Sometimes, I find myself making what I think is a pretty lukewarm take and then folks get worked up about it. Internet gonna internet, I guess. One such recent take was this: I don’t know if Spencer Steer is really a starter, long term.

I don’t think Steer is a bad player at all. He is generally regarded as someone who will be the definition of average. Solid hitter. Adequate defender. Just all around decent. Given what Cincinnati Reds fans have been subject to in recent years, I think that might feel a little better than it actually is. Let’s get some context on what a player like Steer means across the league.

So far, this year, these are the position-by-position wRC+ numbers from Fangraphs. That is, how good is each position at hitting relative to all hitters. Remember, 100 is average. Above 100 is above average. And so on.

  • C – 91
  • 1B – 110
  • 2B – 94
  • SS – 92
  • 3B – 96
  • LF – 101
  • CF – 102
  • RF – 101
  • DH – 107

These are league stats, but they give you a good sense of how good a player should be with the bat to get genuine plate appearances at each spot. Also, remember these numbers include backups. If you only looked at every day players, the number would go up a bit.

Now, let’s look at a list of Reds:

  • Jonathan India
  • Matt McLain
  • Elly De La Cruz
  • Christian Encarnacion-Strand
  • Spencer Steer
  • Nick Senzel

I have been a noted Senzel skeptic for a good while now, but he is absolutely still young enough to turn it around, and we’re seeing signs that he may be doing that now.

Yes, I do know that Jonathan India rates as a very poor defender.

Now, here’s the kicker, if you keep either India or Senzel on the infield, there is no place for Spencer Steer to play long term. He has not hit enough to play first base, nor is he ever expected to.

There are three places Steer can play and pass muster as a regular. McLain and De La Cruz will very soon have two of those positions on lock. Either second base and shortstop or third base and shortstop. It’s not that Steer is a bad player. It’s just that he’s not necessarily the best option at any of the places he provides legitimate value. And we haven’t even mentioned the extremely promising infield prospects playing below Triple-A.

What he absolutely should be is the kind of player a lot of teams have on the bench, and that the Reds have been sorely lacking. A super-sub who gets 400 plate appearances at a few different positions.

Right now, once the Reds have made the correct moves, this is probably my ideal infield:

  • Nick Senzel – 3B
  • Elly De La Cruz- SS
  • Matt McLain – 2B
  • Christian Encarnacion-Strand – 1B

Yes, you will note an absence of Jonathan India. He probably SHOULD play left field right now. He hits well enough to play there, for sure. However, I do think it’s folly to just assume a player can move positions and not experience any negative affects from it. Certainly, we wouldn’t expect his outfield defense to be instantly good. And he would have to be on board with it. If he isn’t, then Senzel hits the bench and McLain and De La Cruz move one spot to the left.

What everything comes down to as we watch prospects steadily graduate to the majors is this: Sometimes players won’t be the best defender or the best hitter at a particular position, and that’s going to make it hard for hm to find a place. This is the issue Steer is running into. He’s not as good of a hitter as India, De La Cruz, and probably McLain. He’s not as good of a defender as Senzel (probably), De La Cruz, or McLain. His bat doesn’t play at first. This doesn’t make him a bad player, but if the infield pans out the way Reds fans all hope it does, he is still a very useful piece of the puzzle.

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  1. Rob

    This is what irks me about the Mahle trade. Steer was the centerpiece and CES the wildcard or lottery ticket. And the Phils offered O Hoppe – the top rated Catcher in AAA – and we walked away because “we didn’t have a need a full time all star like Catcher”. Steer is a Mlb player but may never ever rise to all star like status. Stud catchers like Contreas and Posey are very hard to find. No rub here if Stephenson hits 280 with modest power and catches 5 days a week, or if the wildcard hits 260 with 30 HRs. But I am not there yet and the 2023 Stephenson is moving me further away every day. This is not an 11th hour comment. It was my concern at the time of the trade. And then again, O Hoppe May never be Buster Posey like. The day after the Reds turned down the Phils offer, they moved him to the Angels for Syndegard and they had their need for a playoff #3 Starter. Shrewd move if you give yourself a chance to win it all and they nearly did.

