The Cincinnati Reds jumped out to an early lead and it was more than enough for Andrew Abbott as he fired off 5.2 shutout innings before handing the game off to the bullpen. The relievers weren’t quite as good, but with a strong day from the offense the game was never in doubt as the Reds won 8-4 over the St. Louis Cardinals to even up the series.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (30-35)
8 10 0
St. Louis Cardinals (27-38)
4 10 1
W: Abbott (2-0) L: Mikolas (4-4)
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Andrew Abbott got himself into some trouble in the bottom of the 1st inning. He gave up a 1-out single before issuing two walks to load the bases. The lefty was able to get out of the jam without any runs scoring, but he needed 33 pitches in the inning to do so.

The Reds got a little rally going with two outs in the top of the 2nd when Tyler Stephenson, Will Benson, and Stuart Fairchild all singled to load the bases. Luke Maile then came through with a clutch 3-run double to the wall in left field to put Cincinnati on top 3-0. Andrew Abbott came out and needed just nine pitches to get through the bottom of the inning as he made a nice recovery after his long 1st inning.

Matt McLain led off the 3rd inning with a triple on a line drive that got by a sliding Jordan Walker. McLain would later score on a single up the middle by Elly De La Cruz that made it 4-0. Spencer Steer followed up with a sacrifice fly that brought in Jonathan India, who had been hit by a pitch earlier in the inning.

Elly De La Cruz would walk to lead off the 5th inning and then he would steal second base. He would move to third base on a double play before Will Benson was robbed of an RBI hit on a diving grab by Tommy Edman. In the bottom of the inning Andrew Abbott found himself in trouble after a 2-out single and a walk, but he once again was able to clamp down and get out of a jam with a fly out to center.

Abbott returned for the 6th and gave up a 1-out single to Dylan Carlson before getting Paul DeJong to fly out to right field. That would be his final pitch of the day as the Reds called on Buck Farmer to come in and face Jordan Walker. Farmer got the job done, but he got some help as Stuart Fairchild made a running, leaping catch on a 110.2 MPH line drive in left field to end the inning and keep the shutout going. That also ended the line for Abbott, who for his second start in a row didn’t allow a run.

Jonathan India picked up a 1-out double. Elly De La Cruz then hit a comebacker to the pitcher, who fielded it and attempted to throw the ball to second and try to get India as he went back to the bag but the throw was lobbed and nowhere near in time and both runners were safe. Spencer Steer then doubled to center. India scored easily, but De La Cruz ran through the stop sign at third. Fortunately he’s the fastest human being alive (don’t fact check this) and slid in head first around the catcher and the tag to score and it was 7-0 Reds.

Kevin Herget, fresh off of being recalled from Triple-A, entered the game in the 8th inning. He hit Brendan Donovan with a pitch that bounced in the dirt before it hit him to lead off the inning. Donovan would be erased on a fielders choice, but Herget couldn’t keep the shutout alive after giving up a 2-out double to Paul Goldschmidt that brought in Tommy Edman from first base. A ground out followed to end the inning and the game headed to the 8th.

When Herget came back out for the bottom of the 8th inning the Cardinals went back to work. Luken Baker led off with a single and scored on a Dylan Carlson homer that made it 7-3. After a pop up, Jordan Walker doubled. That was it for Herget and the Reds had Lucas Sims enter the game. He walked Brendan Donovan to begin his day, but got a pop up and a fly out to keep St. Louis from scoring again in the inning.

Jonathan India led off the 9th inning with a walk and moved up to second base on a ground out. Tyler Stephenson then came through with a 2-out single to bring India in and pad the Reds lead.

Alexis Diaz took the mound for the bottom of the 9th despite a 5-run lead. He hadn’t pitched since Wednesday, though, so he certainly needed to get some work in. The inning started out well as Diaz struck out Paul Goldschmidt, but he then gave up a solo home run to Nolan Arenado as the Cardinals cut the lead to 8-4. It was the first home run given up by Diaz all year. It was the only run he’d give up as he completed the game and helped even up the 3-game series at one game for each time.

