The Cincinnati Reds are calling up Matt McLain on Monday according to multiple sources (it’s unclear if his mother or Jeff Soto on twitter had the news published first, but it’s since been confirmed by multiple reporters as well).

The Reds will be continuing their road trip on Monday as they head from Miami, where they won two of the three games, and head west to take on the Colorado Rockies who will be trying to recover from the entire franchise being destroyed by Bryce Harper in two sentences. And they’ll be doing it, reportedly, with Matt McLain joining them. The other side of the transaction isn’t know yet, but we’ll find out tomorrow.

What we do know is that the Reds are adding the best hitter in all of minor league baseball in 2023. New school, old school, didn’t go to school – it doesn’t matter which category you fall into, Matt McLain’s going to check off the right boxes for what you’re looking for when it comes to his 2023 season so far.

If you like the old triple crown stats, he’s your guy. Matt McLain is currently hitting .348 with 12 home runs and 40 runs batted in in 38 games played. If you’re looking at some more advanced numbers then it should be pointed out that he’s also carrying a .474 on-base percentage, a .710 slugging percentage, and he’s walked 28 times with just 34 strikeouts. Oh, and he’s also stolen 10 bases. His 1.184 OPS is tops in all of minor league baseball. His 12 home runs are tied for third. And for those who didn’t go to school – hey, he’s real fun to watch.

The big question may be how do the Cincinnati Reds fit the 2021 1st round draft pick into the lineup. The easy answer, of course, is to just put him at shortstop. And that very well could be the plan. Cincinnati has been splitting time between Jose Barrero and Kevin Newman at the position so far this season. Perhaps after watching Newman struggle in the field on Sunday the decision was made that a change was needed given that he’s also hitting just .237/.273/.323. Barrero isn’t hitting much better, posting a .223/.288/.330 line in his 94 at-bats this season.

At least for now, that would solve the question of where he plays. In the minor leagues over the last year Matt McLain has been splitting time with Elly De La Cruz at shortstop. When De La Cruz has been at short, McLain has slid over to second base. What happens if and when De La Cruz joins McLain in the big leagues – likely in the near future – well, we’ll all have to see how that plays out together.

While power hasn’t been something McLain has been known for throughout his college and professional career, though he’s always shown some pop in his bat – he’s been hitting for tons of it this season. His 12 home runs – and to be sure, Triple-A is not MLB – would be more than Jake Fraley and Spencer Steer have hit for combined, and they are the leaders of the team in home runs.

Cincinnati’s offense has been real bad this season. They entered Sunday’s game, where they scored one run, tied with the Rockies for the 28th best OPS+ in baseball. The Reds 32 home runs were head of just three teams. Matt McLain’s been crushing the ball all year. After a solid, but unspectacular season in 2022, it was understandable for a while that the Reds opted to keep him in Triple-A, but the longer and more he kept destroying the baseball the more if made less sense that he was still wearing a Louisville Bats jersey while the big league club was struggling to hit the ball into the outfield with any sort of regularity.

In a division that seems to be there for the taking, and the Reds perhaps playing a bit better than expected early on – making moves to try and fix clear weaknesses is something that probably should have already happened. But it appears that the organization is at least going to make a move on Monday to try and change things up. And it’s about time.

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  1. CFD3000

    Good. Welcome to the show Matt McLain!

    I still want to see Barrero playing every day to see if he can improve his pitch recognition. If he does, he could be really good. If not, time to move on. So if Friedl is out, let Barrero play center with McLain at SS. But regardless of positions, I want McLain and Barrero in the lineup every day.

    • 2020ball

      As long as they’re getting playing time, I dont really care if its everyday. If either of them arent playing at all, then send them to AAA. Everyone on the roster should be playing though, especially if theyre performing but even if they’re not. Barrero AND Newman apply here.

      • JB

        So you want Newman to take playing time from Senzel, India and McLain?

      • greenmtred

        As long as he’s on the roster, I do. Every player on the team needs to be ready to play and every player needs days off.

      • JB

        greenmtred/2020Ball- I take it you two are the same acct?

