Happy Elly De La Cruz day to those who are celebrating. That’s right, baseball’s top prospect has finally been called up and he’s hitting cleanup (don’t ask how he’s ready to hit cleanup today but wasn’t ready to be in the big leagues five days ago – we don’t have that answer for you). Cincinnati will be welcoming in the best team in the National League tonight as the Reds face off against the Los Angeles Dodgers in a 3-game series. Tonight’s first pitch is set for 7:10pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Los Angeles Dodgers

Cincinnati Reds

Mookie Betts – RF Jake Fraley – RF
Freddie Freeman – 1B Matt McLain – SS
Will Smith – C Jonathan India – 2B
Max Muncy – 3B Elly De La Cruz – 3B
J.D. Martinez – DH Spencer Steer – LF
David Peralta – LF Tyler Stephenson – DH
Jason Heyward – CF Kevin Newman – 1B
Miguel Vargas – 2B Stuart Fairchild – CF
Miguel Rojas – SS Luke Maile – C
Tony Gonsolin – RHP Luke Weaver – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Luke Weaver 43.2 5.36 1.35 9 42
Tony Gonsolin 35.2 1.77 0.90 13 25
Links: Luke Weaver’s Stats | Tony Gonsolin’s Stats

Luke Weaver

The season has been inconsistent thus far for Luke Weaver. He allowed three runs on seven hits – including two home runs – in his last time out, throwing 5.2 innings against Boston. He’s avoided walking batters all season, but he hasn’t been able to avoid giving up home runs at nearly twice the league average rate.

The splits this season for Luke Weaver are interesting. He’s not walking any righties and he’s picking up plenty of strikeouts against them, but they are also crushing the ball against him with a .961 OPS on the year. Lefties are walk more and striking out significantly less, but they aren’t hitting for much average. They are, however, hitting for a good amount of power against him.


RHH 101 31 9 0 6 3 27 .323 .356 .604
LHH 86 19 5 0 5 6 15 .238 .291 .488

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Cutter Curve Change
Velo 94.0 93.6 86.5 82.0 85.9
Usage 44% 1% 16% 14% 25%

Tony Gonsolin

Ever since Tony Gonsolin made his debut back in 2019 he’s been one of the best pitchers in baseball….. when he’s been on the mound. He hasn’t been able to do that a ton, though he did make 24 starts last season for the Dodgers while going an incredible 16-1 with a 2.14 ERA. He missed most of April, but he’s made seven starts over the last five weeks and has been rather dominant along the way.

This season, in what is still quite a small sample size, right-handed hitters have been more successful against Tony Gonsolin. Righties walk nearly as much as they strike out against him and have found more hits along the way. Left-handed hitters are hitting just .111 against him and have struck out significantly more often than righties have. For his career right-handed hitters have been better, but the strikeout-to-walk ratio in the past hasn’t been like it has this season.


RHH 70 12 2 0 2 7 9 .191 .271 .318
LHH 71 7 1 0 2 6 16 .111 .211 .222

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Curve Slider Split
Velo 92.6 81.5 86.8 83.5
Usage 36% 15% 21% 28%

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:10pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, MLB.tv
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 80°, sunny, 7% chance of rain

News and Notes

Casey Legumina to begin a rehab stint

The Cincinnati Reds have sent reliever Casey Legumina to Triple-A on a rehab assignment. He’s coming back from being struck in the ankle with a comebacker.

More on Elly batting cleanup

It feels like it was yesterday….


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Pirates 32 27 0.0 24.9%
Brewers 32 28 0.5 58.7%
Reds 27 33 5.5 2.4%
Cubs 26 33 6.0 13.1%
Cardinals 25 36 8.0 22.3%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

316 Responses

  1. Tom Reeves

    I know we’re all excited. But there’s a decent chance EDLC struggles at first. And we need to all cheer just the same.

    • Melvin

      Struggling or not he’s good. I doubt he ever goes back down now that he’s here.

  2. Jonathan Linn

    Where is Barrero? Hits a grandslam and then sits for a week

    • Redsvol

      was thinking the same thing. How is he possibly supposed to develop by sitting on the bench. He needs to see live pitching – either play Barerro or send him to Louisville. Same with Will Benson – he is fantastic outfielder. He needs to be playing.

