Last night’s extra-innings game did not go the way of the Reds, with Milwaukee taking a 5-4 win in 11 innings. This afternoon Cincinnati will try to even up the series with the first place Brewers in game two of their 4-game series. First pitch is set for 4:10pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Milwaukee Brewers

Cincinnati Reds

Christian Yelich – LF Kevin Newman – 2B
Owen Miller – 2B Matt McLain – SS
Rowdy Tellez – DH Jonathan India – DH
William Contreras – C Jake Fraley – RF
Brian Anderson – 3B Spencer Steer – 3B
Jon Singleton – 1B Nick Senzel – 3B
Andruw Monasterio – SS Stuart Fairchild – CF
Joey Wiemer – CF Will Benson – LF
Blake Perkins – RF Curt Casali – C
Colin Rea – RHP Graham Ashcraft – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Graham Ashcraft 58.1 5.55 1.49 24 47
Colin Rea 42.1 4.89 1.21 15 35
Links: Graham Ashcraft’s Stats | Colin Rea’s Stats

Graham Ashcraft

The 2023 season is still in the first half, but for Graham Ashcraft it’s been a story of two halves thus far. In his first six starts he posted a 2.00 ERA and allowed one home run in 36.0 innings. In the five starts since then he’s posted an ERA of 11.28 and allowed six home runs in 22.1 innings pitched.

As it’s been for the entirety of his career, right-handed hitters have tons of success against Graham Ashcraft and left-handed hitters struggle. Righties walk more, make a ton more contact, and as a result hit for a higher average. But right-handed hitters also hit for a ton more power than lefties do against him.


RHH 143 38 6 2 5 15 22 .309 .387 .512
LHH 115 25 7 1 2 9 25 .236 .296 .377

Pitch Usage

2-seam Cutter Slider
Velo 97.0 96.6 88.6
Usage 5% 58% 38%

Colin Rea

After spending the last two seasons pitching in Japan, Colin Rea is back with Milwaukee in 2023. He’s had an up-and-down season so far, batting consistency throughout the year so far. In his last outing he pitched into the 7th but didn’t record an out in the frame, giving up four runs – including two homers – to the Giants.

This season he’s but hit pretty hard by lefties, who have hit five home runs against him in just 82 plate appearances. Left-handed hitters aren’t hitting for much average against him, though – they just hit for power when they do get hits against him. Righties aren’t hitting for much power against him, aren’t walking much, but they are making contract at a solid clip against him.


RHH 94 20 3 0 3 7 18 .241 .298 .386
LHH 82 16 1 0 5 8 17 .225 .321 .451

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Curve Slider Split
Velo 93.4 92.5 86.8 79.1 83.2 85.8
Usage 22% 26% 25% 7% 14% 7%

When and Where

  • Game time: 4:10pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 90°, cloudy, 15% chance of rain

News and Notes

TJ Friedl to the IL, T.J. Hopkins called up

After a few days of being unavailable, the Reds placed outfielder TJ Friedl on the injured list today. They’ve called up outfielder T.J. Hopkins from Triple-A Louisville to replace him on the roster. Hopkins was hitting .341 for the Bats, which ranked 3rd in the International League (some guy named McLain was still ahead of him). You can read more about Hopkins here.

Joey Votto, Henry Ramos begin rehab assignments today

The Cincinnati Reds are sending Joey Votto and Henry Ramos to Triple-A today to join the Louisville Bats on a rehab assignment. Votto is recovering from shoulder and biceps surgery, while Ramos is coming back from a strained hip. You can read more about both situations here.

Welcome back Jon Singleton

The Brewers called up Jon Singleton today and he’s in the lineup. He last played in the big leagues in 2015 when he was 23-years-old. He did not play from 2018-2020 before spending 2021 in Mexico where he played in 46 games.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Brewers 30 27 0.0 55.7%
Pirates 29 27 0.5 16.1%
Reds 26 31 4.0 2.5%
Cardinals 25 31 4.5 16.2%
Cubs 25 33 5.5 34.4%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

199 Responses

  1. CI3J

    Wonder how long it’s going to take to see Hopkins in the lineup? When McLain came up, he was directly inserted into the lineup and has been there ever since. Will Hopkins get the same treatment?

