The Cincinnati Reds were hoping to sweep the Dodgers on Thursday afternoon, but Clayton Kershaw had other idea and the Los Angeles hitters had his back. After scoring three runs in both the 3rd and 4th innings the Dodgers cruised to a 6-0 shutout win to salvage a win and avoid dropping all three games at Great American Ball Park.

Final R H E
Los Angeles Dodgers (36-27)
6 12 0
Cincinnati Reds (29-34)
0 6 0
W: Kershaw (8-4) L: Ashcraft (3-5)
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Neither team was able to get much going in the 1st inning. In the next inning Elly De La Cruz led off with an infield single – recording the top sprint speed by a Red this year from home to first – and then stole second base. He’d be stranded there.

The top of the 3rd inning didn’t go the Reds, or Graham Ashcraft’s way. James Outman was hit by a pitch and then Austin Barnes followed up with a comebacker off of Ashcraft’s foot/lower leg. An out was recorded, but the training staff came out to check on him and after a long conversation and a few throws off of the mound he remained in the game. He then hit Mookie Betts, gave up an RBI single to Freddie Freeman. The training staff then came back out to look at Ashcraft. He remained in the game. After a line out, Max Muncy drew a walk to load the bases. David Peralta then came through with a 2-run single where the Reds challenged the play at the plate, but the call on the field stood and it was 3-0.

That was it for Ashcraft as David Bell went to talk to him and then called on Fernando Cruz from the bullpen. Ashcraft limped off of the field under his own power. Cruz got a quick fly out to center to end the inning. After a quick bottom of the 3rd inning, Cruz was back out for the top of the 4th and gave up a leadoff solo homer to Chris Taylor that extended the Dodgers lead to 4-0. That was just the start of things for Los Angeles. James Outman walked and then scored on an Austin Barnes double. He’d move to third on a single by Mookie Betts then score on a sacrifice fly that made it 6-0.

Cincinnati  got a 2-out single from Jose Barrero and then a walk from Curt Casali to put two men on base, but Clayton Kershaw struck out Kevin Newman to end any threat the Reds had going. In the 6th inning the Reds once again got two men on, but this time it was on singles to start the inning from Matt McLain and Jonathan India, but they would be stranded as the Dodgers kept their shutout going. Two innings later Matt McLain picked up a 1-out double to get himself in scoring position, but the Reds once again failed to come through and the game headed into the 9th inning. Cincinnati came up short, going down in order as the Dodgers picked up a 6-0 win and avoided being swept.

Key Moment of the Game

The third inning when the Dodgers scored three runs and unintentionally knocked Graham Ashcraft out of the game.

Notes Worth Noting

Matt McLain picked up two hits – the only Red with multiple hits on the day – and is now hitting .354/.404/.531 through the first 22 games of his career.

Alex Young tossed a shutout inning of relief and lowered his ERA on the year to 2.84 in the process.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis Cardinals

Friday June 9th, 8:15pm ET

Ben Lively (3-3, 3.03 ERA) vs Jordan Montgomery (2-7, 4.23 ERA)

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  1. CI3J

    Just checking in after seeing the score.

    Incredible that McLain had yet another multi-hit day. He’s like Dustin Pedroia or Ichiro, just born to hit. I wonder if that power he was showing in the minors will ever show up in the majors?

    Nice to see Barrero got a hit, even though he struggles against lefties.

    Other than that, no real comments. Seems like Kershaw was on today, and there’s not much you can do about it. 11K tells the story.

    Still, a series win is a series win. Can’t complain.

    • Doc

      EDLC three strikeouts were big since McClain was on ahead of him. They were just beaten by a superior performance.

      Glad they took Ashcraft out. I alway think back to Dizzy Dean who took a liner off the toe, tried to pitch through it, ended up ruining his arm.

    • Oldtimer

      No comparison to Ichiro. Not even close. McLain is a good hitter. Ichiro is an all-time great hitter.

