The Reds couldn’t complete a 3-game sweep in Miami on Sunday despite a strong start from Luke Weaver. Cincinnati’s bullpen and offense both struggled to come through when they needed to in a Reds 3-1 loss to the Marlins.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (18-22)
1 5 1
Miami Marlins (20-21)
3 11 0
W: Scott (3-1) L: Herget (1-1) SV: Floro (2)
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After Cincinnati went down in order on strikeouts in the top of the 1st, Miami got their half of the inning out to a good start. Jon Berti hit a chopper that went under the glove of a charging Kevin Newman for a single and Garrett Cooper followed up with an infield single to get two runners on to start the inning. But Luke Weaver worked his way out of the jam by getting a fly out, ground out, and a strikeout to end the inning.

In the top of the second inning Garrett Cooper struck out the first two batters he faced, making it five in a row to begin the game, before hitting Henry Ramos to end his perfect game and strikeout streak. He followed up with a strikeout of Wil Myers to make it six strikeouts in the first two innings. Kevin Newman broke up the no-hitter with a double off of the wall in center to begin the 3rd inning. Jonathan India was robbed of an RBI on a hard grounder down the third base line that was snagged on a dive by Jean Segura who fired a strike across the field to first for the out. That would be pivotal because Nick Senzel would eventually ground out after the umpire called catchers interference but was overruled on replay.

In the bottom of the 4th it was another defensive miscue by Cincinnati’s defense as Henry Ramos charged a ball and slid to try and make the catch and had it short hop under his glove as Bryan De La Cruz wound up being credited with a double on the play. Jean Segura then followed up with a walk to put two men on with one out. Weaver would strike out Peyton Burdick for the second out. He’d come back and get a grounder to short, but Kevin Newman bobbled the ball before the throw to first – originally ruled an out, but challenged and overturned – to load the bases instead of end the inning. Weaver would decide to just get it done by himself, striking out Garrett Hampson on three pitches to end the inning and keep the game scoreless.

Like the Marlins in the previous inning, Cincinnati got a 1-out double – this one from Wil Myers – but they were unable to capitalize on it. The Reds were able to get something going in the top of the 6th. Jonathan India walked to lead off the inning before Nick Senzel singled. That led to a pitching change with Miami bringing in Bryan Hoeing, but he walked Spencer Steer to load the bases with no outs. Tyler Stephenson picked up an RBI on an excuse-me, check swing grounder to first base. Cincinnati then turned to Jake Fraley to pinch hit for Stuart Fairchild, but the Marlins opted to intentionally walk him to load the bases and set up a potential double play. And that’s exactly what happened as Henry Ramos hit the first pitch right up the middle where the shortstop fielded it, stepped on the bag, and then fired to first to end the inning.

Miami didn’t take all that long to tie the game back up. Bryan De La Cruz hit a 1-out double and scored when Jean Segura followed up with a single into center. That led to a pitching change with Kevin Herget coming into the game. He would pick up a strikeout and a fly out to end the inning and keep the game at 1-1.

The Marlins got things started in the bottom of the 7th inning with a double to the wall from Garrett Hampson. He would moved to third base on a ground out. That brought David Bell to the mound for a pitching change and he called on Alan Busenitz, who was making his first big league appearance since 2018. Garrett Cooper didn’t welcome him with open arms, instead lining a double into the right-center gap to put the Marlins up 2-1. Luis Arraez took the next pitch and lined it into right field, and he took second base on the throw home to put two men in scoring position. Cincinnati then called for the intentional walk to set up a force out at any base.

The plan didn’t work as Bryan De La Cruz blooped a single into center to bring in another run and keep the bases loaded. Busenitz would strike out Jean Segura for the second out of the inning before getting Peyton Burdick to fly out to end the inning.

Cincinnati got a 1-out single from Nick Senzel and a 1-out walk from Spencer Steer to put the tying runs on base, but Tyler Stephenson struck out before the Marlins brought in left-handed reliever Huascar Brazoban to face Jake Fraley. He didn’t have yet another 3-run homer in him, flying out to shallow center to end the inning.

