Hunter Greene allowed one unlucky run in six innings pitched, but Cincinnati’s offense never really got going. To make matters worse the bullpen fell apart and Boston scored six runs in the 8th inning to put the game entirely out of reach as the Red Sox salvaged a win in the series and ended the Reds 5-game winning streak.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (26-30)
2 7 0
Boston Red Sox (29-27)
8 8 0
W: Martin (1-1) L: Herget (1-2)
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Hunter Greene had five strikeouts through the first two innings, but the Reds didn’t have much going for them on offense in those two frames either. Cincinnati got things going with back-to-back 1-out doubles from Curt Casali and Kevin Newman to grab an early 1-0 lead in the 3rd inning.

In the bottom of the inning Hunter Greene picked up two more strikeouts, giving him seven of them on the day. Spencer Steer doubled to lead off the 4th, but could only advance to third base when Tyler Stephenson doubled off of the wall in center as he through the ball was caught and headed back to the bag before turning and sprinting to third. That turned out to haunt the Reds as Steer was doubled off as he tried to tag and score on a fly ball on the next play. Cincinnati challenged the play, arguing the catcher blocked the plate illegally, but the call on the field stood as called on the field.

Chris Sale would face Nick Senzel next and mid at-bat, the trainer came out after seeing something from Sale. The left-handed starter indicated he was capable of staying in the game. He walked Senzel two pitches later and the trainer came back out and Sale exited the game. Justin Garza took over and got a pop up to end the inning, leaving the Reds scoreless in a frame in which they had back-to-back doubles with no outs.

After nine straight innings of no-hit baseball going back to his last start, Hunter Greene’s streak came to an end when Rafael Devers hit a fly ball into center that Jose Barrero lost and had it fall for a double a few feet away from him. Justin Turner followed up with an RBI single off of the glove of a diving Spencer Steer that tied up the game at 1-1. After a fly out, Greene walked Jarren Duran and that prompted a mound visit from pitching coach Derek Johnson. Whatever he said worked because it took two pitches to get the next two batters out and send the game into the 5th inning.

Greene returned for the 6th inning with 91 pitches on the night. He walked Rafael Devers after an 8-pitch battle to begin the inning. Justin Turner worked Greene’s pitch count, too, but he struck out on the 7th pitch of his at-bat. Masataka Yoshida flew out on the second pitch he saw. Jarren Duran then flew out on the first pitch he saw to end the inning. That was the final pitch for Greene, finishing up with just one run allowed on two hits to go along with eight strikeouts.

Ian Gibaut entered the game for the Reds to begin the 7th inning and he immediately gave up a home run to Enrique Hernandez to begin the inning that put Boston up 2-1. He would retire the next three batters, but the damage had been done.

Cincinnati’s offense started things out in the right way in the top of the 8th when Kevin Newman doubled to lead things off. He moved over to third on a wild pitch and then scored when Matt McLain singled into center to tie the game.

Kevin Herget took over for Cincinnati in the bottom of the 8th and like Gibaut before him, he quickly found himself giving up rockets to the Red Sox and giving Boston a lead. He walked Alex Verdugo to lead off the inning then gave up an RBI double off of the wall in center. Justin Turner followed up with a single to put runners on the corners. The next batter hit a grounder to second and Jonathan India came up and fired home to get Devers in a rundown that eventually resulted in an out, but the Red Sox trail runners wound up at second and third. Herget then intentionally walked Jarren Duran to load the bases and face Enrique Hernandez. After a balk made it 4-2, Hernandez singled and it was 6-2 in the blink of an eye. It wasn’t over yet as Connor Wong followed with a home run that pushed Boston’s lead to 8-2.

Cincinnati would need a huge inning to pull off the comeback. They didn’t get it and had to settle for taking two of the three games in Boston as they watched their winning streak come to an end at five games.

Key Moment of the Game

Whatever it was that went down in the bottom of the 8th inning that saw Boston turn a tie game into a 6-run lead.