      • Beaufort Red

        Needs to go down to get it together. Does him no good sitting. If does well enough he’ll be back up, just not a short.

    • Harry Stoner

      No good deed goes unpunished in Bell’s wacky world.

      Barerro must have somehow crossed Bell.

      But then trying to make sense of his ‘managing’ is a fool’s errand.

    • CI3J

      The doubly baffling question is, why is Newman playing so much? Why not put Steer at 1st and Benson in the OF and sit Newman? I know I’d much rather watch Benson play than a soon-to-be 30 year old Newman.

      • Mac624

        Newman is playing so they can get as much out of him at the deadline as possible. The ability to play all over the place and hit at a decent clip will be attractive to someone. Can’t expect much back if you don’t play him much. He and Myers were signed to trade at the deadline. Sadly Myers hasn’t performed and hasn’t been healthy enough to get anything in return, but Newman will fetch something.

  3. Beaufort Red

    And so the legend of Elly De La Cruz begins. Here’s hoping he flourishes and RLN shows patience.

    • Redsvol

      praying for no injuries – to anyone – tonight thru rest of year.

  4. Eddiek957

    Sparky once said play a bench player for two weeks and you’ll know why he’s a bench player. Hate to see the outfielder up from Louisville sitting so Newman can play

    • Harry Stoner

      Bell did the same thing with Barrero when he first came up.
      Kid was raking in AAA and Bell sits him on the pine.

      He’s just a dull mediocre manager.

    • CI3J

      Right, Benson or Hopkins would be more interesting than seeing mediocre journeyman Newman playing. Bell seems to think Newman is the best player on the team and has to play every night.

  5. Mark A Verticchio

    Hopefully CES will follow soon.

  6. Harry Stoner

    Bell being Bell.

    Sticks EDLC in at cleanup on Day 1 against pitcher w a sub 2.00 era.

    Steer is in LF so he can play Newman at 1B against a RHer while Barrero sits again.

    And people on RLN get tired of folks here questioning Bell’s sensibility.

    The guy is unbelievable.

    • Mark Moore

      +1,000 some head scratching for sure.

      • Harry Stoner

        Ha! Head scratching suggests one might be able to figure out what’s going on in Bell’s head.
        That’s an impossibility.
        It seems the most important thing is that he’s always got his thumbprint on whatever is going on.
        Yet it often seems like he’s disconnected with what’s going on on the field.
        He’s unbearable.
        Enough said.
        Go, Elly, go!

    • Dennis Westrick

      Bell is a psychiatrist’s dream patient!

  7. Chris

    How have we called up two different infielders and Bell still finds a spot for Newman?
    Still pumped to see how Elly does this week!

    • Harry Stoner

      Imagine if he had Pinder around, too.

  8. Indy Red Man

    EDLC and Sadak’s excitability? I’m thinking his head could explode like the movie Scanners.

    • Mark Moore


      Almost worth listening to him to see if that happens … almost … 😛

      • Tom Reeves

        Sadak incessant yammering is a lot to handle. I want to like him but wow.

  9. Bet on Red

    Alright, DJ Khalid with these prospects…. another one

  10. Jonathan Linn

    Greene pitched last Thursday and his next scheduled start is like next Monday. are the reds doing a 6 man rotation?

    • Mark Moore

      HDTBell said no, just giving him extra rest.

      • LDS

        Doug covered Greene a couple of days ago. I think it was hip stiffness so skipping a turn

  11. Mark Moore

    Probably saved a double there. Too bad he didn’t glove it and show off the canon..

  12. Old-school

    Can sadak just shut up so we can watch the game??? He needs to show everyone he knows baseball


    The worst announcer ive ever seen

    • VaRedsFan

      I know I’m minority here, but I don’t mind Sadak.
      He only talks too much because Larkin adds nothing as an analyst.

      • Old-school

        Respect your input and comments VA

        I disagree on sadak

        Thats allowed

  13. Indy Red Man

    Fraley? What was that? Personally I like a big arm in RF in a bandbox like GABP. That was a pathetic throw

  14. Mark Moore

    Well that was fun … nice to help out the Trolley Dodgers and their quest to score a million runs in the first inning.

    3-run hole dug. That feels oddly familiar.