After the Marlins went in order against Silvino Bracho in the bottom of the 8th, the Reds headed into the top of the 9th down by two runs. Henry Ramos and Wil Myers would ground out to start the inning, but Kevin Newman walked to bring the tying run to the plate. Luke Maile stepped to the plate to face off against Dylan Floro and got ahead 2-0 before a visit to the mound. Floro came back with a strike and got Maile to foul off a slider before dropping a called third strike onto the outer edge of the zone to end the game.

Key Moment of the Game

The 7th inning when Alan Busenitz allowed an inherited run to score and then one of his own as the Marlins grabbed a 3-1 lead.

Notes Worth Noting

While the Reds didn’t get a sweep, they did take the series. They headed to Miami with just three road wins on the season and they left with five.

Nick Senzel and Kevin Newman both had two hits in the game.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Colorado Rockies

Monday May 15th, 8:40pm ET

Hunter Greene (0-3, 3.69 ERA) vs Connor Seabold (1-0, 4.56 ERA)

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  1. Mark Moore

    Tough loss to watch. Weaver twirled a gem and the boys didn’t back him (both on O and D).

    Really hope they move TJ to the IL and make a non-pitcher call-up. We’ll miss him, but I’m thinking he needs the down time.

  2. Mike Adams

    I agree the bullpen didn’t get it done but one run is not enough so the bats didn’t get it done either.

    • Mike Adams

      …which Doug stated in his second sentence

      • Optimist

        Yeah, but 3 runs from that staff on this day is an accomplishment – Still need lots of pitching help, but don’t want to waste good outings with little offense.

  3. Mario

    At least a series win but I have a feeling they won’t sniff .500 again this season. Too many mediocre players. They are depending on TySteve & Myers to be the big boppers in the lineup.

    I hate seeing Newman get all of the PT. Less than a .600 OPS and unexpected lousy defense and Bell constantly defends him.

    • SteveAreno

      Newman got two hits which is better than mediocre so he gets the playing time.

  4. Old-school

    Bell benched the hottest hitter in baseball for his handedness fetish

    Fraley had 3 hr and 10 rbi’s in 24 hours and was benched

    Friedl was available but didnt hit

    Reds offense anemic with all righties against a lefty

    Newman made 3 errors
    Ramos 2 huge gaffes in the OF
    Myers has checked out
    Maile may have helped a great performance by weaver

    All righty lineup failed

    • Jim Walker

      I saw the conversation on the game thread about Friedl’s availability. Whatever Bell may have said on Friday or subsequently, I believe had Friedl been available to effectively swing a bat and run if he put the ball in play or walked, he would have been up to the plate today. Bell was making a poker player’s bluff and folded when faced with the situation.

      Now if anyone wants to bark at the decision to play a man short for the series versus putting Friedl on the IL Friday, or at the latest Saturday, I’ll be right there at the head of the line barking with them.

      • Old-school

        Nailed it jim.

        But if diaz said No. im winning this game and giving everything I got… and he did… its sad that 24 hours later 2/3 best hitters sat in the dugout watching ramos newman maile and Myers flail

        No issue with Fairchild but hes not a 3 hole or 5 hole hitter

        Reds organization literally said we are taking a pass on this sweep

      • Votto4life

        I think it’s a pattern we have seen develop the past three years. A player gets injured, the Reds, for whatever reason, goes into denial mode, plays several days a man short and eventually still places the player on the IL. Nick Castellanos’s post-all-star game injury in 2021, being a prime example.

        I hate that TJ Friedl is hurt. It’s disappointing to the team and to Friedl personally. I think he had a real shot at making the All-Star game roster. But, you just can’t play a man or two down, especially when he is likely to end up on the IL anyway.

    • greenmtred

      Old-school: I was visiting kids and grandkids in the Boston area this weekend and caught the last few innings of a Sox game. The Sox have a “handedness fetish” and I suspect that every team in baseball does, to some extent. There are players–not many–who are good enough against lefties and righties so that they play against both all of the time. There are probably some others who play because their teams don’t have reasonable alternatives. I don’t remember there being much platooning when I was a kid watching the game in the 50’s, but I don’t remember seeing sliders thrown or 100mph sinkers, either. The game has changed. It isn’t just Bell.