      • greenmtred

        Early days for McClain, though. Who knows what he’ll become?

  2. RedlegScott

    Yesterday, someone suggested Kershaw was vulnerable? Not today, he wasn’t. And then there’s the matter of our starting pitching? On the bright side, Young, Salazar, and Gibaut – no runs, and two more hits for McLain. Newman with a double and a walk.

    • Doc

      Guilty. I suggested that Kershaw had four losses and that the Reds had had some success against him. Not today. He must have read my comment.

      • RedlegScott

        When he’s on, he’s on. That’s for sure. Lol

      • JB

        Kershaw had given up like 20 runs in 39 innings on road starts. His slider wasn’t very good this year. There was good reason to think he was vulnerable. Today his slider and fastball were excellent and his curve showed up about the fourth inning. Just have to tip the cap to him.

    • jmb

      Hear, hear! Good to see Salazar toss well. Tough luck for Ashcroft, who seemed to be pitching pretty well until he got hit. If he needs to go on the IL or be sent down, Brett Kennedy, yet another journeyman, may be ready to come up. And it’s high time they DFA’d F. Cruz to make room for Busenitz. Last season was the only good season in F. Cruz’s professional career.

      • Beaufort Red

        Agree. Cruz was a feel good story but he shouldn’t be on a Major League roster. As guys get well he should be the first to go.

      • JB

        Can never trust most relief pitchers. One year they are good the next year is forgettable

      • Steve Riggs

        That made me laugh. Cruz will be fine. He started out this year doing well, too. Not just last year. Got injured and still coming back. Doing comeback work against the Dodgers is a tall order. Hang in there, Cruz will get it done.

    • SteveAReno

      Newman does a fine job for us batting leadoff against the southpaws. On base twice in four at bats. His defense was strong once again.

      • greenmtred

        Agree, and he had two hits the day before vs. a righthander.

  3. SlippinJimmy

    Honestly, that was probably a pretty un-winnable game, all things considered. I mean how many of us would’ve guessed the Reds would win a series with the Dodgers?

    Really looking forward to the series with the Cards, and also hoping we can sweep the Royals.

    Elly may be the Michael Jordan of baseball (though not the one that actually “played” baseball…) in that his presence not only makes his teammates better, but in just 3 games, the opposition most definitely seems to “react” to him as well. He is a game changing player, and I believe he will elevate other guys above and beyond the levels they would otherwise reach on their own.

    Here’s hoping the kid can stay healthy, stay humble, and stay in Cincinnati!

    • TR

      Here’ hoping the momentum of the Dodger series win and the energy of the young guys carries over to a sweep of the Cards with some help from the Giants against the Cubs. It’s important that both stay firmly in 4th and 5th place in the NLC.

  4. Doc

    Maybe Ashcraft to short term IL, with a couple of rehab starts as soon as he is not favoring the foot. Let’s Abbott and Williamson get a few more starts in a five man rotation. I’m still for sorting out what we have this season as the primary objective. I won’t start to get excited about playoff possibilities until they are at least above .500, and even at that I prefer that they get there with what they’ve got. Don’t get ahead of themselves and turn what is really promising into another 10 year rebuild.

    • jmb

      Good, level-headed comment! The idea of the 6-man rotation, though, may be to keep the young starters’ innings down, so they can go the entire season. The innings situation may be the blessing in disguise of Lodolo, and maybe Ashcroft (and Greene?), being on the IL for a time.

  5. Kevin H

    Just read Kershaw upset the Reds intentionally walked a guy to get to Barnes. Then hit Barnes. He said “I don’t agree with that or agree with alot of things their manager did.

    He should probably worry about his own team and management
    The fact his team got smoked by a team with a payroll way less.

    • IndyDoug

      Assuming he was OK with his teammates beaning 3 Reds in the first 2 games…

      • Dewey Roberts

        Probably was. Reveals the hypocrisy of his complaint.