Notes Worth Noting

Hunter Greene became the 4th fastest pitcher to reach 250 career strikeouts as a starter since 1893 (which was when the mound was moved to 60 feet and 6 inches from the plate).

Matt McLain extended his hitting streak to 10 games with his RBI single in the 8th inning.

Kevin Newman picked up three hits, including two doubles and his hot streak over the past week has raised his average to .291 on the season.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Milwaukee Brewers vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday June 2nd, 5:10pm ET

Corbin Burnes (4-4, 3.68 ERA) vs Brandon Williamson (0-0, 5.02 ERA)

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  1. JB

    Can’t win them all. Big weekend series coming up.

    • Melvin

      Five out of six road trip is never bad. Now let’s bring up De La Cruz and CES and push even harder.

    • JayTheRed

      I was wondering the same thing.

      Title should have been Reds have good game except Herget. Well, I didn’t expect to take 2 of 3 from the Red Sox so I’ll still take it. Games were fun to watch mostly too.

      • Doug Gray

        Spoken like someone who is unfamiliar with SEO (your headline would get far fewer clicks, which means less pepperoni on my pizza)

      • LDS

        Throw in a mention of Taylor Swift or someone similar and move up the results page

      • Doug Gray

        Moving up the page isn’t the problem for game stories. They’re generally already at the top.

      • Melvin

        So the more clicks the better correct? Even when we vent and complain? 🙂

      • Michael

        Doug’s dream scenario is Taylor Swift singing at reds game. SEO gold and high relevancy score

      • JayTheRed

        Wow Doug
        Thanks for making me feel bad. Kidding … You’re right I have no idea how titles of articles work on any platform.

        Do want to point out that it obviously was Herget that lost the game though. and yes he is part of the bullpen haha..

  2. Ted Alfred

    Sometimes the breaks don’t go your way. The Reds pounded four balls off the green monster and got a total of one run out of them, meanwhile Boston’s first run is a double lost ball in the lights and a single off of Steer’s glovem.. just the way the game went. So instead of being up around in the 8th and bringing Diaz in to probably win the game her get blows up and that’s that.

    That’s okay…that was an awesome road trip and this is a big four-game series with the Brewers….so lets take three out of four and welcome the Dodgers into town only one game out of 1st.

  3. CFD3000

    A good series and a really good road trip. Shame to waste another solid start from Hunter Greene. That stat from Joel Lukhaupt is insane – that can’t last, right? The Brewers are lucky they’ll miss Greene. Here’s hoping that Lively, Williamson, Weaver and Ashcraft can more than make up for it. Go Reds!

    • Melvin

      Yeah. Poor Hunter Greene. If he had to make money off of wins and losses he’d be in trouble. He certainly pitched well enough tonight to win.

    • greenmtred

      A wasted start in one way, but this makes two solid starts in a row and that bodes well. Anybody else notice that he got rattled and lost his control for a few pitches?

      • Still a Red

        Yes, after the ball lost in the lights/dusk sky.
        Boy, if he can get that 3rd pitch, whether a change-up or something else, he could really make a mark.

    • Doc

      Aces face aces. Hunter Greene will always be battling against the best, which means he will always have few runs to work with. Remember that in Bob Gibson’s stellar year when his ERA for the season was 1.12, he still lost eight games.

      Greene is improving fortnight by fortnight. Better things to come.

      • greenmtred

        Good point, Doc. I’d forgotten that Gibson had eight losses. What a pitcher!

  4. RedlegScott

    Highlights of the game were the performances of Greene and Newman. Hope Newman keeps it going. Elly going to show up v. Brew Crew?

    • Melvin

      “Elly going to show up v. Brew Crew?”

      The million dollar question. $,$$$,$$$.$$

      • greenmtred

        Either they’re saving it as a last minute surprise, or no. What do you think: would he play third or short? Third requires the least reshuffling–Senzel to left, where he’s been lately, Newman, with his .291 BA and better OPS than Fraley’s, to the bench?