  15. LT

    Look like we will have to put some runs on the board to Beat LA

  16. JB

    Dodgers struggle with the run. Let’s see if the boys can steal a bit tonight and in the series.

  17. Mark Moore

    Anyone have a patient BB as his first AB raise your hand …

    Mine is down.

  18. Mark Moore

    WOW! He was right on MattyMc’s six. Nice stroke from TySteve. And he should have gone to 2nd on that fumble.

  19. Optimist

    Is it like Dude, the walk brought the whole inning together?

  20. Mark Moore

    Fresh 8-inning ballgame. I’ll take that.

  21. Moon

    one out and runner on third…need to get that guy across home plate.

  22. Indy Red Man

    These stranded runners are killing this team. Nice rally atleast

  23. redbone

    Shaping up like a hum dinger after 1.

  24. JB

    Reds have a couple of cannons on left side of infield.

  25. Mark Moore

    Oh holy CRAP!!! I’ve taken shots to the face and that one was really at a bad angle.

    • Mark Moore

      First thing I did was count teeth with my tongue. Hope he’s OK.

  26. VaRedsFan

    According to Sadak, Steer has been begging to get some outfield time.
    I like that. He knows what’s coming behind him, and feels like he can gain opportunities by diversifying his position eligibility.

    • Mark Moore

      He publicly stated he’s play any position in order to help the team and stay on the field.

    • Melvin

      Wise man. Looks okay out there to me so far.

  27. LarkinPhillips

    CES with a walk and a hit already tonight. I would love to see him in the 6 hole instead of Newman.

  28. JB

    Love the Dodgers announcers. So pleasing to the ear and Hershiser is very good. They don’t give an overload of information and just let the game come to them and talk when they should. Not a constant babble.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I love to root for Sadak, but I find him unbearable to listen to. He talks constantly, regardless of who is with him, and he gets extremely excited for the most basic plays. I alway feel like he thinks he has to entertain us rather than let the game entertain us.

      • SOQ

        We’re watching the game. We see the action. Don’t have a coronary making it bigger than it is

      • Mark Moore

        +5,000 you nailed it. He thinks he has to entertain. Just has to use a truckload of words every game. I just won’t listen to him no matter who is in the booth.

      • VaRedsFan

        If you watch Quickpitch in the mornings, I truly believe he tries to over announce every highlight so his sound bite will be featured on the shows.

  29. LT

    Weaver showed me that he’s got gut. Down 3-0 and came back to strike out Smith.

  30. Mark Moore

    Rocket double after going down 0-2. Can’t ask much more than that.

  31. Dennis Westrick

    Jeez Louise! Weaver at 64 pitches thru only 3 innings? Only one (1) walk and the score is tied fortunately!

    • Mark Moore

      First inning killed his pitch count.

  32. Indy Red Man

    Hit n run here and open up a hole

    • Mark Moore

      I was wondering why they didn’t greenlight EDLC to steal 3rd.

  33. Indy Red Man

    They’re onto Newmans oppo approach unfortunately

  34. VaRedsFan

    Before he signed with the Sox, I really wanted the Reds to go after JD Martinez. Dude ended up raking for Boston.

  35. Mark Moore

    Anyone else see the video they showed of the Louisville guys getting ready to travel? Showed the one guy (travel manager) asking “Whose bag is that over there?” and pointing. It was ELCD’s and he told him “Because you’re going to Cincinnati.”

    • Kevin H

      yes, I truely enjoyed Kelly doing that with De La Cruz. I loved it when he asked him ” You got your video games” funny stuff

  36. VaRedsFan

    What are the blacking out on the pitcher’s mound?

    • Mark Moore

      I’m not seeing anything. Just the GEICO and the cleat scraper mat.

      • VaRedsFan

        gone now….it was to the left of Geico.
        Thought it was an ad they wanted to block at first.

    • Mark Moore

      It was a cookie and JD launched it.

  37. JB

    Weaver has given up 29 runs this year. 10 in the first inning. Maybe a good candidate for an opener

    • Ted Alfred

      Nice pitch… get him O-2 on curve balls down and away and then you couldn’t put one on a tee any better for him… right over the middle of the plate waist high.

  38. Beaufort Red

    Wow Sadak is a walking thesaurus tonight. Guess he knows everyone is watching.