    • Dewey Roberts

      It has been my experience that players say things like that when the competition begins to make them nervous. If the Dodgers had swept the Reds nothing would have been said by Kershaw about anything.

    • Hanawi

      Guessing because it was in the 9th inning of a 6 run game, so it seemed unnecessary. Barnes is pretty important for them.

  6. docproc

    Have to say it one more time for the (management) folks in the back:
    CES went 2 for 4 with a walk in Columbus today. Why was he playing there while we had our backup SS playing 1B in Cincy?

    • David

      Well, that’s a good question. And we all keep asking it.

      Which means that nobody has a good answer. Maybe some clever sportswriter can put this to Nick Krall.

      I think Christian Encarnacion Strand has 15 HR in 170 “official” at bats. That’s kind of Babe Ruth country, right there. About 1 HR per 11.3 AB’s.
      Would this kind of production help the Reds? Gotta have those three catchers, and Newman is such a valuable utility man.
      And also, we are all here….waiting for Votto. Godot isn’t coming.

      • greenmtred

        We don’t have a good answer, unsurprisingly, but that doesn’t mean that nobody has a good answer.

      • Rob

        We have 3 catchers because we have a starting catcher who only catches 4 games per week. Spends the rest of his time in the DH role. Chicken or egg thing. If you have CES DH, can you get beck to Stephenson catching 5-6 games per week? And does he sit when CES DHs and Casali catches? Doesn’t move the ball much. And throw Votto into the mix, you have even more of an unbalanced roster. So who are your 4 reserves with this roster? Newman, Senzel, and backup catcher for sure. And the other guy? Benson, Myers, Fairchild, Barerro, Hopkins? None of these guys would get many ABs. Think we all want CES but gets awfully complicated with both CES and Votto. We don’t have 28 man rosters.

    • Votto4life

      If CES could also play 1B, 2B, SS and 3B he probably would be up now. Actually, I think Newman is doing a decent job. I don’t think Jeff Newman should be starting every game, but he isn’t the cause of all the Red’s problems.

      • Votto4life

        Haha Kevin Newman is a different story! Lol

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    Is there any concern about EDLC getting 3 Ks today? Particularly , I think De la Cruz should crush the ball in STL and KC at least….McLain is really showing he belongs after more than 100 PAs and still hitting very well. Of course , sometimes he will fall in a slump too…I think the Reds taking 5 games of the 9-game roadtrip would be a success…

    • CI3J

      Is there any concern about EDLC getting 3 Ks today?

      It was against Kershaw. He makes even the best hitters look silly when he’s on, which he was today.

      • Jim Walker

        And one of the PAs was a farce.

        After a Pitch timer violation on Kershaw and a pitch in the dirt made the count 2-0 to EDLC, pitch #2 in the link below was called a strike.
        On the Bally telecast, the pitch was clearly outside the strike box. Whether the strike box was exactly correct or not, it was the 1st pitch all day I’d seen that far wide of the box on the 1B side all day called a strike.

        The next pitch was a Kershaw classic slider borderline slider he also got the benefit of the call on. Then EDLC chased the predictable slow curve in the dirt for strike 3.

        The sequence was almost like the ump called the violation because he had to then gave a strike to Kershaw 2 pitches later to put him back into the PA. Welcome to the show where we don’t (yet) have ABS EDLC.

    • Votto4life

      Against a first ballot Hall of Fame pitcher? Nope.

    • Harry Stoner

      Only thing is that word will get out….breaking pitches down and away.

      He might not be seeing too many more of those high fastballs he was looking for.

      Great first series, but the pitching adjustments will be coming on strong.

      It will be interesting to see how EDLC adjusts.

      The Aquino / Shogo experiences are too recent.

      I don’t think well see him miss out on many ‘mistake’ pitches, though.

