The Cincinnati Reds (24-29) continue its two city road trip tonight with the start of a three game series against the Boston Red Sox (28-25) at historic Fenway Park. First pitch is at 7:10 EDT.

The Red Sox come into this series three games over .500, yet find themselves in fourth place and 9.5 games behind the division leading Tampa Bay Rays, thanks to being in the AL East, the best division in baseball. The Red Sox have won with with its offense. They are third in the AL in OPS at .762, fourth in batting average at .262, and third in RBIs.

The Red Sox’s pitching staff has what’s hurt them. Their team ERA is 4.68, with only the White Sox, Royals, and A’s being worse. Their staff has also pitched the least amount of innings in the AL and has given up 75 home runs.


Cincinnati Reds

Boston Red Sox

CF TJ Friedl RF Raimel Tapia
SS Matt McLain 3B Rafael Devers
2B Jonathan India DH Justin Turner
DH Jake Fraley LF Masataka Yoshida
C Tyler Stephenson CF Jarran Duran
1B Spencer Steer 1B Triston Casas
3B Kevin Newman
SS Enrique Hernández
LF Will Benson 2B Enmanuel Valdez
RF Stuart Fairchild C Reese McGuire

Nick Senzel was a late scratch from the lineup. Kevin Newman is now starting at third base.

Starting Pitchers

Ben Lively 17.0 2.65 0.88 3 18
Brayan Bello 35.1 4.08 1.44 12 37
Links: Ben Lively’s Stats | Brayan Bello’s Stats

Ben Lively

When Nick Lodolo went down with a calf injury, everyone wondered who would step up in his place. Through 17.0 innings and two starts, right-hander Ben Lively has done an excellent job. He allowed only two runs and struck out eight in 5.2 innings against the Yankees, and in his most recent start, Lively pitched six full innings, allowing only two runs (two solo homers) and striking out another eight batters.

It might be impressive that Lively’s only walked three batters in 17 innings, but actually he’s never really walked a lot of batters in his career. In his entire career, both majors, minors and KBO, he’s only had a BB/9 greater than 4.00 three times in ten years.

Career Splits

RHH 288 68 20 1 7 5% 21% .258 .307 .421
LHH 301 78 14 3 14 10% 13% .293 .370 .526

Pitch Usage – 2023

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 91.2 91.7 89.0 76.5 80.5 84.9
Usage 32.1% 19.1% 4.2% 8.0% 26.0% 10.7%

Brayan Bello 

Twenty-four year old Brayan Bello is in his sophomore season and having a fairly average season to date. He hasn’t been good, but he also hasn’t been terrible. His ERA is sitting at 4.08 in 35.1 innings. In his most recent start against the Angels on 5/23, he allowed two runs, both home runs, on six hits with six strikeouts and zero walks. He pitched seven innings that start, his longest outing of the season.

Bello has five pitches, but almost never throws his curve ball. He replies on his two-seam fastball, while mixing in a four-seamer, change up and slider.

Career Splits

RHH 244 65 16 1 4 9% 24% .298 .365 .436
LHH 181 49 7 1 4 10% 18% .308 .378 .440

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 96.2 95.7 84.2 85.5 87.7
Usage 20.1% 37.4% 0.3% 20.8% 21.4%


  • Time: 7:10 pm EDT
  • Place: Fenway Park, Boston, MA
  • Forecast: 63 degrees, mostly sunny, 0 percent chance of rain
  • TV: Bally Sports Ohio
  • Radio: 700 WLW

News and Notes

It was only his second week in the major leagues, but Matt McLain is already getting recognition from MLB.

Doug’s got you covered on the latest news and notes for what youngsters will start with the rookie league this week in the farm report.

Chattanooga pitcher Tommy Eveld received some accolades for his performance last week.

Stat of the Day

Final Thoughts

This series has me reminiscing about my trip to Boston and Fenway Park exactly a year ago. If you ever have a chance to visit Fenway, I would highly recommend taking that opportunity. It’s a magical place, and worth every penny to see it.