  39. JB

    Going to need a big night from the offense now

  40. Mark Moore

    The only thing keeping me from a Clete is the chance to watch ELDC some more.

  41. Indy Red Man

    I feel like changing my vote for Weaver, but he’s faced Texas, SD, Mets, Red Sox, and LA. I feel like he can be solid against the slugs in our division, but he’s only faced them once. Probably go somewhere else next year

  42. Bet on Red

    Weaver I think is the first out the door when we get a new pitcher

    • CI3J

      He’s been alright as a 5th starter this year.

      But if the Reds are planning to compete next year, they can’t have players like Weaver on their team. Or Myers. Or Newman.

  43. JB

    11 homers this year for Freddie. 7 against lefties. So much for bringing in a lefty.

    • Daytonnati

      Those were the days! Now, it’s #getthehotc&wacts

  44. Indy Red Man

    Well that was entertaining for a while atleast

  45. VaRedsFan

    Said it a million times here….NEVER down and in to a lefty…especially with uppercutting Freeman.

  46. GPod

    OK…Larkin just said that was “great” hitting by Freeman….I beg to differ….0-2 pitch right in the wheel-house of a left hander (down & in) BAD PITCHING i would say

      • Melvin

        Larkin said it was a good pitch. Have to disagree on that one.

    • Matt McWax

      Also, redundant: “That was great hitting by great hitter”.

  47. Kevin H

    I have a feeling De La Cruz will hit a grand slam tonight

  48. Reddawg2012

    The Reds shouldn’t even be playing in the same league as the Dodgers.

    • GPod

      you could say that, but it’s a one run game & a guy comes into the game and gives a batter a meatball with the bases loaded to kill your chances of winning the game

    • Reddawg2012

      Just following up to say that I’m an idiot. Although I’ll keep making moronic comments if it means a Reds victory!!

  49. Kevin H

    Seems like Fairchild should be on first with a walk. A ball called a strike, maybe two balls called strikes

    • Kevin H

      Ball two to Fraley was called strike three to Fairchild

  50. VaRedsFan

    Sadak: What’s been the key to Fraley’s better hitting?
    Larkin: It’s his approach.

    Brilliant insight!

    • CI3J

      While watching the Premiere League this past season, I seriously heard this exchange:

      A: How has this player scored so many goals lately?

      B: He’s been putting the ball in the net.

      It’s like, yeah that’s… What scoring a goal is.

  51. Indy Red Man

    Giving Weaver an opener isn’t a bad idea and if that fails then cut Weaver, Myers, and the 3rd catcher loose. If you’re going young then just do it already

  52. Old-school

    So when does the season move on to 2024 and development

    It feels like now

    Is there anyone who thinks reds are making the playoffs???? Otherwise its just dead money on players who have no role in this rebuild past 2023

    Move on

    Get rid of newman and myers and 3 rd catcher. Senzel injury just ended his value

    Please move on

    Give Votto his 2 months and then freaking get some pitching

    • JB

      I think they have a chance to make the playoffs. Only 5.5 out with 4 months to play.

    • Beaufort Red

      Yeah let’s just blow off this season. It’s one the first of June.

  53. JB

    Dodgers bullpen is terrible. Reds get Gosolin out of the game , they might have a chance

  54. Dennis Westrick

    Suffice it to saw that Weaver is not part of the long term plan for the Reds, at least as a SP!

    Speaking of SPs, hopefully the Reds FO is actively looking for SPs, either thru a trade or off the waiver wire! And, please, no more Mike Minors!

    • VaRedsFan

      Sure…there are loads of great pitchers on the waiver wire.

  55. Matt McWax

    Nice souvenir for a fan, right there. EDLC first put-out.

  56. Rex

    I just read that John Sadak is leading the entire National League in useless stats

    • Mark Moore

      +5,000 and a big laugh from me 😀

  57. JB

    EDLC isn’t going to chase that crap inside. They might want to try something else.

  58. Moon

    Gonsolin looks like he is afriad of Cruz

  59. JB

    Wow it’s like the strike zone from the days of Maddox ,Glavine and Smoltz.