Key Moment of the Game

Spencer Steer’s 2-run double in the 7th inning that made it 7-0 and truly put the game away.

Notes Worth Noting

Andrew Abbott has now thrown 11.2 shutout innings to start his career. He was credited with the win in both outings.

Spencer Steer got on base twice and drove in three runs. Perhaps a bit overlooked with some of the other rookies on the team, Steer is now hitting .287/.367/.483 through 62 games this year.

Matt McLain has a 5-game hitting streak and he’s recorded a hit in 17 of his last 19 games.

TJ Friedl, just off of the injured list, was replaced in the field to begin the bottom of the 8th inning after grounding out in the top of the inning.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis Cardinals

Sunday June 11th, 2:15pm ET

Hunter Greene (1-4, 3.92 ERA) vs Adam Wainwright (2-1, 5.97 ERA)

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  1. Tom Reeves

    The Cincinnati Rookies!

    Gotta love this team and the future is bright.

    And, btw, at least a modicum of credit is due Krall and Bell.

    • Mark Moore

      In the big picture, definitely. In some of the micro-management decisions … not so much for HDTBell. But we’ll take the win 😛

    • Dewey Roberts

      McLain just keeps hitting. Elly is super talented. Freidl is hitting .315 for the year. Abbott seems to know how to pitch. The young players give a lot of hope.

      • Oldtimer

        Reds in early 1960s had Edwards, Cardenas, Rose, Perez, O’Toole, Maloney as young players.

        Reds in mid 1980s had Davis, O’Neill, Larkin, Browning, Dibble, as young players.

  2. Mark Moore

    I’m on windshield time for the game tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how the extra rest worked with Greene.

    Here’s to taking the series and heading over to KC to thrash them about.

    • Rcsodak

      Ha. Don’t look now but regardless how bad kc sucks, they tend to beat up our reds.

  3. old-school

    Seems like a huge series and huge win today. Cubs are mailing it in and Cards dont look the same. Need HUnter Greene to send them further into last place tomorrow. Go Reds. fun team.

  4. RedlegScott

    Abbott, Steer and Maile show. Good game, guys!

  5. JB

    Need Pirates and Brewers to lose. Watch the boys in AAa tonight.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Pirates & Brewers both lost! Reds are now 4 games back of the first place Pirates!

  6. CI3J

    Really hope Friedl didn’t re-injure himself. Hope him being taken out was just precaution.

    The team is coming together nicely.

    Fraley, Friedl, and Benson look like a good trio for the outfield. They are age 27, 27, and 24. Barrero, Farichild, and Hopkins are also options, aged 25, 27, 26, respectively.

    The infield is EDLC, McLain, India, Stephenson and (soon to be) CES. Ages 21, 23, 26, 26, 23.

    Then you still have Senzel, Steer, and Chuckie Robinson aged 27, 25, and 28.

    This is a team that has a lot of good young players and players that are in or about to be in their prime years. No one is going to hit age 30 for another 3 seasons except old man Chuckie Robinson.

    It seems like the Reds should be entering a 5-year window to compete. I’m cautiously optimistic Abbott is the real deal, but I really hope Lodolo and Ashcraft can come back healthy, and I hope Greene learns to take the next step. The Reds obviously are a starting pitcher or two away from having a rotation that is ready to compete, and I hope they will “get the pitching” this offseason, either by signing one of the bigger name free agents, or making a trade.

    And I also hope they don’t sign any more mediocre journeyman players. No more Farmers, Stricklands, Pinders, Phams, Newmans, or Myers. The team doesn’t need them anymore.

    Next year is the year, boys. That’s when the window officially opens. The rest of this year is the team being tempered in the fire, the young kids getting experience and growing stronger and smarter by the day.

    Exciting times ahead.

    • LDS

      They really need Votto, Myers, and Ramos to stay down in the farm.

      • TR

        However they do it, the Reds need a roster space to bring up Encarnacion-Strand.

      • Harry Stoner

        Joey Votto finishes his career in MiLB, right?

        Wears a Louisville hat into the HOF.