    • 2024WSChamps

      You just brushed over the fact that CES could very well be the best player out of those 3, and addresses the long term need at 1B.

    • Mario

      Rob, where did you get your information that the Phillies offered O’Hoppe for Mahle?

      Mahle was not that coveted to net that type of prospect. I read the Phils were not even involved in the talks for Castillo deeming them too steep. They ended up trading O’Hoppe for Brandon Marsh which seems like an even deal so far.

      This is the quote from the Athletic:

      Phillies get: Noah Syndergaard and Brandon Marsh

      Angels get: Logan O’Hoppe, Mickey Moniak and Jadiel Sanchez

      This was technically two deals, Marsh for O’Hoppe, and Syndergaard for Moniak and Sanchez

      • Rob

        I thought I had read that was the deal on the table. We will disagree on Mahle value vs Marsh or Synd hard. Mahle was the Reds #2 at the time and as coming off of a 13-5 season. Syndegard was damaged goods and an injury risk trying to work his way back into the conversation as a viable starting pitcher. Too, Mahle had 1.5 years left on his deal at a bargain basement price like $5M. I firmly believe Syndegard was the Phillies fallback after the No connect on Mahle. It happened right about the same time after the conversations on Mahle broke down. No disagreement on Luis even being in the conversation. I don’t want to bash Steer as he may be a fine major leaguer. But he was the centerpiece of the deal and if we are talking an “utility role” guy for a #3 starter and 13 game winner, we got robbed. CES was a wildcard at best. (May work out fabulously.). I would trade Steer today for a competent #3. It might cost us $12M but I think we would be a stronger team. That is kind of my point.

    • JayTheRed

      I don’t think people on here give Steer enough credit the guy is very solid. His at-bats are normally a pleasure to watch. Do I think he should be a starter over some of these other young guys, maybe not. But the guy is a quality MLB player for sure and Cincinnati needs more of them.

      The one thing I am worried about is if they start moving these guys all over the place, I think their hitting numbers are going to suffer.

    • SlippinJimmy

      Stephenson is a bum with a capital “B.” Nice dude, I want to see him succeed, but at the moment, he is a bum.

      No, I don’t expect Maile to hit 40 homers and bat .270, but he is better defensively and at least this season, I’d FAR rather have him at the plate.

      India + Stephenson + Senzel (not a ton of value alone most likely) should get the Reds something solid in return. Someone who can play every game at the same position!

      • Doug Gray

        Jimmy – we do not allow insults like this here. You can say a guy isn’t playing well without the personal insult. Clean it up moving forward.

      • Ted Alfred

        Bingo on Stephenson and the Reds catcher assessment. Maile clearly better…not really debateable.

      • 2020ball

        And clearly less talented, we’ve seen TS’s potential for years now. Maile its anybody’s guess whether he can continue his hot start with very limited playing time.

      • jmb

        I’m certainly not against the Reds trading India, Senzel, or Stephenson. But they will add depth, at the very least, during the rebuilding process. Is Senzel a better defender than India at third? If not, when De la Cruz is called up, India should move to third, his natural position. His power is down, but he’s still hitting (good average, lots of doubles). No need to transition him to the outfield, when Senzel has already done that transition. Maile looks like a genius signing so far. Steer will be a real good DH and can spell CES at first occasionally and can play third in a pinch.

  2. wkuchad

    First, for the most part, I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying.

    But I think it’s too early to make that conclusion yet on Steer, for a few reasons:

    -Steer currently has a .777 OPS. Not amazing, but he’s a rookie with the 3rd best OPS on the team (of qualified hitters). Fraley and India are ahead of Steer. Friedl would be also, if he hadn’t gotten hurt. No other regular is even close to Steer’s OPS.

    -Also, Senzel has cooled off. He’s smashing lefties, but he’s been pretty putrid vs righties.

