

      • Harry Stoner

        Early mock draft I saw a week or so had the Reds drafting…guess what…a shortstop.

      • Colorado Red

        Always take the best player available.
        I saw a mock, had the Reds picking one of the top college arms.
        Mocks are like mothers, every one has one, and they all love there own.
        A top 5 will fall to the Reds. Pie-rats are cheap too.

  12. Soto

    McClain gets my vote. I think he has been the Reds best overall player since coming up.

  13. RedlegScott

    Getting snubbed, although totally uncool, often turns out to be a good thing in the form of motivation. Let the chips fall where they may.

  14. old-school

    There’s a lot of time between now and mid July.
    Diaz if healthy is a no doubter. I’ll tell you my under the radar pick as the Reds 2nd All-Star…Hunter Greene. Yes, he s pitch inefficient. Yes, he needs a change up. Yes, he’s 1-4. But, Felix Hernandez changed pitching metrics when he won the Cy Young award as a .500 pitcher with 13 wins in 2010.

    1.) Hunter Greene is 7th in the NL among starters in fWAR at 1.7
    2.)Hunter Greene is 2nd in the NL among starters in K% rate @ 12.97.
    3.) Hunter Greene is 3rd in the NL among starters in total K’s.
    4.) Hunter Greene’s ERA is 4.01 and dropping. His xFIP is 7th in the NL @ 3.56.

    Hunter Greene is a strong month away from being an NL All-star and another reason why this team is trending very fast.

  15. AMDG

    I’m a bit surprised any Reds are getting votes in the annual popularity contest.

    I could see Elly getting some votes, but too late to mean get him near consideration.

    • Colorado Red

      If he keeps playing like he is (exciting, will not hit every day). He may get selected as a backup. MLB loves exciting players like him

  16. Laura

    I remember when Rawley Eastwick and Will McEnaney weren’t chosen for the All-Star game in 1975 despite both having good stats. A reporter asked Eastwick how he felt about it and he said, “that’s okay if we don’t make it to the All-Star game, we’ll take the Fall Classic instead.”
    Same here for any deserving Reds player who doesn’t get chosen for All-Star game 2023.