    • Jimbo44CN

      Nope, Bell will keep running out Benson and Newman. I’m sorry, but Benson has not shown anything except in one game.

      • Doc

        Disagree. Benson has shown a lot. Unfortunately, it’s mostly not good so far!

    • Doug Gray

      If I had to guess – Hopkins probably isn’t even in Cincinnati yet.

      Charlie Goldsmith tweeted at like 2pm that Friedl was going to do some on-field stuff to see where he was at for today. Then like 15 minutes later he was placed on the IL.

      It’s possible that the team had Hopkins “waiting in the wings” in Cincinnati just in case. But I doubt it. He was probably in Louisville and told to pack a bag, get in the car, and start driving north.

      • Mark Moore

        Good point. Perhaps he’ll see his first action later in the game or tomorrow.

  2. Old-school

    Is hopkins a cf? Big arm in RF?

    • Doug Gray

      Corner guy, can cover center if you absolutely need him to. Solid arm.

  3. Moon

    I kind of think this is a big game for the Reds and one they really need to win.

  4. Indy Red Man

    Cashed Tampa/RS over. Taking McLain over 0.5 run (-105). Predict Stewie hits #2 today. This guy is more his speed. He struggles w hard throwers.

    If Votto comes up before EDLC then it will be another 8-10 years before I go back to GABP again. This is ridiculous. I watched Willie Mays documentary on a flight and they didn’t make him wait. Who’s blocking him anyway? Newman and Barrero?

    • Indy Red Man

      Reminds me of the question who’s the only man to stop Michael Jordan? Dean Smith

    • Doc

      You’re comparing the Willie Mays era to the modern baseball era? Get real!

  5. Jim t

    Really hope the Refs win today. I’m having such a great day. Sitting on the river in Maineville Ohio at the monkey Bar. They just reopened after the fire great service, entertainment, atmosphere and service. A reds win would be the cherry on top.

  6. Votto4life

    In Section 529. Crowd still filing in, but appears to be a big drop off from last night.

    • Mark Moore

      Lack of the free concert will do that, yes?

      • Votto4life

        Yeah, I don’t even know who Zack Brown is but I guess he is popular.

      • Tom Diesman

        He’s a AAA relief pitcher in Louisville. I’m hoping he sings better than his 6.95 ERA.

      • Votto4life

        Ha, I know even less about music than I do about baseball.

  7. Mark Moore

    Settled in to watch this Titanic Contest. Hope Ashcraft shows us the good stuff today and we score early and often.

    Not sure when I’ll step out for a dinner excursion, but I will at some point.

    Time to Kick some Bernie Piggies!!

  8. Kevin H

    Newman is batting 412 the last 15 days. OPS 1.083. This is why he is playing. A solid vet who can fill in and give good quality ab’s.

    • Mark Moore

      Yeah … I do think you ride that pony as far as it takes you right now.

      • Harry Stoner

        That pony is riding at a .241 clip against righties.

        Newman at leadoff against righty is a sign of desperation or Bell infatuation with his decision to bat India 3rd.

  9. Mark Moore

    Ruf and another Bernie to the IL today? That’s gotta hurt.

    • Kevin H

      Do you think Maile is on way out as it seems Casali is playing more . With the talent at triple A continuing to have 3 catchers seems moot at this time.

      • Mark Moore

        I think one of those two gets shipped somewhere. Maile may have a little more value, but that’s not really the point. I think the 3-headed catcher experiment needs to end.

      • Beaufort Red

        Hope not. Hate to say it but Casali should go. At least Maile gets a hold of one every now and then. But it doesn’t matter, Reds are gonna carry three catchers.

  10. Mark Moore

    Too many pitches and too many balls to start. That’s flirting with danger right out of the gate. Hoping he makes a correction quickly.

    • Daytonnati

      It’s early, but it doesn’t bode well.