    -Steer has many more years of team control. Right now, if I had to pick one of those as my fulltime 3rd basemen, it’s Steer to see what he does over the course of a full season. However…

    I fully agree with moving India left field right now (if he’s willing).

    AND I would also make Stephenson fulltime catcher only (no more DH or 1B). With the DH, we actually have room for everyone you mentioned above and Steer to play everyday:

    Senzel – 3B (backup 2B)
    Elly De La Cruz- SS
    Matt McLain – 2B (backup SS)
    Christian Encarnacion-Strand – 1B
    Steer – backup 1B and 3B and DH

    Those five would rarely need a day off by rotating the DH among them every fifth game.

    • Chris

      I agree with making Stephenson a full time catcher! Then the other 6 can play every day (counting India).
      I’m not sure if Steer or CES is a better defensive 1st baseman, but if Steer is better then leave him at 1st. I’d also be okay with McClain going to the outfield since he has experience there and leaving India in the infield.
      Throw in Stephenson, Friedl, and Fraley and that’s a pretty good looking lineup!
      Bench of Barrero, Maile, and Myers for now? Maybe give Hopkins and Robinson a shot soon too.

      • redfanorbust

        Hey Chris. All sounds good but the whole point of the three catchers and you probably know this was to spare him the parade of injuries that he was getting at catcher. Always been my contention he is not built for catcher and is another serious injury waiting to happen. So is the risk vs reward worth it to have him catch full time?

      • Chris

        The problem is at this point he’s a decent hitting catcher, but a poor hitting first baseman and DH. He still needs to be given some games to rest, but he’s definitely most valuable in games he’s catching. Any time he plays first or DH, he’s taking at bats away from one of the other guys and replacing them with Maile (who has definitely hit better than I expected)

      • Mario

        That is still a last place lineup at least until McLain, EDLC, and CES produce like quality major leaguers. This is not a shot at McLain, give him time. He is already an upgrade on Newman and Barrero. Compare that lineup to Pittsburgh. I would take Reynolds, O’Neil Cruz and company in a heartbeat over the Reds. Obviously, the Cardinals, Cubs, and Brewers lineups are better. I am very optimistic for the future (maybe starting 2024) but for 2023, this team is not good.

      • Ted Alfred

        You want the worst defensivecatcher in MLB catching six days a week…yikes.

        No thanks, catching is different than every other position. Just can’t have somebody as bad as he is drfensively behind the plate… other than occasionally.

      • 2020ball

        TS is nowhere near the worst catcher in the league

      • 2020ball


        he looks average to me when I watch him. With his bat, he doesn’t have to be that good anyway to be a plus player. I dont think he’s as valuable anywhere else, clearly we are seeing that this year.

      • wkuchad

        No Ted, I want him catching ~4 to 5 days a week, with one (and only one) other catcher getting the rest.

        And I strongly agree with 2020, he’s not the worst but likely average. Lots of potential offensive ability, but need to be patient to see if it comes back. Right now, he shouldn’t be DH or 1B.

  3. MFG

    Good article and very valid points. What are the chances the Reds trade Senzel?
    I do think Steer would be a great choice for a utility role.
    Are we sure Elly is better at SS# than Mclain?

  4. AMDG

    For some reason I recall CES struggling defensively at 1B.
    So, wouldn’t that mean Steer is the 1B and CES is the DH?

    Instead of EDLC at SS, McLain at 2B, and Barrero in CF, wouldn’t it make more sense to place Barrero at SS and one of the others in CF? By all accounts Barrero is the far superior defensive SS, and it seems placing him in CF wastes that aspect of his game.

    • Beaufort Red

      Whose account? Got any evidence? So far no errors. Pretty small sample size to say Barrero’s a far superior defense shortstop.

      • LDS

        @Beaufort. Again, not sample size. It’s as reported by scouts and other professional baseball followers. Arroyo is the next best bet on defense.

      • Mario

        Barrero is not a good SS despite his defenders on RLN. I’m really not sure he is good at anything. Still not ready to trade or cut him, that decision can wait until the off season.