      • Beaufort Red

        + 1000 Don’t faint LDS 🙂

      • LDS

        @Beaufort, come on man, don’t do this to me. In all seriousness, if Votto doesn’t want to just retire, bring him up to periodically DH against RHers. But make it clear to Bell that he doesn’t start very day. Personally, as I said the other day, I’d rather he pulled an Elgin Baylor.

      • Colorado Red

        The problem is Bell will start Over the Hill Votto every day.
        Last year he showed he true self.
        Staying at third and leaving Farmer out to dry.
        Should have run to the plate. 99.9% chance his is out vs 100%.
        But it looked bad on this stats.
        Playing hurt, while stinking.
        Time to DFA him.
        He has bee a great player for the Reds, but the kids need a chance to grow.

    • Indy Red Man

      It’s easy to say with Myers now, but he was over .800 ops on the road last year. There was a solid chance he might be another Drury this year. Still not totally giving up on him. As for pitching? I have no problem w more dumpster diving. Top FA pitchers aren’t coming to Cincy

      • Optimist

        There’s just not enough time before the deadline. Only value is if he’s healthy the league knows what they’ll get. Same with Newman, but he’s proven a bit better and has a year of control next year. Neither would bring back much, but the Reds don’t need much at this point from trades.

        It will be very interesting if they pick up a rental pitcher for the rest of this season – many former Reds available, as well as FA’s over the winter.

      • TR

        I think top FA pitchers will work for the Reds if the money is there.

      • Greenfield Red

        Disagree. Top free agents want cash. However, they also want to win. The Reds have flipped the script and are in position to win big. The biggest free agents will come here if the Reds pay the going rate

        They need 1 high end starter, or 1 high end outfielder, and 2 solid relievers. They can do that for 50 million a year for 4 years. They can and should win the WS in that time when the free agents are combined with what is here.

        The Reds can and will pay it. They are wasting over 40 mil this year so it’s barely noticible to the bottom line. GABP should average 30k per game starting in 24.

        We, as fans, must hold them accountable.

      • Colorado Red


        50 for 4, is not a high end anything, anymore.
        A solid reliever, maybe. A number 3 start ok.
        A solid, but not great outfielder. Yes.
        Time to extend ELDC, and others.
        Winning is definitely part of the decision, but money is more important.

      • greenmtred

        I agree, Indy. He has apparently been injured for a while–besides the kidney stones–and the Reds are still not over-stocked with good outfielders. He has been a decent player for awhile and may recover that.

    • Votto4life

      I agree 100% about the pitching. I disagree about Kevin Newman though. I don’t think he should start on most days, but he has been contributing. He is not a bad guy to have on your bench.

      • TR

        I agree that Newman is not a bad guy at all to have on the team. The only problem I see is the manager often wants to play a veteran regularly, in this year of sorting, instead of a young player such as Barrero.

      • CI3J

        What does the team need Kevin Newman for?

        When everyone is up, this is the team (not a batting order):

        C Stephenson
        1B CES
        2B India
        SS McLain
        3B EDLC
        LF Fraley
        CF Friedl
        RF Benson
        DH Steer

        C Robinson
        UTL Senzel
        UTL Barrero
        OF Hopkins

        Where does Newman fit in?

      • Oldtimer

        Newman is UTIL INF. Senzel is 3B. Barrero is SS or CF.

      • SteveAReno

        As long as your picking your players by their young age, instead of production and performance, you wouldn’t need an accomplished veteran. But, that’s not how all players are chosen by ANY team.

      • Votto4life

        I am still not convinced Benson, Senzel, Hopkins are here for the long term. The jury is still out on Barerro, at least until he gets some more at bats.

        Kevin Newman can play all infield positions and hits LH pitching well. There is value in that.

      • BK

        Newman’s .967 OPS against LHP is a nice fit in lieu of either Fraley or Benson.

      • Redsvol

        Senzel doesn’t have nearly the position goes to be a utility infielder – plus he can be relied upon to be available. Newman is the prefect utility infielder. Can play all 4 positions at a passable level. Nick is 3b and left filed – we have plenty of players that can play those 2 positions. I’m afraid time has run out on nick staying with the Reds. He will be up for arbitration raise to 4$M next year. That $ will be needed elsewhere. Bummer for Nick.