      • Mark Moore

        Agreed. Over 25 pitches in the 1st sets a pace that cannot continue.

        Shake it off and score, boys.

    • Mark Moore

      And the extra pitches and lack of location bite Ashcraft in the Ash 😮

    • Votto4life

      Not sure what the delay was but Ashcraft had to spend about 5 minutes standing around why they removed someone from the Brewer’s dougout

      • Mark Moore

        Pre-game on-field thing. Person in a wheelchair and they were having challenges getting said person off the field.

  11. Tom Mitsoff

    Ashcraft again looks like he has no idea where the ball is going.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Need to throw the first pitch of the 2nd inning at The Bull.

    • Votto4life

      There was a slight delay to the game. Ashcraft was ready to go and then they had to removed. A guy in a wheelchair from the Brewer’s dugout. Ashcraft had to stand on the mound in 90 degree heat. I’m sure he wasn’t happy about it.

  12. CI3J

    Oh, and I just noticed:

    Kevin “The Bench Player” Newman leading off again. This season, he’s hitting .585 OPS against right-handed pitchers. Can anyone explain why he should be getting the most ABs of anyone else in the lineup in today’s game?

    Can’t say I’m shocked, though. I knew this would happen the minute Cincinnati signed Newman. He’s the new Farmer.

    And of course, Barrero is nowhere to be seen for a second day in a row.

    Here’s an interesting stat for you: Since April 26th, what do you think is Barrero’s longest streak for starting games?

    Answer: 2 games in a row. And it happened only 4 times.

    Barrero was hitting .255/.328/.353/ on April 23rd. He started 3 more games in a row after that day. Then, after that, he never started more than 2 games in a row. And predictably, he’s struggled.

    Barrero gets 2 games, then he goes to the bench. Then a day or two later, he gets another game or two, then back to the bench. It’s really difficult for a young player to get into any kind of groove when he’s being jerked around like this. How is Barrero supposed to “earn” his playing time if he’s never being given a chance?

    • Kevin H

      Kevin Newman is batting 412 the last 15 days, and a OPS 1.083. in that same time Barrero has played 9 games and hasn’t produced. Newman at this time is playing better than Barrero

      • CI3J

        Kevin “The Bench Player” Newman was given 62 ABs in May, while Barrero was only given 50.

        Baseball players have to play in order to get their timing down. So of course, since Newman was playing more than Barrero, he started to hit better.

        Why wasn’t Barrero given that same chance? Especially since at the end of April, Barrero was actually outperforming Newman.

      • Tom Diesman

        Why are either playing. Once De La Cruz comes up neither should be on the roster.

      • LDS

        In the last 15 days the Reds faced a lot of starting LHers. Apples and oranges

    • Kevin H

      That I cant answer CI3J, I am just going by the number of games each player has played and looking at the stats they have been given a equal chance. Just going by the stats..

      I do agree Barreo should play more, however Newman is doing a good job as well.

  13. docproc

    Is that all the arm you have, Fairchild? Yelich was just touching third when you picked up the ball in short CF. Thanks for throwing a five-hopper to the plate.

    • Mark Moore

      Steer was late to the cutoff spot as well. But the throw was definitely puny.

  14. Kevin H

    I have a feeling Benson stays around as he is the only left handed hitter besides Fraley

    • Harry Stoner

      Benson is batting .147 against RH pitching.

      Bell has got this strategy down.

      • Harry Stoner

        I’m waiting for him to demonstrate that.

        “He’s the manager so he must always be doing the right thing!”

  15. Mark Moore

    Little too much lift on that one.

  16. Mark Moore

    Fraley with another broken bat single.

  17. Mark Moore

    Run, run, run … fast as you can! 😀

  18. Indy Red Man

    McLain run scored…another winner

  19. Beaufort Red

    Man the officiating gets worse and worse.

    • Mark Moore

      Zone was tight as a drum earlier, then you get that call on Senzel. It does seem to be getting worse game after game.

  20. Randoxu1

    All the Barrero supporters you are not watching the same game I am. He has been given chances and quite frankly he’s not very good. He has all the tools he’s just not very good. In my view he shouldn’t be on this roster along with Fairchild and Benson.