    • LDS

      Yes, it would. EDLC, with his speed and arm, coupled with his other tools, and we could be looking at an AllStar CF for years to come (probably on another team because the Reds won’t pay him). I still like the idea of trading Senzel if you can find a good deal. I’m not convinced he won’t be injured tomorrow. Barrero may or may not work out as SS but it would make for better defense. India can DH or LF, though eventually the Reds will trade him before his FA comes. I’ve read here that CES isn’t a great defender either, so Steer or CES sounds like the corners are defensively suspect. Maybe Marte solves that problem in a year or two. But the bottom line is the Reds need to start working one of the SS prospects in CF before calling up all the prospects. I don’t think Barrero is the right answer in CF, SS maybe, CF no.

    • jmb

      McLain at second has a better fielding average than he or EDLC or Barrero does at short. So we know who’s at second. And Barrero has only a slightly higher fielding average at short than EDLC, while EDLC is very young, is improving, and hits. So we know who’s at short…whenever it’s deemed he’s ready.

  5. docproc

    I agree with the ideal infield you’ve identified–as long as Senzel hits. He’s still pretty inconsistent at the plate. If he doesn’t outhit Steer, then Spencer should become the 3rd baseman and Senzel the super sub.
    Of course, EDLC could help this infield logjam by moving to the outfield where he belongs.
    And soon we’ll be talking about Marte and where he fits. Good problems to have.

  6. MK

    wRC+ , one of the more convoluted of the relatively new baseball stats.

  7. SultanofSwaff

    Steer’s OPS is much higher than Senzel. If anything, third base should be Steer’s until someone can prove they’re better in a meaningful sample size….and given we’re almost 1/3 thru the season, I think we can agree we’ve reached that threshold. It’s unfortunate the Reds are trying to recoup something, anything, from their investment in Senzel by giving him the lion’s share of playing time at third at Steer’s expense. Simply put, I see no more upside with the nearly 28 year old Nick Senzel, he is what he is–a should be backup player making well above league minimum. His presence on the roster will be hard to justify when CES and EDLC come up.

    I’d also be reluctant to move India off 2b until someone outperforms him in a 100 AB sample size. Love it or hate it, there’s a pecking order—not sure how well it would go over in the clubhouse kicking the 5th best OPS for 2B off his position for an unproven rookie.

    • Mario

      They shouldn’t even ask India to move during the season. Not the right way to treat your best player.

  8. Stock

    Steer’s defense makes him a huge liability anyplace other than 1B or DH. His bat makes him a liability at 1B or DH.

    My ideal lineup for 2024:

    C: Stephenson
    1B: India
    2B: McLain
    3B: Senzel
    SS: EDLC
    LF: Fraley
    CF: Friedl
    RF: Benson
    DH: CES

    Bench: Steer, Barrero, Fairchild, Other

    If India is unwilling to move off of 2B he is traded. In fact I would probably trade him even if he is willing to move. I have no problem replacing India with Noelvi Marte in my lineup and if moving India gives us a stud SP then it is a trade worth making.

    • wkuchad

      Any lineup that has Steer on bench and Benson in the lineup is a huge pass for me.

      • greenmtred

        I don’t really disagree, Wkuchad, but, besides Benson’s MLB stats this year being a small sample size, he seems to have turned it around after a slow start in AAA. Not unlike McClain, who went from pretty pedestrian to monster. Lights do click on.

      • LDS

        @Wkuchad, I’m with you on that one. Benson needs to be sent back down to Louisville. He wasn’t hitting there, calling him up wasn’t the best move the Reds could have made, but he’s on the 40 and that made it easy.

      • greenmtred

        LDS: Benson was hitting in his last 79 AB’s. Uninspiring .259 BA, but OBP of something like ,486. 23 walks, only 13 K’s. Small sample size, yes, but it does work out to something like 20 games and looks a lot like a change of approach. Maybe he still won’t hit in MLB, but a little time to find out wouldn’t go amiss.