      • jon

        He struck out 5x in a row last night. Just the excuse mgmt. needed to say he needs more time.

      • Melvin

        They’re most likely not going to move India off 2B during the season and since De La Cruz played 3B when MMc was at SS in AAA I’d say 3B is most likely for EDLC this season.

      • jmb

        Apparently teams are sniffing around the Reds, asking about India specifically. Being that he’s having a bit of a comeback year which may see him hit more doubles than he ever has and his average is starting to slide, may not be such a back idea for the right return. McLain then can move to second, and even if the Reds want EDLC to spend another month or two at AAA, the team still has Barrero and a surging Newman to play short. (I operate under the assumption there are currently 3 tiers of Reds position players: top tier–EDLC, CES, Steer (moved up, due to recent play), Friedl, Hopkins, McLain; 2nd tier–Senzel, Newman (moved up, due to recent play), India, Stephenson; bottom tier–Benson, Fairchild, Barrero, Fraley (he’s dropped, due to recent play). The only “untouchable” or unavailable to be traded players are those of the top tier.)

    • Harry Stoner

      I hope he isn’t sporting his new Platinum Sombrero when he rides into town.

      “We Don’t Need Another Aquino!” to meme the dear departed Tina Turner.

      • Tom Reeves

        Anytime my wife wants Greek food, I sing “We don’t need any other Gyro.”

        Every. time.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Guy is long gone and still beating on him. Nice

  5. Frankie Tomatoes

    I feel bad for Greene at this point because he is just getting no help from his team.

    Will take a five and one road trip even if it ended like this one. Get back to Cincinnati and crush the Brewers.

    • Tservo

      I remember Bronson Arroyo had a season where he averaged something less than 2 runs in support which was more than a run less than any other pitcher on the staff. It was like the offense would just go to sleep when he pitched.

      It was one of his better ERA years, so it may have been that they just didn’t expect to have to score 5+ runs every night to win. I don’t know if that was the mindset or if it was similar to what Doug said in that he would just get matched up against the other guys’ best pitchers.

      Baseball is weird that way. I was at the game where Ron Villone threw a 1-hitter against the Brewers and Randy Johnson and the only hit he gave up was to Johnson.

  6. MBS

    Our bullpen has been good, but the high leverage end of the pen needs an improvement. Sims was looking like that guy, until he wasn’t. Young is solid, but he’s needed to get the lefty outs more than he’s needed to be the setup man.

    We had Farmer close yesterday, it worked but it’s not ideal. Today in the 8th in a tied game we turned to Herget, it didn’t work out. I’ve mentioned going after Hader in the offseason to pair up with Diaz at the back of the pen, but I really think we need to look for a trade now to shore up the back of the pen. Also, another starter couldn’t hurt.

    Someone recently mentioned Chapman, (a guy I wanted to target in the offseason) and it makes sense. KC is out of it, and they have a strong pen with a couple of good ex Red lefties. He’s salary is cheap, 3.75M. I’d also see if we could pry loose Greinke, 8.5M. The prospect capital to get both probably wouldn’t be very much, both are FA’s in 24. I wouldn’t want to speculate on who, but I don’t think it would be anyone more than 2 prospect in or 16 – 30 rankings, and maybe a couple others to enhance the deal.

    Greene, Ashcraft, Abbott, Greinke, Weaver, Lively, Lodolo (IL)

    Diaz, Chapman, Sims, Young, Gibaut, Farmer, Salazar, Herget, Law (IL)

    • Indy Red Man

      I mentioned Graveman w the White Sox too. He had a zero era in May. Diaz is going to need help moving forward. The other guys are doing well currently, but counting on them is like counting on Lively to suddenly be a #2 starter. It’s just not likely to continue

      • MBS

        I’m all in for getting a Graveman, and, or Bieber, they’d cost more prospect wise. I don’t think these additions making us WS contenders, but I do think it would keep us in the running for the division all year. How much better of an environment would that be for McLain, EDLC, CES and others to be in as rookies?