    • Mark Moore

      Generally agree. I think they jacked him around a bit, but when given his chances, he’s been very inconsistent. His future (if he indeed has one) is in the OF, not at SS. Too much talent coming on there.

    • Beaufort Red

      This +1000. But Barrero lovers won’t give it up. Like I said, if the Reds are still in it at the end of the year Barrero will be at AAA and Newman will still be on the roster.

      • LDS

        Kind of a moot point since the Reds obviously won’t be in it

    • DK in Erie

      100. I keep wondering if I’m watching a different player named Barrero. The one I watch has no idea of strike zone. Yes he is big and strong but cannot hit unless pitcher makes a mistake. Glad I’m not the only one. Also, Newman is not and never has been a star but that is a pro. You need guys like him on roster. The reason he gets more AB than Barrero is simple. He is a better hitter. JB is now third on future SS list and falling fast

  21. Mark Moore

    More pitches + more pitches + more pitches = angry face!!

    • Kevin H

      Somewhat shocking how far Ashcraft has fallen. What I mean is he doesn’t seem to have any idea of strike zone. Lost confindence?

      • Mark Moore

        Cowboy’s assessment is he’s up in the zone and flat. And then you add his inability to hit Casali’s targets and this is what we get.

    • Mark Moore

      Same pitches, same places, different results. That’s what burns me the most about these Chumpires. Granted, Ashcraft isn’t doing himself any favors, but still.

    • Daytonnati

      He looks very uncomfortable out there. It is a hot, stifling humidity-type day here. At this rate, maybe 4??

  22. Tom Mitsoff

    Very close to this one getting out of control.

    • Jim Walker

      Yes, Teetering on the brink even with the recovery against the last 2 hitters.

      Surely it must be written where such things are written that a GIDP is a pitcher’s and defense’s best friend and that a wise manager installs a DP combination at 2B and SS and doesn’t jack around filling in one at DH when the mood so strikes him.

  23. Mark A Verticchio

    If they lost all 3 I would be happy. On another note Ashcraft looks he has really gone backwards. He may be headed back to AAA. He has no idea where any pitch is going.

    • Mark Moore

      4 game series. They play Monday as well.

  24. Redlegs1869

    Ashcraft is still broken. At least for now. League has figured him out. He’s just bad right now. So disappointing. Not fooling anyone. Batters are just waiting him out until he lays one right down the middle.

    • SlippinJimmy

      He is no longer good enough to risk putting him on the mound.

      Send him down. He needs to figure this out.

      • SlippinJimmy

        I must also point out, that once again, I heard Larkin say something about how hitters used to like coming to Cincy to hit, but that was before we had these “dominant young pitchers.”

        Which “dominant young pitchers,” Barry? We have exactly zero. Maybe Diaz, he is pretty close. But that’s it. A touch of reality may help some of our “young, potentially dominant in the future but yet to have proven themselves” pitchers.

      • Kevin H

        Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Williamson,

  25. Mark Moore

    Close but no cigar. Newman did a great job turning it, but it just took too long to develop.

    Time to fill in that hole we dug.

  26. Kevin H

    Senzel struck out on a pitch that was called a ball to Fairchild

    • Jim Walker

      Horizontally the same. However, the pitch to Fairchild was actually in a better vertical position to be called a strike than the pitch to Senzel.

      • Kevin H

        Thanks Jim, following on gameday doesn’t always show things.

  27. Mark Moore

    That works. Stand there and look at 3 straight pitches. Works REALLY well.

  28. Redlegs1869

    Benson needs to return to his sitcom. Three pitches right down central and he watches all three.

    • SlippinJimmy

      I’d rather put Anne Sabo out there, and that’s no offense to Anne Sabo.

  29. Woodrow

    Remember when we all were talking about being in first by Monday? (Of course, I mean John Sadak, but he’s a proxy for us.) Thursday was a nice day.

  30. Woodrow

    Some reliever is in the pen right now, praying his name isn’t called. Because throwing 3-4 innings today means he’s going down tomorrow.