      • greenmtred

        One of us is a doppelganger, JB, but I can’t hazard a guess as to which of us it is.

      • 2020ball

        @JB i take it that you have nothing intelligent to say?

    • George M

      I agree!!! This is how it should play out.

      • VegasRed

        Nothing intelligent in those comments to respond to.

  2. LDS

    I’d like to see the Reds DFA Newman or an extra catcher, but realistically I’m guessing Barrero is Louisville bound. At least maybe he’ll play every day and get his hitting back to 2021 levels. Hopefully, McLain gets regular playing time in Cincinnati.

    • Harold

      I totally agree that’s it time to get Barrero some at bats with the Bats and hope he can turn it around. McLain should be our shortstop almost every day.

      • LDS

        Don’t see that happening. He’ll have to continue hitting as he is now to keep Newman out of the line up. That’s my biggest concern with calling up any of the prospects – Bell Ball.

    • David

      I think Newman was getting paid ~ $2 Mill for 2023, so Magic 8- Ball says that Newman being DFA’d is “unlikely”.

      Interesting idea about Barrero playing CF, but I think he goes to AAA to make room on the 26 man roster for McClain.
      Who goes off the 40 man to make room for McClain? Does one of the various catchers go away?

      • LDS

        Of course, it’s always possible that Krall has a trade partner lined up for Newman or Barrero. Most likely Barrero. The rest of the league knows Newman.

    • Votto4life

      My guess is TJ Friedl is going on the IL. Which means Nick Senzel is probably the Reds starting CF for the next month or so. That said, I am really looking forward to seeing McLain play.

      • David

        Geez, does that mean that Newman is going to play third base?

        This gets worser and worser.
        Or…McClain is going to play CF?

        How can the Top Men with the Reds make this worse?

      • TR

        There’s only eight regular positions to work with so it is going to be confusing to fit in a few young players ready to step forward. It’s an exciting time in Reds baseball. It seems to me that Senzel has found his niche at third base, so give him the rest of the year to work it out, or else his time with the Reds has run it’s course. Shortstop, CF, 1st. base and the DH can be used for the call-up youngsters.

      • Chris Holbert

        The infield defense at the corners has gotten much better with Senzel at third and Steer at first. That would be the Reds way, change it up. Senzel is much better at third than CF.

    • DaveCT

      Where does Barrero play at Louisville? If he just subs in for McClain at 2B/SS in deference to EDLC, with Elly at SS/3B, and CES at 3B/1B, that’s fine.

      But what’s to lose by putting him in CF while TJ is out and letting him practice against ML pitchers. This would keep Senzel at 3B which I think all agree is a good thing. Happy Nick, happy offense.

      • LDS

        I’m trying to think like the Reds FO/Bell. I don’t see Newman going anywhere. As for CF, put McLain out there. He’s played 50 games in college. Barrero is up to 14 and is a better defensive SS than McLain. Sending Ramos to Louisville (4-38 last two weeks) is another option. Shuffle Fraley, McLain, Fairchild, and Myers around as needed. Keep Senzel at 3B for the time being. He’ll injure himself if he plays too much CF.

    • Tar Heel Red

      It will be very interesting to see who the Reds remove from the 40-man roster. There are many scenarios, the most logical being Newman, Casali, Kuhnel or Karcher. Or perhaps they have a trade up their sleeve for say Barrero to the Dodgers. We will see!

      • MBS

        Those are the 4 lowest hanging fruits to be cut, but it’s also just as likely Votto finally gets moved to the 60 Day IL.

  3. Rut

    While I know it won’t happen, wish I’m the move was to drop Newman and add McLain.

    No matter the roster, McLain needs to play every day… but if we get Newman/Barrero/McLain, my bet is it will be less than optimal.

    • 2020ball

      I’d prefer to keep Newman as SS depth this early in the season, late season then Id be more open to DFAing him. There’s no reason not to at least keep him until the all star break. It’s not hard to fine someone that should start in front of him with his numbers, I’m totally fine with him as the back-up SS.