  60. JB

    Can’t blame David. The zone is redicilous

    • SOQ

      Ump loves low and outside. doesn’t matter if it’s in the box or not. It’s a strike

  61. Bet on Red

    I like the animation on this ejection…. he needs to rekindle that 2019 energy

    • Daytonnati

      His F-bombs per word was running like 50%.

  62. Matt McWax

    Theatrics by Bell, but I like it anyway.

  63. Indy Red Man

    We have zero chance of making the playoffs this year. Pitching is the name of the game and we don’t have much of it.
    I guess just keep running Ashcraft out there because we have nobody else. Maybe he’ll learn something

    • JB

      I disagree and alot of teams in the central need pitching.

  64. JB

    India caused that throwing error. Got in front of Muncy.

  65. Moon

    Newman 0-3 and has left 6 runners on base.

    • Harry Stoner

      Don’t discount the ‘veteran presence’ that comes along with it.

      We’re going to be seeing a lot of Newman until Friedl gets back.

  66. Old-school

    Honestly like Bell ejection

    Terrible umpiring

    Roboumps please

    Steer got screwed

  67. Old-school

    Honestly like Bell ejection

    Terrible umpiring

    Roboumps please

    Steer got screwed

  68. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Sort of getting tired of “Elly this”, “Elly that”. “Oh, look at that, Elly puts his pants on left leg then right leg.” I don’t care about all of that. I care about wins.

    I care that Elly showed good eyes on the 2 walks.

    I care that Weaver couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn tonight.

    • Harry Stoner

      It could be worse.

      The Mets held a “Strawberry Sunday” on the day he debuted and handed out, of course, free strawberry sundaes.

      Imagine the media attention on EDLC if he were coming up in NY or LA?

    • VaRedsFan

      You haven’t caught Elly Mania yet.
      I’m sorry for you.
      It’s actually fun.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Two things:

        1) I don’t give one cr** about EllyMania. I give a cr** if the Reds win or lose. That should always be more important.
        2) What Elly did last night was just as important as what all the players did. So, where’s McLainMania, StephensonMania, IndiaMania, etc.

        It sounds like you need a dose of what the announcers were saying a lot, also, about McLain and DLC. . .they don’t care about something like playing this position or that position, they just want to win. They just want the team to win. And, by George, the team won.

  69. Kevin H

    @JB this home plate ump is not good or at least he is consistent? LOL

  70. Indy Red Man

    Is Law ever coming back? Make him a starter. Why not? He throws atleast 4 different pitches. Start him off 2-3 innings and build from there

    • Mark Moore

      I was wondering the same thing.

    • Indy Red Man

      You want to see more 6.50s with Weaver and Ashcrash? I don’t. Tampa did it pretty well with 1-2-3 inning starters and bullpen days

  71. JB

    Umpire has decided now that he isn’t going to call the outside pitch a strike

  72. Harry Stoner

    Mookie Betts.

    The dude’s a mensch.

  73. JB

    Cruz with a monster stretch there at first.

  74. Mark Moore

    Did Cruz just stretch perfectly for that ball to complete the Bike Helmets … 😮

    Color me impressed. Newman’s quick turn started it.

      • Mark Moore

        +500 I’m sore as well. Never saw that at Thorne Street park, did we?

  75. LDS

    The Newman Showcase continues. Trade partners must be burning up the phone lines. What one hit in the last five games.

    • Matt McWax

      I gotta call a foul for an Illegal Cherrypick on that one. He was 13 for 26 in the 7 games before that.

      • JB

        Problem is Newman can’t hit righties. He kills lefties but shouldn’t play against righties.

      • LDS

        Against LHers. Once the RHer were starting, his hitting crashed. No question, he hits LHers well. But the last few games haven’t been LHers. Bell didn’t adjust

  76. Mark Moore

    Overturned??? Still an incredible stretch by Cruz.

    Cowboy also saying Young got tossed on his way off the field.

    • Harry Stoner

      Cruz highlight reel overturned, too.

  77. LarkinPhillips

    Why did the home plate ump search cruzs belt and uniform. I haven’t seen an ump check more than hands all year? Dude seems to be on a power trip tonight.

  78. JB

    CES 3-3 with a homer. Bring him up tomorrow.

    • Harry Stoner

      He’s getting lonely down there!

  79. docproc

    Sure am glad that CES is 3 for 3 with a walk (and a HR) for Louisville while Newman is playing first base for the big-league team.