  31. SlippinJimmy

    Get him out of there. When Ashcraft loses it, it’s lost. He’s done. Get him outta there now.

  32. Daytonnati

    See if Bell’ all-hands meeting works 🙂

  33. Kevin H

    Bullpen gonna be over used again. Geesh.

  34. Mark Moore

    That’s a mental mistake on a couple of fronts. This is bordering on a Clete for me.

  35. Jim Walker

    I think that was just the closest we have ever seen to a good old fashion butt chewing by Bell a la Lou Pinella or Dusty B.

  36. Bet on Red

    Really thinking there is a problem with GA

  37. CI3J

    Wow, Newman forgot to cover the bag….

    What was he thinking out there?

  38. SlippinJimmy

    Oh, okay. I get it. Ashcraft isn’t on a pitch count. He’s on a run count. Is it 10?

    • Woodrow

      Saving the bullpen in a game already lost. Run him out there for the fourth, then Salazar. Send them both down tonight.

  39. Bet on Red

    I mean are they going to option him?

  40. Mark Moore

    I do believe that’s a Clete for me. Nothing left to see in this game.

    Catch you all tomorrow to see if we can scrape this pile of refuse off our shoes. Only redeeming thing I can think of is that we have a chance to split if we win tomorrow and Monday.

    On to bigger questions like what’s for dinner?

    • LT

      Montgomery ribs for me. That’s my cure it all medicine

  41. Old-school

    So much for the good vibes

    Ashcraft awful sophomore season

    Reds season the brink

    A sweep here ends it

    Starting pitching undoes things

  42. Tom Mitsoff

    This to me allowing Ashcraft to stay in and get pounded is ridiculous.

    • Jim Walker

      I’m glad it is not the one I paid 7 bucks to see on Apple TV+ At least I got my money’s worth for the game and still can watch 4 weeks of Apple TV+ instead of this Reds garbage before I bail to keep from being charged again.

  43. JB

    Clete. There was a series last year or year before where the Reds were riding high and they went into the series , I think it was the Brewers, looking to win it and go into first place and got swept. Deja Vu. I’m out for a bit until EDLC and CES come up. Benson, Barrero( Doesn’t even play) , Fairchild, are in AAA .

    • JB

      Bell- I believe in you
      Ashcraft- thanks David. Grand Slam.

  44. Kevin H

    Baseball is more mental than anything else. Perhaps a confidence thing with him? Maybe he refuses to change his pitching style? Maybe he is pitching hurt? I am with DHud something isn’t right.

    • Jim Walker

      Depending on who heard The Yogi say it, he said either “Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical” or “90% of the game is half mental”. Or, maybe he said them both at different times?? 😉

      • Indy Red Man

        That place is so crowded nobody goes there anymore

      • Daytonnati

        You can observe a lot by watching.

  45. west larry

    is ashcraft going on the i r too? what’s wrong with this guy? Bring Abbott up and send Ashcraft down to straighten things out.

    • Doc

      He’ll complain about something and go to the IR. That way he gets paid MLB salary.

  46. Protime

    Benson and Fairchild should be sent to AAA. Let Hopkins play and bring up EDLC or CES asap. What a lackluster lineup. Bell, is no help, it’s time for him to go.

    • Randoxu1

      Couldn’t agree more. Send Barrero down too. Come in on a high off a great road trip, and perfect time to call these guys up and nothing. The front office doesn’t care about winning they have proven that time and time again. Sad!

  47. Tom Mitsoff

    Unfortunately, the Brewers have a very solid bullpen, top to bottom. A comeback of any extent isn’t likely.

  48. Mark A Verticchio

    All the ground they made up will soon be gone. It’s sad because had they had some of their young guys up the last 2 games might have been different. However this game and most likely this series is a lost cause.

  49. Doc

    Ashcraft needs to head back to Louisville and find his craft. Abbott appears ready to step in as next man up.