  5. LarkinPhillips

    While losing today is frustrating, at the end of the day the vast majority of us would be somewhat surprised by being only 4 games under .500 at this point in the season. Especially if we knew how tysteve and Myers had performed up to this point.

    • Oldtimer

      Reds on track for 73 W if 18-22 (45% W) pace were to continue. That would be 11 more W than 2022.

      Similar to 1982 (61 W) improving in 1983 (74 W) with minor changes.

  6. Votto4life

    While the bullpen was nothing to write home about 8 disaster it cost the Reds this game. (They only gave up 2 runs). The game was lost by terrible defense and untimely hitting. Also, this team seems to have a knack of not advancing base runners.

    • Votto4life

      I meant to say the bullpen didn’t cost the Reds this game. Auto-correct stinks.

  7. Melvin

    Can’t ever really complain about a game in which your pitching only gives up three runs. Offense stinks a lot of the time. #MattMcLain – Maybe I mentioned that before? 😉

    • JayTheRed

      Unlike last Sunday, we got the David Bell everyone has to play lineup.
      if a guy is mashing the ball, you don’t bench him period.
      Bell is way to obsessed with matchups.

      • greenmtred

        Any data on how guys do in games following a multi-hit performance? Conversely, should a guy who goes hitless be automatically benched for the next game?

      • wkuchad

        GMT, I’m going to steal this response for continual use throughout the season. 🙂

      • greenmtred

        Absolutely welcome to it, Wkuchad.

  8. SlippinJimmy

    This isn’t directed at this game specifically, nor am I hating on the guy, but I think there should at least be a consideration to trade Stephenson.

    I know they won’t do it, because he’s been anointed as a face of the franchise and is therefore impervious to such a thought, but I wonder what kind of trade value he would have. I realize that over the course of a season he is an above average hitter–however, he does end up in a LOT of 0-2 counts and has essentially zero power, and also he is the worst of our 3 catchers defensively, and he isn’t great at first base. (limited playing time, I realize)

    My argument is this: if his biggest “value” to us is to be a sometimes good DH–albeit with zero power–who also often a poor at bat and our worst defensive catcher, can we use him to get someone who is maybe a better fit to this specific team structure? I know there are some guys with power coming up, but I think it is at least worthy of discussion. Looking at it from a “buying wins” perspective instead of emotional attachment.

    While not comparing them directly to Stephenson, Friedl and Fraley for example–both can run, hit, and are good defensively. So either a power bat or someone with versatility?

    • Votto4life

      I agree the Reds shouldn’t extend TySteve if they intend to use him mainly as a DH and only part time catcher. I wouldn’t trade him now however. I think his poor hitting performance is due to the fact he has t fully recovered from last year’s injury.

      If they traded Stephenson now, they would be selling low. I would give him a chance to bounce back a bit and then trade him next season. I don’t think Stephenson or India will be offered an extension.

      • greenmtred

        I think you’re exactly right, Votto. Stephenson is starting to come around a bit, anyway, and could be a key part of the offense for years to come.

    • Optimist

      There’s been a little discussion, not enough, about the need for patience with Barrero and TySteve, or pretty much anyone coming back from injury/surgery. Just for recent cases, look at India the past 3 seasons. Both Barrero and TySteve had procedures which have shown to require long recovery to peak status. Even Senzel’s rehab is still a work in progress, but he finally seems in good health and ahead of them.

      Now – why Barrero isn’t playing more is a fair question, or why don’t he and McLain swap teams, but Barrero needs most of this season to see what’s there, and Newman does not – he is already a known quality and quantity.

    • David

      Stephenson had a pretty good rookie year, splitting time with Tucker Barnhart. Last year, got hurt a lot.
      This year, doing ok, but not great. It would be more tolerable to some fans, if he wasn’t slotted into 4-5 in the lineup and so much expectation on him to produce, offensively.
      There are certainly teams that would take him, and give you something back. I have not seen him catch that much to declare he is sub-average catcher (defensively), as some commenters here have done. I, frankly, think it would be a mistake to trade him at this time. There are certainly other roster moves that could be taken to make room for those players we want to see up here.
      I honestly don’t know what more Matt McClain has to do to get promoted, considering the offensive production from Newman/Barrero the Reds are getting out of SS.
      And CES should be up here and could be the DH almost all days. Somedays he could play first, if you wanted to put someone else in the DH slot for an “off” day.