      • LDS

        Yep, but as McLain is demonstrating, the jump from AAA to MLB takes adjustment time. And as someone last night noted, AAA pitchers this year aren’t particularly good. MLB pitchers are nailing McLain, Benson, Barrero, Aquino, et al the same way, identify their weaknesses and hammer them. And the Reds coaching staff doesn’t appear to be up to the task of correcting that behavior. They can’t even get Myers to step to the plate.

    • jmb

      Senzel in the outfield instead of Benson, at this point, makes more sense. If he still can, let India play third (it was his natural position, after all). This puts Steer at first or DH, and he should be in the everyday lineup, as he hits better than Senzel even, and certainly better than Ramos or Benson.

  9. MBS

    Interesting, last night I was playing with my idealized 23 roster, and broke them down as such. Quick note the real ideal is India moving to the OF, but that’s not likely to happen this year.




    I know Steer has no OF experience, but I could see him getting some playing time out there once this roster fills up with the rest of the youth. The only addition in 2024 would be Marte to the 26 man.

  10. SultanofSwaff

    Senzel: 182 innings, -1 defensive runs saved, 2.7 UZR.

    Steer: 166 innings, -1 defensive runs saved, 3.7 UZR.

    Enough with the narrative that Steer is a poor defender. At best it’s a push.

    • jmb

      Good comment! It made me check the stats. In addition to your post’s info, Steer’s made 4 errors at first! Steer at third is as good as Senzel at third and almost as good as Senzel in center. While Steer and Senzel at third are better than India at second (going off of fielding percentages and number of errors) But how about India at third? Can he still play there? If not, a move to first seems likelier than to the outfield.

  11. Hanawi

    Senzel? Hard pass on including him. Reds do need to figure out what they are going to do in the OF. They have zero guys I would consider regular starters. So they need to switch positions (and do it soon), trade infield depth or plan on signing at least two in free agency.

    • redfanorbust

      Hey Hanawi I posted my post and then right after saw yours. LOL.

  12. redfanorbust

    Good article Jason. One thing not mentioned was trades. Instead of the team tying itself in knots trying to find playing time for everyone and risking positions switches, some trades might be in order. With our plethora of infield talent causing these problems perhaps a trade for a much, much needed pitching or power hitting outfielder? Couple that with the money Reds will save next year on Votto and Moose contracts to spend (they better!) on some above average talent Reds might just find themselves with a playoff contending team.

  13. Melvin

    I don’t believe India is moving off 2B during the season. I’m sorry but Senzel is not the answer at 3B. EDLC has played 3B in AAA. Having said these things here’s what I think will happen, or some similar variation, this year sometime before the off season. Of course trades could change things.

    India 2B
    Friedl CF
    De La Cruz 3B
    CES 1B
    Votto DH
    Fraley RF
    Stephenson C
    McLain SS
    Barrero CF


    Not a bad lineup.

  14. Capnhook33

    I have to imagine the Reds are hoping Senzel stays healthy and hits so they can move him. They aren’t going to pay him for next year so what would be the point otherwise? I gotta be honest I’m not sure I’m seeing ELDC in the infield long term. He’s already a big guy and as he fills out more I just can’t see him sticking up the middle. You couple that with the fact his defensive results have been…not good and I think a move to the outfield is in his future. You also need to make sure any adjustments he and CES are making at AAA stick because both have strikeout rates in the minors north of 30%. Having one month where you are doing better isn’t a long term indicator. You need to see repeatable approach adjustments to ensure long term success. I’m sure they’ll both be up this year, but just looking at basic stats isn’t tell the whole picture and everyone needs to realize there are more factors going into this.

  15. LDS

    Okay, that’s confusing. The lineup is out. Last posting I saw said Jordan Montgomery is starting. Bell didn’t start Newman? Not complaining just can’t quit get a handle on his thinking. He always starts Newman against LH’ers. I guess Casali and his 1-11 against LH’ers was due a start. Maybe he is a better handler for Williamson than Stephenson or Maile (.400 against LH’ers). That or Krall is putting the hammer down. Nah, that’s wishful thinking.

