The Cincinnati Reds made three roster moves today. The first one is one that we knew was coming – officially calling up left-handed pitcher Andrew Abbott. He will be taking the mound tonight in the series finale against the Milwaukee Brewers and making his major league debut in the process. It was the other moves that we weren’t sure about.

To create room on the 26-man roster for Abbott, the Reds optioned right-handed reliever Kevin Herget back to Triple-A Louisville where he’ll rejoin the Bats. In order to make a spot on the 40-man roster for Abbott the team designated reliever Frank German for assignment.

For Frank German, his stay in the organization may not have lasted an entire month. Cincinnati picked him up off of waivers from the Chicago White Sox on May 8th and optioned him to Triple-A Louisville. The 25-year-old struggled with the Bats in his 10 games, allowing eight earned runs in 8.1 innings while walking six batters and striking out 13. Home runs were an issue German ran into this season – allowing six of them in his 19.2 innings in Triple-A between the Reds and White Sox organizations. He only allowed two home runs last season in 49.2 innings – mostly at the Triple-A level.

This past week didn’t start out great for Kevin Herge. On June 1st he allowed six runs in an inning of work, giving up five hits and walking two batters. Those six runs represented more runs than he had given up in his previous 17.2 innings with the Reds this season. He rebounded with 2.0 shutout innings two days later in the second game of the Milwaukee Brewers series. Herget has been in the Louisville rotation, making three starts for the Bats this year, when he’s been in Triple-A. Whether or not he will get back into that role on his return to the minors hasn’t been announced yet.

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  1. LDS

    I had forgotten about German. I don’t think he’ll be missed. Let’s hope Abbott nails the Brewers tonight. BTW, typo on Herget, 1st sentence, last paragraph.

  2. Jim Walker

    Kuhnel dodges another bullet! 😉

    • Mark Moore

      It will happen. He’s taking up a spot that somebody else needs. We have to believe that.

    • David

      He’s got 9 lives. And Ricky Karcher. Karcher got clobbered (in relief) the other day for the Bats. Again.
      Hope springs eternal. They’re Reds organization guys, after all.
      Frankly, the Bats (and the Reds organization) is hurting for relief pitchers at most levels, and AAA is most obvious. That is why, IMHO, the grabbed German.

      • SteveAReno

        Karcher gets clobbered alot and that’s too bad

  3. west larry

    yes, I don’t get that. I thought Kuhnel was ripe for a dfa. Maybe Bell likes him? Just kidding.

  4. LDS

    Lineup is out and Bell’s love affair with Newman continues. Senzel back in CF so Newman can start at 3B. Barrero is a better hitter against RHers than Bewman. And Senzel in CF is an injury waiting to happen. Send Barrero to Louisville or trade him. But, hanging him out to dry for Newman is repugnant.

    • LDS

      BTW, Hopkins, Barrero, and Fairchild are all on the bench for Newman. Why call Hopkins up if you aren’t going to play him. The Reds can compete or Bell can “manage” – choose one

      • old-school

        I dont like it either, but the Reds are showcasing him for a July trade. They will do the same thing with Myers and he will play every day until the deadline. Myers is more about off-loading salary than getting a quality player. Votto will take a regular spot and the 3 headed catcher will take 2 spots 60% of the time.

        By late June, 5/9 spots will be
        Newman/Myers/Votto/Stephenson/Casali(or Maile) 60% of games. Theres no math that gets India/McLain/EDLC/Friedl/Fraley/Senzel/Steer/CES regular playing time.

        Until the Reds

        1.) bail on 3 catchers
        2) trade or DFA Myers
        3.) trade Newman

        There’s a roster crunch and Krall isnt bailing on his off-season plans in early June….maybe the AS break the bottleneck breaks.

      • LDS

        I think you’re overly generous. Newman is 0 for Milwaukee. That’s not a showcase. Many here have given up on Fairchild and Barrero, but what about Hopkins. All the clamoring to call him up, one game then benched. Don’t bring up EDLC and CES. Bell will waste them as well.

      • wkuchad

        If the Reds really want to showcase Newman, then they need him to succeed, which means mainly playing him against left handed pitchers.

      • 2020ball

        Hopkins not playing bothers me somewhat less, but Newman’s new usage is for sure strange.

      • David

        Where’s Fraley? Is he hurt? Could he DH?
        What’s going on?
        Newman plays third, Senzel is in left, and no Fraley?
        I guess he got tired, hitting a home run yesterday and running the bases.

        Needs an off day.

      • wkuchad

        Fraley was in the starting lineup, but looks like he’s been removed.

    • SteveAReno

      Newman got on base two times with his four times at bat. That’s what a leadoff hitter is supposed do. We are so happy you are not setting the lineup!

  5. old-school

    C trent had an injury update on Santillan. He is making great progress and could start a rehab stint as soon as this weekend and was quoted as saying he wants to be back by the tail end of the month pitching for Reds.

    • Tom Diesman

      Best news I’ve heard all day. Wish they were stretching him out for the rotation though.