    • jmb

      Acquiring Greinke and/or Chapman would be the moves of a team that are going for it this season. It’s true that the NL Central is up for grabs and the Reds are playing very well of late, but such a move would most likely not come until just before the trade deadline (Aug. 1). What the team does and where the division goes in the meantime, as well as what the Royals are asking, will determine whether the Reds make such a move. I’m not a Greinke fan, myself, but if Lodolo and/or Ashcroft continue to pitch just so-so, and the team is nevertheless in first or near first in the division, acquiring a veteran starter would be a good idea. But why not go for Bieber, who is only making $10 mil. this season and isn’t a free agent until after next season, if Cleveland continues to sputter?

  7. Jim t

    5-1 very nice road trip. Now let’s hVe a nice home stand. A good start would be taking 3 of 4 from the brew crew.

    • wkuchad

      All four Brewers games we’re facing a righty starting pitcher. I really hope Friedl is back and healthy. He’s been our best hitter this year versus righties.

      He have five hitters with an OPS above .800 vs righties: Friedl, McLain, Steer, India, and Fraley.

  8. RedsGettingBetter

    Greene inherited Luis Castillo’s lack of support from the Reds apparently. It is proved in his losing record of 1-4 despite having good ERA and FIP. Actually the Greene’s stats are good except his wins-losses balance. It is very necessary for the sake of his career he could developed the changeup as ,at least, an average offering so it would help to get out the batters faster and reducing the pitches count.
    It is sad to lost a game because you don´t have the premier BP available for being taxed. Are there any news about Derek Law?

  9. Mark A Verticchio

    The Cardinals are bringing up Jordan Walker again, he is actually younger than EDLC and his AAA stats are no where near as good. It is past time for the Reds to make a move. Send down Barrero and Benson down and bring them both up. I am not thrilled with EDLC’s performance last night but human nature may be stepping in and he actually might be feeling like he is in limbo and is getting discouraged thinking what more does he have to prove and CES could feel the same way soon.

    • David

      I don’t think we are going to see CES or EDLC anytime soon. That’s not who the Reds are.
      Playing to win? Putting all the cards on the table?

      If Chad Pinder had batted 0.250 in Spring Training, he would be on the 26 man roster right now. The Reds are hot now (sort of). I don’t know how long it will last.

    • jmb

      A lot of Cardinals fans are not pleased with how the team has handled Walker. He may not be ready for the Show, yet he’s been brought up merely because their outfielders aren’t hitting too well.

    • Still a Red

      Hmmm, he could also be feeling invincible and got a little humble pie.

  10. Redsvol

    Great road trip by our Reds. Hunter has been on fire lately. I’d still like to see him work on getting more weak contact early in at bats to keep his pitch count down but he’s getting there.

    We need Derek law and Legumina back soon in that bullpen. And then maybe Santillan or Antone show up for stretch run. There was a little news on antone this week. I can’t believe how quiet it’s been on Santillan. Will he ever pitch?

    • DHud

      I’d put money Antone never throws another pitch in a major league game. The “news” on him this week is he’s being shut down again with elbow discomfort. Again.

      • David

        Yes, sadly, I think TJ Antone is probably done. Really, really big disappointment for him, who had a great arm and a promising career. Rushed him back from the DL in 2021, and then he tore up his elbow again. Or maybe it was going to happen regardless.

      • Kevin H

        Are you serious? Hadn’t heard that yet, and that is too bad.

        I agree he probably won’t pitch again

  11. SteveAReno

    Ever notice when our offense does well it’s because our batters had a good night? When the opposing team’s batters do well it’s because our pitchers did poorly. When our batters do poorly, it’s because they were just cold or off. It had nothing to do with superior pitching. From our bias, we don’t always give credit where it is due.

    • wkuchad

      Yes, this is true, but also fine. I don’t care about the other team’s players. I only care about the Reds and their performance.

  12. Indy Red Man

    Burnes is killing lefties (.494 ops). If EDLC does start then I’d hit right-handed.