      • Chris Holbert

        Problem is with Bell, he is not the backup, and unfortunately when McClain does arrive, if Bell is not old to play him everyday, he will become part of the DB Shuffle. That is not the way to develop and instill confidence in young players, Look at Friedl and Fraley against LHs, and Barrero with inconsistent playing time. How do they know what they can really do at the MLB level, consistently?

  4. DHud

    Bought tickets the second I saw the news

    So excited

  5. Votto4life

    I wish the Reds would call up CES and EDLC up as well. It would make for some exciting competition.

  6. Votto4life

    I know there are plenty David Bell supporters here, but can we agree right now that if Bell starts Kevin Newman over Matt McLain he should be fired?

    • 2020ball

      I don’t see why its even worth thinking about. If you actually think Bell isn’t going to play McClain I dont know what to tell you, I dont see a point in even discussing it.

      • VaRedsFan

        You haven’t paid attention over the last 5 years. I don’t know what to say.

      • JB

        You said up above you want to see Newman playing. He only plays 3rd,SS and 2nd. So you want him to play everyday at one of those spots and sit Senzel,India and McLain? Let’s play the guy with the worst offensive WAR and Defensive WAR on the team everyday.

      • greenmtred

        Nobody said anything about every day. Since I’ve never been involved in MLB player development I don’t actually know what the best strategy for introducing a young player to the big leagues might be. Probably a little different for different guys. However it’s handled it will give us plenty of fodder.

      • 2020ball

        Now youre iust putting words in my mouth. No said anything everyday, all player should play period. I expect mcclain plays himself into an everyday role because the guys infront of him arent performing, y’all clearly just want to whine about bell forever.

  7. Rednat

    I am excited as this really is the first call up in the next era of REDS BASEBALL. The end of the Joey Votto era in a way( although I do hold out some hope we see him again this year). Both the Griffey era and Votto era had minimal success so hopefully this “Rays Way” era will result in some more prosperous times for us long suffering reds fan.

    • wkuchad

      I feel like this starts the second round of the next era. I’d say Steer, Fraley, and our young three starting pitchers started off round one.

      Either way, it’s very exciting.

  8. Bdh

    I want Hopkins to get his shot as well but if Friedl is headed to the IL then I hope Benson is going to be getting the call back up first

    Since the start of May he’s hitting .268 (was recently at .300) but has a 1.012 OPS, his BB% has skyrocketed, and his K% has dropped to 20%. He’s also stole 7 bases in the month and we know he plays really solid defense. The left handed bat would be needed and Wouldn’t require another 40 man move

    • Redsfan4life

      I’d get Benson up now. He can run and play good defense. That will be needed in the huge OF the next 3 games. He also is drawing walks.
      Ramos does none of that. So even if Benson doesn’t hit. He still the better player over Ramos

  9. Reddawg2012

    Very exciting. I just hope Kevin Newman doesn’t continue to get half the starts at SS.

    • Jim t

      I hope so as well. If he doesn’t it will mean McCain is playing well and not striking out 3 times a game like Barrera

    • JayTheRed

      Newman should only be getting maybe 2 days a week at SS. I also hate it when Bell uses him as DH.

      • Melvin

        Two days a week is toooo much if he’s taking McLain out of the lineup.

  10. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I read somewhere with Strand and DLC that they may be held back a bit because they are chasing too many pitches outside the zone, something that can be exploited at the next level, aka Barrero, Aquino, etc.

  11. Redsfan4life

    Guessing either Friedl to IL. After we were told yesterday in the update that he felt nothing in the workout.
    Or Ramos or Barrero down. DFA in Ramos case likely.

  12. LT

    If Reds bat 300 with Barrero, McLain, Cruz, meaning 1 of these 3 “studs” is indeed a stud, the future is bright. Barrero has failed miserably so far. What were his AAA stats when he was called up? I don’t remember but I remember that he was hailed franchise savior before getting his first major league hit. Can’t wait how McLain experiment turns out. Hope it’s a Die hard

    • AMDG

      Wouldn’t that be batting 0.333 and not 0.300?