302 Responses

  1. LDS

    Benson starting? Bell and his handedness. Oh well, maybe he’ll get his 3rd hit

    • Mark Moore

      I’m just hoping A) Senzel is okay and B) Newman continues his recent hitting trend.

      As for Benson, the Green Monster will have the final say on his performance tonight.

      • LDS

        Most of Newman’s hitting has been against LH’ers. I’ve not seen anything on Senzel. I’m sure Bell just planned this day off a couple of years ago

      • Mark Moore

        Senzel was in the posted line-up earlier. As noted above, he’s a “late scratch”.

      • Harry Stoner

        I guess one positive is that this removes the temptation for Bell to use Benson as a pinch hitter.

        Self discipline.

      • Jim Walker

        @Harry>> Fairchild is probably celebrating they don’t have a LH bench bat to sub in for him, especially given his OPS is virtually identical vs LH and RH pitching.

      • greenmtred

        He played 28 games for Cleveland; maybe he’s played the Monster before?

      • Jim t

        It was reported that Senzel has a sore knee.

      • Tom Reeves

        Pretty sure Benson saw your comments!

    • greenmtred

      Myers is hurt, Fraley is DH. Benson may well be in for his defense, and the Reds don’t have a surplus of outfielders.

    • Jim t

      Yea that darn Bell and his handedness. To this point Benson is 3-3.

    • Melvin

      He did get his third hit….tonight. 🙂 You just never know. 🙂

    • SteveAReno

      Like eating crow? Like bashing our guys and then they have a great game to make you look really bad? Coac.hing staff knew Benson would tear up Boston

  2. Chris

    Heading up to Boston on Thursday. Can’t wait to see Fenway for the 1st time, and see it while flame-throwin’ Green takes the mound.

    • Redsvol

      hope you have a great time. I’m going up in July for a game. You picked a good pitcher to watch. Hopefully he doesn’t let the green monster intimidate him.

    • DaveCT

      Fenway is awesome. It’s like going back in time. When you walk up the ramp to get out to the seats, you’ll swear you see and hear old guys chomping on cigars telling guys their bums. Enjoy!

      PS, if you’re driving, leave plenty of extra time to get into the city. It can be a full hour getting off the highway to parking.

    • MK

      Take your credit card. Everything expensive at Fenway.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    Ben Lively will be challenged by the heavy left-hander lineup of Boston, he has been hard hit by lefties so far. Hopefully the offense could continue being hot and taking advantage of the Fenway Park and the theorically weak pitching it will be facing

  4. Melvin

    Fairchild has been doing well his last 15 games with 46 ABs he’s hitting .304/.340/.435. At least he’s in the lineup tonight.

  5. Jim Walker

    Old Friend Adam Duvall is starting a rehab stint tonight (broken wrist) with the Red Sox AAA team versus the Louisville Bats.

    • SteveAReno

      I was there to watch Worcester take on the Bats. Bats couldn’t hit hardly at all. Had all of two hits after 8 full innings. They did take many walks. Elly De Le Cruz hit a walk-off HR to put Louisville in the win column. He had so much joy on his face rounding third and raising his arms to the crowd.

  6. Melvin

    De La Cruz just walked and stole 2B then 3B. 🙂

    • Jim Walker

      And then scored on a wild throw to 1st. But Abbott has already coughed up a solo shot in the top of the 2nd. score tied at 1

      • Harry Stoner

        Here’s hoping that the ‘Little 3’ – Williamson. Lively and Weaver – can hold on long enough to give Abbott some more AAA time.

      • Melvin

        He generally gives up a HR every now and then but not much else.

      • Melvin

        CES just walked again. That was the last thing to check off before being ready in some fans eyes.

  7. Jim Walker

    As if Chuckie Robinson isn’t naturally slow enough, my screen pulled a drag on the GIDP he just hit into 😉

    Bats game tied at 1 after 2 complete.