  8. LarkinPhillips

    Prior to the 10 games against Boston, MIL, and LAD, I think most of us would have been very happy with 5-5. Especially if we knew we went 1-3 against MIL. Now we need to win a few series in a row against KC and STL. Let’s get back over 500.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Oh and call up CES for tomorrow and DFA Kuhnel and send down Hopkins or Barrero.

  9. RedlegScott

    We all wondered when Elly would get the call, now it’s CES, and for good reason. Any starting pitchers shining down there?

    • MBS

      A bit further down, Phillips is looking pretty good in AA. Had a huge games last night 7 IP, 1H, 1BB, 10Ks, 0Runs.

    • Rob

      Nothing at Louisville except Stoudt and that is questionable that he is any better than what we already have. Come July, possibly Santillan or Dunn. The crux of the matter is that we knew this was the depth we had in March and chose to roll in the name of rebuild. What we didn’t expect was being in contention with the over performance of Friedl, Steer, McLain, Fraley, and the bullpen. Now we are staring down the barrel of possibly being even better in next 100 games with the arrival of Elly and the probability of getting a whole lot more out of the big 3 than 5 wins total. The over usage of the bullpen certainly raises the sustainability question though. We can’t continue this 4-5 inning start nonsense. We got to be near the bottom of mlb in starter innings. Do we count on the big 3 to do much better? Or do we need to add a solid starter? Or just roll on n the name of rebuild.

      • greenmtred

        I share your concern. I don’t know where Reds’ starters rank in innings per start this year; with a number of young pitchers, it may be near the bottom. But apparently bullpens league-wide are covering 3 or 4 innings per game on a regular basis.

  10. Dennis Westrick

    I need to take this opportunity to apologize for a comment I made earlier this afternoon on the RLN game thread after Graham Ashcraft struggled in the 3rd inning, hitting 2 batters and taking a line drive off his lower leg! I was at work and following the game thread on but not watching the actual game!

    My comments about GA were wrong and uncalled for not knowing he had been hurt and that the injury may have affected his performance! Frustration is no excuse for attacking a professional athlete!

    I also apologize to my fellow Redleg Nation followers and vow to do better in the future! I hope GA is OK and will be back on the mound soon! We need him to be successful and help the Reds make the playoffs!

    • JB

      No need to apologize brother. Frustration gets us all at some point.

    • old-school

      No worries Dennis. You are a valued contributor and i was following on Gamecast only which really limits interpretation of events. We all have passion and want the Reds to win. Hope Ashcraft can bounce back.

    • redfanorbust

      Hey DW. A rare apology and admission of being wrong on social media. Impressive. Thanks! Even before the leg injury GA was not performing well as I am sure we all know. Getting shut out by Kershaw is no big deal. What for me is a big deal is the SP the Reds currently have and this group IMHO is not a recipe for success.

    • David

      Be better, Dennis….Be better. 😉

      Seriously, Ashcraft was getting clobbered by the hitters again, and then literally! I hope he is not hurt beyond a bruise.

      Ashcraft has good stuff, but his location is dodgy. He gets his fastball up in the zone, and then gets hit. I don’t know what his problem is with his mechanics, but I think a trip to AAA might be in order. Getting clobbered in the 3rd and 4th inning and using up the bullpen is not a good plan.

      • Kevin H

        That isn’t how I understand it David. He got hit on his plant foot then things fell apart. JB stated he looked good and was locating pitches.

      • greenmtred

        David: I thought that he was having mixed results but showing hopeful signs: keeping the ball down more and, to my eye, getting better movement on some of his pitches than he had been lately.

    • greenmtred

      Dennis, I think most of us–had we not seen the injury–would have reacted as you did. I know I would have.

  11. old-school

    Big Road trip coming up which probably defines the season.

    Kudos to the Reds for high water marks at Miami,,,then giving it up.
    then high water mark sweeping the Cubs, then giving it back, now taking 2/3 against the dodgers and winning 3/4 after losing 3 to the brewers. At 5 under, this kinda seems like who they are. A hard working fun team with driven young players who compete and the best closer in baseball. But, with Lodolo hurt, Ashcraft struggling, and Weaver struggling, the starting pitching isnt there to win 85 games. But we knew that.