    • wkuchad

      I’m never seen a switch hitter do this because of a pitcher’s reverse splits. I wonder how often it happens.

      • greenmtred

        I think somebody did it against the Reds in the Cubs series. But I can’t remember who, which doesn’t surprise me much because the list of things I can’t remember is long, or would be if I could remember enough to make a list.

      • CFD3000

        95% sure it was Tommy Edman batting right handed against Ben Lively last Wednesday. Thrall and the Cowboy commented on it during the radio coverage. More about Edman than Lively’s splits, but he (Edman) does that at times. Remember Tucker Barnhart was a switch hitter until he finally gave up on it. But for EDLC I think he’d just make the conventional choice. He’s probably never seen a pitcher throw from the same side as he bats as a professional.

    • CFD3000

      Some switch hitters do exactly that (see my comment about the Cardinals Edman) but EDLC has almost certainly never faced a pitcher throwing from the same side as he bats, at least since he started switch hitting. MLB debut would be enough stress – he should hit from the side he’s comfortable on. Learning a couple hundred new, really good pitchers will be tough enough.

      • Melvin

        A lot about hitting opposite side of the pitcher is simply seeing the ball better.

  13. old-school

    MLb traderumors has a lengthy capsule up on India and Reds receiving trade interest. Doesn’t sound like Reds have any interest in trading him unless they were blown away. Jeff Passan ESPN

    • Votto4life

      Good! I think trading India would be a mistake, at least right now. They should wait until the young players are somewhat established at the major league level.

      • Still a Red

        Agreed. India is currently a ‘bird in the hand.’

    • CI3J

      On one hand, that’s good for the short term.

      On the other hand, if “blown away” means receiving a young, MLB-ready mid-rotation pitcher, I think the Reds should at least listen. It’s not like they have a shortage of infielders who could eventually take over at 2B.

      Long-term, having another solid arm in the rotation would certainly help the Reds compete for the next several years, and I think the Reds should be willing to listen to offers on pretty much anyone except EDLC if it means acquiring more good starting pitching.

  14. Kevin H

    Truly I don’t understand why De La Cruz hasn’t been called up. He seems to be ready.

    • greenmtred

      I don’t know, either, and I’ve done all of the speculating about it that I can. There may well be a good reason, but there he is, hitting homers in bunches and the Reds could use some homers in bunches. They’ve been scoring well lately without them, but last night’s game shows the limitation: Friedl injured, India in mild slump, and the keys to the offense are gone. There’s no rule against hitting home runs and playing speed/small ball.

    • David

      EDLC and CES both. I guess this says something about Big Bob’s commitment to “winning”. Honestly, I know they are not perfect, but they need time in the Majors to advance to this next level of playing challenge. It won’t just be like turning on a light. They will struggle with the better pitching you see in the Majors.

      I am sure that there will be some eyewash published in the coming days about how they still have “things to work on”, as they reactivate Wil Myers from the DL and we can watch his scintillating batting prowess. Or perhaps Joey Votto will begin his next rehab stint at AAA.

  15. Votto4life

    The Reds are not going to sweep every series. They took 2 of 3 on the road against a very good team that has an insane payroll. Get back at them today.

    • Ron S

      Remember 2 years ago Reds trailed Brewers by 4 games at all star break and proceeded to get swept by the Brewers the following weekend pretty much ended their chance at division title.Hope history is not repeating itself this weekend.

      • David

        I don’t know what to make of this upcoming series against the Brewers, but Corbin Burnes needs a haircut. 😉

        Yeah, the Reds have made a habit of choking when playing the Brewers in a big series over the years. I just hope they don’t get swept and crush the embers of hope glowing for Reds fans.

      • Votto4life

        For me, the difference now is one of expectations. The 2021 Reds were in win now mode. As much as I would love the Reds to win the NL Central, it’s not going to happen this year. Maybe next year, if they get improve the pitching staff.

        I am looking forward to the Reds window of opportunity, but I also know, in a few years, we will be looking at another re-build.