    • Harry Stoner

      CES brings no ‘veteran presence’ to the team.

    • Indy Red Man

      Yeah even McLain has technically only hit 1 ball over the fence. We need more power in the worst way

    • JB

      CES is playing third. Probably confusing the front office in thinking there is no room for him.

  80. JB

    Bring up CES and get Freidl back and we can get rid of the duds at bottom of the order.

  81. Votto4life

    Reds really need to do something to get all these #9 hitters out of the line-up. Guys like Fairchild, Newman and Maile are rally killers.

  82. Mark Moore

    OK, Kevin. India walks and ELDC bangs one. That’s how it happens, right?

    • Mark Moore

      So no GS chance, but his first dinger would be pretty sweet here.

  83. Matt McWax

    Quit saying “aggression” you idiot.

    • Mark Moore

      Is that his word-of-the-day? Probably from his calendar (which he made up himself).

      • Matt McWax

        Larkin didn’t correct him immediately but said the correct word “aggressiveness” in his followup comments. I’m not a grammar snob but it’s really the wrong usage for the meaning I’m sure he intends.

  84. Bet on Red

    Noooooo De la cruz loses his 1.000 Batting average

  85. Mark Moore

    More drama than I expected after Freddie’s blast.

    • JB

      Dodgers bullpen is terrible. If the bottom of the order can actually do something tonight , they have a chance .

  86. Mark Moore

    With HDTBell out, did Freddie B forget to rotate the pitchers between innings?

  87. Kevin H

    Did u all know Alex Young got ejected too?

    • JB

      Yes. On his way off the field he let the home plate umpire know he wasn’t sending him a Christmas card this year

  88. Harry Stoner

    If Benavides gets tossed, too, who’s manager? Votto?

    • JB

      Votto is in AAA. That would be pretty cool though.

      • Harry Stoner

        The Reds should call someone down from the stands to manage the team.
        Like The Who did once when Keith Moon passed out on stage.
        Kid came out of the audience and filled in for the show.
        One way to test just what makes Bell such a great manager.

    • SlippinJimmy

      If he gets tossed, The Undertaker will do a run in. Then Paul Bearer will come out and hit him with the urn. Then Kane will tombstone him on the mound and resume managing the game.

      Because that’s all a manager getting ejected really is. It’s “sports entertainment.”

      Put the automated balls and strikes in and let’s move on.

  89. Mark Moore

    Back to back flares to start the 7th. Newman has to at least move them up.

    • Harry Stoner

      Down goes Newman! Down goes Newman! Down goes Newman!

  90. JB

    Ok we need something from Newman and Maile

    • JB

      Just keep hitting Newman against righties.

      • Mark Moore

        Right. Because it’s not like we have a LH bat (Benson) in the wings tonight.

  91. Mark Moore

    Grind out another run on an IF hit.

  92. Kevin H

    Benson with a single. Let’s go Fraley

  93. Mark Moore

    Got that in with some urgency. Benson almost clocked it into the moon deck.

  94. Mark Moore

    Only 1 run on 4 hits, but our biggest bangers coming up in the 8th.

    Who’s gonna hold these Dodgers down in their half?

    • Harry Stoner

      Bell is consulting his Ouija Board.

  95. Mike Adams

    Looking at the box score I was wondering how the Reds could have 12 hits to Dodgers’ 8 and still trail in the game.
    The key is LA has 3 extra base hits to the Reds’ one extra base hit and eleven singles.

    • RedsMonk65

      Freeman’s Grand Salami was the killer.

  96. Mark Moore

    Gibault did his part. Now for MattyMc, ELDC, and RoY to play add-on.

  97. Kevin H

    Okay this is the winning inning!!!

      • Kevin H

        Lol.. can’t believe McLain and De La Cruz got out. LOL

        I been impressed with the way they have battled tonight

    • LT

      No such luck 🙁 As with many times before we’re let down again.

      • Mark Moore

        Because Hope is a Dangerous Thing 😀

  98. Old-school

    Votto 0-5

    Hes over AAA

    When do people stop believing in the easter bunny

    I love votto but its over guys

    Hes 40 with a bad shoulder

    Not personal

    • JB

      Now you’ve done it old school. Here comes the word hate , now.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m thinking you’re right. Age and injury are a nearly lethal combination.