  8. Bet on Red

    I always like the Green Monster

    • Mark Moore

      Between that and the fence that’s about 2′ tall … 😀

    • David

      Frankly, I prefer the Cookie Monster. 😉

      Memories of the 1975 World Series, and Tony Perez launching a breaking ball off Bill Lee, far, far over the Green Monster and into the Boston Night.
      I was in college then, and a bunch of the guys were Boston fans and hated the Reds. I was lucky to live through the World Series.

  9. LT

    Try to keep my excitement low because Reds have a tendency to let their fans down (I.e splitting series with Cardinals) But I hope Reds play well and win the series. Let’s play balls.

    • Mark Moore

      Winning one at Fenway would be an accomplishment for a young team that doesn’t play there very often. I’m completely with you on the tempered expectations.

  10. Melvin

    The hitting/on base machine does it again. 😉

  11. Mark Moore

    Run up that pitch count. Kind of looks like Bello is more concerned with the ball than his pitching.

  12. JB

    For those that are old enough to remember, this game has such an aura about it. The feel of that 75 World Series and the atmosphere it brought is something that will never be forgotten in all of us. The field , the crowd, the uniforms, every pitch, every swing it felt like you were right there. To me it was so much different than the following year against the Yankees. Magical moment in time.

    • Daytonnati

      MLB used to sell the dvds of all seven games of that world series in a box set. It’s great. The games are interspersed with interviews with the former players. I break it out every few years.

      Pete breaking up the double-play in, I believe, the 6th inning in Game 7 is maybe the most overlooked play in Reds’ history? It enabled Perez to bat against Bill Lee and we know what happened next.

    • TR

      Even today some Sox fans feel they won the Series with Fisk’s homerun in the 6th. game. Sorry Boston, the Reds won it in game seven with the help of Bernie Carbo. I preferred the 1976 sweep of the Yankees since it was payback for the 1939 and 1961 World Series.

    • HoF-13

      I was in middle school, a Reds fan growing up in Connecticut, right in the middle of Red Sox and Yankee fans. ’75 and ’76 were great years. To me, that 75 series still is the best I’ve ever watched.

  13. VaRedsFan

    A ton of empty seats….I thought the Sox sold out everything

    • Daytonnati

      Maybe still mourning he choke job the Celtics pulled last night? 🙂

      • PTBNL

        Hey Now. There are some Reds/Celtics fans on here!

  14. Mark Moore

    Stepped away to type an e-mail and we went 1-2-3 … how about that for a good start.

  15. JB

    That might have been Benson’s best swing of the year.

  16. Melvin

    Fairchild keeping the good hitting up.

      • Votto4life

        He stayed at in the game, but wouldn’t be surprised if he gets an off day tomorrow.

      • Melvin

        “wouldn’t be surprised if he gets an off day tomorrow.”

        Injured or not. 🙂 Hopefully not.

  17. JB

    Hard to double up the Reds runners. Speed kills

  18. Old-school

    Reds are blowing up this kid pitch count.
    Mclain K was a ball

    59 pitches through 2

  19. JB

    Umpire must of got tired of standing behind the plate. McLain hosed again.

  20. Mark Moore

    Nibble those bases loaded! That never backfires.

  21. Kevin H

    Why dose Louisville only have two bench players? Anyone know?

    • JB

      Because they have 93 pitchers and most of them are terrible.

  22. Mark Moore

    Not a terrible pitch count and avoided damage. Now to get back to the task of chasing Bello and putting up crooked numbers.

  23. JB

    It’s beyond me how the ump is setting up on the inside corner to Steer and calls the inside pitch a strike and it was clearly a ball

    • Mark Moore

      It’s a recurring theme with the Chumpires. I get they “guess” at the outside stuff, but missing ones you are sitting right on top of and refusing to learn from the mistakes is pathetic.

      Robo-umps and the challenge system, please.