    See what happens next 3 weeks. I still think this off-season going into 2024 is the time to really fortify the roster thru FA and see what happens with the young guys, both at the MLB level and also in the mid minors. Off-season will be the best time time to see what trades and FA signings finish this core. Krall proved last year the market for established pitching at the deadline is very very costly.

    • RedlegScott

      If they are at .500 at the All-star break, would anyone be displeased? Not I.

  12. Protime

    Its time to bring up CES, and take your choice of who should go to Louisville, Fairchild, Barrero, etc., having another potential long ball hitter is better than mediocre performers that offer you little in return.

  13. Dennis Westrick

    Let’s go to St. Louis and pluck those Dirty Birds! The Cardinal is the state bird of Kentucky, my home state! But I don’t like these Cardinals!

    • TR

      The red bird or cardinal is also the state bird of Ohio while the blue bird is the state bird of Missouri.

  14. Melvin

    McLain just keeps on hitting. He and De La Cruz are a dynamic duo. Add CES and it will become a terrific trio. 🙂

  15. Dennis Westrick

    Who would have thunk it! After 63 games the 2023 Reds would be only 5 games below 500, only 5 games out of 1st in the NL Central Division and only 4 games out of a NL Wild Card spot!

    Buckle up Buckaroos! Next 99 games should be fun!

  16. GreatRedLegsFan

    Moving forward, the starting rotation is basically three men: Greene, Abbott and Lively, with Williamson, Weaver and Ashcraft all struggling. The bullpen cannot carry such workload every other day, I hope some injured arms will return soon.

  17. MBS

    So Greene looks to be the starter in the last game in St Louis. I’m assuming that means he’s healthy.

    Greene, Weaver, Williamson Ashcraft, Lively, Abbott is the current rotation. If Ashcraft goes on the IL, then Lively could take Ashcraft’s start in the last game in KC (on 4 days rest), which will be the last game of our 16th straight days.

    We have an off day, so skip Abbott, and begin the next series with Greene, (insert) Abbott, Weaver, Williamson, Lively. That rotation seems to be set up better than the previous configuration.

    They really need to bring in a starter via trade, but that seems like the best rotation until we get Lodolo back, and hopefully a healthy, and effective Ashcraft. I’d also move Phillips up to AAA to see how he pitches without the pretacked ball, last night was a heck of a performance for him in AA. 7 IP, 1H, 1BB 0Runs, 10K’s!!!

    • JB

      Every team is begging for a starter. They are going to want way to much for one. I say go with what you got this year. Reds are basically playing with house money this year. They aren’t suppose to be sniffing the playoffs this year and they have a chance to win the division.

      • TR

        I’m also a member of the ‘go with what you have crowd’ regarding pitching for this season. 2023 has been a pleasant surprise so far and I expect it to remain so with the arrival of Steer, McLain, De La Cruz and likely Encarnacion-Strand by the All Star break. I’ll leave it up to our capable GM, Nick Krall, to deal with starting pitching in the offseason.

      • Rob

        The other side of the coin is that we have the trade goods to get a 1-2 year guy. And there are losers out there who would love to have a young guy or two and unload a big salary. If you get the right guy, you can always move him next year. It boils down to do you take on salary for the short term to remedy an issue. This team is exciting but I will argue part of the excitement is being in contention. Fall out of contention and the vibe will change.

  18. Doc

    Didn’t see Votto’s name in the Bats box score this evening.

    • Jim Walker

      Nor Ramos. It was a quick turnaround matinee too. Maybe that is why they sat it out.

  19. old-school

    Time to give Nick Krall some Credit. Reds won the 2022 trade season.