      The Reds kind of have a dead spot in the lineup when Stephenson does not catch. They kind of have a dead spot at SS, and a dead spot, depending on who plays in the outfield. Wil Myers and Stuart Fairchild are just not producing much, and frankly, Ramos has gone cold, although he had a couple of hits on Saturday.
      And….what’s the injury report on TJ Friedl?

      • Rob

        Not much to debate here. I will propose that we shouldn’t take ABs away from Barerro, Steer, McClain, or DLC. We only need 1-2 backups for the IF and none of the above guys should fill that role. The backup role is for guys like Newman, Myers, Votto, etc. Play all young guys 6 days a week somewhere. Yes, that somewhere may be Louisville or LF.
        I also think the Stephenson situation is sticky. He has strong value to the Reds as 280 hitting 5 day per week Catcher. He has only average value as a 250 hitting part time Catcher. I don’t think the Reds should address the matter with urgency but I also think the Reds are dancing around the matter. If he is not going to be our 5 day per week Catcher for the next 6-7 years, then we need to acquire one. 250 hitting DHs with minimum power are a dime a dozen. We can be a little patient here but we can’t ignore a potential issue.

    • Ted Alfred

      Hallelujah…you’re preaching to the choir. I think he is way over-rated and I think you hit on exactly who he is. He doesn’t show any power and he takes so many third strikes right down the middle of the plate…plus he’s a defensive liability. Trade him now while you can get something for him. His 4 ab’s today were just brutal… the RBI at bat was terrible in that situation. He’s swinging at a 2-2 pitch that’s 6 in inside and a foot high after the reliever just walked his 1st batter to load them with no outs, when it would have been a 3-2 count and the pitcher having to throw a strike. He is the pivotal at bat in the inning/game. That might have been his worst at bat of the day, which is saying something considering the other 3 were all strikeouts. Then Bell brings in Fraley to pinch hit which was an obvious intentional walk situation and Ramos hit it hard but right into the double play and that was that.

    • redfanorbust

      I suspect if Stephenson were hitting well like he did last year before his injury we probably would not be having this conversation. The same I think would hold true with a lot of fans now wanting to get rid of three catcher rule. I have said it before I think he is not built for playing catcher and is an injury waiting to happen. Three concussions, broken finger and collar bone already and not to mention all the bumps and bruises and tough on the knees. I agree with Votto4life. Stephensons poor hitting may very well be a lingering from his surgery. Or it is possible he is in the run of the mill slump or his mechanics are off. I don’t think he has zero power. I see him when right, good for 15-20 HR’s. Seems of the last couple of games he is seeing the ball a bit better. If they call up CES then he and Stephenson can split 1B/Dh. If/when Votto comes back we can cross that bridge when we come to it. His playing time may be limited to part time/ceremonial last year anyway. As a side note I hope Votto gets a media job or tv/radio for the Reds/ESPN when he retires. He sure has the personality and knowledge for it.

  9. Kevin H

    The comment section sure is different when Reds lose. LOL

    This team is good. I don’t think they will lose 90 games this year. Johnson has done wonders with the bullpen and Weaver is doing well. The big 3 will be fine as well and showing improvement each game.

    We all know the players waiting in Louisville and I do believe they will help. Reds 4-2 last six games. If they take the series in Colorado it will be 6-3. Not too shabby in my opinion

    • David

      I think that is a fair statement to make. But so many things right now are a little broken.
      Lodolo is out…not sure when he comes back. A hole in the rotation that will come back to bite the Reds. Without him, will Bell wear down the bull pen?
      Friedl is out, and no word on when he comes back, although he is not on the DL.
      The bullpen has, in my opinion, been pretty good. Are they that good, or will they come “down to earth” soon?
      Yes, the Reds are playing the Rockies next. But…although the Marlins have a better record, the Rockies offense (in Coors Field) is a lot more potent than the Marlins is in their home stadium. The pitching may get a real workout in Coors Field.