  16. Mark Moore

    When the schedule was first published, did anybody have us taking 2 of 3 in Fenway? Anyone … Bueller …

    I know I didn’t. Getting those first two was a solid accomplishment. Being in the 3rd game until the wheels fell of showed some mettle, especially 6 solid innings from Greene.

    Back to GABP and bring on the Bernies!!

    • Jim Walker

      I just bit the bullet and reupped for 30 days of Apple TV+. Cost me 7 bucks but seemed simpler than using my alternate ID for the 1 week trial since I have to go in and cancel the subscription sometime after the game either way, Did it on a Windows device. Now just hoping my iPad doesn’t have a hissy fit and put me through multiple hoops to use the app as it did with the trial.

    • VaRedsFan

      The reds were awful last year, but they really spanked the AL East.

  17. Tom Mitsoff

    I didn’t get to watch the game — caught some on MLB Gameday 😉 . It’s great that Greene continues to show improvement. My big concern is that what we’re seeing might be what we’ll get. That is, a pitcher who averages around 20 pitches per inning and can only go five or six innings as a result. I have no idea if this is a statistic that is available, but I would suggest that Greene is on the very high end of the spectrum on how many pitches he throws on average to record an out. If he turns out to be a pitcher that strikes out 30-plus percent of the hitters he faces and goes five or six innings per start, you can certainly do much worse than that. To reduce that pitches-per-out number might require him to find a way to throw “more competitive” pitches closer to the strike zone when he misses the zone. That may come in time. As I sat at an event with my wife last night and watched the Gameday feed, the first five outs he recorded were strikeouts. I thought to myself, even if he strikes out every batter he faces, he’ll never get a chance to finish the game because of the high pitch count.

    • Jim Walker

      Tom> In the past, I have noted the same about Luis Castillo during his tenure with the Reds. And sure enough, last night several times I caught my eyes picking up the pitch count on the video display and thinking that Greene needed to end PAs more pitch efficiently.

      To a degree, perhaps guys like Greene and Castillo have such filthy stuff that batters recognize border zone pitches they know they are extremely unlikely to be able to even spoil and lay off them believing they have a better chance of getting a ball called than making any sort of contact.

      Maybe a solution would be varying speeds on the fastball or slipping in a cutter from time to time in place of a 4 seam fastball or slider?

    • VaRedsFan

      While I love starters that could pitch deeper, and finish games, that’s just not how they train pitchers anymore. It seems like it’s 5 innings max in the minors, then 6-7 max in MLB. I hate it, but I just have to accept it now.

      Why wouldn’t teams want to train their pitchers to be like the best starters in the game (recent history) like Verlander, Scherzer, Halladay, Mussina, Kershaw…..ect. It seems like they throw fewer innings now, at max effort, and aren’t as successful. Not to mention, more injuries.

    • redfanorbust

      Agreed Tom. As I watched him pitch his misses were not close and that seems to be a pattern with him. I am sure he and the coaches know this but seems to be a tough nut to crack so far, even with me repeatedly telling him this from my living room during the game.

      • David

        You know, I made a crack last night about Hunter Greene “learning to pitch” and not just be a thrower. Greene on his worst day, has about 1000 times more athletic talent than I ever had. The guy is really remarkable. And a pretty thoughtful and intelligent young man.
        He will get it. He just has to keep going out there and refining everything he does. It will take a couple of seasons. And every now and then (like last Friday) he is just overpowering.
        He could learn a few things from Verlander, about changing his velocity of his fastball; not just a changeup, but just changing velocity a little, and “pitch to contact” and location rather than just try and strike everyone out. I know he is out there thinking and we just want him to be the pitcher that his potential shows he can be.

  18. Kevin H

    Lineup is out. No Friedl. Makes me wonder if hamstring is more than just tightness?

    • Mark Moore

      Yeah … I get trying to delay an IL stint, but still. Continuing to play short-handed makes it challenging.