  24. Kevin H

    Gotta feel like the Reds are gonna break through very soon.

  25. Old-school

    Blue Jays 7-2 over Brewers. Houser 10 hits 7 runs in 3 innings.

    NL Central stinks

      • Old-school

        True True unrelated.
        The fact the Blue jays might be good has nothing to do with the fact the Brewers arent and the NL Central isnt. Both can be true and are true.

  26. Mark Moore

    Looks like Benson was the right choice tonight.

    • SteveAReno

      It was the same people always cutting on our guys. Tough dudes behind that computer screen trying to pull the rug from under the Reds.

  27. Mark Moore

    And it’s up to the Kid to make this work.

  28. Mark Moore

    Nuts … Double Nuts … Stink! Fish! Pot!!!

  29. Dennis Westrick

    How in God’s name do you NOT score a runner from 3rd with NO outs!

    • Melvin

      You K twice for one thing. Oh well. At least we’re only one down. Lively pitching pretty good again.

  30. Melvin

    Friedl out. Thought so. Unfortunately.

  31. Votto4life

    A man on third with no outs and can’t score. It’s so frustrating.

  32. old-school

    Well, Lively 4 shutout innings…not too bad

  33. JB

    Lively has been a God send. He isn’t going nowhere

    • Mark Moore

      He’d have to be better to be just “bad”

  34. old-school

    Reds need a home run in a home run park. this isnt a manufacture runs park. who gets it done?

  35. Mark Moore

    Aggressive move by India. Glad it paid off.

  36. JB

    Great doubles park. Would love to see what Nicky two bags would do in this ballpark everyday

  37. LT

    Fraley was due for a hit there. Glad he came through

  38. Kevin H

    So will Friedl end up on IL. I would think De La Cruz will be called up if that happens

    • Kevin H

      Hamstring tightness is why he left game. With Senzel knee soreness, I wouldn’t think you want a thin bench

    • VaRedsFan

      You’ll find out in 6 days when they make a decision on TJ.

  39. Indy Red Man

    Reds over 3.5
    Lively over 3.5 Ks

    1-0. Lively humping it up to 93-95 tonight

    • VaRedsFan

      I took Benson under 0.5 hits -120.
      You’re welcome Benson…I got you going.

  40. old-school

    Barrero to McLain to Stephenson awesome

  41. Mark Moore

    More than a little “press your luck” there … and he got a Whammy!!

    Nice 5 innings from Lively. Let’s play add on and get one more from him.

  42. JB

    Great play off the wall for Barrero. Not bad for never playing there. Great throw by him and McLain

  43. Melvin

    Great play there. Good throws by Barrero and McLain. Cut him down at the plate.

  44. Melvin

    Benson with three hits tonight after only getting two all season. LOL Good for him.

    • Mark Moore

      That’s a rather tall order … but it appears to be the case tonight.

      • LT

        You know luck is on Bell’s side when Barrero came in, had a nice defensive play and then worked walk.

      • LDS

        And Barrero with that walk, has more BB this season than in the last 3 years combined. Is McKeithan responsible? Do they finally have a hitting coach?

  45. MK

    Lively really has some movement on his pitches.

  46. Mark Moore

    Benson making a statement tonight. With Friedl and Senzel gimpy, somebody has to step up. I’m with others who wonder if we’ll se an IL stint here.

  47. Dennis Westrick

    The number of runners the Reds leave on 3rd base is nothing short of amazing!

  48. LDS

    Friedl injured again? Benson has three hits? And Lively still has a shutout? Who are these guys?

    • Dennis Westrick

      Modern version of The Twilight Zone!

  49. old-school

    Of course in this unpredictable season,,,barrero works a walk.