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Some of this might go back to what I posted. I heard one reason why some of them aren’t up yet is because of their plate discipline, aka swinging at too many pitches out of the zone, aka Aquino, Barrero, etc.

      Funny how so many of us from the general public simply hear “DLC hit a HR last night”, then we all think he’s ready for the majors, when that doesn’t even begin to qualify him for the majors.

      Examples? You know the Reds had a SS at AA and AAA back in 2021 who batted over 300 and had 19 HR’s that year? Who was it? Barrero.

      Or, another player who batted 300 at AAA in 106 games with 37 HR’s. That player? Aquino.

      How did those two pan out?

      What I will say, though, is this. . .McLain can’t be any worse than what we’ve seen.

  13. AMDG

    Hopefully Bell doesn’t give him the Barrero treatment, but actually gives him regular, meaningful playing time.

    Otherwise, what’s the point of calling him up if he is just going to be benched for Newman on a regular basis.

    It will be interesting to see if they play him at:
    SS – where Barrero is a better defensive SS, and EDLC is the future
    3B – where both Steer & Senzel currently play
    2B – where India leads the team in OPS+

    • Jim t

      Barrera has had ample opportunity claim the spot. His plate discyis horrendous. Bell isn’t the reason he swings at balls a foot outside the strike zone

      • LDS

        Actually no, he hasn’t. Especially factoring in the injury recovery.

      • Jim t

        @LDS I guess will have to agree to disagree.

      • MBS

        @LDS, yes he has. Has it been the ideal this is your spot, and ain’t nothing gonna change that? No, but Barrero has had plenty of time to show what he can do, and yes the injury hurt, but that’s apart of sports. I think the best thing for Barrero in 23, is to go down to AAA and take over McLains role platooning with EDLC, but instead of SS/2B, he should get SS/CF. Barrero still has a chance to be a contributing member of the Reds, but what he’s doing at the plate, and in the field is among the worst in baseball as a SS.

      • LDS

        @MBS, less than 400 ABs, broken up and scattered. Not a valid chance.

    • Chris

      @LDS, just sort of wondering what your thought process is with Barrero. Do you expect that another 100 AB’s will enable Barrero to actually see a pitch that isn’t a strike and hold off on swinging at it? It’s not like he’s hitting the ball and having bad luck. Barrero literally looks clueless on most nights, and then you add to it that his defense has been very lackluster as well. Send that kid to AAA immediately. Just don’t know what you are seeing. No one cares about his 2021 stats anymore.

  14. Steven Ross

    Not sold on Barrero. Probably never will be. Hope he proves me wrong but I doubt it.

    Time to roll with McLain. Let’s just hope Bell doesn’t screw it up.

  15. RedFuture

    Looking forward to seeing Matt play SS. Whenever I’ve heard the Cowboy talk about him its very enthusiastic. He is a gritty, instinctive ballplayer without hotdog or flash defensively. I think Barrero should go down to AAA to see if he can get it together there.

  16. Mark Moore

    Cautiously optimistic. I’ll at least start watching the game tonight, though I doubt I can make it through to the end given the start time.

    • greenmtred

      Given the start time and the time I wake up and, certainly yes, my age, I don’t dare to even start watching it. Frown emoji.

  17. Rob

    Don’t know about his primary position. Short term, I would guess SS. Long term, it almost has to be 2B but that means moves for Senzel, India, and/or Steer. Senzel has looked strong at 3B and I would really hesitate moving back to the OF where he dives and bangs into walls. Krall has said a thousand times that you can’t have too many SS but sooner or later we will be facing a logjam of IFs. I am guessing Barerro goes back to Louisville for now but a trade has to be brewing. We need a young power hitting OF and we have enticing IF trade material at Louisville and Cincy. I originally thought MCLain would be the offering but not now. Almost has to be a SS, 3B, or 2B though. And great news by the way.

  18. Jim Walker

    I am also wondering what moves the Reds will make to get McLain onto the 40 man and 26 man roster. How they do it could indicate much about what lies ahead.