      • Kevin H

        Very much so, but seems like reds organization does this alot. Equally sure they aren’t the only team that does it. Still playing with a thin bench isn’t smart

    • greenmtred

      They aren’t always quick to heal, and neither are obliques.

  19. Indy Red Man

    How’s he going to get quick outs w/weak contact when his stuff is so good? Grooves it and they hammer it. Good pitch and they miss/foul it off. That’s a tough riddle?

    • VaRedsFan

      Exactly…I’ve said his pitch count gets high because guys swing and miss so much. People spout off about high pitch counts without taking in effect that they aren’t making contact when they swing.

      It’s really the ultimate outcome for a pitcher. No contact, and they will never get a hit.

      • Old Big Ed

        VaReds, by definition, a high pitch count is NOT the result of guys swinging and missing. The only way that a count can go more than 3 pitches is if a ball is called, or else if the batter hits a foul ball on the third pitch.

        Greene gets into pitch-count trouble by (a) throwing too many balls, often when he is ahead in the count, and (b) having foul balls hit on 2-strike counts. Eliminating just 2 pitches an inning from his game yesterday (109 pitches) would have allowed him to pitch 7 innings and avoid having to use Reliever No. 8 instead of Diaz.

        I think Greene is excellent, but still green. He’s given up 2 hits in his last 12 innings, with a ton of Ks. What he does need to have Casali be his catcher. Tyler is a good guy, but he does not call a good game for Greene.

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah, it is. Pitching philosophy has never been my favorite thing to obsess about. But I suggested changing speeds on his fastball which I recall Seaver and Nuxhall talking about a lot in their postgame chats back in the “Star of the Game” days. Another possibility is using a cutter in place of the 4 seamer or slider from time to time.

  20. jmb

    The team missed Friedl’s bat last night.

    • Mark Moore

      Looks like they will miss it again tonight. Lineup is posted and he’s not starting. Steer isn’t either, but I’m thinking that’s a planned day off.

      • Jim Walker

        Believe you are correct on Steer. Saw on Twitter he has started every game since 19 April. Newman at 1B is something of a head scratcher though. It pretty much tips the bench is bare.

      • wkuchad

        With Myers on the IL, I’m surprised Stephenson isn’t the backup 1B. Maybe they’ve abandoned that idea. I can’t remember the last time he played 1B.

      • CI3J

        Shhh… Don’t call anything Bell does a head-scratcher. For the Bell Fan Club, that just means “you don’t understand his genius”.

        I too am curious why they didn’t start Stephenson at 1st, since that’s supposed to be his second position and, if Bell really wants Newman’s bat in the lineup, let Newman be the DH.

        Although, it should be noted that Barrero (.663) has a higher OPS than Newman (.607) against right-handed pitchers, so I’d personally start Barrero in this game, but what do I know? I’m not a genius like Bell.

      • wkuchad

        Sigh, it would almost be worth it for Bell to get fired, to stop such stupid comments. But then again they’ll just be made about the next manager.

      • CI3J


        Feel free to refute anything I said. Ad hominem attacks accomplish nothing.

      • wkuchad

        Ad hominem attacks – directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

        “Don’t call anything Bell does a head-scratcher. For the Bell Fan Club, that just means “you don’t understand his genius””

        “but what do I know? I’m not a genius like Bell”

      • CI3J

        Ad hominem attacks are against the person you are debating, not a third party that is not present.

        Again, feel free to refute anything I said with actual facts.

      • wkuchad

        I’m not refuting what you said, I’m ‘refuting’ how you said it. See quotes above.

      • Kevin H

        @ CI3j I read somewhere they abandoned the idea of Stephenson playing first base. That is why he isn’t playing there, I think either Bell said it or a mark sheldon. Not 100%sure.

      • CI3J

        So you admit that Barrero should be starting instead of Newman, since you didn’t refute it?

      • CI3J

        @ Kevin H,

        Thanks for the constructive, informative comment. I didn’t know that.

        I wonder why they abandoned it? So that means Stephenson is exclusively a catcher/DH going forward?