      • Columbus Reds Fan

        Barrero is an over-rated glove SS who can’t hit and shows not indication that he ever will on a consistent basis. Send him to the farm, hope he gets hot, and trade him for whatever you can get for him. This is a good team, with deserving players like CES being held down, and there is no room on it for Barrero. I’d think real hard about throwing Senzel into that trade, too. Myers you just have to release at this point.

  7. Reddawg2012

    This team could be dangerous with better starting pitching. It’s just so hard to win consistently when you are down 3/4/5 to nothing in the very early innings game after game. Taking a lead today and Abbott protecting it was refreshing, hopefully Greene can keep the momentum going tomorrow.

  8. Votto4life

    This team will go as far as the starting pitching will take them. Just too bad it’s an overall weakness right now. Hopefully, the Red’s front office will address the problem this winter.


    • MBS

      I hope they do get the pitching. Abbott is making me feel a lot better about the rotation. Greene last couple of starts were a positive sign. I feel like Ashcraft will bounce back when he returns. Well let’s hope that’s all true, if not it’s going to be a long summer on the pen, and fans.

    • redfanorbust

      Yup 100% agreed. Obviously here is hoping, fingers crossed, Lodolo and Ashcraft don’t take too long to heal and figure out what was wrong even before they got injured. Huge game Sunday not so much the winning but to see how Greene does with his injury that pushed him back a start.

    • David

      Frankly, a lot of teams, even contenders, have problems with their starting pitching.

      If the Reds’ starters can stabilize and be consistent, they could definitely have a winning season.
      I expect in the upcoming amateur draft for the Reds to make a lot of pitching selections.
      I agree with another commenter that Greene’s outing tomorrow is actually pretty important as to the rest of the season. If he is really good and beats the Cards, maybe they really take off.

      • Shchi

        Krall and his staff have done a marvelous job of resetting the minor league talent pool with superior prospects, but I’m trying to avoid over-optimism based on less than a half season of results at the major league level. In addition, the starting pitching is still being evaluated based on potential, rather than results at the major league level.

        To this point in the season, the starting pitching at the major league level stinks, but their potential may yet surface as results. I believe when Krall and his staff flipped the switch on the decision to reset, they were counting on the young starters to become a strength of the team. For whatever reason, that has not panned out. Statistically the Reds starting pitching has been among the worst in the league, nullifying the argument that “a lot of teams, even contenders, have problems with their starting pitching.”

  9. GreatRedLegsFan

    Great game, kudos to Abbott, Steer and Maile. Fairchild showing great speed and defensive versatility. India with three more scored runs for a total of 51, fourth best in NL. McLain has now three triples in a little more than 100 AB.

  10. RedsGettingBetter

    Is there any concern about Friedl being removed in the 8th ?
    EDLC has just 1 K today and flew on bases

    • David

      With the lead, maybe he was taken out to give him some rest for his leg.

      Probably be back in there tomorrow…….or not.

  11. docproc

    I like that your headline and storyline featured Steer. He has had a really good season, mostly under the radar. Love me some Matty and Elly, but Spencer is rockin’ and deserves some spotlight.

    • CI3J

      Steer has become such a dependable, normal part of the lineup, it feels like he’s been there for years along with India and Stephenson.

      It’s easy to forget he’s technically still a rookie.

  12. CI3J

    Also, how about Will Benson? Another hit today and continuing to prove he belongs.

    Hitting .270 with a nice .342 OBP. Hope he keeps getting playing time and gaining confidence.

    • SteveAReno

      Kevin Newman is batting .270, not Will Benson. You know, the old guy (29 yrs old). Ha.

      • CI3J

        Benson is batting .270 with a .342 OBP since being called up. Ha.

  13. Old-school

    The rest of June is about burying the Cubs and cards . Gotta win tomorrow to send the message to the Dirty Birds another lost year paying 100 million to old guys and we have young guys who are better!!!