      • Rob

        We got good rest today for our key bullpen pieces. A small victory there. But the possibility of wearing down the bullpen is a real concern. We got to move on from these 4-5 inning starts or we will burn up the bullpen.. Maile included. This is not totally a new problem with our rotating No. 4 and 5 starters. We knew we lacked depth here and didn’t address it!! But Greene and Lodolo are holding the bag here too. They have not been inning eaters like Castillo, Mahle, Miley, etc. it is mid May and and Greene has not been close to a Win. The young excuse line is getting old. Compare him to his peers … Gore, Strider, and other second year expected stars. He and Lodolo each need to win 10+ games for us to be a successful team.

  10. docproc

    The big three had four hits and three walks today in Louisville. Sure could have used some more offense in Miami today.

  11. Old-school

    The Reds Shortstop situation is an unmitigated disaster. Barrero probably isnt the answer but Newman absolutely is not. McLain may not be the long term solution but if Barrero isnt…. Bring up McLain .

    Id rather watch McLain make 3 errors and OPS .578 something if Barrero provides the dugout snacks and helps with the post game dugout clean up

  12. Dennis Westrick

    Almost every day I read about other ML teams, in both leagues, making player transactions, mostly calling players up from their farm clubs! Just wondering how long the Reds FO is going to wait to call up “the kids”? Baptism by fire is OK if it’s obvious your team in not a pennant contender! This current version of the Reds will probably hover around .500 at best! I, for one, am OVER the Ramos and Newman playing because they are “veterans” thing! I remember my grandfather, a huge Reds fan, fussing about the Reds bringing up those young ballplayers like Rose & Bench in the ’60’s!
    In any event, hoping for a good road trip against the Rockies!

  13. Mark A Verticchio

    I just don’t understand why so many people think Fairchild should still be on the team. He along with Ramos don’t belong. Fairchild is hitting .222 and is 26. Hopkins is also 26 and is hitting .303 in Louisville, I know it’s Triple A but Fairchild nor Ramos are doing enough to not at least give him a chance. I agree that EDLC might need more at bats but Mclain will be 24 in August and is tearing it up. He should be given the job at short and let Newman back him up, send Barrero to triple A. CES is 23, 24 in November, he should be given time at first and Dh along with Steer. Then Stephenson can catch and they can get rid of the 3rd catcher. Please don’t mention Votto.

    • Oldtimer

      Rose wasn’t brought up; he earned the 2B job in spring training 1963.

      Bench was brought up late in 1967 after 3 years in Reds minor leagues (and being named minor league POY, not just Reds minors, all of them).

      All due respect to your grandfather but very few fans complained about Rose and Bench as rookies. Both won ROY honors.

      • Dennis Westrick

        My grandfather just didn’t like change! He still mowed his lawn with a push reel mower! He eventually accepted the “new” Reds and listened to every game on an old cabinet-style Crosley radio with only AM channels.

    • Mario

      Mark, I like Fairchild but he isn’t taking full advantage of his opportunities to show he is a long term piece of the OF. Hopkins career OPS in the minors is less than .800 and he is also 26 so I don’t think he’s the answer. I won’t like it if he is called up before McLain. Like I said before, it would indicate a commitment to mediocrity.

      • MBS

        Hopkins and McLains call ups are 2 different positions, so which one comes first shouldn’t matter. They both should be now, btw. Also, yes, Hopkins isn’t a true fix, but he’s earned his right to show if he’s a AAA, major leaguer, or a AAAA player. I’m guessing he’ll be fun to watch, and could settle into a 4th or 5th OF spot.

    • MBS

      Bring McLain, Hopkins, and CES up. Move Votto to the 60 day, DFA Maile, DFA Karcher, option Ramos to AAA, and option Fairchild. EDLC probably needs more cooking, as does Abbott. They both seem very close.