  50. Andy

    Graham, start looking for apartments in Louisville

    The more he pitches the more he reminds me of Sal Romano…. And that’s not a compliment

  51. Old-school

    Barry larkin lecture starting

    This roster is 6-7 players shy of a playoff team. I can watch the young guys and filter out the others.

  52. Kevin H

    Will continue following the game, however you all have a good rest of your day.

  53. LeRoy

    What happened to the Ashcraft who was a ground ball machine last season? What happened to change his first 6 starts into the train wreck he is now. The announcers said they thought it might be a physical problem. If anyone would check, Ashcraft’s problems began right after Green was given his big contract. Lodolo’s problems also began about that time. His problems may have been physical. Maybe just maybe Ashcraft and Lodolo may have been hurt that Green got a major contract when they both were out performing Green. Maybe nothing, just a thought.

    • Harry Stoner

      A stress fracture of the leg is often a symptom of jealousy over a teammates contract.

      You can look it up.

  54. Pete

    Let’s face it fellows.. Graham hasn’t been the same since his grandmother passed you can almost target it to the day. Apparently the poor young guy needs some time to deal with it.

    He’s lost his mojo that much is for certain.

  55. Old-school

    Reds started 16 games in 16 days with boston series. They are getting 95 pitches out of ashcraft no matter what.

  56. Redlegs1869

    In Shawshank, Red (no pun intended) said “Hope is a dangerous thing.” How true. The Reds have been fun to watch & winning some games. But it’s been done via smoke and mirrors. “Big three” were being banked on. Hasn’t happened yet. (Greene may be getting there). Lively and Weaver have surprised pleasantly overall. As well as Friedl (IL twice now), McClain, Senzel somewhat. BP has been better than than expected most days. But 162 games isn’t sustainable with lineup as constituted. If they end up way under 500 and at bottom of division, then maybe, just maybe, they’ll decide to bring up the young ones, when it doesn’t matter anymore. Hope is indeed a dangerous thing.

  57. Harry Stoner

    K-child testing his RLN support.

  58. AMDG

    I suppose we gotta congratulate Ashcraft on his consistency, if nothing else.

    In 11 of his 31 career starts (35%), he has given up an “in game” ERA higher than 7.70

    That’s a pretty darn impressive feat that I think only Eric Milton has topped in the past 20 years.

  59. LDS

    Once again, Bell leaves a guy in to be pounded. Could he at least pretend to be interested in winning?

    • Harry Stoner

      He was quick with the hook yesterday.

      But that was yesterday.

      He’s got a new plan for today.

      Since he’s the manager, that plan must be a good one.

      • TR

        Ashcraft has fallen out of the Big Three. He needs work in Louisville to get back on track. Brewers are usually tough on Reds. For me that goes way back to the days of Eddy Mathews and Spahn and Sain when Milwaukee was the Braves.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Winning? You’re supposed to try to win? Somebody should ask Bell what his objective is regarding this novel concept!

  60. William

    Bring Abbott up from AAA and option Ashcraft. He can figure it out at AAA. He will be back.

  61. Old-school

    Fairchild K rate now back over 30% as he gets regular reps with myers and Friedl out and OPS .680

    I would put Barrero in CF every day with Friedl out and see what he does. He is clearly not in Reds plans as a SS but fits a cf profile .

    Fraley haters beware . Hes hitting righties and stealing bases

    • Harry Stoner

      Fraley’s splits against RH have always been good.

      He’s .043 against LH.

      10 sb is good to see.

    • Jim Walker

      At the start of today’s game, Fraley’s 7 day OPS was .390 and 14 day OPS was .409. OPB hanging right around 210 for both.

      But good to see him making progress today.

      • Harry Stoner

        He’s been on and off all season.

        Been a long dry spell.

        Still more productive than most.

      • old-school

        Everyone acknowledges Fraley cant hit lefties but hes been pretty consistent against righties. He leads the reds in RBI’s and has had multiple game winning hits. Reds literally have no lefty hitters right now other than Fraley.

        .279/372/.441/.813 against righties. Thats really good. Add 11 stolen bases and team leader. Who had Jake Fraley on pace for 25 + stolen bases and the team leader?