    Or, they could kick the can down the road by moving Votto to the 60 day IL to open a 40 man spot since it seems almost certain he is not going to be activated ahead of spending 60 days on the IL anyway. In this case, most likely they would just move Friedl to the 10 day IL and wait on events to develop over the next week as with backdating that is about when Friedl would be eligible to come off the IL.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Yes, the roster moves might offer a glimpse into their thinking. Newman’s ‘defense’ yesterday may have sealed his fate more than his .596 OPS, but who knows. Certainly, purging him from the roster is the correct decision but also the path of least resistance. For me, the Reds need to buy time, and playing McClain in a supersub role would achieve that aim. We still need time to see if Senzel and Barrero are legit starters, for EDLC to pay his dues at AAA, and for McClain himself to show where he might fit.

      • Jim t

        If McCain comes in and rakes he will get the playing time. Honestly I wouldn’t have sat Farmer for Barrera last year either. Farmer was our most consistent hitter last year. You start sitting guys who are playing well for prospects and watch how fast you lose the team. Anyone who has managed understands there is a fine line there

      • Jim Walker

        If McLain is going to “supersub”, it better be on Krall’s orders along with an unambiguous edict that McLain is an “everyday” player who is not subbed out to spot someone from the bench into the games.

      • Melvin

        Yes. It’s going to be very interesting to see how McLain is handled if you know what I mean.

    • doofus

      Once again, your analysis proves to be prescient.

  19. Jimbo44CN

    With Friedl out move Barrero to Center, McClain to short, keep Senzel at third which is a great position for him, Maile and Ramos down to Louisville( if possible) and bring up Chuckie and Hopkins.

    • Jim t

      Move Barrera to AAA he has work to do there before being in the majors. The reds are not out of the playoff race and at this point in time I’m not for holding try outs for prospects. The players who give us the best chance to win should play. If that is the prospect so be it but they have to perform.

  20. CFD3000

    After reading all these comments and giving it a little more thought, I’d prefer one of these two:
    Move on from Newman now, and put Barrero in CF, but only in Denver because it’s such a big outfield, with McLain at SS. Then back in normal size parks, flip those two. I didn’t realize McLain had more experience in CF than Barrero. I do think eventually India will end up in left field though with McLain at 2B, and Barrero and EDLC at SS and CF (or the other way around).
    OR send Barrero back to AAA to PLAY EVERY DAY and put McLain at SS. It’s simpler of course, but I’m only okay with this if McLain also plays every day with Newman on the bench.
    Any other approach just weakens the Reds now AND hampers their potential in the longer run.

    • Tar Heel Red

      In order for your second scenario to work they would have to DFA Barrero to open a spot on the 40-man roster, which is not out of the realm of possibility IMO. Or if you really want to commit to the youth movement, release Votto, eat the money and move on. I think this is unlikely to happen, though.

      • CFD3000

        Well I’d much prefer the first choice, and if Barrero is out of options then that complicates things. In the end McLain + Barrero >> McLain + Newman.

  21. Kevin H

    Gonna be interesting to see what happens. Something tells me Cruz will be up for Yankee series. Just have a gut feeling.

    Excited to follow McLain and watch him play. I maybe going down soon to see the Reds.

    • Harry Stoner

      Cruz or De La Cruz?

      I thought Cruz was on the IL?

    • Kevin H

      De La Cruz. I will eventually get used to typing his whole name.

      • MBS

        It’s a lot to type, I normally just go EDLC.

      • Harry Stoner

        “De La Cruz” = “Of the Cross”

      • PTBNL

        No problem Ke

        I mean Kevin

        Try the EDLC thing so we know who you are talking about.

      • PTBNL

        “Cruz” just means “Cross” in Spanish.

  22. old-school

    Even if Friedl were back-dated 4 days, Reds are just postponing a decision so I would think Friedl is healthy and ready to play and Reds just gave him an extra day.
    Calling up McLain means the 2 headed SS is over with Barrero and Newman. I cant see them DFA-ing Newman in Mid may. The overarching issue however is this is a huge statement on Barrero.