      • wkuchad

        Against a right handed starting pitcher, I 100% think Barrero should be starting over Newman (which I’ve stated before on this site).

        One guess as to why Newman is starting instead of Barrero today is this particular starting pitcher has reverse splits.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        My two cents worth on this discussion. I checked baseball-reference, and from what I can tell, Newman has never played first base in a major league game. So the move of him over Stephenson at first base, particularly in a game of high importance, is very curious. With Stephenson playing fewer and fewer games in the field as his offensive production continues to drop, it makes you wonder. For sure, Friedl will be missed for as long as he can’t play.

      • Kevin H

        @CI3J, my understanding is he is Dh/catcher. Of course now watch he will play 1st this weekend. Hahaha

        I think Bell said, and again could be wrong. It was too much for Stephenson and they wanted to simplify things.. I wish I knew exactly

      • Jim Walker

        Increasingly, everything the Reds do where Stephenson is involved seems to be an attempt to look past the obvious, that he has not yet recovered fully to his former capacity following his shoulder injury and surgery.

        And now with word breaking on Twitter that Joey Votto is starting an official rehab in Louisville tomorrow, we can just about bet the house they will not make a move to get CES up before the outcome of Votto’s rehab is known.

      • wkuchad

        I’m for Stephenson focusing all of his time and attention to catching. I would like for him to be done playing 1B, and for the 3 catcher system to be over.

      • Melvin

        Steer can play other places and has even volunteered to do so. It can be worked out for Votto and CES on the same roster.

      • wkuchad

        I agree Melvin, but there’s likely not room for Votto, CES, AND Myers with the current roster. If they can’t trade Myers, it may be time to make a tough choice and release him once/if Votto if ready to come off the IL.

      • Melvin

        “I’m for Stephenson focusing all of his time and attention to catching. I would like for him to be done playing 1B, and for the 3 catcher system to be over.”

        No argument from me.

        “If they can’t trade Myers, it may be time to make a tough choice and release him once/if Votto if ready to come off the IL.”

        I agree on this point too. Myers, on this team, is basically just weighing it down.

      • greenmtred

        C13J: Ad hominem attacks are not restricted to in-person; it’s understood that they can occur in writing. You mischaracterise the “Bell Fan Club” which does not, to my knowledge exist among commenters at RLN. I’ve seen no claims that he’s a genius, or even that he is a good manager. Fans’ opinions–mine certainly included–are just opinions and are based on the information available to the fan–not much, to put it plainly. Doesn’t mean that Bell is right, just that he has much more experience and current information than we do. I’d love to call a truce and talk baseball. The Reds have been fun to watch lately.

  21. Kevin H

    To continue the Newman at 1st baseball discussion
    I find it interesting he has never played the position and yet CES has and he is still at Louisville. I mean who is Steers backup right now? Don’t say Newman LOL..

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It might be Votto. I saw a post today that he was headed to Louisville, presumably for another rehab assignment.

      • Jim Walker

        Yep, Business as usual, nothing happening with CES pending the outcome of Votto’s rehab (and likely also some resolution on Myers status).

    • wkuchad

      Senzel can be Steer’s backup at 1B, and Steer can be Senzel’s backup at 3B. They’ll just switch positions when either needs a break. That logic checks. 🙂

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Senzel has never played first base either. 😉

    • greenmtred

      Did Casali play first a time or two when he was with the Reds a few years ago? I have a vague memory of this, but can’t find it on my list.

      • wkuchad

        Casali played 1B this year, but only as a late game substitution.

        But his value is behind the plate.

    • Old Big Ed

      Newman has spent 20 years playing baseball, mostly throwing to first basemen, and he ought to be able to fake playing first pretty well. He isn’t going to be Keith Hernandez, but he generally knows what to do.

  22. citizen54

    Shame about Sale, probably my favorite non Reds pitcher. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious.

    • Old Big Ed

      Yeah, the Red Sox are up against it already in that division, and losing Sale after his pitching so well over the past 6-7 weeks may pretty much doom them.