  50. Old-school

    Red Sox implosion is always welcome
    India can end this

    • JB

      Nothing like throwing a laser to the 2nd baseman 20 feet away. Lol

  51. Melvin

    Red Sox playing like the Cubs. 🙂 Meanwhile Lively pitching like an ace. lol

    • Kevin H

      And a’s beat braves lastnight. Unrelated, lol baseball is a odd game lol

      • LT

        And Cubs shutting down Tampa for 13 innings and counting. That’s why baseball season is 162 games

  52. Mark Moore

    India robbed on a call and then can’t recover and drive anyone in.

    • JB

      Something about that inside pitch that the ump loves calling a ball

  53. Indy Red Man

    Great at-bat for Barrero. No chases w 2 strikes.
    E Hernandez is a warning for Bell that you can’t just throw guys at diff positions like fantasy baseball

  54. Dennis Westrick

    By my count, that’s 3 runners left on 3rd base by the Reds tonight thru 6 innings!

    • Mark Moore

      My advice, Dennis, is to stop counting. Your blood pressure will likely thank you. 😀

    • Melvin

      Almost as annoying as first batter walks huh? 🙂

  55. Woodrow

    There’s not a small chance Hunter Greene outhits Jake Fraley versus left handed pitching.

    • Melvin

      Yep. A HR, two BB, two Runs, two Steals, two RBI, TOO long in AAA? 🙂


      • LarkinPhillips

        I see what you did there Melvin. +1000

  56. Indy Red Man

    Lively is dealing. I asked about his stuff about twice/year the last few seasons and nobody knew anything. Not even Doug.
    Maybe his stuff was considered so ordinary he was an afterthought

    • JB

      Yep I’ll give that to you ,Indy. You asked about him. That’s your boy. He has great movement on all his pitches.

      • Indy Red Man

        I just went off his 4.80 era in the bigs. Seemed like DeGrom compared to Minor and some of these guys they’ve ran out there

  57. Mark Moore

    Lots of good movement from Lively. Hung that one and put a capper on his night. My wife is questioning why given they’ve got 2 outs and the lead.

  58. Optimist

    Bats game ending . . . it’s time.

  59. Kevin H

    This right here is why I get frustrated with David Bell. No reason to take Lively out!!!!

    • Woodrow

      Duran is Spencer Steer versus righties and Curt Casali versus lefties!

      • Kevin H

        Ah okay. Thanks for that information

    • Jim t

      Have no issue with him taking him out there and bringing in a lefty

      • Kevin H

        Thanks Jim.

        I look at the pitch count and think of a bullpen being overused. It worked though…

    • Brian Rutherford

      I really believe this is where the manager has information that we don’t. Lively had a resigned look and probably understood.

      I wonder if he has a physical limitation. Maybe a recent arm injury and is on a pitch count. Either way I think the manager has earned trust enough that he knows more than we do.

      • JB

        It’s called the left handed batter up doubled off the wall last time and it’s time to bring in a lefty. Lol it was a good move

  60. Jim t

    EDLC with a 2 run home in the 9th to give the Bats the win

  61. LT

    Bell has quick hook for starters but slow in taking relievers out. Just an observation not a critique

  62. Mark Moore

    Nice job by Stewie making that out. Ball looked to be diving a bit.

  63. docproc

    Walkoff 2-run HR for EDLC in Louisville.

  64. Indy Red Man

    Milw next series. Their only offense is Yelich and Tellez. Have to call up Abbott for L vs L imo

  65. JB

    Steer is a stud in my book. Plays a great first base and can hit.

  66. Indy Red Man

    EDLC walk off bomb 98 mph heater. Not calling up McLain earlier had to cost 2 wins minimum. Don’t waste anymore heroics from this kid at AAA

    • Melvin

      Yeah. We MIGHT be able to use him. 🙂

  67. Woodrow

    Will Benson is only a double and a homer from the cycle. Just saying.

  68. JB

    Not sure why Cora left Rodriguez in. Newman kills lefties. I know the lefty Benson is coming up but Newman could have lit him up if he threw a strike.

  69. Mark Moore

    And we get another shot at scoring. Let’s see how hot Benson is in his 4th AB.