    • CI3J

      Does he still weigh 280 pounds? If he wants to pitch, he needs to slim down.

  6. Kevin H

    Hopkins not playing today. He is very good against right handed pitching. SMH

    • LDS

      LOL, weren’t you just telling us yesterday that we were too hard on Bell? This is who he is.

      • Kevin H

        You assume I am a bell supporter. You assume I think Bell is right manager.

        We as fans don’t always know who is available to pitch out of bullpen or anything of that nature.

        Bell could play everyone people like and people would still complain.

      • Kevin H

        Thats all I was saying yesterday, take it however you want.

      • wkuchad

        LDS, everyone is going to disagree with some of the managers decisions. I certainly do.

        Some posters “defend him” because of how ridiculous the criticisms can get.

        But we’re allowed to disagree with Bell at times, just like everyone else.

      • 2020ball

        Someone mentioned the lack of fundamentals from some players earlier or yesterday, and that’s always been my biggest criticism of this coaching staff. I dont see anyone who’s a Bell fan on this website, just those weary of cookie cutter circle-(expletive) complaints. People on here will harp on all the small pointless stuff and completely miss on what the coaching staff actually does.

  7. steve d

    There’s no need to showcase Newman or Myers. Every team has seen them play. It is obvious Barrero is not part of the Reds’ plans or maybe Bell just has no confidence in him. Regardless, he should be playing more or sent down. Same with Hopkins.

    • wkuchad

      I don’t get the Hopkins love. He’s a bench outfielder, likely at best. Maybe he’s a late bloomer and I’m completely wrong. I hope I am. But I certainly don’t call him up as a starter.

      • David

        Yeah, I mean he was batting around 0.340 in AAA ball, so I can see that this guy has no real place with a major league team.

      • CI3J

        He’s a bench outfielder, likely at best.

        What do you base this on?

      • Votto4life

        And how would you describe Jeff Newman?

      • wkuchad

        What do you base this on? – I’m not against the guy. I hope he’s a late bloomer and a future star for the Reds. I just don’t get the angst about calling him up as a bench bat vs starting. I base it on prospect ratings and minors league stats. He’s had one partial very good year, at his age 26 or 27 season I believe.

        And how would you describe Jeff Newman? – I describe Newman as an excellent bench player that’s getting too much playing time against righty starting pitchers.

    • 2020ball

      Its been like two days since Hopkins has been here, and I’m sure the experience is a positive one. Right now, I dont really care if he’s playing everyday. He’s here to cover an injury. Talk to me in a week and if he’s still sitting all the time and I’ll be ready to say send him down. Even then, a week of meager playing time isn’t going to hurt a guy and I’m sure he’s stoked to be here.

      The Reds seem to be protecting Barrero’s last option and hiding him on their bench. It helps his trade value, and his value to the club in the future as well to be able to use his option when we have even more guys making noise in AAA. I’d like to see him playing more too but I think that time will come.

  8. CI3J

    After today’s game, Newman will pass Friedl and claim the 6th spot on the team for most ABs. Pretty good for a “bench” player.

    Senzel and Fraley are the next hurdles for the Immortal Kevin Newman to pass on his rampage to end up in the top 5 in team ABs.

    On the brighter side, I’m happy that Bell seems committed to playing Benson. Hopefully Benson can keep his hot hitting going as long as he keeps getting chances.

    • wkuchad

      I understand complaining about Newman getting too much playing time. But not versus a guy that’s on his second IL stint.

      The only person below Newman in at-bats that bothers me is Barrero.

    • BhamRedsFan

      Not a lot of choices right now against RHP unfortunately. Newman was 4/17 OB which was better than anyone not named Fraley or playing 1st, 2nd or SS. With the 13 names he’s given and 3 catchers, there’s not a lot of magic to pull out of the hat.

  9. Mark Moore

    Did anyone else see Ruf got moved to the 60-day? Must have been one heckuva collision with that tarp roll.

  10. CFD3000

    Excited to see Abbott’s debut start tonight. Incredibly frustrated by the continued playing time for Newman at the expense of (among others) Barrero and now Hopkins. Even if you ignore the “Barrero might be part of the next great Reds team, but Newman won’t” argument, there are at least five hitters not in the starting lineup that would be an upgrade from Newman tonight: Barrero, Hopkins, Fraley (all on Bell) and of course EDLC and CES (that’s a Krall problem). Newman has no business in this lineup, let alone starting. Make it stop!

    • wkuchad

      Fraley was in the starting lineup and removed.

      • CFD3000

        Understand. But still. There are multiple options better than Newman right now. Don’t the Reds need a win against these Brewers? Getting swept would be a big hole to have to climb out of. Disappointing.

  11. Harry Stoner

    Benson is the only left hand hitter in the lineup.

    Outfield Wall 1- Fraley 0, I guess.

    Still want EDLC roaming CF?

    A coincidence that Senzel has been healthy since moved out of CF?

    That’s the kind of “B follows A” litmus test that typically is well loved on RLN.

    • 2020ball

      “Still want EDLC roaming CF?”