  62. William

    What else does De La Cruz have to prove to come to the show? The Reds owners are perhaps the worst in baseball. If Johnny Bench was 21 again, he would probably be playing in AAA. I am at an all time low opinion of the owners.

    • CI3J

      If you bring up EDLC, what do you do with McLain?

      • Harry Stoner


        So EDLC can’t come up because they brought up McLain?

      • CI3J

        No, I’m just asking.

        What’s the plan? What would you do?

      • LDS

        Move McLain to 2nd, EDLC to SS. India to LF or DH.

      • Harry Stoner

        EDLC to 3B has been mentioned.
        McLain to 2b, India to 3B?

        When you draft or trade for a dozen SSs, you’d hope they were thinking ahead.

        Maybe not.

    • Jim Walker

      Bench had won 2 NL MVPs and been an All Star 5 times by the end of his age 24 season.

      2023 is EDLC’s age 21 season, Let’s hope he at least gets a shot at those 2 MVPs and possibly 3 All Star apps by the end of his age 24 season.

  63. Dennis Westrick

    Today’s disaster points out WHY it’s important to win a tie game in extra innings when you are the home team! By hook or crook you have to score the ghost runner! Water under the bridge I know, but all games matter, especially against the Division leader!

    As for today’s game, don’t understand Bell’s logic in leaving GA in the game to a point it is unwinnable!

  64. Harry Stoner

    Bell is the manager and so he must have had a good plan to stake Milwaukee to a 7 run lead.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Perfect! I think you’ve figured it out!

  65. William

    Easy answer…2B India, SS McClain, 3B EDLC. Eventually, 2B McClain, SS EDLC, 3B Marte, but that is not this year. If India is not traded, he plays 2B. Marte is athletic and should be able to play outfield. I think EDLC is going to be a superstar. He is a potential 600+ home run guy. I want the Reds to win a World Series. He is big in my calculation. Do not hold back EDLC any longer. You might as well be holding back a potential Hank Aaron. He has that potential. He is the best player I have seen in the Reds minor league system in a long time. I was high on McClain as well, but not nearly as high as I am on ELDC.

  66. LT

    Let’s chip away 2 runs in 7th and we have a chance. Brewers have any more pitchers who can walk the bases loaded ?;)

  67. Harry Stoner

    Salazar with the mop for 3 innings.

    One reliever / 3 innings.

    I wonder if Bell is paying attention?

    • Dennis Westrick

      If he’s not, please don’t wake him up!

  68. Dennis Westrick

    They keep stats for everything in MLB. That being said, the Reds have to rank in the Top 3 is LOBs and the bottom 3 in hits with RISP.

  69. William

    Excellent Jim Walker. I wish you were one of the Reds owners… I like the GM. Maybe your comment will reach him.

  70. LT

    Too many LOB today. Yes pitching is horrendous but we had many opportunities to make this a competitive game. Not able to get key hits. Good to see McLain back to having double hit game. Silver lining

    • Harry Stoner

      Giving up the GS to .186 hitting Marlon Perkins was the key.

  71. GPod

    the game to win was yesterday…..if you can’t put down a bunt to win a game, then get somebody in who can…..totally inexcusable

    • Dennis Westrick

      Exactly! Said that earlier when the Reds were down 10-3.

  72. GreatRedLegsFan

    I wonder what’s next for Ashcraft, it’s not just a command issue but he’s being hit more often and harder every outing.

    • GPod

      I said it 2 starts ago….either A) he’s not healthy or B) this Reds coaching staff has no clue how to fix it. I betting on B

    • LT

      Is it that he missed location or he he no movement in his pitches or something else? His fastballs seem to have the same speed as before

  73. Tom Mitsoff

    I’m pinch-hitting Stephenson for Senzel here.

  74. LT

    Good to see Steer get a hit. Let’s get one more on base and a HR will tie it. We have a chance, dumb n dumber type of chance

  75. Tom Mitsoff

    Now I’m batting Stephenson for Fairchild. 😉

  76. CI3J

    Reds might have something cooking here.