    • SlippinJimmy

      Completely agree with you. He’s done.

    • Mark Moore

      Maybe approaching Babe Ruth with Cleveland? (if I’m remembering correctly)

    • LDS

      Does he have a hit yet in this rehab stint? Folks can’t talk about weak MiLB pitching this year then excuse Votto’s poor hitting. Not the way for him to go out.

  99. Mark Moore

    Salazar … that’s rolling the dice, isn’t it?

  100. LT

    We have 50% more hits but down by 2 runs. Tough to have enough singles to beat a grand slam.

    • Mark Moore

      And you don’t just start a guy off with a GS. You’ve got to load ’em up first.

      • LT

        True. We put men on bases too but we ended up scoring a run with a single. Cleared the bases a couple of times and we would be leading

  101. JB

    Surprise the ump didn’t call that ball over his head strike three .

  102. Erik the Red

    How many men did Newman have on tonight? Benson could not have done worse plus he is a better outfielder than Steer. This is when the lack of commitment to youth kills the future. We need to find some left handed bats besides EDLC, Fraley, and Friedel.

    • David

      Amen. That’s how you end a prayer. 😉

      Really, hope they rally and win, but kind of a long shot right now.

  103. Mark Moore

    Last call, friends. Been one heckuva game. Just wish we had seen a couple more break our way or that Freeman had an attack of Ohio Valley Allergies.

    • David

      Freeman always just kills the Reds. He has had a career against Cincinnati.

  104. JB

    This guy doesn’t dominate righties. We might have a chance

  105. Kevin H

    This umpire stinks. Terrible for both sides

  106. LarkinPhillips

    I don’t normally complain about umps, but this guy is awful!

  107. Mark Moore

    HP Chumpire is completely nuts tonight. Bottom 5 we’ve seen.

    • Mark Moore

      1B Ump may have helped us on that no swing call.

  108. Harry Stoner

    Steer is everything Bell has dreamed of in a Farmer, or a Newman, or a Pinder or a Reynolds.

  109. JB

    Newman against a lefty. We have a chance. He hits lefties.

  110. David

    Newman up with two men on and no outs.

    Base hit? Double play? Sac fly? Suicide squeeze?

  111. Mark Moore

    3-5 from TySteve. Maybe Hopkins will steal 2nd for us.

  112. Old-school

    Newman 0-5

    Give me a freaking break people

    • Moon

      Not only 0-5 but he has left a small country of players on the bases.

      • Mario

        Someone earlier in this blog said Newman was having a great year. Hmm, who was it?

    • LarkinPhillips

      At least he wasn’t leadoff tonight… although he might have hurt us less there tonight.

  113. Ted Alfred

    Newman has been absolutely brutal tonight

    • GPod

      i have seen enough of him this season

    • JB

      2-0 count and can’t find the plate. He swings.

  114. Mark Moore

    Our fate rests with the 14-year-old

  115. Mark Moore

    Why haven’t we run against the Fresh Prince tonight?

  116. Melvin

    Casali a slow double play hitter. Hope it doesn’t work out that way.

  117. Harry Stoner

    Ouch! The diss heard round the MLB.

    Bell doesn’t’t PH Barrero for Casali.

    • Mark Moore

      He’s out of catchers. Hopkins is running for TySteve.

    • JB

      Exactly. Barrero should be headed to Louisville for CES and drop Kuhnel from the 40 . Like yesterday

  118. Mark Moore

    A 5-ball walk … table set for Rake Fraley.

    • LDS

      Fraley .040 against LHers. All they need is a decent flyball

  119. magi210

    Exciting 9th, but this umpire is terrible.

    • Mark Moore

      Beyond terrible. I already had him bottom 5 and he’s sinking.

  120. Kevin H

    Wow Freddie not pitching hitting for Fraley here

    • LDS

      And dumb to hit Fraley with the pitch. His odds of getting Fraley were pretty good

  121. David

    Fraley! Way to put good wood on the ball!

  122. Bet on Red

    Fraley getting the tie the hard way

  123. JB

    Remember when The Reds had relief pitchers like that?

  124. Mark Moore

    2 bases loaded HBP. Hope he’s OK.