    Whether it happens today or a week from now depending upon Friedl, handwriting is on the wall and Reds are moving forward with their shortstop plans.

    I’d like to See Barrero go back to AAA and play SS and CF and try to develop those skill sets while getting every day at bats. When EDLC is ready in a month or 6 weeks, that will be the time they trade or DFA Newman.

    • Mark Moore

      I might hope so, but I’m thinking we’ll hear the back-dated IL announcement before too long. That would clear up a 26-man spot for McLain. Then the 60-day IL for Joey opens the 40-man slot.

      • old-school

        Friedl will be up in 6 days so just postpones a decision.

  23. Jeremiah

    This is fantastic news! McLain being called up today?! Wow. I think he’s going to do great.

    SS is a tough position. Hope he can handle it as well as 2B.

  24. Kevin H

    Friedl to IL, Votto to 60 day IL.

    Brandon Williamson to taxi squad and McLain up.

    Reds twitter

  25. Oldtimer

    Too many to answer so I’ll start anew with what Reds did.

    Votto to 60 day IL for spot on 40 man roster.

    Friedl to 10 day IL for spot on 26 man active roster.

    McLain on 40 man and 26 man rosters,

    • Chris Holbert

      Once again Bell’s day to day becomes a 10 day IL stint 5 days later. As soon as the words day to day come out of his mouth folks should realize that means an IL stint is all but inevitable.

      • JB

        Absolutely with the day to day crap. Votto should have been 60 day IL as soon as he left Louisville.

      • Randy in Chatt

        They can back-date his 60 day…so, no harm, no foul until they needed to make a move….like they just did.

  26. J

    If this team drops Newman 40 games into the season, still owing him over $2 million, when he’s 6 for his last 20 (with a .364 obp), it will be the most shocking baseball news I’ll have heard in my lifetime. Really might as well fantasize they’ll trade Newman and Casali to the Dodgers for Kershaw and Betts, which seems almost as likely. My personal fantasy is they’ll DFA Casali, which would be the best thing they could do right now if the goal is to win baseball games.

      • Grand Salami

        No Newman fan but his expected averages are much higher. He’s been unlucky otherwise he’d be an average player. Regardless, he should be nothing more than a super-utility backup with McClain’s arrival and Barreo can platoon for appearances in CF.

  27. Jim t

    Friedl going on DL to make room for McCain. Just heard it on WLW. Williamson will also be on taxi squad which means he will get a start.

    • Jim t

      Thanks Chris I will use the correct spelling going forward.

      • doofus

        To Matt McLain:

        “Welcome to the Party Pal!”

  28. Melvin

    So as of right now Bell has THREE SS to work with. Scary.

  29. Tim

    Barrero likely needs to learn another position if those behind him pan out. The best place to do this and work on his hitting is in Louisville. If he is the third best shortstop in the organization and not a force at the plate he must be moved to another position or organization. I hope he realizes his potential

  30. Jim t

    Tim, Barrero needs to hit better not learn a new position. If you hit they will find a place for you.

  31. Chris Mo

    McLain starts every day at SS as long as he continues to hit. Lets see what the young man can do. Barrero (who has an option left) is sent down to AAA. He has to learn to hit. Votto gets moved to the 60 day IL to give McLain a spot on the 40 man roster. Simple, logical, and we all hope improves the team immediately.

    The Reds have been playing well the last few weeks, finding ways to win even with the injuries. Friedl was a one man wrecking crew for a few games and got hurt, in stepped Fraley to carry the team a few days. If you can hit at the MLB level, they will find a place for you to play (Pete Rose, Kevin Mitchell, etc). Once past the super two date (2 weeks?), I expect to see CES and EDLC in Cincy. Abbot possibly in the rotation as well. Come June, hopefully we will have a whole other story line to discuss!!!!

  32. Harry Stoner

    “Come June, hopefully we will have a whole other story line to discuss!!!!”

    I hope so….

    And it won’t involve Hunter Strickland.

  33. Jim t

    MK a poster on Redsminorleague posted that if McCain starts at SS tonight the reds will have their no.1 draft choices at C, 2B,SS. And 3B.