    • wkuchad

      Mark, why get rid of Fairchild? He’s a solid backup outfielder/defender. He hits lefthanded pitching better than all our other outfielders not named Friedl. He’s a perfect platoon partner with Fraley and can fill in at CF while Friedl is out. I think he’s the perfect #4 or #5 outfielder for the Reds.

  14. DHud

    Bullpen has been put in a tough position and the fact we got several innings and only 2 runs from guys who haven’t been in the big leagues in years is a win

    Reds had bases loaded no outs early and scored 1 run. Had bases loaded another time and got nothing. Those were the key plays

    Offense needs a jolt but overall still excited about this team

  15. Mark A Verticchio

    Who would complain about bringing up Mclain and CES. They are both 23 and needed for this team to thrive in the future. Nolan Gorman is 23 and playing well for the Cardinals. That is the diference between the two organizations and St. Louis expects to win this year.

    • wkuchad

      trust me, someone will complain 🙂

  16. MBS

    I think you miss titled this, it should read “The Reds offense couldn’t get in done in a 3 – 1 loss” 1 Run scored doesn’t win too many games.

    • Jimbo44CN

      Right. One run ain’t going to do it.Bring up McClain, CES and Chuckie, if they insist on 3 catchers. Newman, Maile, and Ramos needs to go.

  17. Jim Walker

    Perhaps the one thing that might make me happiest with the Reds currently is them figuring out the DH position is a legitimate position in its own right and not just a slot to give a half off day to a rotation of position players. The Reds approach means there is always at least one bench player in the starting lineup, typically a backup catcher who is on the team for defense.

    Get a real DH, a guy who slugs at .500 or so with at least a ~.320 OBP or alternately has an OBP of .370+ and slugs in the mid .400s, put him in the DH slot 5-6 days a week, and figure out the other positions without using the DH as an escape method to avoid hard decisions.

    • Melvin

      I don’t see that happening with David Bell.

      • Votto4life

        You are right Melvin. You get the feeling that David Bell sees the DH as a burden, rather than an opportunity.

      • greenmtred

        What about if the Reds had a legitimate DH candidate? Like Edgar Martinez or Big Papi? I’d bet a guy like that(or even a legitimate but lesser version) would be the DH.

    • David

      Jim, you are right. And….the obvious answer is frankly right in front of us. We all know who he is.

      Christian Encarnacion – Strand.

    • TR

      A slugging young DH is available, CES. Bring him up, Mr. GM.

  18. JB

    Someday this year I hope to see

    • Beaufort Red

      We can dream! That’s the lineup we should be playing now.

    • Dennis Westrick

      A winning lineup for us Dreamers!

  19. Votto4life

    Besides pitching, the Reds are weak at four positions in my view, catcher, shortstop, DH and one outfield slot. Third base is a potential weakness, but I would stick with Senzel at the moment.

    Stephenson may ultimately be the answer behind the plate, but his defense isn’t that great, at SS the Reds have a lot of potential, but the answer is not currently on the major league roster. David Bell seems to use the DH spot to rest players instead of using it to generate offense and I don’t see any help on the way for the outfield.

    You can’t expect to compete when you have four weak spots in the line up. Hopefully, one or maybe two slots will be upgraded soon.

  20. J

    Apropos of nothing in particular: I was at the Louisville game last night. CES made a couple very nice plays at first, plus all the routine ones. If fielding is his weakness, he sure didn’t show it last night. McLain didn’t look so great on a couple tough grounders, but his arm looked strong. (He looks so tiny standing next to his fellow infielders, his power and arm strength are surprising.)

    • DaveCT

      The other day, I saw Alejo Lopez make the turn at 2B, and it was the first time I really saw the size of the new base. Alejo made it look enormous.

  21. Ron

    The trio of McLain, CES and De La Cruz could do more for this team right now than the current trio of Myers, Ramos and Newman. Why wait?

    • J

      They’re paying a lot of money for Newman and Myers, and aren’t going to admit either was a mistake. Ramos isn’t threatening any veteran’s job, so he’s a “good fit.” Their decisions have almost nothing to do with productivity, and almost everything to do with saving face and keeping the veterans happy.

  22. docproc

    Word on the street is that Matt McLain is being called up to the bigs and will join the team in Colorado.