  77. Daytonnati

    TySteve missed that pitch by a foot and 10 mph.

    • Jim Walker

      If Chuckie Robinson was on the 40 man, I’d put Stephenson the IL (shoulder fatigue or whatever not having full prior use of his shoulder needs to be called), get Chuckie up, and let TS work on his shoulder strength and hitting like JV has been doing then send him off to Louisville for rehab when he was ready.

      Or alternately, option TS, work on his shoulder and hitting then put him into the games at Louisville to get up to speed.

  78. LT

    Couldn’t recognize change up. That’s bad hitting

  79. Daytonnati

    Maybe Benson goes Hal Smith here! (dedicated to the old-timers)

    • Harry Stoner

      But they do strike out with the bases loaded.


      1/Clutch hitting.

  80. Mark Moore

    Well that was a couple of disappointing AB’s to end things. Hope is a dangerous thing after all.

    But the Thai food was good 😀

    • LT

      I like it. You dig deep in the bag and pulled out a Redd quote

      • Mark Moore

        I’ve used that one before. It really sums up this 3-game skid.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Amazing how many SOs when the Reds have men in scoring position!

    • LT

      But remember Mark, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. The Reds will turn things around.

  81. west larry

    They had a tremendous comeback, but in defeat..

  82. LT

    Couldn’t have asked for a better chance. Best hitter up with bases jacked. Will get them tomorrow.

  83. CI3J

    Newman and McLain back to back Ks to end it.

    Honestly, the Reds didn’t deserve to win. But at least they made it interesting.

    • LT

      Not sure why they didn’t deserve to win 🙂

    • Kevin H

      Wow that says alot.

      They battled back, never gave up and Salazar and Herget pitched shut out baseball. Not sure why they “didn’t deserve to win” let me guess its cause they didn’t play Barrero and Bell didn’t pull Ashcraft fast enough? LOL

      • CI3J

        I mean, yeah.

        Bell left Ashcraft out there to get slaughtered. When your team gives up 10 runs, you don’t deserve to win.

        Not sure what’s controversial about that.

  84. Dennis Westrick

    Now, tomorrow’s game takes on extra importance to avoid a sweep!

  85. GPod

    just when you start to hope (5 game winning streak) they kill the vibe (3 game losing streak)

    • TR

      Too little, too late but five innings of surprisingly outstanding relief pitching.

  86. Kevin H

    What a great comeback that falls just short. Can’t ask for much more. Do hope Ashcraft gets it figured out. Kudos to Salazar and Herget for pitching 2 hit baseball. REDS didn’t quit and heck had winning run on first base. Yes a loss, however nothing to be upset over.

    • Votto4life

      I disagree Kevin, David Bell quit by going so long with Ashcraft.

  87. Gusnwally

    How many of you astute fans agree with me on this one. Package Senzel, Barrero and maybe a minor league pitcher for some sort of pitching. That will not get Steve Carlton I realize. But, maybe a decent looking prospect. It also would allow EDLC to play SS, McLain 2B India back to his old position at 3B. We Know Joey will get 1st base when he comes up. So Steer could go to LF. Gives us plenty of room for Friedl, Fraley and whatever combo of OF’s you like.

    • VegasRed

      I get the desire to do something different and the impatience to see real progress. But just too soon to cut bait with Senzel and Barrero. We just don’t know what we have with those guys, and could well be selling at a low point. This team has so many holes still, no sense in burning through prospect capital imo.

      Lots of frustration comments about prospects x, y and z but mlb is hard and prime example is what Ashcraft is going through. I don’t dislike Newman at all but he just isn’t a future piece of the puzzle going forward for Reds. But he plays because there needs to at least some guys in the lineup that have some experience/steadiness.

      Personally, I would rather see a prospect play over Newman, but I get why he is on the team. Still, I would rather see EDLC, or even Barrero play those games than New an, but that’s me and I have never expected much winning this year. And probably next year also, although I am tired of losing. Just don’t see a competitive team this year and probably next unless the owners really surprise everyone in the upcoming offseason.