  70. Mark Moore

    Nice job by Benson to beat that out.

  71. Woodrow

    Stuart Fairchild is only a double, triple, and a homer from the cycle. Just saying.

    • JB

      That’s why they aren’t pitching to him.

    • Melvin

      Oh yeah? Well Newman is just a single, double, triple and HR away from the cycle. So there.

  72. JB

    Man this team is so different from the past years. Not having to watch the station to station crap anymore.

  73. Mark Moore

    Nice patience by Stewie. Let’s see if Barrero can catch a little lightening.

    • David

      you might say he did just that.

      Grand Salami for Jose Barrero.

      8 -0 Cincy.

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah, I think Stu really wanted to take a shot at lobbing a mortar over that tall short porch. Did what he needed to do but did not seem happy they almost pitched around him with the bases loaded.

  74. Kevin H

    Barrero Says I am here to stay!!! Grand slam!!!

  75. JB

    Barrero baby. I believe in you kid even if others don’t

  76. Mark Moore

    You couldn’t have scripted that any better. Cowboy said, “There is the dagger.”

    How’s that, Dennis? Absolute moon shot!

  77. Melvin

    That wasn’t a bad hit by Barrero there. Grand Salami off the light pole. 😀

    • Mark Moore

      Still going up when it hit the light pole.

  78. JB

    Get your playoff tickets. This team is special. No quittin’!

  79. Mark Moore

    Stealing the opener in Fenway by crushing them would be extra sweet. I’m thinking the exit turnstiles are spinning like mad about now. You could probably power the entire island that houses Logan airport with that action.

  80. Stoney

    That must have felt good. Great job Barrero!

  81. Mark Moore

    Dever’s robs MattyMc on that hot shot.

  82. Nick in NKY

    Man I know Barrero has been largely a disappointment so far, but he has got such a sweet swing. When he does makes solid contact it looks and sounds really good. Hopefully a shot like that will be a confidence boost.

  83. Dennis Westrick

    Yep! Need to send Barrero back down to AAA! Here’s an idea, try playing Barrero more!

    • LDS

      You were right. We are in the twilight zone

    • Redlegs1869

      Good for him! He needed that badly for some confidence. ESPN listed his HR at 333 feet. Seemed bigger and further than that.

  84. Indy Red Man

    Bell out managing their guy to death tonight. Their lefty with the 8 era gets Fraley to end the inning before, but why leave him in to get hammered and end the game?

  85. Woodrow

    In terms of cycles, maybe better if Barrero had started with the triple, but need the HR somewhere. We’ll allow it.

  86. Mark Moore

    In a bit of weird irony, Mr. Redlegs just one the “mascot race” during the commercial break. I guess when you’re on, you’re on.

  87. Dennis Westrick

    Wow! Stepped out to fuel up my car, came back and a 3-0 lead ballooned up to 8-0! Maybe we won’t have to use Diaz tonight?

  88. Dennis Westrick

    Earth to Cruz! NO WALKS PLEASE!

  89. JB

    EDLC does not get cheated on his homers. Dude hammers them.

  90. docproc

    Brewers losing 7-2 in the 9th.
    Yes, I’m actually scoreboard watching.

    • Melvin

      Part of baseball is about dreaming. Might as well. “D

  91. Dennis Westrick

    Maybe Bell should have gone one (1) more inning with Young?

  92. Jim Walker

    This is no time for Bell to start channeling Dusty B. with a lack of urgency.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Never any sense of urgency by Bell. He is a reactive manager who, more often than not, is a batter too late for pinch hitting situations or one run too late in making a pitching change!

  93. Mark Moore

    Just watched EDLC’s walk-off. Such an easy swing. He pretty much danced around the bases like he was having the time of his life.

    Do have to wonder if he makes his appearance at Fenway or we get a different move (or any) for Senzel and/or Friedl.