  125. GPod

    someone here earlier said the dodgers bullpen stinks…take a bow

  126. Bet on Red

    Say what you want but this team straight up fights this year

  127. LarkinPhillips

    You have to love the way this team fights! Last year we all turned this game off at 8-3 and woke up to find the score 15-3. Not this year.

  128. David

    Kevin H may have just called it.

    If McClain can raise a sac fly, the Reds win.

    How terrible is the Dodgers bull pen? Why did the Dodger manager leave Ferguson in that long? I mean, he was terrible.

  129. Kevin H


    Un real comeback

    • David

      Yes it was. Great call by you a few minutes ago.

      And really, really bad bullpen pitching by the Dodgers. Can’t believe the manager left Ferguson in and he was THAT BAD.

      • Kevin H

        JB convinced me with saying dodgers bullpen is bad. Just had a feeling

  130. JB

    Newman with the only out. Guy couldn’t find the plate with a compass and he swings at 2-0.

    • Kevin H

      I do like Newman, however have him go back to facing left handed pitchers and Barrero against right handed pitchers.

      Or Hopkins.

      • MBS

        I agree, Newman has a role, and starting at 1B vs a RHP isn’t it, but LT is right. What a win!

    • Beaufort Red

      Always a negative statement! Comeback Redlegs!!!!!!!!!

      • Kevin H

        Not at all. It was a statement. Nothing negative

  131. Ted Alfred

    Being a Reds fan is really fun again… been a long time. We finally have real hope cuz the young kids can
    really play…and we got more coming through the pipeline. Reds Win

  132. LDS

    The Dodger bullpen may stink but they had decent ERAs. Any day the Reds beat the Dodgers is a good day. No team I’d rather see lose than LA. And given the payroll difference, the Dodgers should be embarrassed.

      • Mike Adams

        You called it! Take twenty dollars out of petty cash.

    • JB

      They don’t have good ErA’s on the road

  133. GPod

    Credit the reds PB too….shut them down

    • JayTheRed

      Yes, the bullpen did a great job again. I don’t expect them to not give up any runs every night but yes, this bullpen is so much better than so many thought at the start of the year.

  134. Mike Adams

    This team may be 5 games under 0.500 but I love the way they battle to the end–
    unlike Reds teams the last few years.
    They did everything needed to beat them Dodgers, including taking advantage of whatever LA gave them.

  135. JayTheRed

    OMG!!!!! If this is what we have to look forward t, Welcome back Cincinnati Reds.
    Stephanson, India, De La Cruz, McClain and much more Steer just man this team. Can you imagine when ES comes up. Oh man I have goose bumps all over. Best game of the year by far.

    If we can get some Healthy Starting Pitching and maybe 1 good starter this offseason Look out central division.

  136. Doc

    They don’t quit. Lots to be said for that.

  137. JB

    Like I said – Get your Playoff tickets. You hear me Old School? I believe!!

  138. Mike Adams

    Might have to go to the 12:35 Thursday game…..

  139. SlippinJimmy

    Fire David Bell, and with the right manager, the Reds make the playoffs this year.

  140. Harry Stoner

    Mercy Mercy Mercy.
    In my long span of Reds fandom, that is one of the most satisfying wins ever.

    • JayTheRed

      I’m still just got a dumb grin on my face!

  141. Redsvol

    Wow, what an incredible comeback;
    – complete team effort
    – magnificent bullpen effort
    – scored 9 runs with 14 hits, but only 1 extra base hit (by you know who)

    Man, if this team could stay healthy and get some injured guys back it could actuallymake some noise this year. Get out there and go to a couple games folks!

    • VaRedsFan

      Great win…bullpen was great, except you forgot about Young giving up the granny

    • SteveAReno

      Very happy to see Fernando Cruz go 1.2 innings with no hits or walks! Let’s hope he’s back to full strength now. His ERA will be coming down gradually. He pitched this well against the Dodgers! What a great sign.

  142. Matt McWax

    Rain, pain and McCain! Great finish.

  143. Harry Stoner

    Elly getting beat on in the clubhouse.

    He and McLain must be whooping.

    Barrero feeling the odd man out.

  144. LT

    Baltimore, I’ll have your crab cake for dinner tomorrow if you beat them Brewers. I already sent Oakland some skyline.