    Geno Suarez is hitting .210 with 75 K’s and 6 hR and a sub .700 ops.
    Mariners and Brewers want nothing to do with Jesse Winker.
    We all love Luis Castillo but Seattle or Cincy wasnt winning a World Series with him last year or this year and Sonny Gray great year…but same story and FA anyway in 4 months. …I will still take Chase Petty for the long term and nothing prevents the Reds from signing Gray in 2024 and having both. Tyler Mahle for the Spencer Steer and CES? Reds Landslide. Tyler Naquin for 2 low A stars? Reds win again. Drury? Reds win.

    • Harry Stoner

      Krall has shown that he can get good returns when trading away pitching….but the jury is out on acquiring pitching: eg. Minor, Dunn, Williamson.

      Petty and Philips are too far off to call yet….but hopefully pay off.

      Trading FOR a quality starter is going to prove to be Latos expensive.

      Better to look for another Miley or a Sonny Gray type of steal.

      Both have inherent risks of their own.

      Trading off assets is one thing. Aquiring assets is a whole other thing.

      We’ll see if the Bull can pull it off….but the Minor and Dunn trades don’t build a lot of confidence.

      The Myers signing and Newman trade were washes at best.

      The Bull isn’t some kind of wizard…though the Mahle trade was good….and shows how expensive pitching can be.

      Will the Reds use Marte as a bargaining chip?

      Scary proposition.

      • Indy Red Man

        I wonder if Sonny would come back on a 2 yr deal? Doubt it.

        I’m still on the An Woo Jin bandwagon from the Korean league. 6’4 and throws up to 98 w/good offspeed stuff. Best pitcher over there, but I guess they banned him from the World Classic because of bullying in high school? He’ll be 24 in August….about the same as Hunter Greene. Sub 2 era 67 ip, 50 hits, 87 Ks, 17 walks

      • Redsvol

        I think the only starters available of any significance – and not merely a 2 month rental – will be salary dumps from teams that overspent and are underperforming. I see 3 potential dumps at the deadline if they don’t turn around quickly;
        – Toronto; has Bassitt, Berrios & Gausman signed to big$ multi year deals & have to spend more$ to keep VGJ
        – Padres; Musgrove, Martinez & Darvish on big $ deals & will have to spend more$ to keep Soto next year.
        – Mariners; have to spend real $ to keep team intact & aren’t going anywhere this year. Have this fella named Castillo locked up on a big$ deal.
        – Cleveland; loaded with pitching talent but always up against it on payroll. Their arbitration guys start to make $$ next year. Shane Bieber isn’t what he used to be but he might be available & has 1 year left.

        Reds can afford to absorb payroll next year. Many teams won’t be inclined to spend big long term $ because they already spent heavily this past off-season. It will take a couple good prospects to get any of these pitchers but signing mid-level free agents this upcoming off-season will be much riskier than taking on 1 of these proven commodities.

        Doug – we need a starting pitcher story from you to attach a bunch of outlandish, lopsided trades to.

      • MBS

        I’m more in on a guy like Grienke, just a short term rental, and won’t cost us an arm and a leg. He’s no longer an Ace, but a solid vet who can bring stability to this rotation. KC also has Chapman, and he’s not the dominate closer that he was, but he could give Bell some flexibility on end game options when Diaz isn’t able to go.

        I’d love some of the bigger names that you’ve mentioned, but they will cost more in prospects than I’d want to give up. I’d be looking for band aids, not saviors if I were Krall. The offseason, is when I’d be hunting for the Ace type FA’s.

      • Rob

        I think we won the Newman trade. A 270 hitting utility player who kills lefties for our No. 12 prospect who failed on 3-4 different attempts. He was only meant to be Barerro insurance and he has been so much more than that. Let’s do it again for a starting pitcher.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Of all the Reds pitchers that have left or been traded in the last few years, I liked Sonny Gray the best! Always prepared, always competed!