    • Jim Walker

      Bet if they need to make a move, it will be Reynolds or Vosler cycled through again versus one of the prospects,

      • Kevin H

        No!!!! Lol you are right. I am sure

  94. Dennis Westrick

    Nice job by Cruz! NOT! But, everybody has to play, even your worst BP pitcher! Cruz has an ERA of 7+

    • VaRedsFan

      It was 8-0….when do you want him to pitch?

    • SR

      A 7 era would make him a stud on the Louisville squad.

    • SteveAReno

      Too bad…Cruz got his first two batters. Won’t be long and he will back to his former self and pitching very well again.

  95. Mark Moore

    55 hits (so far) in the last 4 games.

  96. Indy Red Man

    The mission now should be to avoid using Diaz. Don’t even make him warm up

    • SteveAReno

      Wrong, he needs more warm-up to get the kinks out. Perfect time to bring him in and do just that. He’ll keep working on it.

  97. Kevin H

    Tyler Stephenson tripled?? Wth is going on. Lol

  98. old-school

    Stephenson triples. Queue the Michael Scott GIF


  99. Mark Moore

    Sitting right on the edge and STILL misses the call.

    • JB

      You have to admit he is very consistent with that call.

  100. VaRedsFan

    Why we using Buck in a 6 run game?

  101. SR

    Talking heads on MLB said the Reds are starting to look like a surprise team like the Orioles in 2022.

  102. Mark Moore

    Stewie with the great read and a DP on the over-confident Yoshida.

  103. Dennis Westrick

    What happened to TJ Friedl?

  104. Mark Moore

    HDTBell having a little word of prayer there?

  105. JB

    My boy with a broken bat single. He will probably be on the bench tomorrow.

    • Mark Moore

      Not unless they call up a player or two. I’m guessing Friedl isn’t playing and Senzel won’t start.

      • JB

        I really hope Senzel is in there tomorrow. The guy doesn’t need another injury.

      • Mark Moore

        I’m right there with you. Never can tell when it’s a “late scratch” like that.

  106. Mark Moore

    It comes to this. 3 more outs. Quick ones, if you would, please.

  107. Mark Moore

    Cowboy saying Kevin Youkilis speaking very highly of MattyMc.

  108. west larry

    I wonder if Barrero is starting tomorrow?

    • Indy Red Man

      Definitely vs a lefty. Thursday is a lefty too

  109. Melvin

    Walking batters with a six run lead in the 9th not good.

    • Dennis Westrick

      It’s mandatory for most of the Reds bullpen pitchers!

  110. Dennis Westrick

    Can we please get 2 more outs! Please!

  111. Mark Moore

    That’s the kind of play that eats you up if you don’t play Fenway as your home park.

  112. Mark Moore

    How about a pair of bike helmets to end this one?

  113. LDS

    Bell handled the position players pretty well thus well. But he still can’t manage a bullpen. Young 4 pitches and out. Let’s Cruz get hammered. How long on Salazar?

  114. Dennis Westrick

    Hate to say it, but need to get Diaz up! Somebody wake up Bell!

  115. Mark Moore

    Devers had been ice cold until his last two AB’s

  116. Melvin

    Can’t take a chance on losing this one. Unfortunately “DIAZ TIME”.

  117. Kevin H

    As I sais earlier this is why Bell frustrates me.

  118. Harry Stoner

    Bell’s bullpen hijinks are about to cost the game.

    • Jim Walker

      Yep, Reds will be lucky to win now. No way it should have gone to the tying run at the plate with only 1 out before Diaz was on.

      • TR

        If winning is your top priority, you have to go with your best.

  119. Mark A Verticchio

    For all the good Bell has done lately, his bull pen handling tonight has stunk.

  120. LDS

    Fire Bell tonight. Tying run at the plate after starting the inning up by 6. That’s management malpractice. Has let two pitchers get hammered tonight

  121. Indy Red Man

    Jeez Louise. A couple weren’t hit that hard, but still? Have to go with the Bell haters on this one. 2nd/3rd w 1 out and I’m going with Gibault or Sims when it’s still 9-3. Atleast 9-5 with 1 man on

  122. Dennis Westrick

    If the Reds blow a 9-3 lead and lose this game, no one to blame but Bell!