  34. Jim t

    With Freidl out If McCain gets the nod at SS tonight who plays CF. Fairchild or Barrero?

    • wkuchad

      My preference for tonight (of the possible options):

      C – Stephenson
      1B – Steer
      2B – India
      SS – McLain
      3B – Senzel
      OF – Fairchild
      OF – Barrero
      OF – Myers
      DH – Fraley

      My actual preference (though I know this won’t happen):

      C – Stephenson
      1B – Steer
      2B – McLain (his permanent position going forward)
      SS – Barrero (it’s his position until EDLC is ready)
      3B – Senzel
      CF – Fairchild
      LF – India
      RF – Myers
      DH – Fraley

      • Melvin

        DLC has been playing mostly 3B lately. I wander if he will go back to ss now.

      • LDS

        @WKuChad, though it likely pains us both, I agree – particularly with your preferred lineup

      • Jim t

        I think if India is moved it will happen after the season not now.

      • old-school

        Agree. India will be the 2b and leadoff hitter this season. Nothing will happen until the off-season. There’s also a lot of baseball to be played in 2023 plus injuries always happen.

  35. Jim t

    I really feel Senzel should stay at 3B.

    • Chris Holbert

      He is clearly the best defensive option there. Third and first have been relatively solid since Senzel was inserted and left there, and Steer at first. Saying that, however, does not always means that is what Bell will do.

      • Jim t

        I think Bell would like to keep them in those positions but with Freidl out who plays CF. Fairchild? When Freidl was healthy he was playing CF

      • wkuchad

        My guess is that Senzel stays at 3B, and a combo of Barrero and Fairchild covers CF for the next week.

  36. Mario

    Really happy for McLain, the team, and the fans. I hope Bell commits to playing him everyday at SS (occasionally at 2B/3B or even OF). Now for expectations. He is probably not going to hit .349 in MLB. In my preseason predictions, I had him down for .258 10 HR 36 RBI. I thought he would be up around Memorial Day and I thought he was a lot better that the stats showed in AA but I didn’t see his offensive explosion coming in AAA. So give him a few more games and maybe he can produce a little higher OPS with 12 HR and 45 RBI (in 3/4 of a season). That would be a successful rookie season and miles better than what we could have expected from Newman and Barrero. Both of those guys are worth negative WAR – both offensively and defensively. So no one can say that Barrero is a good defensive SS. Well anyone can say it but it’s just not true. He has the potential to become a good SS but potential is all it is. We’ll see if McLain is a good SS – he had 7 errors in AAA although I didn’t see any of them.

    • Jim t

      Mario I’m hoping he provides some stolen bases as well.

      • Melvin

        He’s been the “whole package” down in AAA.

  37. old-school

    C Trent is reporting McLain will play shortstop on most days and occasional 2b when India is a dh or rests. I’d like to see an infield of Senzel 3b, McLain SS, India 2b and Steer 1b most days for a few weeks and see how it looks.

  38. old-school

    Krall, Reds senior director of scouting pro scouting and Eric Davis were in Louisville last weekend. It does appear there’s lots of cross-checking on these decisions.

  39. DW

    As someone who has been advocating for Barrero on here, I will say that I am excited for McLain. He has earned it. As for Barrero, I really feel for him. I still believe he has been grossly mishandled by the Reds. There is so much potential in him. He has failed to truly win the shortstop position, but he has still had very few MLB at bats. He has shown improvement. He is still young. I guess time will tell. I hope he gets traded at this point.

    I am excited about McLain though. Hope the Reds handle him better than they did Barrero.

    • BK

      I agree with much of this. Barrero is improving, but he’s not playing well enough to secure a starting spot right now. There’s really no need to trade him. His value is not very high based on his performance. While he has an option remaining, I would prefer that he stay with the Reds for the remainder of the season. Hopefully, he continues to get better and better. I think the fact that he was abysmal last year has hampered his development more than anything the Reds have done. He’s been given ample opportunity last year and this year. In prior years, not so much.