    • old-school

      Charlie Goldsmith said last week when McLain was called up that Mclain would be the everyday SS mostly, Barrero would see more time in CF and Newman was a utility player at 2nd/ss/3b and even first base.

      • LDS

        I know, but since when has that mattered to Bell? Maybe FO mandates explains Bell’s look a post-game a day or so ago.

      • greenmtred

        Without wishing to intrude on the fun of jumping to conclusions, LDS, is it possible that Goldsmith’s information came from Bell? For that matter, which verifiable mandates from the FO has he ignored?

      • LDS

        @greenmtred, it could be Bell but I bet not. Bell is usually quoted directly. Krall is quoted occasionally. I suspect the unattributed comments aren’t Bell.

      • old-school

        If you look at 2023 through the lens of a non-winning transition season, and Votto is hurt and the Newman/Barrero SS share wasnt working and Senzel is healthy and destroying lefties, why not give McLain a consistent run at SS and Steer a consistent run at 1b and Senzel a consistent run at 3b?

        You find out first hand through experience what 2 rookies can do and you improve infield defense and perhaps, build some trade value for Senzel. Senzel will hit that arbitration level the reds don’t go above after this season( 3.5 mil or so) and he possesses (2) big league valuable skills that a contender might want to add to their 26 man playoff chase roster: good infield defense at 3b and 2b and great, not good, platoon splits against lefties. I could see Senzel netting a quality AA reliever and a high ceiling low floor low A player. The EDLC,McLain left side of the infield show will be in full effect for the second half of the season and Marte will be knocking on the door at AAA.

    • Melvin

      Not a bad lineup. Personally I’d rather have Fraley than Myers but maybe Myers will come around tonight. 🙂

      • LDS

        And maybe Casali will snap out of it as well. He’s hitting nearly 150 pts worse against LH’ers so far this season than his career splits. I’m expecting the Cards take 3 of 4 but maybe something surprising will happen.

      • 2020ball

        The Reds plan to regularly have two catchers in the lineup all year looks dumber and dumber everyday. Its really not a Bell thing though he’s a big part of it, its more a roster thing.

        Take the frickin kid gloves off with TS please, this plan clearly isn’t doing anything for his offensive game.

      • TR

        I doubt Myers will come around if the Cardinal pitcher zeros in on the lower outside corner.

  16. BK

    Steer is hitting well. I can see him in a true super utility role or more likely transitioning to outfield. Reds tried him in RF just before his callup. The defensive knocks on Steer are very premature and aren’t backed up by the various prospect scouting reports. If it comes down to Steer vs. Senzel, Steer is beginning to separate himself from Senzel.

    • 2020ball


      I don’t think of Steer as a bad defender, merely just average but with the flexibilty he provides thats a huge plus. And contrary to most on here that think moving positions or off days affect production, he’s been doing that all year and it doesn’t affect him. He’s been solid, that’s a great thing to have on a team.

      • TR

        I like Steer. If it’s a surplus of talent, he could fill an important need on a winning team.

  17. 2020ball

    Maybe it’s the lukewarmness that gets people worked up, I certainly like an article that has something bold to say.

    • 2020ball

      That being said, I’m not really sure either what his ceiling is either. I’d like to see him play in the OF more personally, but his play so far moving around the infield has been fine. I like him a lot but I also can’t figure his best position. He looks like the player I wish Senzel would become, I’m fine with him off the bench or a flexible stating role, similar to how he’s been used.

  18. old-school

    If you look at 2023 through the lens of a non-winning transition season, and Votto is hurt and the Newman/Barrero SS share wasnt working and Senzel is healthy and destroying lefties, why not give McLain a consistent run at SS and Steer a consistent run at 1b and Senzel a consistent run at 3b?