    • Harry Stoner

      That would be “blow an 8-0 game”.

    • Jim t

      How is Bell to blame? The bull pen almost blew a 6 run lead. It’s Terrible we had to use Diaz.

      • LDS

        How is he not? He decides who pitches when. He pull d Young on 4 pitches. He let Cruz and Salazar throw batting practice. Who made those decisions if not Bell? That the pitchers didn’t perform is on them. That Bell ignored their poor performance is on him. It’s really not that complicated

      • Jim t

        You’re right it’s not complicated. Bell handed the ball to two players who should have be able to protect a 6 run lead. They didn’t and he had to use our closer. Would like to save wear and tear on our relievers especially our one lefty in a game we are winning handily. Having your best relievers ready and rested when needed in high leverage situations is critical. They are not all the same as we seen.

      • LDS

        @JimT – I acknowledge that the two pitchers didn’t deliver. The issue isn’t their bad pitching. The issue is Bell sticking with them when it’s obvious they weren’t pitching effectively. That’s on him. Period.

  123. west larry

    I know it’s a save opportunity. but I’m not thrilled about using Diaz again.,

    • Mark Moore

      Without him fully having warmed up.

  124. JB

    You just can’t leave relievers in the game to give up runs at Fenway. It’s a doubles ballpark and things change quick.

  125. Melvin

    Well it’s definitely crunch time now. 🙂 9-8 Runner on 3rd.

  126. Mark Moore

    Miracles do happen. Diaz finally warms up and sits down their Rookie (who isn’t hitting his pant size).

    Night all.

  127. LT

    Frustrating as hell to come a long way back to lose by 1 run, right? Thank you for giving us some free entertainment Bell.

  128. LDS

    Diaz saves the day again. An inexcusable game by Bell. When a pitcher is getting shelled, they usually don’t get better by letting them pitch longer. This started by pulling Young after only 4 pitches.

    • Jim t

      Can’t agree. Young is our only lefty in our pen. Red Sox have a lot of left handed hitters saving Young was a good move. The rest of bull pen must hold that lead and save the game. It’s a shame we had to use Diaz.

    • Dennis Westrick

      +1,000! No reason NOT to bring Young back for the 7th inning!

    • Harry Stoner

      Of course, Bell will say nothing but his usual platitudes during the post game.

      His incompetence is staggering.

      Pull Young after 1 batter and Farmer after one inning and stand by and watch as Cruz and Salazar get pummeled.

  129. Dennis Westrick

    Don’t know about the rest of you guys following the Reds on this site, but I am at my wits end with Bell’s shenanigans of using one reliever per inning regardless of how that pitcher performed the previous inning, number of pitches thrown, etc.!

    • Jim t

      As I stated I have no issue with how Bell has used the pen. Actually they have pitched well. We have one lefty in our pen not good when you’re facing a team with a lot of LH hitters. Using Young had nothing to do with Cruz and Salazar not being able to hold a 6 run lead.

      • Harry Stoner

        Why not leave Farmer after his 12 pitch inning?

      • Harry Stoner

        Sorry…Why not leave Farmer in after his 12 pitch inning?

  130. Mark A Verticchio

    I don’t know about everybody else but Salazar shows me nothing.

    • Harry Stoner

      Can he show you his 16.20 ERA?

  131. Brian Rutherford

    The Reds are 3.0 games out! Congrats on winning 4 in a row and making sure it’s a winning road trip. Cruz and Salazar need to be better than they were tonight but it’s always tough to win in Fenway.

    This team is a lot of fun to watch. Congratulations to the staff for pushing the right buttons lately.

  132. Protime

    Bell’s incompetence is second to none. Almost snatching a defeat from the jaws of victory.