    • Rob

      I don’t know that I agree that the 2023 or 2024 end game is a World Series. I think playoff contender is a reasonable goal for 2023. Neither Luis or Sonny were particularly high priced pieces and each could have been had long term for $15M per. In my view, part of the reason they were traded was to clear the decks for the big 3 and to control costs. I asked mid season 2022 on who was going to eat the innings of Gray, Luis, and Tyler? The big 3 and the scrap yard apparently was the prevailing thought. I am not debating the merits of the trades. I am debating the construction of the starting pitching staff and what our 2023potential is if we had a couple inning eaters who could win 10 games apiece and pitch 160 innings. Minor, Weaver, Overton, Dunn, etc. are not those guys. Sonny Gray and Disco might be those guys. I don’t know whether the over performance of a few guys on this team caught management by surprise. But we are sitting here on June 9, 5 games under 500 and we have gotten zilch out of the big 3 and Myers. I would contend that if we had 2 solid starters in addition to the big 3, we would be right there with thePirates and Brewers and have a lot of hope and excitement for the second half. World Series? No. A Division contender? Yes.Each and every game, I think this team looks better and better. Lackluster performance from the big 3 has significantly compromised this team and the sustainability of the bullpen. If the big 3 are not going to do it in the 2H, then we need a couple inning eaters. The trades were great but we really, really miss the innings these guys chewed up. The planning should have been much better. I really hope we don’t construct the 2024 roster with the attitude ofWorld Series or bust. There is some pretty exciting middle ground to be had. Check the Bengals.

      • Indy Red Man

        2 thoughts. Young guys are usually going to struggle because baseball is hard and I wonder if they knew Castillo would sign for $21 mil yr for 5? That seems cheap by today’s standards. He wouldn’t be sub 3 in GABP, but they def miss him

  20. Mark Moore

    I suppose if there were a game I had to miss, today’s was the one to pick. Listened to a little bit to start. Seemed obvious from the outset that Kershaw had the nasty stuff working. Didn’t realize until I read this recap that Ashcraft took a major shinburger. Hope he’s OK.

    On to the next round against those WLB Dirty Birds!

  21. rednat

    I tell you what, this season could turn side ways anytime if the pitching falters but gosh I think this team is fun to watch.
    I have created a new “advanced” stat called “fun-o-meter” which measures a teams excitability by measuring Homeruns+ triples+ stolen bases.
    looking back since the the 1970s the most fun team by my measure was the 1976 reds with a fun-o-meter score of 414( mainly powered by 210 sb and 62 triples!). Second was the 1999 reds at 411 ( possibly the most balanced offense we ever had). third was the 1996 team of 398. 4th the exciting 1977 team with 393 then the exciting 1987 team with 392.
    this team is already at 126 and i think with Elly and possibly CES coming up this number could really sky rocket. Last year we were only at 232.
    now just because you are a fun team doesn’t mean you are necessarily that good. ( the 2017 came in at 378 but only won 68 games. and just because you are not fun doesn’t mean you are necessarily bad .(the 2012 team was only at 279). But all in all in this stage of my life I would not mind at least seeing a fun team and this team could potentially crush the 1976 team if the homeruns start to pick up.

    • Indy Red Man

      I like it! My Indy Colts only got 1 SB w Peyton Manning, but the fun factor was off the charts. It is entertainment after all

    • RedlegScott

      You should patent that fun-o-meter of yours and a mint, nat! $$

    • Redgoggles

      This is an awesome concept. I’d subtract GIDP and BS’s from the totals as they really suck from the enjoyment factor.

      • Doc

        Depends on whether you are rooting for the team who turned the DP or who caused the BS, or the other team.

  22. Indy Red Man

    The Cards have lost 10 straight Montgomery starts. Idk if I like that? They’re still big dogs so not getting much respect. I think Lively will rebound

  23. Kevin H

    Everyone favorite pitcher has been called up. Kuhnel brought up and Salazar optioned.

    Salazar like Herget in my opinion should be apart of the bullpen. So hopefully they will be back sooner than later