    • Dennis Westrick

      Ouch! That’s why I call the Cards the NY Yankees of the NL. Buy players like Arenado & Goldschmidt and hope they all have good seasons!

  14. RedlegScott

    Let’s give some kudos to Maile, shall we? His two-out, base-clearing double got early runs on the board giving Abbott some breathing room.

    • Mark Moore


      He did start the Crooked Number Parade today 😀

  15. Indy Red Man

    CES another hr & 2 walks. They said yesterday he had 5 runs saved defensively. Now at .362 so what else does he have to do?

    • Melvin

      Yep. He’s now at .362/.427/.734 with 17 HR, 13 doubles, 1 triple, and 19 BB. He’s also got 46 RBI in 42 games. Considering the two we just recently brought up in McLain and De La Cruz, and that fact that they are the two best players on the Reds now, and the fact that CES has arguably outhit both of them, IT MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA TO BRING HIM UP. ;)….he just might help.

      • MBS

        I think CES needs to become the best AAA player he can be, then we can slowly work him in on the Big Club. Maybe a few pinch hits to start, then we can get him a start per week when someone needs a blow. I see him more like a 24 or 25 contributor.

        @Melvin, He isn’t fooling anyone with his “He’s now at .362/.427/.734 with 17 HR, 13 doubles, 1 triple, and 19 BB. He’s also got 46 RBI in 42 games”

        Remember the story of the tortoise and the hair, slow and steady wins the race.

    • Jim Walker

      CES has to convince Votto he can do more for the Reds than JV can do for them himself. The Reds will never decide that on their own. However I think Votto just might have enough integrity to tell them that if he believes it himself

      • Melvin

        I believe there’s room for both. It can work. Stephenson has to go back to catching 100+ games.

      • 2020ball

        DFA/Trade a catcher, and option either Barrero, Fairchild, or Newman. Ramos/Myers and some pitchers look vulnerable on the 40.

      • TR

        We need to give Votto time to get back and see if he’s physically able to contribute offensively to this young team. Being the classy guy Joey is, I’m sure he will let the Reds know.

  16. Mark A Verticchio

    Please bring Strand up, this team needs some power in the worst way. They can’t win consistently without any power, no home runs again today

  17. Protime

    It’s way past due, bring up CES to the show. He’s earned it! The time to win is now. Progress can be sustained with a legitimate long-ball hitter threat, at this time it’s clearly lacking. The central division is up grabs. You gotta believe!!!

  18. Melvin

    “Spencer Steer got on base twice and drove in three runs. Perhaps a bit overlooked with some of the other rookies on the team, Steer is now hitting .287/.367/.483 through 62 games this year.”

    In any other year and even earlier this year Steer was the talk of the team. He’s still very good under the radar.

    • Redsvol

      Spencer’s steer was ranked in 3rd place by man in the rookie of the year rankings (behind carrol and outman). It probably won’t be long before McLain and EDLC are ranked ahead of him and outman. Carrol is going to be hard to overtake.

      And then Abbott – who pitches like he is 30 and not 24. We could have 4 of the top 5 rookies and 3 straight very impressive rookie classes – 2021, 2022, and 2023.

      Next year, we could have CES, Philips and marte qualifying for rookie – I hope none get traded for a rental player at the trade deadline. As we saw last year, teams have to pay dearly for trade deadline pitchers. Better to do something in the off season.

      • Kevin Patrick

        The off season I think is the target time too. The Reds seem like last year’s Orioles…in a way. The reason is simply they have to see what they really have in their pitchers. None of these starters, though showing incredible promise, have shown durability or consistency…yet. It will get real interesting this off season when there are discussions about which incredible Reds rookie (or recent rookie) is going to be traded for a more reliable starting pitcher.

    • TR

      For me, Steer is the epitome of a solid young ballplayer, willing to play anyway who seems like he’s been around forever, but who’s a leading candidate for ROY. What an acquisition, along with CES, from the Twins by Krall.

  19. Melvin

    Votto slowly making progress with another hit tonight going 1-3 with a BB after hitting a HR yesterday.

