The Cincinnati Reds have officially sent Joey Votto and Henry Ramos to Triple-A Louisville where they will begin rehab assignments tonight with the Bats. We found out that Votto would be starting his stint yesterday when he tipped his hand on Instagram and then the team later confirmed it. We did not know that Ramos would be taking the bus ride down to Louisville with him.

Joey Votto has been out since last August when he underwent surgery to repair his town rotator cuff. When they got in there they also had to repair a torn biceps muscle. Votto attempted to return in time for the start of the season but he couldn’t quite get ready in time and actually began the year on a rehab assignment with Louisville. He spent a little over two weeks in Triple-A, but he struggled both statistically and physically. His rehab stint was cut short of the 20-day limit and he returned to Cincinnati as he simply couldn’t quite do the things that he and the team/training staff felt he needed to be able to do in order to play. His rehab continued in Cincinnati and after about six weeks he feels he’s ready to give it another go and is feeling much further along than when he first attempted it in April.

Henry Ramos will be joining Votto in Louisville tonight. The outfielder has been on the injured list for the last two weeks with a strained right hip. After starting his Reds career with a 6-game hitting streak from April 24th through April 30th, Ramos play in 12 games during May and had hits in just four of them. The outfielder did walk six times, but hit just .150/.277/.200 in his 47 plate appearances during May before landing on the injured list.

Both Votto and Ramos can remain on rehab assignment for up to 20 days. They can also be recalled before that length of time and activated. Or, as we saw with Votto in April, called back and have their rehab stint cut short and have them remain on the injured list.

22 Responses

  1. Soto

    What do you think, Doug? When will we see Votto in Cinci? Late June? After the All-Star break?

    • Doug Gray

      If Votto gets through this rehab assignment, he has to be back by June 23rd.

  2. LDS

    Sadly, I’m not looking forward to either of them returning. Maybe Votto will surprise me but I’m not optimistic. And Ramos? Very unlikely.

    • Tar Heel Red

      Agree with you LDS. My main concern is what effect will Votto’s return have on the team in terms of playing time and continuity. As currently constructed the Reds seem to have gelled into a “team” rather than nine guys on the field at one time. Votto’s return, who in my opinion has never been a team leader or player, could have a bad effect in this area and also stunt development of several players. I keep hoping that he will keep his promise and just retire.

    • JayTheRed

      I’m not super excited to see Votto back unless he is hitting the cover off the ball. This rookie of the year candidate Spencer Steer has been really impressive so far this season.

      Hopefully Votto understands he probably is going to DH some more than he is used to.

  3. Mark Moore

    So 2 possible games, then Monday off. Then the next leg of 6 games. Timing is puzzling to me, but I’d be happy to see Votto get his stroke in shape and find a way to contribute.

  4. docproc

    If Votto and Ramos cut into playing time and opportunities for CES and Hopkins at Louisville, I won’t be happy.

  5. Soto

    Whether fans like it or not, when healthy Votto will be in the lineup in Cincy. The only question is when and how much will he DH. In my opinion, his career success, work ethic, and salary, make him deserving of one more shot as a full-time player. I for one will not count out one of the Reds all-time greatest hitters and arguably one of the best bats of the 21st century until he gets at least a month of consistent ABs. His arrival should not limit CES. Steer needs to start getting some time in left field because I want his bat in the lineup as much as possible.

    • JayTheRed

      You’re right about that. They are not paying him 20 million something to sit on the bench.

  6. Frankie Tomatoes

    Here is to hoping that Joey is healthier and more athletic than in his last trip to Louisville. He didn’t look right and eventually he acknowledged that.

  7. Kevin H

    Friedl to IL, according to charile goldsmith

    • DHud

      Was about to comment he’s been out for 4 straight games now

      Who’s coming up!?

    • LDS

      Really? I’m shocked. Who would ever have guessed that? Whenever Bell speak says day-to-day or available off the bench, you know he’s headed to the IL in a few days. But, hey the Reds have Benson who is starting again today and Newman is still leading off. I’m sure they just need to play through yesterday’s slump.

      • LDS

        Hopkins, Barrero, anyone but Benson. And Newman wouldn’t be leading off. Benson has had one decent game. He should be in Louisville if not Chattanooga.

  8. JayTheRed

    Bensen does seem overmatched so the plate. If Hopkins is coming up why is he not playing in the OF today. As much as Newman has been hitting lately I still don’t like him in the leadoff spot one bit.

    • Kevin H

      Sounds like it was a mid afternoon decision to put friedl on IL. Lineup was already up and who knows when Hopkins got the call as far a time.

  9. Melvin

    One thing that needs to happen soon is Steer moving to the outfield. There certainly is room out there with guys like Benson playing. Votto playing 1B/DH has to be better.