    You find out first hand through experience what 2 rookies can do and you improve infield defense and perhaps, build some trade value for Senzel. Senzel will hit that arbitration level the reds don’t go above after this season( 3.5 mil or so) and he possesses (2) big league valuable skills that a contender might want to add to their 26 man playoff chase roster: good infield defense at 3b and 2b and great, not good, platoon splits against lefties. I could see Senzel netting a quality AA reliever and a high ceiling low floor low A player. The EDLC,McLain left side of the infield show will be in full effect for the second half of the season and Marte will be knocking on the door at AAA.

  19. Mark A Verticchio

    Here is the truth, this is a horribly run baseball team. They have one of the top prospects in the game and nobody seems to know when or where to play him. They have a manager who has no clue how to set a line up and they can’t seem to get out of there own way when building the 26 man roster. This season is over at 19 and 27 and sinking fast. I could live with that if they had a clue on what the future should look like. As fans, it’s not up to us to decide who plays where but these clowns can’t seem make any solid decision when it comes to who is going to play and what the future holds.

    • David

      Gee…that seems so…..harsh! 😉

      Yeah, but true, too. They have a pattern of behavior all their own. And sometimes I think we are a little hard on David Bell, because it is really the failing of the Top Men who own this team and decide / approve of how to spend money. David Bell does enjoy being one of a handful of guys that manage a Major League (well, the Reds are sorta Major League) team, regardless of how stinky things are at times. He does weird things, but then again, he kind of has a bad hand to play.

      In other new, I just saw something on “MLB Trade Rumors” (MLB gossip page), where it was said that Connor Overton is going to have TJ surgery.
      Rumor, myth or just plain made-up?

  20. Mario

    If Steer is the bench player, then the team is really good. I read in ST that Steer actually likes moving around the diamond that it keeps things interesting. He needs reps at these positions to stay fresh and would also like to occasionally see him in LF or RF part of the platoon with Fraley. Not sure exactly how much experience he has in the OF – I think I read he played RF for 1 game in AAA last season.

  21. Randy

    Steer has played well at 1B (much better than Votto does), and I believe he could play LF.

    C – Stephenson
    1B – Encarnacion-Strand
    2B – India
    SS – McLain
    3B – De La Cruz
    LF – Steer
    CF – Senzel
    RF – Friedl
    DH – Fraley
    If Encarnacion-Strand is a liability at 1B, you make him the DH, put Steer at 1B, and Fraley in LF.

  22. John J

    So many mixed comments about Steer.

    He is a solid player average player scouted….

    Leads the team in homers and had a few games missed to injury….solid defender that can play multiple positions….geez give him a break he is one of the top rookies this season very underrated.

    The possibilities are endless and to mei would trade Senzel, Newman soon (Senzel can play a smooth 3B suprise).

    The bottom line is EDLC is basically the top prospect in baseball: he will be the new face of the Reds (probability most likely) keep him at SS. McLain hasn’t played CF since college, gosh he looks good at SS, he is basically altuve so put him at 2B

    The problem is India, leader and best player vs. better defender.

    Personally I think keeping india shows a loyal fan base and you have to respect india. I would move him to LF PERSONALLY…steer plays 3B this year see what you got in him, he played his best at 3B.

    So to recap this is my lineup 2024 (no marte edition, no free agents)

    LF India
    CF Fridel
    2B McLain
    1B CES
    RF Fraley
    3B Steer
    DH (understand Marte will be in the mix at 3b probably play over steer and steer will play all over but get regular at bats)
    C Stephonson and whoever

    Barrero will get at bats, Hopkins, Fairchild, Catcher

    I’m exited

    We our a mix of the rays/brewers

    Young, Franco/Elly


    Seems like a controllable starters with serious talent

  23. AllTheHype

    Nice article, couple points.

    Senzel is not the answer at 3B. He still profiles as a super sub and will never have a RC+ close to 100 in a full season. We’ll get more out of Steer and/or Marte (eventually) at 3B.

    India is not a “very poor defender” at 2B. He is slightly below average, not “very poor”. He gets a lot of hate on this board for his defense, and in articles like this, however he is not nearly as bad defensively as portrayed.

  24. Edger Ramos

    Spencer Steer is not a sub. Period.