  20. Soto

    Good to see Votto coming around. CES not being brought up is starting to become laughable. Talk about a classic case of “overthinking it” or “out smarting yourself.” End the madness.

  21. Brayan

    We all liked Tyler Mahle, but the Reds literally stole Steer, Encarnacion-Strand and the young pitcher whose name eludes me right now. Gonna be one of the best trades the club has ever made. (or did the pitcher come over for Farmer?) Regardless – one heckuva trade Krall made there – and he’s made several. He really does deserve some credit. I guess the answer to Castellini as to where we’re going to go is “to watch the kids, buy your ugly black uniforms, and put more money in your pockets until the next time you tear the team apart.”

    • 2020ball

      Hajjar was the pitcher, he was part of the Benson deal and is in the India….I mean Guardians organization now

    • 2020ball

      Farmer was how the Reds acquired Legumina

  22. 2020ball

    SS was a mess when McLain was called up and Newman was starting at third a lot when Elly came up. That’s really the biggest thing holding back CES, 1B is being played by a guy with ROY type numbers right now. Fraley’s replaceable in LF on paper, but he’s producing too.

    I still make a plan for him very soon, he’s forcing the team to get it done.

  23. 2020ball

    Side note: The Cards defense today was atrocious. Defense and fundamentals matter. I saw glimpses of why they’ve ended up with their current standing in the division.

    • Shchi

      And the Dirty Bird’s pitching staff has noticed too!

  24. Indy Red Man

    Fraley comes back and then add CES, Votto, and Myers. I don’t see how that will work? Isn’t Barrero out of options yet? My boy Stewie has his moments and can steal bases and cover ground. He’d have to go down I think? This is a big test for the Reds FO imo. Veteran “grit” being much more important then actual production has been the standard.

    • Harry Stoner

      I think “It’s still not his (CES’s) day.” to paraphrase Bell.

      I think we’ll see him stew in AAA for awhile longer as the Reds see what is up with Votto and whether Myers really will be ‘fine’ or the ‘next Drury’ as some folks here continue to tout.

      As with Barrero, I think there is something Bell isn’t jivving w CES.
      I could readily imagine the Reds using him as an overspent trade piece for an ‘innings eater’ which would be tragic.

      If they bring him up now, his hitting will likely force the issue which Reds just might not be ready to deal with yet.

      Stephenson is starting to hit, Myers is a millstone and the outfield is shakey and the two better OFs get hurt a lot.

      Something has to give and a trade could be coming.

      Bull Krall has proved better at trading assets for prospects than in acquiring assets.

      The Votto-Myers-Stephenson logjam at least has a time clock on it.

      TS no longer playing 1B which is good.

      I think it will sort itself out and everyone has patience.

      Barrero might be optioned to make room for Myers, which would be sad.

  25. Jim Walker

    The Louisville Bats Sunday lineup has been posted on Twitter. Somebody figured out a way to keep CES from out performing the MLB players assigned to the Bats on rehab. Easy, just start a rehabbing guy at the three positions CES can be used at! 😉

    Really, Senzel at 3B after EDLC has been called up to the Reds is playing 3B? Myers at DH?

    • LarkinPhillips

      Wishful thinking Jim, but maybe this is a rest day before he appears with the Reds in KC on Monday? A guy can dream…..

  26. Doc4uk

    Barrero and Hopkins must be sent down where they can play everyday and perhaps they can be used as trade bait for a SP . Votto and CES are brought up. Steer should go to LF with Fraley AND Friedl as RF and CF and CES on 1B, McClain on SS, India at 2B, and EDLC at 3B with Votto alternating with Myers as the DH. Casali should be DFA’ed and named as the BP coach and eventually becoming the pitching coach.

    Marte is added to the mix in ST as the starting 3B and EDLC must eventually be the starting CF. I am on the fence about Benson vs Fraley long term.

    Ultimately that is a team that will be together for several years and with Abbott and Greene and Lodolo as the nucleus of a good rotation perhaps adding Phillips to the mix. I am skeptical of others currently on the 40 man .