The Cincinnati Reds have called up right-handed pitcher Levi Stoudt and optioned right-handed pitcher Kevin Herget to Triple-A Louisville. Nick Lodolo is being skipped in the rotation and went back to Cincinnati to have his lower leg/calf checked out by the doctors.

Cincinnati is going to have Derek Law be the opener again today. They did that two days ago, too. This time it appears that the Reds will be using Levi Stoudt out of the bullpen as the long man. Stoudt, who was scheduled to start in Louisville for the Bats on Friday night was scratched prior to the game as the organization anticipated calling him up for today’s game.

Stoudt has struggled this season. With Triple-A Louisville his ERA is 5.09 in six starts. He’s walked 19 batters and has 18 strikeouts in 23.0 innings. In his start earlier this year with the Reds – his big league debut and only MLB appearance so far in his career – he allowed seven runs with a walk and three strikeouts in 4.0 innings.

Kevin Herget is a victim of the numbers game. He pitched multiple innings two days ago in the other Reds “opener” day, shutting out the Mets for his three innings. Someone in the bullpen needed to be sent down to make room for Stoudt’s arrival and it was him.

All of this brings us around to the question of – why didn’t the team just recall Andrew Abbott? He is starting today for the Louisville Bats. Instead of calling up the guy having far and away the best season in the minor leagues from your organization on the mound who was scheduled to pitch today, the Reds are going with Derek Law and a guy with more walks than strikeouts this season to match up against the reigning Cy Young award winner and the Miami Marlins.

Andrew Abbott isn’t on the 40-man roster, but they could easily add him if they wanted to. There are two guys who could be moved to the 60-day injured list to create a spot without losing anyone on waivers, or there are multiple options to just designated a player for assignment that almost assuredly wouldn’t be claimed.

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  1. Optimist

    Just a hopeful thought here; perhaps they’re looking at the long stretch without an off day, and planning on the Abbott callup for one of the next two spots needed. Admittedly many moving pieces to such a plan, let alone the extent to which they’re capable of that, instead of simply reacting to events. It would involve Lodolo’s status, the various optioned players and timing rules, opponents and locations, and so on . . .

    They’re in a very curious spot – enough talent to continue squeaking out wins, an injury away from a long losing streak, and MiLB performers begging to replace some underperforming 26-man slots. Should make for a very interesting 2 weeks.

  2. Mark Moore

    At least we have the first win in the bag from last night. All we need is a split between today and tomorrow to start this South Beach Swing off in the right direction.

  3. Old-school

    Its reported Lodolo is back in Cincinnati being examined. One thought would be the Reds know that Lodolo will miss his next start and go on the IL. Reds will need someone to take his spot for multiple turns and they probably want to keep Abbott on schedule and be more proactive, but will need multiple moves for the bullpen the next few days. I predict the reds will bring up Abbott to make his MLB debut next Friday at GABP against the Yankees. Hopefully, McLain and he share an Uber up together.

    • Jim Walker

      Do you think the travel voucher they give them will cover an Uber???

      • Melvin

        Big Bob might pay half but NO TIP. That will come out of their pocket. 🙂

      • old-school

        Didn’t votto order some California pizza kitchen a few years ago from Louisville to Cincy? Votto has the frequent flyer Uber points on his app.

    • Tim

      I’d take that scenario. The organization may be finding itself in an unexpected position of being competitive in 23 while they were aiming for 24. Rolling off Votto and Griffey next year had to be their target. Now that they have some young guys playing well and the bullpen exceeding expectations, do they make the moves to maximize 2023? I believe these players and the fans deserve it.

      • Bdh

        Make moves to improve the big league club as in trading away from the minor leagues in 23? No, definitely not. That’s what was tried in 2019 and the payoff was a first round exit in the expanded 2020 playoffs followed by a solid squad that fizzled out in September and just missed the playoffs.

        Stick to the current plan. The young talent already up with loaded farm system about to feed it more is going to open a large window for Cincinnati. Trading away any of that future to make this group somewhat better in the short term is not the way to go. There’s some quality players returning from injuries and some star rookies who will be the reinforcements this year!

        Baltimore handled it the right way last year. They could have traded away from their loaded farm system to help their surprisingly good club last year but they didn’t. Now they still have all that talent coming up and have the 2nd best record in baseball at the moment

      • Melvin

        Bdh – They don’t have to trade away assets. They just need to bring up the ones they have while shedding players off of the roster that shouldn’t be there.

      • Tim

        Not trading away talent. Bring up those who are clearly dominant and maybe spend a few bucks to add a key piece or two.

    • MK

      Great way to build the confidence of a high prospect. Bring him up to pitch against the celebrity and reputation of the z Yankees with a home crowd that will be 60% against you. Not the best of plans.

  4. Brian Rutherford

    When it comes to pitchers I try to trust the coaches in AAA to keep myself sane. They are usually pretty good judge if a guy is ready to get MLB guys out on the reg or id they still need to work on certain things.

    At least that’s what I tell myself so I don’t go crazy.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t blame the pitching coach in Triple-A, but the Bats pitching staff is worse than you can imagine. Go ahead, think about how bad a pitching staff could be. It’s worse than that. 15 of the 24 pitchers who have been on the roster this year have ERA’s over 5.00. Three different relievers have ERA’s over 11 (one has been released after pitching in 12 games)! The Bats has the 3rd most walks in the league and are far and away dead last in strikeouts.

    • Melvin

      The Bats used a position player last night in the ninth inning only down five runs.

      • Doug Gray

        And it dramatically lowered the ERA of the bullpen.

  5. Mike

    They didn’t recall Abbott because they have no clue what they are doing especially with pitching. Look at today’s lineup and explain that mess also. When is this torture going to end?

    • SlippinJimmy

      Whenever “The Artist Known As Bell” is finally let go.

      Whenever we all admit that we are all but peons beneath the might of his “intellect,” that his management “instincts” are but the burgeoning genius that this old game of balls is just currently unready to accept. You know, here ye, here ye, and all that whatever.

  6. Votto4life

    The Team should not have went into the season with just three starting pitchers. Everyone who follows baseball knows that was a mistake. It baffles me how the front office thought they could get by with it.

  7. old-school

    Good thing the Reds don’t go to Coors field on this road trip…..

  8. Redsvol

    Doug – I think you answered the Abbot question yourself in your article on him the other day. The break on his pitches is not nearly the same as it was n AA. Whether that is the ball, the rosin, comfort with the catcher or whatever. They probably want to see a few more starts out of Abbott in AAA where he might be challenged and have to make an adjustment.

    Either way, I don’t think it will be long before we see him. They probably want it to be a planned start at home where he can have some of his Virginia family in attendance.